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  • To Tagaytay

    Feeling extra productive today since I wasn’t able to go to work for I wasn’t feeling so well. (Alam nyo na yun!) This is my third blog entry for today, wow productive talaga! So again, I have decided to compile the videos I took last Feb 13– Alden and I’s roadtrip to Tagaytay/KS Valentine episode. […]

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  • “Limelight”

    You may have noticed that Dubsmash videos are all over the net. Videos of different people are continually going around our timelines and the wave (unfortunately) hasn’t stopped yet. Personally, I get really entertained in watching some. Even I, out of boredom and as my own source of entrainment, have tried making a couple. It takes a lot of tries to […]

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  • Just dance 3!

    Compilation of videos and few pictures from our dancing session yesterday! I’m so glad everything went so smooth (importing, editing, exporting etc.) that’s why I managed to finish it in ably 5 hours! 🙂 Had a hard time in choosing what song to use (that was one of the hardest parts, actually) Tried some trance music […]

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  • Paper planes

    I was bored last Friday so I tried to make a video using pictures and short clips. (inspired by ilyolivia) Started making the video at 6pm, halfway done by 3am. Continued on Saturday afternoon, natapos naman finally. Then I tried to save it for how many times pero it didn’t work. Cannot be exported error […]