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  • Sunday Currently | 07

    Hi! Finally! I am able to access my own blog after a long time…ish. I know I am posting a Sunday Currently entry when it’s technically Monday already–time check, it’s four in the morning– well, I just feel like getting my fingertips to work a bit before I hit the sheets. (I know I am going […]

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  • Blues

    So I was scrolling through my blog drafts and then I saw this.. Written on the 10th of June, 2015. Casting my mind back to that day… I can only recall one thing, I was “working” at the office the whole day. But the question is, what was I thinking when I wrote this? What […]

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  • Yaya Dub Files

    So what brings you here? Is it your first time to visit my blog or are you are a regular visitor? If it’s your first time then I suppose you are here for a reason.. Nacurious ka kay Yaya Dub no? Yes? Well before anything else let me introduce my(true)self to you first, mamaya na […]

  • "Poetry"
  • noon blues

    For some odd reason I cannot seem to understand why am I feeling this way. For some odd reason I feel like I am a different person. For some odd reason I feel like I’ve been lost for a while now. For some odd reason I feel like a lot has changed– all at once. […]

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  • Til next time, love

    I will always remember How I felt every time I was with you; I can never forget All the things we’ve been through. You gave me the love Much more than what I deserve Fed my soul with affection and intimacy– Never tempted to stray from fidelity. After all of my shortcomings Still you were there to stay […]

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  • Daily Make-up routine

    I am not really a “make-up” person. (Well, compared to my sister who is VERY addicted to makeups) I used to go out wearing nothing on my face (on daily basis), not even a single layer of face moisturizer or face powder; basically, I didn’t care about how “shitty” I look. (But I do love playing […]

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  • Things I miss | 01

    I’ve been missing A LOT of things, events and people lately.. and I thought maybe writing about it/sharing it with you guys would somehow lessen the “longing” feeling I have for them. It happens to me all the time; it is like I remember a specific something, cast my mind back to it, long for […]

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  • Take me back

    Every so often, I still get this feeling of longing for my life back when I was in the US; it was a whole lot different from how my life is going at the present moment. It actually kind of makes me sad, to think that this-right now is reality; that my six-month stay in the […]

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  • New Look!

    Decided to give my blog a makeover because I realized my last layout was quite distracting. I wanted to give my blog a bright theme this time but I didn’t want something colorful-bright so I decided to stick with the color white. Keeping it basic, still! Unfortunately, I couldn’t entirely customize the layout for I have […]