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    So I was scrolling through my blog drafts and then I saw this.. Written on the 10th of June, 2015. Casting my mind back to that day… I can only recall one thing, I was “working” at the office the whole day. But the question is, what was I thinking when I wrote this? What […]

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  • The Sunday Currently | 05

    It’s All Saint’s Day today and also a start of a new month. Happy November 1st everyone! Are you aware that we’re only 53 days away from Christmas? Yikes! Are you guys feeling the Christmas vibe already? Christmas jingles are always up on the radio and those Christmas lights and lanterns are set out on the […]

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    So what brings you here? Is it your first time to visit my blog or are you are a regular visitor? If it’s your first time then I suppose you are here for a reason.. Nacurious ka kay Yaya Dub no? Yes? Well before anything else let me introduce my(true)self to you first, mamaya na […]