Broadway Boys In Concert With Yours Truly

Today, I decided to blog about the Broadway Boys concert experience instead of a Sunday Currently. But in case you are wondering, I am currently just lying on my bed as I compose this entry. Almost ready to hit the sheets.

Before anything else, I would like to thank those people who expressed their love and support for me yesterday during #MaineSingsWithBWBoys. This is not about the hashtag count; this is more than the numbers. (Pero syempre super appreciated yun! Effort yun ha! Nakakaloka yung 1.7 million. If only tweets are convertible to cash no?) I am expressing my gratitude to all those who showed appreciation to our performance. Thank you for watching Tita Karen Karpentera as she conquered the stage (kabuwisit yung conquer lol) with the Broadway Boys. To those who lined up in Broadway Centrum from 5 in the morning ; those who missed hours of sleep for the Twitter party (Is that what you call it?) ; those who came all the way to the studio on a rainy Saturday just to witness the concert live; those who watched from their TV monitors (Team Bahay) and phone/computer screens (Team Abroad). Salamat. O diba dami kong pinasalamatan daig pa kumandidato.

Yesterday, I was sooo happy when the show ended. As in I am super glad that nothing bad happened. Knowing myself, I always feel like I’d fail in the things I do. That no matter how hard I try to convince myself that everything’s going to be alright, I still cannot shrug off that bit of negativity in my system. Still, before the show started, I summoned my inner Rancho..

all is well

I was soooo nervous! And I will tell you why..


Let’s clear things up here first. Guys, you need to know.. I am not a drummer. Though drums have always fascinated me because there are hardly any female drummers out there. (And I wanted to be one!) Since we have a drum set at home– my brother plays drums– I thought why not try to learn how to use it. With the resources available these days, I thought of watching drum tutorials and covers on Youtube in the hopes of learning something. (I mean.. striking instruments with sticks seems kind of easy, right?) I was already fond of Coldplay and editing videos back then so I thought of doing something new…. then tadaaaa! I came up with ‘In My Place’ drum cover. Wala lang naman yun, sinubukan ko lang talaga. Uh duh, it was clearly all over the place. That video was made out of curiosity and spontaneity. Little did I know years later it would be used as a reference to attest that I can play drums. Hindi ba pwedeng sinubukan lang?!

Anyway, I always have hard time learning a piece because I am not a proficient “drummer”– you could clearly tell. (Kasi nga diba hindi naman talaga ako sanay!) So it all started Wednesday night, when I was told that I have to play drums for the Broadway Boys concert. Stressed ako ng mga oras na yun. I was thinking.. How could I learn drums and other percussions in just two days?! Sobrang nakakapressure because I did not have a choice. It’s not that I don’t want to do it; it’s just I don’t think I have enough time to learn and practice. So ayun na nga, I had to learn a “simple” drum piece. Pero wait let me tell you, a “simple” drum piece is not so simple and easy as it seems– speaking for my-not-a-drummer-self. Some were telling me “Madali lang yan, freestyle naman eh!” No, no, nope. Again, I am not a drummer.

To be completely honest, I don’t think I have a sense of rhythm when it comes to playing drums. I guess I do have a sense in faking it??? Basta! You don’t know how hard it is for me to learn a drum piece whenever I am asked to. (Lagi pang biglaan.) I don’t even know the basics. As in, zero knowledge. I know nothing about music notations. I don’t have the coordination to synchronise my 4 limbs– meaning the ability to keep a rhythm with both hands and feet simultaneously. I don’t even know the right way to hold the drumsticks. What do you expect from someone who didn’t have any formal lessons? Nada! YouTube videos and playing along to songs will only get you so far. So d’you get what I am saying? Napapasubo lang ako sa tuwing magddrums. Imagine my anxiety before performing. “Why do birds..” palang kahapon, drum solo na agad iniisip ko. That’s the reason why my hands were cold yesterday as mentioned by Ma’am Allan and Poleng. I had this feeling that I’d fail doing it. Kaya you would notice the joy and energy that escalated after the drum finale, ang saya ko eh wala na akong iniisip kundi pagkanta! Lols.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 12.42.33 AM

I was so happy! After all, as I would say it.. naitawid! Iba yung happiness ko right after. I felt like I achieved something really big yesterday. You know that feeling when you have just proven yourself wrong on what you thought you cannot do?


People can say “Yun lang naman ginawa niya!” maliit na bagay man para sa iba pero for someone like me, big thing yun! You know naman.. ang kumpyansa ko sa sarili.. wait, is there even such a thing?


Anyway, mapunta naman ako sa Broadway Boys. Last Friday, while rehearsing at the studio, I had the chance to chat with these four kiddos. I’ve always seen them as shy and quiet kids, as in. So I was shocked to discover that they are all makulit, except for Francis na sobrang mahiyain. As in makulit sila, in a good way though! I had a really good time getting to know each one of them. Kanya-kanyang karakter yung apat! At mga komedyante din ha… especially Joshua Torino! Tawang-tawa lang ako kasama sila! May pa-singing lessons pa nga kami during rehearsals na nauuwi din sa tawanan. They are hilarious in their own ways. And I wish for more people to look beyond them as singers and get to know them more as interesting individuals.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 12.42.42 AM

To cap it all off, it was an honor to be in concert with The Broadway Boys. No shit, I am happy I got to sing with them; but I am happier I got to bond with these kids. All went well, after all. Tiwala lang talaga. Thank You, Lord.

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  1. Ma. Luisa Lee says: Reply

    You were good. Kudos. Singing Karen Carpenter songs brought a lot of memories. Thank you for bringing sunshine on a rainy Saturday. It takes courage to conquer once fear and you did it.

    1. Elizabeth Grace Madarang says: Reply

      Its not simple performance Queen Maine for us its a great performance coz we believe in all ur talents. We so admired u since day 1 U entered EB. We will support and love you to the fullest 😚. I love puyatan in tweeter basta for you and thanks to ALDUB/MAINERICHARD❤ for giving us slot last Saturday true 7.30 were there breakfast at MCDO. Ur worth for non stop support love Queen👸 coz of the happiness u gave in my life thank you😚 Im solid Maine/love MaineRichard❤. We🙏 for u Album/Recording soon. Concert in the future. Everything you do full support. We love you Queen👸

    2. Marites Gonzaga says: Reply

      One’s fear.

  2. Talitz says: Reply

    Second…mamaya lang traffic na dito. Ang galing galing mo meng…so proud of you

  3. You did it perfectly well !
    The audience participation in singing with you was quite entertaining .
    Hope to see you perform more often!🙏
    From a Florida viewer😍

  4. Marie says: Reply

    You are awesome! Keep it up.👍🏻

  5. Maelyn Magtibay says: Reply

    Ang galing mo nga Ate Maiiine!!!Na hihilig tuloy ako sa drums ngayon>HAHAHA. mag aaral ako nun (wala nga pala kong drums hahaha.) drum ng tubig meron

  6. Miz_Riz_93 says: Reply

    Job well done, Maine! You deserve that mental high-five!
    Kami man nabasa ang kili-kili in anticipation of your production number. But it was oh so worth it! We are so proud of you, and will continue to be supportive of anything and everything else you would like to do in the future. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Hard work & prayers will always lead to your success and happiness. We are so proud of you, Girl!
    -Riz Aguilar

  7. jakile says: Reply

    Congrats Maine. Another experience worth remembering. Continue to create more beautiful memories

  8. Foreversupporter says: Reply

    Use your free time to hone your skills Maine . Kung gusto mo ma master ang kahit anong bagay pag aralan at bigyan mo ng oras. Kaya mo yan! Congrats!

  9. Milagros Cambal says: Reply

    I was there and i watched you live and cudnt hold back the tears of pride that u ate my lodi. In all my 63 years ive never fallen for any local or international artists. But when ALDUB came.. i fell hard and never left since. Im so proud of you Menggay as well as Alden for being the good and talented people you are. Thank u for being my happy pill.

  10. Sarah Merida says: Reply

    So proud of you girl 😊😊🤗🤗

  11. Rebecca Santos says: Reply

    you did great 😊
    thanks for the joy
    God bless you more

    i hope mag formal lessons ka na sa drum, sa singing, sa guitar at piano… sabay sabay ha… hahahha joke lang.

    labyu so much

  12. Janice Tan says: Reply

    You were awesome! I’ve watched it 2x and same feels…naiiyak ako as I was so proud of you. Parang nanay lang ba kahit I’m not that old. Grabe! Also you are so pretty, especially your expressive eyes. I can’t wait for your album to come out.

  13. Marinel Amor says: Reply

    you did great Meng! I am happy that you got to prove to yourself that you can do it. Tiwala lang at dasal, “dasal lang talaga” 😁 anyway, I hope that you will conquer all of those mountains of things that you wanted to do but is afraid to even try. Not everyone will appreciate the little things that you do, but don’t mind them. Just remind yourself that you are doing these things for yourself and for the people who loves you, believes in you, and those who are here to support and cheer you on… ng walang expiration date! Mas marami naman kami Meng. At nandito lang kami, patuloy na maghihintay sa mga kaya mo ng ibigay. Hindi hihingi ngunit patuloy na magdarasal. I love you!

  14. Vicky says: Reply

    Meng, sobrang galing mo! Ang swerte ko lang at napanood kita ng live last Sat. Sayo lang nakatutok mata ko with camera!😂😂Yun nga eh di ka drummer pero nagawa mo! Sobrang proud ako/kami sayo and pls wag mong liitin yung kakayanan mo kc I know kakayanin mo dahil isa kang superwomaine…hehehe. We believe in you as you believe in yourself! Congrats again and love you walang bawas!😜

  15. Dons says: Reply

    We are so proud of you Meng. Ang galing galing mo talaga walang halong biro. Thank you for making us happy always. Love you Meng.

  16. Weng says: Reply

    I had a good time reading the entry as always. High five dear!

  17. Rainy Lozada says: Reply

    I am so happy and proud of you Meng. In everything that you do, self-doubt and pessimism always get into you but you always overcome them, that’s one of the many reasons why you inspire people like me. All of your success and feats, though small or huge, will be celebrated by us, the people who support and love you. I’m thankful that you made us see a picture of the Broadway Boys as themselves, real kids that are more than their singing talents. Cheers to you, Menggay! Keep on surprising us (and yourself) and achieving new heights! Love you and Alden always. 💛💙💚

  18. :)))))

  19. fishing for compliments walang bago? narcissist

  20. Chona says: Reply

    Meng, you are like my daughter to me..And I am happy sa success mo. Alam mo yong feeling ng isang proud na ina. I know the feeling of Nanay Dub..100x happier and proud sa achievement mo. I am one of the Sampu x 10,000 supporting you. God Bless you and Thank you for being an inspiration sa lahat ng nagmamahal sau..bata man or matanda. Love u

  21. Mariel Micah says: Reply

    Congratulations, dear! You did very well. Kahit hindi ka drummer, you showed everyone that you’re a total entertainer. You didn’t back down from the challenge, itinawid mo nga pra mapasaya ang lahat at xempre pti srli mo ndn. As a fan, I’m very proud of your achievements. Continue to do what makes you happy. I’ll always support u and I’ll be waiting for your album. 😉 God bless and always take care mumsh. You’re truly an inspiration. Love u! 😘

  22. Nancy Jeannette Fermo says: Reply

    Ang galing ng galing mo nung Saturday ang ganda ng mga songs na napili mo at hindi halata na di ka marunong ng mga percussion instruments dahil parang pro ka nga lalo na sa drums. Saka ang ganda talaga ng boses mo! Ang sarap sarap pakinggan.

    1. Mabel chona pelaez says: Reply

      May nakalimutan ka pang nabanggit meng yung mga team hagdanan nakalimutan mong banggitin, silayung team na nag tyagang naka tingala na naka nganga pa habang pinanunuod ka at habang yung iba naluluha sanawag kang magbago at sana you will remain honest and humble, at kaming mga team abroad di mananawa ang support namin sa inyo ni Alden. Keep smiling all the time

  23. Cha says: Reply

    Honestly while ur singing im like a proud mama, ate, or aunt of u… im so delighted watching u

  24. Rizaflor B Ituriaga says: Reply

    You both done good,i really enjoyed watching you singing on stage and hitting those drums…sana maulit’ve gone a long way,just enjoy your profession,your passion toward it is incredibly getting better,wishing you all the best always.God bless❤️❤️❤️

  25. Jeng says: Reply

    Really proud of you, always believe in yourself hija 🤗😘

  26. Madelle says: Reply

    Hey Meng, just want you to know …. you really inspired me a lot just simply for being yourself! Mahal na mahal kita meng! OFW ako but since that day of year 2015 wala binago mo ko ng labusan. To make it simple , i see more life from a a positive prospective everyday! Dahil sau!
    Iloveyou Meng! Godbless and Goodhealth lagi.
    Wala eh anuman sabihin nila, Mahal talga kita 😘

  27. aivee notado says: Reply

    I feel you in any sense of being an introvert.. i am as well. magaling lang din ako mag perform in my head..😂😂 pero kung sa actual.. lahat ng balahibo nagtatayuan..parang spiky animal lang ang peg.. pero meng.. kalahati ang edad mo sa edad ko, but you gave me a lot of reason to keep going.. as an ofw.. and just two days ago..i buried my father.. you and alden gave me a lot of reason to smile..i don’t really care if you two end up together or not.. the only thing i know.. napapasaya nyo ang isang ofw na katulad ko. thank you to both of you for bringing the best…labyumats!😘

  28. Hi Maine…
    Biruin mo yun… mas ninerbyos ka pala sa drum solo mo kaysa sa singing performance mo…
    And I do understand, may mga ganyan tlga na inaaral lang ang isang piyesa kapag binigay na lang kaya angdaming musicians na “self-taught” kumbaga at wala talagang formal lessons…
    Kaya thanks dear for being forthright with how this performance was such a big deal in a way but not as most of us expected – na kakabahan ka sa pagkanta! Di pala… So pano ba yan sa album mo… perhaps investing in formal lessons would be a good idea para di ka rin hirap sa mga biglaan drum solo performances mo next time… or voice lessons na rin para mas ma-develop si Karen Karpentera contralto voice mo! haha
    Kidding aside, you were so good… you know what made your performance great was you enjoyed your performance and had fun with it…
    Looking forward to more live singing performances now ha… pero no pressure haha… at your own pace parin my dear…
    Kudos to you!

  29. Grace says: Reply

    Congratulations to you and BW Boys super super galing. Explore more in singing Menggay. You’ve got a long way later on you’ll be a certified singer at the same a song writer. Wish you luck on your future endeavour Meng. Kantahan na. 🎶🎤

  30. Bechie says: Reply

    Meng ang galing mo! Up to now di ako maka move on nood ng nood ng segment mo with the BW boys! You were able to connect with those boys, one of the best performances nila yun!At ang drums segment mo ang sobrang pamatay!Galing galing mo!Wish you will do the singing and playing drums and even dancing often!Wish lang naman ha di demand!😜Goodluck and thanks for giving us happiness kahit mahirap for you!Kahit ka naman nagkamali nung Saturday, our love will never change.You will always be our happy pill!Live you so much!Take care!

  31. Bhabie rose says: Reply

    Makulay araw @mainedcm god bless u always ingat k palagi see u @eatbulaga1979 @mainedcm ig story update today @mainedcm happy Monday @mainedcm ig story update today @mainedcm fb live with @mainedcm @eatbulaga1979

  32. Rich says: Reply

    Kabado din ako before you perform. Pero nung natapos na. Sobrang saya dahil ika mo nga “Naitawid mo” and you did well. So proud of you. And I will always be one damn proud MAINEan!.wohoooo 😍😍😍

  33. Cynthia says: Reply

    You did great Maine. Don’t underestimate yourself. You’re a talented lady. God bless you more and Alden.

  34. tambetmontiero says: Reply

    Congrats meng Hindi LNG basta naitawid magaling kpa superb ang pa drums mo!!! Kumpiyensa lng sa sarili girl kita more na man ang outcome parang Hindi kana baguhan parang pro kana nga mag play ng drum!!!pag patuloy mo lng pati pagkanta meng!at at an kaming mag recording kna..nkahanda na ang ipon q pambili ng 1st album!! Good luck. Luv nmin kayo ni Alden.. God bless you..! Songer..!😉

  35. ki kAy says: Reply

    so proud of you maine… you were good … nadagdgan pa ung saya when when you sung Top of The World, fave ko kantahin sa videoke kahit palaot boses ko… 🤣🤣🤣
    God Bless your good heart always.
    isa ako sa sampu 😊

  36. lulu gutierrez says: Reply

    Thank you din Maine! Always a pleasure watching you in any endeavor…you put your heart and soul into whatever you do and that’s what makes it special to us…looking forward to more of what you can offer…don’t stress yourself out if you make mistakes…that’s exactly the reason why we love you…because of your imperfections…

  37. Erly Poblete says: Reply

    Awesome performance Maine girl! i keep on watching it over and over again… Just keep on exploring new things because you’re doing it great. my only prayers is that Alden and You will be in the road to Forever….

  38. Luzanie Lagmay says: Reply

    Congrats Maine & BW family really enjoyed it..naki-sing along din kme dahil favorite namin ang carpenters!

  39. Joan says: Reply

    True meng tiwala lang gaya ng pagtitiwala namin sa kaya mong gawin with no pressure yung feeling na alam naman namin di ka perfect pero iba kasi yung performance na nageenjoy ka lumalabas sa performance mo. Kaya nakakaproud na ginagawa mo na yung mga dating feeling mo di mo kaya in a way naiinspire mo kaming gawin din yung mga feeling namin di rin namin kaya hehe.. pero sa sobrang proud ko sau di ka pa nagsstart umiiyak na ko para nga kong tanga tinawanan ako ng family ko pero kebs masaya kasi ako for u. Sana meng pagpatuloy mo yung ginagawa mo ngaun na try mo lahat at kung magkamali ka man kebs saluhin ka namin at least natry mo diba. Love u meng

  40. You did great Mahal hope to see more of it God bless

  41. Helen @habautista0608 says: Reply

    Congratulations, Maine! Nothing is small or big when you put your heart into it. It is your willingness to share/show your talent that makes people happy and not how grand you have performed.

    Jaya naman next time!

  42. Wineng Sant says: Reply

    Congratulations, Maine & BW Boys! Pretty sure you did a wonderfully refreshing performance last Sat. Keep exploring with your capabilities coz you do great things that inspires a lot. Count me in! I’m with your journey…god bless! Stay happy💖💖💖

  43. Sophia Abratique says: Reply

    Labyu Meng! So proud of youuu! 😘

  44. Arceli Leoncio Miranda says: Reply

    Kaya pala ganon na lang reaction ng mga dabarkads specially jowapao alam nila na maigsi lang yung time mo, ang galing mo talaga, Kung mayron mang di naka gusto sa performance mo, iilan lang yon at ang pinaka gusto ko di mo I pinag yayabang ang kakayanan na meron ka ngayon na mas pinapahalagahan mo lang ang kagustuhang mapasaya ang iyong mga tagahanga at sana palagi naka handa ang iyong pandinig na makinig sa iyong mga tagahanga na ginagawa mo naman, salamat sa kasiyahan na dinudulot mo sa amin.

  45. Mildred says: Reply

    You’re the best! 💖💖💖
    Love you, Maine and also Alden!

  46. Cecille says: Reply

    Tiwala lang hija. ika nga Laban lang! Ang galing mo nga eh kahit wala kang formal training sa drums.. mag enjoy ako sa mini concert mo with the BBoys. Sinasabayan nga kita sa kantahan.. sintunado nga lang ako hahahaha…. Enjoy lang hija!!! I love you and Alden. Ingat lagi and God bless.

  47. Pau says: Reply

    Ang galing niyo po nung Saturday, Ate Maine! Super proud po ako sa inyo ng Broadway Boys. Ang ganda po talaga ng boses niyo (pati physical look [always naman] niyo po)! Congrats po ulit! Album na po yan! Char-semi-not-char. I love you so much po, Ate Nicomaine Dei!

  48. Lyn Soriano says: Reply

    Hi Meng,
    You did well my dear. We watched you via live stream and you gave me so much joy. Keep exploring and do what makes you happy. We’re here to support you.

  49. Chona Santos says: Reply

    Thank you Maine for a very light and enjoyable performance. Of course, to Broadway Boys too. 🙂 Galing lang, magaan panoorin. Well, alam naman natin basta Karen Carpenter songs, no doubt magaan sa feelings. Honestly since yesterday after your performance, napapakanta na ako ng Top of the World…hehehehe! But it’s true, nakaka-LSS sya talaga. I’m sure ikaw rin. Sana may kasunod pa, I’m sure you can nail it once again. My big congratulations to you and the Broadway Boys! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  50. Sohlee sanchez says: Reply

    So proud of you maine alm mb umiiyak aq hbang kumakanta ka sobrang mahal kc kta kya cguro sa sobrang excited q npaitak aq sna mg recording kna pls pra arw2 nrrinig q boses mo saan sulok man ng bhay nmn kudos sau sobrang proud aq sau sna concert nmn sa susunod kht bhay kubo pa yn kantahin mo mnonood pa dn aq kht mg isa lng aq at movie sna bgo mtpos ang taon mg iingat ka plagi😍😍😍

  51. Congrats Meng 👏👏👏 you always surprise us with your many talents ! Looking forward to more production song numbers in EB ❤️

  52. Sohlee sanchez says: Reply

    Sobrang proud aq sau hbng kumakanta ka umiiyak aq kc sa sobrang tuwa sna mgka record kna pra kht san sulok ng bhay nmn araw2 ka nmn npapakinggan d aq mgsasawa mkinig sa mga kanta mo at sna bgo mtpos ang taon mgka movie kna ulit mhal na mhal kta maine ano man mgyri dto lng aq lgi mg iingat ka sa ktawan mo godblessu always

  53. Sohlee sanchez says: Reply

    Sobrang proud aq sau alm mb umiiyak aq hbng pinapanood kta sa sobrang saya mtgal qna pinangarap mkta kta kumanta sa tv na solo sna nxt tym concert na gwin mo smn maine mhal ka nmn isa pa hiling q movie sna bgo mtpos taon na i2 sooooo proud of you..

  54. Jean says: Reply

    Excellent performance Menggay. Proud of your achievements. Keep reaching for your dreams. We will always be supporting you in your projects. I’m one of those who enjoyed the Twitter Party. Hanggang Twitter na lang kasi I’m thousand miles away from home. 🇺🇸 based kaya habang tulog kayo banat na kami sa pag Tweet kahit nasa office patagong dot dot ng dot. Soar High Maine Mendoza! I will leave you with this Bible verse “The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.” Numbers‬ ‭6:24-26‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

  55. Gem clave says: Reply

    maine maski kaming nanonood lang super kaba din ksi at the back of my mind paano kung pumiyok? paano kung magkamali? paano kung di makasabay ng maayus sa broadway boys? pero isa lang lagi ang sagot ng puso at isip ko , whatever happens kahit pumalpak , di mababawasan ang pagmamahal ko saiyu. it will still be the same . we just love you unconditionally. team bahay here! God bless you and your family. stay grounded!

  56. mervz says: Reply

    Hi Maine!

    Isa ako sa mga nagpuyat para for your twitter party. Natulog ako ng 3 am tapos gumising ako ng 6 am din para mag tweet for you. Magti-3 years na akong ganoon tuwing may ganap ka. Masaya kasi ako na may nai-ko-contribute sa fandom na magpo-promote sa ganap mo kahit pa sa twitter lang siya. Malaking impact pa din yun para mapansin ka ng mas marami pa. Gusto ko mag increase pa yung bilang ng mga tao na napapaligaya mo.

    Regarding your performance, isa lang naman ako sa mga umiyak ng finally marinig kita at mapanood ng live sa TV. Alam ko kasi mahirap para sayo yung mga ginawa mo and you made us your fans very proud when you finally sang live in front of Eat Bulaga’s millions of televiewers! Sa sobrang saya ko nga nakakailang replay na ako sa video niyo sa YouTube tapos kinonvert ko pa siya into mp3 file para may papakinggan ako pampa-goodvibes. Hehehe!

    Sana Maine magtuloy-tuloy na yung pag-e-explore mo sa mga gusto mo pang gawin. Nandito lang ako kasama ng marami mong tagahanga, hindi kami mapapagod na i-cheer ka sa kahit ano pang paraan!

    Laban lang! God bless you always!

  57. Gem Moral says: Reply


  58. Dorelyn Paclibar says: Reply

    You did great, congratulations!
    I am always amazed of what you can do but I am more surprised of the real truth and the stories behind them. But the best thing I like about every performance you did is your courage to overcome your fear. They were done great as always.
    Sabi mo nga tiwala lang, palagi!

  59. EJP says: Reply

    Congratz Mengshie!!! Ano ka ba, magaling ka magdrums para sa kagaya kong walang alam sa pagdrudrums… hahaha… it was a good performance… I was smiling the whole time I was watching it… practice lang ng practice pag may time… Just do your best Meng… Fighting! Lamyu!

  60. You did well,and no team abroad fan here is so proud of u.Greetings from South Carolina,USA.Take care and do what makes you happy.Explore and try new things.Life is short enjoy the moment ur destined to be who you become.

  61. Mhie says: Reply

    Sinabi mo nga minsan kay Baste, Good Job Maine! 👍👏 Thank you sa pagtry pa din, para mapasaya mga fans mo kahit feeling mo eh mahihirapan ka 😊 Dami mo n nmang napasaya 😘 God Bless!

  62. @manilyndcg says: Reply

    Ang galng mo nga eh!!!naiyak ako sayo habang nagpeperform ka, pramiz!!!Tama ka Ang hirap talaga mag drums,Yung sa tingin parang Ang Dali Lang pumalo!pero once na nakaupo kana sa drum set.iba eh!!!!tinuruan ako dati basic 8 beat…..hahahaha!!!Ala pang 10 minutes inayawan ko na!!!hirap kea…kea hands up sayo🙌🙌🙌!!!!nagagawa mo!!!!👏👏👏👏👏

  63. Charisse Bernardo says: Reply

    Good choice of song Meng bagay sa boses mo…medley parang hinehele lang kaming mga nanay😊 keep it up, always bring out the best in you ’cause you’re good in your own special way. We gotchu😉

  64. mamyjen says: Reply

    Congratulations Meng ! I am so happy and proud sa mga achievements mo . You singing my favorite songs was an early birthday present for me and I want to thank you for that. Always remember dito lang ako at ang team abroad to support you . 😘😘😘.

  65. Dei Arguelles says: Reply

    You’re one amazing woman talaga Maine!!! 👏👏👏
    I witnessed it all sa gitna ng audience in BW! Hindi halatang hindi ka drummer, promise!!! 😁
    I even sang with you bcoz Karen’s song are my favorite!
    Continue to surprise us my dear!
    Love you, Meng!!!

  66. Chai Frominertia says: Reply

    Don’t mind those who are saying what you did was an easy peasy thing like anyone can do at any day. I tried to do drum lessons, after two sessions i gave up. I didn’t even learn to do the basics properly. It is really about the rhythm which i don’t have either. SO TO EVERYONE WHO’S SAYING IT WAS AN EASY TASK, TRY IT AND COME BACK HERE AND TELL US HOW WAS IT.

    Anyway, job well done Maine! Seeing your achievements makes us feel very happy. We’re like frustrated artist/dancer/singer etc. here wishing someone can do what we failed at and it feels like you’re achieving those for us. (atleast for me lol)

    Keep doing what you love, and even if you fail at it ( which i doubt, but if you do please remember it’s okay), I’m sure you will have tons of opportunity to make it right to the next one. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m sure your fans are A okay with whatever you do best.

    Rule # 1: F*ck what they think.

  67. Happy seing u doing the carpwnters song coz u know its one of my fav…nakikita kyng anong age na ako😁😁😁…so much for that, actually you did well regardless of what people say u nailed it👏👏👏👏.
    Maine you are really one of the best artist ive seen and learned to like…kudos girl jus believe in yourself and we the neyshen believe in you😘😘😘😘

  68. HOMEBOY says: Reply

    As always, you never fail to amaze! It’s possible yung sinasabi mo na dinaan mo lang sa projection pero i think a huge percentage of the performance was really talent. I could see you counting the beat and your timing was good – pasok sa banga! When I saw the cowbells and the bongos I thought you were going to do a Sheila E. (drummer ni Prince) Latin number. Then the soothing music of Karen Carpenter pala ang kakantahin mo – I loved it at once. The BBoys are getting so good at their harmonies. You were enjoying your performance so much and that’s what matters! The job of an entertainer is to give their all on stage – yung ORIG na Ikaw – walang kinopya. Yan ang MAGIC mo Maine! Walang katulad,may sariling interpretation, laging bago and ideas – true Artist! I can’t wait for you to study behind-the-camera work. script writing, directing, editing, and one day launching your own movie. Si Direk Louie Ignacio naalala ko nagumpisa sya panay commercials lang. Start small, be consistent and passionate. Next thing you know you will be the next Nora Ephron (Sleepless in Seattle, etc. ) Labyu!

  69. Nes says: Reply

    Congrats Maine…”Believe in Yourself.” coz we can see and feel that you can always do it..

  70. Betty Lou says: Reply

    Hello my dear congratulations to your performance with the BWBoys last Saturday. . . Karpenterang karpenterang YOU NAILED IT! It doesn’t matter naman if it’s not a perfect performance what’s important is YOU enjoyed your time doing it. And tagos sa tv screen yung joy sa mata mo. Sa uulitin ha. Take care my dear.😘

  71. Joyce says: Reply

    @mainedcm😍 you’re awesome! You can do whatever you want when you put your heart into it! You inspired people to do greatness! I wish you all the best in life and more blessings to come!😍 Thank you again for sharing your thoughts to all of us!. …it is always a pleasure and so much fun and lots to learn to
    read your blog!..till next time…and have a great weekend!

  72. Rhujzjeal says: Reply

    You did great Menggay with the broadway boys.Imlove listening to Karen Carpenter’s song.the more I am fascinated when I heard you singing her songs last Saturday. I enjoyed your performance. As usual you nailed it again. Singing is not a matter of hitting the high notes always.It’s how a song is sang from and with a heart. And that’s what exactly did. God bless you more Meng and the BW boys.i just adote these kis, too. Keep soaring!

  73. Tech Cruz says: Reply

    Congrats Maine!! I super enjoyed your concert with the BW boys!! Keep inspiring others and continue to be a blessing to others . You’re amazing!! Cheers! ❤️❤️❤️

  74. Maia says: Reply

    Sana you make time to learn things you really want to do. Whether singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, writing or video editing even cooking. Iba yung may expertise kahit sa isang bagay lang and then practice and present it with confidence. Kahit anupa man yan kung bihasa ka at pinaghusayan it’s something worth your while. As an artist, you need to be an expert at least in one thing and show it to your audience then continue to develop your skill making it your own craft. Maski ano pa yan kasi you are in the entertainment field. Pwedeng jack of all trades pero meron at merong isang special skill/talent ka na ide-develop which makes you a true enertainer and real artist. ADN is here rooting for you whatever you choose. Thank you for making things fun for us.

  75. YUUKI cross says: Reply

    It was a very good song choice. Everyone can really sing along…. You did a great job!!!!!

  76. rouden says: Reply

    mas kinabahan ka nga talaga mag drums kesa ihagis ka ng alarma performance. Halata pagbaba palang ng van mo tense ka na pero good job you just played your very best!!!. 😘

  77. malou says: Reply

    Congrats , proud of you 💛

  78. Ally S. says: Reply

    Congrats Maine for your wonderful performance. Inabangan talaga namin buong linggo yang performance mo.

    As suggested by Tikisora, bakit nga hindi ka magformal lesson? Habang nandiyan ang pagkakataon. Hindi namin alam kung hanggang kelan ka sa showbiz. Pero habang nandun yung passion to perform, you might as well give it your best. Mag-aral ka, take things seriously. Handa kaming pauorin lahat ng future concerts mo (mapa-KIA theater, hanggang Araneta, hanggang Philippine Arena); Bibili kami lahat ng album mo (mapa-CD or digitally sa i-tunes, spotify, etc).

    We love you dearly and we want to see you grow as an artist. Sana dumating talaga yung time na marami kang original songs and compositions na maihahandog sa buong mundo. Maging iconic ka sana sa mundo at history ng OPM and even world music. Dun ko nakikita na mag-eexcel ka kesa sa acting. Mas mahusay ka kasi sa Live performances. And yung charisma mo and influence, Grabe!!!!! walang katulad. Pasensya na kung nagiging demanding. Fan kasi. Sana di ka masyado mapressure.

    Anyway, good luck and more power. All the best to your future endeavors.

  79. Cristy Canete says: Reply

    Congratulations, Maine! We, your fans, are so proud of you. Keep exploring new things and we’ll be here to support you. Ehem, hopefully hindi kami hopia dun sa teaser ng Universal Records. 👍👍👍

  80. Liza Martinez says: Reply

    I admire your honesty and humility, Maine. And for working hard to entertain. Good job!! Always a joy to watch you.

  81. Jesha says: Reply

    I feel the pressure. Yung sasabihan ka na ang galing mong tumugtog pero ikaw sa sarili mo di ka naman nagagalingan kasi parang wala kang proper lesson to play instrument. I play guitar and piano at puro chords lang kaya kong tugtugin hahaha tabs and notes ibang usapan na yun haha continuous naman ung pag aaral ko sa youtube 😂.pero iba yung feeling pag nasasabi mo sa sarili mo na “kaya ko pala”. sa drums naman hahaha hands down ako sa lahat ng magaling at marurunong gumamit at tumugtog ng drums. I try na pumalo pero di ko alam kung panu pagsasabayin ang paa sa kamay haha.Ganun pa man isa sa importanteng element ng music is the beat. Kahit anung instrument pa ang tugtugin basta same beat. aari na din. Thank you maine for sharing this behind Karen Karpentera’s concert with BBs
    P.S. Team Replay ako 😂 ©Youtube
    Sana maka-jam kita kahit sa panaginip lng haha team youtube youtube lang 😂😂😂

  82. akosipach0la says: Reply

    Congrats, Menggay!👏👏👏👏
    Tiwala lang talaga sa sarili ang kailangan!😊😎💛

  83. Jasmin Guiron says: Reply

    Hi, Maine. Haha I don’t think na kinakabahan ka na pala dun sa part na magplay ka ng drums kase nga hindi halata. Haha I’m glad naging successful siya. Hihi di na tuloy ako makapaghintay sa Albums and concerts mo sa future. Hihi love you. You did very well. 👏😊💕

  84. maria sandmeier says: Reply

    you were amazing Maine….

    naki sing along din ako kasi favorite ko din si Karen Carpenter!

    again good job!!!

  85. etxetera says: Reply

    You wrote as if it was the first time for you to play drums on tv when in reality you have done it several times already on EB before. Pababa ng pabababa lang ang level ng skills. The best pa din yung very first time you are wearing that classic pink dress. You should have elevated your skills as an ARTIST gosh its been 3 years… drumming, singing, dancing by continuous workshops and trainings during idle time dahil gusto mo mag-artista at to stay in the biz but nada. I blame your stupid mgt. BIGLAAN maisipan at MAIRAOS lang anong klase sila. I really wish and pray you do find a great mentor. A mentor who really cares for you and not the moolah you bring while stucking you in a box of mediocrity ng biglaang halfhearted prod numbers lamang. You and Aldub had not even reached even half of the potential. Sana di tuluyang masayang lalo ang pagmamahal ng ADN ng tuluyan sa most incompetent mgt in local showbiz na sa inyo ni Alden natapat. There is such this as branding and career path hindi BIGLAAN at MAIRAOS at EME mgt style. Anyways maybe this comment wont be posted LOL still good luck and God bless!

  86. armida medina says: Reply

    Gujab menggay👍

  87. Iman D Cruz says: Reply

    Thank u Menggay! U singing “I wont last a Day without you” is more than enough for me. It is my song for God when i feel alone . Medyo nakalimutan ko na…. pero naalala ko ulit. Sarap ng feeling.

  88. Jean says: Reply

    Maine, after your performance last Saturday June 16, 2018 this is the message and a promise for you …““Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:18-19. NKJV

  89. Mary Grace Carlos says: Reply

    Yassss! Congrats ate meng!! Love you!!

  90. terry says: Reply

    That’s what’s simply good about you Maine. You acknowledge what you can and can’t do (though most of the time you can & have successfully nailed it-need we enumerate it? Hindi ka pabilib. But the more you deny any skill, the more we believe you can do anything you put your mind on doing. Ironical, right? And its not only because we’re your fans or friends. Because you’re real and because we know much more than we care to reveal. Enjoy each trip to self discovery! Bless you lots!

  91. BeeGee says: Reply

    Enough of humble bragging. Magpalit ka na utang na loob iha kung mahal mo ang pag-aartista. Sayang ang Aldub. Sayang ang panahon. Sayang ang talento. Sayang ang suporta. Sayang ang pagmamahal sa inyo ni Alden. Anong petsa na wala pa ring matinong proyekto.

  92. Amiel Valdez says: Reply

    Proud of you Maine and congrats too to Broadway Boys

  93. Hi Maine
    May pahabol pala ko…
    Bigla ko natandaan na one of the easiest drumbeats is that of Enter Sandman (napapaghalata ang edad ko haha) ask your Kuya kung alam nya yun… magandang practice lang ba…
    Akala mo naman marunong ako haha gusto ko lang manuod ng mga band performances nun…
    Aabang ako ng panibagong drum cover mo sa YT hahaha

  94. Banks says: Reply

    So proud of you Meng!!!

    Far braver are those that take risks despite their fear. Courage is fear that has said its prayers.

    – Sarah Elliot, The Space Between Us

    What you did out there, singing and playing the drums on live TV is not easy feat and I’m proud that you were able to do so despite all the misgivings and doubts and worries you have. 😊

  95. Lenlen says: Reply

    👏👏👏 you are amazing congrats idol.

  96. Stefi Somosierra says: Reply

    Grabe ka talaga ate maine ang galing mo talaga kahit sabihin mo na hindi ka talented or walang kang talent para saamin sa lahat ng fans ng Aldub ikaw ang pinaka talented. Ate alam mo idol kita at dahil po sayo gusto ko rin po matuto mag drums dream ko rin po maging artista kagaya po ninyo at culinary arts din po ang kukunin ko na course dahil sobrang idol po kita kayo po ni kuya Alden. Ate sana mameet ko po kayo sa bday ko po sana po sa june 29 po sana kasi yun po yung araw ng bday ko pero may pasok po ako kaya sa june 30 na lang po SANA para dalawa po kayo ni kuya Alden makita ko sa Eat bulaga Broadway. Kahit makita ko lang po kayo for my birthday masaya na po ako. Sana mabasa mo po ito ate. Sana ibless pa po kayo ni Lord. Ingat po kayo lagi sa baranggay ate lagi po ako manonoud(team bahay lang po eh hehehe). God bless you!!!! Aldub you ate maine!!!

  97. Aires Osabel says: Reply

    So very proud of you atih gurl . You did a great job. Galing mo talaga always😍 Congrats👏

  98. Elizabeth Grace Madarang says: Reply

    Its not a simple performance Queen Maine it is a great performance of U👸. We always believe in U since day 1 u entered EB. UR an artist full of talents can act sing dance and good singer plus playing instruments. Ur worth for a non stop love support Queen Maine👸. Thank you for the happiness you gave to us when we watched U in EB and other projects. Im so excited for all the projects in store w/ u Queen👸. Im solid Maine/love MaineRichard❤. 🙏🙏🙏 for ur ALBUM/RECORDING. Future concert😚😚😚 Take care always brilliant woman. So Blessed. Worth for these on ur performance Millions Times👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  99. Marie says: Reply

    Congrats Maine. Team replay ako but i was monitoring mga ganap sa IG as early as 530am kya alam ko na me pila na sa Broadway. I also wanted to go to Broadway but i had an earlier lakad lng tlga. You were great. Singing Carpenters songs brought a lot of memories to me. Fave ko songs nya. Actually anything you do amazes us. Iba ka tlga.

  100. Darren S. Tapang says: Reply

    You are gifted Maine. Dami mong nagagawa talaga, in your own.little way akala mo lang dika magaling at di mu kaya… but you are talented! You makes me happy talaga everyday. God bless you more! Love you 🙂

  101. Madalas talaga, mas mataas ang level of success kapag mas kinakabahan ka. Success doesn’t mean what you outweigh over the others, but it’s the achievement you did after conquer your own nervousness. Uy, may pa-words of wisdom ako haha saka kabuwisit nga yung conquer lol, too. Anyway, congrats! Always man napapasubo, always din naman nairaraos. Cheers!

  102. Del dela Vega says: Reply

    You’re terribly a full package performer, what else you can’t do girl !? I’m so amazed in all your talents, remember the EB audition ? that was exactly the opposite of what you’re showcasing now…I love you Maine ,…thank you ! Please don’t stop inspiring me , us ( ALDUBNATION )

    God bless you more !

    _ Del Dela Vega

  103. Judie mae calica says: Reply

    Para sa amin u are da best po Napakagaling nyo po ate meng,sa bawat ginagawa nio po.Masaya po kami dhil binigyan kami ng isang Maine Mendoza na kukumpleto sa araw nmin,magpapaganda ng araw nmin at magpapasaya….thankful kami dahil meron taong nagpapaligaya sa amin tulad niyo….napakatalented niyo po at para po sa amin wala na pong makahihigit pa sa into….mahal na mahal po naming kau…..advance happy 3rd anniversary po…slam ko pong marami pa kaung talentong tinatgo…in LNG po sana po marami pa pong blessings na dumating sa into dahil napakabuti nio pong tao☺ …once again . ..I love you po ate Maine😘😘😘

  104. I was amazed with your performance and felt how you enjoyed the concert so the the Broadway boys imagine Broadway was filled with fans just to witness you. The Broadway boys performs regularly and it was only last Saturday that it has that number of crowd millions love you Maine and always waiting for your surprises you can do more just have trust in yourself and God is always there guiding you God is good just have strong self confidence trust in him

  105. Vicky Gacutan says: Reply

    Maine we never expected you to do much more than what you can give. The most important thing is ticking the boxes in that bucket list of yours. Your achievement is our achievement and your happiness is ours too. Don’t let be pressured by the demands of your world. Always do what makes you happy. We’re here to love and support you, to fight for what is right for you, defend your good name when people malign you. You and your family are always in our prayers. God loves you more than you know.

  106. magaling ka talaga maine huwag kang pa humble at mag paawa effect pattern mo na yan 3 years na ang mag paawa. sana mag sorry ka din sa ginawa mong open letter hindi ka pa nagsosorry hanggang ngayon., parang wala lang sa’yo ang nangyari puro bikini lang ginawa mo nung umalis ka. at finally may album ka na hindi ka na tamad ngayon at hindi na mambabash mga fans mo panindigan mo yan baka mapagod ka at mag open letter ule 😂✌️

  107. Winnie says: Reply

    Nega it may seem but constructive pessimism (if there is even such a term) sometimes works to one’s advantage because it tends to encourage one to strive harder and give his/her best. And it worked last Saturday! Congrachumeleyshens for a heartwarming performance! Sabi ko nga muntanga akong nag-standing ovation for you inside our bedroom ha ha ha! Maine, you were such a delight to watch no echos. Moreover, hats off for recognizing the BW Boys! Well, continue to excel kahit pa mahirap – no pain no gain. You have it in you konting tiwala pa 😉 Thank you for a job well done! Mahal ka namin! Mahal namin kayo ni Alden!

  108. For a non-pro Maine did a splendid performance conquering her doubts by giving her best at the same you can feel from afar that she is enjoying what she is doing without any shade of pride. Further, you can surmise she has a lot of potentials waiting to be maximized by practice with a professional voice coach. I say that because she is perfect in timing which is the most difficult to learn. Timing is innate, it comes from within which is difficult to fake. Voice in fact could be perfected by training and strong determination which Maine has a lot in his little heart. Congratulations Mend, you did a wonderful job and you made millions of people wear a smile of joy . Keep on, keeping on.

  109. Unknown says: Reply

    Love u ate maine!ang galing mo talaga!😘😘

  110. yhen says: Reply

    Galing mo meng diko nga
    maexplain sa friend ko paano moko naging super fan kako iba ung happiness na nbibigay mo sakin.. Worth it yung pagpuyat sa twitter.. Your always my pam pa goodvibes.. Thank You..

  111. Makoy says: Reply

    Tama ka…
    tiwala lang talaga.
    God Bless!

  112. Isa ka talagang dragon slayer, Meng. Kasi yung ina akala mong hindi mo kaya, yung mga dragon na akala mo Mahirap matalo kasi nagbubuga ng apoy, natatalo mo, dahil na gagawa mo lahat and with so much fun. Thank you kasi dama namin yung happiness mo with every achievement. You give a whole new layer to your version of exploring. Hindi lang subok, may grit pa eh. Tapos yung ka a na you claim na 101 %…..parang wala naman kasi ang husay mong itago yung jitters. Sama mo kami sa lahat ng exploration and conquest mo ha. We are all enjoying your ride…your journey to self discovery.

  113. Jieme rose says: Reply

    Hi meng, isa ako sa mga taga hanga mo at naniniwala sa kakayahan monat sa kaya mo pang gawin. ou tama ka tiwala lamg talaga ang kailangan. I am so proud of u my dear memggay, at unti unti kanang lumalabas sa shell mo… Ipag patuloy mo lang yan at andito lang ako/kami mga taga hanga na patuloy na susuporta sayo at sa inyo ni alden. God bless maine 😇 you did a great job last saturday. And wish ko for you ei sana magka Album kana at Magkatotoong concert na… Love you menggay 😘

  114. Jean Reyes says: Reply

    Congrats maine!!! Bagay sayo yung songs.last saturday nerbiyos at excited ako para sayo.maganda boses mo ayoko ng mga pasigaw na kanta.d naman dun nasusukat ang galing ng sa pagkanta.simple may puso sa pag play ng drums ang galing.astig nga ang dating. Love you maine….

  115. Blanca Blancaflor says: Reply

    You were great Maine, alam mo bang iniwan ko yung patient ko sa clinic just to watch you sing (sabi ko have to talk to the tchinician for intruction sa prosthesis! Diba napakaprofessional na excuse ko) and it was all worth my patients time. Nawala yung pagod ko sa pagwork tru the holiday and rainy saturday. Thank you for not giving up and always trying. I love your voice and the way you sang those song lumabas pa rin yung mengay that we love, at yung fondness mo sa 4 boys at paghanga din nila sayo reflected sa performance nyo, Congrats, another check syong accomplishments. LoveYou

  116. Kristine sy says: Reply

    Ate maine ang galing galing nyo po😭idol na idol po kita ate…😊sana po balang araw makita narin po kita…😔kau ni kuya alden😊

  117. 💛🍜 Yellow 🍜💛 says: Reply

    That was some gnarly drum-playing and singing Meng,you look like a rock star ⭐ there!!😎😎And I appreciate you appreciating the BW boys,sometimes they just looked like a props there for the singers,but those boys are very talented singers,time will come that people will watch them for who they are and not who they sing”with”.Love you Meng!!👏👏👏👏👏

  118. Shaine Ann Alferez says: Reply

    Hi ate Meng ang galing mo po sobra Alabyu po
    P.S. Pavideo greet po salamat

  119. Daniella says: Reply

    Just know that whatever happens, we are here to support you 🙂
    Be positive, Always 🙂

  120. Congratulations, ate menggay ang galing mo po at kahit umulan man o umaraw ay susuportahan at gagawa po ng paraan ang ADN para mapanood ikaw at si kuya alden. MAHAL NA MAHAL KO PO IKAW ATE MENG AT SI KUYA RJ DIN PO. I’m so proud to be ADN.

  121. Hello Maine. Hindi ko alam Kung paano mo sasabi na biglaan yung ginawa mo sa pag play ng drums, eh ang galing mo! How? Alam mo ba, May isang celebrity na bumili ng drums set for her son para daw matuto mag play, ayun walang nangyari. Dapat kasi may ear ka rin sa music. Kung yun ang wala, hindi talaga pwede. You did well! Sana lang since nasa showbiz kana, learn to accept na kailangan maging magaling ka sa lahat. Acting, hosting, dancing, etc. Alam ko na you are still testing the waters, ok lang yan. Imagine si Paolo ang tagal Nya sa EB bago sya napansin. I will always love Maine…just a mother giving you some advice. Good luck and God bless!

  122. abie cruise says: Reply

    happy for you always 😉
    Maine bday ko sa thursday (and happy weeksary na din 😉), pabati hihe 😘 Abigael Almazar Tubid from Baliuaggggg, Bulacan 😊. Thankyouuu

    Ps. Guys help me po na mabati thankyou po 😊

  123. Marilyn says: Reply

    Thanks Maine. One important word: « kumpyansa » Yes Maine, you’re getting there. Just keep believing. 😊

  124. lola inyang says: Reply

    I believe there is already one thing that Maine is already an expert: doing dubsmash and making ugly face stint. This is the reason why she was given the title of “dubsmash queen” and being admired and loved in “doing ugly faces without hesitation and shyness.

  125. Ana Leilani Magsambol says: Reply

    Congratulations, Meng! You were amazing. Your presence onstage was enough for us to be mesmerized by your charm. You are such a revelation. No wonder you are The Phenomenal Star. Our Maine girl, you slay!!! You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be YOU and that’s more than enough for us. God bless you more! 💛

  126. Joy says: Reply

    God bless you always Meng♥️😘

  127. Judith says: Reply

    Congrats Maine ang galing mo. Grabe Ka Meng iba ka ikaw yong madaming talento na tinatago.
    Napasaya mo kami ADN Nation.

  128. Ikaw na talaga nag-iisang mainemendoza all support kahit anu pa gawin mo dto lang kaming nagmamahal sayo 😍😚

  129. dyakeke says: Reply

    nakakaproud ka naman idol meng dati ni hindi ka nagsasalita sa eb tapos ngayon me paconcert ka na at magkaka album pa oha…basta stay humble saka pakabait ka lage hayaan mo lang ung mga umaalipusta sayo mamamatay din sila hehe ^_^ ….God Bless you always..andito lang kame sa ayaw at sa gusto mo ^_^

  130. CletaMC says: Reply

    Hello Maine,
    Wow! That was the most enjoyable mini concert of yours with BW boys I’ve ever watched. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am one of millions living overseas so excited last Saturday – this was a case of nobody dare interrupt us or else!! Picture me at home by myself (living in Australia). You see, EB starts here (our time) at 3:00 pm, so I watched live streaming (actual PI time) on iPad and at the same time my TV was on EB (but delayed telecast)…. in other words, hilong talelong ako but so worth it. Thanks for making millions of pinoy human beings all over the world very happy. We’re so proud of you! Kudos to you, Maine!

  131. Melissa Balajadia says: Reply

    Congrats Maine! We’re super duper proud of you. Team Bahay lang ako pero napapasigaw at palakpak di ako to the point na naluha ako kasi nga super nakakabilib ka at nakakaproud. What more ang parents mo ano na kaya ang feeling na that time. Thank you again for sharing your talents and we really enjoyed your mini concert with the BBoys😊 Looking forward to your next. God bless you always Maine. We love you here from Paranaque City😘

  132. lynlej says: Reply

    hi maine! ang galing mo tlga with the broadway boys last saturday! anyway, namiss ko na mga videos mo,i know may mga videos kapa from ur trips, sana magkatime ka na ishare sa amin. alam ko, madami kasing mga negang tao sa mundo kaya siguro hindi ka narin ganun kadali magshare ng video sa youtube. pero sana soon 🙂 GOD BLESS U ALWAYS!

  133. We love youuu menggayyyy! With all my heart, such a cutie nong nag ddrums ka na. ❤💕 I know hindi naman talaga madali mag instruments. Ahahahaha Maine please, sana makapagpapicture ako sayo soon. Please! 😭😭😭 Nakita na kita once, nong tamang panahon. I admire you as a person. Love ko kayo ni Alden. Foreveeeeer 💕❤

  134. Darlene says: Reply

    COngrats ate Meng. I album na yan!

  135. Asuncion M Morgia says: Reply

    congratulations Maine.. Ikaw na nga ang Phenomenal Star.. Napakahussy mo and sana Album na yang gagawin mo.. Proud kami sayo MAINE MENDOZA.. ALMAINE, ALDUB AND ALDUBNATION LOVES U AND ALDEN

  136. Basta ako, I sang along with everyone in every song. Haha! LOL, i love carpenters eh,, kabisado ko yung kanta nagulat ako ang tanda ko na. 😂 and by the way, you just holding the drum sticks is already cool just like that👍😎 . What more when you hit the drums? haha, edi kagulo na yung broadway😂😂😂 . You’re just fascinating to watch, my nanay and tatay and the two kids enjoyed it.. kahit sa hagdan na kami nakapwesto hahaha! until next time meng 😘 all the best 👍

  137. Honest lang po ahh.. hehehehe… hindi ko po natapos yung buong inupdate niyo but ate meng I just wanted to say that I will always support you 😊… I love you ate meng Ikaw at ikaw lang talaangang Lodi ko Forver(sa mga bitter wla kayong forver hahahahaha..Charot,not charot) Thank you for making us happy ate meng 😁😊… and also stay strong tayong lahat yung mga #Mainenatics #Aldenatics #SolidAlDub #MaiChardForever etc. Love you ate meng 😁😊..

  138. shaine ann alferez says: Reply

    ate @mainedcm all izz well 🙂 hahaha

  139. Belle says: Reply

    Charaaaaan! All is well 😊 congrats and God Bless you more! 🤗

  140. Cecille says: Reply

    Job well done. Congrats! More, more, more!

  141. sheela says: Reply

    Hi Maine!!
    You did great darling!!!, as always.. it’s okay to feel that way, relate din naman kami sa mga bagay-bagay na ganyan sa totoong buhay. Alam mo yung laging present si Nega Spirit.. but then continue to conquer your fears and believe you can!!! Ikaw pa ba?!
    We are always excited seeing about your performances eh ( does it sounds nakaka-pressure?) hehe sorry WE just Love you kasi and kahit ano pa ata faney is faney! Basta keep honing your talents and We believe in you! AJA!
    -hanggang sa muling pagtatanghal ♥

  142. Justine Lance Bondoc says: Reply

    Iba ka talaga Ate Maine. Di mo kami binigo na pasayahin in that time . Sana Ate magtuloy tuloy lang yan at sa panibago mong album ay aming aabangan. Kahit kinakabahan ka nung performance di mo kami binigong pasayahin.

    I love you Ate Maine I hope makita kita sa personal 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

    Nandito lang kami nang mga ka ADN at Mainenatics para suportahan ka

  143. Joan says: Reply

    Love you meng always proud of you!

  144. Robyn Gonda says: Reply

    You’re so good at singing already !!

  145. Laging po kami proud saiyo ate maine at kay kuya alden at sana update ka po ulit ng blog mo please

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