So I was scrolling through my blog drafts and then I saw this.. Written on the 10th of June, 2015. Casting my mind back to that day… I can only recall one thing, I was “working” at the office the whole day. But the question is, what was I thinking when I wrote this? What was running in my mind for me to compose such a sad composition? Even I, could not recall.

Happiness is self achievable– that is a fact. But I was never truly happy with my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed for having such a comfortable lifestyle unlike others. But I feel like there is something I need but cannot obtain. I feel like there is something missing in me; at times, I feel totally empty. I have been needing love, attention, happiness and compassion my whole life. I cannot seem to understand why I am feeling this way.. I feel like there is too much sadness inside me and I cannot freely let go of it. I want to entirely open myself up to someone to be able to release whatever kind of heartache I’ve been holding on for so long. I have tried; I have tried to free myself from the sorrow that has always been in me but for some reason, it won’t seem to go away. I might me lucky/”blessed” for getting the things that I want, but I’m quite unfortunate when it comes to the things that I need.

 It’s funny and amazing how things have turned in a span of months. A lot of things have changed in my life. This piece I have written five months ago made me think how “miserable” I thought my life was back then. And thinking about it at this time, I realized that my life is not as “miserable” as I thought it was. With all the good things that is happening to me right now, I’ve noticed how I began to shrug off the bad and the sad things that used to dampen my spirit most of the time. It’s nice when things change in a good way; I’d say I am very lucky to be experiencing such great joy compared before– and I could’t be thankful enough.

I was actually thinking… “What if none of these ever happened?” What if I am still the same old low-spirited girl? What if I am still dealing with constant desolation? How many more sad compositions would I write to realize that there are so many things in this world to be happy about? It’s nice that I am finally experiencing happiness and contentment now– I am so blessed with everything that’s coming my way and I seriously could not ask for more– but one thing for sure, I will never forget how often I wallow in self-pity and how sad I was before.

P.S. Stay happy, self.


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  1. Mei says: Reply

    It’s nice to know that you are now happy.. 🙂 Love you, Meng! Keep it up! <3

  2. Honestly, this is my life right now.. feels so miserable, I feel my life is useless right now.. that feeling na para kang nagiisa s mundo walang karamay? Yung gusto mo maglabas ng feelings or sadness pero di mo alam kanino or paano kase you’re thinking na wala naman sila pake.. grabe nateary eye tuloy ako ..

  3. Happiness sometimes mean contentment and sometimes meant to be a choice yet most of the time we often forget that ‘sometimes’. We tend to keep ourself in the state where we would be misserable, where we thought we belong and where we feel comfortable. There are time that it’s easy to stay sad than to find happiness in this world. We often convinced ourself that those things we’re not having are those things that would make us happy without appreciating those things we already have. By this, our mind has created a world where all the dreams, hopes, and anything/anyone we always wanted were there. This is the place we’re living; the place where our comfort is; ‘the place where all lies is’. Imaginary is the term; everything can never be real and it will never be unless you wake up and live with it in the chaotic world. Good thing someone has waken you up Meng! Good thing your views in life are now set with positives. For me it is what people are looking up in you; unchaining yourself in a self created world was so hard yet you did a very great job that you even shine bright where the whole world has seen. We are so proud of you Meng! Just keep us inspired we love you for who you are, please don’t change, humble yourself to the Lord and you’ll be blessed evenmore. God bless and keep it up!

    PS: This blog help us a lot to know you more and to know who is the real Maine Mendoza, (i hate comparing but it is atleast I can do to explain at best) other artist was a great actor when the camera was on but they are much better artist when the camera was off because the real attitude shows, unlike you, there will be no best title for a person who play herself as who she really is off or on camera but still loved by a billions of people!
    Litterally and firguratively, you’re the best Meng!

    :I’ll be your forever fan, no matter what age, what status or what senario it is. Anyways. I can’t explain evenmore, I’m just sure, I’ll be forever your secret stalker and a silent fan whom dreams to have even the littlest second of attention from you. Iloveyou Meng!

    1. Oops, that someone who wake you up was the other side of your self, the very optimist bella whom raging on yourself now. The pessimist bella would never die and it shouldn’t die for it will be the lesson you had already learned.
      I’m happy from what you achieve and for every precious smile you have!
      hihi . *insert kilig here* goosebumps!

  4. ed sabangan says: Reply

    meng mahina ako sa english pasensya kna ha. bilang fan mo sa dto sa saudi arabia naitidhan qta kung bakit ganyan k kalalim magisip sa kaligayahan mahirap hanapin ang kaligayahan mas lalo sa age mong yan. noong 20-25 ako hinahanap ko pa din yan . alam mo kung anu nahanap ko yung honey ko parang nangyari sanyo ni alden accidentally kami nagkita. lahat nagbago sakin paniniwla ko sa buhay at mga bagay n di ko nagagawa noong wla pa siya. dati parang walang kwenta ang buhay ko cge ubos pera san san ako napadpad yung hinahanap ko san yung totoong kailgayahan yung tipong may kulang eh anu b kulang pero pagdi mo expect na dumating wow parang nagkakulay yung buhay mo kumpleto kana at may plano n ako sa buhay kaya nag abroad ako. ngayon 3yrs n kami and counting to forever sana mafansign mo sya pakisabi ALDUB YOU MARY JEAN ASIOCHE FROM ED SABANGAN hehehe godbless lagi ka namin pagdadasal sa health career at syempre sa lovelife nyo ni alden

  5. Janinna Bautista says: Reply

    Hi, Maine,

    How are you? I was on Reddit earlier and there was this comment about yesterday’s episode that I thought was hilarious– “Hindi ko alam ah, pero nag-ovulate ako bigla, kahit lalake ako.” It was funny, right? Hope that made you chuckle too! Anyhoo, I’m glad that things are looking up for you and that you’ve found your peace. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this proud of someone I, personally, don’t know until I found out about you (maybe it’s because you remind me of my little sister?), so before anything else, I’m gonna go ahead and say that I am so incredibly proud of you, Meng!!! And to think, this is only the beginning for you!

    Never stop being who you are (and yes, that includes you being a realist, your tendency to overthink things, and all the flaws you think you have) because it’s what brought you to where you are right now. I’m a firm believer in things happening for a reason and who knows? Maybe you were incredibly sad that day so that you can appreciate every single one right after that 🙂

    But when you do find yourself having days such as the one you had back on the 10th of June, I sincerely hope that (by some chance) you’re here in California, that way, I can remind you that it’s all going to be alright. That you’ve been there before, gone past it, looked at it straight in the eye before throwing your fists up in the air because of how happy you are (Let’s call this your “Yeah, bitch, I did it! -moment.) I’ll also mention how it’s okay to be sad sometimes as long as you don’t let it eat you up, how it’s okay to not talk about it right away and how there’s someone who’s always ready to listen once you’re ready to share. And if that doesn’t make you feel better, I can tell you some of the funny stories I have when I was still serving the Army, or about that time when my boss asked me if I wanted a raise just so that I can get myself some voice lessons because apparently my rendition of Adele’s “Hello” was appalling. But if that still doesn’t make you feel better, ay, magpatintero na lang tayo. Or tumbang preso. Chinese garter? I’m not good at that, I’m short as shit haha.

    Once you’re okay though, I’ll make sure you really are before looking at you straight in the eye to say thank you for reminding me that I need to be patient when it comes to things that will make me happy. And then leave para mysterious…Charing.

    Keep it up, Maine! And remember, when things get hard or when you feel like you can’t breathe anymore, allow yourself to feel it first and then stand back-up, yeah? You can do this! The world is your oyster! You can get the pearl as long as you’re willing to dig through the icky stuff.


    Your friend (feeling? haha!),
    Janinna 11/20/2015

    P. S
    For your eyes only hahah! And when you feel down, remember that you have an army of people ready to help lift you back up.

    1. Janinna Bautista says: Reply

      RIP Formatting..

  6. roseville misuelo says: Reply

    Hai ate maine wag na po.kayong sad dapat happy kasi past2x nga po diba..lahat nanh bagay na dinadanas natin.ngayun lahat may dahilan.happy na tayo happy dahil ako happy ako pag nakita ko lng kayo at makapanuod nang kakyeserye masaya na ako..isa po akong katulong sa lahat po nang pagod ko nawawala pag nakapanuod lng nang kalyeserye masaya na ako kinikilig pah ako salamat po sa lahat sa pagpapasaya sa mga tao lalong lalo na po ako may ginawa po akong scrapbook niyo sana balang araw maipakita at mapaautograph ko po yun at sana makita ko na po kayo sa personal dahil wish ko yan ngayong pasko sana talaga kita sa personal at makpagpapicture lng po ako sayo ingat po kayo palagi god bless po sa inyo happy lng po bawal ang sad thank you po sa lahat sana talaga makita na kita; saaaaaannnnnnnaaaaaaa

  7. Remellie Quiñones says: Reply

    Meng… hhhhmmmmmm… tight hug from one of your fans in Dubai 🙂
    That’s great! you have finally over come those gloomy days. Well done!
    And thank you so much for inspiring lots of people, including myself.

    Whenever I feel blue, I write poems which at times turn out to be a song to my ears. But one thing that really helped me the most is remembering what the Lord says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Shortly after, I found myself praying and crying. Indeed, pouring out everything to HIM.

    May this be an encouragement to you as well, from the book of Jeremiah 29:11 > “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

    Just sharing this verse because like many others you are also HIS Beloved. So, whenever you feel blue, just hold on to HIS promises, ok?.. Your influence to others are certainly huge. We pray that you and Alden will use such influence for HIS glory! More blessings to you our sassy witty girl! Luv yah! 🙂

  8. tracy acosta says: Reply

    It’s good to know that you feel so happy and blessed now 🙂 And finally you know your worth na. I love you, Miss Maine 🙂 Whatever happens to you and to your career, I’m always here to support and believe in you. Always 🙂 It’s 14th of July when you responded in my comments, and I considered that as our first conve. Fan girl here 🙂

  9. Gary Angeles says: Reply

    Hi Maine. This is my first time reading your blog. It kinda brought back some of my memories too. When I was in my late teens and early 20’s , I was thinking to myself that there is more to life than school and work. Don’t get me wrong, I also had a comfortable lifestyle then but I felt the same void that you felt. It was hard to explain. That feeling became even stronger when I went to the States and saw/felt the uncertainties of life. I guess I just dealt with it dead on with the support of my girlfriend (my wife now). I think I just became satisfied with whatever came my way at the same time doing my best to achieve my goals. Then I settled down, then had a daughter ( she is a big fan) and a son. I guess what I’m trying to say is I think you already found your path and you just have to clear it. Thank you for reading my post. This actually my firstever post to anyone’s blog. More power. God Bless.

  10. jimari says: Reply

    hi maine… stalker mode again.. happy to know na mula sa lungkot ay masaya ka na ngaun. but kung alam mo lng, mas maraming nagiging masaya ng dahil sayo. yung sinabi mong “MALIIT na bagay yung reaction” mo sa first split screen ninyo ni alden sa CELEBRITV? yung maliit na bagay na inaakala mo eh yun pala ang magbibigay ng MALAKING dahilan para maging masaya ka at magpasaya ng iba. and thank you for staying humble.
    PS excited na ako sa first movie mo. sana mapanood ko.. hirap kaya magstalk sayo pag team abroad ka. hahaha.. lahat ng social media sites nabubuksan ko na 🙂

  11. Mary Ann says: Reply

    Hi Maine! sa dinamidami ng humahanga sayo, ndi mo pa din talaga maalis na magtanong kung bakit noh? yun naman ang minahal namin sayo eh, yung pagiging totoo mo, pagiging ikaw at pagiging tao.
    maraming salamat sa inspirasyon at sa iyo pang magiging proyekto, sana mabigyan ka pa ng maraming pagkakataon na maging mabuting halimbawa, at sana lagi kang magdadasal at ingatan mo ang iyong sarili.

    Mahal ka namin. wag kang magbabago kasi kami nding ndi.

  12. Tin de guia says: Reply

    I’m experiencing the same thing right now. I’m miserable not because of some problem or whatever, but because I feel stuck. I’m trying to find happiness in my life and honestly, I’m not finding anything. Hopefully, after reading your blog, I won’t feel this way anymore. And I’m glad that your happy now. You deserve it. Everyone does.

  13. joana marie baladad says: Reply

    After reading some of your blogs, I had a chance to know a little about you. How you are as a daughter, sibling and as a friend. And I know you has changed a lot, you’ve show the things that you are keeping inside for a long time, ngayon alam mo na kung para saan talaga ang isang Maine Mendoza. Mas lalo ako naging happy kasi yun taong hinahangaan ko ay deserving talagang hangaan at mahalin ng napakaraming tao. I’ve never been hooked by any artists before, until you came like a shooting star. Thank you for making us happy,serves as an inspiration to the youth and I know you deserved everything that you have right now, a simple girl who gives an extraordinary joy to people. Andami ko pa sana gustong sabihin pero tsaka na lang if ever I got a chance to meet you, “WISHING” ME!. Basta “YOU SMILE I SMILE” (JB)? (: Stay safe and always remember, ang ngiti mo ay parang virus, hindi pa man ako nakakalapit sayo, nahahawa na ako. lol. Mainenamahal kita!
    -> fan bella.(:

  14. Ronald says: Reply

    Hi Meng (feeling close), I just saw your post in your twitter regarding the traffic on your site. Actually I already made a comment there (@aldubmoment) but just in case you haven’t read it yet due to numerous comments of your fans. I decided to comment here as well, so if you are having problem with the huge traffic on your site and it makes your site crashed. I suggest you to try installing server-side caching. This is simple to install and can be highly effective. Or if you want, you can upgrade or look for another server. If you are using shared hosting that is fine for small traffic. Look at a VPS, a dedicated server,or a cloud hosting service that allows you to boost the resources available to your website.
    Kung may tanong ka feel free to email me. I am willing to help you.
    Thanks and God Bless!
    More power to you and to your career.
    Sana magkatuluyan kayo ni Alden ahaha I’m a big fan of yours.

  15. Iche says: Reply

    I am also a Pisces, born on March 1. I was like you when I was your age. Reading all your blogs was like reading my own blog and amazingly knowing “di pala ako nagiisa”. Anyways, ur still young and you’ll have more things to experience. Enjoy every moment of what you have and never forget to take care of your heart. I will always be your fan (thanks to my Mom for making me aware of KS). Enjoy life and be happy. 🙂

  16. Jen says: Reply

    That’s well thought of and full of heart in it.emptiness is normally felt when u can’t express your real self and not allowing yourself to enjoy what’s right I front of you.always wanting to be loved but loving and accepting yourself is the first step.youre Young and now is the best time to express yourself spread your wings and soar high.a very smart and pretty girl like you is a complete package you have alot to offer so make them aware you exist and you have landed.,God bless .

  17. macy says: Reply

    I want to begin this by saying thank you.

    It comes from the heart when I say this, as I neither aspire to be original nor creative… just true.

    There are struggles everyday; pain and heartache abound everywhere. We do what we can and try our best to deal with the life that we lead. I’ve come to learn about “you” when I was in a place where I have to process a personal failure and loss, and though the sadness lingers, it doesn’t overwhelm me now. You are a big part of that. Because I see someone who gives so much of herself, in ways that we never even knew we’d come to let in and love, that I feel it’s okay to move forward … to be happy in spite of the ache, and to enjoy the simplest of things. There’s something about your giving nature that is truly rare and special. Maybe, it’s because you allow yourself to be vulnerable first that we recognize the strength it takes to do what you’re doing. It’s real, and it’s human, and it’s awesome.

    To smile, laugh, to feel the pain and yet be bold enough to face it, to love … those are just some of the things you inspire in people. We respond to you because you showed the compassion first.
    Your humor, wit, talent and class, have been embraced fully by the masses … deservingly so. But your moments of stillness … of pauses -when even a tiny amount of fear suffocates and self-doubt lingers just a tad too long – are the ones the I’ve now come to appreciate more. You really try to be open about how you feel, and it seems like those same moments that scare you are the ones that also build and forge you. Those are the ones that you might have dealt with or might still be dealing with by more than just breathing in a little bit deeper and breathing out a bit more forcefully. I appreciate the struggle because I believe it has taken more out of you to open yourself out there. So seeing you light up, and sensing that it comes from the inside … even from one stranger to another, I couldn’t have been any prouder. You’ve overcome. It’s a battle won. It’s your giving that is coming back to you and filling you.

    Thank you, Maine, for letting us in whenever you share something or act out a scene and seem to say, “Here … here is a piece of what and who I am. Do with it as you will. I trust myself, and I love you.”

  18. Min C. Delos Reyes says: Reply

    Good morning Maine. Read your blog last night. Can’t help but that feeling you are (were) talking about, it’s the feeling that I have right now. I mean. I have so much blessings, I have a family that I love so dearly, I have a stable job, I can buy what I want. But somehow, I have this feeling of sadness that I can’t explain. I didn’t know that tears were rolling down my cheeks for no apparent reason. Most of the time I have self pity, if you could call it selfishness, but that unexplainable sadness is eating me up. I’m happy that you got out from that misery if that’s what you want to call it. You are still young, you have lots of opportunites and chances to become what you want to be. Honestly, your kalye serye temporarily helps forget what I’m going thru, so thank you for giving me a time out from my crazy world for 30 minutes. Love you Menggay. Thanks for being you. May the dear Lord bless you always.

  19. Marilyn Gutierrez says: Reply

    We are happy when you are at your best and positive days and we will be the wind beneath your wings to let you fly high and won’t let you fall even at your worst and darkest times. We are here to support you no matter what.

  20. Naiiyak ako hala. I am feeling the same exact thing right now. Hopefully, I’d come to realization na rin. And yes, happiness and contentment. I’m happy that you’ve already found yours. For me? I’ll keep on praying for it. Thanks for posting this, at least now I know that I was not the only one having these feelings. And hey, congratulations and keep it up! Take things easily – one step at a time. Love lots Meng! :*

  21. We (bloggers) all have that drafts we are scared of posting. Lucky you Maine, you’ve got your way out of your labyrinth of suffering.

  22. REFernandez says: Reply

    Please do stay happy. It suits you. I love reading your blogs because i know its coming from the core. Its like looking straight to your soul. Keep writing dear Maine. I love how you put into writing whats inside that beautiful mind of yours. #labyuNicomaine

  23. Donya Delayla says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    You know iha, you’re young. There are so many things coming your way, so I hope you are strong (or stay strong). You’re smart so I don’t have to say, life is not always success and happiness (although I said it :D), diba sabi ni Lola Nidora, maraming pagsubok, so there will be many ups and downs pang mangyayari sa buhay mo.

    Are we allowed to wallow in self pity? Of course we are. It’s our nature, we are human, much the same as when we take pride in ourselves. However, if self pity begins to overcome us then we should wake up and realize that living means accepting all the negative emotions then learning how to turn those emotions into something that will help us grow. Like you, writing this blog.

    Pasensiya ka na, I would like to presumed the “need” that you are referring to on your blog is love. Ito ang love that you were probably hoping for. Mahirap yan at masakit yan. You’re not alone feeling that way. Love when you seek it and can’t have it will make you lonely, restless, useless, inadequate. I’ve had a few in my life, four of which I considered the love of my life. Yes, four ha! I loved them in different times. But then, not one of them stayed with me. Ang sakit. If you would like to know my love stories, I can share it with you if you ask me.

    I hope you’re love has found you. I cannot advise you on how to keep the love and make it last because I wasn’t able to do so. The best people to ask are your parents. Keep things in perspective iha, because you don’t know what love will give you.

    Please keep in mind, you are one of the lucky persons. You were there at the right time, at the right place, with the right people. I see that you are grateful on your blessings and you seemed able to share them to others. So Maine, stay happy, whatever the future holds.

  24. Hi Maine 🙂 I constantly been visiting your blog, and actually, I am seeing myself in you. Writing has also been my medium in expressing myself (lalo na before). Kaya nga, na inspired akong gumana na din ng blog just recently. Mahiyain, tahimik at wala din akong bilib sa sarili ko before. But there were turn of events, like yours. As time passed, darating ung mga sagot ni God sa mga dasal mo. Kahit nga hindi mo dinasal, magugulat ka nalang kung paano ka niya i-beblessed. A lot love you because of your genuine heart and personality. I’m really a fan. I am really enjoying your blog, your posts in social media and of course, Kalyeserye. Continue to be blessed and a blessing to a lot lot more. 🙂

  25. Happy to know you’ve found your true happiness. I couldn’t explain how I feel reading your blog. But there’s one thing for sure, I love everything about you. Keep it up! Just continue being yourself. Do what you love to do and hope you will not be tired of sharing your thoughts…We are here to support you no matter what (Pinkie swear). I’ll be your forever FAN no matter what. I’ll wait for my “Tamang Panahon” to meet you up close and personal. And I pray this simple wish of mine will come true in His right time.

    Love you Meng!

  26. Monica Pacorsa says: Reply

    i’m your #0 fan (madami ng #1 e)
    gumawa ako ng twitter para sumuporta sayo, sa AlDub.
    seriously.. thank you kasi ung happiness mo sobrang nakakahawa !!
    pag napapanuod kita sa tv – masaya ung feeling, panu pa kaya pag personal na ?? SANA SANA.. jusko po pag nagkataon – baka speechless ako..

    di man ako ganun ka-active sa social media pero I’m always here to support you kahit anung mangyari.. Pag iipunan ko ung My Bebe Love – Siguradong kilig pa more..
    Mabasa mo man to o hindi.. Okay lang. magreply ka man o hindi .. okay lang. basta masaya ako sa pagsuporta sayo. hindi kailangan ng kapalit. muahugss.
    May God bless you more because you really deserve it.
    I really admire you.
    AlDub You Maine..

  27. clare says: Reply

    Hi Ms. Maine,
    Hope you can read my message :).
    I’m glad knowing that your happy and contented right now. Just be thankful for all the blessings that you received and may received in the future. You always make people happy especially me. That’s why your always blessed by God. Always stay happy and healthy for us, ‘cuz we wanted to see you everyday. Take care always. Do everything slowly but surely 🙂
    Sorry for the wrong grammar.
    Hoping to see you in person 🙂

  28. Onlyfoolslikeme says: Reply

    I wish you more happiness, because you make many people happy. Always be strong.

    Carpe Diem.

  29. Demi says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Don’t think “what if’s” in your life! Dont be PESSIMISTIC! Always think happy thoughts and just enjoy your happy life! yeah your very lucky on waht you have now but always be yourself! Don’t be tired of sharing you inspiring thoughts! hmm Anyway, I am one of your fan! I am here for you to support! hope to meet you personally! love yah Meng!

  30. Dave says: Reply

    I used to write really depressing stuff back in the day. This was in 2008:
    “When I got home that night, I entered a stranger’s house. I could make out the dining table and living room furniture as they formed silhouettes against the glass windows and the faint glimmer from the marble floor. Something was evidently different about it. Or me. It was me, I guess. I stopped and listened and all I could hear in the dead silence was this faint cry from the depths of my soul, like it was exhaling its last few breaths before it dies.
    I opened a can of beer, holed myself in a room, and stared at the lamp as it painted the walls yellow. I was staring at the dream… The beer tasted ridiculously bad, as did everything else. But I stared on with not a single thought, and then it dawned on me – I have never felt this empty in my life.”

  31. Demi says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Dont mind those “what if’s”. Dont be PESSIMISTIC! XD Just continue of being who you are! Think of those things that will help you to be happy. Please continue sharing your inspirational thoughts to us. I love everything about you. Anyway, I am one of your fantastic FAN. Haha XD Am hoping to meet you personally and I’ll wait for that. If i will given a chance to see you in person, I think I will be happiest girl in this world! Lols hahaha I will always pray for you and Alden for your career. Wish for the best! haha Love yah ate Maine! 🙂

  32. DEMI COVAR says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I am very glad that you’re happy now. You found now where you’re happiness is. Stay who you are and dont forget to LOVE yourself! Lots of love ate Maine!

  33. MIE says: Reply

    To live a happy life is to live with a grateful heart. 😉
    Smile, breathe and look around you! GOD loves you and so do we 🙂 <3
    Take Care always.

  34. Thanks Yayadub!

  35. “I am so blessed with everything that’s coming my way and I seriously could not ask for more– but one thing for sure, I will never forget how often I wallow in self-pity and how sad I was before.”

    I can relate so much to this. Thanks gor this post Meng! Truly, it’s amazing how in a span of months the Lord has unraveled His plans for you! I hope to achieve my dreams in His perfect time as well. Love you and God bless!

  36. Raquel Hernandez says: Reply

    Dear Maine,

    Hi! You are loved by me

    In the short time that I have known you through all your blogs, the EB Kalseyerse, you have inspired me. Sometimes, when things in life go wrong, that is all we need to do, revisit the lessons we have learned. All the problems we are facing are like clouds that are blocking the clear sky, tackle the clouds – it might rain and pour down with problems – but God reminds us that the sun will appear. The Lord knows how much we can take and how many problems we are capable of facing and believe that he will never burden us with more than we can handle.

    They say love makes life worth living. It is indeed true. There is nothing that love cannot accomplish; there is nothing that love cannot crack open. Love might shatter our comfort zones, but it will always take us to deeper levels within ourselves. It will force us to expand our boundaries and explore new things. On this new journey of life that you are about to embark, I hope you take along lots of love.

    Security is just an illusion. We feel that we are secure when things that we need are within our reach, when we are able to satisfy our wants and when life is at a pace we can handle. But when we do new things, there is no security. When Neil Armstrong went to the moon, what proof did he have that he would return safe? When Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest, what did he carry along for security? These great men broke out of their comfort zones and went ahead to do things they didn’t need to do. Just like how you went out your way to help a woman in distress, just how you gave your hand when the world ignored the woman cries for help, you made them feel secure. You’ve done great things, break the shackles and fulfill your dreams. They’re waiting for you.

    Hope for better things. Hope is one thing that can bring great changes to a person’s life. Hope that your health will be better and hope that the bugs that are bothering you will be squashed. When we hope, the world aspires and comes together to make it true. Optimism doesn’t fool us that things are better, optimism makes us see things in a new light and that light helps us build our world in the way we want it.

    Have faith and pray every day. The Lord will always watch us and never, ever let us down. He might give us a few setbacks to humble us, a few successes when he knows we’ve done our best and failures when we need to work harder. The Lord only intends to make us better people and only wants to help us live our lives to the best we can, at least I believe so and I hope you will too. Never lose faith, for that is where life came from.

    You know, in life, there are very few people who really ask us how we are. When people ask it as a formality, we have all the right in the world to pretend that we’re perfect. But when it comes from the heart, when the intention to know how you are is genuine, let the layers fade. Let the reality come out. People say that we need to pretend, as we cannot go around sharing our sorrows. Maybe it’s true; maybe it’s not. I haven’t learnt that yet. But I know that I’m willing to take away a part of your pain by listening to the troubles you have. A problem shared is like a burden lifted off the shoulder, it gets halved. So share not only your joys, but your sorrows too. A joy when shared will multiply and a sorrow? When it shared, it will divide.

    I have always admired how you have defined yourself. You’re a daughter, a sister, a friend, a funny girl and I’m sure you play so many more roles in the lives of people around you. But you have always been ‘love’ to me. I love how you have no layers to yourself. I love that innocence, that warmth and that smile that you seem to carry. I love the sweet tune of your voice whenever you talk. Please never change that no matter how stern the world seems on changing it; be yourself. You’re too beautiful a person to turn into a replica of crazy mud-heads.

    I don’t know if there’s too much advice in this letter, but I hope you get the message. I love and care for you and would only wish you the best. I hope your spirits are high and awakened. I hope that you pop open a bottle of water (or champagne) raise a toast to yourself, face life in the eye and say, “I’m ready, bring it on! Show me what you’ve got!” For that’s how strong you are. Put on the best version of yourself)

    I will always be your diehard fan Maine. I will stand by you, support you and will always pray for you. God bless you and your family. Always remember you are one of a kind and God’s favor is with you. Cheers for Overflowing Blessing! 

    Sharing my favorite verse in the Bible: Jeremiah 29:11

    For I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD. They are plans for good and not disaster, to five you a future and a hope”.

    Tight Hug, Lots of Love,

    Raquel Hernandez/OFW Doha Qatar (Aldub Chapter – Qatar)

  37. Jonathan "jlo" Lopez says: Reply

    Hi Maine!

    Being a celebrity is a calling po, You are called by God to entertain, to inspire people etc… Kaya ka siguro masaya ngayon kasi napufulfill muna ang purpose mo in life. Hehe yun lang po. God bless po always…

  38. Jonathan "jlo" Lopez says: Reply

    Hi Maine!

    Being a celebrity is a calling po, You are called by God to entertain, to inspire people etc… Kaya ka siguro masaya ngayon kasi napufulfill mo na ang purpose mo in life. Hehe yun lang po. God bless po always…

  39. sam says: Reply

    asan po ung written nyo on the 10th of june 2015?

    Lagi q po nag-aabang sa blog nyo.. I really admire you po,at gnagaya mga facial expressions nyo kso dko magaya,ehehe.ald ub u po..

  40. Arshy Nillasca says: Reply

    Hello ate maine.. sana po makita na kita ng malapitan.. I’m an avid fan from davao city .. nandun rin kami nung pumunta kau sa davao last dec.18 .. gusto ko tlga pumunta sa valentine concert nyo ulit dto sa davao sa feb18 .. sana makakuha ako ng chance na makapapic sau.. sobrang inggit namin sa mga nakapapic sa inyo nung dec.. huhuhu .. love na love na love na love ko tlga ang aldub loveteam.. more blessings to come

  41. Ms. N says: Reply

    Hi Maine 🙂 you know I feel so blessed to have known you (not fully of course). However seeing a glimpse of your life inspires me everyday. I just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH from moon and back million times. You are not an ordinary person but a special God-given gift everyone is blessed with! You deserve to be happy and you’re happiness is also the happiness of many people who dearly loves you. You are special, loved, cherished, and adored by many especially the One Above. Stay happy, crazy and be the real you. We love you just the way you are 😉 God Bless

  42. Ms. N says: Reply

    Hi Maine 🙂
    I just wanted to express my gratefulness. This is an entry in my tumblr account. I hope you take time to read. I also left messages to you on your FB account hoping that one day you’ll be able to read it. When that day arrives it will be the best day of my life and your time would be the most treasured gift I would ever receive. Thank you.

    FanMode Happiness

    Alden Richards and Maine Mendoze or ALDUB, since I started watching it have influenced me or should I say have been in me. It is one of my best stress reliever and source of happiness. Actually I always always feel lonely. I am happy yes but there is a part of me that remains super duper to the highest feeling of loneliness. The reason I believe is the absence of my friends and the sepanx to university feels. I am used to having late night conversation about different things, happenings and people but now I have no one to discuss such stuff. I feel so alone in every journey that I am taking today. I don’t have anyone to share my thoughts with that are all ears and ready to listen. This blog serves as my means of expression. I have always been wanting to place every single event that may happen in this site however time is a luxury that I cant afford to have.
    Today, December 13, 2015, Sunday, is a day full of ALDUB views and activities. Suddenly I realize how deep it has come into my personality and life as a whole. It has influenced me in a very very very positive way. I don’t know how this all happened but it did. People may judge me (positively or negatively) but this is my HAPPINESS and I will never regret all of these events for it has made me overcome the sadness and emptiness inside me even for just a couple of minutes.
    I idolize Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza because of her simplicity and of course of the fact that I can relate to her situation. I can say I have somehow I am experiencing what she have been through and I am still hoping that one day I can also reach my dreams in life like what she did now. I am very grateful of her, the lessons she imparts and all, ‘coz she gives me that hope that I badly need at this point in time.
    I am still praying that maybe one day, if God permits, like Maine and the phenomenal tandem, I will be someone that I, myself and everyone who loves and believes in me, will also be proud of.

  43. Ms. N says: Reply

    This is my third comment in this blog of yours. I know Im not that special to catch your attention or to be given such but being able to express my gratitude to you and the people behind you, who supports and guide you in your new journey, is enough. You may have experienced the sadness in that part of your life but now I believe those days were over and you have a new responsibility of spreading happiness and positivity. Its your time to share and ease the sadness that most of your fans feel. You are an inspiration, motivation and an icon to many whose lives has been touched and influenced by you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    PS. Maine, sana, please, makapagreply ikaw through my email. Simple message po please. I’m humbly asking for this as a fan, for I just wanted to have a simple positive vibes from this super down moment of my life. I will be patiently waiting for that day. I love you and will support you all the way. Thank you.

  44. thefangirlbynight says: Reply



    To the girl who made me write stories again: (From your #21384th fan)

    I don’t even know why I chose this post para magsend ng birthday message. Maybe because this is my favorite, ewan ko lang kung favorite mo to.. More or less, I think you won’t see this. Unless it’s my day. (But it’s yours, so there’s that) But anyway, there’s no harm in trying right?

    So ayun, happy birthday Nicomaine!! This might be the weirdest message I will ever give ever. (Aside from the comment I left around September ata yun?) Isipin mo, we don’t know each other personally, but here I am composing a long message for you. But I guess you are that special. Maine, hindi mo alam kung gaano mo ako naiinspire everyday.

    Ako kasi, I’ve always found myself inferior with my peers. Yung walang sense, ganun. Di ko alam kung bakit, but I usually end up comparing myself to others. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I get lost in depression and insecurities just stalking them online and seeing their life. I want their life. I want out of my own.

    But then you and Ricardo came, small at first in national television. I got amused. I remember it was my first year in college, and I was so discouraged to go because the future batch mates that I’ve met online were so good. Brilliant. I was the only one without honors. Nakakahiya. But then you and Ricardo nga came (HAHA). It was an outlet for me to distract myself. Getting home, watching the replay. Sleep. Go to school. Repeat. I survived, (barely) and along the way, I learned to adapt, alongside you, adapting to your own new environment. It became more than entertainment. It became an inspiration. I got inspired everyday, as I watched you discover your own self and become more confident everyday. I read your blogs, and learned a lot from it. I became more positive. Kung-kaya-ni-Nicomaine-kaya-ko-rin became my mantra. O kaya yung I’ll-have-my-Maine-Mendoza-moment -soon mantra. I said to myself I will have it. Hindi man sa harap ng milyun-milyong tao, o kaya wala mang 41 million tweets about it. Kahit sa sariling bahay ko lang to maacheive, okaya sa school, okay na ako. A few months later, I was accepted to an organization, a new family I could belong to. Hindi pa man yun yung Maine Mendoza moment ko, pero sobrang saya ko! Super nakatulong ka dun sa time na nagaapply ako. Mas naniwala na ako sa sarili ko. And I got new friends! This time naman on Twitter. Hooray for THIS CORNER. They were the ones who appreciated the fanfic I made for you and Ricardo. (Wanna read it? Hahahaha jk medyo awkward pag binasa mo) Akalain mo yun, I am a fan of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Taylor Swift, but I never made a fan account! Ngayon lang. PARA SAINYO (kilig na yan). I never really was interested in local celebrities. Nagugulat ako kung bakit yung iba, naiinspire daw sa mga Kathniel okaya kay Vice or something. Ngayon naiintindihan ko na sila. Kasi dito nila siguro din hinuhugot yung lakas nila araw-araw sa pagbangon nila. Drama ba? Di mga ganito minemention ko sayo sa Twitter, promise! HAHAHAHAHA. Tama na, naging very me na yung segment na to. Gusto ko lang kasi magbigay ng concrete example kung paano ka nakakapekto ng good change sa ibang tao, at isa na ako dun sa milyun milyong taong yun 🙂

    I have a lot of hopes and wishes for you. Pero ito yung pinagpapray ko talaga everyday. (+ special intention na din for the mass):

    1.) Unang-una, good health for you and your loved ones. Importante yan! Pahinga pahinga din pag may time ah! Health over work. Yes, something I should also keep in mind I guess. Good job for reminding.

    2.) Love. In whatever form, as long as it is what you’ve always looked for. Pwedeng in the form of ano na rin. *cue your voice* Alam mo na yaaaaaan!!

    3.) Happiness. THIS. I just really hope you are happy Meng. Sa work, sa people around you, sa love na binibigay ko at lahat ng fans mo. Sa bagong pamilya na nakuha mo nung 2015, na patuloy pang lumalaki. I hope you have contentment in your heart. I know a lot of people would not see joy in what you are doing (given na it’s full of issues and showbizness nga naman) but I hope you find the good in it. And I’m happy that as you’ve said in your post above, you are. Continue to be happy Maine. Because it makes us, too.

    Maine, you are a blessing. This would be probably the thing I would like you to know best. You are a blessing for the whole fandom. It takes a lot of strength para magpasaya ng tao even if you have your own personal battles to fight. I think that is one thing that had kept me going ever since I became your fan: the idea that if you could make millions of people happy and giving joy selflessly, then I guess I could do it for myself and for the people around me. You may not know me, but you mean the world to me. Weird no? Haha! Sorry kung di ako yung usual fan na nakakababad sa Twitter at nakakavote for you. Pero advanced congrats na din for KCA!! WOOOOO IDOL KO YAN OH.

    Sa yun.. (Resisting the urge to end this sa kalokohan) Hahaha happy birthday again! Sana mag-enjoy ka bukas sa surprise ni Tisoy. Basta tandaan mo lang na I will always be here for you. Kahit anong mangyari yan. Pabebe swear! Hahaha. Tiniming ko pa na 12 mn oh! Hahahaha! Love u! Ill write again mamayang gabi para kamustahin ka! God bless and stay happy, Nicomaine. 🙂

    If you would be so kind, please tweet your favorite Nicholas Sparks quote for me if ever you read this! Okaya tumbling ka bukas! Ganoin! Although I’ll never know if ito yung rason, at least there’s hope diba? Hahahaha!

  45. thefangirlbynight says: Reply


    Hi Meng! Kamusta naman birthday celebration? Hahahaha! So ayan sabi ko kasi dun sa post ko, I will post another message, kaya ito. Gusto ko lang ngayong araw na to ay malaman na masaya ka. And you look so happy! Feeling ko tuloy, nanay ako or lola na super proud sa anak niya.

    Lalo na sa ig mo. Jusko naiyak talaga ako, comparing it to your 20th birthday message to yourself. Mas naniniwala na tuloy akong someday, I will also say na I did it. I finally found my purpose. I’m glad you have found yours. To realize that your purpose in life is to make people happy may be one of the greatest blessings a person can have, and I’m glad isa ka sa mga taong yun Maine. You have a good soul and a good heart, and always remember that no one can take that away from you, and those two things will matter, everytime. Keep them, Maine. Keep them good. Yan lang siguro ang gusto kong gawin mo, and everything else follows.

    Yun lang naman. I hope you stay real, stay happy, and stay inspiring. Nicomaine Dei, happy birthday once again. The whole fandom loves you so much. We got your back.

    your #14154th fan

    Yung Nicholas Sparks quote ko ha. Tweet mo pag nakita mo to HAHA malay ko magtweet ka.

  46. Yea Buenaventura says: Reply

    Grabe! Meng, I can’t believe that you feel that way before.

    Ako kasi nararamdaman ko ngayon kung ano mga na-feel mo before.

    I just really hope that
    One day i also see myself
    na alam ko na ang gusto ko sa buhay.

  47. Marianne Canto says: Reply

    Hi, Maine.. God has directed you to what will really makes you happy.. yung makapagpasaya ka ng iba, iyon ung happiness mo. kaya ka dati sad kasi dati nakakahon ka lang, na walang mapaglabasan ung saya na nasa loob mo.. sana nga lahat ng fortunate or blessed people gaya mo, na isi-share hindi lang ung blessing na meron sila kundi pati na rin ung happiness nila.. pangarap ko rin yan eh, ung parang DJ na magpapayo and the same time, nagpapasaya or nagpapatawa, kaya lang hindi ko talent.. bagay ka talaga sa Sugod Bahay, kasi ikaw ung channel of blessing ni God to those people in need not only of material things but a direction in life.. kapag nagkatuluyan kayo ni Alden, mas maganda na magkaroon kayo ng segment na pang-couple ung magtuturo ng related sa love.. parang mag-aadvice kung pano maayos ung malapit ng masirang relationship, or mag-aayos kung possible pa naman.. hehe, suggestion ko lang naman yan, ganda di ba?

  48. Joyce says: Reply

    Hi Maine ? Alam mo ang HAPPINESS, di yan hinahanap kasi nasa puso mo mismo yan. At alam mo minsan Maine nararanasan na pala natin ang totoong kaligayahan pero di lang natin napapansin. Love you meng! ☺??

    PS. Napa’comment ako rito kasi na ba’bother talaga ako kasi til now hinahanap mo parin ang genuine happiness. ?

  49. Jhun Esteban says: Reply

    That feeling you get, when you see him happy and you find the reason behind his smile…

  50. jazz says: Reply

    bakit nga b minsan no matter how hard u try to be happy at bilangin ng paulit ulit ang blessings – malungkot pa rin. u know and feel na something’s amiss. ang hirap…im always praying na dumating n ung something n mkakapagpasaya sa kin

  51. Vanicel tenio says: Reply

    Only Jesus can give you a true essence.. Of happiness and satisfaction

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