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KS sa US! See you dabarkads and ADN dyan sa LA and New York!

Okay so I changed Sunday currently to Saturday Currently, just this time! Just so I could post something before I leave for the States tonight (for KS sa US). It’s been a long while since my last blog entry and I hope you understand how busy I am the past few weeks! Destined To Be Yours taping thrice a week, endorsement shoots, Eat Bulaga live show, and… writing. Okay as much as I want to keep it a secret, huli na ang lahat.. So yes, I am currently working on my book. Another reason why I find it really hard to make time for myself and other things because I have weekly deadlines for the book! (Parang college lang!) Actually kaya dala ko itong laptop ko kasi magsusulat pa din ako sa Amerika! *sigh*


Some written pieces stored in my old laptop. Jusko, ang daming kung anu-ano! I found a letter to my 25-year old self from my 17-year old self. I didn’t read it yet, babalikan ko nalang yun when I reach 25 and I am going to share it here on my blog. Haha!

a part of my book about heartaches. How to deal with heartbreaks and breakups. Odiba may ganun! It might help some of you who cannot seem to find the strength to let go of the past. Para move on move on na sa life!

Oceans – Coldplay. I am still on a Coldplay high! Saw their US tour schedule for this year, and I promise to see them again before the year ends! Doon sa may magandang venue! I wouldn’t mind watching them live a thousand times!

about all the things I need to do and accomplish! Nakakastress na ha! Good thing I am going to have a week away from everything– a time to ease up. Kyeme! Work work pa din in the States, but at least this time in a different atmosphere naman. Might be less-stressful compared sa Pinas? Hehe, sana.

car freshener mixed with the smell of leather. I am inside the car, on my way to the airport!

to feel completely fine. Mahirap bumyahe ng may sakit, ayoko nang maranasan yun! I want to feel at ease inside the plane and of course I don’t want to arrive in the States feeling shitty.

for a nice show and stay in the US. See you mga dabarkads at AlDUb Nation sa LA and NY! Oh, and I hope I’ll be able to roam around New York! I cannot wait to go and see my favorite place! I wish I was with my college besties though! Planning to take a side trip to Bolton Landing and The Sagamore (where I took my internship) before we go home pero mukhang dyahe. Babalik nalang ako soon, I promise!

pink sweater, black sweatpants and my overused black slip-ons. Comfy getup for a long haul flight!

to eat a complete decent meal, hindi yung pa-lugaw lugaw at biskwit! I might need to stay away from oily foods muna but I seriously want to eat a big ass burger when I get to LA, agad agad! Syaka nalang pala yung “decent meal”, hehehe!

more time for myself.

BETTER. My stomach was so f-ed up yesterday, I was throwing up everything I eat. (even water!) It was my first time to experience something like that, and it felt awful. Funny how I cried inside the bathroom each time I thrw up, mga five times siguro. Good thing I felt fine by dinner, my system was able to take in some light snacks. I hate feeling nauseous and the feeling of vomiting! Sana hindi na maulit!

I am really hoping for a good 1-week stay in the States. I am not going to let anyone spoil this trip! Anyway, do not forget to watch Eat Bulaga’s Lenten Special next week!


How about you, what are your plans this Holy Week? 🙂

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  1. take care of yourself while traveling, and i pray you feel better soon. have a great show in the US, and have fun while there! God bless you and alden and the KS squad!

  2. Joyce Sierra says: Reply

    may you find the break you’re longing to have. keep the fun with alden, and with the KS gang. slay the audience with your happy self. ?

  3. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Awww… hope you feel better na mahaba pa naman byahe nyo praying na sana maging ok ka na at di ka magsuka sa byahe nyo. Have a safe trip hope makapag enjoy ka sa States take care Maine may God bless you always

  4. BABSY says: Reply

    Buntis ka? Hehehe usual na iniisip pag nagsusuka ang babae 😀

  5. Hi my dear…
    Hope you will feel better and perky enough for your shows esp since it’s another first for you ?
    Good luck with the many things you want to do in your week long vacay and just enjoy…
    Stay happy and say hello to Alden ?

  6. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Hehehe??? big ass burger talaga bago decent meal. Have fun kayo ni Alden hope makapag enjoy kayo dun after the show gala gala?❤ safe travel

  7. etxetera says: Reply

    Okay you’re pregnant ? Just kidding ? Have a safe flight ✈

  8. Nerry says: Reply

    Goodluck for your KS show and have a safe flight to all of you. “Team KS/barangay”.Looking forward to have a copy of your book soon.

  9. Some people went wild about your being nauseous & vomiting and says you’re preggy hahaha!!! One way or another being the funny as in FUNNYwalain us will make patol to the thought of it… But seriously take care always! Enjoy US with RJ and be free like a bird there. Do whatever you want to do and I just hope everything you do will make you happy. The mere fact that seeing you both happy makes as all the more happy. Have a blast there. And a meaningful and blessed Holy Week with you and RJ and the rest of the gang!!! Love you Meng for this new update and I’m super excited for your book to be released and I hope I get to have a copy and duly signed by you. XOxo

    1. Manilyn Layson says: Reply

      I love your comment. This is the exact message I want to tell her. Makikiride-on nalang ako.haha ?

      To Meng, staycation lang kami Meng. Manonood ng EB Lenten Special at DTBY then marathon replay ng DTBY sa Thursday to Sunday.hahaha No kidding. ???
      Enjoy your US tour! ?
      Excited for your book! Can’t wait to read it. God bless you! ?

  10. Lady dragon says: Reply

    First of all thank you for still having time to write something in your blog even you are inside your car on your way to the airport secondly, have a safe and enjoyable trip w/ RJ, Nanay Mary Ann and the rest of KS squad and thirdly I’m so excited to know that you are writing a book of yourself I want to get a copy of your book as soon as you launch it or if possible before the launching and lastly may you enjoy your US trip, have time to stroll around w/ RJ and since this is your first have a successful concert. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. GUD LUCK

  11. Betty Lou says: Reply

    Hello my dearest. It’s been awhile since your last blog update, miss you doing this. But life is busy at your side. Excited for your book to be out… soonest I hope. And congratulations for DTBY, you are doing a good job there. Watching it every morning here in Toronto via LS. Have a happy and safe trip. Enjoy your show and hope too that you and RJ, and the rest of your group can roam around the city. Take care always.

  12. Sonia Ramirez says: Reply

    Hi Maine, happy and excited to read another blog of yours. Hats off for you my happy pill, you’re not only brilliant writer, you write with your heart. Keep that passion in writing and you’ll go a long way.?? Take care of yourself, remember that health is wealth my dear???. Praying for your safe travel???. As you’ve said you won’t allow anyone to spoil your trip, just be yourself? Enjoy and have fun, collect memories with the one you truly love???? We will just miss you and Aldenfor a week but we know that short time is the longest chance of a lifetime.??? Love you both?? – Teacher Sonia

  13. Jane says: Reply

    So sorry that you are not feeling well. Drink a lot of liquid, water or Gatorade for electrolytes. Yes, you are right. You need to pass on the greasy or solid food for at least 3 days. I’ve been in this situation and it’s not fun at all. If you are feeling better, there is a hall in the wall burger and pastrami place along Lake Avenue in Pasadena called The Hat. It’s the local’s burger place. The chili fries servings are big and you can share it too. Of course, CA’s In-N Out burger is the best and they are everywhere. I hope you enjoy LA more this with Richard this time. I can’t wait for your book because I know it’ gonna be awesome. It’s spring and LA’s weather is perfect this week, not warm nor cold. May you and Richard have a relaxing and more quality time on your short stay here. See you tomorrow night with the KS squad. God Bless and love you, Maichard!

  14. NIKA says: Reply

    Maine enjoy sa trip niyo! Sana marami kayong mapuntahang places. ? Sobrang excited na ako sa book mo dahil dati ko pang winiwish na mag pa publish ka one day because you are a very good writer. Di ko rin inexpect na later this year na! Iniisip ko kasi mga 3 years from now or if ever tumigil ka na sa pag-aartista pero wow! Nonetheless, just take your time. Excited na rin ako sa eb lenten special niyo ni Alden! Hoping tho na you and your companions would stop by a church in there because after all, it’s holy week. ? God Bless always I thank God for blessing you and I’ll also pray for your (and Alden’s) health. YUN LANG SANA MABASA MO TO :))

  15. Chi-Chi Tiu says: Reply

    Wishing you success in your concerts and lots of fun in your trips to LA and NY! Wished I could have watched you in person pero ala available kasama from Vancouver. I know I’m missing this chance, but I know and am pretty confident that you’ll have more shows in North America in the future. We’ll definitely watch EB’s lenten season episodes.

  16. Josie Cotaco says: Reply

    I am happy for your coming book, praying that kayo na talaga ni Richard. You and Richard complement each other, magaan ang partnership nyo in all aspects as i see it as your fan. I know there are also obstacles along the way and i am praying na nalagpasan na ninyo yun. Stay humble, happy and God fearing with Richard and praying for your forever.

  17. Find time to rest Maine! Sobrang jampacked ng sched mo grabe lang! Haha! Pero so happy to learn about the book!! Can’t wait to have a copy soooon! Enjoy US trip! 🙂

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