Leyte Adventure

I am back! Woke up at 9, tried my best to get back to sleep, and failed. Four hours later, I am still in bed doing nothing. So I am here, wide awake! That 3 hours of sleep I had earlier is not enough to get me through the day, so I guess I’ll just be hitting the sack early tonight. Which is why I have decided to open my blog and write instead of lying down with my eyes shut forcing myself to sleep.

So.. Leyte. 3 weeks ago Eat Bulaga assigned 3 dabarkads (Me, Alden, and Kuya Ryan) to go to 3 different places to shoot for Ms. Millennial x Eat Bulaga OBB/Opening Billboard. I was selected to go to Leyte; Alden to Batanes; and Kuya Ryan to Jolo. We had 2 days to shoot, to show the beauty of those places.

It was my first time to visit (Tacloban) Leyte. And when I stepped out of the plane, first thing that came to my mind was the tragic disaster of typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan years ago. For those who do not know, Leyte was one of the most affected and devastated areas in the Philippines by Yolanda. I couldn’t help but still feel sad about what happened. In fact, I had been filled with extreme apprehension every time we’re on the road, for I could literally see that the town has not fully recovered yet from the ravages of Yolanda. We spent most of our time on the road, travelling from places to places; and while most of my companions were sleeping, I was there researching about the typhoon and watching actual videos of Yolanda onslaught in Tacloban. It was so heartbreaking. I was horrified as I watch videos on my phone and at the same time look outside the car window and see the actual place where it all happened. I was at a loss for words. Pasensya na kung huli na but I’d still say this: My heart goes out to all the typhoon victims and families who have not given up hope and faith, 4 years after. I pray that no such calamity will ever happen again.

Before I get carried away, let me just talk about our Leyte adventure. So ayun na ngaaaa.. on our first day, we went to Sambauan Island. It was a 3-hour drive from the hotel, and a 40-minute boat ride to get to the island. I was so glad I got that serene feeling again during our boat ride; I decided to stay outside the boat and let the salty waves splash over my body and the sea breeze touch my skin. You know such things bring me joy; though it was risky because the waters were a little rough that afternoon and I didn’t have my life vest on, I just thought “Bahala na pag nalaglag, sanay naman ako mag back float”.

leyte leyte2

We got to Sambauan at around 5 in the afternoon already– daylight about to fade– so we had to rush shooting. I was supposed to dip into the water but unfortunately the person I assigned to look after my things left my bag in the car, so we ended up shooting eme-emeng aura na lamang sa dagat. I remember how annoyed I was at that time because I was really excited to plunge into the sea. Tsaka may niready kasi talaga akong swimsuit! Charotera!

leyte leyte1Anyhoo, it was already night time when we got back to the port and we were all so shocked to see so many people waiting for us! As in parang may mall show, ganun. Tuwa naman kami, lalo na si Ate Elvie (my makeup artist), kasi akala niya siya yung hinihintay. Charot.

On our second day, we went to Sohoton cave and Lulugayan falls in Samar. It was my first time to get inside a cave! Before the tour, Kuya Larry, our tour guide, told us to make use of our imagination as we get through the cave. We were able to see interesting limestones and rock formations with his help. He is quite good at putting a spin to those figures, giving them descriptive names and amusing themes; may Christmas theme, wedding theme, may pang grown-ups, and so much more!  leyte1 leyte2 leyte3 leyte4 leyte6 leyte7


Yes naman sa turista photo! Before leaving the cave, he asked us to turn off our flash lights for us to know how dark it really is inside; and damn there was nothing but pitch black darkness– scary but somewhat peaceful! It was a fun and an educational experience, lakas maka gradeschool fieldtrip. Love how Kuya Larry gave us a whole lot of information about Sohoton cave and caves in general. Alam niyo ba yung stalagmite and stalactite? Hindi diba? Ako din eh, but with the help of this tour I was able to gain knowledge about it. Share ko na din for everybody’s information:

Stalagmite is what you call the column-like formation coming from the ground (made of calcium carbonate dripping from the stalactite), while Stalactite on the other hand is a formation that hangs from the ceiling of the cave– both grow together to form a column. According to Kuya Larry, it takes 300 years for it to grow an inch longer, so it will probably take thousands of years for it to become a pillar. Interesting!

I was supposed to go kayaking to the natural bridge but the weather did not cooperate. Sayang, Kuya Larry said it was their best tour-ender in Sohoton. Anyway, I hope to be back next time! Meron akong inaantay na stalagmite at stalactite na magmeet eh! Lol!

Salamat, Kuya Larry and Sohoton Team! larruleyteleyte10aa

After the tour, we went to Lulugayan falls next. It was an hour and a half drive from Basey, and this..
is where the adventure..
*plays scoring* dun dun dun dun…. dun dun dun… DUN.


Charot, ginawang horror?! Haha! So I mentioned earlier that it was raining the whole morning, resulting to wet and muddy roads. We opted to use a dump truck instead of our service van to get to the area because our van would most definitely not make it. I had so much fun riding the truck because it felt like riding a rollercoaster without a seatbelt. I was just laughing and screaming with joy whole time, tuwang tuwa ang bata! And guess what, the path was so muddy that even the truck had a hard time getting through the uphill stretches. At ayun na nga, in the middle of our rollercoaster ride, the truck couldn’t take it any longer. We had to stop and walk a few miles, until the habal-habals/motor taxis came to the rescue. Gusto ko yung term na rescue, kasi we were so helpless at that time.

leyte12leyte13 leyte14

There was no network signal at all so we couldn’t contact anyone for help. The habal-habal took us to this small village in the Lulugayan falls’ area. Another thrilling experience because the path was both rocky and muddy– another rollercoaster-feels ride! I love my ‘muntik-na-mahulog’ moments on our way up!


and I am amazed on how their motorcycle can fit 4 people! Actually parang kaya ng lima!

Gladly, we reached the village safe and sound. We took another 30-minute trek to Lulugayan Falls. It was still raining at that time which made it hard to walk in the woods but we were all able to reach our destination! Sad to see that the water was also muddy since it rained so we weren’t able to shoot that much. Again, excited pa man din ako maligo sa falls kasi perstaym ko din. Nonetheless, I was able to see the beauty of Lulugayan Falls– wrong timing lang talaga but it was still beautiful. (Hindi lang halata sa picture)
falls2 falls3 falls1

It was already nightfall when we finished shooting. We took a 30-minute rest to fix ourselves before we head back. Buko buko sa kubo, ganun! What’s up, anagram!


This is one of the best parts of the adventure, going down the hill. And a pleasant surprise, nakahabol yung dump truck sa taas! This time, the driver had a hard time manoeuvring the truck on the narrow street. It took him about 30 minutes to set the truck ready. Madami ding ‘muntik-na-mahulog’ moments yung truck! We all saw how dangerous it would be if we ride the truck, since it was already night time and the road was still muddy. Direk Pat convinced me to ride the habal-habal instead, but I refused to because I want to have that rollercoaster feels for the last time. May pa-emeng-drama pa ako, nagbigay na ako ng huling habilin sakanya. I was serious on that because there was a high chance for the truck to fall off the cliff. I am not even kidding, it only takes one wrong steer. She knew she cannot force me– dahil matigas ulo ko– so she rode the habal-habal alone and went down immediately. Good thing Ate Elvie had no choice but to join me in the truck. We actually made a short video saying how much we love our families and all that, eh kasi ngaaaa baka mahulog-log-log-log-log! Buwis buhay na talaga ito! I was still laughing and happily cheering in the first part of the ride, but as the road gets muddier and as the driver struggles steering, I found myself seated still and silent. “Lord, Kayo na po ang bahala pero kaya namin to. Kaya namin to.” I silently prayed. Thank goodness, we survived 3 ascending muddy paths. Honestly, I thought that’s gonna be my last day on Earth. THANK GOD we got back safe. Thank you also for not giving up, manong driver and your dump truck. Direk Pat was hella worried because she got no update from us. It was a hell of a ride, indeed!

On our last day in Leyte, we went to San Juanico bridge; lakad-lakad lang, aura-aura, kunwari nasa park. That was the last part of the shoot, and as you can see on the final output of the OBB, that is where we took some drone shots at doon ko din iwinagayway ang bandera ng Eat Bulaga, Juan For All-All For Juan.

a1 a2 aa2

So that was it, our Leyte adventure! I had a rollercoaster of emotions too in this 3-day trip. I am glad Eat Bulaga sent me to this place. Thank You Lord for this experience and of course for keeping me alive. Hindi pa siguro tapos ang misyon ko dito. Anyway, I hope I get to see more of the Philippines!

If you have not seen the OBB yet, play the video below and get stunned by the beauty of the our country.

Kahit saan ka tumingin, kahit saang parte ng Pilipinas ka dalhin, siguradong iyong mamahalin, dahil wala ng gaganda pa sa gandang nasa mga kamay natin.
Gandang maipagmamalaki ng bawat isa.
Gandang nagdurugtong sa atin.
Mula Batanes hanggang Jolo, iisang bansa tayo.
Iisa at pare-pareho, mag Bayanihan tayo. Lahat tayo Pilipino!”

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  1. Dayang says: Reply

    Thank u for sharing ur adventures Meng.. Hope to read more of it soon.. Yung utang mo pa na Italy.. 😂

    1. luuna4711 says: Reply

      This is ur medium Meng. Do continue writing.

  2. Rich says: Reply

    It was an adventure worth writting. Tapang mo dun s truck ride. Ingat always gurl!.

  3. jakile says: Reply

    Woohhh sounds scary. We were praying for your safety since the weather forecast was gloomy for the whole week. Normal na talaga na madaming pasahero sa habal habal. Glad to see everyone got back safe. If ever something happened to any of you over there, baka wala ng turistang pupunta dun, buti na lang wala.

  4. Wow Maine! No wonder…adventure pala talaga ang experience mo sa Leyte…
    Truly first time experiences are usually the memorable ones and good thing you survived that roller coaster muddy ride in the truck… So would you like to go back and do it all over again my dear?! 😆
    Ingat ka naman sa susunod ha buti talaga ayaw pa ni Lord na mawalay ka dito sa mundo kaya nakabalik kayo nang maayos 😊
    Thanks for sharing this story my dear

  5. Joan says: Reply

    Oh my gosh maine please wag mo na uulitin ito huhu marami ka pang purpose sa life at hahaba pa ng sobra ang life mo lagi kang nasa prayers namin

  6. etxetera says: Reply

    Sarap sapatusin management. Alam ng matigas ulo ni ineng dinala pa sa suicide mission. Kung nagkataon bulaklak at kandila na lang katapat 😒 #SorryNatigokEh

  7. Carol Valdez says: Reply

    Wow super adventure tlga leyte trip mo pero sa susunod wgna matigas ulo ha lalo n sa mga gnyng delikadong lugar tnx for sharing ur adventure ingat lagi😊

  8. Evie says: Reply

    Thank you meng for sharing your adventures in leyte.. pinahanga mko talaga sa tapang mo na kahit delikado yung sa truck eh lakas talaga ng loob mo.. dont worry never ka nmn papabayan ni lord sa lahat ng adventures mo .. thank you again..godbless sana sa susunod na adventures mo kasama mo na si alden..

  9. Deng says: Reply

    As always, you engaged me with your impressive writing. Keep on! For when we leave, our words shall remain and turn immortal through memories. (Original quote ko yan 😉 . ss ko baka makalimutan ko, it came randomly eh 😆). Good luck on the release of your first book! God bless you alwyas Meng! ❤️

    P.S. Regards to Tisoy! 😉😍

  10. Marilyn says: Reply

    Glad you’re back! Missed reading you from time to time. Thanks for sharing pieces of our country that bring pride to us all.

  11. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing your Leyte adventure Maine. Grabeh naman pala mga pinagdaanan nyo para sa EB OBB. Thank you Lord at safe kayo lahat na nakauwi. Please wag na matigas ulo mo next time nakakatakot kaya yung mga pinagdaanan nyo.

  12. kikay says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing your Leyte experience… 🙂 try to go to Underground river in Palawan, super ganda ng mga stalagmites and stalactites formations dun…

    just like the first comment, waiting kami ng italy and germany experience m.. and of course your book… 🙂

    God Bless always maine… looking forward for more adventures and projects ni richard together… 🙂

  13. Amy says: Reply

    Waahhh thank you so much menggay, wish granted for making this blog. I’m in awe at the same time teary-eyed sa buwis-buhay mong kwento sa lulugayan. Ramdam ko na kayo that time pa kase kachat yung kababayan friend ko yung classmate niyang MHO medtech doon sa place na yun. Juicekolord yung kaba ko sa inyo that time and I really thanked God after that na natapos din kayo at ligtas. Danas ko rin yang habal-habal sa putikan during my previous work in a mountainous areas kaya I feel u and your team. Thank you meng and to your team for visiting my province (Region 8- Leyte-Biliran-Samar). Ikaw pa talaga hayy can’t thank enough and I’m proud at nasilayan mo rin ang place where it was devastated by the typhoon Yolanda 4 years ago. Salamat meng. God bless and pls take care always, u & rj! Mwaahh mwahhh tsup tsup…

    *I hope this comment would get through, my 3rd revision kase ayaw pumasok 🙏

  14. Maria B. says: Reply

    What a beautiful soul inside and out!!! Thanks so much for sharing your adventure! You’re an angel and my happy pill! Always take care Maine! I keep including you on my prayers! I’m so proud of you and feeling that you are my daughter and I know your parents and siblings are very proud of you as well! God Bless You More Maine!

  15. Ka-shock naman tong leyte adventure!! Huhu.. Anyhoo.. 😂 thanks for this blog again.. Hoping may next ulit!! ILoveYou ate Meng!!

  16. Kai says: Reply

    Okay. So Im reading this blog at 12:40am and Im shookt with the horror part. Yung BATA! JUSKO PO! 😱

  17. panotsha says: Reply

    While reading your blog entry, all I have been muttering is OH MY GOODNESS!! What were you thinking brave young girl. Thank God you all came back safe and sound. We are not ready to loose you. You still have a mission, just recently, you opened people’s eyes on mental health specifically, depression.

    Anyhoo, than kyou for sharing your experience and letting us see the beauty of the place thru your eyes.

  18. Thank you maine sa pg share mo smn ng experience mo jn sa leyte mhal na mhal nmn kau ni alden lg nmn kau pnagdrasal slmat meng sa ligayang bnbigay nyo smn ni alden ingat kau plagi godbless u

  19. Jane says: Reply

    You are an amazing story teller. You sure know how to make your readers feel the different emotions you have in your adventure. Stay happy and enjoy life. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Honey Savares says: Reply

    Hay Bibi Girl nman…dami namin iiyak pag may nangyari sau…wag na pairalin ang tigas ng ulo please…c Bibi Boy bka hnd kayanin kung may mangyari sau. Magpapakasal at magkaka-Apo pa ang ADN sa inyo…So please Bibi Girl magiingat at palaging magdasal…Mahal na mahal namin kayo ng ADN…kayo ang nagpapasaya at nagpapagaan ng buhay namin sa araw araw…Salamat ng marami.😘😘😘😘

  21. Enjoyed reading the post Maine and the OBB output is totally WOW! Thank you for sharing this! <3

  22. Bebot Torres says: Reply

    I can clearly picture your adventure as I read your blog. Gosh ang tapang mo!. Thank God you & your team were able to come home safe & sound. Tc always!

  23. Elizabeth Marquez says: Reply

    I am just so proud of you for taking the challenge and this particular adventure.. You are always a brave girl but be careful still..We will continue to pray for you and Alden’s safety.. LABYU! PS.. You really write well and that makes us more excited about your gift.. your BOOK…YOU!

  24. Daisy says: Reply

    You are such a brave woman. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Sana marami ka pang mapuntahang lugar at karanasang maipon 😄 Thank ypu again, Maine. You are a ray of sunshine for all of us. Mag-iingat ka palagi and continue to be happy always always. God bless you and RJ a.k.a Alden Richards 😍❤💙💜💛💚

  25. Gayle says: Reply

    Glad nakapasok ulit sa blog mo Meng. One of my dreams for you and Alden is a travel show or travel vlogs. Sana marami pa kayong mapuntahang lugar sa Pilipinas at sa mundo. Ingat palagi. God

  26. Hi maine, salamat sa pagshare samen ng mga adventures mo in life. 🙂 sana palagi ka lang magiingat, at lagi ka dn naming ipinagdarasal 🙂 Glad to see na super happy ka sa adventure mo. Thankyou.

  27. Assirac says: Reply

    Nice to know you enjoyed my hometown. And I wanted you to know something caught my attention when you mentioned about the stalagmite and stalactite *Yasss! ngscroll up po ako ulit to check the spelling. 😎* balik tayo sa konting emotion na na feel ko habang binabasa ung part na yon. It reminds me of you and Alden.The only difference is it only took 5 years for both of you to meet and become a pillar. Thank you meng for making me smile! Keep on writing!

  28. Mel says: Reply

    Woaaah…thank u meng for sharing your adventure in Leyte. Im so happy to know thar u really had fun. Though it was difficult and dangerous but u survived. I thank God for keeping u safe.

  29. Cora Gerardo says: Reply

    Hello.Maine, thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. Thanks be to God for protecting you. God is good😍😙😘😗

  30. grace says: Reply

    thanks for the wonderful story of your Leyte adventure, i feel u MAINE, , IT BRING me BACK IN TIME, ……..
    when I was assigned to LEYTE after yolanda to document , the devastation of the place, lets all pray that it will never happened again. your trip is really an amazing experience that can be shared to everyone . ingat k palagi. always praying for your safety.

  31. Karen says: Reply

    Thank you maine for sharing your adventure in leyte nakaktawa habang nagbabasa ako napapatawa nalang ako sa kalokohan na ginawa nyo

  32. Jhun Esteban says: Reply

    Kakainggit ka meng khit ako hindi pa nakakapunta jan pero ikaw tapang mo pa. thanks for sharing for our wonderful place soon if i will take my vacation next year i will drop some of the area that i would love to relax thanks also for EB…god bless you and alden more blessing and guidance from our LORD love you both….

  33. Shane Pegarum says: Reply

    Ate! Meng your such a brave woman!! Grabe! Ate meng! Ayaw pa po namin na mawala ka sa mundong ito! We love you so much , buti nlng po Safe kayo thanks God!
    Take care! Always ate meng!! Wag n’yo pong papabayaan sarili nyo po We Love very very very much!!Nandito lang po kaming mga Fans nyo po na hindi-hinding mag sasawa na susuportahan po kayo ni Kuya RJ!! We love you po!!! God bless you po and also kuya RJ! Mhuwahh!! I Love you po😊😍😘😘😘😘

  34. Charlamagne Santos says: Reply

    This is so amazing! You,Alden and Kuya Ryan has beautiful souls like the nature!

  35. Ann says: Reply

    Push natin ang more adventures… Kasama na dapat si bae para feeling safe parin

  36. Rexen says: Reply


  37. Thank you so much Menggay for sharing your Eastern Visayas adventure. Para na rin kaming nakisakay sa iyong banca, habal habal at dump truck. Naputikan ang mga paa at sumuot sa cave. We learned how to appreciate the beauty of nature thru your experience. Pero sa loob ng 3 araw habang nasa leyte at samar ka hindi rin kami mapalagay sa pag alala sa iyo our dear menggay. we love you and Rj. Take care always.

  38. Sheryl_silay says: Reply

    Thank you maine for sharing your adventure in Leyte…I’am a proud ALDUB FAN pareho na kayo ni Alden nakapunta sa my beloved hometown..❤❤❤

  39. Ann says: Reply

    The EB Video made me teary-eye and proud at the same time of our beautiful country. Thanks Meng for going thru such adventure here in the Visayas and thank you EB for making me one Filipina proud of this ‘Bayang magiliw’.

  40. christine says: Reply

    what an adventure! i will surely buy the book from you…pero please lang maine, being risky is good but if it’s about life, think again. wag matigas ulo and be safe! love you!

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  42. issay says: Reply

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  43. issay says: Reply

    thanks maine! pra ko nrin nakita beauty of leyte thru ur blog. for people who is not fond of travelling like me prang na rin ako nkrating sa sohotan cave and nakasakay sa habal habal😄quite an adventure u took ,gld u got back safe.hoping for more adventures.🙏

  44. cristina says: Reply

    thanks meng sa pag share mo ng experience mo sa leyte.. you are brave talaga hangga ako sa tapang at paninindigan mo.. ingat lagi

  45. Josie D Penaflor says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    You are one hell of a writer_ very detailed, so extemporaneous! You have a very good command of English, no doubt ’cause you’re an honor graduate of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. As you describe your 3-day trip, it seems like I am also with you discovering and enjoying the beauty of the places. So mesmerizing!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and please continue to write. I’ll enjoy anything you’ll put in writing and this is the very reason why I miss you in Twitter plus I am so anxious to get a hold of your upcoming book!

    I admire you a lot not just because you are an artist but because of your true personality, your Family background and your achievements in such a short period of time!

    wish you all the best in everything you do and please continue to inspire us in your many distinct ways! God Bless You!!!

  46. Hi Maine,

    Additionally, you are a role model to all the young ladies of your generation in terms of discipline, attitude, respect to all kinds of people. You are one unique person who I don’t consider a showbiz personality because you act so real, so full of humility and most of all, you are one such gorgeous lady_ simple but full of natural beauty!!!

  47. Tsenzy says: Reply

    Your blog is a roller coaster of emotions! I was laughing and got scared of the GIF of the boy and got scared we’d lose you. And I’m so proud of how humble you are. Kids should emulate you. Thanks for sharing! I love how it’s written.

  48. delikado yung ilog..

  49. Thank you Lord for save of Maine.

  50. Great read! Engaging ang prose mo, ang ganda kasi ng flow 🙂 Yong pictures din, added a lot to the narrative.

  51. Marilou says: Reply

    You are really a talented one and tapang pa! Most of the celebrities don’t have i think the guts that you have. Continue to use your talents to give happiness to everyone.
    Fan here from Minneapolis, USA

  52. 😙😙😙

  53. Ate Baks says: Reply

    omg! bakit so brave? iiwanan din kita parang ginawa ni patchiepie. lol…takot ake e!

  54. sheela says: Reply

    late achoe ( always naman ) hehe, anyhoo! , ganun! haha. labyu tlga gurl when u write blogs., I’m a superr duperr fan!!! keep writing, hah ,- anything. ( proud stalker here =) ) lol. basta! just stay happy because that gives life to the neyshen! Thank youuuuu and #VERY #stokedaboutyourbook na!!! #sanamakaabotdinsaken. ♥♥♥

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    Love it. Pero wag na buwis buhay ulit pleaaaaath. 😂 love the shot with san juanico as background. IG worthy din!!! 💕

  56. Jeani says: Reply

    In fairness, kahit alam kong tapos na yung Leyte adventure mo Meng pinag-pray kita dun sa truck moment mo hahaha. Di pa kami ready kahit ready ka na, adik ka talga hahaha. More blogs pa Meng ;-P

  57. JeyEm says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing your adventures w/ us..
    Ingat lagi.😃😃

  58. JeyEm says: Reply

    Ingat kayo lagi ni richard faulkerson jr.😃

  59. Ma Fe P Carcamo says: Reply

    Hoping to meet you personally.
    Im giving all my blessings and to Alden. Hope you follow my wattpad story, DESTINY’s Promise (DTBY rewrite).
    Love u MaiChard

  60. Kimberly says: Reply

    Scary nga 😭 Grabe ka talaga ate Maine. Sabagay kung hindi pa talaga oras ng tao, hindi pa ito kukunin ni Lord. Thank you sa pagshare ate Maine ng adventure mo sa Leyte. Yung utang mo po sa Italy, hintayin pa rin namin yun hihihi. God bless.

  61. ern says: Reply

    OMG! Thank you for this update Maine! I hope you’re doing well. Im so sad, I was not able to watch this (OBB) on TV. It would have been a better ‘feels’ charot. Hehe. Thanks God, you and your team were safe! Indeed, it’s more fun in the Philippines! Wu-hoo! ^_^

  62. hays! buti na lang god si good to you always. naku! be careful everytime na magadventure.. kc marami n aqong namatay na idol.. pero cla talagang kinuha na ni LOrd! ikaw wag mong ipagsapalaran yung life mo.. Kurutin kita dyan eh! oh joke lang.. your my idol.. how i love you. basta dapat lagi mag-ingat ha! bilang ate mong fangirling,.. love you meng. god bless and take care always!!!!

  63. Cleta says: Reply

    Your blogs have been my happiness, Maine. This particular blog feels like we are part of your adventure; the thrill and excitement and added laughter along the way. I’ve never come across of anyone like you who is such a prolific writer, full of wit, wisdom and with such charisma. I am one of those fan of yours who look forward to more of your stories/blogs and yes, your much awaited book! By the way, I am 67 years old, lives overseas, life revolved around work, family and have no interest in show business at all until ALDUB came into my life through FaceBook in 2015! Life is different since then….

  64. Enjoy and adventure experience eb obb its more fun and beautiful nature here in the Philippines

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