ADN Fest 2017

Hey hey hey! I was supposed to write a Sunday Currently entry last Sunday but I got home around 1am already and decided to sleep instead. Anyway, I am here to talk about this year’s AlDub Nation Fest that happened last October 22 at SMX Convention Center. If you are not a fan (o di kaya naman napadaan ka lang dito sa blog ko) and not familiar with the said event, ADN Fest is a gathering of AlDub fans from all over the Philippines to celebrate unity and fellowship. The event features a series of performances (song and dance numbers by some ADN members), meet-and-greet among fans, and different booths showcasing ADN’s creative and artistic sides. It is our second year to do this and I am just so glad to see that AlDub fans are still here. I mean, truth be told, fans come and go in all fanbases; but it is overwhelming to actually see a great number of people coming together to show their love and support. Minsan kasi [sa mga bagay bagay] akala mo wala na, pero nandyan pa pala. I am just happy and grateful to see that the venue was filled with our supporters– those who came back and those who never left.

So ganito yun.. the day before the event, I met some fans in the studio and asked me if I’ll attend the event. Syempre sabi ko “Hindi ako makakapunta”, para may pa-emeng surprise kinabukasan. I don’t think they believed me though because I am a bad liar. Haha! Anyway, so I woke up at 12nn the next day and prepared right away. I decided to be the one to do my makeup and hair for the event. I don’t know if you are aware but I honestly don’t know how to do my makeup anymore. Last time I actually did my makeup was 2 years ago, ito pa yata yun..


I used to be fond of playing with makeup but when I got here in show business I never got the chance to do my own makeup again. Takot ko nalang din na pumalya at magmukha akong espasol sa telebisyon. Ever since I started, I’ve always had a glam team with me during events and shows. For personal day/night outs, I just do a little grooming; (yes, parang aso lang?) lip and cheek tints are good to go.

So going back, I decided to do my own makeup for the event. I am not sure if it looked fine, but I think it could pass as “pa fresh” look lang. I was not planning on doing a plakadong makeup since I always want our fans to see how naturally beautiful I am. HAHAHA, o diba nakakatawa, joke kasi yun. Seriously though, I wanted a simple look. Yung look na parang bibili ka lang ng suka pero nag-abala ka ng konti.

Hayag_ADN Fest-5449 Hayag_ADN Fest-5451

Red Gingham Set by Daryl Maat

Hayag_ADN Fest-5453 Hayag_ADN Fest-5445

I got to the venue at around 3 and met Alden there. Pagbaba palang ng sasakyan puro picture na! Parang nakaka isang hakbang palang ako, 36 na shutter na yung narinig ko. I don’t know why but sometimes (especially during out of work days) I get really shy and weirded out when there are cameras around. When we got inside the venue, fans started cheering and I felt like I was set on autopilot. (Autopilot = Auto embarrassment) Every time I get exposed to a huge crowd, my mind goes somewhere. The overwhelming feeling I get immediately fleets to my mind, giving it the signal to go blank and dysfunction. Hindi ko alam kung yung utak ko ba nagttravel papuntang talampakan ko. Gee, I just hate how it always happens to me.

Hayag_ADN Fest-5455

Picture muna with the OrgComm 🙂

So Alden and I went to the stage to greet everyone.. and the crowd started cheering. After a moment, we went to our table already to watch the program.

Hayag_ADN Fest-3447 Hayag_ADN Fest-3455 Hayag_ADN Fest-3456 Hayag_ADN Fest-3462viber image3Hayag_ADN Fest-3467Hayag_ADN Fest-6445

So nice to see how they all prepared for the event; may pa-sayaw, pa-kanta, pa-sayaw na may pa-kanta, at pa-kanta na may pa-sayaw, anu daw?! Ang galing kasi ang daming talentado sa fandom; mas talentado pa sa iniidolo. Charot, not charot. Lol! 

Hayag_ADN Fest-2 Hayag_ADN Fest-1viber image2 Hayag_ADN Fest-3463 Hayag_ADN Fest-3469

They sang a few Kalyeserye songs and songs that Alden and I personally love. I remember Silent Sanctuary’s Sa’Yo, Coldplay’s Yellow, Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know, and my favourite performance that day, Chantal Kreviazuk’s Feels Like Home. I could not help but be emotional inside while listening to Feels Like Home, though I tried my best to fight the feeling through distracting myself but the song is just too beautiful to ignore.

People were coming at us for photos and book signatures, but I will never forget when @antonyostark came up to me and introduced himself. I thanked him for something personal and what he said in response made me tear up. He looked me in the eyes and said, “I know you by heart”. That was the sweetest thing someone has told me in a long time. I needed to hear that from someone, at that day, at that moment. I am glad he came up to me that afternoon. If you are reading this, I want to thank you again, Sir.. you do not know how much it means to me. 🙂


After a couple of song numbers, it was time for us to go around and see our fans around the venue. So may pa-parada si Mayor. It was overwhelming to see that some fans were (still) REALLY stoked to get near and catch sight of us. I mean, we are always out in different barangays during Eat Bulaga, hindi naman ganun kahirap na makita kami. But every time they see us, they always go wild with excitement. Nakakatuwa, lalo na yung iba na parang araw-araw nasa barangay pero parang araw-araw din first time kami makita. 🙂

Meet some of our beautiful supporters! Hayag_ADN Fest-1-51 Hayag_ADN Fest-1-4 Hayag_ADN Fest-1-3 Hayag_ADN Fest-8036 Hayag_ADN Fest-8012 Hayag_ADN Fest-7450

After the parade (talagang pinanindigan yung parade?! Haha!), we went back to the VIP area and prepared for the photo-op with fans. Unfortunately, we were not able to take group photos and selfies with everyone. Kasi baka bago pa mangalahati, maging ganito yung itsura namin..

4-up on 10-24-17 at 4.38 PM (compiled) So just like last what we did last year, we did the photo-ops per side, using a selfie stick para wide range. Yeheeesss.

Hayag_ADN Fest-3472 Hayag_ADN Fest-6450Hayag_ADN Fest-3471

And lastly, a group photo in the middle na ga-munggo na yung ulo ng mga tao sa likod.

Hayag_ADN Fest-3476 Hayag_ADN Fest-1-8viber image

After the photo op sesh, we went back to the stage and thanked everyone for the last time. Naki-sayaw pa kami actually doon sa last song bago kami umalis. Medyo shy pa kami ni Alden kaya hindi namin nailabas ang petmalung galawan namin na pang-lodi. Lol!

To the Org Committee, thank you very much for putting so much time and effort to make ADN fest happen. I am sorry if arranging this event ever caused you stressful days and sleepless nights. But guess what, it was a successful event and we have you to thank for that. 🙂

To those who were part of the program, thank you for giving us a great show. You did not only perform for a huge crowd, but you showed everyone how talented you guys are as individuals. Thank you for letting us witness your talents.

To those who came, thank you for spending a day with us. You could have done something else that day but you chose to be there. Thank you for waiting for hours.

To the event sponsors and partners, thank you for the support. Next year ulit? Hehe!

To everyone who participated, to all of you, thank you all so much for the overwhelming love. We do not deserve such amount of support from you guys but you still give it anyway. Salamat sa pagmamahal at panahon. I hope you all had fun as much as we did. I wish we get to do this every year! Iba pa din kapag sama-sama tayong lahat; sa iisang araw, at sa iisang lugar.

Hayag_ADN Fest-8057

And as I always say, no matter what happens, please do keep the bond and friendship that you have with the people in this fandom. Treasure it.


Hayag_ADN Fest-7448

Credits to John of @hayagphotos for the beautiful photographs! (Thanks Ms. Rachel for helping me get the official photos!)

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  1. rain says: Reply

    Katuwa naman. Tumatambay ako now sa blog no baka marealize ko na masarap mabuhay then you posted this. Okey masarap nga mabuhay 🙂

  2. merrymaichard says: Reply

    Thank you madam for making us feel that somehow, you and Alden value us. You both are worthy.of our love. God bless!

  3. MingmingMeowk says: Reply

    Hi love! I love you so much. Please know na may mga tao pa din na nagmamahal sa inyo na wala dun sa event. Ehem. Nasa abroad. Ganun. Mahal na mahal ka namin. We always look back, what if all this never happened. Will we still be able to meet or fandom family? No. So thank you to the both of you. We always want/pray for your genuine happiness. #StayInLove mga mahal 💛💛💛 all the way from cebu! :*

  4. Trixie hernandez says: Reply

    😢😢😢😭😭😭.. we love you and Alden, always remember that.. for more than 2 years inbthis fandom, kahit diko kau nakakausap ni Alden feeling ko kilala ko na kau.. Hwag kaung magbabago bcoz we r here hangat gusto nyo ni Alden, we will never leave u nd alden.. love u and alden.. ingat lagi 😚😚😚

  5. Beya says: Reply

    Meng thankyou sa pagpunta sa ADN Fest. Sobrang saya at sobrang madaming nag enjoy lalo na yung mga first timer na makita kayo ni Alden sobrang thankyou nag enjoy kami ng sobra <3

  6. Ave - @tius_day says: Reply

    You deserve allthe love that you are getting. 💛

  7. Didn’t attend still thank youuu sa pagpunta hehe ang hirap magpaalam sa magulang hahhahaha still kahit na sa bahay ang saya saya ko hahahaha love you bothh 💛

  8. Melanie says: Reply

    All the pain -physical,emotional, & financial, are incomparable with the happiness that we felt that day & every time we see YOU & ALDEN together in one event like ADNFest. You’re so blessed & a blessing to all of us. We were there, we are still here, & we will always be here— FOR YOU 🤗💑

  9. Joan says: Reply

    I enjoyed the whole event bcoz I saw people who had so much love for you and alden enjoying all smiles and being friends with each other. Thank you maine and alden for being yourselves both of you are the reasons why we are still here and will never leave. I’m amazed to see you both for the first time na super lapit. Literal natulala ako sa inyo. Salamat meng! Love you and alden always. I will be here for both of you that’s a promise

  10. Good Evening Meng,

    I am so proud na isa aq sa Aldub Nation. Kahit hindi aq nakakapunta ng mga event. Memorable lang yung Tamang Panahon kasi sobrang swerte ko noon. Dahil libre lang ang ticket q ng Team Abroad. Pero sa ngaun wala n yung group namin. Hays! kakahinayang. Pero dahil din sa pagsuporta ay may mga nakilala akong mga naging kagroup q sa isang Fanpage. Ayun 2yrs na rin kami sa pagsuporta sa inyo. Sana mas marami ka pang mapasaya at wag magsawa sa mundo ng showbiz. Basta lagi lang kaming nandito palagi. Hindi man kilalang FC eh! nakasuporta lang palagi kahit saan pa kau makarating ni Alden. Keep up the good work. love you meng!!!

  11. chi urbano says: Reply

    ur writing has always been substantial.
    galing mo talaga Meng! forever momma fan mo talaga ako.
    ung acting mo sa Love is, napaiyak mo na naman ako. super galing.
    ung book mo naman, waiting lang ako kse my friend ordered it online. sana dumating na para di naman ako huli sa balita.
    lab u Meng😘

  12. etxetera says: Reply

    “Minsan kasi [sa mga bagay bagay] akala mo wala na, pero nandyan pa pala.” 😒😒😒

    “We do not deserve such amount of support from you guys but you still give it anyway. ” 😒😒😒

    AYAN NA NAMAN 😏😏😏😏 Sarap sapatusin 😂

    Cut the crap in that hardheaded introvert head of yours dear. Anu ba bata ka just give ADN ALDUB QUALITY projects tapos ang usapan. Stop questioning the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and support of millions around the world – WALANG IWANAN nga di pa ba obvious 😅 JUST DO WHAT OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE BORN FOR. Do not fight your purpose and positive influence – embrace and spread it 😉 Saying gratitude finally via your best medium writing is a good step 👍 💗

    1. panotsha says: Reply

      My thoughts exactly. It all boils down to us supporting and lovibg borh unconditionally.

    2. soske812 says: Reply

      style talaga nya yung false modesty. kunyare humble. its usually annoying. Sometimes I call it fishing for compliments. Paulit ulit na lang kasi Siyempre ang normal response ay ” uyy hindi totoo yan, ang ganda mo, support kami all the way”. Pwede naman ang pag thank you and give back.

  13. Confidentgirl_jm says: Reply

    Love you meng will support you till the end.. kahit gustuhin mo ma ulit magprito ng itlog.. Im always praying for your happiness… hope you find that genuine happiness you’ve been looking for.. Pagpray ko din love life mo hahaha Don’t worry someday soon… he’ll find you!!!! Stay happy and do not stop inspiring people..that’s is your special gift from God..
    You may or will never know me but please know that I’ll stand by you till the end.. kahit anong mangyari Maine.. love you God Bless

  14. eleonor malapajo says: Reply

    See @mainedcm mrmi ngmamahal sainyo ni alden at isa n ako dun d man ako ksma sa fans club team bhay ako eh…pero every shows nyo ni alden ay nakaabang ako at sumusuporta…ignore the bashers mas mrmi ngmanahal sainyo kebs lng sa mga nangdodown at naninira….collect and collect lng ng mga happy memories!nmiss kita sa twitter…

  15. Aldub forever.
    We will support you and Alden till the end 😊❤😘

  16. Ann says: Reply

    Mahal ka namin Menggay..kayong dalawa ni RJ. Hindi ko pa kayo personally nakikita and everyday I’m still looking forward na makita na kayo..huhuhu my frustration as a fangirl….napapasaya nyo ako everytime nakikita ko kayo sa kahit anong platform. I almost have the copies you’re in, i buy all the things you both endorse. Makita kayo sa personal, mahawakan, makapagpapicture. Yun na lang ang kulang. Pero makita ko man kayo personally or hindi maaasahan mong lagi kayong nasa puso ko, susuporta, kakapit at hihinga hanggang dulo.

  17. Greyekko says: Reply

    Make up or no make up, maganda ka pa din naman eh. But really, good job yung “no make up/light make up” look mo, very refreshing ang datingan mo last Sunday. ^_^

    This post is very heartwarming, If I may say so. As a (silent) member of the fandom na halos araw-araw na lang yata nakakabasa ng pakikibaka ng ADN warriors/defenders against sa kung anik-anik na hanash about you or about A, or about the fandom, nakakapagod din minsan yung feeling na andaming kumukontra at parang walang kakampi ang fandom (sabi nga ADN by ADN for ADN in collaboration with ADN ahuehuehue). But this post, one that you wrote in appreciation for ALDUBnation (hindi na ADN para maiba naman), more than makes up for that. So THANK YOU (Maine and Alden), for recharging/boosting our fangirl/fanboy hearts. <3

  18. Laila says: Reply

    No matter what happened in the future I’m always here for you meng… Happy for you and congratulations on your upcoming book launch sad to say I still don’t have a copy yet but hoping soon #yupiamthatgirl will be available in our province 🤔😉 God Bless you A|M! 😍🙇🙏
    #HappyTamangPanahon anniversary! TGBTG !

  19. jakile says: Reply

    So happy for ADN. Nasa bahay lang ako, nag tweet, can’t attend dahil.magastos, taga province kasi. Thank you to the organizers, performers and attendees of ADN fest for representing us. Nandito pa rin kami.

  20. Opy Llaguno says: Reply

    Hndi lhat ng events ng aldub nakakapunta aq kc senior n aq pero khit team bahay support p dn nman kmi here for u & Alden Happy 😃 n me kc I’ve met u already in our brgy & sbrng touch aq kc ikaw p tlga ang humawak s kamay q pra mka pag pa pic syo Thank u s concern m sming mga elderly & im realy2 appreciated it Love 💕 u & Alden forever ❤️❤️❤️🙏

  21. Ma Fe P Carcamo says: Reply

    You are really cute meng that night. Mas gusto actually as always. Kahit I never got my chance to be there and see u both. Always a distant and very seldom I made comments. Di rin ako nakakapunta sa mga events. Hoping to meet you. And express my feelings. Meng sana wag mo pababayaan si Alden. Hawakan mo na puso nya. Love u both

  22. Kimberly says: Reply

    Bakit tumutulo ang luha ko habang binabasa ko yung dulo 😭😭 Huhu.

    Hindi man ako nakapunta nung ADN fest 2016 &2017, sana makapunta na ako sa ADN Fest 2018 😂 Pero kahit hindi ako nakapunta, nandito pa rin po ako/kami sumusuporta sa inyo. Sobrang mahal ko kayo AlDub/ MaiChard 😭 and ADN! Yung paghanga ko sa inyo, hindi mababago. Mananatili ako/kaming nandito, wala ngang iwanan diba? 😊

    Sana ma meet kita soon. Sana tamang panahon ko na sa 26. 😭😭 Kita kits ate Maine sa book launch mo. Mahal po kita 😘😘

  23. Josephine Remolacio says: Reply

    congrats to all ADN members and the committees for another event to treasure. thanks Meng sa another blog entry mo. abang abang ulit til nxt blog. more power sa inyo ni Alden. abang abang din sa tamang panahon ang totoong kasalan nio keep on inspiring us. God bless and more projects and Tvc.

  24. Mhycz says: Reply

    Love you 😊

  25. Raquel R Panopio says: Reply

    Hi Meng you and Alden are my happy pill salamat sa inyo ….. Glad to be here in this fandom parang pamilya talaga minsan may tampuhan pero kami kami pa rin at the end patuloy akong susuporta sa inyong dalawa ..mahal n mahal ko kayo 😃

  26. Medylyn says: Reply

    Thanks Meng….. beautiful sharing… I might not get a chance to see you in person nor to support (i mean to buy) what you and alden endorses but i support in my own little ways… i keep praying for you both.

  27. Venus says: Reply

    Wow such a humble and grateful heart. Keep it up and you will be rewarded. Will always support you.

  28. May Emerald says: Reply

    haaays sarap maging aldub fan! parang pamilya! we love you Maine and Alden!

  29. MommyMel04 says: Reply

    Hi Maine, just want say thank you for giving me the chance na makapagpapicture sa inyo ni Alden last Sunday at the same time nakapagpasign din ako sa inyo ng mga books not actually mine, pinakisuyo lang sakin pero buti na lang at naihabol ko ang phone ko at yun na lang ang pinirmahan nyo.😊 Super saya ko, that day was my “Tamang Panahon” with you. After more than 2 years nun ko lang kayo nakita ng malapitan. Nakalimutan kong magpakilala ksi nataranta na ko. Iba yung feeling, wish granted talaga. Achieve na achieve ko! Tapos eto sa blog mo bigla ko nakita picture namin!! Wow naman kasama kami sa blog mo (kami yung nasa picture 2nd to the last ng beautiful supporters nyo) Grabe na ang saya ko. Kita mo all smiles kami kasi yan ang nagagawa nyo ni Alden ang mapasaya nyo kami. At dahil dyan maraming maraming salamat sa inyo. In return we will always defend and support you, walang iwanan! Andito lang kami palagi sa likod nyo. God bless your good soul Maine. 😘😘😘😘

  30. Rich says: Reply

    Jusko po. Muntik n ko himatayin knina. Uing sobra excited ako kc may new blog entry ka tapos swabe lng pagbabasa ko bigla makikita ko face ko?!?! Nakasama pix nmen n kumakain ice cream! Wohooo swerte ng MAINEans! Ang saya! 😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Super love ka nmen Meng…. Di kme magsasawa support syo. At syempre kay Alden din.

  31. Mel says: Reply

    Thank u meng and A. We’re always here to support u. God bless u both

  32. Georlan arnaiz says: Reply

    Awwww….. Sana nxt year maka sali ako… Gagawin ko talaga lahat maka punta lang sa adn fest nxt year kahait na malayo ako…. Dadalhin ko lahat nag magazine mo maine papa-autograph ako lahat sayo…
    #fanboy from butuan

  33. Sarah says: Reply

    Yehey for another blog entry! Araw araw ko pong inaabangan blog update mo😊
    Happy Tamang Panahon Anniversary. Thank you for making us happy- as in araw-araw nyo po kaming pinapangiti, pinapatawa at pinapahalakhak, at pinakikilig 😄 Araw araw nyo din kaming ini-inspire.☺ You and Alden deserve all the love and blessings! More successful years to come! ❤

  34. Sarah says: Reply

    You’re gorgeous inside and out!💛

  35. Evie says: Reply

    Thank you meng sa pag share mo ng blog mo ulet.. grabe congrats sa lahat ng nag org ng event.. hndi man ako naka attend dahil malayo ako ramdam ko ang dagundong ng pagmamahal sa inyo ni alden ng buong adn sa event.. someday makaka attend din ako “sana”.. and thank you sa pag balik mo sa twitter sobrang na miss ko yung mga tweet mo simple pero laging malalim ang kahulugan.. ikaw rather kayo ni alden talaga nkakapag pawala ng mga pagod at stress ng mga taong nagmamahal sa inyo lalo na kameng mga ofw.. and congrats nga pala sa book mo sobrang excited nko mabasa yun dahil alam ko kung gano ka kagaling magsulat at alam ko kung gano ka katalino at kalalim na tao.. proud ako sobra na sa pangalawang pagkakataon ko humanga ulet sa isang artista hndi ako nagkamali na ikaw ang iniidolo ko kasama na si alden dun syempre.. isa lang wish ko dahil malayo ako at hndi pa kita nkikita ng personal sana yung book na order ko may SIGNITURE MO masaya nko dun hehe dto lang ako silent fan mo .. godbless always love you mydear menggay take care.. muaaah hugs

  36. gemma says: Reply

    Nandito lang kami Maine.. di kami nawala.. hinintay ka talaga namin bumalik sa Twitter.. we love you tsaka si alden.. walang iwanan. walang sukuan.. ang ADN ay para sa ALDUB lamang.. salamat.. salamat sa lahat

  37. JanNJ says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Thanks for this blog, good time to read while I’m in a very boring seminar..
    I am team abroad & not even in a fan group, but I am following you everyday, all the time.. I’ve seen you in NYC show, but not even very close.. But I love you and so proud of you! Yes, I also feel that “I know you by Heart”, I believe in you, your heart, & pray for you.. Thanks for the fun experience…love u Maine! 😘

  38. Hi Meng!team abroad here,as always you’re blog is always wonderful to read.It’s nice to see that after 2 years of continuous success your feet stays on the ground, that’s why these people love and adore you,they know that you value and appreciated all their effort, it takes a lot of hard work and planning and money to organized such big event,but they do it wholeheartedly for both of you and Alden,and watching all of this from afar all I can say is “wow”,wish I could have been there too!Love you Meng,stay grounded,happy and blessed!!😘😘😘

  39. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Ang saya naman…sana dumating din ang tamang panahon ko para makaattend ng ADNFest… Nandito lang kami lagi Maine sumusuporta sa inyo ni Alden kahit di man ako makaattend ng mga events ng aldubnation ang hirap kasi pag taga probinsya ka malayo sa Manila kahit gustong gusto ko umattend walang pamasahe kaya hanggang sa mga updates na lang ako pero tandaan mo lagi lang ako nakasupport sa inyo ni Alden always at hinding hindi ako bibitaw love you😘❤

  40. Sohlee sanchez says: Reply

    Thank u maine and alden na dmating kau sa buhay q sobrang ngng mkulay na muli ang buhay q ng dmtng kaung 2 sna d kau mgbgo at asahan nya hnggat anjn kau dq kau iiwan iloveuforever mga anak hope and pray na mtupad yn wish q pra sa inyong 2 alden and maine sna wg na kau mgkktampuhan mas una kc aq nsasaktan bsta kkpit aq sa inyo sa forever

  41. Kat says: Reply

    Hello mahal! You always write from the heart and I appreciate that so much from you. Thank you for being so thoughtful. After the fest, you’ve truly made happy hearts with your comeback in twitter. Sobrang miss ka namin doon, Meng. Your presence just makes a lot of difference. Andaming bumalik when you came back. 🤗

    Now, this post. Sobrang heartwarming and nakakahappy na you still got our backs. There were days when the fandom was so down but the hope of you and Alden believing in us was still there. Hindi ko na alam ang sasabihin kundi maraming Salamat. You and A never left us. I know it by heart. You and Alden are so loved for your hearts. I will always be here to support you and A. Keep writing and loving! 🤗❤️

  42. Ana Ramirez says: Reply

    Dearest Maine,
    Thank you. If you only knew , how each of us truly love and admire you & RJ! I’ve been here from day one. From that fateful day you got off that car and tied an apron around your tiny waist TO that shy exchange of glances and smiles TO last Saturday’s ADNFest when you paused and smiled at me in that sea of faces during your “procession”.
    I love you for being real. I love you for your uniqueness. I love you for your humility. I love you for your quiet grace. I love you for your unselfish love for RJ .
    Keep doing what you do Maine, I’ll stay and support you as best as I can.
    Teacher Ana 💜

  43. Luuna4711 says: Reply

    Thnk u Meng for sharing your thoughts on the ADN fest. Always a pleasure😇 to read your blog. Mas nakikilala at naunawaan ka namin dahil dito. Mahal namin kayo GB always.

  44. Hello my dear 🙋
    Finally nakapasok nako sa blogsite mo hahaha
    Kahit nabasa ko na sya sa screenshots sa Twitter I still want to leave something here…
    Thank you for being the way you are, both of you, that’s basically the reason why a lot of us support you guys till now because you’re real!
    And yes my wish too that whatever happens to the reel tandem I know that there afe friendships built and hope to maintain and treasure 😊
    Stay happy my dear!

  45. Malou Espelita says: Reply

    you and Alden deserved all the love in the world MY LOVE. We hope that you are happy always and i’m making sure to attend the ADNFestival2018. love you

  46. Bryna Ocampo says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Kahit ako siguro, kahit gaano kadmi kita makita,i’ll still feel the excitement. Someday makaka attend din ako ng ADNFest? Nandito na ko sa Pinas, but sabay ng wedding ng bro n law. Di pa to ang TamangPanahon ko. Just the same I thank you for you love for the fans and for giving us happiness and inspiration. We might be silent or away for awhile, but rest assured na Walang Iwanan✊🏼 For you, For Alden, For AlDub.

  47. hi maine iam happy to be part of your fans . d man kame nakarating sa event madame pa din kame silent fans mo here abraod thank you for bieng you thanks for giving us an inspiration d nyo lang alam kung pano nyo kame napapasaya kayu ni alden. keep it up stay as sweet as you are stay happy andito lang kame ang
    patuloy na susuporta sau sainyo ni alden

  48. SOFIA L. REYES says: Reply

    just to let you & alden know that even though i’m not physically present on that day may spirit is with you . . . . i’m just a silent fan who witnessed everything about the two of you stay grounded and happy111

  49. What a nice blog.. Hoping ganto lagi lahat ng tao. Supporting each other! ILoveYou ate meng!! 😊😘

  50. Hi maine, actually (pahiram muna kahit di ako artista) hahaxD di ko alam kung panu pipigilan yung saya everytime I read your blog, I just can’t contain how happy I am and all those other people reading your blog, seeing you in person, pero sobrang nakakaoverwhelmed para saming mga fans makabasa na sobra kang naging masaya sa nagawa naming lahat pero hindi mo alam na ikaw ang mas nakapagpasaya sa aming lahat! Lodi! 🙂 Nakakaiyak, after reading ur blog I had goosebumps why? Kase sa pagbabasa pa lang ng blog mo ramdam na ramdam na yung puso sa bawat ginagawa mo at sinasabi mo 🙂 kaya sobrang mahal ka din ng mga tao sa paligid mo 🙂 THANKYOU MAINE for every HAPPINESS you gave to us everytime you SMILE 🙂 ur happiness is our happiness, ur success is our success. We are indeed blessed for everything. 🙂 THANKYOU SA PAGACCEPT NUNG ROSARY NA IBINIGAY NAMEN SAINYO NI ALDEN. 🙂 Yung makarinig lang ng THANKYOU galing sa inyo personally MAKES OUR HEART MELT 🙂 kase hindi naman lahat ng tao mabibigyan ng chance to get near to you and hear you say ur Thankyou message. 🙂 So I guess we are so LUCKY. 🙂 icacut ko na kase baka mas maging mahaba pa to kesa sa blog mo. HahahaxD😂😂😂 pero bago ko tapusin tong petmalu kong comment este speech este litanya gusto ko lang sabihin na YOU ARE ALWAYS INCLUDED IN OUR PRAYERS! love you always, baby girl. Dito lang kami palagi. GODBLESS

  51. tams says: Reply

    Ahhhhhh! Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Wala akong soundtrack, instrumental music lang na piano sa background. Sobrang nakakataba ng puso yung mga pictures, yung post mo at yung buong ADN Fest. Mabuhay ang mga Org Com members, at lahat ng mga ADN na andun. I am the fakest fan of all. I am not worthy of you all. Nakakatuwa yung samahan, at salamat sa Diyos na ako ay ADN supporter/quarter-fan.

    Mabuhay ang ADN. God bless you MaiChard!

    Love, love, love,
    Lola TamsLabs

  52. Hi Maine iba ka talaga kaya ganon na lang paghanga ko sayo. I am one of your avid fan abroad. I saw you and Alden last April during the Kalye Serye sa NY concert with JOWAPAO. Galing ako ng Toronto, Canada just to see you. I’m glad nagkaroon ako ng opportunity to have picture with you and Alden. Remember you waited so long outside the elevator to get a lift. I approached your handler Mike if I could have picture with you…and thank God pinagbigyan niya ako. I really treasured that moment…iba talaga charisma mo. Pina develop ko yong picture natin tatlo ni Alden para souvenir ko. I even posted it to FB…kaya nagulat mga friends ko paano ako nagkaroon ng picture with you and Alden and they were all happy kasi alam nila maka ALDUB ako. How I wish makita kita uli paguwi ko next year dyan sa Pilipinas….kaya lang parang ang hirap yata dahil hindi ko alam schedule mo kung nasa broadway ka. Binalak ko rin puntahan ka sa Italy ng nagshot kayo ng IYAM…kaya lang natakot ako magtravel magisa. Kaya ng malaman ko nasa NY ka nagleave ako office just to watch your show and to see you in person, kasama ko yong friend ko na fan din ng ALDUB. We arrived in NY the day of the concert and returned to Canada the following day.
    Wish you all the best Maine and always remember marami nagmamahal sayo…at isa na ako doon…it started in June of 2015, your first appearance in EB and never failed to watch EB kahit mapuyat ako because of time difference.
    Your avid from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
    Take care and GOD BLESS…

  53. arlene says: Reply

    You and RJ are so very lucky to have a fandom like ADN, they are so amazing people and I’m sure every artists wishes to have a fandom like this.👏😊

  54. Katherine Quinain says: Reply

    Marami kaming patuloy na magmamahal sa inyo ni Alden, Meng lalo na sayo. Di ako bibitaw, susuportahan kita forever. Alam kong totoo kang tao kaya mamahalin kita hanggang sa humihinga ako. Ingat ka lagi,Menggay!

  55. Ganda ganda mo, girl!! Naloka ako sa parang bibili lang ng suka! Sana sinamahan mo ng toyo, ‘te. Hahaha

    Well deserved! Sobrang natutuwa ako how you blog na parang feeling ko normal ka lang tao (oo normal ka naman talaga pero gets hahaha). Sobrang humble and down to earth mo kaya ang dami daming nagmamahal sa’yo.

    Good luck sa lahat, ‘te!! Dito lang kami. 🙂

  56. Lyn laurente says: Reply

    Sana next year makapunta na talaga ako 😊😊😊😊 ang hirap maging isang team province!!! Malayo na nga may work pa haaay buhay!!! Tamang panahon sana next year maranasan ko din!! Nakakainget talaga!!!

  57. Ma Fe P Carcamo says: Reply

    Hi meng
    Just like last year di ako nakasama. This time di umabot sa deadline. Hoping to meet you both. I seldom make comments but if i have a chance I would like you to know how much both of you mean to me. Lagi kayo nasa dasal ko at khit di tulad ng mga fans nyo na lagi nyo nakikita ako ay nandito lang pantay na nagmamahal sa inyo. Meng wag mo na bitawan ang kamay ni Alden. Ang dreamman mo if you have not realized ay binigay na ng Diyos sa yo. Di man sya perfect sa lahat ng bagay pero naniniwala ako fit na fit sya sa yo kaya binigay sya ng Diyos para kayo magtagpo. Destiny is a fate with our willingful choice to act on it. Pls do follow my wattpad story Destiny’s Promise (DTBY REWRITE) @carcamofepoako sa wattpad.
    Hoping and praying to see you both.

  58. Maybel says: Reply

    I love you Meng and RJ. Hope to attend one of ADN gatherings soon. 💙💜💛

  59. sheela says: Reply

    beautiful words, beautiful photos!!! what a beautiful celebration it is for such beautiful people like you and A. True, this world will be surely a beautiful place to live in with #NOHATEJUSTLOVE . One thing I always learn from you Maine is just to live life in SIMPLICITY and HAPPINESS. haayssss Yun naman talaga kasi ang dapat but more often nakakaligtaan,,,, We are so blinded by lots of (distracting) things in this world— (2many2mention) kaya I want to say THANK YOU for being there, for just being you, sharing yourself to us• spreading good vibes, kindness, and positive attitude.

  60. Edz says: Reply

    How I wish soon makita ko kau.. super layo kc😳tpos masaklap n part jusme halos kalaki ng munggo lng makikita ko s inyo s super daming tao.. Still congrats sa event and kahit silent support ko pa din kayo although out😊stay healthy..

  61. Sayang hindi ako nakapunta hanggang update lang ako stay in kc sa work but I hope sa tamang panahon makakapunta din ako sa ADN FIEST alam ko na deserve nyo ang support ng ADN dahil totoo kayo at sobrang na papasaya nyo kaming lahat tumutulong pa kau sa kapwa nyo kaya deserve nyo lahat ng blessing na meron kayo ngayon. Masaya at nawawala ang pagod ko kpag nakakapag update ako sa inyo sana nga makabili ako ng book mo maine kahit yun na lng.
    Thank you for inspired me to rich my goal in life and for making me happy every time i’ll see you together you deserve to be bless and be blessed to us more power for both of you.

  62. Kimmy says: Reply

    Love you maineeeee!

  63. sarap magbasa ng blog mo, i always get this feeling na you’re casually talking to me and we’re supah close friends. haha! thank you once again for being so real and brave in letting your heart and soul out for everyone to see.(kaya we know you by heart ❣) ikaw lang ang artist na ganito na alam ko )or baka din, ikaw lang pla pinagtuunan ko ng oras) lol
    You may not know me, but I know you at least😅 gonna admire and be inspired by you always from a distance. (salamat sa soc med)

    Sana meron this year ng ADN fest. baka it’s my chance na pala. haha! syaks. ☺️ I still want to “meet you” in person. crossing my fingers, got a couple of years pa nmn to dream big. See you soon! 😝#latebloomerfan

  64. sarap magbasa ng blog mo, i always get this feeling na you’re casually talking to me and we’re supah close friends. haha! thank you once again for being so real and brave in letting your heart and soul out for everyone to see. ikaw lang ang artist na ganito na alam ko )or baka din, pinagtuunan ko ng oras) lol
    You may not know me, but I know you at least😅 gonna admire and be inspired by you from a distance.

    Sana meron this year ng ADN fest. baka swertihin makapunta. I still want to “meet you” in person. crossing my fingers, got a couple of years pa nmn to dream big. See you soon! 😝#latebloomerfan

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