Boating around Lake George with the roomies and two other friends.

We thought this might be the last chance to go boating because winter is about to come and it’s starting to get really cold here in Bolton Landing. In a way, I’d say we got lucky with the weather because it was sunny that afternoon. (Yup, even if it’s 11 degrees that time) The Marina closes at 4:30 and we got there at around 2 so we had two and a half hours to roam around the lake. Some of us still had to go to work in the morning (including me!) so we really did not have much time. Still and all, I’m glad we were able to push it through. (No more postponements!) The sad thing though, Janeeva wasn’t able to come with us because she needs to go to work in the afternoon. There’s always a next time, Jan! It may not be here in New York anymore but I promise you we’ll go boating soon! 😉


Pampainit before cliff diving!

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Some went cliff diving again. Nope, not me. I’m good. I was able to try it before.. I don’t want to risk my safety anymore. So here’s the “highlight” of the day. Kamille, one of my closest friends, have always wanted to go cliff diving. She was always so excited to do it; even just the thought of ‘cliff diving’ thrills her already. We were not actually supposed to go cliff diving that time but since she wanted to do it so bad it and since she was the only one among the group who hasn’t done it yet, we simply granted her request.

So there we are..

Miguel, Gene, Samantha and Kamille started making their way up to the cliff. Jobs (who is a pusillanimous) and I were left at the boat; our only task was to just take photos and videos of them as they jump off. Miguel went first, followed by Gene then Samantha. Aaaaand we’re left with Kamille; she was the last person to jump. She spent 30-40 minutes on the cliff deciding whether she’s going to do it or not. Long story short (bottom line, rather), she didn’t do it. We tried to convince her in so many ways but none of it worked. She was so terrified of jumping because (according to her) she might hit the rock face. Matthew and his ‘convincing’ quotes about taking risks could have dispelled Kamille’s doubts and fear though– if only he was there. (Uuy Kamille!!)

We got back to the Marina at around 5 and had to pay for another hour because we were late. Eh we were supposed to be back at 4:15! It was a fun afternoon, though! I had so much fun I wish we could do it again. 🙂 Surely going to miss this!

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