first #MemaEntry of 2018

Okay, I am not sure if people will (immediately) find out about this new entry because of my new blog layout. (That is not yet fixed!) But yeah, this is my first (mema) entry for the year 2018! Disclaimer: There is nothing to be nervous or scared about.. wala lang ito. #MemaEntry

So before anything else, let me greet all of you a very happy New Year! I hope you guys had a great time during the holidays, and I hope you were able to eat lots without any restriction or guilt! Minsan lang naman eh, diba… echos!

So I was looking for an old photo (circa 2012 to be specific) because I wanted to try this “Post an old and a present photo” thing on Facebook and see how much you have changed blah blah blah. Unfortunately, I do not have my old photos on my phone. (I don’t like copying files from my old phone to the new one because I won’t get the bago-yung-phone-ko feels, that’s why.) So anyway, since my Facebook got hacked 2 years ago and I failed to retrieve it, I was thinking where to get some old photos. Pinagisipan ko pa talaga. Then I realised I own a blog, since 2011. (Duh?) So I went to my old blog, the one registered on, then started browsing through. (I am also actually doing it now) I am not sure if all of my entries from 2011-2014 were transferred to this blog though, but they are all supposed to be here at ??? Anyway, it makes me happy and a bit sad looking back on my life as a teenager– as a college student. I know I say this a lot, but I really miss how often I write back then. I miss how I write about random things like: a boring day at home; random day out with friends; the joy of purchasing The Sims; having my braces removed; finding a new song; sharing motivational quotes I found on Google, etc. And I love how I can write so much about a trivial topic. Writing used to be a priority back then; posting an entry was my weekly goal. I really enjoyed writing and narrating stories kahit na wala naman ng kwenta mga pinagsasabi ko. I just miss sharing random life happenings to my non-existent blog readers. (Charot, parang may tatlong readers naman ata ako. Lol!)

I miss those days! And looking at our (barkada and family) photos and seeing how much we have changed! Mga totoy at nene! Also, I get to remember my life as a student thru my blog posts; like failing to enlist my subjects on time; working on a school project; making it to the dean’s list etc. Nakakamiss ang mga panahong pumapasok ako ng naka-corporate attire! I don’t know if you know, but I am super makakalimutin! So I really have to write down the things I do not want to forget.  Like you can open up to me and tell me your secrets, give it a week, and poof! It became Koko Krunch! (Oo, yung sikreto mo naging cereal) Selective retention, maybe? O talagang makakalimutin lang? 

Anyway, here’s the thing I was telling you about.


From cave man..


…to cave woman.


Lol, that’s a somewhat decent throwback photo! Mukha na akong babae diyan with my short hair, but in reality, shibolibambam ang aurabels! (Mukha pa din namang shiboli sa 2017 photo, naka two piece lang ang ati mo, este koya. Charot!)

Anyway, I am curious! I wanna see some throwback and present photos of you guys! I am just not sure if it’s possible to leave a photo comment below– or if you want to expose your faces to the public– but if you are not ashamed to reveal some throwback pics, upload them and tag me on Twitter or Instagram! Tama na kakahalukay ng j3j3 phOtoS ni #cUtiEmHaiNe03, it’s your turn this time! 😛

By the way! Crowdsourcing: Does any of you know someone who creates blog layouts? I still want to modify the current one because it looks so plain to me. Gusto ko yung may pa-emeng konti. Lol if you know someone please let me know! Mention me on Twitter! Thanks!

That’s it for today! My first random blog post this 2018! Wala ng proof read proof read, lol! Here’s to another year full of surprises and new experiences!

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  1. Joan says: Reply

    Haha love you meng always! Basta happy ka

  2. Miz_Riz_93 says: Reply

    For a #MemaEntry, this sure is an impressive way to start what would surely be a creative year for you, Maine! This blog layout still does have some bugs & takes a while to load, but everything you write is certainly worth the wait!

    Love you, Maine! Looking forward to more of your writings.. 😘

  3. HOMEBOY says: Reply

    This #MemaEntry is full of insight on the things that matter to you most. When you say that you miss school, your activities, your wonderful loyal friends – it tells us you had a worthwhile student life and invested in the best of friends – the ones who will last a lifetime, and the ones who will remain loyal to you when everyone else scatters and leaves. Thanks for sharing old an new pictures. OMG. kaya pala mabagal ang pag load – traffic to your site is crazy!!
    Yes i think your site is a bit sparse and bare for your taste and personality. Too many white spaces that could be trimmed up with cool things that you like! Visit the sites other celebs that you like and see if they have features that you would like to have. That way you can show your list of “must haves” and “nice to haves” to whoever will layout the blog. Have fun doing it! Cheers and looking forward to a great 2018 with you! My Fanboy mode is on 24/7 !

  4. tons says: Reply

    pang4 ako sa readers ng #memaentry mo ate menggay…

  5. Marilyn says: Reply

    Thanks Maine! Laki ng tawa ko sa caption ng from cave man to cave woman!

  6. Evie says: Reply

    Grabe sobrang nabibighani mo ako kapag nag susulat ka kahit maiksi sobrang nakakatuwang basahin lagi may lalim na matutunan .. salamat sa pag bahagi mo ng mga karanasan mo nuon hanggang ngayon,, masaya man o malungkot lahat nang naibabahagi mo ay may aral.. nagtataka lang ako sa dami ng taong nkakabasa ng blog mo may mga tao parin na walang magawa kung hndi may sabihin sa iyo na hndi maganda yung iba halos kung magsalita eh kala mo kilalang kilala kna nila mema lang sila.. sabi mo nga hndi nmn lahat talaga ng tao eh ma please mo.. pero ako simula ng nabasa ko blog mo sobrang hinangaan kita sa idad mong yan napakalawak ng isip at puso mo para sa ibang tao.. ikaw palang ang artista na hndi ko nkitaang nag bago mula nuon hanggang ngyon kahit hndi kita kilala sa personal sa pag subaybay ko sa araw araw sa iyo paranarin kitang nkilala ng personal pero sana nga makilala kita ng personal at makamayan man lang.. meng lagi kong ipag darasal ang kaligtasan mo kasama na ang buong pamilya mo at syempre yung kaligayahan na inaasam mo.. andto lang ako , kame mga tunay na nagmamahal at naniniwala sa iyo hndi ka nmen iiwan.. pagpalain ka ng panginuon sa lahat ng gawain mo…

    Ps. Lahat tagalog para maiba nmn ang komento hehehehe

  7. mfernandez says: Reply

    Please do more of what’s make you happy…. write more on your blog😊

  8. Shane Pegarum says: Reply

    This new blog entry is so cute, funny and amazing
    Ate Maine ikaw Na 😉
    We love you😘❤
    Ang hot mo ate meng🔥🙈😘

  9. Honey says: Reply

    Always happy to read your blog…never been affected kahit yung openletter..masyado kang malalim my dear…Just always be happy and be strong…always here to support you…both of you(hnd ko na babanggitin kung sino😍😍😍)…Anyway, always praying for a happy and successful life…I know that you will be able to reach your goals…Both of you!!! Mag-ingat palagi…LOVE YOU VERY MUCH

  10. etxetera says: Reply

    What has the dark world of showbiz done to you ??? You have not even knack ten percent of your potential and talents that millions of fans had been waiting for happily and patiently the past years. Fans you just ended up dumping particularly ADN who’s only fault is to love and support the both of you after making so many promised tandem projects that none materialized. Masakit lang 😭

    I miss the clean fun silly wholesome blogger girl. Blogger girl who became yaya dub. The girl that was full of substance, passion, good vibes, dreams and positive vision in life despite being a pessimist at times. The unique brand of wholesome comedy materials that all loved and sets you apart from everyone else in showbiz that even veteran comedians admired. Ang husay mo imagine kahit tissue pwede gawing materyal ng patawa. But things changed.

    Honestly, I was waiting for something ala Joyce Pring new year entry after your month long hiatus. A DEEP REALIZATION and LESSONS LEARNED after the storm and not another senseless bikini eme spread pic to be as sex for barakos lust. A blog entry that is something of WORTH and INSPIRATION like you used to before. A good follow-up after that open letter but now only a mema entry. Memapansin. Kanino ka ba nagpapapansin? Ewan.

    Guess we REALLY lost that girl sa makamundong Barbie world. Its just saddening you really DO NOT want to accept yourself, your huge worth, positive impact and good influence to millions from children to lola’s as old as 90 year old na pumipila ng oras for you in your job as a star. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO AFFECT PEOPLE POSITIVELY TOO BAD YOU OPTED TO CHOOSE AFFECT PEOPLE NOW NEGATIVELY. SAYANG.

    #SomebodySaveThisGirl #WearYourSt.BenedictMedallion #Pray

  11. Georlan arnaiz says: Reply

    Hahahaaha… Ganda nung present picture mo maine… Hehehe

  12. Hello my dear 🙋
    Ano yun shiboli? Hahaha nahahalata ang edad ko…
    And for me a sinple blog layout like this is fine but whatever floats your boat you go right ahead… I’m sure madami magpresenta na tulungan ka dito sa blog mo…
    One wish for you is for you to get more time to write this 2018!!!
    Happy new year and hope you enjoy each day of 2018

  13. Nona Angeles says: Reply

    Lovely my dear. God bless u more bibi girl… love ko kyo ni RJ sobra.

  14. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Love you 💛 💛 💛
    Happy New Year!!!
    Sana nakapagpahinga ka ng husto sa vacation mo.
    Parehas naman maganda yung photos from 2012 to 2017😚😚😚

  15. MARY JEAN PANAO says: Reply

    Happy new year bibigirl, salamat sa 1st mema mo..hoping na happy ka always kahit mdalas pinapakain ng ampalaya ng iba..d ako mhilig mgbsa ng blog pero bookworm ako.sayo lng tlga ako nkafollow..sarap bsahin ng mga blog mo..para ka lng ngstorytelling..congrats po sa award nyo ni Alden Richards po..Miss Maine pareply nman po ng tanong ko po sa ig nyo po..nkmsg po ako dun as @mcjhadealpa tanong lng po ako..sana po masagot nyo po..slamat..

  16. Kate says: Reply

    So happy to read a blog entry from you! sana you will keep on writing from here on. i am a mom and a blogger too. you inspire me to post more and just be as expressive in my thoughts as you has always been. and yup, kasama ako sa mga 3 or 4 blog readers mo before even before AlDub happened. nakakatuwa ung mga narating mo but i admit, namimiss ko talaga mga blog posts mo. thanks for starting this week off happily!

  17. kikay says: Reply

    hello meng! happy new year! Happy to see you again on TV… nakakawala ka ng pagod 🙂 happy to see you smiling again… God Bless, looking forward sa mga projects mo this year.

  18. russel says: Reply

    I was looking forward to your first blog entry for 2018 after that very honest open letter.
    Perhaps, it’s just me. But I’m sorry for thinking that your first entry will be about your reflections and perhaps lessons from your month-long hiatus away from the maddening crowd. 🙂 But perhaps not this time? Perhaps, you choose not to enlighten us more with your brilliant thoughts and ideas about how devoted many of your fans have been despite all the hoopla.
    I am still hoping you will one of these days, you will.
    Great pictures by the way. Still, I feel that the picture, particularly the second one, does not capture or mirror the change a role model and an ‘influencer’ like you perhaps may have after all these years , or perhaps just after your one-month absence.
    Wishing you the best still.

  19. Lyn laurente says: Reply

    Happy new year 😄😄😄😄😊😊😊

  20. Ana Ramirez says: Reply

    I miss you Nicomaine! I’ll always be here to support both you and Richard. Love you both! Teacher Ana 💜

  21. Marites Gonzaga says: Reply

    Carry on Menggay. In an industry where almost everyone wears a false face,
    it is indeed a privilege to see one pure soul that is you. Write deep, write light,
    just write and follow the tides of your own thoughts. Hail to thee.

  22. Opy Llaguno says: Reply

    Hello 👋 meng uk b4 q bnsa blog m pahapyaw muna kc prng kabado n aq da last time but b4 p naiiyak tlga aq f nagbabasa aq ng blog m e1 k b gnon senti2 peg k na depressed kc aq s ol m to da point n namayat aq kc nwlan aq ganang kumain Sana pray q for real at forever kyo n Ricardo kc kayo nagpapahaba ng buhay nming mga seniors Love 💕 u & gov sna wag nyo kaming iwanan 💕💕💕🙏

  23. Happy blessed new year too Meng!I for one is very happy that you’re back from your well deserved and much needed vacation. I’m glad you continue sharing us your personal ramdom thoughts.I hope you never have to feel obligated to write or do things to pacify your fans or reader,and you continue being you,we never want to take that away from you.This is your blog,we come here to read what’s up in your world,not your showbiz world ,not as a philanthropist ,not as a role model,but your world.I would really hate if you turn obsequious just just to gather a reader.God bless Meng,be good to yourself always.

  24. Irene says: Reply

    Nakaka good vibes namn tong mema entry mo Maine Sana mas madalas ka pang makapagsulat… Love this Maine..

  25. Kimberly says: Reply

    Medyo naliligaw pa ako dito sa blog mo, Meng haha.

    Natawa naman ako sa panimula 😂😂
    “There is nothing to be nervous or scared about” 😂 Aaminin kong kinabahan nga ako haha. Natrauma na. Lol. 😂😂

    Wala na akong pic ng 2012 huhu. Pwede na siguro ang 2011 hihi hindi naman siguro halata na tumanda na ako ng isang taon lang 😂😂😝😝
    Tag/mention kita ah. Sana ma-notice mo ako kahit napaka-imposible sa daming tagahanga mo hahaha. @architectkhim username ko hihi.

    Happy New Year, Meng. Love you now and always 😘😘

  26. Josephine Remolacio says: Reply

    Ok hakot muna sa baul… waiting for more blogs

  27. Josephine Remolacio says: Reply

    Sana maka compose ka ng isang story line na in reality but amazing story na pwed entry as movie i know kaya mong ilabas ang tàlent mo sa pagsusulat looking forward Meng

  28. Meng ung picture q nung 2012 at ngaung 2017 takte wlng pinagkaiba eh ganun p dn mukhang buwaya.Pro sau grebe nakakakakakakwla ng lamig eng heat keshe eh.Pro ndi prn aq nawawalan ng pag asa bka sa year 2030 ksing hot mo nko…hehheh.I love u Meng.Happy new year!.

  29. Mavic says: Reply

    Happiest & Blessed New Year Maine! A very relaxing mema entry to start 2018, just continue being you because that’s one of the reason why we, your true fans really admires you most aside from being a natural comedian, full of talents at magalang…. God bless you & Alden always! Stay happy always & be Strong! Love you Maine

  30. Sarah Ardona says: Reply

    Hiya ko Meng magpost ng pic ko mukha akong di tao ng mga panahon na yun hahaha charot! Basta happy ka happy din kami for you remember that lab u Meng from the other side of the world hihi

  31. chi urbano says: Reply

    kahit caveman naman eh u still hv that thing that made u a cave woman today.
    happy 2018 to u too. keep blogging so i can keep on reading it.

  32. Favoured says: Reply

    Hi Menggayyyyyyyy! Still gorgeous since 2012 to 2017. Walang naiba eeeh hahaha cutie maine parin ♥ yun lang hehehe sumabaybay lang talaga ako sa mga post mo. I hope you’ll looking forward on making an entry nung birthday ni Tisoy awehehe 🙂 ♥ More blogs please! Such an inspiration ♥

  33. Alelli says: Reply

    Looking forward for more this 2018!!!

    Happy reader here… 🙏

  34. amy says: Reply

    hi menggay! next blog entry yung book launch mo pls…thank u!

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