I was listening to a song
Then I closed my eyes
And thought about my future
With you, us, together

Our “wedding day”
Popped into my head
I didn’t know why
but as the song goes by
I picture myself walking down the aisle

 I see you waiting for me
Wiping the tears on your cheeks
I wonder what is going on your mind
But it didn’t actually matter
For I can see the rapture in your eyes

It felt so magical
Seeing you and I starting our first day of being legitimately together
But as the song nears its end
Every picture seem to vanish
For all that,
I still found myself smiling as I open my eyes
Thinking that even if it wasn’t real,
I know deep down that time will come
Our song won’t ever end
And I won’t have to close my eyes
and imagine my life with you anymore
For it will come to reality
And all my fantasies with you
Will all come true.

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  1. Now close your eyes,
    and dream of a life,
    where Bae is the one on your side,
    and everything just felt right.
    For he might be one,
    everything was so light.

    and in every rhythm the song has,
    the words incredibly rhyme.
    the melody match the lines,
    just like how the two of you collide,
    d0n’t worry how to sing along,
    you were the lyrics that goes on and on.

  2. Someone screen cap this and posted it on twitter. I thought it was fake. But wow you really posted it same day as “Tamang Panahon”. Are you a predecessor of Nostradamus or Madam Auring? lol Goosebumps! I do really hope that you and Alden will end up together but if not i will still support you and not force you to someone that’s not meant for you. Aldub you maine/yaya dub <3

  3. Ikaw na talaga Meng!! pwede ka nang maging masugid na manunulat, ikaw ang inspirasyon ng lahat!!

  4. Nabby says: Reply

    Eventually it will happen on October 22, 2016…❤️
    ALDUB you and Alden! We, ADN, are just here for both of you..

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