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  • The Sunday Currently | 05

    It’s All Saint’s Day today and also a start of a new month. Happy November 1st everyone! Are you aware that we’re only 53 days away from Christmas? Yikes! Are you guys feeling the Christmas vibe already? Christmas jingles are always up on the radio and those Christmas lights and lanterns are set out on the […]

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  • Sunday Currently | 02

    So we just got back from Hundred Islands, Pangasinan last night; a one day vacation with the Seminary family. Nakakabitin sobra. I didn’t even get to enjoy the beach! Even so, I did have a good time with some good company. Most of the time were spent on the road, though– travelling. CURRENTLY  Reading Still […]

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  • The Sunday Currently | 01

    I’ve been seeing a couple of The Sunday Currently posts from different bloggers all over the net. At first I was wondering why the hell do they have the same set of contents(?!), not knowing it was a link up made by Siddathornton! (blame those who do not credit the original owner!) Well anyway I’ve thought about joining […]