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I am not really a “make-up” person. (Well, compared to my sister who is VERY addicted to makeups) I used to go out wearing nothing on my face (on daily basis), not even a single layer of face moisturizer or face powder; basically, I didn’t care about how “shitty” I look. (But I do love playing with makeup and making myself look “pretty” when I feel like it.) I think it was just last year when I got conscious of how I look when I go out so I started using emollients and other cosmetics.

Numerous people have been asking me to share my daily make-up routine; and also what kind/brand of makeup do I use. In all honesty, I didn’t think there will come a point in my life where people would ask me to share my “makeup/skincare regime”. Like seriously I don’t do or put much stuff on my face, sometimes I just simply wash it with water then that’s it. My skin is not even flawless to start with.

Any hoo, this is what I normally do. (That rhymed!)


After taking a shower, I apply a thin layer of Cetaphil face moisturizing cream along with Shiseido sunscreen.


I was advised to ALWAYS apply sunscreen before going out (and re-apply every four hours) because according to google, too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer and applying sunscreen daily slows down the development of wrinkles. I believe(d) so, so started using it since then.. (but no, not every four hours) just in the morning, before I apply any make up. I use Anessa by Shiseido whitening UV protector with SPF50+.

After those, I now apply a small amount of makeup. I am not a fan of using foundation/BB cream on daily basis because it isn’t really necessary; and I don’t think I need it. I mean, I want to look as normal and simple as I could. I don’t even use concealer to cover the dark circles under my eyes and other visible marks on my face. The only reason why I wear makeup daily is because I don’t want to look like I just got out of the ICU.
But I do use light coverage foundation and concealer when I’m about to (uhm, let’s say) go out on a date, get together with friends, or could be a simple family day out– during special occasions! I use Benefit Big Easy Liquid to Powder foundation in Medium-04.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.42.30 PM

This foundation goes on like butter– smooth and creamy. It has a really great texture and does improve my complexion a bit while looking like I’m wearing nothing at all! I really love how light it feels and how natural it looks on my skin. It has SPF 35, too! So it’s fine if you do not have or forgot to apply sunscreen, yeah?

For my eye bags, I use C219 colour corrector from Suesh. It really is made to cover dark circles as you may have noticed with its orange tone. Some say that you still need to apply another layer of concealer (that matches your tone) after applying any colour corrector cream but I don’t do that anymore for this CC does act like the concealer as well, so I go straight to foundation already after this.

Oh by the way, if you are not familiar with the use of colour correctors (and still uses a concealer that matches your skin tone to cover dark circles, pimples marks, etc.) then you may use this chart as a guide.


After the concealer and foundation, we now go to face powder. I use this Mattifying compact foundation from Sephora in Medium-25. I love this powder because it’s really matte and it lasts all day.



So I’ve come to realize that a good cheek/lip tint is a must in every girl’s kikay kit. I use liquid tint to color my cheeks on daily basis instead of using blush mainly because it looks more natural. I find it hard to work with at first because it dries quickly and leaves red patches on my cheeks but they are great once you get the technique down. I so love cheek tints!


I use Dear Darling tint from Etude House and Aqua Tint from The Face Shop. I use them for my lips as well! (Like, all the time!) 


I don’t put any eye shadow or eyeliner unless there is a special occasion or a party that I need to attend to. People often ask me if I do apply brown shadow because my lids are naturally tawny for whatever reason– but no, I don’t. The only thing I do with my eyes is curl my lashes; and Shu Uemura eyelash curler never fails to do its job. I never had a problem with it; it never pinched my lids and never crimped off my lashes. If you need/want a good lash curler then I’d recommend you this. Stop wasting your money on drugstore curlers that ain’t even good, go for something that will last.


For my brows, I use (light) Browzings by Benefit. I love it because it’s got all you need– pigmented wax (for shaping), brow powder, hard angle and blending brush, and tweezers. I’ve noticed a lot of girls have been struggling with sparse and bald brows, and I am quite lucky I am not one of them. I have fairly bushy brows so I don’t put much effort on defining them anymore. I do shape it a little and fill in some spots, brush it then apply layers of brow tint.


Browzings’ blending brush is a bit too soft for me so I rarely use them. I have this hard angled brush that I stole from my sister’s kit and I use it pretty much all the time.


Sometimes I prefer using this waterproof brow kit from in2it. (I actually use this often!) It comes in three shades of brown (lightest to darkest with different undertones) and an angled brush (that went missing). I like this brow kit because it’s not chalky and does not give fall outs unlike other brow powders. It also doesn’t wear off easily and very affordable. (P300)


So how do I shape my brows? I outline my brows through spraying a little water on the brush before I nudge it on the powder. (I don’t wet it thoroughly) The streaks look better when you apply it with damp brush, believe me. If you want to achieve a clean and sharp eyebrows then use a damp hard angle brush.
If I end up having too dark brow makeup, I simply brush it continuously until it lightens up.
When I’m pretty lazy, I use (MAC Brunette) brow pencil instead.


After the filling in and brushing, I always apply brow tint for a good tone and finish. I have Mac Brow Set in Red Chestnut and Nichido Tinted Brow Gel in Brunette. They’re somehow the same; they have almost the same shade, it’s just Mac stays on longer (of course) and sets perfectly well. But if you are looking for a good brow tint to use on daily basis then I’d suggest you go for the cheaper one. Nichido’s brow tints are nice, affordable and much appropriate for daily use.


When I am extra lazy, I only apply tint on my brows then that’s it.


For my lips, I use EOS Lipbalm during the day (then a dab of lip tint right after) and Nivea A Kiss of Moisture at Night (before I sleep). I like EOS balms because it’s not too shiny when applied. I HATE wearing lipgloss or even shiny lip balms simply because it draws much attention, and shiny lips look weird on me for some reason. Haha!


Dear Darling tint doesn’t stay on so long on my lips (because I eat all the time!) and I am still in the midst of looking for the perfect lip stain that doesn’t rub out easily. Anyhow, I am totally fine with re-applying every 3-4 hours. I want to try Vincent Longo’s lip/cheek stain, though!

Wait, I don’t think I’ve clearly discussed my daily makeup routine…. noh? Well to sum it all up nalang, I only use these products on regular basis: (In order of application) 
– Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
– Anessa Sunscreen
-Brows (in2it then tint)
– Cheek and Lip Stain
– Sephora Pressed powder

That’s basically it. Bakit ang dami ko pang sinabi kanina? Nag ala-makeup guru pa ako ng slight. Haha! #FeelingMadamingAlam

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  1. What’s up Dear, are you really visiting this web page daily, if
    so then you will absolutely take fastidious experience.

  2. AW says: Reply

    Hi! I’m loving the way you blog and your mad skills in dubsmashing! ♥️ Anyway, where do you usually buy these products? But what I am really after is the price and brief review (just pros and cons, maybe) of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. Thank you so much! BTW, you’re so pretty! 🙂

    1. maine says: Reply

      Aww thanks! I buy my makeups at the mall, while the emollients are from abroad. I don’t think they have Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream here in the Philippines though, I’ve tried to look for it at different stores but I didn’t find any. I got mine from the States for like 20 dollars. 🙂 but hey, you could purchase online at Amazon or Ebay!:) (..but, uhm, costly shipping fees)

      1. Yhumyhum says: Reply

        Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is a miracle! Haha! I’m lucky enough to get it here in Pampanga so easy.

  3. AW says: Reply

    Hey! I saw it in S&R! And if I’m not mistaken, it costs 795Php. So, now you can buy locally when you run out. 🙂

  4. mars says: Reply

    Wow! It’s good to know that in2it has an affordable brow kit. Mine’s about to run out so I’m definitely trying this one!

  5. Abegail Ocampo says: Reply

    Hi! I just wanna know how do you apply tint on your cheeks? I use tints as well and I love them! Im having a hard time applying them on my cheeks. 🙁

  6. LKA says: Reply

    You can try tony moly lip and cheek tint. it lasts a bit longer than the other ones. 🙂

  7. LKA says: Reply

    You can try tony moly lip and cheek tint. it lasts a bit longer than the other ones. 🙂

  8. pola says: Reply

    hi, mejo matagal na ko nahahanap nung eos lipbalm kaso nahirapan akong hanapin siya. can i ask where you bought it?

  9. Cazel says: Reply

    Hi maine, i really LOVE reading your blog, now i get to know you better, your so simple ang very beautiful, keep on writing, may God continue to bless you… And im a BIG fan #aldub…

  10. Zay Kirsten Meting says: Reply

    I suck putting (or knowing what kind to use) make-up to my zombie face. You are saving my ass (face) here. HAHA 😉

  11. Hello there Maine! wow! you have this kind of post pala.. 🙂 you may want to try The Body Shop’s lip and cheek tint. it’s so good and really long lasting. 🙂 btw, i watched every episode of your kalyeserye with my 4year old son and he (we) love it so much! lakes mama-good vibes eh. 🙂 God bless you more Maine! -waving from Singapore

  12. Josephine says: Reply

    If you would allow me, I’ll gladly ship you the Cetaphil moisturizing cream. I could get them from Costco, Walgreens or anywhere here from my end. But I guess that’s impossible for an ordinary person/commoner to do that. Lol! I would If I could but I can’t. It’s Maine Mendoza it is! “Impossible ” Stay grounded Maine.

  13. Kritzi Yowna says: Reply

    Ate Maine, ano po shade ng dear darling tint mo from Etude House? love you so much! :*

  14. Kritzi Yowna says: Reply

    same lang po ba yung a kiss of moisture sa essential care lip balm from nivea?

  15. You should’ve posted your look after applying all of these products. 🙂 And I was shocked that you actually blog! xx


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