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    Hi guys! Kamusta? Ako eto, okay naman.. buhay pa naman. Well, it is holiday today and I just finished having a much needed 2-hour body massage. And as I wait for my late merienda (Happy Lemon’s Cocoa with rocksalt and cheese [a fave!] and pizza) I thought it would be nice to write a new entry. […]

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    First off, my apologies for the sudden blogging hiatus. Things got busy when I got to California four weeks ago because all we did was to roam around West Coast. But! Before I look back on to what occurred the past five/six weeks, I want to let you guys know that I’m back in the […]

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  • ✓ cliff dive

    I just thought of sharing with you guys the cliff diving incident that happened a couple of weeks ago. Nicole, a good friend, invited us to hangout for she was already leaving Bolton Landing the following week. Samantha wanted to go boating so she asked Nicole if we could just put off the original plan (which […]

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    Do you ever feel like you don’t want to be with your friends at times? No, not because you want to spend some time alone.. It’s just you don’t feel like being with them. You’re not comfortable having them around. You’re not in the mood to get along with them. Sadly, I get to feel […]

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  • Batangas outing

    Went to Batangas with Kat and her college friends.. supposed to be with HS barkada but most of them weren’t allowed. Planado na yan eh, since high school graduation, usapan we’ll go to Subic during summer every year. Get together, bonding din since we don’t get to see each other often anymore. Pero this time, […]

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  • Baguio day 1

    The last time I went to Baguio was probably like 11-14 years ago, oh diba bongga? Kaya naman I got really really excited for this weekend vacation with some of my favorite people. Special thanks to the birthday girl, Kamille Samidan, for sponsoring everything. Belated happy birthday again, girl! Feb 7: Just an ordinary Thursday […]

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  • Caritas Christi Urget Nos!

    Happy feast day, St. Paul! Happy St. Paul’s week, Paulinians!!!! 😀 January’s the “petiks” month in St. Paul Bocaue, favorite month ko ata yun noon. I get really really excited for Januaries when I was in high school, iniintay ko talaga! Despite the fact that there are no exams during that month (which means chill […]

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  • Star city………. again?

    Late post, na traffic yung pictures eh. But still, thank you Ola for uploading it! Star City (Fri)day with college buddies! (Steph, Ola, AJ, Steph, Kamille, Jannica and I) Sa sobrang late I can hardly remember the exact date, but I think this was mid-September. Biglaang gala lang with friends, actually it was Steph who asked […]