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  • Nicomaine-chella

    It was a month ago.. when it all happened. It was the first of March when Nicomainechella happened. A lot of you have been questioning me “When are you going to post your blog about your birthday?” “Why aren’t you writing about it yet?” “Why did you post the Bora trip with Alden first?” “Aren’t […]

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  • Bora Escapade

    So here it is.. the much-awaited Boracay trip. (I was so busy taking videos that I forgot that I need photos, too! Argh! Should have kept my snapchat story that day!) It was really my 21st birthday celebration. I have not been to Bora yet–in my twenty years of existence–and this time I wanted to celebrate […]

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  • To Tagaytay

    Feeling extra productive today since I wasn’t able to go to work for I wasn’t feeling so well. (Alam nyo na yun!) This is my third blog entry for today, wow productive talaga! So again, I have decided to compile the videos I took last Feb 13– Alden and I’s roadtrip to Tagaytay/KS Valentine episode. […]

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  • Paano ba?

    So I had a pretty good amount of comments/replies on my Vday Playlist entry regarding on how they are going to spend their Valentines Day. I’ve read a couple and I have noticed that most of them have basically the same plans on that day: Go out with the family and spend some quality time […]

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  • 12/25/2015

    Okay so I was supposed to post this entry the day before we left for Japan, but I unfortunately had a shitty internet connection during that time that’s why this entry wasn’t published successfully. I choose not to redraft the whole thing (to avoid any confusion) so I am still posting this as it is. So let us rewind […]