Selena Gomez Live in Manila

Not to make this post long, just want to give you a recap on how I spent the last day of July. I was supposed spend the day at home resting but I had a shoot scheduled today so Sunday became a working day for me. (just today!) So ayun na nga, I had to be up early for my 10am call time at the Carillo’s house for a TVC shoot (Our home in My Bebe Love!) It was very unusual for me to work for a TVC shoot on a Sunday, also during daytime because I usually do them after Eat Bulaga so I am used to shooting at dusk and finishing at dawn. Anyway, while having myself dolled up for the actual shoot, I thought about Selena Gomez’s concert tonight. Considering the fact that I LOVE Selena, I really didn’t plan on watching her concert for some reason. Anyway, a part of me suddenly felt the need to see her. It was around 2 in the afternoon when I decided that I want to watch her concert so I immediately asked Kuya Mike (my handler) and Ate Pat if they could get tickets for the show tonight. I said I wouldn’t mind being seated anywhere the arena for as long as I get to witness her perform live– I could be at the General Admission section, keri lang. I think it was at around 5 in the afternoon when they told me that they already found tickets. Thank goodness! We finished the shoot at 9 then rushed to Mall of Asia arena straight away to catch the show. Selena was already performing when we got there but I am glad that we made it!


Selena Gomez. Breathing the same air as me. Wow.

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Wizards of Waverly Place was my favorite show as a teen. I was thirteen when I first catch sight of you on TV, and I swear watching your show every single day was one of my best “childhood memories”. I have memorized some of your best lines in the show! (I remember jotting them down on a notebook that I still keep inside my closet. Haha!) It was the witty witch who captured my heart at first but I have gotten to know the person behind Alex Russo. Turns out she wasn’t just a “witty witch”– she was something else. And there is this one thing that both Alex and Selena have been fortunately endowed with– MAGIC. 


You’ve got the magic in you, Selena. You are one amazing person. You inspire me in so many ways and you have been an inspiration to a lot of people all over the world for being so real and keeping it that way come what may. You set a great example to the youth. You are one of the people I look up to; perhaps because I kind of see myself in you. You are an incredible person and it is your pure heart that made your gazillions of fans adore and love you. You are a beautiful being and a strong woman, Selena. I may not have followed your journey since the beginning but you have always been and will always be an inspiration to me as I go along my own journey.

I may not have seen you up close tonight but it was really nice seeing you perform live. Again, you are amazing. I would love to meet you (#ImeanIcould if I only had things prepared ahead of time) but I don’t think I am emotionally and spiritually primed to face you. Baka bumula ang bibig ko kapag nasa harap na kita. Admiring you from a far was enough. You were so great on your show tonight and I am really happy that I got to see you. Continue inspiring people and keep slaying, Selena. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Hope to see you again soon– sa tamang panahon.

one of your lowkey fans.

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I hope you guys had a great week and a great month as well. Happy August 1st, everybody!

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  1. Betty Lou says: Reply

    You are such a humble soul, my dear! ❤️❤️

    1. I know how you feel and my Congratulations! Thanks God even for five days you’ve been away from bashers and you had your what you call mini vacation. I’m happy for you because you have seen your favorite band Coldplay live performance next year they might perform here in the Phil maybe you can ask someone to reserve front sit for you para face to face mo sila ma meet. Meng just emjoy life you are still young and many good things and adventures in life are stored for you just enjoy and be happy, you deserve it, minsan lang kc dumaan sa buhay natin ang kabataan so enjoy it. Love you Meng and i really wanted to see you in person pero sabi mo nga #PAANO? God bless you .

  2. Lyn says: Reply

    A fan girl…lol!!! Love you Menggay, I’m one of your die hard supporters who is sooo proud of you. Just be yourself always and don’t forget: 5 people may hate you but you are loved by billions.

  3. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Im so happy that you had fun last night nagkaroon ka ng time para.mag enjoy kahit napakabusy mo tama lang yan pambawi sa napakahectic mong schedule. Stay as you are Maine coz as long as you are happy with yourself, no one else’s opinion matters. God bless you always.

  4. Lovely to seeyah being your normal 21year old fangirling over Selena, my dear… and yes, Selena seems to have such a good heart and she is an inspiration to most of her fans… like you are now to yours! God bless you dear and you’ll eventually get the chance to see her… sa tamang panahon haha 🙂

  5. Gabrielle says: Reply

    Ganiyan na ganiyan din kami mag-fangirl over youu. Love you bb gurl 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Gene Fahm says: Reply

    I am a selenator as well….you also are an inspiration to us. You adored by millions Maine because you are true as well. Keep Shining bibi gurl. Love yah!

  7. REFernandez says: Reply

    I wish i could say the same thing to you..”Maine Mendoza. Breathing the same air as me. Wow.” haha that will be the day. We feel the same way bout you Maine. Its obvious that you love and adore Selena so much because you were able to find time and write a quick blog entry . Great read. Keep writing! xoxo

  8. Margie says: Reply

    I’m glad you had fun, you very much deserve it young lady. My daughter and you idolize Selena. It was nice you write a fast blog entry about it. I rather you not compare yourself to Selena my dear because you are much much discipline, more humble, more respectful and many more good things for your age, ok. I am saying that because I am from USA, read to many issues, also, I watched her few interviews, it’s typical american young girl. Maine you are a better star and very well discipline young girl….that’s way you are being idolize by soooo many young people in the Philippines and outside the country. Even senior citizens loves you. Keep it up. God Bless and be safe always.

  9. danirose says: Reply

    It’s always the normal things that makes us really happy! Glad you had a blast! Naalala ko the same feeling when i watched EB live last July 16! =)

  10. Liza Jane Peria says: Reply

    Hello! Meng! I’m so glad that you’ve ended this month with a smile and a happy heart. Just BE HAPPY always and enjoyed the moment of being young! GOB BLESS YOU MORE BIBI GIRL!!!

  11. Poch says: Reply

    Anggg cute mo Maine!

  12. gonzalez patrick says: Reply

    maine i get that you are a 21 year old writing about 21 year old people stuff, ok yun and normal.

    sana lang one of these days you get to share your thoughts about the poverty you see everyday sa bulaga. may kakayahan ka maging isang mapanuring manunulat at makabuluhang kabataan ngayon.

  13. Ma. Cecilia A. Viñas says: Reply

    Your right sa tamang panahon …

    its amazing and inspiring because you still living such a normal life as a normal fan girl.
    God Bless Meng…

  14. Jasmin says: Reply

    You adore Selena just like how I adore you! I love you Maine,I hope I could have a chance to see you personally and got a chance to have a warm hug from you.Just like what you’ve said earlier continue to inspire many people,also you are one of those person that I looked up to…I always pray that may God continue to bless you and Alden and your safetyness and your good health.I always pray for that one day I would be able to see you and tell you how much I adore the both of you!Thank you and God bless!

  15. Keep on writing; you really have a knock on this! I can see you more as a great writer/TV host in the future.

  16. What a beautiful soul! Like Selena, you keep on inspiring your gazillion of fans Maine! <3

  17. Fangirling at it’s finest! True enough…may tamang panahon ang lahat ng bagay…before eh lagi kong sinasabi baka matanda na ako bago ko kayo makita ni Alden in person…I was satisfied to make music videos na lang just to show my love for you guys…but destiny had a better plan…she had shown me the way to see both of you…sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon.
    I never really expected to see you or Alden on our AlDub Project Unity kasi sabi nga ng mga organizers eh not to expect too much…bawal ang paHopia…basta I attended the party just to experience something out of the ordinary (bahay…kids…hubby…bahay) so yun na nga nag-day off muna si Inday para lang maranasang lumuwas ng Maynila.
    I’ve seen GMA Station for the 1st time (promdi nga eh) and since maaga kaming (with my co-admin, Ruby, AlDubPHBatangas, na noon ko rin lang nameet in person) nakarating sa Manila and our party will start at 2pm pa…we decided to try getting a couple of tickets ng SPS and lucky enough we got in…
    Jusko lumuwa ang mata ko ng makita ko si Alden in the flesh kahit malayo (nasa dulo kami sa itaas hahaha!) Grabe! Sabi ko worth it na talaga ang pagpunta ko sa Get Together namin. We didn’t finish the show since kelangan na namin makarating sa venue before 2 pm.
    I got the chance to meet other fans nyo ni Alden and the feeling was so new to me (never been a fangirl before) then all of the sudden Alden came…and I was blown away! Seeing him from afar was so different from an up-close encounter. He’s such a wonderful person. Buti na lang I brought with me a flash drive of my AlDub music videos…I gave it to him, sabi ko ke Alden eh panoorin nyong dalawa yung videos (unahin nyang i-view yung When You Know)…though I doubt that you guys would/could watch it, with the kind of sched that you both have…pero masaya na rin ako na naibigay ko yung copy ng videos ko sa kanya…that was good enough for me. And sabi nga nila, when it rains…it pours…my 3rd surprise of the day (1st: SPS, 2nd: Alden) is none other than…YOU…you came and I was over the moon! Biruin mo…kung kelan hindi ako nag expect eh talagang doon pa na-grant ang wish ko. Sayang nga lang at isa lang ang flash drive na dala ko that day…sana nabigyan din kita ng copy but nonetheless, it was an amazing experience for me, as in super saya ko talaga…you guys have exceeded my expectations, it’s an honor… so never ever stop being yourselves.

    Here’s a little something for you guys:
    Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez and Poker Man (I did the music collab myself)
    featuring 90 AlDub Fan Arts of 15 MaiDen Graffix Artists

    StayInLove 🙂 Malvill Aces

  18. Elai says: Reply

    Hi Maine, have you heard that Selena was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) recently. I think she stopped her world tour concert because of it, so sad. I hope that she will be able to make things better for her, though I know there is no cure for it. Let’s just pray for her. Please do take care of yourself, always try to have a good night sleep and eat well. May God bless you always.

  19. Kat says: Reply

    I think it was sunday too meng when you came to Leyte for EB anniversary shoot. I love you so berimats but i still wondered why i didn’t made a move to try to meet you up in the airport, hotel or mcdo branch. Kaya i feel sad na i missed the opportunity, hanapin ko na lang yung jeep na sinakyan niyo para mafeels ko din na kasama kita. Haha!

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