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  • Bora Escapade

    So here it is.. the much-awaited Boracay trip. (I was so busy taking videos that I forgot that I need photos, too! Argh! Should have kept my snapchat story that day!) It was really my 21st birthday celebration. I have not been to Bora yet–in my twenty years of existence–and this time I wanted to celebrate […]

  • Monotonous life
  • So long, freedom

    Last week (23rd-29th) was by far the best week I’ve had since I got back from the States. The parentals left for Dubai last Monday and went back yesterday (Sunday), so I kind of had a freedom for a week. I actually had it all planned weeks before; what to do, where to go etc. […]

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  • To the best years of our lives

    Birthday Celebration was the bomb! Belated happy happy happy birthday to us, Kamille and Sammy girl! It was the perfect time to visit Gramercy because they re-launched (Fiamma’s) Fresh Fridays on the same night. The night was basically filled with good music, good company and good vibes. And oh, don’t forget the greaaat view! (I […]

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  • Salty air, salt in my hair

    My 19th birthday celebration! One of the most epic days of my life! 🙂 So.. I’ve decided to celebrate my 19th birthday in advance since my birthday is unfortunately on a Monday (which was just two days ago) I’ve been planning and stressing about my birthday celebration for weeks already. I was really planning to spend […]

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  • Finally legal!

    Itey na talagey! (photos will take a little while to load) Checked in at Luxent Timog the night before. It was a Friday, may pasok ako until 8. Noon palang feel ko na yung tension. I wasn’t even able to sleep that night (not because of excitement) kundi dahil kabang kaba ako. I was so […]

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  • My 18th

    Chos. Hindi pa ito yung debut ko. I need more time to come up with that post. Sa sobrang daming ganap hindi ko na alam kung saan at kung paano magsisimula. I don’t know what to include and what not to. I honestly don’t feel like doing a post about it basically because I just […]

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  • Surprise party for Maryse

    One of the hardest events I’ve eeeever planned. (not even an event planner….ugh) Sobrang nakakastress pero keribels dahil successful ang surprise party. Since it’s her 18th, and alam naman natin na special yun for us girls, we tried to make her party, debut-ish as much as possible. What I mean is, typical debut; with 18 roses 18 […]

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  • Dean’s 14th birthday

    Dean (the one who’s’ trying to reach you)’s birthday dinner at buffet 101, Rob magnolia. Actually my first time to be in Rob Magnolia, mm okay naman.. Very spacious, di pa masyado crowded unlike other malls, mainly because a lot of stores haven’t opened yet. Meet the family!!! Starting off with Nanay, in her awkward smile. […]

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  • Jannica’s 17th!

    Finally the baby girl of the barkada turned 17!!! Belated happy birthday to one of my best college friends, Jannica! I gave her a bag as a present. I remember kasi before we shop for tour expo props, we went muna sa Trn. Hanap sya ng costume for tour expo din. I was at the […]