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  • 12/25/2015

    Okay so I was supposed to post this entry the day before we left for Japan, but I unfortunately had a shitty internet connection during that time that’s why this entry wasn’t published successfully. I choose not to redraft the whole thing (to avoid any confusion) so I am still posting this as it is. So let us rewind […]

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  • The Conjuring

    Wasn’t feeling well the other day (severe dysmenorrhea as usual!) so I thought watching a movie with my friends would make me feel a little better cause all I have to do was just sit back and watch. So we went to the mall to see.. The movie was pretty terrifying, it wasn’t as scary […]

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  • Love burns brighter than sunshine

    Been listening to this song for a couple of days already.. And I really really cannot stop listening to it. I play it as soon as I wake up, while in the shower, while eating, while in the car, before I sleep.. all the friggin time. The song is just heartbreakingly wonderful, I think it’s […]