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  • Daily Make-up routine

    I am not really a “make-up” person. (Well, compared to my sister who is VERY addicted to makeups) I used to go out wearing nothing on my face (on daily basis), not even a single layer of face moisturizer or face powder; basically, I didn’t care about how “shitty” I look. (But I do love playing […]

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  • Things I miss | 01

    I’ve been missing A LOT of things, events and people lately.. and I thought maybe writing about it/sharing it with you guys would somehow lessen the “longing” feeling I have for them. It happens to me all the time; it is like I remember a specific something, cast my mind back to it, long for […]

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  • Take me back

    Every so often, I still get this feeling of longing for my life back when I was in the US; it was a whole lot different from how my life is going at the present moment. It actually kind of makes me sad, to think that this-right now is reality; that my six-month stay in the […]

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  • New Look!

    Decided to give my blog a makeover because I realized my last layout was quite distracting. I wanted to give my blog a bright theme this time but I didn’t want something colorful-bright so I decided to stick with the color white. Keeping it basic, still! Unfortunately, I couldn’t entirely customize the layout for I have […]

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  • Melancholic Nights pt. 1

    It is one of those melancholic nights where I find myself contemplating about how my life has been going lately– cruel, to some extent. I was incredibly happy the time before life decided to throw some lemons at me, and I must say that it hit me hard. I honestly did not see this coming. […]

  • "Poetry"
  • Cloud of Confusion

    and the big cloud of confusion popped up just when she decided to take pleasure in the current happenings in her life. She got fond of the sudden affection; Disregarded the uncertainty and the uneasy sensation, Reveling in the diversion of the affair She began to adore every minute of it. Although she knows for […]

  • "Poetry"
  • Sudden flash of emotions

    And just like that, all the wounding words came off her mouth. She never wanted to hurt his feelings but she intended to say it, all of it – the apparent paradox of not wanting to hurt someone but actually doing something that would hurt them. It was a sudden flash of emotions. And in […]

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  • Take me to the beach

    Beaches… I think it’s safe to say that’s where my comfort zone is. Well, literally. I get this ecstatic feeling every time I get a chance to go to the beach. There is something about them that I truly love. The atmosphere, the feel of the sand, and the smell of the salty air, everything! […]

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  • Cheers to 2014!

    Happy New Year from me and my siblings! 2014’s finally here! Time sure flies when you’re wasting your life (kidding!) But seriously, 2013 went by REALLY fast! I can’t believe I’m turning 19 in two months! I can still remember every single thing that took place on my 18th birthday 10 months ago…. Anyway! I […]