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  • Until next time

    Last excursion together before we all part ways! Virgin Beach Resort at Laiya, Batangas with my best college buddies (- Janeeva) last April 22nd. I was about to ditch them (oops) because of my severe menstrual cramps that day but I’m glad I didn’t. I didn’t regret coming along because I had so much fun […]

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  • Salty air, salt in my hair

    My 19th birthday celebration! One of the most epic days of my life! 🙂 So.. I’ve decided to celebrate my 19th birthday in advance since my birthday is unfortunately on a Monday (which was just two days ago) I’ve been planning and stressing about my birthday celebration for weeks already. I was really planning to spend […]

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  • Friday night out

    Friday night well-spent with the college bfs!!! Going to a nightclub was the original plan last Friday, like it was planned weeks ago. But because I am not allowed to go home late (because my parents know I’m just going out for dinner with some friends) we had to change plans and go somewhere else […]

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  • Surprise party for Maryse

    One of the hardest events I’ve eeeever planned. (not even an event planner….ugh) Sobrang nakakastress pero keribels dahil successful ang surprise party. Since it’s her 18th, and alam naman natin na special yun for us girls, we tried to make her party, debut-ish as much as possible. What I mean is, typical debut; with 18 roses 18 […]

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  • On her way to euphoria

    It was held at Cabanas grand pavilion (here in Bulacan for those who din’t know) As mentioned, it was a retro/vintage-themed party. Knowing Cristine, love na love nya talaga ang vintage. Have I told you she loves using her grand mother’s clothes? Charot lang! Sobrang fab kaya ni Cristine, I love the way she dress […]

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  • Happy 17th, Katrina Nicolas!

    Her birthday’s actually last Thursday pa, but we weren’t able to see each other that day so we celebrated her birthday yesterday (January 22nd) in her place. We surprised her with party poppers, party hats, a dora birthday banner and shempre the most important thing during someone’s birthday, a cake. Btw I’m with Liezl, Jozelle, […]