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Hi guys! Kamusta? Ako eto, okay naman.. buhay pa naman. Well, it is holiday today and I just finished having a much needed 2-hour body massage. And as I wait for my late merienda (Happy Lemon’s Cocoa with rocksalt and cheese [a fave!] and pizza) I thought it would be nice to write a new entry. I don’t know if you are familiar with ‘Life Lately’ but basically I talk about uhh duh.. my life lately. I will talk about random stuff that I like to share with you guys. Starting off with..

  1. I just finished FRIENDS (series)!!!

    –  Three words: I love it. Though it makes me kind of sad that I am done with this classic TV series and I have nothing to look forward to when I get home (aside from hitting the cold sheets!) I remember how I used to force myself to watch the first few episodes because I wasn’t really enthralled by it– at first! Some of my friends who are Friends fans was telling me “Tyatyagain mo talaga yan sa una. Pero maganda promise!” I think it took me 2 months to watch 3 episodes? Hindi ko talaga siya natatapos! But then slowly.. I got hooked! Well, I think it was last month that I started binge watching it every night. Then as some of you may know, I got admitted to hospital last week due to infectious diarrhea, so I took the chance to watch the series all day! I think I finished 2 seasons (S08 & S09) in two days! Well, what would you do if you are confined to bed for days? (whispers “Netfliiiix”) Well anyway, I know there are LOTS of Friends fans here. So who is your favourite character? Mine is.. Chanandler Bong!55aede300497e94701a542923950a9a94dadf6c914bdbc6420019ae43c1b5958
    Oh, his one-liners never fail to make me laugh– an adept at sarcasm. And Ross of course! I don’t know, I do not really like-LIKE his character but he makes me laugh and I find him really hilarious! David Schwimmer is such a good comedian!

    Well, Joey, he’s really charming. And I think it is safe to say that nobody can really resist his cuteness. I mean, even in this lipstick commercial! So adorbs!joey
    These three men are funny without even trying! As for the ladies.. I find it hard to like the three of them at first. Jennifer Aniston is one of my favourite Hollywood actresses so I was really looking forward to knowing how she is as Rachel Green. Okay naman, nakakainis din paminsan-minsan.

    I am also a Ross-Rachel shipper so I was constantly waiting for their kilig moments together in every part of the show. Yun ngalang it got to the point na parang ayaw ko nang umasa because things are getting really complicated between them. (Affected ako!) Sometimes I want Ross to be happy with his current partner but then Rachel gets in the way– messing with Ross’ mind. Nakakainis lang. You know sometimes when you are in a “moving on” process; when you finally decide to move forward and let go of this person you used to love.. tapos biglang magpaparamdam ulit sayoHindi ba nakakabwisit? Parang girl/dude, I deserve to be happy, please lang huwag ka nang manggulo. Typical “moving on” dilemma; typical Ross and Rachel. Oh well.. ~spoiler alert~ they ended up together din naman sa huli so I am happy!

    Monica Geller
    … I loved her when she and Chandler started dating. And I personally find her a true friend to count on! Yung bida-bida sa barkada pero laging maaasahan.

    Well, Phoebe Buffay.. I find her really annoying at first but I ended up accepting her creepily weird character. Well, she has her own quirks which I guess add to the humour. Phoebe Buffay~ Phoebe Buffay~ what were they feeding you? Oh and I love her and Mike (Paul Rudd) together!

    Basta, I love all of them! They are all pretty good in their respective roles. I loved the show! And I will probably rewatch it again! I am actually looking for another series to watch. I asked some of my friends and you guys have been giving me suggestions too pero idk I find hard to start a new show. Maybe it’s cause I get bored easily.. I want to watch Dawson’s Creek but it’s not on Netflix! Oh btw, I love both HIMYM and Friends. I won’t be this person saying HIMYM is just a rip-off of Friends. Tse! Both shows are great so stop comparing!

  2. Doc Gia Sison x Humans of Barangay
    – Doc Gia Sison wanted to collaborate with Humans of Barangay! If you are not familiar with Human of Barangay yet, well it is actually just a barangay version of Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York. If you haven’t heard of Humans of New York, you can look it up. Click here! I started this project a month ago because I wanted to share stories of people I get to meet everyday in the streets. As you all know, I go to different barangays everyday for work (Juan for All, All for Juan) so I get to see and meet different kinds of people from all walks of life every single day. Being inspired by the life stories of our daily Sugod Bahay winners.. I thought “Why not share more stories to people?”. I mean, I feel like I am in the right place and the right person for this project. You know, having this opportunity to visit different places and get along with the public. I have this chance to get to know the people and know their stories. And what better way to recognise the worth of their existence than to share their stories with other people. By doing this, I make sure everybody will learn a lesson from their life experiences and struggles. And with the use of social media, we can easily share information and awareness to others.So going back.. Doc Gia (a doctor and Philippine Leader for Livestrong Foundation) wanted to collaborate with HoB. I have been following her Twitter account (@giasison) for awhile now because she constantly shares her thoughts and gives advices to people about various things– life in general. I have not met her but I love how people look up to her as a doctor and as a person. And just like these people in barangays, there are so many things I have yet to learn about Doc Gia. But at this very moment, I love the fact that she helps those in need in her own ways. Like recently, she started this Failure Journal project:failure journal

    “The Failure Journal is plain paper journal where you write down your failures and on its opposite your action points to address it. Many of us evade what failed us but little do we know it’s that very same failure that brought us or will bring us towards that success we aim for. You write it, remember it and act on it. It’s like strategically planning your next steps.”

    Seems like we all need this journal as we go through our lives! Anyway, she messaged me to say that she wanted the proceeds of her project to go straight to humans of barangay who may need financial and medical assistance. I was in awe, to be honest. I did not think someone would actually go out of their way to support this little project of mine. Thank you very much Doc Gia for this very kind gesture. Rest assured your benefaction will be handed to those in need. If you want to avail Doc Gia’s failure journal you can reach  on Twitter! If you want to know more about Doc Gia and her advocacies, you can visit her blog here!

  3. ADN Summer Escapade
    – A summer getaway organised by ADN for ADN. Held in a resort in Iba, Zambales just this weekend (May 12-13) It was already planned long ago, if I am not mistaken last year palang yata naplano na nila to. And after finalising the date and all, I blocked the day off my calendar already. Sadly, I did not know Zonrox was coming up with an event and they opted for that day too. So I just decided to follow the next day. I wanted it to be a surprise so I told my team not to tell anyone from the OrgComm that we’re coming.
    So after the Zonrox Rampakulay event in Trinoma, we went out for dinner with my team and family. (Mothers Day dinner na din, lol) I got home at around 11 and took some rest before we leave for Iba at 3am. I didn’t sleep na kasi bokot ako magtuloy-tuloy! Baka magfail ang plan. So we were able to leave on time naman, I think we got to the resort around 9am. Nobody was on the conference area and we didn’t know where to find everybody, so we thought about posting a tweet to get their attention. LolzScreen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.00.36 PM

    After a couple of minutes, we saw people running to the conference area. Nakakatawa makita yung silhouette from the fuzzy glass wall kasi parang may zombie apocalypse. I didn’t actually know how to react when they came inside; I was dumbstruck. Weird, nahiya ako bigla. Anyway, galing pa pala silang dagat! Lol! So.. since the program and the activities were done last Saturday, wala na akong naabutan. Sad naman if I’ll just say hi and goodbye so I thought of doing something entertaining for all of us. Kaya naman may pa-fashion show! We asked all teams to choose someone from their group to be their representative para sa pa-eme kong fashion show. Simple lang naman ang gagawin.. 1. Rampa 2. Aura. Yun lang! Tapos may biglaang papremyo! For the special awards, we have: Best in Rampa, Best in Aura, Best in Swimwuit and Darling of the crowd, lol! Nakakatuwa! While choosing for winners, talagang everybody from my team gave their opinion about each candidate. Tough debiliration! Naisip din naming sad naman if apat lang ang mananalo kaya naman we came up with more titles para lahat masaya. So ayun, in the end lahat naman may title. Bilang biglaan, we weren’t ready for the prizes. 10k worth of gift cert from Powermac ang meron kami at pinagkasya namin c/o Kagawad Mike. (Salamat Kagawad! Makakaasa kang makukuha mo nag boto namin sa susunod na eleksyon!)

    A mass was held there too! Sabi sa homily ni Father, let us all spread good vibes! Yung badjao daw naging goodjao! Joker si Father!It was a fun day! I hope everybody had a great time during their 2-day getaway. I didn’t even get to see the beach but it’s fine it wasn’t the reason why we went there in the first place.


  4. EJ
    Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.29.21 PM

    – So I was scrolling thru my Twitter feed last night and saw this. It pains me to see this kid like that. Let us help EJ, guys. The family will be opening a bank account tomorrow for donations. I will share the bank info on my Twitter once it’s all set up. Meanwhile, if you personally want to speak with a relative, here’s the phone number of EJ’s mother: Erna Saturinas, 09353661667. Sana matulungan natin siya at sana maayos ang lahat immediately for his operation.A lot of children/people around us are in need of help and assistance. I hope we can all find ways to help those people. If we cannot afford to donate, prayers will suffice. Libre yun, huwag niyo na ipagkait.

Okay so that would be it. Back to work tomorrow for all of us! Tandaan ang homily ni Father.. spread good vibes and positivity! Encourage others to do good as well. Tandaan, God sees EVERYTHING. Kahit saang sulok ka pa magtago o kahit ilang dummy accounts pa ang gamitin mo. He sees what you are doing. It kind of amazes me how some people really manage to do dirt on others knowing that karma will always play its job. Brave people. Ingat ingat din. Anyway, belated happy Mothers Day to all the mommas out there! Saludo kami sainyong lahat. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration and a great weekend too!

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  1. Rizaflor B Ituriaga says: Reply

    Thank you Maine,looking forward eachday with you.More charity works and Godbless you always. Love you❤️❤️❤️

  2. AOL28 says: Reply

    Meng namiss ko to, thank you for updating your blog sa wakas!

  3. panotsha says: Reply

    Yay!! Now we are talking! I love Chandler!!! Anyway, if you haven’t done so, watch Gossip Girl (Blake Lively, Leighton Meister, among others) highly recommended.

    Tama si Father, goodjao na lang hwag nang badjao. Good vibes always pero please hwag magalit if sometimes pinapatuln namin mga undin. They do need to be put in their place sometimes. Keep slaying!!! I love you and Alden, always.

  4. maia says: Reply

    Kudos to finally taking on an advocacy! You have the loudest voice and the strongest presence in this part of the world, may you reach all those that need to hear your words of hope and encouragement, and take comfort in your presence.


  5. Mafe says: Reply

    Your the inspiration May the Lord always guide you God bless your good heart

  6. Ana Ramirez says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    Saturday was surreal for me, kasi after almost three years of hits and misses, I finally had my TP with you! Thank you for being so gracious and accommodating. Having said that, oh em gee, i love Friends! I was living in Sydney when it first aired. Nabawasan ang homesickness ko because of watching it. When I worked din sa States, it was my go-to pang pa-happy! It was a roller coaster ride for Ross and Rachel, but I never stopped rooting for them! So happy because nagustuhan mo! Anyway, thanks for always being there for ADN. At the end of the day, you recognize us as family. Yung paulit-ulit kong sinabi nung Saturday sayo, Ne WE LOVE YOU, Totoo yun! Lastly, I’m a proud supporter because you’re using your fame to quietly promote worthy causes. Keep on inspiring! And again, WE TRULY LOVE YOU, NICOMAINE DEI! – Teacher ANA 💜

  7. Manilyn de Castro Guballa says: Reply

    Thanks for inspiring us everyday.yung stress na stress sa work here abroad,tas madalas di makausap ung family sa Pinas bcoz sa time gap at availability…nanonood nalang kmi Ng mga videos mo,ninyo Ni nakikigulo sa tweeter /ig world at napupunan Naman at malaking tulong talaga sa amin sa araw araw para lumaban at labanan Ang homesick!Aldub =our happy pill!
    Enwei,try to watch “SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH”,halos kasabayan din Yan Ng “FRIENDS at DAWSON’S CREEK”,Pero maganda talaga Dawson’s Creek na may Pinoy Version n “TABING-ILOG”✌😊
    Yasssss!keber nlng sa mga hanash,God sees everything nga!let karma kill their envy!
    By the way magpapaalam pala aq sayo(khit nagpost na aq😊),gumawa kc aq Ng YouTube channel na ipinopost ko eh Yung mga kinakanta mo!…at pag uwi q Ng Pinas,dyan sa Santa Maria,magpapaburn aq Ng CD na puro kanta mo,which is nasa fone playlist ko halos lahat Ng kanta mo from the ipapa sign q sayo!!!!😊
    God Bless you more & your family(insert Alden😊)
    God bless us all ADN family.

  8. HOMEBOY says: Reply

    This blog update is action packed! Thank you for sharing your weekend stories. I’m glad magaling ka na at “hype beast na hype beast” sa energy! Don’t overdo it Meng, hinay lang. Although we understand na dahil absent si Pao at Jose, gusto mong abutin yung energy level same as pag nandyan sila. Pero really your own brand of comedy is sufficient! Congratulations on discovering and finishing “Friends” which is likewise my favorite series. Napa-smile ako sa mga words and phrases na naka-italics kasi parang TTL ba yan? Then you end with the happy ending “spoiler.” (I read it and I broke into a bigger smile hehehe. ) I’ll leave it up to your common sense and prayerful discernment on how you write the story of your life. Rest assured I will be the silent fan who prays for you that in the end when you follow your heart and your choice it is a carbon copy of God’s heart and choice for you as well.
    More power on your Humans of Barangay project. That is turning out to be not just a gallery of pictures to look at and not just a condensed life stories to read. You are now slowly turning the corner and coming into a point where there is a philanthropic element already. This is a huge undertaking. May God guide you to steer this vehicle in the right direction and meet the right people with the same good hearts to help you in this beautiful endeavor.

  9. Hi my dear 🙋
    Let me just say only can manage the zombie apocalypse at a beach that way 😝
    By gawd what is taranta?!
    I now know what Alden has been saying before that you think of outrageous surprises and really go out of your way and this magnanimous gesture of yours – 6hr travel in the ungodly morning hours just to reach a few couple hours of activitiy for the day is no joke! – is truly amazing and appreciated not just by us there but everyone else who learned about it (natatawa parin ako pag nakakabasa ng kwento nyan zombie apocalypse ala ADN)

    At this point, let me be quiye honest in saying that I quite doubted whether you would stay long in the showbiz industry because I felt that you wanted to do something else or was just looking for something more fulfilling…
    And when you started your HoB…
    That is when I thought by gawd she has found it! 👍 You have found your niche, your purpose of using your status and influence to reach more and be of help…
    Kudos to you my dear and your other advocacies!

    As always I ask myself why I even bother fangurling this much over you and Alden…
    Despite the hanash and all that for the past 3years… And then I realize that you guys are really my happy pills and that you have beautiful hearts and I choose my happiness so… I may not always agree with you guys, your actions and opinion but heck parang siblings spat lang yan… Kahit inis ka sa kanila sa kalokohan nila eh wala mahal mo pa rin talaga yan 😝
    Basta yun litanya na ito haha…
    I keep including you and Alden in my prayers everyday…
    Stay happy always, my dear…
    And go out and breathe fire 🐲

  10. Nancy says: Reply

    Thanks 💛💛💛
    Always a pleasure reading your blog
    Lucky to know there are still people like you, helping w/o any expectation of return.

  11. Jeng says: Reply

    Great job Meng, continue to be an inspiration and God bless you more 🙏🏻😘

  12. Thank you maine sa pagbibigay ng saya sa amin..kahit nsa initan ka araw araw mas gusto mo at masaya ka nman doon ..God bless you more meng!! Mahal ka nmin.

  13. cloudy skies says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    You promote
    “Do more of what makes you happy”
    while I say
    “Do more of what makes you happier”
    Thank you for making my Nanay laugh since July 16,2015. (Commercial: I cannot count how many times she watch the replays of you singing in brgy singer citizens for 5 episodes now.., and asking me when will you having your own song album 😅 I always answer “itanong natin Kay Maine” and sadly wala ka pang sagot 😢)

    As for my ALDUB/MaiChard fangirling , its been a roller coaster ride..(naiiyak ako, natatakot, natutuwa, at nagugulat) But just like your favorite show Friends (na di ko pa napapanood 😅) I’m still hoping & praying that you and RJ ends up together.

    Ending my comment with a prayer

    May God bless you and RJ more.
    May God keep you both safe, protect you both from harm, and keep you both away from bad people. Amen

  14. Emy says: Reply

    Thank you ,Maine!
    You’re really a young lady full of substance & relevance!
    Continue doing what you want!
    God bless you always

  15. ajp aralar says: Reply

    good luck and god bless

  16. Sohlee sanchez says: Reply

    Thank u maine npsaya mo na nmn aq sa pgbbsa ng blog mo npkabusilak tlga ng puso mo na di nkkta ng iba bsta lg mo ttndaan susuportahan q kau dlwa ni alden sa abot ng akn mkkya mhal na mhal q kau dlwa pgpatuloy mo lng ang pgbbgy smn ng inspirasyon dhl sau nppwi ang lungkot ng buhayq mrmng slmat

  17. Nona Angeles says: Reply

    Thank you Bibi Girl Menggay for making us all happy all the time. Super love ko kyo ni Bibi Boy RJ

  18. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Love you 😘❤
    Napakamatulungin mo talaga. God bless your good heart. ❤

  19. You continue to amaze me menggay 🙂 I joined the #ADNBonggangSummer just for fun. Gusto ko lang talaga magbeach haha! This is my first time going on a trip na wala akong kakilala.. #legit my fan girl friends kasi nasa japan. ayun, so far the experience was good, everyone is friendly and dagat lang sapat na haha! Pero, legit ang pagka excited ko nung nalaman kong andun ka sa FH. hahaha! potek talaga, nakalimutan ko na nga si titang nagsabi sakin na andun ka, buti nlang magkasama kami sa van 🤪 But really, really, That Iba experience capped my 3 decades of existence so far. Continue what you do besh. You know what you’re good at. Let’s help whoever needs help in our own ways 🤗🙏 -admiring you from corner see you again real soon 😘

    Netflixin is life. I’m currently watching, madam secretary (us power, you know) , the crown(royal family life), something in the rain( this one’s a korean drama- coz i need some kilig sometimes) lol!, narcos(on queue)

    you may want to try them pero, mejo pang tita na kasi so, bahala kana, matanda kana hahaha!

    P.S 2 wala pa kong natatapos sa lahat. kasi , madaming kailangan gawin sa buhay, haha!


  20. Liza Martinez says: Reply

    I love Friends!!! I love Chandler and Ross!! Great to hear from you, Maine. Love to hear from you again and again. God bless!

  21. Joan says: Reply

    Thank you meng kakamiss mga blog entries mo you really amaze me in many ways mahal kita ❤

  22. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Ang saya saya ng mga nakaattend ng ADN Summer Escapade talagang pumunta ka pa kahit may event ka kahit walang tulog…
    Hayaan mo na lang yung ibang mga tao na walang magawang matino sa buhay.
    Love you. Continue to be an inspiration.

  23. Bhabie Rose says: Reply

    Makulay araw @mainedcm god bless u always ingat k palagi see u @eatbulaga1979 @mainedcm ig story update today @mainedcm happy Tuesday @mainedcm ig story update today @mainedcm

  24. gemma says: Reply

    I like your project about Humans of Barangay, its true that its better way to tell the people the worth if their existence, worth sharing, i love the way you gave importance to every event of ADN, your presence is very much appreciated.. thank you Maine for giving time, for choosing us always. You love ADN because you said love is time. ADN will always here for you and Alden.. i love you and takecare of yourself .

  25. tons says: Reply

    thanks for inspiring…you have a good heart talaga…mwahhhhhhh

  26. So excited to see your new blog post! Thanks for sharing doc gia. I followed her on TW and her blog na rin. Very inspiring ang mga posts nya. Nakakatuwa.

    I’d been planning to donate school supplies (di ba meron project sa Eat Bulaga ngayon, ung 1 lapis, 1 papel yata), but I’m not sure until when yun. Do you guys have any idea? Sa broadway lang pwede i-drop ung donations, right?

  27. Evie says: Reply

    Thank you meng for inspiring us everytime na nag update ka ng blog madaming kame natutunan sa iyo.. sa dami ng binabato sa iyo issue na hndi maganda hndi ka parin nagbabago napaka bait mo talaga ang dami mo parin natutulungan… kaya kahit anong pagbaba nila sa iyo hndi ka nila kaya ibaba dahil si lord mismo ang magtatas sa iyo sa inyo ni alden.. thank you so much at binigyan kame ng isang menggay na nagpapasaya sa araw araw nmen at nagbibigay inspirasyon sa mga kabataan kahit sa mga matatanda… god bless you meng andito lang ako /kme naka suporta sa iyo/inyo sabi mo nga hndi man pinasyal ang supporta lagi hndi mawawala ang dasal ko para sa iyo at sa pamilya mo naway pagpalain kpa ng maykapal at lagi kang ligtas..
    God bless you my dear..

  28. Tsenzy says: Reply

    You never fail to entertain me with your blog. In SAMYG’s IG post he said #hindilahatngbloggermayblog but ikaw meron. hahaha wala lang.

  29. Mariela says: Reply

    This post is full of love. ♥ Nakaka gv. Love you and all your efforts. You inspire me to be kind and generous as well. I’m loving the current system of your blog btw. Mobile view friendly. Stay beautiful, Meng! God bless you.

  30. Malou says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    I realize that i was a hundred percent right when i decided to become one of your ” lola-fangurlings”. The number of people who feel happy everytime they see your performances on tv, in the malls and even in your commercials are genuinely inspired by the freshness of your brand of entertainment – by just being yourself. Thank you.

    I must say I celebrate life everyday being inspired by You.
    Keep it up❤️❤️❤️ I wish my granddaughter will become like you (her own way of course) in the future💞

  31. Dimple says: Reply

    Truly you are rare in the industry you belong right now…
    Thank you for being you…

    I ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!! no matter what

    Totoo yan!

  32. Pau says: Reply

    Hello, Ate Maine!
    1. I hope you could watch Stranger Things (Riverdale na rin sana)!
    2. I love your Humans of Barangay! Nakakainspire po kasi yung HoB eh!
    3. Sayang hindi ako kasali sa ADNSE nung May 12-13. ‘Di ko pa naman kayo nakikita in person. Chance ko na sana yun eh. Pero I didn’t know how I could go there. First, I don’t have social media. ‘Cause I’m only eleven (turning 12) and my parents aren’t allowing me to have socmed unless I’m 18.
    4. I love how you are always open to helping other people. You inspire me a lot, Ate Maine!

    P.S. About Stranger Things…um… hindi ko pa siya tapos panoorin. I was only able to watch it when my grandma was here (because she’s the one who has Netflix). Then when she left again for the States, I wasn’t able to watch it anymore. (My friend was the one who told me to watch Stranger Things.) And for Riverdale, hindi ko pa napapanood. Wala lang nasama ko lang kasi nandoon si Cole Sprouse…. (hi, Cole…. you’re one of my crushes…..).

  33. Grace says: Reply

    Thanks sa update Ng blog mo Meng sarap magbasa habang nag kakape. Somehow yon nga I’m a fan of Friends too. Diba nagtyaga ka rin manood sa umpisa lang naman na aayaw ka. Funny and hilarious na wla mga ADN sa FH nasa dagat nasa bangka lumalangoy pa yung iba, ang layo ng tinakbo nkita ko sa videos nila sa twitter haha! Parang mga zombies nga Pero nakakatuwa nakaka gv ang weekend. Oh yes prayers will do at EJ I’m praying for him na sa maoperahan na sya agad2x. Humans of Barangay mo ipagpatuloy mo lang nakaka antig damdamin bawat storya na na ishare mo sa araw2x sa pag babarangay mo. At sabi ni father Oo nga pag my bashing sa inyo ni aalden sabihin na lang namin na alis alis alis. Tapos pag maganda naman balik balik balik hehe. I do believe sa karma. Not now Pero in the future yan Meng. Kinacount lang yan ni Lord kung naka ilan ka na sa mga nagawa mo na kasalanan saka ka nya paparusahan. Much better avoid doing bad things instead keep doing good to other and helps others na rin sa mga nangangailangan lalo na prayers. God bless you always Meng.

  34. Daisy says: Reply

    You are blessed with a golden heart. God bless you more and more!

  35. Lissa says: Reply

    As I was reading that you’re looking for another series, I was gonna suggest Dawson’s Creek :-), I’ve only watched til half of the season 5 when it was aired on tv. I am planning to finish it (ngayon pa after 15 years hahah), just curious to know if Joey and Dawson ended together :-)..

  36. angelica lanada says: Reply

    Ang ganda talaga ng blog mo Maine .. kaya I love reading your blog eh. You and Alden inspires me so much as in.

  37. Alelli says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    Try to see Revenge series, its now on Netflix.. its a nice series.. am sure you’ll love it… I have started it on Australian channel bit failed to continue and finish, now its on netflix, I should be able to catch up. 😊😊😊

  38. sheela says: Reply

    Late read na akez , but I always see to it wala ako mapa lampas na updates about you oha!
    esp. sa blog posts mo.. ito talaga pinaka na “First- Love-An” ko eh… reader+stalker ako talaga dito eh hehe.
    Salamat lang Meng!!! THis is what the World needs.. Spreading Good Vibes, Positivity, Peace and Happiness. Ang sarap lang maging kuntento at totoo sa sarili natin… “do everything that makes you happy” ika nga. Marami mang detractors sa Life natin sige lang tlga dapat… We’re Humans kaya we could not blame ourselves kung minsan affected tayo. dapat tlga We have to learn to endure then let it pass… wag na nating tambayan! Face the bright side na!
    Basta Thank You Meng!! mej napahaba tuloy hehe
    Continue to inspire and GOD BLESS US ALL ALWAYS!!!!!

  39. beilisa says: Reply

    maine u are an inspiration talaga…iba ka! bibi girl.

  40. Johainne Dei Tanggor says: Reply

    Others ka talaga Ate Maine.🤞

  41. Madeleine says: Reply

    Is it just me that all of my comments in your blog need to be validated, tapos wala dinelete na ng magvavalidate….

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