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  • Baguio day 3

    After decades, finally!! Baguio day three!! Can hardly remember what happened that day. Ano bang ganap non?! Waley, a lot of plans got cancelled. Supposed to go to tree top pero kulang sa time, we had to leave early.. dahil sakin. KJ ako eh, chos just had somewhere very very very important to go. Sa […]

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  • A night with Koko

     Hi guys! Kamusta? It’s been a while since I last put together a blog post & I’m well overdue kaya eto na! Same old excuse; Been really busy with school this past few days, actually ’til now… and next week.. and next next week. Project deadlines and finals, hell weeks!! On a lighter note, we […]

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  • College best friends ♥

    This is actually a part of ‘how I spent my Friday’ post, but I’ve decided to just separate the two. 😀 I hope all of you, okay maybe most of you guys know who my college friends are. Baka mamaya banggit ako ng banggit ng pangalan tapos hindi nyo alam kung sino sila sa mga […]

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  • Verceles twins’ legalization

    Janeeva’s 18th(yes, she’s already 18) was one of the best/fun nights of my college life. Her birthday’s actually on June 4 but they (Jan & Jam) celebrated their debut last Saturday. Okay so dun muna tayo sa birthday nya mismo.. Hmm we planned not to greet her. Since it’s her first time to celebrate her […]

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  • Sleepover!

    Maryse, Kamille, Jan and Thamae slept over our house last Thursday night!!! 😀 Okay yung first muna, so nung Monday i told them na about this sleepover. My parents will be out of the country for a week kasi so yun pwede kaming magingay or what sa house since my parents aren’t here. Grabe monday […]