Sunday Currently vol. 11

Hi guys! I am back! After taking a breather at Maldives for 5 days (actually 4 lang, bitin na bitin!), now I am back to reality once again. Decided to take a break from Twitter too because Twitterworld’s been really toxic lately. How’s it now, by the way? Do you still remember when everything used to be fun there? When Twitter used to be a harmonious environment for everyone? Haha I know, me neither. Anyway, I just cannot stand people’s negativity there lately. I mean, I have enough negativity in my system already to still add and endure those.


a chapter about friends that I wrote last night for the book.

the last chapter in my book! Yikes I am almost done, but you all know it doesn’t end there. There’s still a lot of reading, editing, and scrutinizing to do. I actually think I might need to rewrite almost half of the content. Hay, I wish it’s as easy as writing a blog entry. Yung pwede mo iedit kapag may mali.

Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

Lol yesterday on our flight back to Manila, I was browsing for a movie to watch in the plane and found a romantic-comedy film that I really like– He’s just not that into you. I didn’t watch the whole movie though, I skipped to my favorite part and got kilig from this Justin Long and Ginnifer Goodwin scene over and over again. Kingina I think I replayed it thrice and still got the same reaction every single time. I was literally shrieking on my seat! I even hit my sister (who was seated next to me) several times because I couldn’t contain my kilig feelz! As in, I was even watching it during dinner (with Jecker and Kuya Mike) and inside the car on my way home. Ewan ko ba!

I mean, that look of Justin on 2:15. Ikinagwapo niya talaga yun eh. But really, the song makes this scene 200% more kakilig-kilig than it would’ve been. One of my faves, Keane’s Somewhere only we know

Trivia: Kabisado ko yung linyahan sa scene na yan eh!

if I should blog about my Maldives trip OR work on my last chapter. So torn! On my free time, I am always torn between working on my book or doing something for my blog; revamp the layout, edit videos, write something. (Ang dami ko ng utang!) Meanwhile, pagpasensyahan niyo na muna itong blog ko. We are now looking for a dedicated server/host since my site requires higher bandwidth and much stronger bot blocker. Hassle but I hope to get everything fixed soon!

Freshly cooked waffles! I am having ham with cream cheese, so so good. So happy I can now eat everything I want after a week of deprivation! Nyahaha! Butete tyan is back y’all.

to be back in Maldives soon! Ugh the place is just so beautiful and relaxing,

to finish my tasks for the day. The whole family went out together and I decided to stay here at home so I could work on my assignments. Pero mukhang hindi ko din matatapos magagawa because My Amnesia Girl’s on Cinema One! (One of my favorite tagalog films, next to the old school ones that I really like; Juday-Wowie, Angelu-Bobby, Kim-Dino and suchlike!

last night’s sleep wear pa. I just love how I feel like my old teenage self on Sundays. Those days when you can literally spend the whole day in bed, without worrying about anything. I like keeping my Sundays work-free. (because it’s supposed to be that way) #gottaloveSundays

the fact that I can now eat normally! I am having a tall glass of chocolate milk tea and a ham&cream cheese waffle now. I remember holding myself back from eating donuts and pizza that my sister was devouring last Sunday afternoon. Now I can eat whatever I want, booyah.

to get a whole body massage. As in, right now.

more time at the beach! Shet, I wish I had another week to spend in Maldives. Babalik ulit talaga ako, promise! (Ipon muna.)

happy and grateful. 🙂

I hope you are all having a peaceful Sunday! Question: Is there any specific topics you want in my book? Let me know and I’ll try if I could squeeze them in! 🙂 Have a great week ahead everybody! Stay positive and throw lamps on those people who need to lighten up! Life gets better when you don’t worry about much things. Stay on your own lanes. 😉

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  1. jakile says: Reply

    Welcome back home Maine. Italy would be a great topic. Twitter will only be toxic if you let it. Just block the baddies. We do R & B them but they only make new accounts. Not all are bad, mas maingay lang ang baddies. Just look at the beauty of the whole picture, and ignore the lil dirt here and there.

    1. maine says: Reply

      For the record, it was never about the “baddies”. Bashers are there 24/7 since the very beginning and I honestly do not mind about them. It’s just lately, some of the fans are the ones to start and engage in conflict; until things start getting blown out of proportion. It’s gotten to the point where fans are quarrelling with fans too, and not with bashers anymore. Like I have said, Twitter used to be a harmonious environment to all of us, remember the bayanihan days? Kalyeserye days? Pre-tamang panahon? Tamang panahon? I know things have changed but I hope we get to perpetuate the harmony among each of us. 🙂

      1. Nana says: Reply

        It’s all about Sef napikon ka kasi binabash nila bf mo.

        1. Mikhaela Dorothy Magdael says: Reply

          Puro ka Sef! Inggit ka kay want me to throw lamps on you for you to lighten up

      2. thebluejeanes says: Reply

        You should really check out #ADNILikeMoAldenGiveaways

        Or ask Ate Nikki about it.

        Sobrang saya ng Twitter ADN nun~ ?

      3. Aira Mae Basilio says: Reply

        I think the bayanihan is back na meng. Wait. alam mona b ung paHavs/Giveaway ng ADN s twitter? Ung pamimigay ng cash for tuitionfees? Ung s mga giveaways na gadgets? Tickets? Grocery/Gift Certificate? And etc.. ☺

        Ang Saya ng ADN s week na toh. Kht may hanash man, kebs nlng din. ?

      4. Joseph says: Reply

        It’s been quite great there lately. People were helping each other a lot. I don’t know if you’ve heard about the giveaways. Somebody helped somebody regarding tuition fees! It’s been more peaceful and fans are not fighting among themselves as they used to. Like you, we reflected on how we’ve been as fans and as people. I hope you take a peek. Anyway, I’m happy you got your vacation. And I’m excited about your book!

      5. Nana says: Reply

        Clear mo dapat issue sa inyo ni Sef. Alam na ng lahat na kayo bakit di mo pa aminin di yung puro cryptic twit or blog ka. Be real yan nagustuhan namin sa iyo.

        1. Eilyn says: Reply

          Wag mo idamay ang iba sa kakitiran ng utak mo. Who are you to demand her to clear an “issue” na “pinaniniwalaan mo”. Don’t expect her to stoop down to your level bec you’re not worth her time.

        2. Dayang says: Reply

          Pls stop making this reply thread like that of fp trash… Dun ka magkalat ng kanegahan mo.. Eto lampara para sau.. May gas na yan.. Sindihan mo na lng.. ?

          1. Jerelyn M. says:

            Para sa book mo Maine sana isama mo Yong feeling mo noong nakita mo sa unang pagkakataon si Alden graveh Hindi parin ako maka get.Over doon until now….

      6. Louise says: Reply

        Adn is starting to rebuild unity. I hope youve heard about the #ADNIlikeMoAldenGiveaways. Someone was able to enrol bec of something that started out as a joke.
        Anyway i hope u can write about make up and clothes/outfits in your book.
        Hope to see u on twitter soon.

      7. AC says: Reply

        Hey Maine! How are ya? Well this fan war has been going on for a long time now. AlDub fans against anyone linked to you or Alden. Even war between your solo fans (Mulats) and Alden’s (BN, Aldenatics). Lol. I’m sayin- this is never gonna end. ?‍♀️

      8. Mikhaela Dorothy Magdael says: Reply

        Nakakaiyak ang takbo ng isip mo Meng..Sooo pure ?

      9. AM says: Reply

        Kindness and bayanihan are still rampant, Meng. 🙂 Naiyak ako sa tuwa during the pa-havs fest, kahit wala akong napanalunan, winner ang feeling na ang dami pa ring generous sa fandom nang di nanghihingi ng kapalit, lamoyun? Sorry if we engage in fights sometimes. We will try to be better versions of ourselves. Kaya yan, kayo ni Alden ang inspi namin eh. 😉

      10. Aira Mae Basilio says: Reply

        Meng, ang mga Mulats/BNs ay ndi “Co-Fans” ha, I mean ndi sila consider na ADN. ☺ (FYI lang naman) hehe ?

        Love You menggay! Balik k dn s Twitter agad ha? Kulang ang twitter pag wala ka eh. ???

      11. kia says: Reply

        Beh, andito pa naman kami. Di nga lang kasing-ingay ng iba, pero andito naman kami sa maliit na corner na to, trying to lighten up things. Pasensya na kung natatalo kami ng iba, nung mga nanggugulo na nakikita mo madalas, pero sana alam mo na somewhere out there, andito kami. Di man perpekto, pero… eto, sinusubukan pa rin naman namin na maging masaya yung little corner na to. Wala kaming lampara masyado, pero may flashlight kami. Hahahaha. Baka pag medyo dumami-dami kami pwede na lumiwanag. For the meantime, ginagawan pa namin ng paraan na dumami yun. ?

        I’m pretty sure you know about the giveaway thing. It started as a joke. Seryoso, joke lang talaga yon kasi deep inside (sort of, idek) we knew our bets were so close to not happening. Asa pa ba kami na illike ni Alden yon? Kaya napagtripan lang yan, yung mamigay ng kung anu-anong anik-anik. Makeup, laruan, libro, magazine, plane tickets (!!!!!!!) etc. Pero after a while, na-realize din naman namin na bakit kelangan may dahilan pa, di ba? So tinanggal na namin yung bet. Whether Alden likes your photos or not, tuloy pa din ang pa-giveaway. And Maine, even if it sounds ridiculous, your photos and the gentle teasing (well I hope it was gentle…?) we’ve been doing made so many people happy. May napa-aral kang mga bata, may nabigyan ng libro, nabiyayaan ng konting pera dun sa medyo nagigipit na. Huhu I don’t know how you felt about it, but we hope (sincerely) that it made you smile. Kahit konti? ?

        In other news though, I’m so glad you took the time to recharge. Alam naman namin na may hangganan ang lahat and it’s okay. Kahit kami sinasapian din ng kabaliwan minsan at naghahanap ng way para lumayo-layo. Pero sabi nga nila, it’s always your choice to find the good things that make your life a little bit brighter everyday. To make yourself smile. So here’s to wishing sunnier days for you and always remember that there’s a whole bunch of people who loves you for being you (kahit di mo kilala kaming mga andito sa sulok-sulok hahahaha) ? We hope that when you do go back to Twitter, you’ll chance upon our little corner where we try to lighten up things a bit. Saktong baliw lang kami, minsan maharot, minsan makulit, minsan magulo din. Silip ka lang minsan, madalas puro kakornyhan namin maabutan dun. Hahahaha. ?

        Anyway, we miss you! ? Tulad nung nabasa mong banner nung concert ni Alden, andito lang kami, Walang Iwanan. ☺️ (P.S. sobrang saya namin nung binasa mo yon hahahaha ang babaw namin pero tumalon yung puso naming mga baliw na pasimuno nun. Literal din yung pagtalon ng puso. ?) Labyu, Meng!

      12. Bet says: Reply

        Ok we understand your reason, pero hindi mo rin masisi ang ilan kung bakit nagkaganon. Maging totoo ka lang sa sarili mo at sa fans. Matutuldukan na lahat ng issue sa inyo ni SC. Kung totoo man na mag relasyon nga kayo, ako walang problema tanggap ko kahit masakit. Sana lang tanggap din ng iba.

      13. etxetera says: Reply

        You are the heart and soul of Aldub and Alden is the backbone. You cannot run from a problem and think you can solve it by merely deactivation. There are two ways to change people’s behavior either you MANIPULATE or INFLUENCE. God gave you the power to INFLUENCE – USE it in a positive way. Why fans are fighting with fans? Its the uncertainty that you and Alden will always be separated considering the lack still of any decent and quality projects of your tandem until now. Why dont you and Alden request for UNITY between your management. The crappy DTBY even it showcased your great acting ability is a clear example there is still no clear unity among all of you to give the best. What is seen now are two separate individuals busy doing separate stuff and only comes together whenever paid or sponsored . Your tandem is still a baby. Don’t be in hurry to throw everything under the bus then wonder why there is no HARMONY like pre-TP, TP, KS and bayanihan days. Try UNITY it will do great wonder. Ikaw at Ako. You are stronger together. You can start with the 100th weeksary milestone by launching something to encourage good vibes.The ballgame is in your hands ? to continue and win it ?or run away from the game at magtago like the old Maine Mendoza ?


        1. panotsha says: Reply

          Very well said. Thank you. I hope Maine getd to read your comment and think about it more.

      14. Bet says: Reply

        Para sa mga nakakabasa nito…Just accept na lang siguro kung ano ang totoo. If we love Alden and Maine, kahit man lang loveteam na lang suportahan na lang. For me I want also the truth. Pero dapat alam din natin na may kanya kanya silang buhay, kanya kanyang choices. Kung tingin niyo si Sef talaga ang pinagtatnggol niya, eh karapatan niya yun kung totoo mang bf nga nya yun. Wala na tayong paki sa relasyon nila. Pero ang iwanan ang AlDub as Loveteam? Dapat suportahan na lang din kahit mapatunayang reel lang sila. Before isa rin ako sa shipper ng Richard and Nicomaine but I realized na baka hindi rin tama na pinangunahan natin sila. Maging masaya na lang tayo sa achievements nila, at ienjoy ang chemistry nila as Loveteam.

      15. Daisy says: Reply

        No worries, Meng. It will all go back to how it was. There maybe conflicts, misunderstanding but we still remain firm as fanmily to both you and Alden. I am hopeful, the old, happy ADN shall be back…STRONGER. WE LOVE YOU AND ALDEN. Stay beautiful, happy and in love. We always pray for you. Enjoy, loves!

      16. Valerie says: Reply

        Meng, sana mag activate ka na ng twitter kasi baka mawala yun sayang naman… ?

  2. thebluejeanes says: Reply

    Twitter is kinda safe na. ?

    The PaHavs fest over Alden’s likes over your instagram pictures surely helped. ?

    (Sayang di mo naabutan. Sobrang saya ng Twitter TL ko nun)

    Balik ka na mama~~~


    Im glad you had a relaxing time in Maldives! ?

    1. thebluejeanes says: Reply

      Oh! Btw~

      Im really so proud of that PaHavs fest~ some people gave free tuition fees Meng!

      It felt like the ADN i knew and loved~

      If you wanna see the tweets on it, visit the HT #ADNILikeMoAldenGiveaways to see the tweets ?

  3. Sharon says: Reply

    Topic: Staying true to who you are despite the pressure to be molded into somebody else’s expectations, focusing on girls of puberty age.

  4. Queenie says: Reply

    Something bout passion, dreams, and everyday motivation Maine. Welcome back! 🙂

  5. Angeline says: Reply

    Maine i miss you in twitter world..

  6. teresa says: Reply

    I know you have a great time in Maldives Maine. Makikita naman sa mga larawan at mga sinulat mo dito, Iyun din hiling ko sa iyo mga isang buwan pahinga basta balik ka lang sa amin. Good luck sa book mo pag-iipunan ko talaga yan. Have a good week a head.☺️☺️☺️
    Always here for you and Alden… God Bless you more..

  7. Annabel says: Reply

    Yeeeey! I just made a comment on your FB account when you posted your Maldives photos that I miss your blog and BOOOM you answered it! Thank you for the update. Everyone’s anticipating on your book launching, Meng. We’re very excited actually.
    Just want you to know that we love you so much!!!!!

  8. Mae says: Reply

    Welcome back Maine! Sana nga mas mahaba pa naging bakasyon mo. Maldives did you good! ☺️ Wag ka muna balik ng twitterverse, hehe, mej magulo pa rin. We love you! Continue being you! ?

  9. Anon says: Reply

    You had me at kingina. Charot! Italy would be great pero syempre share lang what you want and you can share 🙂 (para na rin sa privacy niyong dalawa hihi) Twitter’s really toxic these days. I love your toned body! SUPER! And glad you had fun there. Sana pagbalik mo sa Maldives kasama mo na si Richard Faulkerson Jr. ng Brgy. Dila para wala na ulit kami update sainyo. HAHAHAHA! Pwede ka na ulit kumain ng Ramen, Laksa, and everything!

  10. Joy badilla damayo says: Reply

    Welcome back maine ! Stay happy…..

  11. Faith says: Reply

    I am so happy that you’re happy, Meng. And I’m so excited for your book! Yey! Still waiting for ‘Lost and Found’ though. Hope you still can finish it. Topic? Ahm, ITALY would be nice! Anyways, do (and write) whatever you want with your book. It would still be a great read for sure. I love you to bits! Hope to see you on EB tom. ?

  12. AM says: Reply

    Hi, Meng! Glad you got to have some rest. If I may I suggest, can you squeeze in something about your thoughts on fiction writing and the possibility of writing a fic in the future? I love how you write!

    (And do you get to read the MaiChard fanfics on WP? Haha)

    And if it’s not too much, can you please write a chapter about the best things about RFJ? ? Iba kasi kapag perspective mo eh. ?

    Thank you! Love you, and may you always find joy. God bless you!

  13. Ashley Marie O Monreal says: Reply

    I Agree! ?
    Italy would be.

  14. Leslie says: Reply

    welcome back maine! hmmm i hope you can include a sort of laglagan portion in your book, like something none of us knew (self laglag ito haha) looking forward to reading your book! enjoy the rest of your sunday.. ?

  15. MamaEvs says: Reply

    Welcome back, Bibi Girl! You are sizzling in all your pics in Maldives! I really hope you were able to Richards, I mean recharged. I would love to hear your story in Italy during your stay or your London/Germany trip with Bibi Boy! I’m really happy you’re back! Laban lang ng laban! Madaming kalaban pero mas marami pa din kaming kakampi mo, ninyo ni Alden! PORDALAB! ???

  16. Joyce says: Reply

    Hello there Menggay! ❤ Miss ka na namin. Sana bumalik kana soon. It really feels like kulang ang twitter without you ? pero whatever your decision is, kung san ka mas masaya, dun ako. I always wish you the happiness you really deserve. Don’t let these negativities take you down Meng. You’re way better than them at mas marami pa rin ang nagmamahal sa’yo Meng. Lagi mong tatandaan na andito lang kami lagi para sayo. FOREVER AND ALWAYS! We miss you Meng! Happy Sunday! ❤

    1. Joyce says: Reply

      I’d love to read something about Europe Meng like how you see it. Europe will always be my dream destination. Hope you could include it on your boon.

      1. Joyce says: Reply


  17. EJP says: Reply

    Welcome back bibi girl… I’m missing you on twitter… please come back soon… twitter is not the same without you… neways… good luck on your book! Will definitely get myself a copy… Stay happy…

  18. TinPerez says: Reply

    Welcome back Maine!
    Topic Suggestion:
    What it’s like to be an introvert in a very “public” world?
    How do you cope with that? ☺️

  19. Alexxx says: Reply

    First time commenting here. Yeah, I miss the days when Twitter is all about fun and love for you and Alden. I also miss my delulu days. Maybe around Nov 2015 when I practically watched KS for at least 12 hours daily. Well, the situation today maybe not as good as back then but at least I had a taste of what adoration to artists feels like. Whatever happens, you’ll always be in my heart, Maine and Alden.

  20. Jane says: Reply

    You should write something related on money/saving up.

  21. REGGIE says: Reply

    I am so glad you had that brief respite. You so deserve it. Hugs to you ‘nak! Love you. I am so excited to see your written work and so looking forward to it.

  22. Eilyn says: Reply

    Hope you could write something about human behavior like being introvert and other stuff. I know you are not an expert on that matter but I would love to read the thought of a person dealing in that situation. Yung di masyadong technical and relatable. Well enjoy the rest of the day..hope you went to Church 🙂

  23. Bel says: Reply

    So glad to hear from you, Menggay, and also so very glad for sharing the rest of the photos that you posted in FB. Be at peace with yourself and with your environment. We are just right here supporting whatever is it that makes you happy. When you’re happy, so are we. We missed you so much in EB. Please come back soon! By the way, love your bikini pics! They blew us all away…

  24. Pichy says: Reply

    “Stay positive and throw lamps on those people who need to lighten up!” – seriously love this line…

  25. Rainy Dence Lozada says: Reply

    So glad to know you had extreme fun in Maldives!!! I also hope you can return there soon! You really look ecstatic and happy (not to mention hot and sexy) on your photos.
    Well, with regards to your book, I would love for you to give another excerpt of your novel you shared before (bitin Bes!) Or, about your other dream destinations, or how you were able to achieve those abs (super fitspiration eh!) Love you and God bless you always, Menggay!
    I’m super excited for your book!!!! ???

  26. Bet says: Reply

    Hi Maine, I’m just want to ask if are you willing to share the truth between you and Alden? Bilang Fan I will accept king ano man meron sa inyo. Total 2 years na rin naman ang loveteam niyo and a lot of fans is still hoping na kayo nga talaga. Pero sa pananaw ko eh wala naman kaming karapatan na pakialamanan ang puso mo. Ikaw yan eh, taga hanga lang kami. So if you can reveal your true relation with Alden it’s either magkaibigan lang kayo or mag on. Siguro ay doon matutuldukan ang tanong, doubts ng mga taga hanga. BTW Pasensya ka na sa inasal ng ibang FANS na pati ibang tao ay nadadamay. San ay maunawaan mo kasi mahal ka namin at pati na rin ang ka loveteam mo.

  27. Honey Savares says: Reply

    Welcome back bibi Girl. Hope that you had enjoyed your vacation at Maldives. So sexy with all the pics you had…Kahit magnumber 1 sa FHM wag ka papayag rumampa ha…anyway, always take care. Sana makita kita sa birthday ko. Punta ako sa barangay. Medyo nabawasan toxic sa twitter. R&B na agad. Topic sa book eh kung pwede kwento ka ng konting ganap sa Italy at Switzerland. Love you Menggay

  28. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Welcome back Maine!! Excited na ako para launch ng book mo??? ang ganda ng mga pictures mo sa Maldives at ang ganda ng lugar. Thank you sa pagshare mo ng pictures.
    Happy ako na nakapagvacationa ka deserve mo yan eh kasi ang sipag mo din magwork.
    Heheheheh????sa wakas makakakain ka na ng lahat ng gusto mo.
    Miss ko na Twitter updates mo…pero di ka pa ready ok lang maghihintay pa rin ako sa pagbabalik mo. Love Meng ?❤

  29. Aira Mae Basilio says: Reply

    Basta ung mga bagay na usually na nakakapagbusy s isang tao! Atsaka about FANGIRLING din meng! Bka naman. Hihi ☺?

  30. Evie says: Reply

    Yeeeheee so happy to read your blog today natanggal stress ko hehe .. Yaan mo na mga nega sa twitter mas marami paring gv na twit para sa iyo miss k nmen dun.. Yan nka pag relax kna and makakabalik ka pa nmn sa maldives hehe kaya mo yan support kme sa lahat ng gusto mo.. Ngayon lahat na ng pede mong kainin pede na haha.. Godbless meng.. We love you ???

  31. stepred0913 says: Reply

    NY,Italy,Germany,Switzerland chapter in your book please…. hahahaha jk. 🙂 Sumaya sa twitter nung nasa maldives ka, kasi nag karoon ng giveaways if ni-like ni Gov mga bikini pics mo. ayun, ang daming nanalo. and meron nang scholar ang ADN dahil dun. ayun lang. 🙂

  32. Sharon says: Reply

    Twitter will always be our home. It’s nowhere near perfect but the beauty outshines the ugliness. You just need to learn to block out the bad and know where to look for the good.

  33. thebluejeanes says: Reply

    Im so sorry for flooding ?

    But eto pala ang gusto kong i suggest na topic~

    ○ “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple”

  34. Mona Otani says: Reply

    Maine, we can’t please everyone! Kebs lng as you always did before, basta ako AlDub pa rin no matter wat! Have a blessed Sunday.

  35. Nana says: Reply

    real score between you and Sef? You did not deny nor confirm ang relasyon nyo then pinag tangol mo pa fishy. Sana umamin ka na para wala na umasang fans mas lalo madaming masasaktan lalo na mga Lola fans.

  36. Vien says: Reply

    Glad you enjoy your short r&r…can’t wait to see you on tv again!how i wish you’ll be back soon on twitter but come back when you feel too…i miss you and you and alden together…hope to see you two again personally?love lots #walangiwanan

    1. Vine says: Reply

      Diba nagsalita na yung guy na friends lang sila ni Maine bakit pinipilit mong umamin si Maine sa wala. Saka bakit pinakikialaman mo personal niyang buhay? You should know the limitations of a fan if you are really one.

  37. Vinz says: Reply

    Haha..pareho pa tayo ng pinapanood sa c1.
    Habang nag po-photoshop.
    Aliw ako sa blog mo and welcome back. 🙂

  38. Twitter fandom is missing you already, toxic nation is gone! Have you heard sa “pa-havs” ng ADN? It lead some children go to school because of the generosity of others, they even paid for the whole year tuition fee! Wag ka, may pa-havs ng pandora, designer bags, make ups pati iPhone 7+ at iPad air! Dagdagan mo pa ng cash at iba iba pa! Dahil lahat yon sa pag like ni Alden sa 4 photos mo hahaha. Think of it, 4 pictures on Instagram liked by a “person” lead to something great. We miss you on Twitterverse and we love you as always <3

    Ps. Pls do include your insights about young teenagers or pre-teens having boyfriend/girlfriend. Much needed, thank you.

  39. dana says: Reply

    you are you
    as most of us always say..YOU are a breath of fresh air..and all i can say is thank you, for sharing your kindness.
    sabi mo nga ‘keber lang’.
    i will be staying here…idolizing and loving you.

  40. Ana R. says: Reply

    Hello Maine! Thanks for the update! You look absolutely fresh and refreshed, btw. You deserve the break. I continue to admire you for being true to yourself and being a woman of virtue!

  41. Divine says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I’m your ate fr abroad..,and when u say abroad it’s work work work here.I’m fuzzy when it comes to artistas..,I mean Ive never been a fan til you came.The things they all say why they like u are perhaps the same reason why I like u too.Perhaps ur not aware of ur impact to your fans..,&when I say fans Im talking about millions here.I hope you’ll find it in your heart to think more of how much u make them happy with a simple tweet than the 5% negativity u read.Think of the 95%, say 30% of which are active.,,then you’ll realize that if you have that gift/opportunity to brighten their day with just merely your presence on twitter as it’s one of the only ways they could reach u,then Im sure you’d not think of deactivating.I’m not pressuring you though…Just reminding you that youre blessed, you are a blessing, and I hope you would share that blessing(yourself) to your millions of fans.May God guide you always.

  42. Anne Marie Santelices says: Reply

    Wow, this is part if a book? It really is interesting..hope you finish it..yes, after a heavy sched, breaks are needed for a recharge.. Hoping you get on track …with Aldub. .Right on Maine !

  43. Ochie says: Reply

    Meaningful projects you want to do given the chance and why you love being in Baranggay ( I dream that one day whem u get married you will have a trip in Baranggay bec ur heart is seen there)

  44. Vinz says: Reply

    Topic? Travel or ano kaya about foods or photography?
    Yun madalas kong tignan at basahin sa mga blog. 🙂

  45. Thank you for this. Pahinga ka. Excited na ko sa book mo. Yiie! I love you forever Meng. ?❤

  46. victoria tamayo caparroso says: Reply

    I am happy to see your post on instagram Pag di kayo nakikita ni Alden feeling ko may sakit ako. Kaya ngayon happy na naman ako dahil may.updates na ako sa iyo. Stay happy just follow your heart kung ano ang makapagpapasaya sa iyo Go ka lang. I am 57 years old sa inyo lang ako humanga.

  47. Valerie says: Reply

    Welcome back! I miss this. I love your vibe. The sea does great wonders to the soul. ? Stay happy, love. ❤️

  48. Myra says: Reply

    New York and Italy would be nice for you book. I am very much excited to have a copy of it. I got all your magazines even Alden’s book, I have it.
    Wish you more time to relax. Ignore the badvibes in Twitter… I’ll always be your #1 fan…

  49. eLvs says: Reply

    Glad that you’re back, Meng. Reading your blog makes me feel your old self is back. The way you write Sunday Currently will always be my favorite. Yung chill lang, just like a normal girl. I hope you continue to be genuinely happy. Labyu! ?

  50. muffy says: Reply

    Your take on happiness and peace on your book. With all the negative bashing you hear and read everyday how do you handle them?
    With your happy smile and laugh sa TV, deep inside there is something else. Curious lang!

  51. fam you are one amazing earthling. i hope you know that. just wanna say that these past few days medyo humupa(??) na yung katoxic-an(?) ng fandom AHAHAHA do u know about the giveaways na ginawa ng fans while you were in maldives?

    love u forever btw do u listen to harry styles? his album is amazing …..

  52. @tius_day : Ave ? says: Reply

    Book : how do you save a bad day.

    So glad to see/hear new updates from you! Nangulila kami sa ig stories mo and random tweets. (Not demanding though) ok lang kase alam ko nakapagrest ka tlaga ?

    Basta happy ako sa lahat ng nabasa ko tonight. See you soon! I love you!

    1. @tius_day : Ave ? says: Reply

      Lika, pa massage tayo.

  53. Mariel says: Reply

    Hello, Maine. I’m a big fan of yours before all of that yayadub. Not saying it as a bad thing though. 🙂 topic about life after showbiz perhaps? Do you see yourself having another career?

  54. Annie says: Reply

    Nice! Welcome home. That video clip is going to bring out all the over-analyzers. :-). Topics in your book? The future… how do you see yourself in 2, 5, 10 years from now? What would you be doing if out of showbiz? Your family dynamics – typical Pinoy (parents still have a say?) or totally independent? Your politics- you lean liberal or conservative on national and economic issues? Have a great week and stay safe! 🙂

  55. Thank u maine kc ng share kna nmn smn ng msayang ngyri sau sa maldives at msayang msaya km kc nkpgphnga ka alm q pgod n pgod kna kya slmat at nkpgbkasyon ka sna mtuloy na yn movie nyo ni alden inaantay na nmn tlga at sna sgutin mna yn tnong ng asian awards pls mg host kau ni alden dn we love u forever

  56. 4mlas says: Reply


  57. Beya says: Reply

    Welcome back Mennggg! Sobrang excited na ako sa book mo <3 Can't wait na talaga. And thankyou sa pagshare ng mga pics mo sobrang happy ako na nag enjoy ka at sana makabalik ka agad sa Maldives <3 Iloveyou Meng always <3

  58. iris says: Reply

    Yng healthy diet nyu po b ma achieve yng ganung body nyu po???

  59. Rose del mundo says: Reply

    Can you include your views about genuine happiness, charities, negativities and positivities you learned from being in showbiz and the people you met, how did it affects you and how you handle it.

  60. panotsha says: Reply

    Welcome back Maine. I am glad you were able to re energize, re-think and relax in Maldives. You needed that. I do hope you come back to twitter. We all miss you.

  61. alexia mae galeos says: Reply

    Welcome Back Maine ? Please include Alden in your book please please ? Love you & Alden forever ?

  62. April says: Reply

    Glad you enjoyed your short vacation Maine! We missed you on Twitter but if it’s for your peace of mind then no problem. Always remember that we love you and Alden.

  63. Rose Ann says: Reply

    Hi Maine that’s nice you enjoyed your Maldives get a way & your right 4days is not enough to explore that great Island. Well for your question you can put your Italy days if you still haven’t written it in your book or the Germany get away w/ Alden ?
    Well what ever you write I know your book launch will be a success.
    It’s really good your back ? miss you girl ?

  64. Welcome back maine! We cant wait for your book.

  65. anneis says: Reply

    Welcome back maine!masaya ako na nkapag short vacay ka kahit medyo bitin pa din kasi talagang super duper pagod ka sa last project nyo!thank you so much sa pagshare mo ulit ng mga photos mo sa maldives!lagi mong tatandaan dito lang kami mga nagmamahal sa inyo,and lagi kami nakasuporta sa mga up comings projects nyo..ingat palagi and GodBless Meng…:)

  66. betch bautista says: Reply

    Maraming natulala sa iyo!
    Fans mo man o Hindi napacommemt sa ig post mo,
    Mga haters mo nawalan Ng kibo
    Natameme silang lahat s kaseksihan mo!
    Pero isa lang masasabi ko
    Kaming mga nagmamahal sau
    Ay proud na proud sau!
    At sa lahat ng namimintas sau
    BELAT sa inyo
    Inggit Lang kau! Ha ha ha!

  67. Cathy says: Reply

    Welcome back, Madam!
    I hope you had a great time and a well-deserved R&R.
    By the way, thanks to you (the bikini pics) and Gov, twitter was a fun place to be the past few days. The generosity of fellow fans shone through with all the giveaways (someone even won 25k!).
    Hope you return soon to twitter. And we’re sorry if sometimes we go a bit overboard.

  68. Marla Abello says: Reply

    Welcome back po Ate Maine! I really love your skin tone, bumagay din sya sayo. ? Anyways, gusto ko rin po sana ma-topic sa book nyo yung about po sa inyo ni Kuya Alden. I like to hear something new about sa inyo like ano po talaga yung nagiging tawagan niyo, yung mga ganun po.. Hehe ?

  69. Joan says: Reply

    Hi Maine thanks for sharing the beauty of Maldives ganda ng shots and ur effortlessly beautiful❤️
    Twitter world?!GV naman na pero di parin nawawala mga nega pro waste of time lang sila mas masaya yung GV at kebs sa hanash..
    weeks lang yung diet mo nagkaron ka na ng abs?how to be you?hehehe..happy to know na back to normal eating kana hehe and you have time for yourself kahit may work assignments.

    Sana may part sa book mo about introvert(feeling ko meron?hehe)yung pano magkaron ng self confidence and ma overcome ang talagang isa sa mga hinangaan ko sayo,Excited na ako sa book mo at sa mga future projects mo?

  70. mean manabat says: Reply

    sana bago ako manganak ngayong july lumabas na book mo.. kc di na ako makakagala pag nanganka na ako. super happy ako na naka pag rest ka at naka pag enjoy. yan yung wish namin para sayo and syempre kay alden din, na sana maka rest din sya.
    super excited na ako sa book…….

  71. Ellen says: Reply

    Take your time Miss Maine. We’ll always be here. And thank you for your reminders to ADN. Smile ?! Everything will be alright.

    1. Ellen says: Reply

      And I’m looking forward to the day you bring back the lamp in the twitter-world – @mecabas

  72. Bronson Escaner says: Reply

    just enjoy your stress free vacation no worries hakuna matata

  73. AC says: Reply

    Specific topic in your book: I have been curious about the kind of diet or exercise you did in preparation for your Maldives trip. Share some health and fitness tips! ?

  74. Ana R. says: Reply

    A chapter on your travels overseas would be great Maine!

  75. AC says: Reply

    Specific topic in your book: I have been curious about the kind of diet or exercise you had/did in preparation for your Maldives trip. Share some health and fitness tips! ?

  76. Hi! Loved your post ❤ i’m happy that you had time to enjoy Maldives. Goals! (Shet) hahaha anyway, a great topic for the book would be: “How To Overcome Depression” or something like that. Since a lot of people are experiencing this and i know your words are so powerful that all ages can relate to them. Can’t wait for your book! Love & miss you Meng! xo —Abby (abbycamms)

  77. Hi Maine welcome back po! Na miss ka talaga naming lahat sobra! Yung tita ko na sr.citezen na eh na sad kasi wala ka daw sa EB pampa saya ka daw nya eh!! Hmmm Maine tama ka medyo toxic mga sa Twitter kase di ako masyadong post pero MA’s ngbbsa ako at yung minsanan LNG na yun eh puro bangayan pa ng fans yung nbbsa ko grabe kaya medyo kahit ako n di artista di kinkaya yun ikaw pa kaya? Sarap nung tulad dating..pero we can’t control the opinion or whatsoever they want to say kaya better Manahimik na lang.pls read Psalms 46:10 Be still and know that He is God!there is power in quietness, and continue to set a good example to everyone.listen mo yung gospel song na still…Godbless Maine dito na LNG muna…I pray that you and Richard faulkerson Jr.will end up together soon..yikie sa inyo lang talaga ako kinilig ng ganito!!! Pasensya na hahaha!!!

  78. Bet says: Reply

    Siya nga pala huwag mo sana masamain ang mga tanong ko sa iyo. Para rin naman sa iyo ito at sa mga masugid ninyong taga hanga. Indeed, marami na ang naniniwalang LOVETEAM lang kayo ni Alden. I think sa tamang panahon ay magsalita ka na kahit man lang sa blog or book mo. Eto lang ang sasabihin ko, ang pagpapakatotoo ang magiging way para masunod mo ang mga gusto mo sa buhay. Umaasa ako na sa time na yun ay doon na malalaman ang kahihinantan talaga ng storya ng AlDub. Kung sa tingin mo ay hindi ka na komportable pa kay Alden at tingin mo ay napipilitan ka na lamang. Gawin mo ang sa tingin mo tama. Gaya ng blog mo about Selena, dapat i-accept ng fans kung sino ang totoong mahal ng idolo. Naka relate ka kaya alam mo ang Feeling na umasa na maging sila pero hindi naman pala. Well kung totoo man o hindi ang tsismis sa inyo ni KUWAN eh na sa iyo na yun kung aamin kang kayo o hindi. At least nakahinga ka ng maluwag pati na rin ng fans. Matanggap man nila o hindi, ikaw pa rin ang magdedesisyon, kasi PUSO mo yan. WALA KAMING KARAPATAN.

  79. Alexxx says: Reply


    Hi Maine, sabi nila pwede daw magsuggest ng ilalagay mo sa book. Well, nautusan ako ng mga kasamahan ko na itanong kung pwede mo bang isama yung trip niyo sa Italy? Well, kung pwede lang naman. hehehe.

    Thank you!
    – Fanney From Far away.

  80. Kimmy says: Reply

    Welcome home Maine. Glad to know you had a good (even though bitin) rest/vacation.
    Book topic – What would you do if you know you couldn’t fail? 1 for career, 1 for personal 🙂
    By the way, twitter’s a little better than a few weeks ago. Hope you can take a peek and see the good side of it. We miss you there. Parang may kulang pag wala ka dun e 🙁 But take your time, We will wait. Walang iwanan diba? 🙂

    1. Kimmy says: Reply

      ugh, *wouldn’t fail kasi un T_T

  81. Kimmy says: Reply

    Welcome home Maine. Glad to know you had a good (even though bitin) rest/vacation.
    Book topic – What would you do if you know you couldn’t fail? 1 for career, 1 for personal 🙂
    By the way, twitter’s a little better than a few weeks ago. Hope you can take a peek and see the good side of it. We miss you there. Parang may kulang pag wala ka dun e 🙁 But take your time, We will wait. Walang iwanan diba? 🙂

    1. Kimmy says: Reply

      ugh, *wouldn’t fail kasi un T_T

  82. Annie says: Reply

    Oh, since you’re on a RomCom trip, check out Jerry Macguire- “You had me at hello”…. never gets old! :-).

  83. Mamihayds says: Reply

    Hi maine,good to see you back,happy and relax….love you bibi girl,but wait,you still have not shared with us anythjng from your italy shoot last year…now you’ll soon start with your new one,yes,dami mo na utang,…’ll be busy again but hopefully you could still find time to update us here in your blog……ok,here’s the thing i want to ask or maybe a topic to include in your bk.since your being look up to by a lot of girls, how would you advise them on pre marital sex? Cyber bullying? Relationship bet parents in this time of millenials?…….i know your thoughts would count a lot…..happy writting,may god bless you more

  84. liaxconcepcion says: Reply

    Hi Ate Maine, thank you sa pag share. Namiss ko po ng sobra ang blog mo!! ?? Thank you so much and may pasok na kami sa Tuesday, ipon ipon din para sa book launch mo ??? Sana mas marami pa pong blessings ang ibigay si Lord sayo lalo na ang genuine happiness para mashare mo pa po sa milyung milyong tao na napapasaya mo araw araw. Iloveyou Ate Maine! ???

  85. omel says: Reply

    Hi po, Sa nababasa ko Sa IG mo napadami namin na nagmamahal sayo to the point na pinagtatanggol ka pa Ng iba mong fans, kahit ako nangangati na thumb ko Sa subrang gigil ko na patulan sila pero napapa isip ako na baka mas lalong dumami so ignore nalang, baka magsawa din sila, wish so,

  86. payyc says: Reply

    Hey, Maine! I hope you can write about the “dark side” of showbiz. I’ve always been a fan of those books where artists (in hollywood) share stories of how bad in gets — lies, the hypocrisy and how they cope. I’m not sure if they will allow you, though ?

    Anyway, thanks for sharing another entry here… we miss you.

    P.S. I stopped writing in wattpad because you I lost inspiration when you left. ??? hope you are feeling better now.

  87. Margz says: Reply

    Come back soon in Twitter ? We miss your witty tweets and interaction with fans ?

  88. Joseph says: Reply

    It’s all about perspective Meng. Look for the good and you will see it. Twitter may be ful of hanash sometimes but your fans get through it. We struggle but we hold on. We help each other out and we have fun. We make mistakes and we learn. Some already left Twitter just like you. But most of us are still there. And I hope you come back and see what a wonderful fandom we still are. We ain’t hanash-free. But bayanihan is still there. Love, support, and friendship is still there. You just have to know where to look.

  89. Joan says: Reply

    Oh my meng half cheret kahit di ka kuna magtwitter basta weekly may entry ka sa blog mo ok na ok sakin haha medyo magulo nga pero nung nasa maldives ka magkaron ng katiwasayan mga ilang days lalo na sa mga pahavs ng yayamanin char! Masaya sya meng promise hehe sana makabalik ka din pero kung kelan ka ready lagi kaming waiting for you! Ako bet ko for your book advices para sa millenials alam mo naman na maraming umaidolize na teenager sayo meng for sure marami silang matutunan lalo sa mga kanegahan sa paligid char! Love you meng! Super excited na ko for your book sa pagsusulat mo lalo kitang love ? thank you so much sa entry mo today! Praying na lagi kang happy always!

  90. Hi my dear!
    Thank goodness you’re back to eating normal coz Idk if anyone can live on asparagus and air alone ? but gawd your diet was so worth it seeing those photos from your Maldives trip! Pinaghandaan mo talaga, good job! ?
    Same as you, Sundays are lazy days for me as much as possible and if I can help it no work tlga… But since you have assignments with you… Hmmm how about write about writing ? lame I know but perhaps just put into paper how easy or difficult it is to write or express youself… Another topic could be, how about some tips on newbie video bloggers?
    Oh and btw… I hope you would consider coming back to Twitter coz it is still a weird crazy place as long as you know when to always switch on your lamps ? or stay in your lanes as you said…
    Stay happy my dear ?

  91. Lala Santos says: Reply

    Topic: savings and investments mo please! ? Missing you in twitter meng!

  92. Cherry says: Reply

    We miss you Maine. Mahal ka namin ha. Lagi mo tatandaan iyan.

  93. Jenny Gregorio says: Reply

    HI Maine! pano ka nag diet? or better yet pano ba i-discipline ang sarili para mag slim down? Abangan ko yang book mo. Hope to have a selfie with you soon!

  94. etxetera says: Reply

    Weh? Swear you are not browsing? Memetey ✋ Wag ako ? You are the socmed queen for nothing. You mean negativity can topple you than positivity ? You know the socmed game more than anyone in the country and the majority na puro newbies. Kumbaga sa basketball namiss ka lang sa ilang shoot ayaw mo na agad sa twitter? Huy di pa tapos laban loka. Why give up when you can INFLUENCE and win the game. Just go back to the CORE in you where it all started. Where it all started ha di kung saan saan. #PakibalikSiWisdom

    P.S. Isn’t it tadhana if you count the days to go back. Sakto na naman. Think about it dear – THINK ?

  95. Lala Santos says: Reply

    Sana din Meng you and Alden will focus on the good side of the fandom. ? Trust me, sobrang daming good things na nangyayari despite the hanash we all experience. Minsan I get my strength from them and they make me hold on to the fandom. Please avoid the negas nalang. Punta ka nalang doon sa fun, grateful, happy and cool corner ng Aldub Nation. ? I love you always.

  96. Bel says: Reply

    Meng, pwede bang huwag ka nang magbasa ng mga hate tweets from bashers, please!!!! That could add up to whatever frustration you have experienced prior to your deactivating your tweeter account. Di ba sabi mo dapat happy lang, then don’t delve into negative tweets na kasi ikaw na rin nagsabi na paulit-ulit at pabalik-balik naman ang sinasabi nila, di ba, at puro basura lang naman ang mga sinasabi nila which, in the grand scheme of thing, are so irrelevant and so darn insignificant. Then stop reading them!!! Pansinin mo naman GV GV GV tweets from us… Hehehe… We will supply you with a good dose of endorphins, promise!!! O, di ba, we will make the effort to put a smile on your face pag nababasa mo GV GV tweets/comments namin. It’s just a question of perspective, Meng. Don’t dignify bashers/haters comments by even reading them and having them for lunch, for crying out loud!!! Yong mga bashers na nakabasa sa statement mo, baka isipin nila na mahalaga ang mga basura na itinapon nila sa ‘yo kasi binabasa mo eh. Change perspective naman, Meng, please. Mas marami kami kaysa kanila — and we will ALWAYS be here to support you, whatever makes you happy.

  97. Didn’t backread and didn’t see your reply Meng…
    Gosh! You better ask Alden and how the fandom was last week you were away in Maldives… We were back to giving away stuff just because ? we even started a fund drive to help out some students for their school… I galing lang ng adn… We still have it in us tbh ?

  98. Valerie says: Reply

    one week lang yun asparagus at air diet mo? naku pag ako yun baka kailangan ko ng 32 weeks ?

  99. Aries Indigo says: Reply

    being so submerge in twitter can really take its toll, so somehow deactivating can do you good.. and it did.. i really do pray you get another maldives trip, anything to make you happy menggay.
    God bless you on your book..

    stay healthy and safe..

  100. teresa says: Reply

    Topic? How to deal with people that you give your trust so much but they betray you.
    Wish ko talaga sa inyo ni Alden ay magkaroon ng TRAVEL SHOW. Sana Lord ibigay nyo na sa kanila ito… ?☺️

  101. teresa says: Reply

    Last na. pde gawa ulit video sa youtube channel mo at pakisama si Alden, lam ko enjoy yun pareho kayong mga hibang, hibang sa iat-isa. haha

  102. liaxconcepcion says: Reply

    Ate Maine pwede mo po ba ilagay sa book mo yung about fashion, style trends you like. Thanks po ???

  103. Joseph says: Reply

    Bigyan mo ng chance yung fandom na nasa Twitter Maine. Masaya pa rin naman anukaba. Paano mo malalaman na okay na kung iiwan mo? I hope you wouldn’t leave for good. You’re presence and influence there can make things so much better. Dun lang kami, waiting lang. Baka natraffic lang sa customs yung account mo haha. We miss seeing you Meng. Mahal namin kayo ni Alden.

  104. Meng. Maganda kung ung book mo sana my part about your style- fashion. Kase super love ko talaga the way you dress up. ?❤

  105. Valerie says: Reply

    suggestion for your book? maybe some insights/reflection on some of the poems you wrote. or things you’ve checked off your bucket list, and how has that been so far… ?

  106. Pauline says: Reply

    ‘Twas so nice to read your Sunday Currently ? I feel your disappointment with Twitter in the past weeks/months. Sometimes, I have to stay away for days just so I can let go of the bad vibes among fans and bashers alike. I also learned a lot on filtering what I read. I hope you get the desire to go back there again.
    It has never been the same without you.

    Glad you had a great break in Maldives! God bless you more as you return to work tomorrow. Love you Meng!

  107. Aira Mae Basilio says: Reply

    Suggestion Topics:

    -Paano mag-ipon? (Student/employee)
    -about OCD
    -about Introverts
    -Being Busy (School/Work)
    -Family (Relationship)

    Actually iilan lng toh sa mga topics na pinagp-pray kong mabasa ko (sana) sa book moh. Baka naman meng. Hehe
    Kahit isa lang dyan. ?☺?

  108. Dayang says: Reply

    Meng wag ka kc tambay ng tambay sa tards/bashers accounts, wla ka tlaga mkkita na liwanag dun. If u were there last week on twitter, #AldenILikeMoGiveaway is so much fun… And It doesn’t end there. If u only follow/lurk the right accounts, you will see possitivity everywhere on twitter.

  109. teresa says: Reply

    NUOD KA WONDER WOMAN. “It’s not about deserve; it’s about what you believe.
    Believe in us Maine marami pa kmi. Ganun naman talaga may iba’t-ibang POV ang tao but at the end of the day at nasilayan lang namin kayong dalawa ni Alden na Happy kayo. Happy na ulit kami. parang magkapatid lang yan away bati.

  110. Bel says: Reply

    Maine, please stop reading bashers/haters’ tweets, PLEASE!!!!! Change perspective naman o! Stop that practice! Be positive naman!

  111. Bel says: Reply

    Tama, Maine, I want to reiterate what someone posted here: MULATs & BNs are not counted as part of ADN, so please ignore them! Don’t lump us all together because WE DON’T HAVE THE SAME ORIENTATION. Please learn to distinguish, please!

  112. Betty Lou says: Reply

    Hello again my dear ? I love your tanned skin, looks gorgeous! Your body is a bomber. ASPARAGUS diet life.

  113. Divine says: Reply

    ADN is like a family….Picture a family without a mother….,somehow ADN is like that….confused,feeling abandoned,lost,sad. I am not only your fan but a fan of the fandom!I think ADN is worth the fight Meng…like we ADN believe that you’re worth fighting for.?

  114. amy says: Reply

    EUROPE beh, plssss!!! love u and rj to bits!!!

  115. Hi Meng! Paano ba sasabihin sa friends and bffs mo na aalis ka na? I mean, when is the perfect time na umamin na you’re leaving for good, earlier or days before flight? Ugh. Di ko na alam gagawin ko? Ayokong mawalay sa prends ko huhu

  116. Annabel says: Reply

    Meng, ikaw ang nanay ng AlDubnation. Nung nag-deactivate ka para mo na ring ina-abandona ang mga anak mo. May mga tanong na kailangan ng kasagutan o kailangan ipa-intindi pra magkaroon ng kalinawan. Alam mo na kahit ang mga mismong magkakapatid na iniluwal ng iisang ina ay may magkaiba ang pag-uugali ganun din ang AlDubnation.
    Ang mga pinapahayag ng bawat isa ay may katuturan din naman.
    Sana bumalik ka na sa Twitter at ipapadama mo sa amin na mahal mo kami kasi kami na patuloy na lumalaban para sa inyo ni Alden ay mahal na mahal namin kayo. Sana ipaglaban nyo din kami. Hindi kami magiging malakas kung hindi kumpleto ang magulang namin, kung ang nanay namin ay hindi pa kami binalikan. Kung c Alden ang haligi, ikaw ang ilaw na gumagabay at mag-gagabay sa amin patungo sa walang hanggan. Di ba walang iwanan, Meng?

  117. Rich says: Reply

    Seeing you again last Saturday made me so happy. Everglow…
    I must say you definitely look GORGEOUSLY STUNNING! ????
    I even ate at …. Just to see you some more. Hehe pero syempre di n lumapit. Kc I know dinner mo yun. I respect your privacy. Pero super saya ko makita ka . Hay… Fangirling heart cloud 9.
    Yeah true enough ang pahavs ng ADN for the week. As in fr your photos to pag like ni Alden jusmiyo! Super dmi nagbenefit! As in. Naghanap nga ko bka may pahavs ng MIRAGE! haaha

    Anyways, welcome back! And know that super dami p rin kme truly loving you and supporting you.


  118. kikay says: Reply

    Hello maine! Glad that u got some rest… excited na on your book…
    balik ka sa twiter world ah, madami kami naghihintay sau…
    Walang Iwanan…
    God Bless Always.

  119. Vine says: Reply

    Just write from your heart. Good luck and God bless you.

  120. Welcome back po ate Maine! I’ve been reading your post, habang nagbabasa ako napasabi ako sa sarili ko na talagang masaya dun si ate Maine sa Maldives nakapagrelax sya dun, malayo sa camera. Happy ako para sa sayo ate Maine! Hindi ka na namin pipilitin na bumalik agad sa Twitter we will just wait for you..
    Happy and grateful din po ako sa inyo..

  121. Lourile Espin says: Reply

    Hello po! I’m happy to have read an update in your blog. 🙂 Maldives suits you po.
    Regarding your book, I hope it’ll come out soon. I believe we’ll enjoy and love it, as much as how you have enjoyed writing it.
    Sana po you could spare a chapter for your parents, kasi they’re worthy of commendation sa pagpapalaki nya po sa inyong magkakapatid, especially sa’yo po. You have grown so much, but every time I see you perform on TV or on anywhere else in the social media feeds, I would really agree na hindi pa nga talaga nagsi-sink in sa’yo ang show business. You are still just your normal self! Nakaka amaze ang humility and genuineness mo! I hope you could also add how your life have been then nung hindi ka pa si Yaya Dub—what ignites your fire to wake up in the morning, to be happy, to be hopeful, to dream? And if you’re not afraid na magpakatotoo (the very first attitude I admire about you) ngayon, paano ka noon?

    Sending you all my love and admiration… 🙂

  122. Ruthie says: Reply

    It was so good to see your pics…relaxing, enjoying, having fun with your sister. I know how these negativity could affect your life. Wala talagang ibubungang maganda yan! Kaya when I read tweets, pag mega, STOP READING na! Next! Read Lang ng mga positive, yung magaganda Lang, yung makapagbibigay ngiti. You can’t please everybody kaya deadmabels na Lang sa kanilang mga walang masabi kundi kamaliaan at pintas.

    Mas madami kayong napapasayang tao at yung ang importante!! At yung masaya din kayo syempre!

    Praying for you and Alden…God bless you always!

    Nakapag-comment ng walang magma-mommy mommy. Hehehe, sleep na Kami! ❤️

  123. Manilyn Layson says: Reply

    Hi Meng!
    Can you add “Financial Education” in your book? Like, how did you manage your finances, save and invest? Yung version mo. Coz I think, you are in the position to influence us regarding that specific part in our lives. Salamat! ?
    God bless you!!! ???

  124. REFernandez says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    I can’t wait for your book!!!
    It would be nice if you’d include a portion where you get your inspiration or get that light bulb moments for your writings and career. Your fave things,places and people. Your bucketlist!

    So happy to finally meet you in person. As in! Bucketlist yun! Hindi na tumuloy mga ksama ko kc baka di rin daw sila makalapit or makapapic and sayang daw hours of travel or mag file ng leave (more or less 11 hrs back and forth) so ayun pikit mata ako lang mag isa nag travel from Cdo to Butuan..balikan waaaa as in ikaw (kayo ni Alden!) lang talaga sinadya ko. So lucky to see you upclose sa backstage..pero ayun na shy bigla..ayun lang regret ko kc nasa harap na kita nahiya pa ako mag selfie 🙁 pero im still very happy coz finally i get to see the person who brought so much joy and smile to my life. Thank you Maine!! #SoLidfanheresinceDayOne #walaAkongPakeSaMgaNegaNaFansAtBashers 😉

    1. REFernandez says: Reply

      I didnt took a lot of pics coz i wana savor the moment na nakita kita ng personal..old school haha parang ung time na di pa uso ang smart phones..but i was so happy that when u left..i said “Bye Maine!”..lumingon ka and waived back. Priceless!

  125. Carmela Ann says: Reply

    Hello Maine! welcome back, masaya ako para sayo at nakapag pahinga ka din kahit papano. Yong mga fans mo mahal na mahal ka nila at kasama ako dyan, mahal na mahal ko kayo ni alden. Ang napansin ko sa twitter bago ka mag deactivate maraming fans mo ang pinagtatanggol ka sa mga naninira sa inyo ni Alden, hindi kasi maiiwasan yan na hindi sila sasagot sa mga paninira na minsan napakalayo na sa katotohanan at hindi katanggap tanggap ang mga binibitawan nilang salita kaya normal lang na ipagtanggol kayo ni Alden ng ADN. Sa mga fans naman na nagaaway vs. fans din sa tingnin ko hindi naman seryosong away tinatama lang ng isang fans ang mali ng kapwa fans, lately nga d ba nagkaisa pa sila at napakasaya ng nangyari mga pa raffle at marami din silang natulungan, kaya sana bumalik ka na sa twitter miss na miss ka na ng ADN. Ingat kayo lagi ni Alden, I love you and Alden.. hindi nagbabago ang paghanga ko sayo ALDUB/Maichard pa din ako mula umpisa hannggang ngayon..

  126. ARTURO ADAPON says: Reply

    Hi Menggay, welcome back, You really deserved your short vacation in Maldives, nice to watch you again on Eat Bulaga’s Sugod Bahay Dabarkads and make us laugh and kilig again…Tataa yan uyyy..

  127. Alelli says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    Good to see you back! And nice to hear again from you theough your blogsite! Funny, I’ve seen that movie too and yeah, true its kinda kilig.. specially when they ended up together..
    Anyway, welcome back and just be the same person as you are as before and don’t let those not so good things get into you!

    Silent follower here…

  128. Ampy says: Reply

    Hi, Maine! It’s good to see you back, energized and well-rested! My suggestion for a topic to write in your book is about you and Alden. I know in my heart what you mean to each other from what I have read from your blogs, twits, writings, heard from your interviews and seen of the both of you on almost all occasions. The others, however, may not have the chance, the opportunity, the access to all proof and manifestations of your relationship … I would suggest the topic for them.

    I love and support you and Alden. God bless you both and your families and your future family. Thank you for bringing us joy and happiness.

  129. Guil says: Reply

    Tagal mong nawala sa blog, Maine. Hehe.. Uhm, can I be honest? (I know my opinion doesn’t matter but) I miss the old you, I mean the yaya dub early days bec. right now when I see articles of you I can’t help to comment na the industry makes you too commercialized. What I do instead is to think na it’s not your decision alone (the public campaigns) but more by the management. I still wish you well in your passion, Maine.

  130. I suggest you try Squarespace as your blogging platform. 🙂

  131. edz says: Reply

    hay weekend be like teenage days ( how i wish) buti pa c meng kahit pano enjoying the day ako kc naun medyo sad kc hon i not at home i understand kc she needs to go back home #familyfirst.. Dati kc weekend namin lay in bed and watch movie together sa laptop nya..either kiligin together kaso bugbog pag sobra syang kiligin..hahaha or kanya kanyang tago pag nakakatakot ung movie..i do really miss those days..

  132. Roses roses says: Reply

    reading your blog it feels like kausap kita in person hahaha, am one who super believe in your good personality , total package ka, good family, mabait na bata, nagkita na tau before sa isang shoot we had a short talk and its unforgettable, salamat for making other’s life happy …hope to see you again and ma sign mo ang book ! ingatzz!

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