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Oh God, I missed writing Sunday Currently entries! Well, I miss(ed) writing in general. It’s been a while since the last time my fingers went to function; and I feel kind of upset for not being able to write that much anymore. Writing has always been easy for me, but for some reason I cannot seem to find the right words and spirit to express my thoughts lately. Believe me I’ve been trying to write but there’s really nothing coming out. It’s weird and upsetting because I feel like I am starting to lose a weighty party of myself. Anyway, I think it’s just me..

Sundays are usually my most unproductive day since I save it for staying at home and catching up on sleep, but lately my Sundays have been the total opposite of unproductive– which is totally a really good thing.. like today! I just got home from a mini fete conducted by my team called Shop.Bid.Donate– a garage sale and auction to raise funds for several charities. It is something I have been wanting and planning to do long time ago and I was FINALLY able to carry it out, of course with the help of my ever-supportive team. (Big thanks to Kuya Mike, Ate Pat, Ate Oreo, Jecker, Ate MJ and my brother Dean) 

The fair was a success! And I am so happy a lot of people actually went out of their ways to participate and support the event despite the weather. Thank you everybody; to those who went and purchased, also to those who weren’t able to, but still gave donations, maraming salamat sainyo! You don’t know how happy you made me!


Tweets! Nakikibalita lang sa Twitterverse about the latest news and happenings. So ADN are currently watching the GMA Christmas Special and I am just here having my delicious glass of Chocolate milk tea smoothie from Happy Lemon and Cibo’s Spinaci zola– two of my faves!

The Sunday Currently! I was actually supposed to write a separate entry about Shop.Bid.Donate but I don’t think I’d be able to finish it by tonight since I have to get to bed early to catch up on sleep (for I wasn’t able to do it today!) because tomorrow’s surely gonna be a long, tiring but super FUN day. Can’t wait!!!

Frank Ocean’s version of Strawberry Swing. In all fairness, I have to say this version is better than Coldplay’s! Sabi ko sainyo hindi ako bias lagi, tee hee! Thanks Gwyneth for telling me about this song! Aylavet!

about how should I spend this week.. there are a lot of things on my list that I need (and want!) to do before we leave for (toot toot!) on (toot toot!)

the oily tang of this spinach dip I am currently devouring.

for a fruitful 2017 for both my career and personal life. (Ang lakas maka showbiz nung career keme ni Betty! Lol) I just want to explore new things and places and have more fun!

for a fun Christmas vacation!

the same clothes from the event; a fringy white top (with a Shop.Bid.Donate pin still attached on it) and my sister’s old UST P.E. shorts.

the fact that I am currently happy with how things are going with me right now. I know people would say “Oh happiness is self-achievable; if you want to be happy, then go be happy. It’s easy as one, two, three. yeah right, I agree.. but that’s happiness in general. There are so many things that links with “happiness” and sometimes those things won’t go pleasantly all at the same time, and in some cases that could have an effect on a person’s current “happy” state to a moderate extent. Having said that, just because something didn’t go my way does not automatically mean I am unhappy and/or miserable. Right now, what I am trying to say is.. I am currently happy. Dami ko pa sinabi no? Well, apparently I want to express my stance about happiness and be objective about it. I want some people to understand that telling someone to be happy is not as it easy as it seems– since we are all different in many ways– I want some people to understand the actuality that the way they see and deal with things is not the same with others.

This topic is really good to think through and write about, especially if you will consider other people’s viewpoint on it. Let me allot some time to write about this soon. I am also interested in (different) people’s opinions about “happiness” and the “quest” for it.

gain weight this vacation! Goal ko yan! I want to welcome 2017 with my chubby-self!

some much needed rest and sleep, pa-zombie na ang lola mo. Worth it naman ang pagod and puyat lately.

happy! 🙂 Well let’s just say I finally had the strength to leave something behind; something that’s been putting me down for the longest time. Tamang tama, magbabagong taon na! It’s the perfect time to cut all negative ties off our lives.

So how did your Sunday go? It’s already Christmas in a week! And Christmas Day (and New Years) both fall on a Sunday! I hope I get to write Sunday Currently entries on both days, but I am afraid I won’t be able to do it since I’ll be out of the country. But anyway, I hope you all enjoy your holidaze! I hope you get spend more time with the people you love and I hope you welcome 2017 not fizzle.. but with a bang. (Whaddup Olive Penderghast, reference?!)

P.S. I still haven’t gotten the chance and the time to have my blog revamped so kindly excuse its dull appearance for some time. Next year, pramis!

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  1. Belle Cunan says: Reply

    Just watched you sa interview with Kris Aquino and when she mentioned about your writing naalala ko medyo matagal na ako d nakakabasa ng blog mo. Excited to see na sakto may bago kang blog. I am happy that you are happy. Praying that you will stay that way. God bless you always. Take good care of yourself..?

  2. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Congrats sold out yung pagarage sale at auction kanina #MaineShopBidDonate alam ko lahat nagpunta umuwing masaya dahil alam nila for a good cause yun at marami ka matutulungan.
    I hope matagpuan mo na ang Genuine Happiness mo.
    Stay happy Maine. May God bless you always. Rest ka din pag may time.

  3. Zlys says: Reply

    Yep Meng pls, i’m so use to your old blog appearance? miss it too actually. Good luck to your upcoming TS, you can do it, learn and explore and we’ll keep on supporting you in all your projects. Stay pretty and humble. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Joyful New Year! May God bless you more!

  4. Babsy says: Reply

    I am looking forward to that “chubby” self of yours … love it … bagay kang chubby!

  5. Marilyn says: Reply

    Thanks Maine. I quite like imagining you pondering about “happiness”. True, that it’s the most used word in the world but still so aloof for many. I myself had to stop and asked, “Can I find genuine happiness? Parang hirap sagutin, Meng! At times, we think that we’ve found that happiness we all yearn for but in the end, hindi pa rin pala. So, does genuine happiness really exist? I believe that there’s not ONE genuine happiness in life but rather thousands of simple joys and momentary happiness. Put them together as we go on with our journey, they bring lasting happiness. Just like thousands of hurdles and dark moments that give us important lesson in life.

  6. Lady dragon says: Reply

    Maine I really really like you cuz you are still Nicomaine Mendoza the beautiful person inside and out, down to earth and straightforward. You are really one of a kind phenomenal superstar. I’m looking forward on seeing you in person next year. Merry Christmas and my wish for you this coming 2017 is MAY YOU FIND GENUINE HAPPINESS IN LIFE THAT YOU WISH FOR, don’t worry I’ll help you in praying. I love you Maine and your whole family…family of genuine persons as you are.

  7. Ms. N says: Reply

    Merry Christmas Maine!
    I have watched your interview with Ms. Kris Aquino last night and read this blog, currently for some odd reason I was and am crying ?.
    I am one happy? (Yes, I am confused) soul right now or maybe miserable. I am at the point where I’m not sure or I dont know what happiness really means maybe being a pessimist has something to do with it. And some unavoidable circumstances I guess. I am an achiever but I dont feel that surreal moment anymore. I dont know where I am heading and Im not sure about the things that I do. Haaaay

    Any waysssss. Thank you for sharing you very relatable insights. I am looking forward for that ‘define happiness’ blog post. ?
    Btw. I am a fan from the very beginning. I always end my day with your vid or and ep of EB with you and your jokes. Yes #teamreplay here. Thanks for giving me a reason to smile or even do that LOL (which I seldom do now) before I sleep!
    Also waiting for that TS sana gabi para bago matulog I can be happy. Keep inspiring and sharing yourself to give smiles to people like me.
    Thankiesss na marami! God bless ?

  8. Happiness is different to every individuals and it’s a matter of choice. Yeah the level of happiness is also another case. It is human nature to search for happiness and I’m glad that you’re indeed happy. Enjoy your much needed holiday my dear. Have time to bond with your family because aside from Christmas is the time to remember how God loves us for giving Jesus Christ to save us, it is also a time to be with our family, catch up with each other’s lives and patch up whatever misunderstanding that happened in this year. Merry Christmas and a Fruitful New Year to you and your family. Thanks for sharing us your beautiful family and I love how your family are so loving also not only to your fans but also with A’s. Let’s welcome the coming year with a brighter and more positive perspective and of course your TS which I’m super excited about. And I hope this 2017, I can already see you personally. That’s my frustration this year and I am trying my best to make it happen this coming year.

  9. Happy! Shalala!

    Glad to hear from you again!!!! Been very busy with career this year and reading your blog again brought back the simple happiness you, Alden and KS bring – bright ray of sunshine inside.

    I agree with the happiness talk. FP Erap’s daughter has this mental health campaign and it airs in some cinemas before movies start, and that’s when I found out first about it. Overanalyzing doesn’t help. Reaching out to people and truly connecting with them bring out happiness. In your case yata, letting go, and that is good as well.

    Merry Christmas too! God bless you more!

  10. etxetera says: Reply

    Looking forward to that happiness blog post and chubby you as promised. May the introvert you find the strength of inspirations to conquer all the hurdles and intriques to come in exploring new things. Just lessen ang pagbababad sa socmed even for an hour each day and divert the extra time to do other things. Life is not 100% cp and internet dear. Don’t loose the writer in you. ?

    Goodluck and more blessings for 2017. Merry Christmas ?

    1. Marvy genon says: Reply

      thanks for these updates! hope to

  11. Gabrielle says: Reply

    Hope you find happiness in everything. Whatever makes you happy, dun din kami. Love ka namin! ? To more fruitful and happy 2017!

  12. Arlene says: Reply

    Wish you all the best in this coming 2017 & Thank you for a very fruitful and entertaining 2016 with you. Always remember that we will always be here for you. We love you Maine!!! God bless you. ?

  13. Hi my dear Maine!
    Another wonderfully written blog entry despite what most would call a writer’s block perhaps?
    I wish that you enjoy the holidaze as much as you can with your loved ones…
    I hope you will gain the weight you want without feeling guilty haha…
    I wish you would feel and enjoy your kind of happiness that befits Nicomaine Dei if you know what I mean…
    And aa I read somewhere, happiness is a choice… So be happy as much as you can and relish it!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017! I’m ready for your TS with Alden! Wohoo!

  14. Marvy genon says: Reply

    Merry Xmas,baby girl! i wish a pic with you! sana ! lagi namn kitang nakikita ,pumupunta din Ako sa events,but,sad to say…d Ako nakakakuha ng tempo:( sana next time,magkakaroon n Ako ng pic with you!?

  15. it’s always nice to read an update from you. and no matter how rare it is lately that you’ve had the time to write, we will always look forward to reading whatever it is that you post. you’ve actually inspired me to write my own sunday currently (which i have unfortunately skipped just this sunday because i was travelling so bawi na lang next week).

    i’d like to give my 2-cents worth opinion on happiness. for some reason i’ve held on to this quote from ally mcbeal on being happy (i don’t know if you know about this tv show from the 90s, bilang kakapanganak mo pa lang ata nun) –

    “The truth is, I probably don’t want to be too happy or content, ’cause then what? I actually like the quest, the search. That’s the fun. The more lost you are, the more you have to look forward to. What do you know? I’m having a great time and I don’t even know it.”

    you’re right about people having different opinions on happiness, because we’re all wired differently. it’s not that i don’t want to find happiness or be happy; i just feel like if i do achieve happiness, then what? do i stop searching for it? i suppose not. the thing is, i don’t want to stop searching or reaching for happiness. it evolves into something else each time, which actually makes it more interesting, more exciting.

    never stop writing dearie. you have a gift, and i’m pretty sure it makes YOU happy.

  16. sittie says: Reply

    hey maine! i’m glad that you are happy. allow me to share my two cents on happiness. happiness for me is contentment. as long as i am contented with what i have in my life, i am happy. my five year old nephew when asked how to spell happiness replied that one should spell it with a smiley face then ness— :)ness

  17. Maine is so humble person Phenomenal Artists but still kindness

  18. Chi-Chi Tiu says: Reply

    I find it inspiring when famous people use their influence and share their time to do outreach programs or charity works or raise funds for the less fortunate. That makes them deep, worth following and even idolizing. I guess sharing, reaching out or making people happy can also be a source of genuine happiness.

    However, sometimes sustaining this kind of endeavor comes into question. How long can one keep on helping or keep thinking about others? So then sustaining one’s happiness comes into question itself. Our mind plays a big role in how we achieve genuine happiness. For me, I guess true happiness can be achieved through God and by continuing to be optimistic and rising up inspite of any failures that has come my way. Because life is not perfect, I can only always wish for luck and for God’s providence.

  19. May says: Reply

    You’re one of the reason that makes me happy, Maine. I hope you continue doing what you are doing cause I know that makes you happy and with that, you make other people happy as well. True! Happiness is a simple word but a lot of people are having a hard time finding a genuine happiness. I guess you really have to experience the worst in life before you can realise how to be happy . Keep on writing Maine! Im looking forward to your teleserye and congratulations to your new Rejoice TVC that you personally sang its jingle. Looking forward to more jingles you compose and sing it yourself. You have a refreshing voice thats nice to listen to. Happy New Year!

  20. Lady dragon says: Reply

    My wish for you Maine this year of the fire rooster is to find your ultimate happiness. I know that you are not that happy in your current situation in showbiz and personal life kc nasa mundo ka ng world of make believe. Medyo magulo kc contrast sa personality mo at upbringing ang kasalukuyan mong kapaligiran. Just be yourself don’t ever try to please others against your will bahala sila kung ayaw nila sayo basta masaya ka sa ginagawa mo at wala kang naaapakang ibang tao ayos na Yun. MAINE SANA MATAGPUAN MO ANG IYONG ULTIMATE HAPPINESS IN LIFE. I LOVE YOU!!

  21. Happy is temporary expression of a person with something happen to you in a good way but joy is unconditional feeling every day wherever you are. So be joyful kahit madaming naninira sayo maging joyful ka sa lahat ng ginagawa mo isipin mo na lang na mapapasaya mo ang aldubnation everyday with your joyful heart like me I’m joyful to update you everyday in social media and i’am excited to your teleserye Destine to be yours

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