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  • Daily Make-up routine

    I am not really a “make-up” person. (Well, compared to my sister who is VERY addicted to makeups) I used to go out wearing nothing on my face (on daily basis), not even a single layer of face moisturizer or face powder; basically, I didn’t care about how “shitty” I look. (But I do love playing […]

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  • Things I miss | 01

    I’ve been missing A LOT of things, events and people lately.. and I thought maybe writing about it/sharing it with you guys would somehow lessen the “longing” feeling I have for them. It happens to me all the time; it is like I remember a specific something, cast my mind back to it, long for […]

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  • Sunday Currently | 02

    So we just got back from Hundred Islands, Pangasinan last night; a one day vacation with the Seminary family. Nakakabitin sobra. I didn’t even get to enjoy the beach! Even so, I did have a good time with some good company. Most of the time were spent on the road, though– travelling. CURRENTLY  Reading Still […]

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  • Revamped!

    Moved to WordPress.org! Yes, my blog is finally self-hosted! After days of going through random articles about how self-hosted blog works, I was finally able to figure it out! Though there are still a couple of things that I do not understand. Anyway, moving to another platform was a success! Thanks to Webspace.ph! WordPress.com has been my primary blogging […]

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  • So long, Bolton!

    And we’re down to our last day in Bolton Landing. Jeez, why does time go by so fast? The fact that we’re leaving this place in a day hasn’t sunk in yet. I haven’t even started packing my things; not because I’m lazy (well, that’s a given) but because I don’t know where to start. […]

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  • Boating

    Boating around Lake George with the roomies and two other friends. We thought this might be the last chance to go boating because winter is about to come and it’s starting to get really cold here in Bolton Landing. In a way, I’d say we got lucky with the weather because it was sunny that afternoon. […]