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Hi! Finally! I am able to access my own blog after a long time…ish. I know I am posting a Sunday Currently entry when it’s technically Monday already–time check, it’s four in the morning– well, I just feel like getting my fingertips to work a bit before I hit the sheets. (I know I am going to regret staying up late on a Sunday evening for I have to wait until Saturday to catch up on the sleep I missed today, but oh well, c’est la vie!) Just to let you guys know, we are on to the last week of June! Oh God, we are already halfway through the year! O kay bilis nga naman ng panahon..


reviews about some stuff I am planning to get online. Yeap, I am doing online shopping at 4 in the morning. Talk about having the world’s biggest mall at your fingertips! The only struggle is, you don’t get to see the actual product. Oh! And the long wait for your purchases to arrive!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.10.46 AM

And of course, shipping fees. Ugh.

nothing, sadly. This is the only the time I get to use my laptop again and I don’t think I’d be able to compose an entry about how my life has been doing lately or an entry about Italy (I know, I know..) but I will! Soon! If I get a chance to take a day off or something to catch up on some things. I do really miss writing! And it’s sad that I am not doing it as often as I used to before. Hindi bale..

to Deep by Binocular. Early 2000s playlist at dawn!

what’s going to happen today. Surely, it’s going to be a loooooooong day for me–as usual.

nail polish fumes.

for a pleasant week! Positivity everybody, that’s what we need.

for 13th of July to come quick! Yes, I cannot wait to see Imagine You and Me as well! Naeexcite din ako to see the outcome of our project! Crossing my fingers for a successful film!

a skintight satin top and neon shorts! Wore my sleepwear before I left home earlier so I could go straight to bed when I get here at the condo…. eh hindi. Puyat pa more!

our movie trailer that was shown last Saturday. I cannot remember how many times I played it today. Ewan ko ba, makes me even more excited for the premiere! How did you guys find it? Hope you liked it!

to write more and read more. There are plenty of things I need to catch up on.. first and foremost is my planner diary; I used to update it at the end of the week and write the chain of events that occurred in detail, but for some reason I could not find time to open it anymore.
Another mistake was I failed to bring it with me to Italy; now how am I supposed to recall what we did throughout the time of our stay in Europe? Composing a detailed blog entry about it would be a struggle.

more time for myself.

happy and excited for the movie! I know some of you guys are, too! Well, we’ll have to wait for two more weeks! Gusto ko na din talaga mapanuod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 So that’s it! I just really wanted to write and update my blog. Oh Pessimistic Optimist Bella, please don’t crash! Just to let you guys know, I don’t get to access my blog as well every time it exceeds its bandwidth limit and it usually takes a month for it to function again. I know I need to get another server and get everything fixed but, syaka na pag may time! Anyway, I wish to have more time to write new stuff and continue Lost & Found. My fingers are always itching to write!

Positive thought to start the week: You are in charge of how you feel; always choose happiness. 🙂

Have a great week, everybody!

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  1. shine says: Reply

    Reading your positive thought for the week makes me think of the reason for my Happiness… Have a happy Monday Ms. Mendoza… hehehe Enjoy Maine!

  2. Kate says: Reply

    Yey! An update frOm you! Miss your blog entries a lot! We are sooooo excited for the movie! We are counting the day to it!
    Have a great week a head Maine!!

  3. Emily L says: Reply

    Fangoals: Reading your blog to start the week…it’s a beautiful Monday indeed (well, Sunday evening here in NY)

    I’m so excited to watch your movie…I’m going home in 2 weeks! Woohoo!

  4. aaron sardido says: Reply

    Hi maine good morning tagal kong naghintay sa bago mong blog entry sarap kasi basahin,i’ll be waiting for the entry about Italy ah sana soon,about the movie excited din ako pati family ko kasama nanay ko hehehe… well yun lang hope you have a great week ahead praying for you and alden always take care God Bless… : – )

  5. Reikableu says: Reply

    We will be waiting for you to write about Italy. Hopefully you get the time to do so. Do you get to use the notebook given to you by RJ? That might help, you know. During breaks perhaps or while resting, write it down on his notebook. We’d love to read more from you 🙂

  6. Betty Lou says: Reply

    It’s always a pleasure to read your blog, my dear. Keep writing and take care always. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Maria says: Reply

    Hi Maine. Am so happy you posted a new’s been awhile. Like the rest of the world am also looking forward to your new movie with alden. I might have to wait for the dvd tho as i am far from home. Good luck on your upcoming movie. I love the song you wrote..makes me shed a tear or two when i listen to it. Keep up the right attitude of staying positive even if there are bashers left and right. Bottomline a lot of us will support ALDUB. Looking forward to your Italy blog. … Advance Happy First Anniversary on 7.16.2016.

  8. Ann says: Reply

    Hello Menggay! Many will be happy that you’re able to update again your blog. And yes we would love to read your thoughts about your trip and shooting in Italy. But no pressure. As what you’ve said that you cannot write in detail what really happened there for you’ve forgotten your planner is just alright because now we get to read your fond memories in the said place. Just write what you’re heart and mind says in the said trip.

    I too stayed late last night but I don’t regret it because it’s what my heart, mind and body wants to do. From there I allow my entirety to do what makes me happy. You only live once so do whatever you like just know your limitations. And I imbibe positivity too. Thanks also for constantly reminding me about always being positive whatever comes your way. YOU manage to inspire me to strive harder, be professional, love work and be hardworking, enjoy what life has to offer and imbibe positivity.

    Thanks for this little but meaningful update of your blog. It’s an inspiration for this week’s workload. I’m just happy you have your time for yourself on a weekend to freshen you up from the busy schedule on a weekdays.

    As you’ve said, C’est La Vie. You’re now enjoying what life, fame offers you and staying grounded, staying as you are is such an inspiration.

    Keep on Menggay! Always believe in yourself for I know the feeling of being pessimist at times even though you know in yourself that you can do it.

    By the way, I also love your poem of Imagine You and Me. It does not only fit as the theme song of your movie but I also get a hint of how important Alden este Richard in your life. I love the line now that you’re here, I don’t think I could lose you. You’re giving us a pinch of your feelings towards A as what you’ve said in KS that you dedicate the song to him. I’m not giving pressure for you to jump into something you’re pressured of even with A no pressure but if that special time will come or if that special time already came but you’re still not allowed to reveal it yet is just fine with me. What I see in front is already enough happiness and if that God’s right time comes then double or triple happiness, or no it’s a joy to every AlDub/Maichard fan. Insert, include me in the front row of clapping with standing ovation if that happens.

    Don’t regret into something you’ve done and made you happy, instead allow yourself to be lost into the bewildering life even for just a few moments.

    Have a great week ahead to all of us Menggay!

  9. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Thank you meng nag update ka ulit ng blog mo ok lang kahit di ka na masyado nakakpagblog super busy mo naman kasi mas need mo ang magpahinga sa super hectic ba naman ng schedule mo mas kailangan mo matulog
    Excited na ako sa movie nyo yeeeyyy kung pwede lang July 13 na ngayon para mapanood ko na ang movie nyo. Trailer pa lang nakakaexcite na di ko na mabilang kung ilang beses ko na na play yung trailer. Excited dun ako sa block screening namin first time ko umatend ng bs nakakaexcite.
    Ang ganda ganda ng kanta mo Meng yung lyrics talaga tagos sa puso di mawala sa isip ko palaging nagpaplay sa isip ko yung kanta alam kong galing talaga sa puso bawat kataga at letra ng kanta di ko na mabilang kung ilang beses ko na pinanood ang music video mo sobra galing mo din kumanta di nakakasawa panoorin at pakinggan ang kanta mo Meng

  10. Clare says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    Salamat sa pag update ng blog mo may babasahin nmn ako hihi adik lng. I’m super excited din sa movie niyo ni Alden, I wish na July 13th na trailer pa lang kasi kilig to the bones na. Sana makapag sulat ka ulit about sa ITALY. I wish we could meet someday.


  11. hi dear!
    I was wondering when you will eventually post about your Italy trip and I was quite sad to know that you forgot to bring your planner with you then… but hey I bet those memories will live on of course… in the photos! that can help… try and recall what happened using the photos and snaps you took during the trip… then recall the feelings and just jot down whatever as you recall those events… hope you do find the time to do that… blogging or writing about one’s travels is so I don’t know… it gives a different euphoria or contentment… it’s like capping off a momentous event for sure…
    and yup! I have watched the IYAM trailer numerous times and am so excited for your movie! what’s so nice about that trailer is that up until now I still have questions about the movie’s plot that makes me more excited to watch it – so I can clearly get my answers – then watch it all over again! Gah! Stoked is an understatement!
    Wishing you and Alden all the best… and free time the universe can give hahaha
    Yes… Always choose to be happy indeed should be the mantra of the universe

  12. Louise Reyes says: Reply

    Hi Maine.

    Nice to know you at least have time to write bits and pieces on your blog. We will be waiting for your Italy adventure.
    And yes, we can hardly wait for Imagine You & Me to be shown. Sana nga makapanood ako ng premiere para ma meet ko na kayo ni Alden .
    Anyway, God bless and have a great last week of June. 🙂

  13. Anna Jacqueline says: Reply

    I love how you write your blogs. You definitely are one talented person. I am simply amazed!
    Hopefully you can find time for this hobby because it makes us know more about you. I look forward to watching your movie soon.

    Your silent fan

  14. Nice one again. Keep honing your skills in writing; you really have the talent. I hope that someday you will have your own book published; not about your own life (as some stars do) but YOU as the original author — a novel perhaps. Good luck to your movie with Alden. May you both stay grounded and humble despite the fame you’ve been experiencing so far.

  15. jakile says: Reply

    excited na rin kami. See you at the movies hehe

  16. Jam Bautista says: Reply

    Hi. Simple lang. Thank you for sharing. The best ka talaga .! 😉

  17. Maimai says: Reply

    Continue to be an inspiration to many. Goodluck to your movie can’t also wait to watch it. I am as excited as you are. And I also looking forward for many songs that you will write or storyto write and be in a wide screen too.

  18. Jane says: Reply

    It was another good read from you. Thank you for updating your blog despite your busy schedule. I am super excited to watch your movie with Alden. Stay happy and God Bless you both.

  19. Alma says: Reply

    Hi Maine.
    I am a silent fan of yours from Dubai.
    I’ve watched all KS episode over and over again and can’t get over the kilig moments of you and Alden. I always admire you being grounded despite of what you have in life. You are my inspiration, so I keep on dreaming.. May God bless you and Alden always and hoping that you will end up together.. 🙂 <3

    P.S. Hope to meet you come this August. I will come home for vacation and told my friend to arrange a reservation at BW to watch Eatbulaga live on August 01 but unfortunately they do not allow early reservation for eatbulaga..But still crossing my fingers to see you and have a pic with you.. excited for your movie..

  20. Emily Martinez says: Reply

    Thank you for writing Maine greetings from Singapore. Thanking God that you are showing your real you which is a big factor from you. I just pray that the Lord Jesus will not just blessed you with all that you have right now but may His loving presence be with you that will satisfy the emptiness in your soul. May the Holy Spirit filled you with His presence as you seek God more in your life. You are in the position of influence to show the world that its not the fame, wealth & relationship will satisfy but only the Lord Jesus. God bless you Maine & Alden & your Family!!

  21. Aaron sardido says: Reply

    Hi maine im so happy i was able to read a new blog of your’s sarap kasi basahin,i’ll be waiting for italy entry but of course no pressure,about the movie excited din kami ng pamilya ko to watch it trailer palang box office na sabi nga ni lola tidora,well that’s it all take care God Bless you and alden : – )…

  22. Lourile says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Thank you for this blog update. I am excited for your Lost and Found novel entry. May God grant you the time to finish the novel. Whatever happens, stay happy. Hooraaah for Imagine You and Me! God bless and keep you always!

  23. Jes says: Reply

    I am really haapy that you are able to update your blog again. I am beginning to worry na baka mawalan ka na ng gana to update your blog kase lagi nalang di maacess kahit yung admin account pa. Well di mo naman need mag palit ng server, you just need to upgrade your bandwidth allocation per month sa hosting account mo because you have more traffic now than before. Well sa ngayon medyo okay ulit, but if you post something that will make the nation go gaga again, hahaha, your site will reach the maximum bandwidth allocation again. I’m just a fan of yours trying to help. Hehehe. Keep up the good work Meng.

  24. Manilyn Dalas says: Reply

    Yehey!thanks maine sa pag update ng blog mo napapadalas nga aq dito ei kakabasa nung mga old posts mo. Super excited narin aq para sa movie nyo at paulit ulit ko rin pinanuod ung full trailer. Sana makanuod din lola ko sa sinehan. Godbless always 🙂

  25. Hannah Angcos says: Reply

    It is nice to read a new blog entry from you Maine Purchasing online takes so long before it gets to you and not to mention the shipping fee which sometimes is more expensive that the purchased item I like that song Deep by Binoculars, feels very nostalgic You are absolutely right, we are freakin’ excited for Imagine You & me It will definitely be a successful film I like the movie trailer so much too, I just can’t help but repeating it over and over again We’ll wait for your Italy experience blog entry. But I think once you start writing about it, memories will just flow. God bless you Maine and God be with you. Take care always!

  26. Kritzi Yowna says: Reply

    Hi Ate Maine! I’m a huge fan of AlDub! I hope I’ll be able to watch your movie and see you both before I go to Aussie! I wish I can go to the Premier but…. I’m just an ordinary fan! 🙁

  27. Finally! Hehe. Thank you for sharing with us how your Sunday went, Ate Maine. Hope you could continue writing the Lost & Found sooner!

  28. Jilla says: Reply

    Hi, ate Maine! I am a regular visitor here and I’m happy because you were able to update your blog, again. I admire so much, Ate Maine. <3 I am planning to read your blog starting from the latest post up to the first one. God bless you! 🙂

  29. Jilla says: Reply

    Another thing, sana nga magkaroon ka na ng enough time to update and work on your blog. Kasi ang sakit sakit pag vini-visit ko ‘to tapos nagba-bandwidth limit. Huhuhu.


    50 WEEKS WOW! 50 weeks na akong may fangirling life dati kasi di nagfafangirl .

    Thanks so much nga pala for liking my Fan MV before…yung WHEN YOU KNOW. Gahh! You’ve made this mom’s heart swell tenfolds nung makita ko yung like mo sa YT…nagulat talaga ako(yan yung gulat)

    Maine, sana mapanood mo yung fan MV ko ng IMAGINE YOU AND ME…Isinali ko sya sa Vid Making Contest ng EB, though ang slim ng chances ng entry ko coz mas konti yung views nya compared sa other entries…but no worries…happy pa rin ako kasi I’ve tried …and that matters most. Sana talaga mapanood mo sya, I can assure you na magugustuhan mo sya coz I’ve made it with all my heart ❤. Here’s the link of my IYAM MV

    Just keep on doing what you do best…and that’s just by BEING MAINE. Hopefully makita ko rin kayo ni RJ in person…sa tamang panahon. The best of luck to your movie…pila ako sa ibat ibang sinehan dito sa Batangas everyday starting july13 pagkakahatid ko sa kids sa school,that’s a promise. LOVE YOU GUYS! I will forever be grateful to Eat Bulaga for giving us AlDub ❤

  31. P.S. Di pala nag-appear yung emojis ko hahahha!

  32. Bie says: Reply

    Hi, Maine! Been too busy, too. Office, Church, home. Thank you for making our day lighter. 🙂 I just want you to know na khit gaano kabusy ang araw, sisilip pa rin aq sa FB at twitter para mkita kau. We’re soooo excited sa IYAM. SObra!! Kung makakapunta lng sna aq sa premiere night na yun.hahaha
    Thank you sa inspirasyon na binibigay nyo. Lova na love ka namin. 🙂

  33. kitcath says: Reply

    Hi Maine. Thank you for the new post. 🙂

  34. Ed Masongsong says: Reply

    Nice read. I always look forward to your blog.
    You’re so brilliant, quick-witted and alluring.
    Good luck and God Bless.
    Ed (from Toronto)

  35. Marie Paz says: Reply

    Thanks for updating your blog missed it. I love reading all your post. Always take care love you Maine.

  36. Marie Paz says: Reply

    Thank you for updating your blog I missed it. Love reading your post. Take care always!

  37. Malou says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    Thanks for the update. Always looking forward to new posts in your blog. And excited to watch your movie. I have to say that you’ve adjusted to your celebrity life quite well that’s great – your passion means less stress because you are where you want to be

    I always watch you with a smile and for that i THank You so Much!

  38. Malou says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    I am looking foward to watching IYAM! And thanks for sharing some things in your life.

    And let me say this – i watch you always with a smile

  39. Joane says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Namiss ko magbasa dito, naalala ko dati inabot ako ng 4am sa pagbabasa dito hahahaha. Congratulations sa first movie nyo! So proud of you! Continueto inspire people! 🙂

  40. Emma says: Reply

    Hi Maine, happy to read your blog, find time to yourself kahit konti lang in a day. We know hindi mo na rin kilala ang tulog same with Alden. Take care always. Just be happy.

  41. Meg of Jacksonville says: Reply

    Greetings from Florida, MAINE!

    Thanks for the blog update; I find it so comforting that you’re able to write about candid feelings & yearnings amidst your hectic schedule. Also, your followers are glad that you get to experience normalcy (via your writing)despite your celebrity status. Your blog entries have continued to inspire us- your avid fans, thus keep it coming.
    Wish you and Alden a successful outcome of your first (lead-role) movie together and may the both of you find victory in all of your future showbiz endeavors!
    God bless and Never ever change!

    An AlDub fan forever in Florida,

  42. Paul says: Reply

    One year na since your first appearance sa KS! Congrats! You have reached so many milestones many could only dream of. Keep up the good, hard work. Stay grateful toGod, your family, colleagues and bosses, and to your fans. Looking forward to your comedies!

  43. Congratulations! and Godspeed. For your movie with Richard Faulkerson Jr. Happy to both of you! Keep the faith!

  44. Olie says: Reply

    Hi Maine!Finally, we get to see you update your blog!Also waiting for updates on Lost and Found.
    Can’t wait for the movie Imagine You & Me!!!Bilis July 13 na!!!At least you get to write and SING the theme song of the movie.Congrats!!!Ang ganda talaga!An Album next time?! Hope you get your much needed rest and Me time after the movie. God bless you…

  45. ice says: Reply

    all I know is I LOVE YOU MAINE… God Bless you more…

  46. I enjoyed reading this post. I know what you feel, Meng. I really love to write for my blog, but because of my job as a public high school teacher, I can update my blog fortnightly. Anyway, I am excited to watch your movie. I know that it will be a big hit. Fan here from Pangasinan. God bless! Happy 50th Weeksary, AlDub. Hoping that I can find time to write a post about IYAM. Feel sorry, I cannot watch EB tomorrow because I need to attend my master’s degree class.

  47. TristaYvaine says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    So happy to read an update from you here in your blog. This is my second time by the way to leave a reply. Through your blogs, I was able to get a glimpse of a part of yourself… how you feel about certain things… your favorite stuff. I figured out you’re a beautiful old soul. I was quite astounded with your song preference (we do not belong in the same generation but glad to discover that you mostly enjoy the 90’s – 2000’s music). I happily downloaded the songs from the playlist you shared in one of your blogs (very helpful). Listening to your song selection (while traversing vehicle-infested roads with my BFFs) brought so much nostalgia – reminded me of my silly high school-college years. Thanks for sharing them.

    You’re such a blessing. God wonderfully created you to be a blessing to many of us (your fans). He has generously showered you with beauty, wit, humor, a rich heart that is full of love, faith and good values and numerous (untapped) talents – so be proud -> God’s gifts.

    I am here to continuously support and pray for you and Richard Jr…. God’s best for you both. I can’t wait for your upcoming movie – so giddy with anticipation. I lost count of the number of times I hit the replay button of your movie trailer and your song (including your duet with Richard). I will watch it with my family on the first day…. then on another day with my BFFs (they know I’m a solid Aldub fan) and they’re with me on this- how I love my friends.

    I pray and claim the success of IYAM. To God be the glory. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  48. Belle Cunan says: Reply

    Always looking forward to reading your blogs.. Sana makasulat ka din ng book mo…
    By the way congrats sa pagcompose mo ng theme song mg IYAM… Really very nice..
    Excited din kami to watch it… Praying for you and Alden always! god bless!

  49. Grace Tayag says: Reply

    Hi Maine!
    It’s my first time! Reading your blog it’s like wow! As in I am fascinated and I’m enjoying reading it. Though late ko na narerecieve and late na din pag nabasa ko still got the chance to read them. I just want to thank you, Simple Lady yet so humbled and very down to earth. I’m a fan of KS sakto mid shift sched ko so before I sleep I’m able to watch Eat Bulaga and KS. Thank you for giving us joy, love and kilig. Can’t wait to watch your movie. A silent fan here, hoping someday will meet you and Alden. God bless you more and Congratulations in advance for sure blockbuster ang movie niyo. More power! Stay pretty and kind❤️

  50. ahneen says: Reply

    Hi ate Maine!
    First of all thank you for inspiring me to make my own blog.
    Ate Maine i’ll just ask what is your theme here in your blog? Hope you can answer my question!
    BTW. Thank you for the blog update. Aldub You!

  51. Jenny Gregorio says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Sa dami ng comments sa blog mo, I doubt if you’ll have time to read mine. Well, just wanted you to know how excited I am to watch Imagine You and Me. Sana July 13 na. I wish I could meet you in person pero parang wala akong chance sa dami mong fans, hindi ko na kayang makipagsiksikan sa crowd. So, I’m just gonna love you and Alden from afar and watch the two of you enjoy your “Happy Relationship”! Ayiiiieee I’m now 43 pero grabe kayo magpa kilig!! hahaha inaano ka ba? Love you Maichard!

  52. Anjen Ramos says: Reply

    hi maine!!! keep inspiring everyone! Love you so much 🙂

  53. REFernandez says: Reply

    Thanks for the update! Same here were so excited for your movie! We will be watching it on July 13 via Block screening sponsored by Aldub Nation Cagayan de Oro Chapter. I’m pretty sure it will be a huge success. Hope you get that much needed “me time” . Take care Maine <3

  54. I’ve read your ‘Lost And Found’ post and it inspired me to continue writing even though I haven’t write any fiction for a while now. Congratulations on your new movie! I bet it’s gonna be awesome. 🙂 We also have the same dilemma, I always find it a struggle when I couldn’t write any blog ideas on paper. That’s why I always write it on my notepad or note it on my cell phone which is really a big help. 🙂 Take care always, Ate Maine! 🙂

  55. sahlee.0p0n3 says: Reply

    iksssssayteeeedddd ako sa movie!!!
    ive been listening to the movie ost over and over again:)

  56. sahlee.0p0n3 says: Reply

    iksssssayteeeedddd ako sa movie!!!
    ive been listening to the movie ost over and over again:)
    real or reel… destiny… fate… serendipity… happy accidents…

  57. Maja G. says: Reply

    What a way to end my day. Work was a bitch today but it didn’t matter one bit. Thank you for the update. ’twas a good read, its nice to be reminded of the nice.
    Congratulations on your first year anniversary, you must be proud.

    1. Maja G. says: Reply

      I might as well tell you what i’ve been up to as you’re so excited. Late night conversations with producers, early morning phonecalls with cinemas, multiple email follow-ups to agents. making posters for your film to be shown in England. And last and best of all, taking reservations via phone, text and social media non stop. All this on top of my regular job. I’ve never been so tired and happy at the same time. Can you tell ATP to speed up the mtrcb ratings so we can close the deal already. You’ve caused a rokus in the international world Maine. What’s beautiful about it is you haven’t got a clue, have you. Why? Its because you’re so bloody talented. Simple.

  58. Oghie Salvio says: Reply

    Hi Maine and Alden ( i need to include A, of course)! I am 52 and my children are the same age of you and Alden. To tell you honestly, I am not into fangirl mode since 1980’s and not a t.v. addict for noontime show. Admittedly, our family is an EAT BULAGA fan. But since I am in school or at the office, I seldom watch it.

    Guess what! I used Facebook but not Instagram and Twitter. But because of you and Alden, I am now.
    Another thing, I learned to watch live streaming of EB because of you and A at the office. I really was hooked on ALDUB since day 1. Alden was here at iStudio Shang and bought a charger with mama Ten but I was not able to
    have a picture with him.

    How i wish I could have both your pictures and my mags to be sign by you and Alden! That will be dream come true. At my age, fangirl mode !

    Congrats for your achievements and thank you for making me “kilig” once again. Truly, it’s been a long time!

    More power and God bless you both.

  59. AMV says: Reply

    I really want to follow your blog (but I can’t seem to find the follow button… HELP?) not only because you are THE MAINE MENDOZA but because I really like this side of you and we have some things in common, like our love for writing (and I also love Lang!! XD). I like reading your works, Maine (mostly the poetry ones). You should really keep it up! You have probably read so many uplifting comments already so mine shouldn’t be anything special. Just really thought I’d drop by and tell you that this side of you is my favorite. Actually, I like it the most! Have a good day! 🙂 (PS: Why do I sound so mature here? :|)

  60. MariAilleen Mendoza says: Reply

    Ciao! Thank you for the update! I know you are busy with many things in your to do list. Continue to be simple, approachable and most of all being grateful.

    Congratulation in advance. I know your movie will be a success.

    Balance lang Maine, have enough time to rest, eat and work.

  61. Shia says: Reply

    Hi meng!
    I just want to use all the tools I have to let you know how thankful I am, that finally I got my wish of a lifetime.
    that simple selfie and birthday greeting really made my life complete.
    I will never stop supporting you and Richard (alden). 🙂
    I hope to see you again that close. 🙂
    until now everything seems like a dream.
    A million thanks to you!

    the 27y/o that looks 18
    jack frost hair na aspiring look alike ni ryan agoncillo
    hope you remember me. 🙂

  62. dannie says: Reply

    waiting….but still following!

  63. JASMIN says: Reply

    Happy one year!Thank you for updating your blog! May god continue to bless you and your family,And I hope I get a chance to see you one day. Thank you for inspiring many people, always remember that we are always her for you no matter what;we always got your back. Thank you,agin Happy one year! God bless and always stay happy 🙂 Love you :*

  64. JASMIN says: Reply

    Happy one year!Thank you for updating your blog! May god continue to bless you and your family,And I hope I get a chance to see you one day. Thank you for inspiring many people, always remember that we are always her for you no matter what;we always got your back. Thank you,again Happy one year! God bless and always stay happy 🙂 Love you :*

  65. Elle says: Reply

    You know what Maine? I’ll be starting my The Sunday Currently series very soon kasi napanood ko yung movie mo kanina!

    Napanood ko IYAM -> Di ako maka move on sa story -> i checked your blog -> saw your latest entry which is TSC -> clicked the link pra sa credits -> was directed to siddathornton

    Hooo! 2 thumbs up para sa IYAM! Sana one day, makapunta rin ako sa Verona. 😉

  66. NIIAAHAHA says: Reply

    Reading this blog post makes me wonder about the “Maine Mendoza feels” and life having all these blessings in your life. And makes me believe that you are one big star with a humble heart which the whole universe adores. Having all these glimpses of your life gives me goosebumps. I don’t know why but I just feel different and bastaaaaaaa. Kaya nga minsan even if I know you can’t read or pansin our tweets and post still we do kasi malay mo naman yun din ang hinihintay mong motivation and source of strength kasi sa amin ganoon yung effect mo. We as fans know that blogs, posts and updates can be impossible given your schedule, time, puyat and pagod kaya THANK YOU for taking time and we will always do the same for you.

    Its been a long while also since I’ve watched the movie that you and us your fans have been excited about. I was hesitant to comment on this post but I just can’t help it. I can’t move on from the disastrous (in a good way) feeling I have after I left the cinema. Plus the feeling of not spoiling it even to a single person around me. It’s a torture you know. And I hope after this post I will be able to move on. Still it feels like Im in a Cloud 9, 10, 11, 12 and more higher and higher. THANK YOU.

  67. Hello po ate maine sana po mabasa mo po ito 🙂 matagal na po kasi kita gustong makita eh 🙂 kaso mukang hindi na po tayou magkikita 🙁 kinuha na po kasi ako ng mommy sa U.S 🙁 at ito lang po sana ang kahilingan ko …. sana po magawa mo po ako ng fansign kahit sa snapchat lang po 🙂 inadd naman po kita sa snapchat 🙂 odikaya po sa instagram … @Sandie_gavz 🙂 🙂 alam ko pong busy kayo pero po kung hindi mo po magagawa ok lang po 🙂 🙂 kahit magreply lang po kayo sa aking message or i-add mo lang po ako sa snapchat at instagram 🙂 🙂 kasi po idol na idol ko po ang aldub ehh 🙂 🙂 sige po salamat po sa pagpapasaya sa ALDUBNATION 🙂 🙂 aldub you po! Sana po mabasa at mareplayan mo po ako 🙂 or fansign 🙂 fansign po kahit sa snapchat po or instagram tag mo lang po ako @Sandie_gavz thank you po 🙂 :* 🙂 babye po aldub you po!

  68. Hello po ate maine sana po mabasa mo po ito 🙂 matagal na po kasi kita gustong makita eh 🙂 kaso mukang hindi na po tayou magkikita 🙁 kinuha na po kasi ako ng mommy sa U.S 🙁 at ito lang po sana ang kahilingan ko …. sana po magawa mo po ako ng fansign kahit sa snapchat lang po 🙂 inadd naman po kita sa snapchat 🙂 odikaya po sa instagram … @Sandie_gavz 🙂 🙂 alam ko pong busy kayo pero po kung hindi mo po magagawa ok lang po 🙂 🙂 kahit magreply lang po kayo sa aking message or i-add mo lang po ako sa snapchat at instagram 🙂 🙂 kasi po idol na idol ko po ang aldub ehh 🙂 🙂 sige po salamat po sa pagpapasaya sa ALDUBNATION 🙂 🙂 aldub you po! Sana po mabasa at mareplayan mo po ako 🙂 or fansign 🙂 fansign po kahit sa snapchat po or instagram tag mo lang po ako @Sandie_gavz thank you po 🙂 :* 🙂 babye po aldub you po! God Bless po! 🙂 ingat ka po lagi 🙂

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