1. Miggy

2. How to be productive. Still haven’t figured out a single fu–ing answer. Wait, is playing Sims all day considered as being productive? I have a family to raise!!

3. Should I get a part-time job at our family business (yes or NO?). I need to earn money! Since I am all done with school already (and just waiting for graduation next month) I need to find ways on how to get some moolah. And yeah, I don’t get any allowance because I am a useless piece of crap, or also known as, a palamunin

4. Food. Been craving Bonchon for like two days now! Ugh

5. I want a hair transformation! I want something to be done on my hair but I don’t exactly know what. Impulsive hair decisions does NOT work for me..ever.

6. I wonder what’s my life like 5/10 years from now. Gee……..

7. What to blog. What to blog. What to blog.

8. Nothing. Yeah, you read that right. 

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  1. At this moment I am going away to do my breakfast, afterward having my breakfast coming again to read more news.

  2. Why do people think so so so advance, like 5 years/ 10years from now? HAHA. I do really wonder because I used to think that way also, but life is too short, one video could change a life, have you ever wonder?
    7 months from the time you posted it up to the moment you made the best decision ever.

    Have you ever wonder how would it be? Have you ever wonder? Because I really wonder. HAHAHAHA

  3. Realist says: Reply

    Ate, kayo pa rin po ni Miggy? Or like, recently lang kayo nag-break? Fan ako ng AlDub pero parang ansaya nyo ni Miggy. 🙂

    1. boat says: Reply

      OSF spotted

  4. Hi Miss Maine,

    Just read this post of yours. Now, I’m dying to know what 8 things are crossing your mind NOW! that a fantastic transformation had happened to your life, not just your hair.
    Personally, I have been thrice inspired by what happened to you, to Alden, and to the “nation” your pair had created. Keep on sharing the good positive vibes you are generating thru your smiles and laughter and please tell Alden to continue being a strong God-loving person despite the fame and fortune …

  5. Hi Miss Maine,
    Re your tweet — “baffled in this cloud of confusion” — could be that Fame and Fortune is now beginning to sink in …
    stay true and hold on to what you were before the hordes of fans and adulation and money came in .. seek the sanctuary within yourself .. I hope this helps ..

  6. Louise Reyes says: Reply

    Hi Maine.
    I again came across this blog entry of yours browsing here.
    I wonder what this list contains now. Haha.
    Or, if you still think about these as if you have a lot of time on your hands.

  7. Hello Maine,

    Hoping you will write your new list… and sana one of these days you will share them.

    Stay on your true North Maine.

    “Skills can be taught. Character you either have or you don’t have.”
    ― Anthony Bourdain

    Much love from Los Angeles, CA

  8. erika says: Reply

    I wonder what’s my life like would be 5/10 years from now??….
    You will become our(AlDubNation) inspiration,idol etc.
    Achieving your secret dreams,and will find Richard Faulkerson JR.
    So proud of you Ate Maine

  9. queen says: Reply

    you seems so into Miggy? what about now? are you still together? is Aldub for REAL?

  10. Mari Lourelen says: Reply

    Miggy is everywhere but WHATEVER! ANDDDD YESSSS ATE MENG!!! Playing Sims is productive like duh! u have to keep track of their hygiene and all that shizams. Waking up at 6 to play Sims then stopping when its 10 mehehehe. I can relate to you ALWAYS, some say na im like you daw bc of weirdness and stuff like that. Love ya!

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