Making Mega in Morocco

Hi y’all! So I just got back from a Iligan and Cebu; and yesterday (technically) was the AlDub MEGA cover launch that I was not able to attend to. I reached Manila at around 10:30 in the evening and I was actually planning (believe it or not) to run to SM Aura to catch the second screening (that started at 9pm) but then it would take me 40 minutes to reach the venue according to Waze. So, ano pa ang aabutan ko? I decided to go home and just take a rest! But! There’s a good news!

Okay before you start reading this blog post, I want you to know that I wrote this entry on the first week of October, and the video you’ll see below was made on the last week of September– everything was pretty much all set to publish. But! On October 5th (the day the cover was released), just when I was about to post the entry, my blog decided to malfunction. I wasn’t able to access my blog for two weeks due to some layout issues. I reported the problem to my web host and gladly they were able to fix the logging-in issue. It was reported that the problem started with my blog theme so they had to put everything back to default, as you can see, for me to gain access to my dashboard. Anyway, when I finally got to access my blog, I noticed some posts went missing, including this Making Mega in Morocco draft. I got so pissed and decided not to post an entry about our Morocco shoot anymore. The next day, I reported the problem to my web host again just to check if they could do something about it. And just this evening, before I hop in the plane to Manila, I got an email from them saying they were able to retrieve my missing drafts! Woo hooo! Talk about perfect timing.

And that’s the good news– well, for me.

So here it is! I did not edit the content anymore so what you are about to read is the original draft. (And it might confuse you a bit!) Just imagine you are reading this on the day the cover was released, which was three weeks ago. Oh and forget what happened this evening at the MEGA launch, just act like you have NO idea about what happened in Morocco–AT ALL.


And since our MEGA Magazine is finally out in the market, I am glad to share with you the video that I made last week –on the last day of September since I thought Mega will be releasing the magazine on the first day of October. (Which means, naka-standby na itong entry na ito 5 days ago pa, ready to publish na!) But due to a minor problem, Mega had to reschedule the launch of the magazine..but the wait is over–it’s finally here!

img_3995 img_3996 img_3994img_4012

Oh by the way, happy October y’all! I hope you all had a great September! Going back, I was kind of struggling in making the compilation because I wasn’t able to take lots of videos in Morocco. We went there to work– we were shooting all day– so I didn’t have a chance to go around and document what the city has to offer.

There were three groups who travelled to Morocco for #MakingMegaWithAlDub. The first group/my glam team (Juan Sarte and Celeste Tuviera) along with “the” Mark Nicdao left a day ahead of us. Second group–my group– includes me, my mom, Kuya Michael (my handler) and some from Mega team. Third group was Alden’s group; I think it was just him and Sam (his handler) who flew.

 It took us about 16 hours to reach Morocco (if I am not mistaken) and  I had a really pleasant time inside the plane because I was upgraded from business class to first class– I am a first-class-first-timer! (Thank you Ms. Melanie of Etihad Airways!) Our group arrived at Casa Blanca at around 9 in the morning, while Alden arrived shortly after lunch. We were scheduled to start the shoot in the afternoon so no lakwatsa for us.

We went to Hassan II Mosque first. We weren’t able to take much photos in the area; we also left immediately to respect the Mosque and the people in it. Met some AlDub supporters/ADN in the area, also! Was a bit surprised because I didn’t know there are a lot of Filipinos in Morocco.

Next stop was Rick’s Cafe. Some of you might be familiar with the place; it is a restaurant designed to recreate the bar in the movie classic Casablanca. We stayed there to eat and have some drinks– also to take a couple of shots. (Lol by shots I mean photographs) I’d like to classify those shots as stolen photos in a way.



So much love for Mark *hearts* *hearts everywhere*

We left for Marrakesh the next day. Took us about 4 hours bus ride from Casablanca. We stopped at a Camel desert along the way. Rode a camel for the first time and got smacked by a camel for the first time as well. (Seen in the video below!) Nakakatawa, that has got to be the most memorable thing that happened to me in Morocco. I got whacked by a camel right on the face! Nakakatakot siya, bes. It didn’t actually hurt but at that moment I thought my face was about to get munched. Then the caretaker was like “(It was) just a kiss”. Uhm, okay.. that kiss felt like getting hit by a flying frying pan. Kisses are supposed to be soft and sweet–not horrible. Well, I have to conclude that that camel is the worst kisser ever.

img_4001 img_3999

And guess what! My ever-loving dinosaur arrived on our second shooting day. I was so glad he didn’t let the Morocco shoot pass. *note sarcasm* I always have the hardest time working with menstrual cramps (I think everybody knows that) I don’t get to function properly and the best thing to do is to just stay in bed all day and cry myself to sleep. We weren’t able to shoot much that afternoon because of my stupid dysmenorrhea. Though I still forced and managed to get myself to function– I had to– and I tried my best to work stoically. I had to bear the pain while shooting outdoor and release the agony inside the bus. So, before everybody sees and comments about how awful and awkward I look in the photos, uunahan ko na.. Please do not mind my mukhang-najjebs/sakit-na-sakit-na-face in the magazine. You have no idea how much pain I had to endure at that moment! (Uhm wait, I think you have? Haha!) Let me commend Alden though for literally lending a helping hand to lessen the pain. Thank you. 🙂

Alden left first thing in the morning on the third day– along with my dinosaur. Yay! So I was able to function properly already! The shoot went great and smooth; too bad it was already during my solo cover shoot. Oh by the way for everybody’s information, Alden and I had more photos taken separately. (For Mega and Mega Man) And fortunately, the only chance we had to shoot together was the day of dino’s grand arrival. Your timing is always perfect, dino. You never fail to ruin things.

img_3992img_3988img_3983 img_3982

img_3991 img_3998


Stealing some shots from the magazine.

Summing it all up, travelling in Morocco is a very different experience from travelling in a Western country. Sadly, we only had a short (4-day) stay so we failed to see the country’s top attractions. Given a chance though, I’d like to go back as a tourist to explore more grandiose places.
Noticed how Morocco is very strict with a lot of things; we had to deal with some issues during our shoot, but gladly we were able to get everything done. We had to do everything quick; we had to move fast and shoot fast. I’d like to describe the experience as adventurous–in a way, but definitely memorable.


Pasasalamat section (LOL):
Thanks very much Sir Juan and Ms. Celeste for making me look like a Moroccan-ish human being.
To Mark, who never fails to take AMAZING photographs.
To my nanay, who literally never left my side to give assistance and to witness how awkward I am in photoshoots– and for making this shoot even more awkward.
To Alden, for the “helping hand”, as always.
To MEGA, for having AlDub and for the experience.
Lastly, to ADN and to those who bought copies, GRAZIE MILLE. 🙂

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  1. Honeylyn Savares says: Reply

    Hi baby girl. Good to read another entry on your blog. always enjoying reading your adventure. Hope to meet you and RJ in person. Got scared when you had been KISS by the camel…thought it will eat your face…hahaha…God Bless and Take care.

  2. Krista says: Reply

    Oh God! I really wait for this update in Morocco <3 I really enjoyed read it and watched your Video hahah You're totally great in that… Super Ganda mo talaga dun sa mga shots rather (photographs) as you said hahha 😀 thanks toNanay Dub and of course your (Asawa) Alden because he's always taking care of you. :* Grabe Laugh trip talaga ako dun sa huling part ng Video! HAHAHA KISS?! #PAANO?? Grabe si Camel! hahaha <3 But still yung update mo sa Italy wala pa… Sana sooner… makapag post karin about dun… Looking forward of it kahit late na! Lovelots Ate Meng… <3

  3. Betty lou says: Reply

    Hello my dear, thank you for sharing your Morocco experience. Beautiful place for a gorgeous you. Got my digital copy by the way of your magazine and Alden as well. Got scared for you with that camel “kiss”. Pati camel nabighani sa’yo. ??? Take care always my dear.

  4. Hi my dear,
    Another blog post of yours that i enjoy reading (meron ba na hindi)
    It was really unfortunate that you were unable to join us during the MEGA launch…
    It would’ve been nice for you to hear the reaction of the audience when you tried to downplay your attraction and still make a winning statement – accepting your flaws so as others won’t use it against you! A good point well made by a self-confessed introvert ??
    I haven’t watched the vid yet but knowing you, it would be amazing too!
    God bless you and Alden as always and hope to see more cover shoots with MEGA and other magazines! You my dear deserve it and more!

  5. Hey hey hey menggay! It’s really nice and we’re very estatic whenever you update your blog coz we get to experience your experiences as well. I got scared to how the camel smacked you. But at least as you’d said, you now had the worst kisser ever.. Hahaha. (You should’ve described how A kissed you.. Hehehe jk) I’m still waiting for your entry of Como and the AlDub Wedding (so much demand am I?) Take care always menggay and I’m excited for your personal trip with Alden to London. Pls don’t forget to take lots of pictures & videos again and tell the story here. At least even though I still don’t see you and Alden personally, I get a firsthand getting to know my loves through your blogs. Love you & A. (I will never get tired loving the both of you and will never fail to dedicate all my entries in my personal blog too for you. You are the one who inspired me to open myself and my thoughts in the blog world. I know I still have much to learn but I hope I’m getting there. You’re really a good storyteller and I wish I could emulate at least a bit portion of that too.) Take care of yourself and take care each other (you & Alden)

  6. jakile says: Reply

    and you are back. thanks. Nakakatakot yung camel moment kaya always alert when it comes to petting animals.

  7. kikAy says: Reply

    Glad to read another blog post from you… kinabahan aq dunsa kiss ng camel ah… heard na sold out na mega mag nyo, kakatuwa naman… i purchased d digital ang d print one, addict kasi… hahahaha… hope na magbago isip m at magpost ka din ng mga como days nyo… ♥♥♥
    God Bless always Maine and also to alden… Hope makita q ulet kau in person, ung malapitan na at makapagpapicture sa inyo…

  8. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Hi Maine enjoy talaga ako pag nagbabasa ng blog thank you for sharing your Morocca experience ang gaganda ng mga shots mo di halata na kasama mo si Dino talagang di nagpaiwan?At di ko pinalampas may copy na ako ng Mega Magazine yeyyy . Grabe yung camel worst kisser talaga ???.
    God bless you always Maine.

    1. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply


  9. Jenny Gregorio says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I bought 4 copies of the Mega mag….and I went to SM Aura last night, hoping to see you in person, pero waley….hindi pa talaga siguro tamang panahon. Hope to meet you at least in this lifetime, yung kahit di planado, biglaan lang, nasalubong sa mall ang peg….hay how I wish….kahit isang selfie lang kasama ang pinakamagandang babae sa earth….ikaw yun Maine…..kahit maging invisible ako sa paningin ng ibang titingin sa picture natin hahaha love you Menggay!!!

  10. Sador Ikin says: Reply

    Another feel good entry, one that brings a smile the whole time and me noticing only, when done reading. Keep writing Meng, looking forward to the next one.

    That camel incident though, I doubt twas kiss, was scary. Seems the camel was ready to munch your face in one chomp. Ingat-ingat when around huge creatures, many are concerned.

    Truly like your writing style!

  11. DoYourBestNY88 says: Reply

    That Camel smack was terrifying to watch! A very abrupt gesture of endearment too tough to follow. The voice in your writing rightfully captures every moment, Maine. We see it. We hear it. We feel it. We experience vicariously the moments with you. Thank you! Morocco has been a favored destination spot among my friends. A Sahara Sunset in Morocco is apparently something to behold! Cheers to your engaging blogs, Maine! CARRY ON, CARRY ON!

  12. myrna/fiona says: Reply

    Thank you Maine for sharing your Morocco’s experience. I got scared for you though with your close encounter with the camel. Be careful next time even if the animal looks so gentle. The photos, I must say, gave justice to your stunning beauty and I can’t wait to get hold of my copy. Is it possible to have my copy signed by you and Alden before my daughter comes back here in Hawaii? I told her to watch EB at BW in December and get the chance to see you and Alden. We took a chance to get a glimpse of you at BW last June , but you had your dino that day. Alden was there but we weren’t able to have our magz signed by him coz we didn’t have a pen (confiscated at the entrance) though Alden was ready to accommodate my daughter’s request for signature. Thank you so much for a affecting us fans in a good way. God bless you and your loved ones always.
    Still wishing upon a star and praying that I will have my TP with you and Alden.

  13. Marilyn says: Reply

    Hello Maine,
    I admire your professionalism. You managed to show stunning expressions and made great poses despite of your Dino! The camel experience is one for the books! 🙂

  14. Love the post (as always)! Kaloka si Dino, agaw eksena hahaha but the camel kiss scene was the best! 😀 Congrats Maine for this wonderful project!

    1. Hi Maine late na ako na kapag basa ng blog mo pero nakaka enjoy basahin ang blog mo kasi ang dami mong adventure :):)

  15. Ma. Cecilia A. Viñas says: Reply

    As what you share your experience it seems that young as you then have that kind of opportunity you will really say your blessed. Happy for you and super proud bago kapa lang industry of showbiz your professionalism very consistent and you really give value to your work not because its your job but you give more important value to the production. i salute you Girl….. keep it up and never be afraid to be real and true to your self.
    God Bless you and your Family

  16. Mylene P. Lacorte says: Reply

    Hi Miss Maine, i miss reading a new blog entry from you. Sana, you will have one before November ends (sana ?) this year.

    God bless you, Miss Maine. And with all my heart, praying the best for you and your loved ones.

  17. Ley Anne Pale says: Reply

    A pleasant day Ms. Mendoza<3 Emerged. I really love you seroiusly I'm obsessed with you <3 Anyways, hope you have a time to read my poem about you. Here's the link 😀 Please read it? https://­­aldubmaiden16iwate/­photos/­a.559005424273657.107­3741828.559000980940­768/669616859879179/­?type=3&theater

  18. Jewel Garcia says: Reply

    Pag namimiss kita,binabalik balikan ko lagi ang blog mo para basahin. Love na love kita maine, kelan kaya kita makikita sa personal ??

  19. ang masasavi ko lng po bagay na bagay tlga po kyong dalawa…..aldub nation ipaglaban ang pag ibig ni maine mendoza and alden

  20. Iszi says: Reply

    EVE-E EX Can’t imagine the pain you endure during your period, never experienced that. First time I read your blog and this matter got me thinking…?

  21. Babsy says: Reply

    I bought copy both digital and print 🙂

  22. Work, work, work, work, work, work
    When you ah guh
    Learn, learn, learn, learn, learn
    Meh nuh cyar if him
    Hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurting ? That naughty camel! Congrats on this Maine! You two did well, especially with your period going on. Great job po for being very professional. Salute!!!!!

  23. CHAREAH HUYABAN says: Reply


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