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So we just got back from Hundred Islands, Pangasinan last night; a one day vacation with the Seminary family. Nakakabitin sobra. I didn’t even get to enjoy the beach! Even so, I did have a good time with some good company. Most of the time were spent on the road, though– travelling.


Still stuck with Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. When will I have the time to finish it?!

this Sunday Currently entry

Love comes back to you by Simon Lynge. One of my fave songs! (from American Pie OST)

“What will you do if the one that got away came back?”

the lingering smell of chicharon on my fingers.

for a peace of mind and clarity of things

“I want the strength to absorb. To quietly endure things– unfairness, misfortunes, sadness, mistakes, misunderstandings.” – Haruki Murakami

to not get (so) confused about my feelings…. And to have the strength to ignore what needs to be ignored.

A racerback top that has several definitions of “flirt” written on it (Gee this shirt seems right for me, charot!), and a yellow Powerpuff Girls pajamas. Yes, it’s 4 in the afternoon and I am still in my sleepwear.

I don’t know.. Perhaps the time we (a friend ¿?¿ and I) spent together the other night.

Thank you for coming up to me. It was nice talking to you again; been a long time since we chat like that. I find that I really did miss it, hope we could do that again some time. 🙂 

for the time to fast forward to the 13th! (The parentals are flying to Paris!) That means? Freedom, yes. I can’t wait for my 2-week freedom!

more beach getaways! Where the summer feels at? At work? At home?

a bit confused and annoyed about the current happenings. There’s just a lot of things going in my mind and I don’t think I can handle all of them at once. I just hope everything falls into place. Good vibes lang!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

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