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It’s Monday! Yeah I know, the weekend went by too fast and some of you have to get through five days of hell again. But hey, we’re on to the last week of May! …wait that’s another bad news, isn’t it? Anyway! I hope you guys enjoyed Summer! Nakapag walwal ba ng matindi mabuti or tengga lang sa bahay? In any case, I hope you all get to unwind and have some fun!
What are you guys been up to lately, anyways?! Ako, eto.. Trying to make the most out of my 3-week freedom. The parentals will be flying back from Europe on Wednesday next week so that means.. back to normal na ulit. No more night outs and spontaneous excursions for me; back to my monotonous life again. Lungkot. But that’s life! You don’t always get to have a whale of a time. Because, um priorities? If you have some.

Moving on! I am here to let you know about how my life is going recently. Everything’s going pretty fine, thank goodness. Good things are coming my way– opportunities that I never expected to come. And I am beyond happy and grateful for them. 🙂 So..

 – I met Kris Aquino!
LBC and Movent invited me to attend LBC’s Padama event as they introduce Kris Aquino as LBC Express’ first celebrity ambassadress. The event took place at The Eye, Green Sun hotel in Makati last Wednesday evening (June 20)
I’ve never been to such kind of event so I absolutely had no idea at on how the affair is about to go. I was a bit nervous at first but I am glad everything turned out well. I met several people including Gali Araguirang, the original Kris Aquino dubsmasher! 🙂 It was really nice meeting him! He’s super cute and super nice in person! I really do hope to see him again soon! 🙂

Both of us met Kris Aquino but we didn’t get to talk to her for she was in a hurry that evening; photo op lang but still, it was a once in a lifetime experience. Big thanks to LBC and Movent! Before leaving, she told the two of us.. “Mag guest kayo sa Kristv ha!” #oha

– Much needed beach getaway

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.43.56 AMScreen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.44.17 AMIMG_1264
Overnight stay at Canyon Cove, Batangas. The day I lost my sunglasses. Lesson? Never ever wear your sunnies when riding a jet ski.
Still, it was a day to remember. Love love love.

– Night out with the college besties!
After a year, we’re finally complete! Partied like it was the end of the world! Haha! #walwalnight

– “Auditioned” for Sebastian Castro’s upcoming Youtube series “Walang Forever”.
They emailed me about the casting and invited me to audition. I sent an audition video last week and (they said) they’ve already shortlisted me for the role. Seb asked me if I could meet up with them because they wanted to discuss a few things with me. I showed up on the said date and venue, and met the producers and the director of Walang Forever. I was a bit surprised when the director handed me the script and asked me to read some lines in front of the camera. I wasn’t prepared at all! (I thought we were just going to converse about the film and the role I auditioned for!) I wasn’t even sure if I did well but I tried my best not to show any hint of discomfiture. They’ll be releasing the names of those who made it to the final cast one of these days. Not sure if I want to get the role (because I don’t think I’d be able to give justice to this certain character) but.. bahala na. If they give it to me, I will try my very best. If not then better luck next time, I guess? Haha!

– No new dubs..yet
The title says it all. But hey, I have already uploaded 4 dub mash videos on Facebook. In case you haven’t seen them yet, here it is.

 So that is basically it… my life lately. 🙂

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  1. Paige says: Reply

    Hi, Maine! I would really like to follow your blog but I can’t seem to on WordPress. Is that a glitch or did you really turn that option off? Haha. Anyway, I just rebooted my blog and have been following others, and I would love it if I’d get updates on yours as well! 🙂

    1. maine says: Reply

      Hi, Paige! Hmmm I cannot seem to find the follow button as well.. It used to be visible on my page before I moved here ( I shall find a solution to that problem, thank you for letting me know! 🙂

    2. maine says: Reply

      Hello again! After some research, I found out that the follow button is only visible and functional to users. But! I did find an alternative to that! I installed a blog subscription plug-in that lets you subscribe to my blog via email. You could check it on my sidebar! 🙂

      1. Paige says: Reply

        Got it! Your entries are a breath of fresh air. Haha. Keep on posting! 🙂

  2. Eve Lyne Medina says: Reply

    Amazing blog! Super idol kita sa dubsmash.

  3. Lovely says: Reply

    Hi, Maine. I’m already in WordPress but still I can’t figure out how to follow your blogs. I tried to add some of your tags or the URL’s but it still I cann’t find you. I would love to read all your blogs. I hope you can help me how to figure this out. God Bless You.

  4. martin says: Reply

    Hi Yaya….or rather Ms. Maine….finally i’ve reached in to your blog, i was thinking maybe thru your blog, i can asked what i wanted to asked you, give my observations on you being a part of the LONGEST running noontime show in Asia…let me congratulate you on the popularity you have earned since day 1 you appeared on Juan For All All For Juan(EB)…almost everyday i always make sure that i have check the Philippine/Worlwide Trend on Twitter and check if your on the top trends…and read some of the comments your “FANS” says to you….and i m looking forward to see more of you on EB, and i wish the Management of EB would allowed you to be guested on the Ryzza Mae Show,and of course with Alden looking forward to that day…..thank and more power to your career……ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND…martin

  5. cyrasly says: Reply

    Ate maine.

  6. Hi Maine! From the first time I’ve watched your videos, I became an instant fan of yours! Got to love you more when I first saw you on Eat Bulaga as Yaya Dub, and got even more interested when you were paired with Alden! I hope you’ll read this soon. I love you! God bless you more! <3

  7. Tin says: Reply
  8. Edison says: Reply

    Hi . Subscribing on your blogs. So much fun in here !! <3

  9. rhedd says: Reply this the same as the MMFF entry? wuhhappen to this audition?

  10. Micha says: Reply

    Hi ate maine super fan nyo po ako kaya ko po hinanap tong blog nyo ang ganda po kasing ganda nyo i just i wanna say hi to you po 12 years old girl lang po ako na fan na fan nyo

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