23rd birthday

As you all know, I turned 23 two months ago.. but up until now, I still get to feel that “birthday spirit” and you probably know why. Just three days ago, I had my 9th birthday celebration hosted by an ADN group– the last birthday celeb on my calendar for this year. Grabe yung siyam no (23+9=32) feeling 32 na tuloy ako! Anyway, let me share with you guys some brief stories about these parties.

1. #NicomaineAt23 (day of 3-3)

We had prepared a simple prod number in barangay; just a plain birthday celeb on TV. Gave thanks to the bosses for the opportunity to be part of the show; to the dabarkads for treating me as part of the EB family; and to JoWaPao for the being the best kuyas I could ever have.

n23 nicomaineat23

You all know I am not good at delivering speeches. (Anything that requires me to speak verbally, to be completely honest.) Perhaps it has something to do with me being really shy in front of people. And the image of them waiting and looking at me to say something rattles me to the core. I need to overcome that fright. Anyway, Maine and ADN supporters sent cakes for me, too! Oh and the brands I endorse as well. Grabe, the number of cakes I get during my birthday is so overwhelming! I remember joking Kuya Mike (our future kagawad) about it, sabi ko “Kapag onti nalang yung cake sa birthday ko ibig sabihin wala ng nagmamahal sa akin.” Lol!


2. My actual birthday party (night of 3-3)

It was held at FUCT (Friends U Can Trust) in Makati. I opted for a simple bar/club where my guests can go hard as they want without me minding about damaging the place. Lol you know what I mean? I invited my friends from high school and college and some friends from work. So nice to see my high school barkada and Sagamore pals who I haven’t seen in ages! It was a really fun night! Somewhat accomplished my birthday-celeb-goal; to get everybody drunk. Don’t know whether I should give Kuya Pao the “Pinaka lasing” award for having no idea how he got home barefooted; or Tristan who slept at the venue and woke up inside his car the following morning. LOL nonetheless it was a solid party!

party8 party6 party7 party2 party4 party5 party3 party1 party10 party9

I already have a birthday theme in mind for next year’s party! Yay, can’t wait to turn 24…..not.

3. #MaineLegendaryAt23 (3-9)

A How I Met Your Mother-themed party thrown by Solid Maine United! (One of my fave series!) Grabe to, from the moment I saw the invitation, yung excitement ko over the top na. I was required to wear a suit for the party to honour Mr. Stinson and try to be legendary for a night. I thought it was just me who’s going to be in a suit that evening but seeing everyone in the venue wearing the same was amazing! I mean you know how themed parties go, right? You don’t get to make all of your guests to follow the dress code. Laging may mangilan-ngilan na pasaway! Sabi ng strictly black and white, tapos may nakapink at blue. Sabi ng floral, tapos may nakastripes. Sakit sa bangs!

legen18legen16 legen11 legen10 legen12 legen13 legen14

Each SMU group prepared a song/dance presentation for that night. Nakakaaliw ang kanya-kanyang pautot! And then of course an AVP that is always present during parties. Nakakaemosyonal na AVPs! Are they really meant to make you think about your life and cry? Lols. If you’re gonna watch the AVP below, please skip the first part. My gad, hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa din kaya panoorin! Kahiya-hiya! 

After everything, it was already time for “the speech”. Thanked everybody for all the effort to make this HIMYM party a success. Thought of singing a song to them as another way of saying thanks. And Salamat by Yeng Constantino was the perfect song to sing at that moment. Then I figured right after singing it.. that it’s the perfect song to dedicate to all the people who’s been with me in this journey. Salamat.


Oh but it didn’t end there. Ranjit was waiting for us outside! A private after-party for me and my friends in a party bus! Got home at around 4am, thank God it was a Saturday! It was a night filled with smiles, laughter and love. Thank you SMU for the HIMYM party. It was….


4. #EnchantressMaine23 (3-14)

Two words: Fairytale feels. An enchanting celebration with SMF and Team No Group! These are the highlights of the evening:
– The sack dance performance that made everyone laugh (Sa pang-ookray ng mga hosts– Oreo and Betty)
– AVP with the OrgComm singing along to Donna Cruz’s “I Can”
– Meeting the Singing Angels Quartet (Maricor, Mary Danelle, Camille Michaela, Czarina Michaela)
– The lady (RJ if I am not mistaken) who gave a talk about how she sees me as a “bearer of light”. It was a long speech and she tackled so many things but I will never forget the time she asked me to put my hand on my chest and feel my heartbeat. She said, “Sa pang sampung heartbeat, isipin mo kaming mga nagmamahal sayo. Sigurado kasya kami lahat diyan kahit hindi lang kami sampu kasi malaki ang puso mo.” I was trying not to get emotional when I did it because everyone’s eyes were on me. Nahihiya ako. But let me tell you, I do it whenever I feel lonely; to remind me that I am not alone and there are more than ten people who genuinely care for me. Helps me get back on my feet. 🙂
– Cake mapping surprise
– Me being emotional (again) when I gave my speech about my “10 supporters”.. hay. Basta yun. Ayoko na pagusapan. Haha!


This night made me realise on another level how blessed I am for others to regard me as a blessing to their lives. Salamat ng sobra sa lahat.

5. #MaineRemarkableAt23 (3-21)

Organised by Maine PH to celebrate my birthday and their second year anniversary. An ube keso-themed party, charot! A 10-minute (or less) AVP was shown; a compilation of group photos and video greetings from other Maine PH members/chapters from all over the country. Many members were not able to attend the party but through the video presentation their presence were felt. Thank you very much for allotting time for this!

rem rem1

We had to leave earlier because there was another birthday party scheduled that night. Back to back! Timetable was adjusted because I arrived late (Teka, may rason ako!) I came from Pampanga that day (Juan For All) that’s why it took me so long to get to the hotel and get ready for two parties that had different motifs!

6. #FUNtasticMaineAt23 (3-21)

Second party that evening; theme was summer/floral. Gulat ako when I entered the venue, ang daming tao! Members of Mommies and Titas of Alden and Maine filled the whole room. A couple of song and dance numbers were part of the program. There’s this little boy who sang one of my favourite songs (the song that can make me cry!) Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk. It was sung beautifully. Ang galing nung bagets talaga! And of course, that tita who sang Imagine You & Me, may pa-duet pa kami sa huli. Katuwa! At one point, the hosts called me up on stage. Akala ko magsspeech na ako kasi inabutan na ako ng mic. But then the band started playing Sway by Bic Runga. I was waiting for someone to go on stage, little did I know it was me who’s going to sing it. Surprise pala nila sakin ito na surprise sakanila, huwaw surprised talaga ako! Hahaha! 

fun5 fun2 fun3 fun1

Teka may ibang paandar din ang titas and mommies! They went on stage individually, each one holding letters (that spelled my name: Nicomaine Dei) and had prepared an adjective that starts with the letter assigned to them, with explanation yun syempre.


It was a great way to end a tiring day. Fun back-to-back parties! Thank you Titas and Mommies of A&M! Ito lang ang masasabi ko..
T – hank you
I – nfairness
T – alaga namang
A – ng tindi ng
S – uporta
A – t syempre
N – g
D – edikasyon
M – o
O – o, ikaw (po)
M – araming salamat sa pagiging
M – abuting tagahanga
I – love you all
E – spesyal kayong lahat
S – aakin


7. #MaineMagicalAt23 (3-22)

Aurora Borealis-themed party organised by both Maine and ADN fan groups. Highlight of the night was the dress mapping that made everything magical. Bongga! Talagang every party may kanya-kanyang paandar! Love it! Also cannot believe the crowd made my nanay and tatay sing and dance.

mag mag4 mag2 mag3

Fun-filled night!

8. VivaLaVidaMaine (5-18)

Mayo na, may birthday party pa! It’s been two months yet I am still celebrating my birthday. Grabe talaga. This party organised by Maine Alliance Worldwide was held in a yacht! Wow talk about taking birthday parties to the next level. No wonder sa susunod sa eroplano na o kaya submarine. Choz! It was my first time to have/be in a yacht party.. nakakahilo pala? Lol it didn’t matter for some especially to those who were partying at the deck. It was fun to just simply watch them having fun.

The night ended with fireworks radiating the night sky; Coldplay’s Viva La Vida playing in the background. Ohh my love for fireworks and Coldplay! Anyway, MAU opted for Viva La Vida because of its meaning “Live the life”. Expressing their full support on me living my life the way I want it to be; doing whatever makes me happy. What a gift. 🙂


9. #MaineInspirationalAt23 (5-24)

Last birthday party on my calendar for this year. Cherry blossom-themed party with Certified Aldub United! This was just three days ago, fresh pa sa memory ko yung ibang ganap! Everyone in the venue was wearing my favourite colour! Andito din yung cute kid from #FUNtasticMaineAt23, this time he sang Sway. May pa-duet din sa huli kasi inabutan ako ng mic! Hehe

cherins cher1 cher2

Couldn’t help but get emotional during some parts of the program. Like the part when this Tita read a speech in front of everybody; talking about how she sees me as a person. I was trying to ingest every good word that comes out of her mouth.. and it made me think “Am I really that kind of person?” I started questioning my existence. But it doesn’t end there; in fact, it all started at that moment.

When they played the AVP, they had messages and quotes alongside photos. And I’ll never forget this one thing that hit me the most, it goes something like “Maybe God didn’t add days to your life because you need it. Maybe you are still alive because someone out there needs you.” I.. believe so.

When the group leaders went on stage to sing “Thank You” for me/with me. Meh, ayun na.. Looking at them and seeing those big smiles on their faces made me feel weak and strong at the same time. Ewan, may mga moments talaga na ramdam mo lang lahat. When you are trying to grasp everything in front of you. Diba no? O tama na, baka maiyak pa ako dito. Charot!

At salamat din pala sa mga donasyon niyo para kay EJ! Nakakatuwa, sana marami pa tayong matulungan!

By the way, there were also groups who celebrated my birthday in our McDonald’s branch in Sta. Clara. Maraming salamat po sainyo!

Everything was such a delightful and overwhelming “birthday experience”, maka-siyam ka ba naman eh! But really, it is not about having lotsa cakes and parties. The mere thought of these people coming together to celebrate your birthday with you will instantly make your heart full. It feels good to love; but it feels so much better to feel loved.

To you who are reading this (kung hindi ka masamang elemento), I don’t care if you haven’t gone to any of my parties/events. If you accept and love me as I am.. that is enough. Please know that I am grateful for you; not because of the compliments, gifts, bday parties, power tweets etc. I am grateful because you are still here. Thank you for not giving up on me. Please take some time to listen to this.

Salamat. 🙂

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  1. WanderM says: Reply

    Aww! Salamat din sayo Meng! Wag mong isipin nag-iisa ka! Madami pa sampu nagmamahal sayo. Dasal lang palagi! 😀

    1. Bhell says: Reply

      Teardrops are falling down ….until the end of time we will suppprt you Maine.I love tou and God bless.

    2. Rhujzjeal says: Reply

      Awww.I got emotional reading this Meng. You are loved bec you have a big heart. You have inspired a lot, including me, in ways I can’t even explain. You have this charisma that only you possess. You just don’t know how happy I was when I finally met you in flesh last May 25 sa photoshoot, remember?. Have you noticed I can’t get off my eyes on you.Until now I couldn’t believe it happened. Dun ko ,as nakita king gaano ka kabait at ka-genuine. I hope to see you again soon. Don’t ever think na mag-isa ka. Ang damjng nagmamahal sa yo at laging magsasabi “Kumusta ka !Meng? Andito lang kami.” God bless you and keep holding on to God Almighty. May you always be an inspiration to many.

  2. Joan says: Reply

    This is how we love you meng! Sana lagi mo iisipin na sa dami mong pinasaya your star will remain forever ❤ Marami kaming bibili ng cake for you para sa birthday mo at di kami magsasawang ipadama sayo kung gaano kami kathankful na shinare mo yung self mo sa amin. Sana di ka rin magsawa sa amin. Love you meng!

  3. Jeng says: Reply

    Madami kayong napapasayang tao, kayo ni Alden. Mahal na mahal namin kayong dalawa 🤗😘

  4. mae says: Reply

    Love you meng 💛✨ Pupunta ako sa Mainelandia 2018, sana nandun ka 😘

  5. Honeylyn Savares says: Reply

    Meng mahal ko kau ni Alden sobra. I always include you both in my prayers. Sana maging masaya ka palagi at sana maging masaya na kau ni Alden sa buhay nyo. Nandito lang kami para sumuporta mapashowbiz pa yan o sa personal na buhay nyo. maging matatag ka parati para sa inyo ni Alden. Mahal na mahal ko kau

  6. Marivic says: Reply

    Maine kung sa tuwing ilalagay mo ang paladmo sa puso mo upang pakinggan ang pangsampung tibok nito pakatandaan mona isa ako sa sampung iyon at hinding-hindi ka iiwan. Malayo man ako pero masaya ako dahil may isang taong tulad mo na nakakapagbigay ng saya at mga ngiti sa aming mga labi. Pagpalain ka pa nawa ng Panginoon sa bawat tatahakin mo sa buhay. Mananatili ka sa aming mga puso habang kami’y nabubuhay. Promise yan! Love you Menggay!

  7. Madami dyan ang silent fans nyo ni Alden at isa na ako dyan. Hindi nakaka attend sa mga parties at events nyo pero nandito lang kaming tahimik na sumusuporta at nagtatanggol sa inyong dalawa ni Alden (Richard). We just here in the corner praying for you two, at nag aantay ng end game nyo together forever. We always here to love and support you both. God bless you both

  8. mervz says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Kaya napakarami mong birthday celebration kasi kaming mga tagahanga mo iisa lang ang gustong gawin iyon ay ang masuklian ang kaligayahang dulot mo sa amin sa loob ng tatlong taon. Saka sobrang sulit na i-treat ka sa birthday mo kasi di ka madamot magpakita ng appreciation sa mga effort namin. So asahan mo na ganyan pa din karami ang cakes/birthday celebration mo in many more years to come. Hehehe

    We Love you so much Maine. 💛

  9. Chang says: Reply

    You are always worth it. These things were nothing compared to the happiness and inspiration you have brought into our lives without you knowing it. Basta, mahal ka namin, hanggang dulo… lampas pa. Thank you! 💛💜

  10. Wendy says: Reply

    This got me emotional. I felt the emotion you had during each of the bday parties. Masaya na naenjoy mo lahat ng pinrepare nila for u at the same time, nakakaiyak na ni isa wala ako dun. Pero sabi mo nga, by me being still here for u, okay na yun. Kahit forever team bahay, please know that I will always look forward to what u do and what all the supporters do for u.

  11. Gayle R says: Reply

    Meng, andito lang ako, kahit ano pa ang plano mo sa buhay. Mahal kita na parang kapatid ko, kayo ni Alden. Di man ako nakarating sa kahit na anong party mo pero tandaan mo na marami pa kaming nagmamahal sayo, sa inyo ni Alden. Marami man na mga bagay ang pwedeng magbigay ng dahilan para bumigay ka sa mga hirap o sakit, tandaan mo na pwede bumangon ulit. Ipinagdarasal ko na lagi mong maramdaman ang love ni God for you, iyong love namin, kahit gaano man kami kadami, kakarampot lang iyan sa pwedeng ibigay ni God sayo. Pagpasensyahan mo na kung minsan emotional kami sa twitter. Basta di ako basta bibitaw kasi di ka artista para sa akin, trabaho mo iyan, oo, pero mahal ka namin higit sa trabaho mo kaya kung dumating man ang panahon na iwan mo ang industriya, magblog at vlog ka lang, andito lang kami. Salamat sa Diyos at nadagdagan ng taon/araw ang buhay mo. Isang mahigpit na virtual hug mula sa isa sa mga ate mo dito sa Davao. God bless you Meng!

  12. MyBella says: Reply

    Ang haba Meng! But I read every word, some of them binalik-balikan ko pa….and each one reached my heart. You made me smile, tear up & laugh all at the same time. 9 Birthday parties are not enough to celebrate you Maine, you should be celebrated every day for you give us inspiration and joy every single day. 😌💛🙏🏻

  13. bellyliciousme says: Reply

    Dearest Menggay,
    Kaya ka minahal namin dahil napasaya mo kami at dahil sa pagiging totoong tao mo. Na kahit iwanan ka man ng iba hindi ka natakot basta nagpaka-totoo ka lang. Yun lang. Ewan di ko alam ano ang sasabihin ko basta ang alam ko mahal kita, mahal ka namin, flaws and all. 😊😊😊

  14. Chamie says: Reply

    Crying while reading. Multitasking ako right now, beat that 😭💚 So much love for mum 😘

    1. Chamie says: Reply


  15. irenecalicdan says: Reply

    god bless you and protect you always🙏 take care always,love you, stay as you are,stay strong SALAMAT din🤗 baka pede kn gawa album☺️😊😘d photo album,song album👍😉

  16. Silentfan says: Reply

    Salamat din Maine. Kaya siguro Hindi namin magawa I give up ka Kasi parang nag give up na rin kami sa personal battles namin. You know why? because we see ourselves in you nagmamahal, nasasaktan, tumatawa, umiiyak, nagagalit, napipikon pero umuunawa, nagpapatawad at nagmamahal ulit. Yung tipong masaya sa umaga tapos iiyak Naman sa gabi. Ikaw nag represent sa Amin to face & fight the everyday life. Maine, I want you to know na madami kami nagmamahal sayo & it’s our way also of loving ourselves. Don’t give up, stay Happy & be a sunshine everyday. cc:self

  17. Marilyn says: Reply

    Hi Meng,

    I haven’t attended any of your parties nor seen you in person but there is this burning love in my heart for you. You’re the daughter I never had. I love you dear and if one day I’ll see you that day will be my happiest. God bless you

  18. veronica de leon says: Reply

    Dito lang ako kase ikaw ang aking happy pill..

  19. @crimergirl says: Reply

    And this is why i love you eh! You making me crying! Couldn’t say any word! but you deserve all the loved! As in ALL talaga! And I am very grateful to become one of your supporters! I will support you and Richard forever!😆 Hanggat may kakapitan, kakapit talaga ako until end of the world!😅😆 TEH MENG!😍😘💕✨

  20. Lingling says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I’m among your and Alden’s (ALDUB) avid, distant senior fans here in Central Philippines. Ive never been to any of your events though how I longed to be in some! I really do. But updated daily through soc-med, YT, etc. Continue to be strong, grounded in reverence for God, and just ENJOY LIFE as what you’re doing now. I’m praying for YOU and ALDEN and both your families. I met you and Alden for the first and only time (yet) last October 6, 2016 at the BBC grounds. IT was like a whirlwind meet. Less than 2 minutes. Bumped into Alden & MM10 first, u were on a hammock close to the path. Alden called you out so I can meet you too. U were both in this yellow ensemble on ur way to a movie shoot with sir vic sotto. . . HOPING to meet you and Alden again soon. Also to have both of your books signed. I’m with YOU&ALDEN and everyone else who deeply love you in weathering this storm! As said, “tough times never last but tough people do.” 🙂 GOD BLESS us all.

  21. Beth Panday says: Reply

    Meng, ikaw lang naman ang nagiisang artista na hinangaan ko ng ganito dahil sobrang totoo kang tao! Hindi plastic o ano pa man….iloveu Meng….hindi lang kami sampu tandaan mo yan! Mahal na mahal ka namin….God bless at ingat ka palagi lalo na sa Sugod Bahay segment…

  22. AOL28 says: Reply

    Kaya pala ako napuyat ng bongga may blog ka palang ilalabas huehue. I love how you’ve become more and more appreciative of your “supporters” lately (also love how you regard us that way). You are worth it, always remember that. XOXO


  23. Jollie says: Reply

    Naiyak ako sa last message mo.
    Salamat din, Maine, sa inyo ni Alden..
    Basta andito lang ako/kami nag iintay sa pagbabalik nyo.
    Mahal na mahal ko kayong dalawa kahit masakit na (char not char!)
    God Bless!

  24. Crystel Zapata says: Reply

    Maine. Kaiyak yung dulo. I never attended any of your event yet (yung Mainelandia pa lang sa July, hopefully) kaya nakakatuwa na lahat talaga pinasalamatan mo.
    My AlDub heart may not be so happy right now, but know that I am so genuinely happy for you—for what you’ve become, for what you’ve been doing, for living your life not dictated, for finding your purpose, for just being you. Carry on Maine! Keep inspiring more people like me.
    Marami nagmamahal sayo kasi people can see and feel how good your heart is. ❤️
    I will never regret fangirling for you.❤️

  25. h says: Reply

    salamat din meng sa pagpapasaya samin.

  26. Justine Lance Bondoc says: Reply

    Thank you Ate maine sa pagdating mo sa industriya at pagbibigay nang inspirasyon sa amin. But let me tell you Ate Maine never akong nagmahal nang artista noong wala ka pa.. But when you enter in industry my life have really change. Dahil sayo Ate Maine naranasan ko kung paano maging fan boy at mag mahal narin nang artista

    Always think that nandito lang kami ng Adn

    We love you Ate Maine

  27. Cherry Lou says: Reply

    Maine I am crying right now! You deserved everything Maine because you re a blessing to us! I promise to myself to do a the thi gs that wil teuly make me happy.I am folowing ur tri Meng. SEE yu the soonest, you and RJ are lived by millions! God bless you!

  28. Aida Eckhardt says: Reply

    Thank you Maine for this wonderful blog of yours, nakakatouch ang mga messge mo and andito lng kami na nagmamahal sa inyo ni RJ. from Aldub/Maichard Elites Team Abroad and Team Pilipinas

  29. Elaine says: Reply

    We don’t leave, simply because we LOVE you for BEING YOU❤️

  30. norhanacasim10@yahoo.con says: Reply

    Haha.. Natawa naman ako sa ‘masamang elemento. Maine. Wala man ako sa mga party na yan. I am a silent reader fan here na laging susuporta sayu. Kahit anung mangyari. Just be who you are and do what you want. Sabi monga. Life is short. Basta. No words how much i love you since day one na nakita kita sa tv. Stay honest and humbled all the way. LOVE YOU MAINE. 😘😊😊

  31. Emy says: Reply

    Thank you once again, Maine!
    Always remember maraming naniniwala at nagmamahal sa iyo!
    SALAMAT kasi kahit ung mga hindi kasama sa mga pabirthday party sa iyo ina acknowledge no run!

  32. Dizh says: Reply

    We love you Meng. Always remember na andito lang kami palagi para sayo.
    Nawa’y maging masaya ka ngayon, bukas at magpakailanman. Chuvaness! 😂

  33. joycee says: Reply

    We love you. Flaws and all.

  34. Jieme rose says: Reply

    Wow… Ganda at sarap basahin meng, isa ako sa hindi pa nkapunta ni isang event mo or nyu ni alden, but i am here always be here to support and love you both individually that you always ask for. Thank you din kasi u always appreciate even it is a small things that ur fans gives to you. And me, even in a small things i will do my best to show my support and love for you. You don’t know how thankful i am bcoz u help me a lot of things without you knowing. Godbless you always meng i love you. 😘

  35. Evie says: Reply

    Hi meng salamat din sa iyo sa araw araw na pagpapasaya sa amin at sa pag tulong sa mga taong nangangailangan… hndi man ako nakkaa attend sa kahit anong event mo or party pero ang suporta at pagmamahal ko sa iyo hndi nagbabago isa lang maipagmamalaki ko na attenand ko ng event mo yun ang opening ng mcdo mo sakto kasi nagbakasyon ako at yun yung unang beses kita nakita kahit malayo pero masaya narin ako.. balang araw dumating ang tamang panahon ko na makita kita ng malapitan at mayakap at masabi sa iyo kung gano kita kamahal bilang fans mo… kailan man hndi magbabago ang pag suporta ko sa iyo wala man ako sa pinas pero ang puso ko bilang tiga hanga mo ay laging nasa iyo… god bless you always mydear.. dito lang ako silent fan mo… take care and godbless you.. love you..

  36. Honeylet Buenaflor says: Reply

    yup maine, im still here…since day 1 till now & then…hindi ko rin alam kung anong meron ka basta ang alam ko sa tuwing papanoorin kita eh napapasaya mo ako…pano naman kita makakalimutan khit umalis na kmi dyan sa pilipinas eh dito naman kmi napadpad sa MAINE,USA…team bahay before, team replay na ngayon😁 tandaan mo meng napakarami namin na napapasaya mo sa simpleng ngiti mo lamang…lagi kang mag iingat at sana pag nagbakasyon ako eh ma meet naman kita kc marami akong gustong ibigay sayo lahat ba naman dto puro name mo ang nakatatak hahaha😜

  37. Gie Estrojedo says: Reply

    Deserve mo lahat Ng Kung saan at ano man ang mayron ka ngayon Meng. Andito Lang kaming sampu x thousands na handa sumuporta sayo. Laban Lang Meng- dahil Hindi ka namin bibitawan. We love you and God bless you more. Tccic

  38. Ef says: Reply

    😢😢😢 thank you alsobibi gitl!

  39. kwmom02 says: Reply

    THANK YOU MAINE! I haven’t been to any of your parties. I have not sent you any gifts or cakes. But you are always in my prayers and in my weekly dedication in church. There are 3 names I constantly write in my prayer envelope – my 2 kids and yours. When all the parties finish, the lights die down, and everyone else has gone home, know that I will always always be here to support and pray for you! Thank you for being you!😘

  40. Ams Pamatong says: Reply

    Thank you Meng,
    Naging part din ako sa 23rd birthday mo Ist at Mcdo Santa Maria march 04/ 2nd Crown Plaza, God bless.

  41. Robyn Gonda says: Reply


  42. bear in mind that ate 😍 by the many.

  43. Ana Ramirez says: Reply

    Dear Maine,
    I had my Tamang Panahon with you, finally, during the Zonrox Maine Event! I’m the Tita who was blessed to have her “Bayongciaga” bag signed by YOU. Ako yung Tita na We love you ng we love you sayo. Kasi totoo yan. I’m also one if those blessed to have attended one of your parties. Know that you are loved, baby girl! Maraming pagmamahal sa iyo, sa inyong dalawa ni Richard.
    Teacher Ana 💜

  44. Gerbie says: Reply

    Salamat din Meng. Mahal kita.

  45. Rhujzjeal says: Reply

    Awww.I got emotional reading this Meng. You are loved bec you have a big heart. You have inspired a lot, including me, in ways I can’t even explain. You have this charisma that only you possess. You just don’t know how happy I was when I finally met you in flesh last May 25 sa photoshoot, remember?. Have you noticed I can’t get off my eyes on you.Until now I couldn’t believe it happened. Dun ko ,as nakita king gaano ka kabait at ka-genuine. I hope to see you again soon. Don’t ever think na mag-isa ka. Ang damjng nagmamahal sa yo at laging magsasabi “Kumusta ka !Meng? Andito lang kami.” God bless you and keep holding on to God Almighty. May you always be an inspiration to many.

  46. Mitch Alejandre says: Reply

    Love you Maine… Always!!! God bless.

  47. Marilyn says: Reply

    Maraming salamat sa muli mong pagsusulat. Jusko! Na-miss ko to, big time!
    I think that your “Salamat” is getting a ripple effect. Paying it forward, ika nga. Your existence led us to realize that no matter what one status in life is, we can always do something to make others happy. That happiness you give to us is shared. And that goes on and on and on.
    Salamat Maine. Stay true forever. 🤗

  48. Shane Pegarum says: Reply

    Awwww! Ate Maine you all deserve the love and the blessings coz your are a Nice person kaya love na love kita … Hindi pa mn kita nakita in person but yung pag mamahal ko sayo bou at totoo aasahan mo nandito lang kami for you and kuya RJ we love you ate meng sana soon makita na kita love you very much.💕💗😘

  49. rinna says: Reply

    salamat din sa iyo naging bahagi ka ng buhay namin lahat. Kahit mawala man ang tinig mo sa mundong ginagalawan mo ngayun hindi hindi kita makakalimutan kahit ano mangyari. Isa ako sa sampu na hinding hindi mawawala sa iyo.

  50. Delia Merle says: Reply

    Salamat din, Meng. Aga mo naman magpaiyak. Mahal na mahal kita.

  51. Mhengay 01 says: Reply

    Thank you Meng for being Real and being you.
    Maaring mag sinungaling ang mata pero hinde ang puso. Dahil damang dama ko ang kabutihan ninyong 2 ni Alden
    Sasamahan kita kaung 2 ni Alden hanggang sa dulo hanggat hinde saiyo/sakanya nang gagaling na bumitaw na at tapos na.
    Mahal na Mahal ko kaung 2 tandaan mo yan 😊

  52. Nerissa B. Breva says: Reply

    I have not gone yet to any of your events, laging may conflict sa sched…..have not seen you yet coz when I had the chance to watch EB Live you were still out of the country, but you are always a part of my daily prayer life and it will only be you for me ’til death. Salamat!

  53. Nancy Jeannette Fermo says: Reply

    Maraming nagmamahal sayo Maine hindi lang sampu maraming marami pa kami. Nandito lang kami laging nakasuporta sa iyo.
    Salamat dahil napakarami mong napapaligayang mga tao mapabata man o matanda masilayan ka lang ok na. Mahal na mahal ka namin lagi mo.yang tatandaan. Love you😘❤. May God bless you more.

  54. Joan says: Reply

    Dear Maine,
    Thank you for making our everyday more fun by seeing you in tv with your extraordinary talents. Looking forward to see you in person, kahit halos magkapitbahay lang tayo dito sa Sta. Maria and yet nde pa talaga kita nakikita kahit sa opening ng Mcdo andun ako pero sa dami ng tao nde kita nasulyapan man lang. But anyways Im so happy sa lahat ng achievements mo. Lagi mo tatandaan na maraminkami nagmamahal sa iyo pati na rin kay Tisoy. Just continue to be the blessings to others and contiinue to inspire us and makes us happy. Love you much.

  55. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Maraming nagmamahal sayo Maine hindi lang sampu maraming marami pa kami. Nandito lang kami laging nakasuporta sa iyo.
    Salamat dahil napakarami mong napapaligayang mga tao mapabata man o matanda masilayan ka lang ok na. Mahal na mahal ka namin lagi mo.yang tatandaan. Love you😘❤. May God bless you more.

  56. Betty Lou says: Reply

    Hello Maine my dear, you’re more than WELCOME! (at hindi ako isang masamang elemento🤣✌🏻) Thank you for making me/us happy. Always be here to support you…. till sa dulo!

  57. Mary Grace Carlos says: Reply

    Di man po kita nakikita pa sa personal pero nandito lang po ako para sayo. Support po kita kung saan ka masaya. Love you po. Hope to see you soon po. Love you po ate maine 😘

  58. DarlingRFf says: Reply

    Like every single day since i created my twitter account ’cause of you (except for those days kpg may attack ni senyor mom), i pray to God to bless, guide & protect you always (rj too). To stay humble & true, strong & happy💖

  59. MotherTruckah says: Reply

    Andito pa rin talaga kami!!!

  60. Hello my dear 🙋
    I haven’t been to either of your parties but know that I am one of your many supporters who is still around…
    It’s true that you may find yourself lacking at times but know and feel that your mere existence is enough for someone around you… Who needs you…
    Stay happy always my dear!
    Praying for both of you and Alden always…

  61. Kuya Rocky aka Tessa Ebarrete says: Reply

    You are well-loved because , like Alden, you are sincere, humble , simple human beings(with flaws like anyone of us) & you treat your fans as your equals; have started loving your tandem since The Tamang Panahon At the Phil.Arena and I will support and love you both Forever, magpakasal na kayo😀😃😘👍

  62. what makes u so unique is how u express urself so thoughfully without any fakenesss.Ur just urself and how appreciated u r to ur supporters means that u joyfully encourage everyone to just enjoy each moment of this blessed atmosphere be friends and to treasure getting to know one another in harmony and peace.So I congratulate u the person that u r and tho I am No Team Abroad fan.I wish all the best 4u.Be an inspiration to everyone.Stay grounded and take care of urself.

  63. Ayss Mamangun says: Reply

    Hi Maine , tatlo sa bday party mo ang nadaluhan q 😅 yung s mommies and titas , yung s yacht, at yung s last #maineinspirational@23, apat pala pati yung 1st s broad way. 😊 #nicomaine@23 😁
    Gusko q lang malaman mo n d aq magsasawang suportahan ka. We love u Maine. And thank you for being you. Godbless

  64. cloudy skies says: Reply

    Good morning Maine!
    Pang guiness record na ata ang number of celebrations/parties for 23rd bday mo…
    Honestly dumating ako sa point na humahanap ako ng flaws mo para bumitaw…dahil nobody is perfect…pero still nandito ako kasi lagi kang may ginagawa na “Hindi makapagpabitaw” sa paghanga,at pagsuporta, sa yo kahit sa malayo lng. At lagi akong magpapasalamat sa kakaibang sayang naidudulot mo sa Nanay ko for 3 years now and counting… mag 70y/o na si Nanay this Oct.. (Sa TV, movie, IG posts, YT clips, at magazine covers ka lng nya nakikita pero ang saya saya na nya)
    God bless you and Alden more. (package deal talaga ang love and support ko sa inyong dalawa e 😳) May God keep you both safe and healthy.

    P.S. ang hilig ko mag comment dito sa blog mo kasi feeling ko nababasa mo comment ko dito..konti lng kasi nagcocomment dito… .Feeling ko lng nmn kaya pagbigyan mo na ako 😂.
    -@redzzes278 on Twitter

  65. Rainy Lozada says: Reply

    Meng!!! Thank you so much for this blog update! Nagpapaiyak ka naman eh! That last part, tagos sa bone marrow at abot hanggang dito sa AUH ang heartfelt gratitude mo. I, and I know there are lots of people out there, na will stay and keep on loving you (and Alden) because this is how we know how we can repay you for all the happiness you brought to our lives. The pessimist in you may always make you doubt yourself if you deserve all these but let me tell you, YOU DESERVE ALL THE BLESSINGS. You deserve it and more because your heart is good and pure. You may not be perfect but that’s okay, in this time many people would take imperfections, as long as it is true. Stay true to yourself, c’est la vie, live life. Keep on shining and shedding light to others thru your smile and antics or simoly by being you. Nandito lang ako/kami at susuporta sa iyo/inyo. 💛💙💚

  66. Krishna Almalvez says: Reply

    Happy Birthday again Mengg

  67. Malou Espelita says: Reply

    Thanks for your existence Maine. Iloveyou so dearly. Maging ligtas at masaya ka lang palagi ay magiging okay na rin kami.

  68. Rich says: Reply

    Nkakatouch ang mga stories for each parties. And its all fruit of love for you. We also enjoyed celebrating with you. I pray for stability of your career and strength for you to surpass all the challenges. Dito lang kme 10……. 10,000,000,000,000! 😍😍😍😍

  69. LheRam says: Reply

    Hope you will never get tired of us Meng, because you truly inspire us in so many ways. Whenever you feel like giving up, just pray and everything will gonna be alright. Love you gurl!!

  70. dyakeke says: Reply

    kaya ang sarap mo mahalin meng sobrang appreciative ka sa mga nagmamahal sayo binibigyan mo talaga ng halaga katulad nung pagpnta mo sa zambales sa adn summerfest gumising ka ng 3am para lng makaattend kht ngarag ka day before dhl sa daming events mo mula rodriguez rizal tpos trinoma event tpos mothersday pa kinabukasan pero nag effort k p din umattend kaya worth it ka mahalin ng bongga 😊

  71. Ashley Mae Castro says: Reply

    Hi man po ako makapunta sa mga parties and events mo kasi 12 yrs old po ako pero salamat po sa huling parte ng entry na to ngayon di ko na nararamdaman na wala akong kwentang fan na ni isang event wala pang napupuntahan pati sa events ng ADN Wala pa po akong napupuntahan siguro yun yung tinadhana ni Lord na mangyari sakin kasi hindi naman ako ganon kabait na bata para tuparin ni Lord mga hiling ko Pero salamat po sa inyo. Naramdaman ko po ang pagmamahal niyo sakin saaming mga fans mo po sana sa mga susunod na events makapunta na ako
    Isa pang problema wala kaming sasakyan na makakapag biyahe kung saan saan ano gagamitin namin sina

  72. susie says: Reply

    i love you…

  73. Sohlee sanchez says: Reply

    Slamat din sau maine ng sobra kc kpg nppanood ka nmn sobrang saya ng puso q pg absent ka nga sa eb sobrang lungkot q sna mgka movie kna kc tgal na nmn ng aantay promiz paulit ulit q ulit ppnoorin yn tulad ng sa imagine na 5 o 6 na beses q pinanood sa sine sobrang mhal kta kau ni alden bsta mg aantay na lng aq ng tp na mgsama kau ulit proud na proud aq sau😍😍😍

  74. akosipach0la says: Reply

    Again, happy birthday, Menggay!😊
    Salamat din sa pagpapasaya sa amin!😙
    All the best for you, my love!💛

  75. Salamat din meng kc dumating ka/kayo sa buhay namin, kayo ni alden ang nagbibigay ng inspirasyon at sigla sa aming lahat. Lab you uy!😉😊😊

  76. gmay says: Reply

    we love u maine bcoz ur true to yourself and to everybody. I hope and pray that God will continue to bless you and keep you safe. We will continue to support you, maraming nagmamahal sa yo.

  77. Chai Frominertia says: Reply

    I always love reading your blog. It always come from your heart. When i feel like youre not showing what you really feel in the 4 corners of every TV (maybe because reasons? reasons we all understand 😊) , i go here and read your blogs. This is where you are being honest the most.

    I feel you, with most of us here gets to celebrate or just have 1 party in a year (most of the time, no celebration at all lol) and here you are got 9, who wouldnt be emotional? Yet, you’re still grounded. Just blew my mind, really.

    I hope you get to post blogs more since we don’t get to see you act on TV that often. But hey! Congrats on your recent guesting(?) at DKNLK. Keep it up! With or without Alden, you’re great. Just keep doing what you love and whatever makes you happy.

    Ps: Umasa ako na ikaw kakanta ng “Salamat” on the youtube vid you included at the end. LOL

  78. Gian says: Reply

    So much love for you maine! 😍😍😘😘 continue to be a blessing to others 😊 hope to see and meet you in person.

  79. Super blessed ka maine dame kame nag mamahal sayo isa ako sa sampu na kahit anung nega or bash ang sabihin nila sayo mas Madame pa din ang nag mamahal at sumusupporta sayo mula noon hanggng ngayon..
    Stay what you are malayo pa mararating no sa showbiz at kasama mo kame dun never ever ka namen iiwan in good or bad times man yan andito Pa din kame mga nag mamahal sayo higit pa sa sampu ang nag mamahal sayo..
    We love nicomaine capili Mendoza 😍😍😘😘😊😇

  80. bonnyBing says: Reply

    I may not be in one of your birthday celebration this year but still I made sure na updated ako sa lahat ng celebrations. My fave was when RJ surprised you with his Happy Anniversary. Kahit hindi mo nabanggit dito sa blog mo for whatever reason there is. Am still going to support AlDub-MaiChard all the way. And I want yiu to know na NO BOYCOTT for me kahit kelan dahil alam ko ayaw mo un for Alden. At alam ko masakit na mabasa na ibboycott ng ibang ADN si Alden. LOVE YOU MAINE and RJ to the moon and back FOREVER 😍💑😙

  81. M says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Ako din excited na mag 24 ka haha. Happy birthday ulit! Salamat ng maraming marami. God bless you.

  82. Ana Leilani Magsambol says: Reply

    You made me cry. You are a lot of things. Hindi ko kayang explain how you make me feel. I’m a 47 year old woman with 4 kids pero ngayon lang, in my entire exixtence na nagmahal ako at humanga ng ganito sa isang celebrity. Iba ka, Meng. Isang biyaya na mahalin ka. Keep on shining! Keep the faith and keep being your true wonderful self. I love you, Meng!

  83. Lorina says: Reply

    I’m here, Meng. No acknowledgment needed. Mahal kita at susuportahan kita sa paraan na kaya ko. Just keep doing you. God bless you.

  84. Millicent Alcaraz says: Reply

    Thank you so much meng😭😭 Hindi talaga ako maka move on ng suotin mo yung bigay kong damit nung birthday mo nakita ko kinabusan suot mo na sa JFA😍 Hindi ko alam kung ano ang mararamdaman ko. Diba sabi mo nung 9th party mo “Hindi mo alam kung bakit madaming tao ang mahal ka? Habang buhay mo siyang itatanong sa sarili mo. Madami naman iba na mas mabait, mas magaling, mas madaling talento at mas mapagmahal pero alam mo kung ano ang sagot diyan sa katanungan mo? Ang kaya mong tumbasan ang pagmamahal ng fans mo sayo. Araw araw mo kaming pinapasaya.” Hindi din namin alam kung bakit kapag nakita ka namin bigla bigla nalang ngumingiti ang aming mga labi. Ikaw din ang nagbibigay ng inspirasyon sa amin. Sayo kami natuto na hangga’t may kayang itulong kahit maliit na bagay o halaga itulong kahit nga dasal lang na sana hindi na maipagkait pa ng iba sa kapwa. Ikaw yung minamahal ko/namin ng hindi namin alam kung bakit. (Unconditional) baga😂😂 Mahal na mahal ka namin meng. Lagi lang ako nandito para suportahan ka para suportahan kayo😊😊

    P.S. Mas lalo ako sumaya nung kilala na pala ako ng nanay mo.😂 Yung pagsabi niya sakin nung nasa party na “Oh hindi kana uuwi ng maaga ha!” Actually nung nag event ka kasi sa Trinoma 8am palang ng Morning nandun na ako kaya lang mga 6pm wala ka pa kaya inabot ko nalang kay nanay yung regalo ko sayong candies. Nandun pa yung papel na nagtrending yung sinulat ko para sayo yung parang sa “Humans Of Barangay” mo. Sana nakita mo. Kasi malayo pa ang uuwian ko taga Pagsanjan, Laguna pa kasi ako. Kaya sabi ko sa susunod na event nalang kaya nagpunta ulit ako ng 9th Birthday Party mo kasi nung nagpunta ako ng birthday mo sa Mommies & Titas medyo nahihiya pa ako. Kaya magkalayo tayo sa Picture. Nasa dulo ako. Kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko bago magpasukan “Aattend ako sa event ni Maine at hindi ako papayag na wala akong picture kasama siya eh pag mga birthday party may Photo op (so ayun na yung chance sabi ko) Tapos nagkaroon tayo ng picture sabi ko kay nanay dub nung nakaupo kayo sa table niyo “Nay tulungan mo ako makapagpapicture kay Maine edi sabi sayo ni Nanay (Nak picture daw kayo) Nagkaroon na tayo ng picture kahit medyo blurred tas nung Photo op pagbigay ko ng regalo kinuha mo na agad yung candy edi na touch agad ako😍😭 Tapos sabi ko suot mo yung damit bukas sa brgy. Hindi ko akalain na isusuot mo talaga. Parang gusto ko mahulog sa upuan ng bus dahil pauwi ako nun ng Laguna nakita ko lang sa FB Live na suot mo yung damit gusto ko umiyak, tumalon at sumigaw pero wala ako sa tamang lugar. Kinilig ako sayo. Sobra mo pahalagahan ang mga fans mo. Kaya sobrang saya ko ng dalawang araw nung party at nung kinabukasan😍😍 Maraming salamat Maine! Sana sa uulitin ulit😊😘 I love you & I miss you so much😘😘

  85. CherryJ says: Reply

    Huy, tara dito, pahug 🤗

  86. Bernadette says: Reply

    Hello Maine . Thank you for coming to our lives. Very memorable ang summer ko this year cause i am one of the winners sa Rampakulay . Ako yung teacher na OFW who teach in Phil School Doha. Wish ko lang may new picture again eith you the first was 2016. Pero ito bonggang bonnga talaga kc may moment pa sau at may picture na ulit sau. Starstruck na nman ako sau. Mgandang bata at napakabait mo tlaga . I will always here for you. Love you Maine

  87. Dei Arguelles says: Reply

    Salamat din Meng for the inspiration and happiness you’re bringing into my life.. our lives.. Continue to be there, and i promise i will always be here, supporting and loving you whatever you do; things that makes you happy… Love you Meng, and i always will..

  88. Ivy says: Reply

    Thank you so much Maine! You are indeed an inspiration.. God bless you and Alden!

  89. Normie Calimag says: Reply

    Hi Maine, teary eyed ako habang binabasa ko itong latest blog mo. So happy, I’m one of your silent admirer fans and watching you at EB everyday made my day complete nakakarelax talaga. God bless always!!!

  90. Aira says: Reply

    You deserve all the love, meng. Im always here lang. Iloveyou!

  91. Jeniah Faye Pascua says: Reply

    Thank you din ate maine! For inspiring all of us . I love you ti’ll the end! Salamat! Maraming salamat! Mahal na mahal ka namin!😘❤

  92. architectkhim says: Reply

    Huhuhuhu bakit ka ganyan, Meng 😭😭😭😭 Iyak ako.

    Uy, Mumsh if you feel alone lagi lang kaming nasa Twitter. Kukulitin ka namin dun hehehe. Mahal ka namin sobra, Mumsh. Thank you din sa lahat, Nicomaine.

  93. Mark Brozo (Broze TV Official) says: Reply

    First time ko makalapit ng malapitan sayo. Naka attend ako dun sa #MaineMagicalAt23. Pero nakaka sad kase wala tayong puctures. Super fan po ako since 2015. Sana talaga mabasa mo ituu. Mahal na mahal kita. Malapit na birthday ko sa June 13 na po sana po mapagbigyan nyo ung wiah ko na maka collab kayo sa YT channel ko na Broze TV Official. Pag nangyari yun. Iyon na ang pinaka masayang birthday para sa akin. Love you Ate Maine sana Mabasa mo ito.

  94. angelica lanada says: Reply

    you are worth our love Maine .. you and Alden dahil mabubuti kayong mga tao inside and out

  95. I haven’t attended any of those birthday parties of yours but I just want to give you a simple wish for your birthday, as I’m always wishing and praying this for you, I hope you’ll always find your genuine happiness. God bless you more!

  96. Nerry says: Reply

    Salamat Meng…
    Sa patuloy mong maging inspirasyon sa marami..
    Salamat sa mga panahon naging mahina ako pero ng dahil sa ‘yo nakabangon ako..
    I will always be your fan…

  97. Pau says: Reply

    Thank you for uploading again! The last part didn’t make me feel guilty anymore that I didn’t (actually, never yet) went to any of your events… (I have a reason…) ’cause my parents didn’t allow me or I knew it afterwards, the exact day of the event or it was too late to tell it to my parents…
    Isa ako sa sampu…. and there are more than just ten people left…. I think ten… well um… multiplied…. ILY, Ate Maine! Hope you continue writing! You’re my inspiration when it comes to writing (nearly everything but mostly to writing).

  98. So many reasons to love you 😘

  99. ki kAy says: Reply

    thank God, nabasa ko din ung new entry m sa blog… naiyak ako ah,… 1 man ako sa mga silent fan, hanggang sa dulo ikaw p din idolo ko…

    God Bless your good heart.

  100. MAE says: Reply

    Hindi ako masamang elemento Meng. Char HAHAHAH ayun isa ko sa mga never pa nakapunta sa kahit anong events/parties mo but I will always be here. Hindi man physically pero lagi kitang susuportahan sa kahit anong desisyon mo sa buhay as long as you’re happy. Loveyou Menggi! ♥

  101. Lea B Flores says: Reply

    Salamat. Maraming nagmamahal sa ‘yo. GBY.🙏

  102. arlene says: Reply

    Dear Maine,

    Bakit nga ba ikaw, Ewan ko…basta ang alam ko ang gaan sa feeling ung “aura” mo, pag wala ako sa mood at iritable ako makita ko lang ung picture mo napapasmile na ako, ayun OK na uli…sabi nga nung sister ko sa akin para daw akong timang, sabi ko naman walang basagan ng trip. Salamat din sayo, di ako magpa promise kasi sabi nga some promises are made to be broken, basta ang sa akin kahit anong mangyari sa future ung suporta ko sayo di matitibag.💛☝

  103. ETXETERA says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    Basher mo ako sa twitter. But, I love you so much. I really love you and want only the best for you. I really hope you quit Eat Bulaga na since they stifle your growth. You can always come back to them in due time. But, sabi mo nga sa open letter mo, ikaw naman. Sana talaga you think more of yourself. Andito lang kaming mga fans waiting for more ganaps that you deserve.

    You have so much potential in you. Keep shining, baby girl. You deserve everything. See you in more quality driven projects soon.

    Love, Etxetera

  104. tons says: Reply

    love you ate meng…

  105. Cecille says: Reply

    Well said Maine, continue doing what makes you happy and we will always be here to support and love you 🙂

  106. abie cruise says: Reply

    Ang menggay namin na thoughts pa more hahaha sabi nga ni love mo ayieee 😜😉 we love you and si love mo alden/richard mo , galing mo kase e. Ingat palagi 😘

  107. Daniella says: Reply

    kainis ka ate maine … pinapaiyak mo kami 😭😭😭😭

  108. Elaine says: Reply

    Dear Maine, you are happiness personified <3 <3

  109. King Ombao says: Reply

    I love you ate Maine! 💛 Sobrang fan na fan mo ako! Aldub fanboy haha 😂. Naiinspire mo ako, makita ko lang mga picture mo buo na araw ko huhu. Sana makita na kita soon 😍

  110. jizelle says: Reply

    Thank you too to you for being my reason to get happy when I felt so lonely 😊 God loves you so much and we love you. 😇

  111. Nerie says: Reply

    Mabuti kang tao ms.maine! Di ako mahilig mag basa nang mga blog! Pero sa mga blogs mo,di ko matiis na di basahin,from the start(-; while reading your blog,ramdam na ramdam kita,… Salamat,for being YOU! Andito lang kami, susuporta at magmamahal sayo…wahahaha kasama mo rin kami sa pag gapi nang mga itim na elemento na yan,….godbless us all(-;

  112. Jeane Chloe says: Reply

    So yeah…this the first time i read it on your blog…but i already read on fb….i ready it like 5 times but your message and the video of the song salamat still made me cry…while hearing the song salamat..i can hear your voice singing it…😭😭😭im really bless to be your fan…i love so much mengshie

  113. From one menggay to another says: Reply

    Wow grabe, ngayon lang ako nakapasok sa blog mo after 24years, charot! It’s so nice to finally read your blog. Ako din, isa din ako sa sampu na maiiwan to support you all the way… Full bloodied ALDUB/MAICHARD Shipper ako. Always and forever. I may be “silent” pero nandito ako. Always cheering for you and RJ. One day I hope, mapapirmahan ko sayo mga magazines at book ko. Dream ko din makapunta sa sta. Maria mcdo hahaha malapit lang samin taga san jose del monte ako eh, kaya traffic lols. Any way, shine, in the most “menggay way” of shining. I love you(don’t be grossed out 😜), God bless you more.

  114. Kets says: Reply

    Saranghae!! Fighting Menggay! ♥♥♥

  115. I N V I S I B L E F A N says: Reply

    Omg, im literally crying. TT very heartfelt lang ng msg mo pati samin na, ang kaya lang i-offer as a fan is eto lang. Maine, may God bless you more. Always remember that you exists for a reason-makafeel ka man na sobrang down ka, just remember na there are people who are praying for you lagi-your hapiness. We loved you for who you are, and never kang malalaos sa paningin namin. Yup, invisible man ako sa mga events na present ka, pero yung pagmahahal ko sayo hindi.

  116. Yza says: Reply

    Awww. You should be the one we should thanks, because you are still here with us after the OL thingy. I really was expecting that you will include your thought or rection about Alden/Richard’s video greet (I really don’t know if it was Alden talking or Richard saying what his heart is feeling). But anyway I am also hooked to the message of one of your supporter, and it’s really true you have a big heart which all of us can fit. And by the way ngayon ko lang po nabasa yung post niyo because of the bandwidth limit, so hoping this will be fix soon.

  117. The unknown says: Reply

    Hi ate maine! can you talk about your love life.

  118. Mynie says: Reply

    We love you always Maine

  119. Nancy de las Alas says: Reply

    hmmm, ano ba ano bang sasabihin ko sobrang na speechless ko…. i mean d nmn ako ay may bday pero super emotional ako habang nagbabasa ako. Deserve mo syempre idol menggay ang ganyan party…. kung pagbibigyan nga ako ng pagkakataon na icelebrate ang bday mo, siomple lang gusto ko kumain sa McDonalds with my family na kasama pa tpos tamang kwentuhan lang habang nagsa sign ka ng mga magz na binili ko hehe… Bsta alagaan mo lagi sarili mo, lung may pagkakataon na kumain at mautlog sa tamang oras yun ang gawin mo, lagi akng magpi pray kay God thankfull for everything and put him first for whatever decision you made…. be happy kc love kita… your team replay fan ( hanggang ngayon ) nancy 😀

  120. Mae says: Reply

    I love you Maine..

  121. Catt says: Reply

    Am really a fan kinda of a person – i just admire an actor once then afterwards it’ll vanish just like. One thing for this time is that, i never been this curious and fanatic to anyone else but with you, Maine. I dunno, i just feel proud seeing what you have become in all aspect of your life – you’re so blessed and loved by any. And, ISA AKO SA SAMPU! Hope i can see you personally. Godbless you!

  122. Shaine Ann Alferez says: Reply

    pa video greet naman ate meng

  123. Darren S. Tapang says: Reply

    Got emotional, cant help myself not to cry Maine. I am a mother of 3 kids, eventhough I really want to attend to any of you gatherings, I cant. But I am a team bahay who always watch you. Di ko pinapalampas basta 12N eat bulaga na para makita kita.. You really makes me happy, you are a blessing, nakaka alis ka.ng stress. Basta I love you for who you are,.and will always be here for you and.Alden till the end. Madami kaming nagmamahal sayo tandaan mo yan, ok. Take care always and God bless.

  124. Shaine Ann Alferez says: Reply

    Pavideo greet ate Meng
    ALBYU PO SINCE 2015 😘😘💕

  125. Czarinah Michaela Mercado says: Reply

    Hi Maine, ngayon ko lang ulit na-access yung site mo. Anyways, papatawarin kita sa kulang na ‘H’ sa name ko. hahaha love naman kita, sana nabasa mo yung letter ko for you and yung simple tocken ng Singing Angels Four para sa’yo. Sana magkita-kita pa ulit tayo sa susunod, thanks for the chance of sharing our singing gifts for you and the people who are loving you dearly.

  126. Alelli says: Reply

    Wow!!! Can hardly say anything. Very touching and very emotional kahit am just reading it.. tumatagos sa puso…

    For as long as you know in your hear the good and best intention you have for what you are doing, dont mind what others are saying… shrug it off and just move on…

    More birthdays to come!!!

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