Okay so I was supposed to post this entry the day before we left for Japan, but I unfortunately had a shitty internet connection during that time that’s why this entry wasn’t published successfully. I choose not to redraft the whole thing (to avoid any confusion) so I am still posting this as it is. So let us rewind back to the 23rd of December..

It’s Christmas tiiiiiime! Dang can you believe we are only a day away from Christmas and 7 days away from 2016? How are you guys enjoying your Christmas break so far? What are you guys up to this Christmas? Have you already planned what you’re gonna do this 25th? Some of you might be spending Christmas Day out of town while some might probably just spend the day at home with the family. Kebs kahit ano, do whatever you wanna do this holiday season as long as you are having a good time with the ones you love.

I’ll admit, this year’s Christmas has got to be the most remarkable Christmas for me. Normally, we (my family) never really do anything special for Christmas. On a usual Christmas day, I wake up at noon and spend the rest of the day doing nothing. Sometimes we do a simple get-together with the Capili Clan (mother’s side); share stories over dinner, play with the kids, then we proceed with the ‘aguinaldo’ tradition. That’s it! Christmas has never been eventful for the family; we never really spend Christmas day in an extra-special way. But this time, Christmas would be different. This time I’ll be spending December 25th not just with my family, but with all of you.


You don’t know how special December 25th, 2015 would be for me. It is the day My Bebe Love will be shown in theatres–my first film to be in–and an official entry to Metro Manila Film Festival. Let that sink in, self. When I entered show business about 6 months ago, I honestly never imagined and  thought about making a movie, but things have turned in such an amazing way since AlDub happened and it opened so many doors for Alden and I. How lucky am I to be included in a Bossing-AiAi film? How lucky am I to be part of the Metro Manila Film Festival? Can you just imagine how different Christmas 2015 would be compared to the previous ones? I do watch MMFF films every year but never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’ll be seeing myself on the big screen one day– and that day has finally arrived!

December 21st was the premiere night of My Bebe Love that was held at Megamall. Before I talk about my sentiments about the movie, let me first tell you about how I felt while making the film. I’m sure some of you want to know how it all went.

Thursday, 1st of September: My first shooting day, with Bossing [only].
I was nervous. Aside from the fact that it is my first shooting day, it is also the first time that I’ll be working with bossing. You see, I don’t usually go to the studio so I don’t really get to see and talk to the hosts at Broadway, and that includes THE TVJ. It was actually the first time that I got to talk to Bossing and I can still remember how nervous I was when I came up to him to greet him. At that moment, I was thinking “What if he’d just give me a why-are-you-here kind of stare?” “What if he wouldn’t talk to me? How can we make this father-daughter relationship convincing for the movie?”
But I was wrong, he greeted me with a smile and asked me what happened during Kalyeserye. Such a “Whew! What a relief!” moment for me. While shooting our first scene together, I remember I stumbled delivering my lines twice. He asked me if I was nervous and I said I was–for I was intimidated by him–then he told me “Nakakaba talaga to!” in a joking manner. We had like 5 scenes together that day and after every successful take he’d joke “Pwede ng mag artista to oh!”
Grabe sya. First shooting day went well, thank goodness.

Monday, 26th of October: My Bebe Love Photoshoot.
Two days after Tamang Panahon; first day for Alden and I to actually work together. One word? AWKWARD. I don’t know why, I was expecting for the two of us to be chatting with each other; talk about the Tamang Panahon, some previous Kalyeserye episodes, or simply just about random stuff, but we weren’t. None of us bothered uttering a single word, and to be honest, it felt completely uncomfortable being next to him. At that moment, the only thing that was in my head was “Asan na yung AlDub? Eto na ba yun?”

It was also my first time to meet Ms. Ai delas Alas, and I was happy finally to meet her in person. Gee, I love her movies especially the old ones! Can you still remember Shake, Rattle, Roll 3? I bet not.

#NeverForget #AngUndin

Friday, 30th of October: First shooting day with Alden
It was the scene at the convenience store (as seen on the trailer) Feels weird at first but I think we did just fine.. I’d say it was less awkward than the photo shoot. This is where the ‘getting to know’ phase has started. We finally had a chance to chat and discover a few things about each other.

I had like 12 shooting days for the film and I would say I really did have fun in those twelve days with Bossing, Alden, Ms. Ai and of course with Direk Joey Reyes. Shooting the movie wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Perhaps it’s because I’m working with professionals; the cast and the production team made it seem so easy for me. Not gonna lie, I was nervous at first for I had no idea on how a movie is produced. I remember asking Kuya Wally one time “Mga ilang takes ba ang ginagawa sa isang eksena?” and “Lahat ba ng anggulo kukunan?” I had no idea at all. And the anxiety mounted up when I realized that I didn’t take any acting workshop (talk about the fear of not being able to do well!) still and all, I am glad that the people I worked with helped me as we go along. I never felt lost or confused while doing the film!

Monday, 21st of December: My Bebe Love Premiere Night at Megamall



Earlier that day, my sister Coleen asked me “Kinakabahan ka ba?” then I answered “Hindi, bakit ako kakabahan? Dapat ba akong kabahan?
I wasn’t lying. I was actually excited to see the film and I couldn’t wait for the night to come sooner! I didn’t feel worried or anything while prepping up in the morning. I was at ease when I left the house to get ready for the premiere night.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 2.30.28 AM
Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 2.35.07 AM
Keeping it simple!
Styled by: Liz Uy / Makeup by: Juan Sarte / Hair by: Ms. Celeste Tuviera

I reached Megamall at around 7pm and as I make my way to the holding area, I was able to see the actual red carpet and had a brief look of the people at the area. Isa lang ang nasabi ko “Oh my God”. I was also scrolling through my twitter mentions and Instagram tagged photos so I was able to know and see what was going on outside. At that moment, I was already feeling tense. Red carpet jitters, eh?

Alden finally arrived. I immediately handed him my Christmas present; a blue plastic pitcher. I’m sure you guys already know what’s inside and the reason why I gave it to him. (Take good care of it, Shokoy!) Going back, Alden and I had a brief interview about the movie and asked about our general feeling about the premiere night– both of us were excited to watch the whole film!
So we went out at around nine. And dang, I turned deaf for a few minutes. Grabe the people! I was seriously overwhelmed by their [mad] reception. Tuwang tuwa lang ako!
We (Bossing, Ms. Ai, Direk Joey, Aldena nd I) went straight to the stage to greet everyone. While they were doing their speech, I found myself staring at the LED thing at the movie house’s entrance. (Ano ba’ng tawag don?) Oh basta, it felt weird seeing my name flashing on it.. I asked myself “Totoo bang may Maine Mendoza doon?” It was hard to believe.. but I knew I wasn’t dreaming, and at that moment I was feeling all delighted inside.

Seeing the film:
Seeing myself on the big screen felt really AWKWARD. I swear. It was different from seeing myself on TV; like rewatching Kalyeserye episodes, TVCs and such. (But I stopped watching KS replays long time ago.. naaawkward-an na din ako for some reason. Hindi ko pa nga napapanuod ang Tamang Panahon hanggang ngayon!) I couldn’t even remember how many times I tried not to look at the screen every time I show up. Pero kebs, at the end of each scene I found myself laughing it all off. (Hashtag admitted mukhang tanga) Oh basta, if ever you find my acting awful, just remember na this is my first time.. and I know there are still A LOT of things that I need to know and practice. *wink*CWwjjyKVEAE3Kf_.jpg-large

To sum it all up, my first movie experience was a success! Everything turned out good! Kudos to Direk Joey, the whole cast and production for doing a great job! I couldn’t be happier for being a part of this film. I cannot wait for you guys to see it in just 2 more days! Tweet me your thoughts about the movie after seeing it! And don’t forget to bring your family and friends with you para sabay sabay kayong #kiliginpamore! Have a merrier Christmas with My Bebe Love!

CWvCGA_UsAANoxG.jpg-largeMuch love,
Cora, Dondi, Anna and Vito <3

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  1. Tess says: Reply

    Looking forward talaga kaming mga fans mo sa pagba-blog mo Maine. Kakatuwa na you’ve shared your thoughts with us about your first movie. We’ve watched it twice and you did really really really good!!!. Sana you and Alden will have a movie again very soon. Take care!

  2. joy says: Reply

    you were amazing 🙂

  3. Sharyn says: Reply

    Finally, it’s up. Delighted to read the whole blog. Ang saya lang basahin. We are all excited sa future projects mo. Good luck, Maine!

  4. Myra says: Reply

    Tawa kami ng tawa ^_^ hanggang palabas ng cinema hihi 😀 funny kahit bloopers na 🙂 It is a stress buster 😀 Well done newbie *wink

  5. Yay!Can’t explain the kabog ng dibdib na finally you wrote a blog na Alden was included.Though you’re entry was mainly about the movie.Pero syempre as a fan I’m so happy na naisama mo na c Alden sa blog post.And I know the whole ADN is wishing more to come please.Pero we respect your privacy if you choose not to.We know naman na what’s going on between you and Alden ,hello ADN are funny db.Though wala png confirmation from both of you,hayaan mo na Meng whatever it is confirmed or not we will choose what to believe.Btw,you did really well.Not saying this coz I’m a big fan but you’re a natural.And the diction,gee…You did justice to you’ re Anna role.Maine goodluck sayo ha,I know 2016 is your year again, and so forth…Because me and the millions of your fans will support all the way kahit umandap p ang tala mo.Sure naman thats not gonna happen,you and Alden.Kasi you’re not just good in your craft but you’re an amazing and genuine person..Love you to bits Meng❤

  6. Bea Nerrise Adrales says: Reply

    I’m sure all sorts of messages were already sent and shown to you and what I’ll say isn’t different to those either. I’ve been trying to reply ily and other stuffs in your tweets and tag you in my tweets in the hopes of getting a like or reply from you. But I don’t expect about that anymore, because in what I know you get hundreds of notification per minute in every social media you have and now I am just contended to tweet my heart out everyday and speak up once in a while when crisis strikes the AlDub/MaiDen fandom. Well, all I want to say as a fan and I tell you I’m a first at this is I am proud to see you grow as an artist for just 5 months and counting and shining like the brightest star in the sky. I thank you so much because through idolizing you and Alden Richards, I was able to know virtually amazing individuals in Twitter and together we share and endure good and hard times since our group has started. By the way our small group of 50 fangirls is called ALDUBriela if you’re not aware of that yet and you can also check on our website http://www.aldubriela.wordpress.com “if” you have the time. Also, keep up on what you’re doing and continue to give smiles and good vibes to everyone. To top this off, I’ll be here to support you together with my group. That we can promise you.

  7. Hi Meng. I’m a big fan of yours. I’m happy that you were able to achieve your dreams. I watch the movie 3 times (adik lang) and I’m confident enough to say that your acting is NOT awful and you deserve the Best Supporting Actress award. You portrayed Anna naturally. I hope too see you more often on big screen.
    Please remember that AlDub Nation, including me will always be here for you, to support and love you, every step of your way. Way to go Meng! I LOVE YOU

  8. So eto pa kadugtong .. well honestly, sabi ko nga kung mapapanuod mo yung MBL tapos di mo kilala si Maine for sure di mo maiisip na first timer sa actingan napaka natural grabe! good to know that you enjoyed it so much.. hope to see you more on big screen 🙂 and yung dun sa 1st day of working together parang ano lang yan e yung tipong nagttext kayo ni crush
    napakadaldal and daming usap pero sa personal super awkward diba? hahahaha .. anyway congrats for your first movie and to its success more to.come! ♥♥

    1. jackie belino says: Reply

      Hi maine, I’ve been following you and watching you from the day you entered in showbiz, I maybe 4 yrs younger than your nanay, so i want to consider you as my daughter even if you’re not allowing me hehe, you and Alden, i really admire you both. I am currently living here in Qatar for 11 yrs, noon grabe ang homesickness ko, ksama ko nmn ang mister ko dto, pero nandyan ang mga anak ko sa ‘pinas, lagi akong umiiyak, ngayon masaya na kmi lagi, kasama ko na ang 2 anak ko dto, ksama kong nanonood sa inyo, tuwang tuwa kmi sa kalyeserye, pls give my warmest regards to Alden and to your lolas, esp. lola nidora, thank you for making us happy everyday, binabasa ko lagi ang mga updates sa inyo, i’m so happy for both of you, sna kayo na nga ’til the end…sna sya tlga yung para sa u, pareho kayong mabait, God willing, sana kau na forever..congrats to both of you for all your achievements, recognitions and success, uuwi ako sa feb, sana may movie kau pra mkapanood ako, sana mameet ko dn kau someday, i’m your no. 1 fan here in Qatar, and i will always be..hugs and kisses for u mga anak…

  9. Mildred Cruz says: Reply

    I had a laugh and kilig moments on your first movie. You were very good in your acting to think that you haven’t had any acting workshop! And the highlight of it all is the best supporting actress award. I’m proud to be your fan, Maine! I hope one day I will get to see and meet you. Kailan kaya ang “tamang panahon” na yon?
    I always look forward for your updates here, on your social media accounts and also the kalyeserye. Anyways, thank you very much for always making us happy!

    God bless you always!

  10. Marlau says: Reply

    You have made all your followers proud! I imagined you with all the “what ifs” in your head but gees you made it through. My whole clan in the Philippines went to watch it. They had something like a family reunion with My Bebe Love! My younger bro told me that my mom went home dancing and so happy to see you in big screen. Naiyak ako sa tuwa, honest. I am too far so can’t wait for the dvd to come out! Congratulations to you and to all the cast and productions. We believe in you and hope to see you more in the big screen. Way to go Meng!

  11. Anna Liza says: Reply

    This s what I love most about you Maine.Very honest,straightforward. Rest assured, thousands, if not millions like me will always be here for you. Ituloy mo lang nasimulan mo, BRAVER, BOLDER and MORE OPTIMISTIC. The business badly needs someone like you. Ikaw ang magiging instrumento para sa mabuting pagbabago dito. Forty-two na ako pero parang ikaw pa ang inspirasyon ko ngayon. Stay grounded and simple.Wag kalimutan ang pinanggalingan.Laging kumapit sa family mo, mga totoong kaibigan mo, sa ALDUB Nation at kay God. Praying for you always.Ingat lagi anak.

  12. Mari Abadiano says: Reply

    Wagas! Nakabasa na naman ng blog mo. Buti may time ka na…yung mejo mahaba-haba. Congrats Maine!

    Sana natanggap mo yung Belle de Jour Power Planner *wink wink*

  13. Mary says: Reply

    You are absolutely wonderful maine! I love how natural you are. May you stay that way. Godbless you lady! More blessings and success! You deserve everything for I can feel you have a good heart.

  14. RJ Reyes says: Reply


  15. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Galing mo nga for a first timer eh parang PRO ka na I love the movie

  16. MammuHK says: Reply

    Hi Maine…hindi ko pa sya napapanood next week pa lng sya papalabas dito sa HK but as reading all the comments from social media maganda daw at kakilig talaga. Congratulation nga pala for winning best supporting actress, surely maganda ang acting mo kahit baguhan ka. Again Congratulations and looking forward for more films and soon album daw. God Bless and more power! ALDUB you!

  17. Everdeen says: Reply

    Grabe the people .
    Asan na yung aldub? Eto na ba yun

    Galeng girl. Haha funny yung ^ lines na yan.

    Hopefully pag di ka busy mas madalas ka mag update blog mo.

  18. mabelle says: Reply

    congrats menggay, we really so proud of you and alden, keep it up, hindi lang yan ang magiging movie mo, may darating pa. hindi na ata kelangan ng workshop, natural ee, basta meng, andito lang kami mga fans mo sumusuporta sayo, at nagmamahal sayo.. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!

    huwag magbabago meng ha. .

  19. Josephine Tsubakimoto says: Reply

    Hi! I’m not an expert but I must say that for a first timer with no workshop u actually did well!! Bumiyahe ako from Japan to watch the movie since walang screening sa Japan . I had so much fun watching it with my whole Family. Rest assured my full support on your upcoming projects… At kahit di ka na sikat I will always be your fan. Godbless u always!

  20. Abby Luna says: Reply

    Hi Meng Grabe ka kahit na busy much ka na nkkpag blog ka pa din ang.saya lang kasi binabasa ko talaga blog mo.ee.. more movie sana sayo meng..love you.-abby [one of the admin @AlDub_CLBRQ

  21. Abby Luna says: Reply

    I saw you at MMFF Parade and that was One of the Unforgettable Moment For me and also For Us [with other member of FC]
    Di namin makakalimutan na narecognize mo kami sa dami ng tao na nandun nakawayan mo kami..thanks a lot Meng..asahan mo nandito lang kami para sayo..always and forever..

  22. becky pulido says: Reply

    Hi Maine!

    I just want you to know that I am YOUR fan 🙂 (not to say that I am not a fan of KS or Alden or AlDub. I just want to acknowledge your being talented). I watched MBL and what I saw is a Maine Mendoza slowly making herself known because of her comedic skills and just by being real/true/natural self.

    I do hope you will be given the chance to hone your skills and build your ‘own’ career ‘coz you more than deserve it. Kudos to you and please be assured that you are doing a ‘great job’. Stay real!

  23. Maricar Ponge says: Reply

    Congrats! Your simplicity inspired me a lot!

  24. Marilou says: Reply

    Great job meng before I am not really into mmff … But because of your movie, wow, I’ve watched mmff on its first day …not minding the super habang pila …it’s my 4th times to watch it last Thursday …and will be watching again with another set of friends next week..congratulations for winning the best supporting actress… Dami pa yan.. Just continue being yourself .. We love you just the way you are…next album naman

  25. DoYourBestNY88 says: Reply

    The ONLY wish I had before watching MBL was the hope of not watching slapstick comedy scenes I find extremely annoying. Mission accomplished! I actually enjoyed the movie. Maine, your acting was quite organically delightful! You’ve heard it from Vic Sotto. You’re a natural! It is time for your management to elevate you to projects with more depth and substance. YOU’RE READY! CARRY ON with honing your creative skills including your writing, acting, singing and other interests. GOD BLESS!

  26. mama merlz says: Reply

    I am not a big fan of Philippine movies if I have to be honest. More on Hollywood films ang pina follow ko. Based in London for so long now, got to know you by watching Kalyeserye back in August when I visited home, been an Eat Bulaga fan since college. I immediately admired you, followed updates through Eat Bulaga FB. Watched KS episodes dedicatedly even after coming back to London. Got to visit home again over Christmas took the chance to see you in MBL on the big screen with my niece and aunt. I was impressed by your acting skills for a newbie and no workshop at that. And so, you truly deserved to be recognised. Heck yeah! You are a natural! No wonder you’re a phenomenon Maine. Keep it up, you are an instrument of happiness to a lot of people. Kudos!!!

  27. Maine, I know you can. When it comes to career, enjoy it. When it comes to love you’ll see. Don’t forget to keep your feet on the ground. May God bless you. AlDub you!

  28. mary grace says: Reply

    Hi maine..di ako mahilig sa mga loveteam dati pero simula nung nabuo ang aldub dun na ako nahook…everytime na may namimis akong episode ng KS parang di kompleto ang araw ko…ok lng un maging awkward sa una kasi sa split screen lang kau ngkikita peri ngayon sobranghappy kami na ok na kayo ngsobra ni shoikoy mo…God bless more and hope marami pa na darating sau at kay alden…i pray for your health especially…i love you

  29. Yna Roman says: Reply

    Meng ! You’re such an amazing person.
    Totoo lahat ng pinapakita mo.
    Thats why a lot of people admire you.
    Bukod sa pagiging totoo , simple at mabait ‘ ISA kapang MODELO na dapat hangaan ng maraming tao. 🙂

    At base sa acting mo. It’s your firstime na sumbak sa sa isang MOVIE pero grabe . Thumbs up ‘ hands up , feet up , chin up ! Ano paba ? Lahat na ng may UP. Pati UPtown Funk .. grabe siya. Hahaha Ang galing, ang galing munamg umarte. 🙂

    You’re the best meng . May God always Bless you. ❤❤❤ Lablab ..

  30. Alexandra Reduta says: Reply

    You did well ate Maine
    Your acting skill is so nice (like a pro)and you did great with Alden. #TheMaineReasonWhy, because you deserved The Best Supporting Actress Award
    see you again in the big screen.

  31. AILEEN says: Reply

    i love your writings!

  32. Anon says: Reply

    Hi! Good job!

  33. jaydeelicious028 says: Reply

    So ayun na nga, ngayon ko lang nabasa ito ng buo kasi before di ko alam kung bakit every time na pipindutin ko yung continue reading e nagcracrashed. Since ang laman ng blog entry mong ito ay about sa My Bebe Love #kiligpamore, sige let’s talk about it. Tatlong beses ko syang pinanuod sa sine literal. Yung una Sa SM Rosario,Cavite kasama sila tita. Maaga kaming pumunta dun kasi nga Dec. 25 yun so alam naming mahaba pila! Pagdating namin dun mga 8am ang dami ng tao lalo na mga Senior, nakakatuwa kasi halata mong puro AlDubNation ang iingay e haha! So pagbukas ng door takbuhan kasi nga unahan sa pila inoobserve ko mga tao at ang binibili nila ay MBL as in parang pageant lang “Ms.,MY BEBE LOVE!” Paulit-ulit mong maririnig yan.. Bale three lines yun e nasa gitnang line ako.. Yung sa third line biglang “Ms. Tatlong Brand X” (ayoko banggitin hahaha) biglang tinginan lahat sa kanya tapos natahimik lahat kasi nga bukod tangi sya.. Hahaha! Then yung next ay sa Gateway naman, kami ulit ni tita Jojette addicted sa AlDub yun e.. Tapos may nakilala kami sa pila, tatak AlDub din sya tapos sabi ni tita “Oh ito bayaran mo na din ticket nya..” So ayun sabay-sabay naming pinanuod ulit at yung pangatlo ay nung Jan.5 lang sagot ulit ni tita. Kagaya ng sabi ko adik sya sa AlDub, nung nabalitaan nya yung ticket swapping bili sya ng bili ng ticket sabi nya for the love sa AlDub pero di nya na pinapasukan. Bumibili lang sya ng ticket sabi ko “Tita! Sayang naman..” Sabi nya “Hindi naman masasayang kasi para naman sa AlDub yun..” Sabi ko “No tita, sayang naman yung ticket kung di mo papasukan e ang daming gustong makanuod nun pero wala silang pangsine..” Naisip ko mga kapatid ko na gusto manuod e balak nya ulit bumili so hiningi ko at kami ang nanuod nag-enjoy sila.. Benta sakin yung father and daughter relationship nyo ni bossing kasi ganun kami ng tatay ko as in super tamang hinala pero cool sya bossing na bossing kung mambasag ng trip plus tatay’s girl ako so ayun throwback. Yun nga lang wala na sya. Anyway, congratulate yourself Meng for facing your doubts sa kakayanan mo. Yan din ang sinasabi ko pagchinachallenge ko ang sarili ko at nagagawa ko kasi napakababa din ng tingin ko sa sarili ko..

  34. Joyce says: Reply

    Woooooh! Galing mo talaga Meng! 🙂

  35. Anon says: Reply

    One thing that we really admire from you is that you give us your point of view of things through this blog without shying away from how you actually felt during those moments and describing it as honestly as you are willing to give away. But aside from that, GOOD FREAKING JOB, MAINE! (Let me just tell you how enthusiastically i said that in my mind while typing it haha) Wow. A movie, arena-filled concert, a-million-a-day trending noontime show, and dozen of tvcs came and paved and you are still YOU. As an avid silent fan (silent because i know every chika and news about you or AlDub cause i really check for updates daily but i kind of don’t express it social medially so i hope that’s fine) hahahaha i know it’s fine, ikaw pa! So as an avid fan, all i hope is for you to enjoy everything. Enjoy, from the business of workload to the smallest times you get to spend with yourself or with the people you love. Enjoy all of it, steadfastly. Because the light of it all will ever glow in you.

  36. Mikki says: Reply

    Finally, the CONTINUE READING link is working.

    Your first movie shoot was October 1, di ba?
    September 1 was the ‘Maine as Isadora’ KS episode.

    Anyway, it was nice meeting you at the My BebeLove Red Carpet Premiere. I hope it’s not the last time I get to see you. 🙂

    Congrats on your Best Festival Supporting Actress award.

  37. i love you maine says: Reply

    you are quite impressive on your first movie maine. galing mo kaya. nakangiti lang ako ng very wide pag scene mo na sa movie.

  38. BELSHABBAR PIQUERO says: Reply

    Hello Maine! Congratulations on your first movie. You did great! Just wanted you to thank you for inspiring people. Despite the fame, you remained humble so that the fans could still reach you.

    And by the way, I hope you could write and publish the next chapter of your novel (LOST and FOUND). I am really looking forward to it because it was awesome! Thank you very much. God bless you always.

  39. yolly says: Reply

    You “re acting was okay for a first timet…..the scene where you were talking to Dondi with all that kilig is so natural, you were good Maine.

  40. Charmegan says: Reply

    so it took 15 days for me to finally be able to read the entire blog entry. something went wrong to the blog i guess, been locked for a while. Anyway, I am super happy with the success of MBL, expectations were met. Im glad we your fans are able to see a glimpse of how you truly felt inside through out this journey, much likely we are all been waiting to hear for more. You did well sa movie, considering na first time mo and no workshops, you were very natural as if di talaga scripted. i have watched your movie three times, got the chills still every time you and tisoy are on the scene. you two got this so much chemistry na ewan, incomparable talaga. Mom told me that im going through an epidemic for the aldub fandom, di na daw normal. well, i am happiest and that enough reason. Im sure GMA network is already cooking a good treat for us, I cant wait to see it soon, you will still have the support from us. This comment is getting so long and I honestly have so much to say but I got to stop.. You take care always, i noticed parang my sakit ka recently, we sure dont want you to be sick.. hinay hinay lang. I hope youre getting enough rest. Godbless!

  41. Jem Medina says: Reply

    Yung #AngUndin talaga yung nag dala eh haha naisip mo talagang isama yon haha chos pero on a serious note im very happy and proud (yes) sa mga achievements mo meng, its just so overwhelming to see people that you love(kahit di related sayo) na happy and living their dreams! Happy that you are having fun on what youre doing meng, kebs lang sa mga ligaw na damo dyan ganoin! Haha hope everything will turn out great for you and i wish you nothing but the best this year! Lamyu!! <3

  42. Nikz from London says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    Before I start, a ver big “congratulatory” *virtual hug for a very job well done with all the things you have accomplished in a matter of just 6 months, and that is just a blip of a second in the world of Showbusiness! GRABE SYA! I actually got hooked on you not because of the “Aldub phenomena” but because of YOU…as a person especially your writings! I am sucker for bloggers who actually writes well, in depth, and with yours, you make a lot of sense! I have always wanted to blog about my recent misfortunes in my life-Two things- my baby boy who was stillbirth at 8 months and my recent health scare of diabetes….but the thing is…I don’t have the knack for writing nor the guts to put it on writing let alone random people read about my innermost thoughts and feelings….so I say Kudos to you that you still find time to update your blog…I remember tweeting you and said PLEASE DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR BLOG! It is something very special indeed! Please KEEP ON WRITING! Good luck ang God bless pa more with your new career! Artista ka na talaga……

    1. Ara Duremdes says: Reply

      Hi Ate Meng! Love to read your blog since I read quotes from you. Thank you for posting this! Good luck na sa future ninyo dalawa.
      God bless with you and kuya Alden! AlDub You!!

  43. Hi Maine! I’ve waited for this continuation since you posted it! It’s amazing to read your thoughts about all these wonderfully surreal things happening to you. How you’ve kept your head and feet on the floor is inspiring and admirable! You deserve all these great blessings talaga! I hope you keep updating this blog as much as you can, not just because I (and the rest of YOUR fans) await for your posts, but also because I know how much you love it. Take care! =)

    From a proud Ate.

  44. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but my friends told me that you were convincing and deserved the Best Supporting Actress award 😀 Looking forward to your next movie project with Alden. Both of you remind me of Bobby and Angelu for some reason 🙂

  45. mers says: Reply

    Sa totoo lang hindi ako nanonood ng Film fest! pero dahil kasama ka kaya nanood ako ng block screening kasi ayaw kong pumila takot ako sa stampede.
    Salamat sa’yo napasaya mo ang pasko ko ang sarap ulit ulitin ng my bebe love at sa totoo lang para sa isang first timer magaling ka!. iba ka talaga!

  46. lhette says: Reply

    Hi maine, first…i am so happy that i am a proud fan of ALDUB..u guys made it,,, seeing u on big screen is amazing, u nailed it…just keep it up and u had a long long way to go…ALDUB u big tym…GOD bless and enjoy wat u doin…

  47. Angela Bravery says: Reply

    Honestly walang araw kung saan di ko ito binasa pati na yung ibang blogs at parang saulo ko na nga eh but don’t worry ate maine mbl for me is the best ang galing nyong apat syempre pati c direk joey Congrats to you and the other cast you all did a great job

  48. marichu says: Reply

    Parang prof mo nga. Born a star ka tlga maine. Manalo ng best supporting actress is a plus factor. Keep it up. Were here to support u all d way. Badly waiting for d next big screen w/o d introducing word. Nuod ulit kami ng anak ko sa 1st day p lng. Kahit siksikan. Kebs lng bsta kayo ni tisoy worth it. ♥♥♥

  49. Shiela Besina says: Reply

    Graveh cya kaya pala magerror palagi may mahabang kadugtong pa pala… anyways… congrats ng bonggang bongga gurl… imagine ha yung tataa talaga.honestly.. first tym ko kayang manoud ng sine… movie mo pa… .. as in..congrats to me nkanoud na rin sa wakas ng sine… yung movie card ko sa sm seaside cebu tinago ko kaya pang souviner so ayon pumila ulit sa ICM Bohol… thank u gurl for making us happy… God Bless u more and more… looking forward to see u again ur so pretty sa mall tour sa seaside…andun din kaya ako..

  50. Trixia Hernandez says: Reply

    To be honest i really do enjoy reading your blog posts (masayang magbasa and may mga articles kasing nakaka-relate, yung ganoin). Every time you have your new post lagi akong excited to read and see what experience you will share and everytime i got to finished reading nandun yung ngiti. And sobrang proof na ang galing mo talagang magsulat. Sana magkaroon ako ng chance to ask you few questions lang to know Menggay more Im still hoping for that day to come and sana before birthday ko matupad na po (Lord praying harder for this ). Line that got my attention about your post was rewatching “Tamang Panahon”, my reaction was (Yiiiiee! Panuodin muna kasi super nakakakilig ❤️). Hehehe. Just wanna share. I enjoyed reading

  51. Trina says: Reply

    Hindi lan ang KS ang natural even d cast, especially you… Grabe sya! Best supporting actress agd! Congrats and keep it up! Basta kame Adn were all here to support d Aldub/mainden mas bet ko un maiden(as in for real) hehe pero whatever happens naman for d both of u! Stick kame sanyo. Godbless and thanks sa KS (super stress reliever)

  52. Cergen Hope Santos says: Reply

    after a week nabasa ko n rin ang karugtong 🙂 whahaha…. grabe simula ng pnost mo toh araw araw qng sinusubukan na pwede ko na mabasa yung karugtong 🙂 laging error eh.. siguro sa dami ng viewers mo :-)…

    Btw about your post 🙂 one word! KILIG 🙂 whahaha… yung time ng photoshoot nyu pag iniinterview si alden lagi nya ngang sinasabi na meron pa rin wall at medyo may ilangan pa.. and then yung nagsimula n yung getting to know each other stage nyo dun na siya naging open na unti unti ng nawawala yung wall 🙂 very honest nyu lang talagang dalawa 🙂 no pretensions.. 🙂 kaya idol ko kayo eh.. pero dahil idol ko nga kau i will also be honest 🙂 i like you more 🙂 kasi ramdam kita eh.. i am also an introvert 🙂 stage fright.. takot sa recitation.. nakakarelate talaga ako sayo… and also 🙂 you inspire me.. you REALLY INSPIRE ME A LOT!! ikaw yung naging motivation ko para unti unting lumabas sa box n pinagtataguan ko… and i think im improving na rin nman kasi because of ALDUB nakikipag interact na aq through social medias dati kahit comment hindi talaga kere eh.. ngaun i express my thoughts na 🙂 i also talk to my family na rin 🙂 nagiging open n rin ako sa kanila.. basta ang laki ng naitulong mo ng KS ng ALDUB sa buhay ko 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙂

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! FIRST MOVIE AND FIRST ACTING AWARD!! 🙂 BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS!! WELL DESERVED!! 🙂 I WILL LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY 🙂 (and of course alden din 🙂 idol ko talaga kayong dalawa 🙂 lamang ka lang ng mga 3 kaligo whahaha… basta i love you both 🙂 )

    and also i admire how you handle with your bashers/haters… KEBS LANG 🙂 KILL THEM WITH YOUR SMILE AND SUCCESS 🙂

  53. Jigs Flores says: Reply

    Hey! Are you a pro in the movie as an actress? Well, you did a very great job Meng! Keep it up. Can’t imagine it’s your first time since you deliver your character in a very natural and profound way. Indeed, you’re our Best Supporting Actress and we love you very much dear. I can’t imagine that Alden is torpe (oops my word, hehe, he had a crush on you, hahaha! can’t help not to laugh) on your first pictorial. Nah! Though he’s growing now and making some moves but still it is you Meng who knows the real score in the end. As a fan, I wish you more happiness and success in your chosen endeavor. Dito lang kami nagmamalasakit at nagmamahal sa’yo Meng. (Your Bulacanea Fan, AlDub You!) God bless you always!

  54. joy marundan says: Reply

    Hi Maine, well kahit hindi ko pa napapanuod ang MBL dahil wala pang showing dito sa north east, for sure u did a great job. Best Supporting Actress ka lang naman! galing mo so proud fan here, Its your first movie and being 6months in showbiz may award ka na agad! More way to go Meng! Andito lang kami na mga taga hanga mo,we will support you all the way. Stay grounded and humble. I hope and pray someday i will be able to see you up close and personal here at NYC, the place you would like to visit….. And I’m enjoying to see how your relationship with Alden/RJ is developing into a very good friendship… hope it will develop more than friendship;-). that’s most of us are praying for . Looking forward to the day you and Alden will announce that you and him we’re belong together;-) .HAPPY NEW YEAR ! More blessing to both of you this 2016 !

  55. Jigs Flores says: Reply

    Maine, I forgot. I wish you could have time for a live chat via net for your fans, parang sa Ask.com lang siguro. Wish lang naman. And, any news for the continuation of Prologue Lost and Found? Till next.. 🙂

  56. jenn says: Reply

    Hi maine..waaaa di ko alam sasabihin ko..hahaha

    sana lng hindi ka magsawa sa mundo ng showbiz..kahit gaano pa ka gulo manatili kang nndyan to inspire us all..
    I love u maine..kayo ni alden…ewan basta love ko kyo..
    I hope alden won’t break your heart.. *wink*

  57. Carol Valdez says: Reply

    U did a great job on ur first wide screen performance.best supporting actress dba hoping for more to come…

  58. MsPinkle says: Reply

    For a newbie, you were great Meng! I’ve seen some first-movies of others and I can compare how well you were delivering your lines and convincing us with your character. TBH, I was surprised how well your acting was!

    I look forward to seeing more movies of you – heavy drama scenese, horror, a lot of romcoms, and my Mom mentioned that you would look good as “kontrabida” which I agreed also (a good bida-kontrabida character like Ruby ).

    Goodluck on your showbiz career and I hope to see more of you. Thanks for all that you do despite of negatrons and stuff.

  59. http://jamaelukban.blogspot.com/2016/01/jan-1-2016-movie-critic-my-bebe-love.html

    Here’s my movie critic about the movie. ^_^
    Enjoy reading. Lastly, better to watch Tamang Panahon, hihihi. Try mo din panuodin, #kiligpamore

    God bless Maine! ^_^

  60. Catherine Tolentino says: Reply

    Hi Maine.. 🙂 first time kong mag.comment dito. Before palang hindi pa lumabas yung My Bebe Love..excited na kaming manuod ng movie nyo ni Alden at ng AiSing ng mga sisters ko (insert twin kong tibo na isang tagahanga mo rin 🙂 and then so yun nga 1st day palang excited na kaming pumunta ng mall.. 3 na kami nakapunta ng mall kasi nuod pa kasi kami ng Eat Bulaga esp. ang kalyeserye. 🙂 at yun na nga naka.dalawang mall kaming napuntahan kasi 7:30pm na yung available..at while naghihintay sa iba naming kasama..hindi pa kami nakakuha ng ticket.. pagbalik namin sa sinehan alam mo bang 10pm na namn ang next show.? pero dahil sa excited na kami.. inaccept talaga namin yung 10pm na show.. halos 3 hrs kaming naghintay. pero ok lang wala sa amin yun.kasi enjoy namn kaming naghintay while 1hr lakad-lakad sa mall at tapos nun dun nalang kami sa sinehan naghintay ng 2 hrs dun. enjoy at grabi ang excitement dahil nakilala namin ang iba’t-ibang ALDUBNATION Cebu. sobrang amazing talaga ng impact nyo Maine.. Thank You Lord!! 🙂 ma-bata man or matanda amazing talaga ang mga naririnig kong comments nila/namin about sa inyu. masaya talaga ang lahat.! 🙂 12:30 am na kami nakauwi. ok lang kasi enjoy na enjoy naman. Congrattz to you Maine and Alden. May Forever talaga. God bless!! Galatians 6;9 All glory belongs to God. Ingat kayu palagi..pahinga din pag-my time. 🙂

  61. Jan1000 says: Reply

    Congrats for the 2015 success! So excited for you this 2016…You’re so talented!..remain simple, professional & magpakabait ka lng..
    Keep blogging about ur experiences/stories. It’s inspiring, kilig,funny and a good read!.. God bless!

  62. Bhea says: Reply

    Congratulations Maine, you gave your best and that’s what made me happy… seeing you and your career grow. Just stay grounded. More blessings to come! To God be the glory 🙂

  63. Jeffrey Marc says: Reply

    2015 was the best year of my life yet. I was thankful that we finally went back to the Phillipines after 5 long years staying abroad. Not only that, I get to watch Maine’s first ever movie on the big screen! Hindi na puro sa Facebook lang! Watching the TV, I was overwhelmed how big AlDub really was. From the commercials, t-shirts sa palengke, and most especially our 80 year old neighbour that watches Eat Bulaga every noon. Overall, our trip in the Phillipines was the best Christmas yet!

  64. You’re not lucky Meng! You’re BLESSED!! God chose you to make people happy. And put smile on their faces everyday! So make an example to us! Especially to the young people that who really admire you (Included me) ☺I really love watching you in KS. I’ll always support you & Alden all the way! And you’re always in my Prayers! Wag makakalimot na magpasalamat page Kay Lord. GodBless you more Meng! ALDUB YOU! ❤❤❤

  65. You’re not lucky Meng! You’re BLESSED!! God chose you to make people happy. And put smile on their faces everyday! So make an example to us! Especially to the young people that who really admire you (Included me) ☺I really love watching you in KS. I’ll always support you & Alden all the way! And you’re always in my Prayer! Wag makakalimot na magpasalamat lage Kay Lord. GodBless you more Meng! ALDUB YOU! ❤❤❤

  66. maria leovya geneva de jesus says: Reply

    Honestly for the past years I haven’t been to cinemas at all , kahet gusto ko ang love team na yon, pero dahil sayo at Kay Alden pumila kame , I remembered waiting for the last full show Kame na isama, it was my Birthday January 1 ..2:40 pm palang bumili nakame ng ticket Pero any screening time was 8 pm pa, and so the 8:00 pm screening arrived do ako makapaniwala eto na, mapapanood ko na
    versatility ang pinakita no Dear you’re actually very good no plastick ha, we love you save mo nga always stay true to your self, Keep safe mench mwuah!

  67. Rosel says: Reply

    I guess the feeling was mutual on your first day working with Alden OR maybe Alden just hadn’t thought of the right words to say to you that time. Was he shy? what do you think? Anyway, Yeah, it’s really AWKWARD when Alden hadn’t initiated a conversation to think that you were very hyper and clingy on KS after the TamangPanahon and then after two days, nagkita kayo ulit. I’m glad that you have gotten to know him more. I hope that your communication with Alden is consistent kahit di kayo magkita. I also wish na sana mas marami pa kayong time together (not only on KS) like yung time na exclusively for the two of you lang.

  68. Aileen Cuizon says: Reply

    Hello Meng, you really nailed your first movie, a newbie but very pro. Kasama kung manood ate at mama ko at we really had fun. . Makikita at mafefeel talaga ng mga manood na nag eenjoy ka sa bawat eksena. KUDOS to all the of you and to the production team and staffs. Aabangan namin ang iba mo pang movies.
    Congratulations nga pala for being the Best Supporting Actress, you deserved it.
    More movies pa Meng with Alden, your chemistry is really #kiniKiligPaMore

  69. Beng Ignacio says: Reply

    Anyare nung first time? Akala ko may bug ang wordpress, ngayon buo na. 🙂

    Maine, i hope you’d blog about your 1st recording experience too! Please? 🙂 We’re waiting for your first album… ready na kami pumila sa recording stores, sa mall tours, mag-download sa amazon mp3s, manood ng concert mo sa pinas and abroad! 🙂

  70. GLEN MAGTIBAY says: Reply

    Hi Maine, artista ka na talaga eh! Ang galing mo kaya! Congrats sa inyo for the success of My Bebe Love and lalo na sa 2015 MMFF Best Supporting actress and of course ikaw yun 🙂 I am truly happy for you. Thank you for sharing your best with AlDubNation, hoping for more projects, movies, album… for you and Alden! More power to AlDub/Maiden as loveteam. Hoping for forever to Maichard/Mench :)) Stay pretty and cool :*

  71. Liz says: Reply

    I swear i read this entry the moment this was posted. But surprisingly i saw some part which shook me. But setting aside, I really admire your style in writing, really Meng i salute you. You have the gift, a special one, to touch the hearts of many and when you blog your experiences in life, it captivates me even more. I love poetry and short stories, novels and some great essays during my college days by the way. And reading your entries awe me every time. So keep doing this Maine, you are such gifted and wonderful person. You are always included in my daily prayer.

  72. Rochelle says: Reply

    Hi maine. Dangg! Sobrang fan mko. Lahat nalang ng site mo updated ako. Maglalakas ako ng loob na mag iwan ng comment dito baka sakaling mapansin mko. Everynight i was spending too much time till midnight para lang mag stalk magbasa ng kung ano anong post sainyo. Wish ko this coming birthday ko to have a fansign with u or a video greeting might us well. What it 2 or 3 mins spending ur time with me at buong buhay ko na dadalhin un. During premier 13 hours ako nag antay para masilayan ka. Maine sayo lang ako nag kaganto (oh diba mag jowa ang peg) . hindi nman tlga ako fan girl e si alden nga di ko pinapansin pag nag guest sa mandaluyong e pero ngayon gawd! Hoping mapagbigyan m ung simpleng hiling ko. Kahit sa twitter lang po. @Rochelle_060211

  73. Eventhough still I didn’t watch the film I know u did it great.Scrolling down ur blog makes me loved and adored u each day.Thank u for being an inspiration Meng .Congratulations for being the best supporting actress.Despite of the issues had being raised u never fail to amused us how u handled it nice.God bless and hoping for ur upcoming achievements of course with Alden.Aldubu Meng!keep safe!

  74. Raquel Hernandez says: Reply

    Hi Maine!

    You truly amazed me!
    You’re such a talented person and very humble. As I always said to you in my previous message you will be a superstar and this is it bring it on girl. First film, best supporting actress, with no workshop!
    The best is yet to come. Just continue to inspire others and always believe in yourself. God is always on your side. You are a woman who confidently beautifuk with a heart. Akwats remember Jeremiah 29:11.

    I love you Maine I will always here for you. Stand by you! Iwan ka man nila. Ako ma mahalin kita. Andito ako sa malayong lugar pero lagi kita idinudulog sa aking mga panalangin! Darating ang panahon makikita rin kita katulad ng pagkikita namin ni Alden dito sa Qatar. Ingatan mo sarili mo at lagi mong tatandaan God’s favor is with you. ❤

    Lots of love,
    Raquel Hernandez
    Doha, Qatar

  75. Dexemee Grace T. Custodio says: Reply

    Hi po maine, way back before, noong hit na hit ang dubsmash I was empressed and easily you capture my heart I was trying to make my own dusmash also but yours are very unique, you made it with a heart, dedication and commitment not just you want to be viral or nakikiuso lang. From that time naging fan mo na ako. Lalo pa ngayon. Mas hingaan, hahangaan at patuloy na susubabayan ang mga hakbang sa mundo ng showbizness. What I wish for you is only the best that you deserve in life because you are worth it in all aspects. You have a potential to be the next superstar, or one the star in theather like ms. lea, sa lahat ng nagawa mo from dubsmash quene, Kalyeserye, trending world wide. Etc. Napatunayan mo na sa lahat na kaya mo, you are a flexible, reliable and dedicated in your craft or character. Sponteneous act. You’ve got a long way bago mo marating ang lahat ng ito trials and rejection so I wanna say na stay humble, at mag laan lagi ng oras sa pamilya mo sa mga taong nagmamahal sayo off cam, dahil bago ka pa man makilala sa industiya bilang yaya dub minahal kana nila bilang si maine mendoza, always pray my natangap ka man na panibagong biyaya o wala, lagi kang magpasalamat at humingi ng gabay upang bigyan ka ng lakas ng katawan at talino sa bawat araw nating hinaharap. Stay humble, possitive, down to earth and sweet as you are, wag mo rin alisin ang humility at maging mabuting tao, or ehemplo sa mga mamamayan lalong lalo na sa mga batang umiidolo, nagmamahal sumusuporta at humahanga sayo.
    Siya nga pala matanong ko lang paano po ba gumawa ng blog, ang ganda kasi ng blog mo napahanga mo nanaman ako,
    Just want to say these also wag kang paapekto sa mga taong gumagawa ng isyo laban sayo ikaw lang nakakaalam anu yung desire ng puso mo. At wag kang magpa preasure sa mga fans mo na walang ibang hinangad kundi magkatuloyan kau n alden just follow your heart. We are here for you always to support love and trust you in every step of your way no matter what happened.
    PS, pede mo ba kaming gawan ng fansign, Mama ko at ang Tatay ko Artily Gonzales at si Rexes Custodio father ko. Thanks po.

    Lots of Love Dexemee the person who admires you the most.

  76. stacy says: Reply

    God promise pati dito sa blog mo worth to wait din ang peg namin..
    medyo matagal din kaming nagantay sa kasunod ha!pero masaya kami n naging hapi at maayos ung naging shooting days mo.Prng nd ka first timer s aktingin well sb nga nla mas magaling k p sa old artist na totoo nmn,see the best supporting Actress..
    Kebs lng s haters and basher
    Bsta nandito ang Buong AlDub nation nakasuporta sau/inyo ng BFF mo n c A.

  77. Mina Carale says: Reply

    Hi Meng!
    Grabe!! habang binabasa ko to… kinikilig pa din ako kahit wla naman dapat haha LOL! Yung AWKWARD moment – reality yun .. nangyayare sa lahat hahaha! pero ang cute nun kasi sa KS pag nagkikita kyo prang super duper close and must say na effective talaga yung acting nyo kasi super hook na kme.. Thanks for making us happy.. yun lang! Masaya ako pag nakikita ko kayo, masaya ako pag nagbabasa ng blog mo,pag nanonood ng mga videos nyo ., pag nanonood ng KS, Pag nagscroll sa instagram and twitter and that would make my day na from a stressful work. Pagpatuloy mo lang yn ha, Best supporting actress! Cheers and love lots xoxo… – Mina from ALDUB Cabuyao Laguna

  78. pauline marras says: Reply

    ang haba ng karugtong..akala ko naskip ko lang before..anyways, nakakatuwa talaga yung MBL..at very natural yung acting..i think, it helped you a lot simula nung maging hobby mo yung pagvivideo..sobrang natural e..more movies..more projects for you and Alden..we’re waiting for the teleserye and your album of course..really proud of you..you deserve all the success meng! keep it up..aldub nation will not fail both of you! 🙂

  79. Ces Persons says: Reply

    Hi Meng,
    D ko pa napapanood ang movie d kasi available dito sa Seattle. One of my friend who did see the movie told me na napaka natural daw ng akting mo. Kahit d ako nakapanood ngpadala ako pampanood ng family sa pinas. I believe in you, kahit ano pa cguro gawin mo Mapa movie or tv magaling ka. Natural ang akting mo kahit wala pang workshop workshop. I’m hoping na d ka mgbabago and don’t forget na sa lahat ng gagawin mo mag enjoy ka. Enjoy evry moment of it. I’m always a fan, hoping to meet u one day.

  80. I watched your movie My Bebe Love with my parents and grandmother. They really like it, especially me. (Kalyeserye fan.) You did a great job acting, actually you pulled it off really well. *insert thumbs up* It was a feel good movie, everybody was laughing their butts out while you pulled off some punchlines.

    I remembered while watching it, I ate too much popcorn while your ‘kilig’ scenes with Alden. I can’t help but feel giddy and felt the butterfly on my stomach. (Yung ano talaga, yung first meet nakakawindang na ewan. Parang totoong-totoo yung awkwardness niyo sa isa’t isa.)

    Can’t wait for your upcoming projects! Always remember Aldub Nation is always here to support you. Don’t forget to get adequate rest.

    God bless ~

  81. oTg says: Reply

    The most important thing for me to see is that you enjoyed doing the movie. Right now, when you’re happy, we all are! You didn’t look “acting” at all!
    I hope that in your (and hopefully Alden’s) next movie, the story and script will be more beautifully written so it becomes a movie in the truest sense of the word.
    But congratulations! We are proud of you!

  82. Trixie says: Reply

    Hi Maine!

    I’ve been meaning to leave a comment to your blog. Can I just say that your honesty is very, very, very REFRESHING! I (and I know I am not the only one) love that you are “not showbiz” and it is truly amazing how you were able to maintain and keep your persona, your real you. It’s amazing that you are such a breakthrough in this industry, in the middle of the crazy world of social media pretensions, of keeping up with the showbiz Joneses, of creating false reality. You keep everyone on their toes by being so honest, we look forward to your thoughts. And not only that, YOU ARE VERY, VERY. BRAVE!

    If I were younger, you’d be my ultimate peg. I am in my early thirties and yet you influence me to be real. Never change, Meng, never change. I can truly see why Joey de leon found you “rare”.

  83. Angela Cabrera says: Reply

    hiii Ms.Menggay !
    Congratulations for winning Best Supporting Actress !:) i’m just soo happy to be part of Aldub/Maiden Fandom and even though na sinasabi mo na bagohan ka lang sa showbiz but for the past Months na napapanuod kita sa KS i can say that you are just so natural sa pag acting and i just love your wacky faces that you are doing and you pabebe face hahaha!. anyways aldub you menggay – Angela

  84. Annie Rose Gloria says: Reply

    Lubos kitang hinahangaan mula pa ng una kitang makita sa pag dudubsmash hanggang sa lumabas ka sa EB as yaya dub then ung ALDUB na. Napaka reachable mong tao kahit alam ng iba kung gaano kataas ang estado mo sa buhay nananatili ka pa rin grounded para sa lahat. I will support you all the way. Wag ka lang magbago, kahit ano pang ibato nila sau ikaw lang paniniwalaan ko.. Anlayo ko pa nyan wala pang GMA pinoytv dito hanggang LS lang ako pero nasusubaybayan kita sa twitter, IG at fb maski nga SC gumawa na ako makita lang kita masaya na araw ko. Goodluck sayo.. God will bless you more.. Stay humble..

  85. Happy new year sa’yo pangarap ko! 🙂 Sana magustohan mo tong gift ko para sa’yo. Alam ko sa tamang panahon, magkakakilala din tayo. Ingat ka lage! H’wag ka masyado sanang nagpapagod. Godbless you po!


  86. Renalyn G. Padoginog says: Reply

    Meng, I just wanna let you know that I am praying for you. It’s my first time praying for artista talaga. Pakisabi rin kay Alden na I’m praying for him also with JoWaPao 🙂 Wag kang magbabago, and if magbago kaman, for the better dapat. Be strong always!

  87. marie lomibao says: Reply

    What happened in between November to December (shooting days and before Premiere night)??? Just curious…..God bless.

  88. Precious says: Reply

    While watching MBL, siguro iritang iruitan na yung babaeng katabi ko kasi whenever lumalabas kayo ni Alden sa screen, wala na akong ibang binubulong kundi, “ayyy, gwapo ni Aldeeen.” “Ganda ni Maine sheet” “Grabe ang cute nila.”. Wala eh, ganun yung buhay fan girl. Hahaha. BTW, ang galing mo sa movie. Kudos 🙂

  89. Hi Maine 🙂 Finally, I was able to read completely your blog post about the movie. I am one of those millions who watched exactly on the 1st day of showing. Though we waited long, because of conflicts on the cinema, it was worth the wait. You were great for a first timer, even my mom agreed. And so, when got the news that you were Best Supporting actress, goosebumps talaga grabe! I am really happy for you. What a blessing from God. I actually gave you a letter in one KS episode, I hope it was able to reach you. My message is there na. So, continue reaching for your dreams, and we will just be here to support you all the way. God Bless you! <3

  90. Marlau Gutierrez-Claes says: Reply

    Hello Maine,
    Thanks for this blog post. My relatives back in the Philippines had almost like a family reunion with My Bebe Love and it was awesome! It was the first time for them, too to be all together watching a film in the theatre! My brother was so happy seeing my mom giggling during the entire film. You made her happy, thank you and to all the cast of My Bebe Love and congratulations. Hope you will have more opportunities like this for you to improve your skills.
    Take care and stay happy.

  91. Krizia Lindsay says: Reply

    Galing mo umarte! Artista ka na teh! Ahahaha! Pero I saw a little just a little mistake when you introduce Bossing to AiAi that was the last part of the movie and I notice or I thought na nasenyasan ka dun na lumapit ng onti kay Bossing Nice job and Nice Movie! Kudos to all of you!

  92. Krizia Lindsay says: Reply

    Galing mo umarte! Artista ka na teh! Ahahaha! Pero I saw a little just a little mistake when you introduce Bossing to AiAi that was the last part of the movie and I notice or I thought na nasenyasan ka dun na lumapit ng onti kay Bossing Nice job and Nice Movie! Kudos to all of you!

  93. Hi Maine,
    At last I was able to access your newest post and also on the day where a lot posted what you wrote re awkward moments with Alden.. And got bashed by followers of Alden. Your post is pure honest reaction to what you felt and how you presented it never changed since you started your blog. Indeed #KeepOnWritingMaine is very approriate. You are the only actress I idolized this way as you are honest, real and si humble. Always praying that God will always guide and strengthen you every step of the way in this crazy world of showbusiness.

  94. Ma.Elvira says: Reply

    Hi Maine, So nice to see your new entries in your blog despite sa busy sched mo.
    I saw MBL twice, Dec 25 and 30….best Christmas ever (since 2012). Di talaga ako pumayag na di makapanood sa 1st day, kahit nakasalampak lang sa hagdan OK na , and last full show na yun.
    Lam mo Maine , you and Alden are really a blessing to me, I was able to get out from depression , dahil sa inyo. for almost 3 years kasi ako battling with depression, I lost kasi my only child to cancer, last 2013, it was so painful and pag depressed ka pala madami ka na ramdam an sa katawan, and all my test naman are clear, then i was dependent na sa mga anti depression drugs then, my sister told me to watch Kalye Serye kasi may bago daw, and July 16 is also the Bday of my daughter ( she’ll be turning 18 sana this year), first time I saw you ay yung 2nd monthsary nyo na…. After that I began to smile again, parang madali na sa akin ang tumawa,was able to work again(I’m an accountant) that’s why I always pray na sana mag tagal pa ang ALDUB…. Sana OK kayo palagi ni Alden, supportive to each other Dahil madami kayo na tao na Npapasaya… God Bless you Always Meng… And Always choose to be happy.. Bayaan mo mga haters and bashers mo.. Mas madami ang nag mamahal sau.

  95. taryana says: Reply

    hi there, u r truly a gift from above.god use u as instrument to inspire people specially the young ones to come out of their shelves and to show to the world who & what they can really do..thank u so much menggay..no matter what happen we will always be here for u and for alden..way to go girl!

  96. Abby says: Reply

    I finally got to read this in full too! Yay! [Thanks for fixing the permalink! ;)] Watched the movie with my parents and my best friend. Grabe ang tilian and tawanan sa cinema. And srsly, for a first timer, you did really well. Congratulations on your movie debut and I hope for more opportunities for you in 2016. 🙂

  97. Angela Cabrera says: Reply

    hi Ms.Menggay! 🙂

    Congratulations for Winning Best Supporting Actress ! :))) wow naman ! grabeh siya oh 😀 i’m just so happy to be part of Aldub/Maiden fandom, honestly hindi ako ganito sa ibang sikat na artista but this time there is something about you na parang kakaiba na parang na curious ako sa iyo( haha ano daw?XD)but honestly nakikita ko ang pagiging natural mo bilang artista and that’s why i like about you,hindi ka natatakot magpapangit ng mukha mo and it amaze me.Honestly, you are the reason kung bakit hindi na ako na aawkward pag naka wacky pose ako sa picture XD and you made me realize na it’s ok to make funny faces and being weird haha.

    Even though you are just a “newbie” in showbiz pero pinapakita mo na kaya mong makipag sabayan sa kanila and diyan ako humahanga sayo ( kaya ka nga nakakuha ng MGA awards eh haha). i’m just proud to be your fan and i hope na we can meet someday ( sa Tamang Panahon ) and take a picture and a selfie 🙂 actually that is my birthday wish this february :).



    – ANGELA

  98. Darlyn dela Rosa says: Reply

    Hi Maine!
    I watched My bebe love many times and all i can say is you are amazing! i was able to watched you since day one of kalye serye and Girl! you’ve gone along way. you never fail to impress me everyday. i just want you to know that i will always be here to support you and i must admit i am one of those people who’s wishing for you and alden to end up together for real… but no pressure! i know it will happen in God’s perfect time. Maging kayo man o hinde in real life… just continue to be good friends with each other.. what’s meant to be will always find its way… i love you Maine, continue to be bring happiness to us!

  99. kikAy says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Congratulations on the success of ur 1st movie and for winning the Best Supporting Actress!!! Iba ka talaga!!!
    I am one of those millions who watched MBL on the 1st dayof showing and one of those mllions (again) who watched on its 2nd day of showing. Yes, i watched MBL twice (addict lang). Galing ng acting skills mo as a newbies, very natural ung acting m especially sa mga “kilig scences” You really did great!
    You captured the eyes and the hearts of many people. Just stay grounded, stay gorgeous and witty and good health for you always. More blessings to come your way. You’re a blessing to many All your fans and family are always got your back. We are all here to support you no matter what. Way to go Maine!!!
    God Bless You Always!

    Hoping and praying to see you with alden again someday (ung malapitan na talaga, and have pictures with you) I was present at the Ph Arena on the said “Tamang Panahon” kahit VIP ticket, ang layo nyo pa din 🙂 may “Takdang Panahon” ba na susunod???

    Lots of Love,
    kikAy 🙂

  100. Danny Luczon says: Reply

    First of all, Congratulations to all the cast of MBL! Bossing Vic, Ms. AiAi, Alden and of course specially to you Maine. It amaze me kung paano mo naka-capture ang puso ng masa, you’re so down-to-earth naman talaga. It seems you been in the industry for a long time. Alam mo na mga ginagawa mo, how you handle good and bad criticism. How you present yourself every time you appear in front of a camera. I just want to wish you good luck, more blessings and good health. Stay simple and true to yourself, I always say to myself “They can say whatever they want about me, No one can judge me but HIM.” Congrats and Thanks Maine a.k.a. YaYaDub. “Animo LaSalle!!

  101. Naida Tan says: Reply

    Hi Maine!!! Super enjoy ako sa pag babasa ng blog mo. Pwedeng pwede ka talaga maging writer. Sana dumating yung time na isa sa ( maraming darating na) telenovela or movie nyo ni alden idea mo bilang isang writer and sana yung goodvibes lang or konting iyakan. Kasi mostly (actually lahat) yung telenovela sa gma puro awayan/heavy iyakan/agawan sa lalaki or babae/ may sumasabog na sasakyan/ sinunog na bahay/ at pag hihiganti. Ang dami ng prob. Sa buhay dapat goodvibes diba. Anyway, Hindi ko pa napapanuod yung MBL #KPM kasi Hindi ipapalabas dito sa BAHRAIN huhuhu

    Super fun ako ng aldub/maiden
    Love you Maine.

  102. Nenita Gloria G. Cawaling says: Reply

    Its only now that i have read a blog of yous. Girl you are a great writer. You have all kinds of fall back even you will be out of showbiz. You are a very talented young lady. I was waiting for a follow up on that no conversation thing with alden as you mentioned. Im anticipating that these days ALDUB is a real thing and your love for each other is aksi real. But of course you we cant firce things up. I personally and i know many will agree that we will be sad if the two of you will not end up with each other. Remember always. I love you and i cant miss every kalyeserye episode. You are really making my day. I even bought a cellphone with mini tv that whereever i will go, icant miss KS. I have now a twitter accnt because of ALDUB. Grabe kayong maka addict. Kahit nasa harap ako ng klase ko because i am a teacher, my headset is on with my cellphone in my pocket listening with pne ear to KS and after giving activity to my students i will sit at the back while they are doing their activity and watch kalyeserye. Ganun ako ka aadict. Grabe kayo. Kaya i am the first person to feel sad if you will not end up together. By the way i am already 52 and was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer and KS had been my life since i was recivering from surgery. Now i am well and still enjoying KS everyday. Wathing also the replays on you tube. Keep up ALDUB. A lot of us in all parts of the world is looking up for you, praying for you and loving you eith all our hearts. GOD BLESS. Proverbs 21:21 HE WHO PURSUES RIGHTEOUSNESS AND LOVE FINDS LIFE, PROSPERITY AND HONOR.

  103. Yam Corpuz says: Reply

    Hi Maine!
    Pinanood namin ng buong family ko ang My Bebe Love last January 1, grabe lang kasi sa pinakaunahan na kami nakaupo, ang sakit sa batok… hehe, really you did well, we’re so proud of you as a first timer… You deserved the award. We love you Maine!

    PS. Hindi lang family ko ang adik na adik sayo, sa Aldub at sa Kalyeserye, kundi ang mga doctor at co-nurses ko sa Philippine General Hospital-Neurosciences Department. Hehe! Kahit ibang doctor na hindi sa Neuro, fan mo. Grabe sya! Im looking forward to meet you soon! Sa tamang panahon.Godbless and more power! Aldub you!

  104. almira says: Reply

    matagal n kong di nanonood ng sine.. php150 p lang ang sine noon! ngayun lang ulit ako nanood ng sine at MBL yun! at nakipagsiksika pa talaga ko para s first day of screening ahh! it is because of you Meng! iba kc ang dating mo! in love ata ako sayo! hehe.. (Im 43 yo already, para n kitang anak!) all i can say is sobrang galing mo as an actress! you deserved the awards.. all of success you achieved at ma aachieve pa! for me khit sino p ma link sau or mamahalin mo in real life! im here to support you! hindi makakalimutan na napasaya mo ko personally.. you are so lovely.. may God grant all the desires of your heart! I love u! – fan here

  105. Caridad gacho samios-uy says: Reply

    Hi,Maine my message is there na sana matupad na un mga pangarap mo were here to support u kahit anong mangyari gagabayan ka ng panginoon sa magagandang hangarin mo sa buhay god bless ingat palagi

  106. REFernandez says: Reply

    Ey Maine,

    how are you?

    Read snippets of your recent blog via instagram & twitter screenshots finally i was able to access ur site. Again, i just love you tell ur story. I feel like im talking to a dear old friend..ur seated across and were sipping our fave drink and u update me with ur life. Im happy to know that uv enjoyed ur first film and premiere night. Grabeh its my family’s first time (full force ang family!love ka namin sobra!) to watch a MMFF film.. at sa opening day pa talaga!Usual routine every xmas is for us to just to stay home and spend time with family. We broke that routine for you..or should i say ALDUB <3 You deserve the award Maine..you were very natural in the film. Parang tagal mo na nga gumagawa ng movies eh. love all the clothes you wore..also ur make up and your voice! Keep it up!

    Yes merong forever…im forever your fan. I pray that you'll be healthy & safe always. Ingat palagi. Keep blogging please. Hugs! #labyuNicomaine

    1. naghintay po ba kayo ng comment approval for your comment?

  107. all i can say is “i love and will continue loving you Maine!!!!!

  108. Joy E says: Reply

    I was able to watch MBL yesterday… And I have just read this post today… And I was like, are you really a first timer in this industry?!? haha.. Thank you Maine for all the GIANT STEPS you took to make us all happy 🙂 As an introvert like you, I know pretty well how big decisions like doing stuff in front of many people keep me awake all night, thinking whether I can do it r I’ll just say “Pass, maybe some other time”. Well, probably you have those thoughts along the way, but hell yeah, you showed me how to get out of the shell with grace! It’s not really helpful to always give in to our negative thoughts and just dwell on our “what if’s”. Thank you for being my inspiration to try my best in taking a step forward every time I;m faced with challenges.. Surely, there are a lot of people around us to push us to a better position, as well as to pull us when we seem to be in danger.

    Again, thank you Maine for setting a great example to us introverts, and for setting the bar high as well. 🙂 God bless you always! I’m surely supporting you all the way! 😀

    One of your avid fans,
    (Twitter: @pau2765)

  109. Yay!Can’t explain the kabog ng dibdib na finally you wrote a blog na Alden was included.Though you’re entry was mainly about the movie.Pero syempre as a fan I’m so happy na naisama mo na c Alden sa blog post.And I know the whole ADN is wishing more to come please.Pero we respect your privacy if you choose not to.We know naman na what’s going on between you and Alden ,hello ADN are funny db.Though wala png confirmation from both of you,hayaan mo na Meng whatever it is confirmed or not we will choose what to believe.Btw,you did really well.Not saying this coz I’m a big fan but you’re a natural.And the diction,gee…You did justice to you’ re Anna role.Maine goodluck sayo ha,I know 2016 is your year again, and so forth…Because me and the millions of your fans will support all the way kahit umandap p ang tala mo.Sure naman thats not gonna happen,you and Alden.Kasi you’re not just good in your craft but you’re an amazing and genuine person..Love you to bits Meng❤

  110. Finally,my patience payed off!I’ve been regularly visiting your blog to check your recent post,seems na nagka problem ata.Maine I’m so happy for all your achievements,para akong elder sister na so proud of her little sissy☺.6months and counting,I remember your first apperance in JFAAFJ ,right then I am captivated by your fearlessness and your guts.Don’t kniw p nga that time na viral kn pala online.Bsta nagalingan lng ako and I told myself who’s this girl doing wacky faces yet so endearing to watch.Right then I became your big fan,started stalking your SOcial media accounts.Even made a twitter and IG just to follow you.Then I came into your blog and the rest of the fangirling was history.So somewhat I can say you’ve been a big part of my daily existence.And now napanuod kn namen sa big screen.You’re such a natural dear.Yes you didn’t cry buckets of tears yet you standout,and even bagged an award!I can’t remember a newbie that achieved so much like you did!Why?because of your genuiness.Ilan lng b or bka nga wala sa mga artista na hindi takot magpapangit,ikaw lng Meng.And we love you in all your uniqueness even flaws.Just continue to aspire and inspire.We’re all here to support you all the way,kayo ni Richard!

  111. Met Edge-ryan says: Reply

    I saw your movie last Sunday here in Elk Grove, California. It is hilarious. Highly recommended. In fact I’m going to see it again with friends who can’t do weekends.
    So you know there are several spectra of people came to see the movie. There’s even a grandpa in wheelchair. (Confession. Never in my life have I’ve done something like this. Here I am a whole lot older than your parents. NAKAKALOKA! My friends and family are looking at me weirdly. I guess it’s the releasing of endorphin in my brain each time I see the KILIG moments. I’m afraid I might need the help of psychiatrist when all of these blow over. Hope not for awhile.)
    You and Alden are good actors. I am looking forward for more films from you guys.
    Hope to go back and live in Bulacan again. I used to live in Marilao.
    Take care and God bless.

  112. marissa consigna says: Reply

    yeah maine ang galing mo youve done a great acting on my bebe love iys unbelievable that you act very well knowing that that was your first time it means you have talent

  113. hyacinth says: Reply

    yey! finally… I’ve been coming back here many times to see wether I can read the next ne. I was pretty sure that was not all and I was right. I thought it was just my internet connection. I was also sure you have an enrty for this blog during the holidays and I was right. It’s good I patiently waited. hahaha. I love the way you update us about how you feel through your blog. We feel like you are our close friend. Stay humble, whatever they say, we got your back. And of course anjan din si prince charming. I love the way he breaks his silence to protect you.Ang sweet!!!

  114. LLLauron says: Reply

    Hi Maine!!!

    Finally, I was able to read your blog about your movie!!! My family and I watched it including the kids… hahaha my nephew loved ALDUB since the beginning. I even let him choose your movie or he will go to playroom… of course he chooses the MBL kiligpamore! Even in the theater you can feel his feet stomping for the kiligoverload… even shouted a lot whenever you and Alden are seen. Grabe the Kilig factor… Anyways, Congratulations for winning the BEst Supporting Actress award you really deserved it!!!! Kudos and GOD BLESS!!!

    P.S. I admire your being witty!!!! love u. . .

  115. Mengay,
    I watched it last sunday, dami kasing tao nung december sabi nga nila “its better to be late than never” the movie was good, benta ni Ms. Ai and Bossing, and syempre nkakakilig nman talaga teh!!! and in my own personal opinion, you deserve the Best Supporting Actress award, don’t ask why basta you deserve it tapos I know your a fan of Nicholas Sparks novels, nabasa mo na ba yung latest novel na See Me?? I reccomend basahin mo din if you have time pa #KiligpaMore din yun

  116. Mengay,
    I watched it last sunday, dami kasing tao nung december sabi nga nila “its better to be late than never” the movie was good, benta ni Ms. Ai and Bossing, and syempre nkakakilig nman talaga teh!!! and in my own personal opinion, you deserve the Best Supporting Actress award, don’t ask why basta you deserve it tapos…. and I know your a fan of Nicholas Sparks novels, nabasa mo na ba yung latest novel na See Me?? I reccomend basahin mo din if you have time pa #KiligPaMore din yun

  117. manny says: Reply

    hi miss maine! been visiting your blog for days now and enjoying it! i became a fan of ks (sikretong matinde to hehe) just a couple of weeks ago but grew up with eat bulaga, kapuyat manood ng past episodes huh sa youtube lang ako nkakanuod kasi may work . also followed your instagram account especially during your japan vacation and i was very happy when you followed me back kaso after 2 weeks ata na-unfollow mo din pro ok lang un. don’t know what came over me pero ganun ako when i started playing coc hehe, checkin for any update almost every minute, got addicted instantly. there’s something extra-special bout you kasi ngayon lang sa tanang buhay ko na naging fan ako ng kahit na sino. nababasa mo pa din ba mga ngcocomment dito? its probably the story behind kasi you get to fulfill your dreams and inspiring so many people with it. sa isa mo post sa instagram bout having a billboard along edsa, i had a friend na nangarap din na balang araw magkaron ng ganun, swerte mo talaga now you have a lot at d lang sa edsa meron pa sa ibang lugar meron pa ata sa cebu un back-to-back nyo ni alden, posible pala yun ‘no? well i just wanna wish you good luck on your career at sana wala magbago sa iyo mula nang sumikat ka. nakakatakot lang d ba un daw bigla ang pagsikat bigla din lumulubog, i’ll be praying that you be the exception…

  118. lois says: Reply

    Big screen pa more for maine….

  119. Nora says: Reply

    Hi Maine! First of all sarap tumambay sa blog site mo! Ok lang maubos ang spare time kasi your stories makes me smile, laugh, cry, and relatable ka. Minsan naiisip ko na kung ako ang Tita mo, ikaw ang favorite pamangkin ko! CHOS! Anyway, I am one of the unfortunate fans nyo ni Alden who was not able to watch MBL because it won’t be shown where I live. I’m waiting for the spoilers but ADN has been really very good in supporting the movie … kaya HOPIA pa more! I will just wait for the DVD to come out and ask somebody to buy it for me (mas OK if may AUTOGRAPH nyo ni Alden but it seems too Impossible!) Ayan! nahawa ako! Pessimistic ba?
    Before I end my comment, I just started sending you and Alden quotes from Joel Osteen (I found out that you like his daily inspirational message and I will try to send you one everyday) (Stalk pa more!) Happy 26th Weeksary!!! My only and daily Prayers is: LORD!!! di bale na wala ako love life basta si Maine and Alden will say their VOWS in front of you!!! I believe in both of you guys!!! ILYSM!!!

  120. Dimple says: Reply

    Love you to the moon and back! not bad for a newcomer in Show business. Keep it up and remember a “lot” of people love you sooo much!

  121. byron says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    I hope one day, you do an opening number on kalyeserye with the Lolas, dubsmashing Ruth Anne Mendoza’s Aldub you (maAlden kita). Wouldn’t it be a nice video for you singing it with the Lolas as back up singers? More power to you Miss Maine…

  122. Louise Reyes says: Reply

    Hello Ms. Maine.

    My whole fam and I watched MBL on the 25th and another time with my tropang videoke on the 30th. I actually wanted to watch it 2 more times but of course, Mommy duties and life gets in the way.

    I must agree that for a first timer, you nailed it. The role may have been light and not demanding acting-wise, but nevertheless, you hit it out of the park. Bossing said you are a natural and who could argue with a veteran, right? Congratulations on your MMFF Best Supporting Actress win. As Mr. Richards said, well-deserved.

    I would just like to point out that as a Hollywood kinda-cinephile, I haven’t been watching local films, even those Indies, which I would have loved to given the chance. And yes, I used to watch MMFF movies as well (circa 90s), and yes I recall that SRR III movie (shows my age). Pero I have never been looking forward to any movie as much as MBL just because of you and Alden.

    I have always been a fan of intense chemistry for celebrity pairs and I saw that AlDub has it in spades. I guess that’s the magic people are pertaining to, which for me works best when not intended.

    More power to you and Alden. I, along with millions of your admirers, hope your career soars to heights you’ve always dreamt of, and I know that the you and Alden will always stay grounded no matter where this fickle-minded business takes you.

    And most of all, I wish you happiness and contentment, both you and Alden. I am probably a MaiChard shipper for all intents and purposes, pero balato ko na sa inyo ang privacy niyo, as you so deserved. =)

  123. BRENDA says: Reply

    GOOD DAY!!
    Well hello there!! Kamusta ka po?
    I’m one of your avid fans n natutuwa s success MO today at s mag susunod pa..actually mag 3 times q pnanood mug movie., nung Christmas, January 2, at January 7, actually natago ko p ung ticket ng January 7, d ko alam kung bt d knuha. Kahit Walla ka pang acting workshop na deliver mo ng ayos ang scene., para ka ngang PRO pgdating sa pag arte!,ako ang na proud para sayo at syempre ganun dn ang family mo.,Anyway, kht paulit ulit kong panoorin ung movie ganun at ganun pa dn ang feeling!! Nakangiti at masaya ako pglbas ng sinehan at tlagang aabngn ko ang part 2. Dahil nbtn ako sa kiss!! Hahaha..anyway MAY GOD BLESS YOU and ALDEN MORE!! just remember everything happens for a purpose,.at madming naniniwala s kakayahan mo! ,kasama n ako dun., My only wish is your happiness and success..
    Stay humble and simple.. kasama mo ako, (kaming) mangarap at sa pag abot MO nun, isa ako s libo-libo or milyong-milyong f@ns n masaya..bsta You and Alden’s success is our success, and both of your happiness is our happiness dn..GOD Bless!! ✋

  124. Denise Bataclan says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Been a fan here ever since…am still..will always be. First, the LED thingy with your name is called a Marquee.
    I’m happy that you are a person people, of all ages, can look up to. You have this personality that is uniquely yours (in a positive way) and makes everyone feel like they want to know you even more. You have this “pull” that makes us love you. Take care of yourself, sleep whenever and wherever you can… Please do not change. Always be yourself. You have your family, EB Family, MBL Familly, Aldub Nation (including me) and RJ at your back. You make us happy, it may be difficult at times to do so, but we know you love what you do, and you do what you love… Sabi nga ng Bench.. #ThatGirlIsMaine

  125. Rica says: Reply

    MAINE!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  126. kikAy says: Reply

    Keep blogging.
    God Bless always!

  127. Chona V. Tangonan says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    Your movie with Bossing, Ms. Ai Ai and Alden is really good. It’s really my first time to watch an MMFF movie, it is because I’m an avid fan of You and Alden. Kaka-proud lang isipin na introvert ka just like me and you did justice to your role and may award agad BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS. Bawal sa akin ang magpuyat pero pinanood ko talaga awarding nang MMFF dahil i’m hoping and praying na may makuhang award ang MBL at yun na nga nagka-award ka. Congrats for that! Stay humble as you are and di ako magsasawa sa pagsupport sa inyo ni Alden. Sana makita ko kayo ni Alden in the future….More KS, movies and TVC to come…..<3:-)

  128. James Villasin says: Reply

    Hi Maine!

    Masaya ako para sa’yo, Miss Maine. Natuwa ako sa performance nyo sa My Bebe Love, at masaya ako sa na-achieve nyo. Ako no’ng Pasko? Hindi ako nakapag-Pasko sa’min. Sa trabaho kasi, either Pasko o Bagong Taon lang ang pipiliin naming break at pinili ko ang Bagong Taon. ‘Yon nga lang, may Christmas party palang magaganap sa’min na masaya, pero huli na nang malaman ko. haha. 🙁

    Ngayon lang ako nakapag-internet ulit, at isa sa mga balita na umagaw ng atensyon ko ay ang tanong nyo na “Bakit ako?” Nagulat ako dyan dahil parang kakaiba na kwestyunin ng isang artista ang parangal na nakuha niya sa publiko pa (o at least ako lang). At namangha ako. Gano’n ka ka-honest sa’min, animo’y nakikipag-usap ka lang sa isang kaibigan. Na-appreciate ko ‘yon, Miss Maine.

    Heto ang masasabi ko dyan. Well, hindi ko napanood ‘yung iba pang entry sa MMFF kaya hindi ko makukumpara ‘yung performance nyo sa kanila. Pero sa tanong na kung papaano naging maganda ang performance nyo sa My Bebe Love, ang sagot ko: character ni Anna. Heto ang pinakauna kong napansin nang una kitang makita sa palabas, at nalupitan ako. Akmang akma si Anna sa inyo. Perfect ang character niya sayo, kaya kayang-kaya nyo talagang gampanan si Anna nang malupit, palakasin at pagandahin ang dating niya, kahit na hindi kayo masyadong nakapag-rehearse. Kumbaga sa fashion show, heto ang damit na kayang-kaya mong dalhin.

    Ang una kong napansin na perfect sa character ni Anna ay ang boses ninyo. Si Anna ay wala pang boyfriend at hindi na masyado tinatangkang mang-akit ng boyfriend dahil sa malaharing kaistriktuhan ng tatay niya. Bagay ang may pagkamababang boses sa ganitong karakter dahil pinapakita nito na hindi niya binabagay ang kanyang boses sa mga mapang-akit na babae dahil wala na nga ring saysay. Pinapakita rin ng pagbabago ng boses ninyo ang pakikitungo ni Anna sa ibang tao: pinakamababa at malamig ‘pag kausap niya tatay niya, at pinamataas at masigla ‘pag kausap si Dondi. Idagdag pa natin ang normal na reserved na expression at galaw niya na naging masigla kapag kasama niya si Alden (na siyang kayang-kaya ninyo bunga ng experience nyo sa Kalye Serye), naipakita ninyo ang pansamantalang paglaya ni Anna sa tatay niya, na siyang crucial sa istorya dahil ang rebelyong ito ni Anna ang ugat ng istorya. Lahat ng ito, lumabas sa performance ninyo nang natural.

    Isa ko pang napansin ay ang background ni Anna. Sa pagkakaalam ko, istrikto rin ang mga magulang ninyo sayo pagdating sa relasyon. Hahaha. Hindi naman siguro kasing-istrikto ni Vitto, pero gets… Hahaha!

    At panghuli, ngayon ko lang napagtanto, ay ang fact na napalabas ninyo ni Alden ang chemistry ni Anna at ni Dondi. Sa tingin ko hindi ‘to dahil sa background ninyo sa Kalye Serye; dahil ito sa talento ninyo. Biruin mo, bago pa kayo mag-shoot ni Alden, hindi pa talaga kayo nag-uusap! Kung gano’n, papaano ninyo ibi-build ang chemistry ninyo kapag nag-uusap kayo kung hindi sa talento ninyong palabasin ‘yon!

    Oo nga, baguhan pa lang kayo, pero sa tulong ng mga writer na inakma ang character ni Anna sa inyo, ni Alden at ng buong parte ng produksyon ng My Bebe Love, at siyempre sa talento ninyo, naging malupit at maganda ang acting ninyo.

    Keep it up, Miss Maine.


  130. RenciMiranda says: Reply

    Hi Maine! 🙂 I am one of your avid fans since you started on Eat Bulaga. I do hope that someday you and I will see each other when I go to Manila. Thank you for making us happy everyday during Kalyeserye. Keep it up! God has plans for you. Stay humble and simple. Love you! :*

  131. Ross Tipay says: Reply

    Hi Ms. Maine Mendoza,

    I’m one of your millions fans around the world. I watched your very first film in MMFF. My thoughts, TULALA! Hangang hanga ako sa’yo dahil ang husay mong ideliver ang lines. Iniisip ko nga matagal ka na sa show business. Saka congratulations for winning the best supporting actress category. Deserving ka naman kahit yung iba nagsasabi na hindi. You know, this is my first time na humanga ng todo todo sa isang local artist na katulad mo. Hindi ko nga maexplain eh. I will support you 100%! More KS, Movies, Soap Opera, and TVC to come. I hope hindi ka magsawang magpaligaya sa aming mga fans. At hindi rin ako magsasawang sundan ang show business career mo FOREVER!

    Ang nagmamahal mong Fan,
    Ross S. Tipay

  132. Leo Acharon says: Reply

    We arrive Pinas on 23rd of Dec. at around 2pm from the US. We drove by Roxas Blvd and found lots of people gathered on the side of the road. Curious, i ask my brother in law, what’s going on? He wasn’t sure, all of a sudden my wife call us from the other van. She told us it’s MMFF parade and they were on the side of the road parked and watching the parade. Ofcourse, as a fan! Told my brother in law to stop and let’s wait for the ‘Pabebe Love’ float. Waited for an hour until your float arrived with everyone next to me (kids and adults) are same murmuring “Yaya Dub is coming”. This was unexpected circumstances as I saw You, Alden and the rest of the cast slowly passby and waving at the fans. If you are overwhelm, I was surprisingly overwhelm with the crowd yelling your name. How often you see artista’s in a daily basis? How often you see Yaya Dub? I was glad we stop and waited, it was worth the wait. I think that day I legitimize myself that I am a truly fan of yours. Watching the movie, Pabebe Love, that’s another story. Already taking alot on this comment. But you definitely nailed it! I was watching your character the whole time. Definite !

  133. Leo Acharon says: Reply

    Pahabol lang, It was a memorable experience and most unforgettable vacation we ever had! Thank you!

  134. Bert Marila says: Reply

    Hi Maine
    I enjoyed watching your movie and hsoneatly this is my first time to watch MMFF movie beacuse i love ALDUB. More movie to come to both you.

  135. Richel Meramonte says: Reply

    Hi maine!!!

    All i wanted to say is thank you for making all of us smile,and for being a good example for todays young gen.keep it up and always pray…lift it up to God all your worries,decisions and everything you do.i know and i feel dat u have a good heart and sana huwag ka magbago…we’re just hir for u…we love you!!!Godbless you and ur family:)

  136. p gab'z says: Reply

    hi ms. maine first i want to congratulate you for winning the BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS in MMFF yung totoo first time mo po ba talaga??? hahaha but seriously you really did great, good job! and i hope to see more and more and more hahaha… #morepamore. continue doing what you love and enjoy every moment, GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!

    your supporter/fan

  137. DonBoga says: Reply

    Hi, Meng!

    Thank you sa pagpapasaya sa amin palagi.
    Sana ingatan mo lagi ang health mo.

    Sana din mas makapag update ka pa ng blogs mo though alam ko sobrang busy mo talaga. Hehe. Nakakamiss lang magbasa. 🙂

    Ingat ka palagi. At salamat ulit. Hope to see you in person soon! 🙂

  138. Carolina Ambas says: Reply

    I wd like to thank you for the photo op you accorded me and my Aldub bestie last Wed@EDSA Shang Plaza.We were at your favorite store when well of a sudden you just walked in around 4:30pm.
    My galpal went ballistic and got so tongue tied upon seeing you. So she egged me to approach you.
    Thank you so much for posing in our 3 cell phones.
    More power to you and to Alden, of course!
    -Baybo Ambas

  139. gwen says: Reply

    Finally! I was able to read the whole thing! Di na sya down. Hehe. I’m glad that you admitted how awkward it was during the first photoshoot. And I hope that it’s not like that anymore (for real). Keep writing, Meng! If you have time, that is. Take care of yourself, and RJ. We love you! At wish ko for this year ay picture kasama kayong dalawa (sana matupad yun). God bless!

  140. Justine Kimberly says: Reply

    Hi ate Maine, sana mag kita po tayo, I hope ma notice nyo po, saka mag kita po sana tayo sa Sta. Maria Bulacan, (Actualy taga duon po ako, sa father side ko), and na inspire po akong gumawa ng blog sa wordpress. and I hope someday (If the destiny would be) sana po maging friends po tayo. AlDub you ate Maine :*

  141. Connie asuncion says: Reply

    nice blog Maine

  142. Hi Maine! 🙂

    It was nice getting across your blog. I was backtracking and reading your posts (the days when you weren’t that “sikat” yet) and it’s so surprising to know how humble and true you are to yourself. No wonder God gave you what you deserve. Please continue to inspire a lot of people, youths in particular. I think you have a very good impact in their lives and you set a very good example to everyone. And oh, please continue your passion in blogging ah? Looking forward to meet you in person. Stay pretty co-Paulinian. 🙂

  143. danna andrea dayrit says: Reply

    hi po! so, pwede po bang malaman ung yahoo nyo to send a very important message regarding to your one of truest friend? (hint; JKV)

  144. danna andrea dayrit says: Reply

    Send nyo na lang po ung email nyo sa email ko dannanadreadayrit@yahoo.com thanks!

  145. danna andrea dayrit says: Reply


  146. Ma. Cecilia A. Viñas says: Reply

    Hi Ms. Maine,

    Congratulation kahit your just new in actingan but truly you delivered what should we expect sa character mo as Anna. not a mistake you won the best supporting actress. medyo sa voice mo lang ako nakulangan medyo mahina..di ko alam dahil ba maingay mga kasama ko nanuod. tili ng tili… sus maria!!
    Gusto ko sana mag review kaso lang di na daw pwede sabi ng guard. but anyway truly i was amazed of acting skills you can do more Maine simula palang yan do some acting workshop para mas maging mahusay ka and learn some technical and techniques in acting.

    Sana Maine wag kang magbago keep your feet on the ground and bow down your head and kneel down to thank God for everything he gave you. your such a blessing to us even ako na diko akalain darating ang isang katulad mo na mag inspire sa amin yan ang mission at purpose na binigay ni God
    sayo. hindi man madali ang pagdadaanan mo but that what we call dream test kapag tayo kasi maglalakbay sa ating pangarap di yan madali pero dito tayo/dyan ka susubukin ng katatagan.

    Basta i will be here as you FAN until the end ano man lalakbayin mo sa mundo ng showbiz ipagdarasal kita na ito kayanin mo. Wag mo sana kalimotan, na lagi magdasal cya lang ang karamay mo sa lahat na pagsubok na darating Maine. Do everything to the glory of God not in FAME. keep your self humble, stand with humility and sincerity value every person you will encounter lalo na ang mga LOLAS mo who always there from the start, EB Family , mga tao naniniwala sayo at di naniniwala sayo. value them everyday and of course your Family mo for sure proud na proud sila sayo. Dream more and teach us how to dream again and give life to our dreams.

    Ingat ka lagi… smile everyday and i will take this opportunity to say THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK MY SMILE. #FOREVERBEURFAN

    Strengthen your faith he is just there UP your Almighty Father.

  147. martin manankil says: Reply

    Thanks at naayos mo yun cont.Goodmorning.:)qly

  148. sam says: Reply

    hi meng… Dko man mbasa lahat ng blogpost m dahil sa ang gamit qng cellphone na 2700 lng,kh8 na pbalik balik qlang binabasa ang old blog post mo,ayos lng,nkakawala tlga ng stress,para aqng nkikipg’usap s isang mtalik n kaibigan.. Idol n idol n t lga kita.. At pangarap kong mkita k sa personal., aldub u po.

  149. mheng says: Reply

    have you ever tried searching your own scandal? well ang dami hoax! you are such a good person. as in wala ako masabi. na hack na lahat account mo pero wala tlg silang makitang scandal or what so ever na gusto nilang makuhang negative sayo para lang mawala ang mga supporters mo! well I know we are all only human.. we make mistakes. what ever mistake you may crash into… don’t worry I would still love you! You bring so much happiness to me specially grabe ang kalungkutan ko sa pagkawala ng mother ko (RIP). Thank you Meng from your very last one standing fan also nick named as Mheng.

  150. I’m able to get your email because of a very special message regarding to your oen of your truest friend? (hint;JKV) My email is dannaandreadayrit@yahoo.com

  151. bea says: Reply

    I should be studying but I found myself reading your blog. lol #FanGirlProbs Anyways keep being true to yourself and whatever happens you’ll always be my idol. Legit.

  152. Hi ate Maine
    Sa tuwing nababasa ko yung mga blogs mo parang wala ako sa sarili yung hindi makakaramdam na tinatanong kana pala ng tao.haha pero ate maine ang ganda ng mga blogs mo mas lalo ako na inspired

  153. Hi ate Maine
    Nawawala ako sa sarili kapag nababasa ko yung mga blogs mo ang ganda talaga eh. More blogs pa ate Maine hah. Ty

  154. Hi! Ate Menggay Gravie *nosebleed* ako hehe alam mo ba kahit english speaking marami akong natututunan tnx pala ha. hehe dami ko nang alam sayo. I<3you Im ur bigestfan

  155. RAINY says: Reply

    GRABE KA, MAINE! Bakit mo pinost si Undin? Aargh! How could I forget that Shake Rattle’s episode of Miss Manilyn Reynes? Sobrang takot kaya ako doon noong bata ako!!! Yung feels na kapag gagamit ka ng toilet ayun… waaa. 😛

  156. RAINY says: Reply

    The unforgettable movie of Miss Ai Ai for me is the one she did a rap/song with IC Mendoza (ay, same surname pala kayo! Pinsan mo? haha.) Yun lang nalimutan ko ang title at kung pang-ilang Shake, Rattle, & Roll ‘yun. The story is still vivid in my mind, the catsup/hot sauce weapon against the manananggal, and of course, Miss Ai Ai’s rap line: “Smile, para hindi mahalata!” #childhoodmemories

  157. Hi, Maine! Really loved that you shared your “My Bebe Love” experience here on your blog. I have to admit that I was kinda surprised with the first day you worked with Alden after Tamang Panahon…pero, I think, gano’n nga siguro sa umpisa, especially in your case na, for the longest time, the two of you never really got to be with each other (in person). Of course, we all know how it has turned out months later. 🙂

    Anyhow, I just want to say that I admire your honesty and candidness. Naalala ko ‘yung interview ni Ma’am Jessica Soho sa iyo last month, doon mo yata nabanggit na this blog of yours is a good way for us fans to get to know you better. And I agree. I hope that you keep writing/blogging–siyempre, whenever your sked allows. Oh, and more importantly, congratulations sa lahat ng success mo throughout the past few months. I know there’s still lots more ahead, and I can’t wait to see what this year alone holds for you. A couple of things, though: Sana, mapanood na namin dito sa Canada one day ang MBL…at sana, makarating ka rin dito sometime. P’wera pa sa akin (siyempre), I’m sure marami pang ibang mga kababayan natin dito would LOVE to meet you!

    God bless you and Alden always, Maine…you can count me in as a loyal supporter, for sure! 🙂

  158. I hope you’re constantly writing even at work.

  159. Jeosong Hamnida says: Reply

    Annyeong haseyo Mein ..
    I’m not korean but I just loved them , anyway I’m here to say thank you for being that person , Well you’re lucky not everyone given a chance to be on that place where you are now . I know you can be more than what you are now there’s more waiting .. Like what you said no workshop but you did very well even me never thought that was your first time , I’m so glad for everything you’ve done this past 5 months .. Congratutions ..

  160. darl says: Reply

    finally na basa ko rin yung blog..
    i love you meng..
    proud fans

  161. frerard trash says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I finally found time to look up your blog (that’s how tight my schedule is). I hope you’re always safe and all. Thank you for cheering me up, even though you probably have no idea that you do make me happy. I hope your day is as wonderful as you!

  162. von says: Reply

    Hi Maine!

    Natutuwa talaga kami sayo at kay Alden. Pagpatuloy nyo lang pagpapasaya sa mga tao. Suporta kami sa inyo..FOREVER.

    Regarding sa tinanong about dun sa signage na nakalagay yung name mo, or title ng Movie, I think its called a Marquee.

    Goodluck to ALDUB and EatBulaga!

    God Bless

  163. Hi Maine! I love reading every bit of your blog and I admire how you put your thoughts intro writing! 🙂

  164. Jiffy says: Reply

    With everything that’s going on I hope you continue to have genuine happiness. I hope you know that you make superheroes out of ordinary people by simply being yourself and inspiring us. The first will always have a mark so kudos to this milestone! This will be a heck of a journey, so prepare your seat belt and buckle up! All the love, Maine! <3

  165. Nabby says: Reply

    Congratulations to you and Alden for being awarded with People of the Year award! You looked very lovely that night especially with your midnight blue long gown! Love love your dress! Both of you truly deserved that award!
    It felt like a lot has happened already since the last time I shared my Dear Maine blog to you. I could hardly keep up with everything that is happening to you and Alden. Both of you are exceedingly blessed! 🙂

    Well, I have another blog to share to you.. https://ybban7.wordpress.com/2016/01/29/is-aldub-real-or-reel/
    I hope you will get a chance to read it.
    I tried to make it neutral but I think somehow it gave away my answer, yes I do hope and believe it is for REAL! Haha! Enjoy whatever it is happening between you and Alden, enjoy the friendship. In the end, it is really just you two who will decide. I am sincerely thankful to everything that you and Alden are sharing to us, your fans. 🙂

  166. Mich Perea says: Reply

    I’m incredibly proud of you and your successes Maine! Pamilya levels ganoin, although of course you don’t know me (yet) hehe. I’m still hoping that I get to meet you soon(est). Achievement to because after more than a month na-view ko na finally yung blog post mo huhu talk about traffic. You’re a breath of fresh air. Just continue doing what you’re doing and enjoy the ride. I love you. ❤️
    PS. I think yung tinatanong mo is marquee hehe!
    PPS. Cutie ng Shokoy, more blog posts to come?

  167. nannette De ocampo says: Reply

    Nice movie .. congrats… may aral good job maine….

  168. AiraMaeBasilio says: Reply

    finally! nabasa ko din. lagi nalang kasi nawawalan ng connection kapag tinatry ko basahin toh.. btw. gusto ko lang sabihin na, kahit bago ka palang, walang workshop o ano. isa lang masasabi ko IKAW NA! GRABE KA EH! for the first time naging fan ako sa isang artista. at ofcouse, nang dahil sayo. nakakaProud maging fan mo. fan forever? lifetime… proud kami sayo. sa mga success na nararanasan mo ngayon. bsta ako. sikat ka man o hindi. FAN mo padin akoo..:) Stay Humble. saka yung mga BASHERS? INSICURE lang sila. hahahah/ yun lang po 🙂 LOVE YOU! ♥

  169. Beng Ignacio says: Reply

    You’re currently having fun at BossLeng’s wedding, and totally rocking that gown! 🙂 Meanwhile, we’re glued to our phones, waiting for your next snapchat update.

    Congrats sa EB buwis-buhay dance sequence nyo kanina. It was very reminiscent of Nestor and Nida in the 50s. 🙂 Galeng nyo ni Alden!

  170. I really admire you ate meng, you’re such a humble person. Hoping that the maine mendoza that everyone knew will still be you as time goes. I am always a big fan, i will always be the last fan standing. I love you to moon and back <3

  171. Michaella Yanguas says: Reply

    Hi ate maine. ✋ hindi ko alam kung mababasa mo to o hindi, pero gusto ko lang malaman mo na super love kita/namin na susuportahan ka namin sa lahat ng ginagawa mo o gagawin palang. At never kitang malilimutan in my enter life. Meron kang special part dito sa puso ko, dahil every time na nakikita kita sa tv sobra yung ngiti ko parang bata lang ganoin di ko nga maimagine yung sarili ko kung makikita kita sa personal feeling ko magkakaroon ako ng mini heart attack eh pero i hope to see yoo soon ate maine☺positive vibes lang always! lagi ka pong magiingat, don’t forget to rest ate. Always pray God Bless you and your entire family iloveyou ate maine

  172. Nicole Beltran says: Reply

    Hii Ate maine I really like you and kuya alden a lot hindi pa nga natutupad ang isa sa mga wish ko na makita ko kaya lahat na ginawa ko pero di ko tlga kaya makita eh (in real not on tv) sana mangyari na yan ate maine, ireally like your personality na simple lng walang arte at nasasabayan mo agad yung kakulitan ni kuya alden and yung lng po i like your blog to and continue lng po to write on your blog ingat po plagi ate maine aldub you po

  173. Hi ate maine. ✋ hindi ko alam kung mababasa mo to o hindi, pero gusto ko lang malaman mo na super love kita/namin na susuportahan ka namin sa lahat ng ginagawa mo o gagawin palang. At never kitang malilimutan in my enter life. Meron kang special part dito sa puso ko, dahil every time na nakikita kita sa tv sobra yung ngiti ko parang bata lang ganoin di ko nga maimagine yung sarili ko kung makikita kita sa personal feeling ko magkakaroon ako ng mini heart attack eh pero i hope to see yoo soon ate maine☺positive vibes lang always! lagi ka pong magiingat, don’t forget to rest ate. Always pray God Bless you and your entire family iloveyou ate maine *pabebe wave*

  174. Naiyak ako. Lalo na dun sa mga first experiences ni Meng. Yung nakita nya yung name nya. Grabe Maine. You never failed to make us happy, and cry to all your heartfelt messages. Aldub you!

  175. Joanna Lourraine Diaz says: Reply

    Hi Maine..
    As always, super amazed ako sa mga.posts mo dito sa blog mo, ang galing mo very witty.. Ikaw yung patunay na kahit anung estado mo sa buhay pag diyos ang may gusto maabot mo tlga ung pangarap mo.. Watched the film with my son and husband, and bukod sa inyo ni alden na grabe ang chemistry super patok din sa akin ung AISING loveteam, i am a kapamilya turned kapuso thats why i know ms. Ai ai very well and she never dissappoint me.. Super hagalpak ako through out the movie, i was hoping next time solo movie na for both of you.. And alam namin na malayo pa ang mararating mo, kahit pinipilit ka siraan ng iba, mananatili kaming matatag pra sa ALDUB.. We love you meng and congrats!

  176. Maricel pelegrino says: Reply

    Hi Maine,I feel u in ur blog.well said.im one of those who couldn’t sleep without watching ks replays everyday and searching for any news about Audub in the net..my husband keeps oomplaining because intead of attending to his needs our baby in the morning like preparing everything for him to work Nd all, I’m still in the bed just finished browsing the net for Audub till my phone and iPad got bat empty. I bought all magazines anywhere that got Aldub. Attended your visit at sm davao. I enjoyed the shows so much that I posted a pic of mine with other Aldub fans with a tarp. Friends even family laughed at me saying I was so silly at my age so fascinated and dedicated to Aldub. But I didn’t mind even just a bit at all…I’ve even transferred all other pics in my fon to my external drive so I can save lots of pictures of you and Alden .to be honest after Juday and wowee I never had anybody in showbiz that interest me until I happen to watch your first episode incidentally. I never watched eat bulaga before. I love showtime. But now I totally switched. Im a bit serious in all I do and to people that’s why some were reacting in awe when I confidently show to people I’m a fan of a certain artist and not ashamed of doing things that would make me feel close to you.like when there’s a news about u on tv I run fast in excitement near our tv.haha.people in the house already know this vice of mine. Even at work when 12 noon strikes il rush somewhere to find a tv to watch ks.im really addicted.ur show and ur love team gives joy to my heart. I became cheerful and more loving my family. I always look forward everyday for positive things because of the good vibes your giving. Im super inspired by yours and Alden.thank u and God speed.

  177. hi Maine,
    You did a great job sa movie. wala pang workshop yun ah!
    Anyways deserve mo lahat ng blessings na dumarating at dadating pa!
    You are a great person. Super humble mong tao.
    Hope to see you in person!
    Thank You For Giving Us Something to Smile/Laugh About 🙂 (Kalyeserye with Alden shempre and JOWAPAO)(eatbulaga)(ALDUB)

    GODBLESS! <3


  178. Hi Maine, I just want to congratulate you for everything. You serve as an inspiration for me, I love you

  179. RTea says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    Dunno if you remember or if nabasa mo na, sent a printed copy of comments on your novel through John last December. I’m not actually sure if you ever read it, printed it on some pieces of paper and gave it to John with a card na parang kinahig ng manok yung sulat. Happy that you continue to share your journey with us through social media, specially to us who are working away from our families and friends.
    So glad I got to see you during the MMFF parade last December and again in Cebu a couple of weeks ago. I hope you continue to write stuff, I think it’s a good outlet. Always keep in mind that you are loved by many, just by being yourself. I’d like to say don’t ever change but we all do. I guess I’ll just say keep it real, and stay happy.

    Take care and God bless!

  180. tops12 says: Reply

    Woo grabe ngayon ko lang nabasa to ah… eheh senxia naman! pero grabe tlga andun ako nung Premier night ng my bebe love.. hehe and sobrang sumigaw tlga ko mapansin lang ni maine pero syempre daming tao dun eh hehe hindi nag kataon na nakatingin sya sa ibang side… nasa loob kasi ako malapit na sa cinema 9.. anway grabe tlga! masaya na makita si maine sa personal! God Bless you! and more success sa iyong career! Stay humble! and HAPPY LANG! hehe

  181. mabelle says: Reply

    ahahha,, yes Vday is sunday, and its rest day/ bed day …. but, hindi pwedeng walang real date, right meng., We Got it!!.. lam na this!!

  182. jheleen says: Reply

    I finally found your blog and I am very happy to read it. Stay as sweet as you are always. Tell you honestly this is the first time that I have a twitter account just because of you, I admire you for your humbleness, kindness and very thoughtful. Alden was saying that you are beautiful inside and out which is very true. I will support you all the way through ups and down. Thank you so much that you are my inspiration and I’m always watching you in KS and team replay if I cannot watch the episode. God bless you always.

  183. Melinda C. Sasana says: Reply

    Dear Maine,

    Sa una pa lang, I already admired you. I never idolized any artist except you. All the characteristics of an actress I found in you (intelligent, multi-talented, beautiful inside out, product of a wholesome good supportive family, and everything). You are really love by Almighty God. Whether you believe or not, I always included you in my prayers that God will give you long long life and stay where you are now for a long long long time. I love to see you grow to a very refined and seasoned actress. Hope you will improve, improve and improve your skills and knowledge in acting. For sure someday you will be adjudged as a famous, valuable and bankable actress of your generation. Regarding your love life, I don’t know the real score between you and Alden Richards…However, please take care of your heart…Love is blind according to others..We may see on cam that you love each other but we don’t know if its real or reel.We love to see two of you to be one/united under the graces of God in the future. We will be the happiest persons in the whole universe if you and Alden will attain the forever…However, maraming tukso a showbiz..especially Alden na malapitin sa mga babae and almost everybody loves him..hindi natin hawak ang nasa loob niya..much more na parang priority nya ang family at career nya….Ikaw, I know we can trust you. Feeling ko lang iyan..You are a very intelligent woman..kaso lang pag love na ang nasa puso ng babae, nawala na ang right and reasonable thoughts. So please take care of yourself..Cross my heart, I really love you even hindi tayo ngkita and magkita..I will always remain your fan and follower forever. I LOVE YOU MS. MAINE MENDOZA!!!

  184. Melinda C. Sasana says: Reply

    By the way, I went 4x in the theater to see your MBL..hindi ako nagsasawa…will view the film many times pa….

  185. Manilyn Dalas says: Reply

    Hi maine!hindi ko alam kung pano mag uumpisa..MY BEBE LOVE #kiligpamore lang ang pinoy movie pinanuod ko mismo sa sinehan and hindi ako nagsisi kasi certified aldub fan ako at hindi ko sya pwedeng palampasin napanuod ko man sya 4th week na ng showing happy parin ako dahil napanuod ko sya thank you maine dahil sayo at kay alden kaya bumalik ako sa pakikinig ng OPM , sobra akong na adik sa kpop nung wala pang aldub na tipong hindi na ako nanunuod ng tv dahil ayoko na manuod ng mga pinoy drama,etc.pero dahil sa inyo nabago lahat yun masyado na ata mahaba eto pero gusto ko lang malaman mu maine na PROUD ako na fan mu ,ng ALDUB i will support you forever ano man mangyari , hindi ko makakalimutan na sa buhay ko ay naging fan ako ni MAINE MENDOZA at ALDEN RICHARDS godbless always maraming nagmamahal sa inyo kaya wag mu na intindihin mga basher GOD IS ALWAYS WATCHING..super fan din po ang lola ko ng aldub 96 yrs old na po ang lola ko lage siyang nanunuod ng kalyeserye thank you dahil nagiging masaya sya sa tuwing napapanuod nya kau..

  186. Krisma Joy Caniete says: Reply

    Hi Yaya,
    You really did great on #MyBebeLove #kiligpamore. For the past years, I used to celebrate Christmas at our province in Quezon but because of your first movie (esp. because of YOU) I chose to stay here in Manila to watch MMFF. My 2015 wont be complete if I failed to watch you on big screen as well as Alden. Up to now, I love and I am enjoying watching KS everyday, and to be honest, I am your ultimate stalker. I reactivated my twitter and Instagram account just to follow you. I wanna be updated what’s happening with my IDOL 🙂 I love reading your blog, watching your snap chat videos.. I’m getting crazy watching your mga kalokohan and kakulitan. You are incomparable, very unique, very natural and very humble. Continue spreading GV and kilig. Aldub you Meng

  187. Erika says: Reply

    You really made me realized that dreams do really come true. Until now, I keep on dreaming na sana one day matupad din yung dream ko tulad mo. I know it will come in God’s perfect time. Looking back to the past that I was just watching you on your youtube videos but now naiiyak na akong panoorin ka watching you in the big screen. (Wow! feeling close lang?) You really give us inspiration, Meng. If nag bago buhay niyo nung nagsimula ang Aldub mas nag bago ang buhay namin nung nabuo ang Aldub. For me, nagbago buhay ko nung nakilala kita pati si Alden (although fan nako ni Alden noon pa) imagine… the impact was there eh. Both of you touches a lot of people by doing those kilig stuffs etc. Mas pinalawak niyo ang meaning ng LOVE. I promise. It’s hard to explain pero nasa ALDUB na ang lahat. Then, I want to salute to Aldub Nation all over the world and to all Alden and Maine’s fansclub. They really prove that we are all living as one NATION kumbaga, spread love not war. ❤ By the way Meng, I want to say THANK YOU. Salamat dahil ikaw ang naging simbolo na di dapat mawalan ng pag asa. I just want to share something. Remember when you tweeted something that quoted “Conquer your fears”… my tears streaming down my cheeks when I needed someone or something to motivate me because those times I was really about to give up. (physically and emotionally) *I know it sounds OA pero please bear with me* Maine, you made me feel strong. Laban lang ako kahit ano mang mangyari. I prayed and said “I can do this!” and the result was very overwhelming! I cried that day and thank God. Napabulong ako sa sarili ko “Salamat, Meng!” ❤


  189. May nareceive na po ba kayo from Ate Janeeva?

  190. sorry po kung medyo nonsense ang mga comments nonsense man po very meaningful and important po sakin. theres a story behind everything.

  191. Weng Arcega says: Reply

    now ko lang nabasa yung iba mo na blogs cause im busy on fb,insta,twitter & snapchat monitoring/following while at work, you and alden ayaw ko mahuli sa balita 🙂 ALDUB really is for all ages at now lang bumalik yung kinikilig ako sa isang actor/actress (last time is BSB /NSYNC/Britney pa 😀 hihi) thank you maine for sharing your thoughts to us your fans, parang ang lapit lapit mo lang sa amin..how i wish makita kita in person at mahug kita. First date namin ni mother ko together with my daughter was watching My Bebe Love. Dont worry love karin ni hubby ko 😉 basta love ka namin buong family. We are here to support you no matter what. You laugh, we laugh. You cry, we cry with you. Thank you Maine , luvluvluv :*

  192. Jhoan says: Reply

    Finally!!! nabasa ko din to ng buo. hindi ko kasi mabuksan to..

    Ganon naman po ata talaga pag first time mo sa isang bagay.

  193. Era says: Reply

    na mi miss ko na ikaw maine! 🙁

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