noon blues

For some odd reason
I cannot seem to understand why
am I feeling this way.
For some odd reason
I feel like I am a different person.
For some odd reason
I feel like I’ve been lost
for a while now.
For some odd reason
I feel like a lot has changed–
all at once.
For some odd reason
I feel like something within me
abruptly went missing;
and for whatever reason it may be
I know for certain that it is you–
who will complete me.

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  1. Chevy says: Reply

    I like how you express yourself 🙂 i like this poem btw 🙂

  2. haha. i thought the title is “For some odd reason”
    kidding anyways, superb! more hugot please 😀

  3. rhedd says: Reply

    gaaaaahhhh..relate much..

  4. Me says: Reply

    im trying to get a hold of u

  5. Lee says: Reply

    Im one of your million fans praying for the great guy for you. Sobrang swerte nya sayo at sana you’ll met him soon. Im reading your blog from the top with your book beside me i know how most of the guys are wishing for a girl like you, be strong be positive be you. Maybe there are some haters pero mas marami kaming nagmamahal sayo. Sending you lots of love ang a big huggggg.✌️

  6. So this was from 2015. Bet you’ve felt that way, few more times after and then a few more last month, perhaps today? and then the coming days. Nyaha! Life is a constant battle. Well, at least for me. 😅 I promise you, you’ll feel that certain feeling, (kung ano man tawag dyan sa feeling na yan) over and over. Pero, babalik ka din sa normal, over and better and refreshed. Masaya naman malungkot nang walang dahilan. Wala pakialamanan ng feelings . Haha! Noon, akala ko baliw nako.. pero, normal naman pala ako.Hahaha! salamat sayo👋 Anyeong

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