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Waaaaah!!! I am back! I am back after a week away from work; I got back from the States last Friday and I went right back to work the next day. It was a short break but it was woooooorth it. I was there for five days but I can say that the enjoyment that I had during those days equate with the level of delight that I normally get in a month. Kidding aside. Anyway, I cannot wait to write about my 5-day mini vacation and let you guys know how fun it was; I am torn between writing about it and creating a video about it.. I don’t know what must I do first. (Yeah I know, I still owe you guys two more videos–Italy and Morocco trip– the thing with these two is that I don’t think I have enough materials/videos to create a 3-min long compilation) For now, let me just leave you with my Sunday Currently entry since it’s the last Sunday of August.


my previous Sunday Currently posts; just wondering about the stuff that I did the past weeks.

hmm… now I feel like I must write about my 5-day US trip. I want to tell you guys how AMAZING Coldplay is!!!! How spectacular their show was! Although no words can fairly express how great they were during their concert so I guess I’ll be posting just a blank entry about it– for they left me speechless as well.

Up&Up by Coldplay– on loop since this afternoon. This song is giving me all the right feels in the world. After hearing them perform this song live, I always find myself getting all sorts of emotions every time I listen to it. It kind of makes me sad and kind of happy at the same time (but I guess more on the sad side)(??) perhaps because it was their last act that evening– and the fact that the show was about to end made me really sad. Listening to it now brings me back to my emotional state during that moment;

Sad.. and happy.. but more on the sad side. *sniffs*

You’re welcome.


about what September has in store for me. And what caused the rashes on my cheeks.

the cherry scent of the candle I have in my room plus the smell of coffee from my mouth (gross) I hate coffee breath.

for Coldplay to perform here in the Philippines. Said I won’t be rejoicing about any “confirmation” that Coldplay will be coming here; unless I see a legit poster with legit information, ha! But I think #ColdplayLiveInManila will happen sometime next year, not to jinx anything or what but let’s just wish and wait for it to happen.

for a great September. Ahhh, Ber months! Bilis! How did time go by that quick? I can still remember tweeting about July-na Magdangal and cracking August 2,3,4 jokes with Bossing. (#PAANO) and oh, Marvin August10!

my pambahay; an Aldub shirt given by a certain fans club and shorts. I spent the whole day at home resting since I am still feeling a bit under the weather since Tuesday.. but I am glad my colds are gone now! For some reason I find having colds worse than having a fever.

the Coldplay concert. Kulit eh, bakit ba I’m still on a high!

to eat something really hot and really spicy. Ramen sounds good right now but I think I had ramen three times already this week which is….. not good…. still, I am craving. Or Laksa naman! It’s been a while since the last time I had Laksa!

nothing; right now I don’t feel like I need anything. Basta happy ako sa Coldplay, haha! Kulit.

happy nga! Happy talaga ako sa Coldplay. Haha! It’s not something you can get over so easily! If you only knew how much I love them, you’d understand. And if you only knew how wonderful their songs are and how stunning Chris Martin’s voice is, ugggh you’d understand even more. Ganito kasi yan eh.. there are only 4 major things that I look forward to in this life;
1. See Coldplay perform live
2. Get married
3. Have kids
4. Be lost
Simple lang. I am not even kidding with number 1. Number 2 and 3 comes with living a happy and fruitful life– I hope. Number 4? Nevermind, but I know some of you are looking forward to it as well. *evil laugh?* Hihi! Anyway I am also feeling hungry. Food, anybody?

That’s it, basically this post just shows how glad I am for seeing Coldplay. I hope to see them again before the year ends and then next year and then the year after that and in the years to come– I will never get tired. That’s the thing about loving; if you love someone so dearly you won’t ever get tired of them. Right? Sometimes? Yeah, in some cases.

Hope you guys had a great week and I wish you a greater week ahead. Have a happy September, everybody!

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  1. Hi my dear
    Dis you count how many times you mentioned Coldplay in your post?
    That’s really how you show your love for someone or something, it doesn’t matter how repititive you get as long as you’re able to express it and show that you love (them)

    Glad that you enjoyed your short vacay and get better soon!

  2. Marilyn says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    First of the four has been unlocked! Now take your time for the 2nd and third. But you can do the fourth now whenever you like, as long as you find peace and happiness. 🙂 Hoping for a wonderful September with lots of things to discover and learn. Stay happy. And as the Up&Up song says:

    Yes, I wanna grow, yes, I wanna feel
    Yes, I wanna know, show me how to heal it up
    Heal it up, oh
    Try and see the forest, there in every seed
    Angels in the marble waiting to be freed
    Just need love
    Just need love
    When the going is rough,…

  3. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    I’m so happy for you natupad na ang no.1 sa list mo at nag enjoy ka sa short vacation mo happy ako na happy ka feel better soon

  4. jakile says: Reply

    Thanks for this. Yup i’m on of those who are waiting for the Italy and Morocco. But at least merong documentary ang morocco from Mega Magazine. Hope nawala na ang colds, dahil sa pabago bago ng weather. Init init sa labas, den iinom ng super lamig. sakit sa ulo, tulo ilong hehe. Gamot at rest lang ang katapat niyan Ang dapat iwasan ang ubo, yun mahirap matanggal yun.

  5. Ann Jerusalem says: Reply

    Hey Menggay! You just epitomizes the saying dreams do come true. I really hope I can experience what you’ve experienced to the head full of dreams concert! I watched the live stream of their concert last August 20 and I can imagine how humongous and surreal the experience would be. I hope that when the time comes that they will have a concert here in the Philippines, I hope I get to experience that too with you. That would mean a dream come true per se for me. If your dream is to see Coldplay, my dream naman is to see you and Alden personally. That’s the same level of you seeing coldplay personally. My thoughts of Up&Up is more on the happy side. It just lifts your spirit up.

    Thanks for the update of your blog Menggay! Hope you feel better with not feeling so well. Let’s pray for your forever with Alden este RJ right? Love you both. Thanks for the inspiration and happiness that you both always bring

  6. myrna/fiona says: Reply

    Been a while and you made me crave for more from you. As always, you never failed to amuse and inspire me and I’m sure others share my feelings for you as well. You remind me that being happy is “choice” and I chose to be happy – I chose to follow you. God bless Maine!

  7. myrna/fiona says: Reply

    Been a while and you made me crave for more from you. As always, you never failed to amuse and inspire me and I’m sure others share my feelings for you as well. You remind me that being happy is a “choice” and I chose to be happy – I chose to follow you. God bless Maine!

  8. Betty Lou says: Reply

    One happy heart here my dear, knowing that you really had a great time watching your fave band and of course your short but one for the book vacay. Take care always and God bless your heart. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. REFernandez says: Reply

    one word. Surreal.

    So happy for you Maine that you were able to see your ultimate fave band perform live. You are definitely living the dream. You deserve all the blessings because you’ve been a blessing to many people.
    Kung ano ung naramdaman mo when you watched Coldplay..i will feel the same way if i get the chance to see you in person. Suntok sa buwan. impossible dream. pero miracles do happen…i wish and pray hard that one day i get to see you in person.have a selfie and ma hug ka. siguro id faint and kidding. Keep on writing.

    You will always be a reason to smile, my pocket of happiness and an inspiration.


  10. editha sotto vitto says: Reply

    sobrang miss kita sa EB kung maari laang sana a wak ka ng aalis hehehehe ayoko ko nga manood ng EB pero sa bandang huli naesep ko tama naman mahalin din ang sarili hehehehehe

  11. rosve viray says: Reply

    ehem… COLDPLAY
    fan since ’99. naalala ko pa… inis na inis ako sa kanta nilang Yellow dahil the way na kumanta cya.. KAKAIBA EH!!!
    ayun.. di nagtagal.. kinain na ako ng sistema ng COLDPLAY… hehehehe
    mapa LIVE or recording pa yan… Chris Martins VOICE is just duplicating IT!..
    super bowls performance with Beonce and Bruno Mars also a great SHOW!!! syempre Up & Up eh…the way they performs…lahat sila magagaling!!!!!
    hoooray to COLDPLAY..
    anyway.. HI MAINE!!! Barako Dad Fan here 🙂

  12. dannie says: Reply

    happy to see u always happy….,

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