Hi blog!

Hi guys. It’s exactly 4 in the morning and I had this sudden urge to get out of bed and just write something. My fingers are itching to write; I miss hitting the keyboard with stories and ideas vomiting out of my brain faster than my fingers can type. I know, I left my blog idle for quite some time, and I really do wish I could write from time to time. I know also that I have been saying that every time but still end up having no single update at all. Hindi bale, I am finally having my blog fixed (this time it’s for real!); from its layout to this bandwidth thing that I know nothing about. When everything’s done, I hope to be active again– again, I hope.

I really do miss staying up all night and do nothing but blog; that was something I really do often before. Lately, I have been hitting the sheets before 12mn so I can get a good night’s rest; then I’d wake up at around 8 and drag myself out of bed feeling like I stayed up aaaall night. Lagi akong inaantok! Sometimes I feel like I am gonna fall asleep in the shower. Even in barangay, I’d sleep on my way to work and get out of my car to get ready for the show (Eat Bulaga) at around 10:30 and my body would still feel so tired and heavy. I always think, “Shet, yung iba nga gumigising ng 6am, tapos ako literal na tanghali ang simula ng trabaho, hirap na hirap pa din bumangon.” I couldn’t help but also think, “Ngayon palang ba nagrrecuperate yung katawan ko tulog na nawala sa akin no’ng mga nakaraang taon?” Funny things is, it feels like my body is not used to getting a decent night’s sleep. Might as well stay up all night every day so I’d regain my vitality. Lol.

Speaking of staying up all night, I pulled an all-nighter last night because my best friends and I got together for the last time before one of them (Maryse) leaves for the States. As always, I had a good and fun time with that crazy bunch! Though I still wish the barkada was complete. (s/o to Kamille who’s in Australia and Ola who’s on the sick list “daw”) We spent 4 hours playing Cards Against Humanity and I honestly did not expect to have fun while playing the game. Masaya din naman pala! As a consequence, losers had to gobble up some Korean Spicy Noodles (the red one! 2x spicier than the original one!) You guys know how much I love spicy food, but damn this one made my stomach feel queasy in the morning. Welp, the challenge was good while it lasted.

viber image3 viber image1 viber image4 viber image5viber image2

Anyhoo, we all had a good time and we’ll definitely miss being together on random week nights. We will miss you, Maryse! The group won’t be the same without you– the laughterbater and the gullible one too! Actually, our barkada will never be the same unless we are complete. Each of us has this certain role and character that when one is not around it always feels like a piece is missing; kesyo walng tagatawa, walang nagpapatawa, walang slow, walang medyo engot, walang basag trip, atbp. Hay, this bunch is worthy of anything. Anyhoo, I hope we could still stay in touch at all times! Maryse has not left yet but I cannot wait for her to get back already, along with Kamille ofcourse! I hope to see you two return fulfilled and happy! On a different note, I wanna go to the States too! Namiss ko na ang mga itlog ng Sagamore, chos.

Oh by the way, I received an award earlier today from EdukCircle! I am one of this year’s Most Influential Female Celebrity Endorsers. Naks naman, hiyang hiya lang ako kanina. I don’t know but for some reason attending awarding ceremonies make me nervous. Kukunin ko lang naman yung award, feeling ko magpperform ako sa Superbowl. Chos! I guess this stage fright of mine never really went away. Parang reporting lang sa school, feeling ko nagrereport ako sa buong Pilipinas. Good thing we didn’t have any thesis defense back in college, baka feeling ko nagsasalita ako sa senado. Lol anyway, thank you very much EdukCircle for the recognition! It wouldn’t be possible without the support of the people who love me kaya maraming salamat din po sainyo. 🙂

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What else.. hmm. I will try to be back later (If I still could! I hope my blog won’t crash this time!) and try to write some more. Perhaps about our short trip to Leyte for the Miss Millennial x Eat Bulaga OBB shoot? Or a Sunday Currently entry? Or I don’t know, something else, whatever I feel like writing when I get up/when my brain starts to function again. Time check, it’s 4:58am. Time to hit the sheets! Good night/morning and happy Sunday, everybody!


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  1. Kate says: Reply

    oh i miss your updates!!!! i check your blog every morning when i wake up and today i literally feel out of my bed when i saw you posted a new entry. looking forward to reading your update but good luck on the bandwith thing. for sure your site will crash again once word gets out that you posted a blog. hahahaha! i miss your spontaneous writing Maine ! also looking forward to your book!😘

  2. Billy Jr says: Reply

    Good Morning Ate Maine 😉💛

  3. Trixie hernandez says: Reply

    Good mornyt maine.. More blessings to u and to Alden. Have a blessed sunday.. Love u both 😚😚

  4. Sharmaine says: Reply

    Italy blog po 😅

  5. Tingsstt01 says: Reply

    Yay! Congrats sainyo ni Alden. Buntis ka na talaga, Meng 🤰🏻😂

  6. gelai says: Reply

    Hope you can write about depression.

  7. Trixie hernandez says: Reply

    Good Mornight Maine.. More blessings to U and to Alden.. Have a Blessed Sunday.. We love u Nd alden.. 😚😚😚

  8. thess magboo says: Reply

    Enjoy your sunday Maine.. Have a good rest!! If there ‘s a chance lang nman please go to the church and take time to thank Him for all the blessings He showered on you.. love you lots!! Congrats again..

  9. alicia cano says: Reply

    Love you very much!!! Maraming maraming salamat sa insperasyon at saya naibigay mo sa amin andito lng kami susuporta hanggang huli.😙😙😙

  10. Ahmaries says: Reply

    I missed this kinda random blog from you Maine. While reading, all I did was imagine how your face looks like. Malamang hindi tumama yung image mo sa utak ko kasi ang dami mong facial expressions. Anyhoo din, enjoy your Sunday, have your me-time. Luv-U-Much.

  11. Ellen says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I am glad that you had the time to post. Looking forward to more blog updates as well as the release of your book. Congrats in advance. And also I wish and for more projects for you and RJ. Take care always.

    1. Ellen says: Reply

      – oh, and I’m @mecabas on twitter

    2. Mila cambal says: Reply

      Missed your blog updates Meng. It’s wonderful that you found time to. Enjoy your rest this time and just chillax from the holdrum of your hectic life. BTW nice pair of earrings you bought for nanay. She wore them proudly & fits her to a T.

  12. Trish says: Reply

    Yay, i was able to enter your blog. Glad you got a semblance of normality when you had the all-nighter with your friends. 😚

  13. Immaculate Guevarra says: Reply

    Yeheeyyy for another blog entry for you, Menggay! Namiss namin etoh, thanks for sharing again😘 Congratulations with your award, kayo ni A. What a wonderful way to end the week no😊Enioy your Sunday! Ingatz lagi

  14. sunnypajamas says: Reply

    Have a good Sunday our Bella 😊 It’s always wonderful hearing you in your natural state 💛

  15. AnneCB9 says: Reply

    Menggggggg Meng Meng salamat sa update. Namiss namin to. Promise! Miss ka din na sobra namin sa Twitter. Balik ka na please?

  16. Imee Dearroz says: Reply

    AyLabYu Meng!!! Kayo ni Alden ang nagtatanggal ng Homesick ko at pagod dito sa Saudi!!! Salamat sa Sayang binibigay nyo ni Alden sa akin habang Malau ako sa pamilya ko at sa inyo mga Bibis…Stay Happy both of You..Proud to be a fan of both of you.SHUKRAN Gov and Madam!!!

  17. Rosetea says: Reply

    Hope you write about your Leyte/Samar trip. Went to Tac last Friday, dami pa ginagawang daan, sa may zigzag pa. Hehehe. Hoping for more entries from you dear. Take care always!

  18. Mary Jane Spandonis says: Reply

    I Love you Meng!💛 Balik ka na dito sa US, miss ka na namin…if ever, hope to see u around here…come to Reno/Lake Tahoe side and I’ll be happy to drive u around…Take care always Meng!❤️ ~Ate MJ~

    1. Mary Jane Spandonis says: Reply

      Congrats sa award mo!👏🏻 Can’t wait for your book!☺️

  19. panotsha says: Reply

    Yay!!! You probably are snoozing right now. Congratulations on everything. You and Richard deserve all the love and blessings. We are here for you always. – Tita Sha @panotsha in twitter

  20. Owem says: Reply

    It’s really hard to explain how staying up late recharges and refreshes a few of us. Anyhoo, enjoy the literal sleep. Stay blessed

  21. Wow nmiss ko blogs mo Meng! Congrats sa award! You and Alden deserve it. I always pray for you, for Alden and both of your families’ safety and good health.. Ksma na sa everyday prayers ko since you guys makes me happy. Thank you for that. Take a rest if you can para makabawi ka. For the many times I saw you on or off cam I know how you treat us – your fans kahit pagod ka. Kya ka blessed because you have a beautiful soul. God Bless you more! Nmiss kita mkita in person medjo busy aq sa work alam mo na para sa ekonomiya😂😂😂 but my support and love for you never stops and gets stronger. Sna mkpg-pinoy henyo ulit tayo. Remember the girl who answered “Pandaca Pigmea” that was me. Salamat sa premyo ko n selfie at oil control film. 😁 Love you Meng! Until our next selfie. Birthday ko na this month sna mgkita ulit tayo at mahug kta. Thank you for being my happiness! Continue making great blogs. BTW my mom(a former teacher/writer) is also a big fan lalo na sa mga blogs mo. She tells me that “I love how Maine plays w/ words. It really shows how wide her thinking is and how smart she is. She’s a gem.” Like me she watches your vids thru youtube everyday nging stress reliever nya na un. Iiyak xa kpg nkita ka in person for sure. Thank you ulit Meng. Love you! 😊xo💛

  22. Beth sanchez says: Reply

    Hi Maine, so happy you got time to do what you love most. Keep writing and we will all wait for it.

  23. Jez Intong says: Reply

    Thank you for updating your blog, Maine! Sobrang eggzoited na kami for your book. Love u and Rj! Always!

  24. Beth sanchez says: Reply

    Hi Maine, so happy you got time to do what you love most. Keep writing and we will all wait for it. God bless you always

  25. Riz Aguilar says: Reply

    Hi Maine! So glad to read your blog again. Congratulations on your award, we are so proud of you & we will continue to support you (and Alden) always!

    It’s sad to part from your dearest friends, but the world has gotten so much smaller now what with all the available communication lines & interweb thingee. True friendship is resilient, don’t you worry.

    Again, know that we, Team No Group & the quiet ADNetizens, will also be resilient in supporting and defending you & Alden! Even though we cannot get close enough to both of you.. to hug you, hold your hand & spend time with you & Alden.. We are here for you.. Eternally!

    Lots of Love,
    Riz Aguilar

  26. SensibleYou says: Reply


  27. Nancy says: Reply

    Thank you Maine. You should know how much this mean to us, to me, seeing you back to what you enjoy before the glitz of the camera. Hope you do this more often. You’re forever fan. – MomsiNancy

  28. Len says: Reply

    Yehey! Kaka-miss nga blog mo. Congratulations on your award. God bless you more!

  29. I love reading your blog! Keep on writing! Congrats to you and Alden! 🤗 Stay in live and Happy! 😘

  30. I meant stay in LOVE! ❤️

  31. Perlina Santiago says: Reply

    Hello Maine! Always checkin your blog from time to time..happy that you have a new one..Anyways, congrats on your Edukcircle award..you deserve it sweetie!

  32. Kat says: Reply

    I’m always a fan of your thoughts, Meng! Keep them coming! Love you and Rj! God bless you both always❤️😘

  33. Ermie Cubi says: Reply

    Finally after so long…..Yayyyy!!! Congratulations to you and RJ for the award. You both deserve it. Looking forward on your book release i cant wait to have my copy of it. Thanks Menggay for being an inspiration to a lot keep doing YOU. Stay Real and wishing you good health and genuine happiness. I love you sooooo much all the way from ALABAMA – Ate Ermie (cubi’s girl @twitter)

  34. RFJ says: Reply

    I’m so in love with this woman

  35. Zaq says: Reply

    You are truely an Night Owl 😁. Nice that you were able to update here. Sometimes I just miss your thoughts like this. Happy Sunday, indeed! Live life to the fullest my darling. You and RJ will always have my support.

  36. Marilou Medrano says: Reply

    Can’t wait for the next one Queen Maine. I know it’s been more than two years that i’m seeing you on TV regularly yet it always feel like I can’t get enough of you. God bless you more. Labyu Madam.

  37. Ave - @tius_day says: Reply

    Thank you Meng for always trying to keep in touch with us in anyway you can. I love you. 💛

  38. Mai Madla says: Reply

    As always, I enjoyed reading your blog. I really wish you will have time to write more but I know you’re very busy. Anyway, congratulations on your award and I hope you get more pati si RJ and more projects together perhaps? Keep writing kasi magaling ka magsulat. Take care always.

  39. ORANGE29 says: Reply

    It’s always exciting reading your blog. it’s like you are talking straight to me. i miss the “wearing, eating, smelling…etc” part.
    The way you are with your friends reflects so much about the kind of person you are-loyal, honest, sincere…and that’s not very common in showbiz. But at least you have real friends you can go back to when showbiz gets to much.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, yourself to your fans. I wish that you stay happy and grounded as we are happy for all your achievements…

  40. Pursya says: Reply

    So much love for the WOKE Queen! I love you ate gerl!!!

  41. noemi cadag says: Reply

    hi maine ngayon palang ako nagbabasa ng blog mo… alam mo hanga ako sayo sa kabila ng pagiging busy mo eh nagagawa mo pa rin sumulat ng nararamdaman mo… sana lumabas na libro mo para mabasa ko na mga saloobin mo…

  42. Rich says: Reply

    Wohooo what a good morning surprise for me Meng! Happy pill ko magbasa blog mo. I feel like you are just on the other side talking to me personally. My fan heart is in cloud nine… Or maybe twenty four?! 😊😊😊
    More sleep for you and more writtings sana…. Love you Meng!
    Proud MAINEan,

  43. ige fangonilo says: Reply

    i miss your sunday currently post and excited for your book. congratulations in advance. you deserve all the blessings.

  44. ige says: Reply

    i miss your sunday currently post and excited for your book. congratulations in advance. you deserve all the blessings.

  45. Maricel Suarez says: Reply

    You are a sweetheart, always ❤️

  46. Sylvia Aramil says: Reply

    You and Richard deserves all the blessings na natatanggap nyo .both of you are blessings to us too in so many ways..i just wish for both of you to have an everlasting relationship.God bless you both at marami kaming nagmamahal sa inyo ng tapat .

  47. Kit says: Reply

    More blog’s to come

  48. Joy says: Reply

    Write more! Write often! Please. 😊

  49. Ana Ramirez says: Reply

    Good morning Nicomaine!
    It’s great to wake up to an update of your blog. Though I wish for you to write more, I still hope you get the requisite eight-hour-sleep. With the former, that’s the teacher in me talking, and with the latter, the nurse in me reprimanding. I’ll keep this shirt and sweet, congratulations to you and RJ for all your achievements in your careers and personal lives. I love you both!
    💜 Teacher Ana 💜

  50. Sweetcai03 says: Reply

    I miss reading your blogs because it the true you, true feelings and everything is true! Thank you for this one. Enjoy your day! God bless you more! Smile, Jesus loves you!

  51. karen says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m excited to read your book! Kinakabahan ako just writing this. My first time to send you a message. Waahhhh!!! 😀😀

  52. ann morales says: Reply

    Maine i missed your blog..looking forward to more today. Labyu Meng. Stay happy and have more sleep.

  53. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Good mornight Meng congrats sa recent award na natanggap mo. Na miss ko to ang magbasa ng blog mo. Excited na ako sa pagrelease ng book mo❤

    1. Amelita Ramos says: Reply

      Good for you..Congratulations! Infatz always😃

  54. Gayle says: Reply

    Yay! Glad you’re back to writing, Meng! We can’t wait for your book’s release and those pending blogs to write. I hope by now you’re asleep. 😉

    Twitter is also waiting for your return. Hope you can say hi to your fans on Twitter.

    Thanks for greeting ADN last Thursday. We missed that. I hope you no longer feel unsafe on twitter. The fandom will always have disagreements due to differences but when it matters, we unite.

    Praying for you and Alden’a safety always. May you have the chance to travel and see the world more. I gat kayo parati. We love you. God bless you always!

  55. Almira says: Reply

    Hi maine! Your really an idol & I idolized you & Alden from the very start I watched you two on eat bulaga! Hope to see you both in person!!! Im not an active fan like others do & it’s also ok for me not to recognize. Team no group, team bahay/myself, a silent fan. I just want you to know that Aldub is a blessing for me a happiness that even me cannot explain why!!! I’m just happy to see Aldub!!! Congrats to you & Alden you two deserved all the blessings & happiness in life!!! My fb/ig/twitter: Almira Love Aldub 💗

  56. Evy says: Reply

    What else can I say but “ILY.”

  57. Michelle says: Reply

    Really love your blog. 😘😘😘

  58. Betty says: Reply

    Long time no read 😝 miss this, my dear. Excited for your book, hope to get a copy though (🇨🇦) congrats in advance. Ingat lagi bibi girl.

  59. Hi meng.. Sobrng namiss namin ang pagsulat mo ng blog ewan ko pero kapag ikaw ung writer kng bkit hnd pwdng hnd ko basahin.. Sobrang alam mo un nkakagaan sa pakiramdam. Take enough sleep and rest well.. Have a blessed sunday meng.. Abangan nmin blog mo about alden and you yung mga abroad trips niyo😊😊😊

  60. Confidentgirl_jm says: Reply

    You are definitely a good writer.. hope you can write something about Uno in the future..

  61. Marinele Diez says: Reply

    Good thing you have an update na,tnx! Wishing you a complete rest and sleep! God bless you more!
    (queers_egeelee2 in twitter/IG)

  62. KyhPring says: Reply

    Yiee,Goodmorninggggg!Be happy,Luvyou always❤😻

  63. Nona Angeles says: Reply

    So happy for u Meng. Congrats sa inyo ni RJ. Love ko kyo sobra. Stay safe and healthy always. God bless…

  64. Greyekko says: Reply

    Hi Maine!
    It’s good that you’re starting to update your blog again, get your creative juices to continuously flow.

    Anytime you feel sleepy, itulog mo agad yan kasi ‘pag nawala yung antok ang hirap na ulit hanapin (I speak from experience ahuehuehue). Take as much rest as you can (same goes for Alden, though I’m sure you always remind him to do that).

    Happy Sunday to you! ^_^

  65. mfernandez says: Reply

    Love your random thoughts!! Congrats for the awards! Well deserved and expect for more. I together with Mainenatics 🇨🇦 will always love and support you and Alden. Together for Forever!! 😊

  66. Grace says: Reply

    Great morning! Just woke up for another busy day, sumilip sa ibon and woolah, you updated your blog! Good that you were able to do one of the things that you really love doing. Life should be a balance of “liking what you do” and “doing what you like” 😃 Thank you meng and to RJ as well for sharing yourselves and a piece of your lives to us. For whatever reason, you both make me feel happy. Excited for your book! Sana maka attend ako ng book launching mo, masyadong lubog sa realidad kaya nag pareserve na rin ako, 😁😁😁 You and RJ are included in my prayers. Am not so much into showbiz, sa yo Lang at Kay RJ. One day, hope to have my tamang panahon with you and RJ at the same time, tipong Mommy V Lang ni Ms. Reg sa sarap diva, nyahahaha, ambisyosa Lang ang peg 😁😁😁 possibilities 🙏 Salamat Meng sa inspirasyon. Please always take care especially if you are in the barangay. God’s blessings! ❤️

  67. DrJoyce says: Reply

    Glad you had fun catching up with your true friends. Take care always. Rooting for you and your uyab ❤️

  68. I also experienced that same situation and that could lead to burn out. Just stay strong and be motivated by the people who.loves you dearly. Enjoy the journey and stay positive always! There are lots like me who supports you and alden. Both of you are always in our prayers.

    1. Malu says: Reply

      Hi Maine,

      When i feel down i try to go back to your videos or photos from everywhere and no surprise it raises me up❤️

      Take care of your health always😍

  69. What a wonderful Sunday it is while reading your blog, Maine. You just don’t know how we are always looking forward of your blogs as well as your tweets. Hope you’re going back on twitter soon. I sent messages to you on your Instagram 😊😊😊.
    Anyway, I am more proud of you when you voiced out your opinion re depression on JFA.
    We love you so much Maine and we always pray for you and Richard Faulkerson Jr.
    God bless you always.

  70. engrdaLyn says: Reply


    Maine, pinahahanga mo talaga ako. Sa mga nababasa ko about sayo. Sa mga sinasabi mo at nababasa ko sa blog mo.

    Sa wakas.. tagal kong nag hintay ng post mo.. i dont know why and how..but you inspired me. “My Inspiration”

    Sa ngayon..sobrang na i-stress ako sa trabaho ko.. naiisip ko ng mag quit pero di pwede. Yung pagkakarating ko ng bahay. After maglinis ng katawan. Higa tas open lang ako ng social media accounts. Then, makakita lang ako ng updates tungkol sayo or aldub..boom… nakakalimutan ko na ung mga negativity sa buhay ko.. “My Stress Reliever”

    late na kong naging fan mo/aldub. Late ko na din nalaman ung blog mo. But.. as in..binalikan ko lahat ng blog entry mo. Iba ka talaga e 😉 – dalyn

  71. Mojo says: Reply

    Be happy always meng. You are a breath of fresh air. Excited to read your book. Keep slaying girl you make a lot of people happy . . .

  72. Tita Pam says: Reply

    What a great Sunday to wake up to! Wish to bring back the hands of time when all friends were altogether day in day out sila Lang nakikita nakakasama mo. Sadly n reality bites some have to go away find greener pastures or mgkaFamily of their own. So yeah Cherish them n never ever forget those precious times spent with good old hags teehee! Congrats again for another well deserved award. Keep that Chutzpah burning alive n kicking! Love you Forever, Menggay 📚😍🇨🇦 Tita Pam 🙏

  73. Midie says: Reply

    Its been a while. Thanks for sharing your thoughts again Meng. Sana dalasan mo ulit. Congrats to you and Alden!!! You both deserve it.. Labyu Menggay!!!

  74. Annie says: Reply

    Good to see an update from you. Know that you continue to entertain a lot of people which brings us all happiness. Waiting (somewhat patiently 😐) for the next MaiChard project….👍 Be safe and enjoy life!

  75. Mikaela Alliah Manalo says: Reply

    Ka enjoy basahin ng blogs mo bibi gurl, btw congrats to ur new award Edukcircle we’re so proud of you. Eksoyted na me sa ipapublish mong book (sana di ako ubusan lol) I love you.❤

  76. Nikki says: Reply

    So glad you finally find time to update your blog! I always been awe when you write! So happy that you did write something…. lovely
    Nikki from London

  77. malou says: Reply

    wait Meng ano role mo sa barkada? Haha I guess the basag trip ? Haha 😜😂 miss your writing , kaya nagpa reserve na ako ng book mo, 5 agad, isa pang office, isa pang kotse, isa pang kwarto, isa pang collection sa maine’s corner ko sa house , and lastly isa sa living room for everybody and visitor’s consumption 🤗🙌☺️ Good luck 💛

  78. Socorro Navarro says: Reply

    Live in 🇺🇸But can’t wait to get your book. One of your inspired fans. Congratulation o your recent awards and be happy always.

  79. Bernadette Cadaing says: Reply

    Wow an update! I miss this Sunday blog date. Continue giving happiness and entertainment to everyone. And am excited for your new book. Love yah 😘 -Tita B

  80. Mary Grace Lee says: Reply

    Hi Kitty Menggay,
    Nakakamis magbasa ng blog mo. Know that dito lang kami always kahit minsan d kami nakakapunta sa mga shows mo. Excited na ako sa book mo at meron nang nakareserve for me.God Bless You Meng and Richard.Love you!

  81. MyBella says: Reply

    It’s nice to read a small part of your thoughts thru this blogpost. Hope you continue sharing them in this medium, I’m actually ok not seeing you in Twitter for a while now. Praying also that you overcome some of that stage fright (it doesn’t really go away completely) so you’ll enjoy more it rather than fear it. And lastly, it’s really sad when someone very dear goes far away. But the best part is staying in touch. 😊

  82. Kim says: Reply

    Yay! Glad you got a time to update your blog..hay kakamiss lang..sarap kasing basahin eh para akong nakikipagkwentuhan (for real) sayo..excite na rin ako sa book mo😊 Lamyu sagad meng😘

  83. I miss this, reading about what are you doing this past days.. Haha. Hoping na tuloy tuloy na to! 😂 so happy for you! Love you ate Meng! 😊😍😘

  84. Socorro Navarro says: Reply

    Hi Maine, met you before in KS US , happy and always eager to read anything about your updates. I can’t wait to get hold of your book. I am a big supporter of you and Alden. Keep happy always. May God bless you and Alden always.

  85. Awwww! Someone’s always saying goodbye! 🎼

    Ganun talaga, paths divert to smaller ones and bittersweet goodbyes follow. When this happens, I try to remember that I gave my all while it happened. I lived the moment, no regrets. Kase hindi na talaga magiging kagaya dati, pero mapapalitan naman ng bago at biyaya pa rin na minsan, nagkatagpo tagpo.

    My friends from college still hangout and connect, almost 20 years after. 🤣 Yes, magically, some things never change.

    Great job on posting, and all the best sa pagaayos sa blog design at web hosting. 👍🏼

    lola tamslabs

  86. Congratulations to you and RJ for the EdukCircle Awards. So very proud here for all your achievements. Keep it up.
    I do wish and pray that you give yourself time to rest/more sleep. Might take a toll on you later on (my mom-in-law and her sister advised me when I was younger – about my job and home duties, and it almost did take a toll on me).
    Anyway, just stay the way you are, sweet, compassionate, grounded, real, God-fearing.
    You both are always in my prayers before I hit the sack.
    More blessings to you both.
    Thank you, you both are my happy pill.
    Tita Te (@ThellaMFlameo in Twitter

  87. Maryjane Villaroman says: Reply

    Hi Meng, Congratulations on your award. You deserve all things you got… kau ni Alden. Continue to be a model to anyone. Marami kau nppasaya. We’re waiting sa book m and sa film nyo at s pgbblik m s twitter. God bless u and Alden. Keep safe and in good shape.😘 – jane

  88. Mommy C says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Just wanna say thank you to you and Alden. You two give so much joy to me. May God Bless you in all your endeavours. Always take care

  89. Laiza says: Reply

    You can write about any thing, Meng. We love reading your blog. ☺
    Anyhoo, i can’t wait for your book to come out! Congrats in advance!

  90. etxetera says: Reply

    Finally spotted again after a long hiatus – the good old Meng 💗 More Maichard projects. Stay happy. Do not remain stagnant. Embrace your purpose 😉

  91. Rosario cunanan says: Reply

    Hi menggay Im so happy to see you again at magbasa ng blog mo. Congrats sa ntanggap mong awards s EducCircle. We’re so PROUD of you. 😁😁😁😁

  92. Ellen Laroco says: Reply

    Hello Maine…i just finished reading all your blog post yesterday! And I’m very happy waking up with this! I really adore you Maine…ikaw talaga ang happy pill ko at mahal na mahal kita. Continue to aspire people and influence youth in a right way….lagi ka mag iingat Meng! 💛😘 and sana dumating yung tamang panahon para makita kita 😍
    Tita Ellen here
    (Btw its wachamacool8 on Twitter)

  93. Wow maine sobrng bless mo tlg kau ni rj i hope to see you soon here in US

  94. Jhoanna32@yahol.com says: Reply

    Love u menggay and sana lagibka p dn magsulat sa blog mo kc nakaka happy basahin.Ingat ka lagi at wag ka magbabago.God bless

  95. I also experience that same situation every morning before i go to work “yung feeling na nagalarm ka tapos hinihila ka ng kama mo na matulog pa”. But that is the reality of work, we must enjoy it because all the tiredness is worth it after all be postive and motivated.
    I’m so happy and inspired to read your blog again. Congratulations for new award that you received because you deserve it, I’m patiently waiting for your updated

  96. Joan says: Reply

    Hi Maine
    thank you for posting this entry sana talaga you could write regularly kapag nakakabasa ako ng blog mo I feel na close sayo para kang nakikipag kwentuhan sa amin and nakaka amaze bilang fan na feeling ko ang lapit lapit namin sayo. Salamat for always being you. You know we are always here supporting and loving you. God Bless

  97. Hi maine…its been a while since I read your last blog. Good to hear from you again and wish to see you next year in February when I visited my family. I already saw you and Alden in Brooklyn, NY. I had been picture with you and Alden while you were for your lift…akala wala na chance makapag picture sayo dahil only FC’s were allowed to have pictures with you and Alden…a big thanks to your handler Mike.

  98. Mariela says: Reply

    I love that you still keep on doing the things you love which I think makes you grounded. 💕 Cannot wait for yer book! Anyway, have a great week ahead

  99. Rizaflor B Ituriaga says: Reply

    Hello maine,a blessed sunday to you,im happy you have time writing a blog again,thank you for giving us /me an update.im really looking forward for it every month.stay happy,humble and principle.im here to support you all the way,Godbless❤️❤️❤️

  100. jakile says: Reply

    Ganyan din ako nung student ako. Antukin sa araw he he Thanks for the random post. Medyo mahirap magrequest kung anong topic ang mapost mo dito, basta kung anong nasa isip mo, sulat na. Pwede yung tula, mga sampu he he?Excited na kami sa book and hopefully pagbabalik sa. Twitterlandia. Magpatumba kami ng baka kapag mangyari eto. Congrats sa EdukCircle Award! Nagvote ako sa site araw araw

  101. Bhabie Rose says: Reply

    More tv & movie project for you Ms Maine you are good singer & songwriter

  102. Bhabie Rose says: Reply

    Write more songs. maine you are a good singer songwriter

  103. Sorry…my gosh I’m just too excited to send this reply and didn’t notice my grammar. What i was trying to say…. Good to hear from you again and wish to see next year in February when I visit my family. Got a chance to watched the Kalye Serye concert in Brooklyn, NY. My friend and I went to Sheraton Hotel and took a chance to see you both because we knew it’s for FC’s only. Luckily I was able to have picture with you and Alden….remember you waited long to get a lift and I approached your handler Mike if I can have picture with you and Alden….buti pinagbigyan niya ako. I flew from Canada just to see you….
    Take care and God bless
    Mel from ontario, canada

  104. Sean Puchu says: Reply

    Happy Sunday me loves!!! can’t wait for your own book 📚

  105. gemma says: Reply

    hi Maine.. congratulations to your new award.. kayong dalawa ni Alden.. deserve nyo naman yan.. masaya ako na nakabalik kana sa pag susulat.. excited ako sa book mo.. we’re here for you.. patient ly waiting sa mga projects nyo ni alden.. God Bless you always

  106. joie payne says: Reply

    Yay!!! I’m able to log in without any troubles this time (^_^) Congratulations sa award Meng!!! Excited na sa book mo and looking forward sa new movie with Tisoy. More blessings and continued success to you and Tisoy….always remember that we are here for you both #walangiwanan #maichardforever …..love you both <3!!! @joiepayne

  107. Gina says: Reply

    Waaaahhhh miss your blog Maine.. im so excited with your book!sana mag shoot na kyo ni Alden this year..love yah gurl😊!

  108. DIWATA says: Reply

    Hello Meng, thank you namimiss namin to. And congrats Bibigirl sa EdukCircle Award.
    Looking forward sa mga susunod mo pang blog.
    I Love Meng😘💞💚

  109. Laila says: Reply

    Hi maine congratulations to you and so wd A! God bless…..

  110. amy says: Reply

    Yes meng this one plssss —-> “Perhaps about our short trip to Leyte for the Miss Millennial x Eat Bulaga OBB shoot? ” thank you so much again for the blog update. Always wanting to read anything in this blogsite of yours. love u and rj always! take care of each other…God bless u both! mwaahh mwaahh tsup tsup! haha

  111. Maine, Hiii! Missyo! Nakakatuwa ka talaga, nakakagalak. No definite reasons why but I super love you!!! Kyaaaaa~~! Continue being yourself, and an inspiration to others. 😘😘

    P.S. Kinilig ako dun sa photos mo with friends. And Congratulations!!
    — from one of your silent fanney. 😊

  112. Sunshin says: Reply

    Really love your writing and im so excited sa upcoming book mo kahit malayo kami team 🇺🇸 Parang andyan din kami to support you. You forgot something yung award mo sa IYAM Winner ang song mo. Always remember andito lang kmi for u and alden. Love you!

  113. cathy says: Reply

    hi meng nice one super talented mo talaga sana makita kita personal

  114. Sie says: Reply

    hello maine, good to know nakapagupdate ka ulit ng blog mo.. I am one of your gazzilion fans na talaga namang hanga sa pagsusulat mo (sana tuloy-tuloy na) — can’t wait na rin na mai-launch ang book mo (yun nga lang baka mapasabak sa gyera bago makakuha ng kopya hehe).. God Bless you and Alden, always. 🙂

  115. really refreshing to read your blog. and glad to know you have that writer’s itch 😊.

  116. Ninja says: Reply

    Bitin !

  117. KIM says: Reply

    hintayin ko mamaya update mo ate Maine (Kung meron) hihih. Namiss kita. Love you po!

  118. Hayys.Wag po kayong ano diyan!Kaya nga po kayo antukin kase po artista kayo at lagi kayong busy!WAG PO KAyo mahiya sa iba,sa students,kase po yung inyo hindi madali!Kaya sana po mag pahinga din kayo,kase miski kame nahihirapan po para sa inyo!God Bless po and wE LOVE YOU!!!

  119. Bryna Ocampo says: Reply

    So nice to read your blog again. I can relate with you, I have group of friends with different “characters” and it’s not complete without each one. Continue to be an inspiration and spreading good vibes. You are our happy pill, but always take care of yourself.. Hope to meet you soon when we visit the Philippines. – California

  120. Fe Fijo says: Reply

    Wow finally, i miss ur blog, everyday i always check if there is a new one, disappointed a bit but still understand u, sa dami ba naman ng ginagawa mo, its so nice to read ur blog, its enlighten my mood, just always remember marami kami nagmamahal sa’yo, ready kami to fight ur battle, hindi ka nag iisa, my friends and I call ourselves Prayer warrior for maine, every saturday night we met to pray for you and getogether na rin! We will always be here for u and loving u unconditionally!

  121. JANICA LEVANTINO says: Reply

    I really read your blog for the 2nd time!(yes, It’s reallllll☺) thank you for posting your blog! Parang may isang taong kinekwentuhan ako about yours. Ganyan din ako. As a student, lagi akong puyat talaga pag meron akong ginagawa (assignment, copy, project, etc.) And by the way, congrats sa award niyo ni Alden. Sayang hindi ako bumoto eh😔. Pero it’s okay atleast may sumusuporta sainyo, tulad ko ☺. Lagi akong updated talaga (like social medias. I guess) and sana makakabalik ka na sa Twitterworld. Sobrang2x namimiss ka nila. And can’t wait sa release mong book launch this month! (Sayang, ang layoooo ko talaga. Taga bicol kasi ako.) Take care yourself except kay Tisoy hihi. God bless you and love you both always…. ☺☺😁

  122. Nicolaine says: Reply

    Hi maine!
    Thank u for the blog,i really miss reading it,sana tuloy tuloy na to habang wala kpa sa twitter,sobrang miss kita, lalo n kapag wala k update after bulaga,and sobrang excited n q sa book mo sana damihan nila ang pag print para d magkaubusan and pakisabi sa rank na magbenta sila sa NBS kase madami di makapunta kay CV,ang dami p naghahanap,at sana may book launch🙏thank u and godbless always😊love u forever
    Your #1 fan,

  123. Minoems says: Reply

    I miss reading your blogs. More, ok?

  124. Bhabie Rose says: Reply

    More tv & movie project for Maine & Alden love team write more songs Maine Mendoza update up coming movie with Alden

  125. Dorelyn Paclibar says: Reply

    Happy to read your blog every time. Thank you for finding time, I sense your feel of comfort through your blog. Keep doing what makes you happy. Luv u gorgeous! God bless.

  126. Good morning my dear!
    Weird huh our body betrays us with our sleeping patterns 😬 sometimes too much sleep isn’t enough and sometimes a couple of hours can still keep you going 😆
    Hope you do get the chance to regularly vomit words faster than you can type 😊 blogging really gives you a certain satisfaction so assuage it whenever you can…
    Stay happy my dear 🙋

  127. Oh and congrats to you and Ritsard 😆 for the awards you got from Eduk Circle…
    Better train yourself and lose that stage fright because those awards will not go away yet 😛

  128. Lumen Flores says: Reply

    Hi Meng! Good ro read your blog again. We miss you!!! Everytime you write it’s as if you give a part of yourself to us, your loving fans. We really appreciate it.Can’t wait for your book!❤

  129. Bella Buniel says: Reply

    Its been a while but its refreshing as ever. More blogs soon though more restful sleeps too. Congratulations on your award and ooking forward to your book. praying always for you and Alden. Good health good vibes always.

  130. Tine says: Reply

    Hi!Maine I want to say thank you for making lots of people happy and iam one of those. God bless you always and hope youre always happy.

  131. Bhabie Rose says: Reply

    Write more songs good songwriter & singer write more songs Maine

  132. Bhabie Rose says: Reply

    Update po. New movie project with Alden love team Maine

  133. Bhabie Rose says: Reply

    maine you are good singer & songwriter

  134. Annalyn says: Reply

    Sarap magbasa ng blog mo u have this power that I can feel ur emotions too just by reading it hope to see u in person Maine and Alden too be brave always grounded and may our Lord protect both of u from the wicked forces in showbiznes char

  135. Vina says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I just want to thank you for standing up against the stigma of depression. You make me love you more when you politely condradicted your senior’s misconception about depressed people. Before you were my idol but after that incident you became my heroine.

    Maine, you are one of the reasons why I’m still holding on for dear life because you make me happy and inspired without being affected by the depression I’ve been suffering for a long time now. Keep on inspiring a lot of people.

    You deserve to be love and respected by many. God bless you always!

  136. Vina says: Reply

    Is it too much to ask if you could write a full blog post about depression? Just a suggestion, no pressure dear Maine. 😊

  137. Jessica says: Reply

    And you’re back…to your first love, writing!
    Yes its sure kinda sad when someone we dearly love says goodbye but if its for that someones benefit naman eh we have to be happy for him/her, diba yun naman ang important, the happiness for others? besides, its not permanent goodbyes naman on your part coz I know you will see your friend pa din and friendships stays even when you’re both apart, communication is the key, ano na lang ba ginagawa ng Skype?? Hahaha! Oh we!!, congratulations on your award and here’s looking forward for the release of your book!
    Love, @Dyekdimz on twitter

  138. Cristalle Faith Cosca says: Reply

    Hi ate maine, congrats sa award na nakuha nyo sa Eduk Circle, congrats din po kay kuya alden.. tulog tulog din pag my time.. i love you po… thanks po dahil nakapag update na po kayo ulit..😍😍😍😗😗

  139. Gephy says: Reply

    continue to write Maine. You have “it”. Such talent should not be hidden. God bless you more.

  140. Doris says: Reply

    Hi, Maine.

    Do you know how much I love reading your blogs? I can feel your emotions & passion in your writings. I just love your writing style that I can’t wait to read your very first book! I’m sure it’s going to be a best seller!

    Stay happy, healthy, safe and at peace. God bless you always.

    Tita Doris

  141. Cora gerardo says: Reply

    Hello Maine, I’m glad you’re back in what you enjoyed doing. Congrats to your recent award & for all your accomplishments. Hoping someday I can have a picture with you. Looking forward for that day, hays kylan kaya dadating ang tamang panahon ko😞. God bless! Love you!

  142. Evelyn dalaguit says: Reply

    Good morning sa yo meng, love to read your blog always. Galing mo at matalino , I love U from the bottom of my balun balunan to the tip of my hair… he he he. Silent fans from Zamboanga city

  143. Che-Anne says: Reply

    Hoping the joy of writing will be always with in you. Take your time my dear. Writing is a gift, and I’m still looking forward your book and future blogs too.. Take a rest and have a blessed Sunday

  144. Joyza Mosquera says: Reply

    Yaaay! I’m so happy that your back writing in your blog. Namiss ko magbasa ng mga entry mo eh.. And i super love how you wrote magnificently every detail of what you feel. Through your blog post feeling ko kilalang kilala na kita personally kahit di pa tayo nagmemeet. Haha Anyway thank you for updating & sharing your thoughts. More writings to post! Godbless!

  145. Joan L says: Reply

    Thank you for the update Maine!

    I just you to know that because of you i’ve changed. I think i’m more a better person than before. You really are an inspiration to many of us.

    Continue what you’re doing.


  146. Karren Chrisa Hora says: Reply

    New blog entry.finally!!!Finished reading your blogposts pages 1-15 na..haha..I really loved your genuine and transparent way of writing :).. May God continue to bless your career as well as your lovelife. Huwag mu intindihin nag-babash sa’yo panggulo lng cla. Congrats for winning another award as one of the “Most Influential Endorsers”. Godspeed with you and @aldenrichards02.

  147. Diana says: Reply

    always be happy maine and congrats sa latest award niyo ni Alden you guys really deserve it! Keep it up! we’ll always be here!!!

  148. Rene says: Reply

    Get some rest girl while you can, you need that

  149. Mildred says: Reply

    Congrats, Meng and Alden!

  150. Ann says: Reply

    Love lots! I really miss your blog entries… More of this please… Hehehe I’m demanding. Sleep tight Menggay! I’m always here for you and RJ…

  151. Evie says: Reply

    Hi meng 1st congrats sa new award mo deserved mo yang blessing na yan.. and ganyan talaga ang tunay na magkakaibigan malayo man kayo sa isat isat pero ang mga puso nyo ay hndi magkakalayo and bilib ako sa samahan nyo magkakabarkada kasi npaka solid ng samahan nyo godbless sa inyong lahat.. and thank you sa pag bahagi mo ulet ng iyong karanasan sa mga nagdaang araw masaya ako at nabasa ko nnmn blog mo kahit sobrang engot na ng cp ko tyaga talaga mabasa ko lang blog mo.. hehe.. ingat ka lagi lalo na sa brgy.. gobless sa inyo ni alden and jowapao..

  152. aivee notado says: Reply

    Good morning from here in Cambridge UK. Thank you for being an inspiration, Meng. I am double of your age and a grand mom of 3 , but i, as well get some inspiration from you and alden, especially nung kalye serye time pa. Those days…. couldn’t explain…until now..Hoping and wishing for the best to the two of you…😊😇🙏😘🌹🍃

  153. aivee notado says: Reply

    Congrats pala sa lahat ng achievement, Keep it up and God bless!!😊🙏

  154. Alice says: Reply

    Thanks maine for this blog…i’m as well excited to your next blog about ur leyte trip… reading ur blog is refreshing…and its like u are just talking to me personally so much so that i can even feel d coziness of ur place… wat a nice feeling…waiting patiently on ur next movie wd alden…kudos and thanks for making us ur fans happy..

  155. eleonor malapajo says: Reply

    I love reading your blog @mainedcm inspirational thoughts….ang tagal mo d nguupdate prng ngayon lng uli iloveyou

  156. Ma Fe P Carcamo says: Reply

    Hi meng Nice reading your blog again. I could feel that you’re very much happy. Stay happy. Sana matuloy na ang project ni Alden. Miss na miss ko na ang ALDUB on big screen. Pls consider doing more projects with Alden. I invite you to read my wattpad story DESTINY’s Promise (DTBY rewrite). Hope you will like it

  157. Vina says: Reply

    Naiintindidihan ko if di mo ipopost yung comments ko. That doesn’t make me love you less. God bless to you always.

  158. Jieme rose says: Reply

    Hi meng, its been a long time, and im happy na nakapag update ka sa blog mo… Habang binabasa ko ung blog mo feeling ko kinakausap lang kita ng face2face hehehe😄😄😄… I hope that u could have a better sleep and rest today… Ingat ka palagi meng and congrats pala sa inyu ni Rj Sa award na natanggap nyu. and hope that more awards to come coz u deserve it both. I will always ur fan. no matter what happen i will always support and love you both. GOdbless and take care always.

  159. Rachel Manuel says: Reply

    Yaaay! finally. Nag update kana ulit. Take good care always. We live you Maine no matter what happens. Support kita all the way. muaah

  160. Medylyn says: Reply

    Happy you’re back again with your blog… continue writing and expressing yourself in it….God bless you always.

  161. Josephine Remolacio says: Reply

    continue to share your thoughts.. inspire us in a little ways.. looking forward to your next soon blog.. and hope I can get copy of your book..

  162. Tricia G. says: Reply

    Hi Maine, glad that you had time to blog again ❤ I’m a huge fan of yours (also my mom… please say hi to her 😍), I’m inspired that you’ve gone so far on your career. Sleep and rest well Meng!! 🙂

  163. Chi-Chi Tiu says: Reply

    Hi Maine! So happy 😄 to see your blog again! Congrats 👏🏼 to your EdukCircle award. Rest assured you deserve it.

    You know your barkada 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 reminds me of mine. We used stay together but due to certain career options 🤷‍♀️, some had to leave for US 🇺🇸, others for Manila and I ended up in Canada 🇨🇦. We rarely get in touch with one another, but I know nothing will ever change in our friendship. 😇

    Same as everyone else, I also experience exhaustion and fatigue on certain days. Sometimes I sleep 😴 late because a lot of things race through my mind. One thing I realize though is that when I think more about things beyond my control, worries, helplessness and sadness start to creep in. And I want to beat them. I once read that it can be resolved by a lifestyle change and by some dietary modifications. Easy for them to say, but it requires a lot of discipline and hard work. So I’d simply try to shut my mind for awhile to forget and I pray, only then would I feel a sense of great relief and a perfect control of my mind.

    A rare few 😉 can indeed beat the hell out of us. One day, they’ll get tired, too. For now, just always pray 🙏🏻 and stay strong. Nothing wins a daily dose of prayer, rationalization and optimism. Continue spreading happiness.

  164. Jillian Margaret Francisco says: Reply

    Hi Ate Maine! I’m glad that you write some for your blog. I also hope that you will write more for your blog but please try to sleep early so that you will be maintaining your healthy body. And so that hindi ka na inaantok kasi i’m sad if kulang ka sa tulog my heart melts when you feel so hard and you want to give up. Just don’t give up ADN will support you until out last breathe I Love You Ate Maine! Celebrate Life! Coldplay loves You and Alden also loves you 💛💛💛😂😂😂☺️☺️☺️😘😘😘

  165. Mae Frances says: Reply

    Hi maine,congrats on your new award again,khit dto man lang mabati kita, excited n ako s book launch mo,i can’t wait to have my own copy on it 😁,

  166. Meng, ano gagawin ko pag nagsusulat din kasi ako ng blog ko about my self…. Pero now pagmagpopost ako at sasamahan ko ng picture nawawala yung sinulat ko… Hindi ko na alam ang gahawin ko bhe.. Please help me rhank u

  167. MJA says: Reply

    You’re such a talented young woman with a beautiful heart. Love you so much. I’ve never been a fan and when you came, what a huge impact in my life. Love you my dear and be safe always. Praying that one day I could meet you in person and your better half✌🏻Alden. God bless

  168. Hello Ms.Maine ko

    i’m happy to see your update in your BLOG again & again!
    I hope makita na kita soonestest Ms.Maine ko at si Tans


  169. May Emerald says: Reply

    I love reading your blog Maine! its just like a happy pill for me! Seems like you were just seated next to me. Parang chikahan lang with beshie,ganun! love you always!

  170. Ms.Maine ko iba ka telege,as in iba ka
    iba kagandahan mo,iba kacutetan mo,iba ka barbie doll mo,iba kabaitan mo at iba ka grabeeee!
    kaya love na love kita very much eh,ikaw lang nagpatibok ng puso ko
    ng ganito haha grabee as in grabeee mapapa omooooo nalang ako,
    ikaw lang ang babaeng nagpasaya sakin lalo at si Tans
    #AlDub forever #walangIwanan #teamKampante ftw..owyeaaah

    P.S!iba ka talaga,Kapag binabasa ko update mo sa Blog
    tumatagos sa Heart ko ehhh,hihi grabeee ka Ms.Maine ko

  171. Kat says: Reply

    Hello! I hope you can write about your LANY experience 🙂

  172. Anne says: Reply

    i miss you blogging I’m glad you’re back Maine

  173. Hi Maine! So happy to read your blog again!! Siguro minsan hindi pa rin lang tayo nakaka-adjust sa oras or baka talagang nocturnal lang tayo & mas active sa gabi. Hahaha.

    Congrats sa award, girl! Deserve mo ‘yan!! 🙂

    Amielle | http://www.loveamielle.com

  174. issay says: Reply

    glad ur back maine and congrats sa inyo ni alden sa award.natawa ako sa hiyang hiya.you both deserve it.we wont get tired of voting for u if ganito naman ng happiness na mkikita nmin sa inyo.stay strong ok?😘

  175. archie says: Reply


  176. cris says: Reply

    reading abt u makes me feel good ur my happy pill miss ganda, love you! FOREVER FAN ctc

  177. chareah says: Reply

    ganyan talaga ang magbestfriend it’s remember me my bestfriend

  178. Sarah says: Reply

    Full of wisdom ka po tlga😀 I admire you po👏❤

  179. Ben says: Reply

    Hi maine!

    Its nice to see you’re not giving up on blogging, most especially if time is not your closest friend. But I feel you, writing or blogging is to express oneself. 🙂 Btw, I can help you fix, troubleshoot and design you website. Just email me if you are interested from my service.

    Kind Regards,

  180. jacque de guzman says: Reply

    Hello Maine, welcome back.. goodluck to your Tele Movie with Mr. A. Take care and God bless.

  181. Snowaster says: Reply

    Finally, the bandwidth stuff was fixed. More power!

  182. Snowaster says: Reply

    Miss Maine, I hope you don’t mind, what is your MBTI?

  183. Roses roses says: Reply

    I can say Maine is truely phenomenal …in all aspects she is one unique and angat sa iba ang abilidad at galing na tao i truely admire Maine and forever am a supporter of her

  184. MarG Romanes says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I really love reading your blog. And it makes me feel so excited especially nung nalaman ko na maglalaunch ka ng book mo (yeheeeey! 😄) on my birthday. Sana hindi maubos yung book mo agad kasi I really like to have a copy tapos may signature mo. I would really make my day complete. Sobrang proud ako sa achievements mo and I know you deserve it. I hope makita kita sa book launch mo and again, congratulations Maine 😘

  185. Glenny says: Reply

    i really love how down to earth you are na i forget na you’re a celebrity. we need more celebrities like you. anyways, keep doing what you do, you’re making a lot of people happy.

  186. Hi meng namiss ko talaga magbasa ng blog mo. Hope to see you sa trinoma #sanamakitakita gusto ko sana papirrmahan yung book ni alden sayo 🙂 gusto ko din yung book mo

  187. Hi Maine I hope to see you personally on your birthday @ EB, I just don’t know how to arrange an appointment

  188. I love your new tvc!!!

  189. Crazee Wizard says: Reply

    Hi Ms. Maine…me, my mother are dying to see you on your bday @ EB, how could this be possible? pls. help us!!!

  190. crazee wizard says: Reply

    hi @mainedcm, you there….me, solid fan and a friend here!!!

  191. Hirap. walang like button haha😜

  192. chareah huyaban says: Reply

    nice when you’re with your friends

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