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Hi guys. It’s exactly 4 in the morning and I had this sudden urge to get out of bed and just write something. My fingers are itching to write; I miss hitting the keyboard with stories and ideas vomiting out of my brain faster than my fingers can type. I know, I left my blog idle for quite some time, and I really do wish I could write from time to time. I know also that I have been saying that every time but still end up having no single update at all. Hindi bale, I am finally having my blog fixed (this time it’s for real!); from its layout to this bandwidth thing that I know nothing about. When everything’s done, I hope to be active again– again, I hope.

I really do miss staying up all night and do nothing but blog; that was something I really do often before. Lately, I have been hitting the sheets before 12mn so I can get a good night’s rest; then I’d wake up at around 8 and drag myself out of bed feeling like I stayed up aaaall night. Lagi akong inaantok! Sometimes I feel like I am gonna fall asleep in the shower. Even in barangay, I’d sleep on my way to work and get out of my car to get ready for the show (Eat Bulaga) at around 10:30 and my body would still feel so tired and heavy. I always think, “Shet, yung iba nga gumigising ng 6am, tapos ako literal na tanghali ang simula ng trabaho, hirap na hirap pa din bumangon.” I couldn’t help but also think, “Ngayon palang ba nagrrecuperate yung katawan ko tulog na nawala sa akin no’ng mga nakaraang taon?” Funny things is, it feels like my body is not used to getting a decent night’s sleep. Might as well stay up all night every day so I’d regain my vitality. Lol.

Speaking of staying up all night, I pulled an all-nighter last night because my best friends and I got together for the last time before one of them (Maryse) leaves for the States. As always, I had a good and fun time with that crazy bunch! Though I still wish the barkada was complete. (s/o to Kamille who’s in Australia and Ola who’s on the sick list “daw”) We spent 4 hours playing Cards Against Humanity and I honestly did not expect to have fun while playing the game. Masaya din naman pala! As a consequence, losers had to gobble up some Korean Spicy Noodles (the red one! 2x spicier than the original one!) You guys know how much I love spicy food, but damn this one made my stomach feel queasy in the morning. Welp, the challenge was good while it lasted.

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Anyhoo, we all had a good time and we’ll definitely miss being together on random week nights. We will miss you, Maryse! The group won’t be the same without you– the laughterbater and the gullible one too! Actually, our barkada will never be the same unless we are complete. Each of us has this certain role and character that when one is not around it always feels like a piece is missing; kesyo walng tagatawa, walang nagpapatawa, walang slow, walang medyo engot, walang basag trip, atbp. Hay, this bunch is worthy of anything. Anyhoo, I hope we could still stay in touch at all times! Maryse has not left yet but I cannot wait for her to get back already, along with Kamille ofcourse! I hope to see you two return fulfilled and happy! On a different note, I wanna go to the States too! Namiss ko na ang mga itlog ng Sagamore, chos.

Oh by the way, I received an award earlier today from EdukCircle! I am one of this year’s Most Influential Female Celebrity Endorsers. Naks naman, hiyang hiya lang ako kanina. I don’t know but for some reason attending awarding ceremonies make me nervous. Kukunin ko lang naman yung award, feeling ko magpperform ako sa Superbowl. Chos! I guess this stage fright of mine never really went away. Parang reporting lang sa school, feeling ko nagrereport ako sa buong Pilipinas. Good thing we didn’t have any thesis defense back in college, baka feeling ko nagsasalita ako sa senado. Lol anyway, thank you very much EdukCircle for the recognition! It wouldn’t be possible without the support of the people who love me kaya maraming salamat din po sainyo. 🙂

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What else.. hmm. I will try to be back later (If I still could! I hope my blog won’t crash this time!) and try to write some more. Perhaps about our short trip to Leyte for the Miss Millennial x Eat Bulaga OBB shoot? Or a Sunday Currently entry? Or I don’t know, something else, whatever I feel like writing when I get up/when my brain starts to function again. Time check, it’s 4:58am. Time to hit the sheets! Good night/morning and happy Sunday, everybody!


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  1. Ellen says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I am glad that you had the time to post. Looking forward to more blog updates as well as the release of your book. Congrats in advance. And also I wish and for more projects for you and RJ. Take care always.

    1. Ellen says: Reply

      – oh, and I’m @mecabas on twitter

  2. panotsha says: Reply

    Yay!!! You probably are snoozing right now. Congratulations on everything. You and Richard deserve all the love and blessings. We are here for you always. – Tita Sha @panotsha in twitter

  3. Rich says: Reply

    Wohooo what a good morning surprise for me Meng! Happy pill ko magbasa blog mo. I feel like you are just on the other side talking to me personally. My fan heart is in cloud nine… Or maybe twenty four?! 😊😊😊
    More sleep for you and more writtings sana…. Love you Meng!
    Proud MAINEan,

  4. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Good mornight Meng congrats sa recent award na natanggap mo. Na miss ko to ang magbasa ng blog mo. Excited na ako sa pagrelease ng book mo❤

  5. I also experienced that same situation and that could lead to burn out. Just stay strong and be motivated by the people who.loves you dearly. Enjoy the journey and stay positive always! There are lots like me who supports you and alden. Both of you are always in our prayers.

  6. Annie says: Reply

    Good to see an update from you. Know that you continue to entertain a lot of people which brings us all happiness. Waiting (somewhat patiently 😐) for the next MaiChard project….👍 Be safe and enjoy life!

  7. I miss this, reading about what are you doing this past days.. Haha. Hoping na tuloy tuloy na to! 😂 so happy for you! Love you ate Meng! 😊😍😘

  8. Awwww! Someone’s always saying goodbye! 🎼

    Ganun talaga, paths divert to smaller ones and bittersweet goodbyes follow. When this happens, I try to remember that I gave my all while it happened. I lived the moment, no regrets. Kase hindi na talaga magiging kagaya dati, pero mapapalitan naman ng bago at biyaya pa rin na minsan, nagkatagpo tagpo.

    My friends from college still hangout and connect, almost 20 years after. 🤣 Yes, magically, some things never change.

    Great job on posting, and all the best sa pagaayos sa blog design at web hosting. 👍🏼

    lola tamslabs

  9. etxetera says: Reply

    Finally spotted again after a long hiatus – the good old Meng 💗 More Maichard projects. Stay happy. Do not remain stagnant. Embrace your purpose 😉

  10. Jhoanna32@yahol.com says: Reply

    Love u menggay and sana lagibka p dn magsulat sa blog mo kc nakaka happy basahin.Ingat ka lagi at wag ka magbabago.God bless

  11. I also experience that same situation every morning before i go to work “yung feeling na nagalarm ka tapos hinihila ka ng kama mo na matulog pa”. But that is the reality of work, we must enjoy it because all the tiredness is worth it after all be postive and motivated.
    I’m so happy and inspired to read your blog again. Congratulations for new award that you received because you deserve it, I’m patiently waiting for your updated

  12. Joan says: Reply

    Hi Maine
    thank you for posting this entry sana talaga you could write regularly kapag nakakabasa ako ng blog mo I feel na close sayo para kang nakikipag kwentuhan sa amin and nakaka amaze bilang fan na feeling ko ang lapit lapit namin sayo. Salamat for always being you. You know we are always here supporting and loving you. God Bless

  13. jakile says: Reply

    Ganyan din ako nung student ako. Antukin sa araw he he Thanks for the random post. Medyo mahirap magrequest kung anong topic ang mapost mo dito, basta kung anong nasa isip mo, sulat na. Pwede yung tula, mga sampu he he?Excited na kami sa book and hopefully pagbabalik sa. Twitterlandia. Magpatumba kami ng baka kapag mangyari eto. Congrats sa EdukCircle Award! Nagvote ako sa site araw araw

  14. amy says: Reply

    Yes meng this one plssss —-> “Perhaps about our short trip to Leyte for the Miss Millennial x Eat Bulaga OBB shoot? ” thank you so much again for the blog update. Always wanting to read anything in this blogsite of yours. love u and rj always! take care of each other…God bless u both! mwaahh mwaahh tsup tsup! haha

  15. really refreshing to read your blog. and glad to know you have that writer’s itch 😊.

  16. Good morning my dear!
    Weird huh our body betrays us with our sleeping patterns 😬 sometimes too much sleep isn’t enough and sometimes a couple of hours can still keep you going 😆
    Hope you do get the chance to regularly vomit words faster than you can type 😊 blogging really gives you a certain satisfaction so assuage it whenever you can…
    Stay happy my dear 🙋

  17. Oh and congrats to you and Ritsard 😆 for the awards you got from Eduk Circle…
    Better train yourself and lose that stage fright because those awards will not go away yet 😛

  18. Ann says: Reply

    Love lots! I really miss your blog entries… More of this please… Hehehe I’m demanding. Sleep tight Menggay! I’m always here for you and RJ…

  19. Evie says: Reply

    Hi meng 1st congrats sa new award mo deserved mo yang blessing na yan.. and ganyan talaga ang tunay na magkakaibigan malayo man kayo sa isat isat pero ang mga puso nyo ay hndi magkakalayo and bilib ako sa samahan nyo magkakabarkada kasi npaka solid ng samahan nyo godbless sa inyong lahat.. and thank you sa pag bahagi mo ulet ng iyong karanasan sa mga nagdaang araw masaya ako at nabasa ko nnmn blog mo kahit sobrang engot na ng cp ko tyaga talaga mabasa ko lang blog mo.. hehe.. ingat ka lagi lalo na sa brgy.. gobless sa inyo ni alden and jowapao..

  20. Jieme rose says: Reply

    Hi meng, its been a long time, and im happy na nakapag update ka sa blog mo… Habang binabasa ko ung blog mo feeling ko kinakausap lang kita ng face2face hehehe😄😄😄… I hope that u could have a better sleep and rest today… Ingat ka palagi meng and congrats pala sa inyu ni Rj Sa award na natanggap nyu. and hope that more awards to come coz u deserve it both. I will always ur fan. no matter what happen i will always support and love you both. GOdbless and take care always.

  21. Chi-Chi Tiu says: Reply

    Hi Maine! So happy 😄 to see your blog again! Congrats 👏🏼 to your EdukCircle award. Rest assured you deserve it.

    You know your barkada 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 reminds me of mine. We used stay together but due to certain career options 🤷‍♀️, some had to leave for US 🇺🇸, others for Manila and I ended up in Canada 🇨🇦. We rarely get in touch with one another, but I know nothing will ever change in our friendship. 😇

    Same as everyone else, I also experience exhaustion and fatigue on certain days. Sometimes I sleep 😴 late because a lot of things race through my mind. One thing I realize though is that when I think more about things beyond my control, worries, helplessness and sadness start to creep in. And I want to beat them. I once read that it can be resolved by a lifestyle change and by some dietary modifications. Easy for them to say, but it requires a lot of discipline and hard work. So I’d simply try to shut my mind for awhile to forget and I pray, only then would I feel a sense of great relief and a perfect control of my mind.

    A rare few 😉 can indeed beat the hell out of us. One day, they’ll get tired, too. For now, just always pray 🙏🏻 and stay strong. Nothing wins a daily dose of prayer, rationalization and optimism. Continue spreading happiness.

  22. Kat says: Reply

    Hello! I hope you can write about your LANY experience 🙂

  23. Anne says: Reply

    i miss you blogging I’m glad you’re back Maine

  24. Hi Maine! So happy to read your blog again!! Siguro minsan hindi pa rin lang tayo nakaka-adjust sa oras or baka talagang nocturnal lang tayo & mas active sa gabi. Hahaha.

    Congrats sa award, girl! Deserve mo ‘yan!! 🙂

    Amielle | http://www.loveamielle.com

  25. issay says: Reply

    glad ur back maine and congrats sa inyo ni alden sa award.natawa ako sa hiyang hiya.you both deserve it.we wont get tired of voting for u if ganito naman ng happiness na mkikita nmin sa inyo.stay strong ok?😘

  26. archie says: Reply


  27. cris says: Reply

    reading abt u makes me feel good ur my happy pill miss ganda, love you! FOREVER FAN ctc

  28. chareah says: Reply

    ganyan talaga ang magbestfriend it’s remember me my bestfriend

  29. Sarah says: Reply

    Full of wisdom ka po tlga😀 I admire you po👏❤

  30. Ben says: Reply

    Hi maine!

    Its nice to see you’re not giving up on blogging, most especially if time is not your closest friend. But I feel you, writing or blogging is to express oneself. 🙂 Btw, I can help you fix, troubleshoot and design you website. Just email me if you are interested from my service.

    Kind Regards,

  31. Roses roses says: Reply

    I can say Maine is truely phenomenal …in all aspects she is one unique and angat sa iba ang abilidad at galing na tao i truely admire Maine and forever am a supporter of her

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