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  • Saturday Currently

    KS sa US! See you dabarkads and ADN dyan sa LA and New York! Okay so I changed Sunday currently to Saturday Currently, just this time! Just so I could post something before I leave for the States tonight (for KS sa US). It’s been a long while since my last blog entry and I […]

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  • Things I miss | 01

    I’ve been missing A LOT of things, events and people lately.. and I thought maybe writing about it/sharing it with you guys would somehow lessen the “longing” feeling I have for them. It happens to me all the time; it is like I remember a specific something, cast my mind back to it, long for […]

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    First off, my apologies for the sudden blogging hiatus. Things got busy when I got to California four weeks ago because all we did was to roam around West Coast. But! Before I look back on to what occurred the past five/six weeks, I want to let you guys know that I’m back in the […]

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  • Boating

    Boating around Lake George with the roomies and two other friends. We thought this might be the last chance to go boating because winter is about to come and it’s starting to get really cold here in Bolton Landing. In a way, I’d say we got lucky with the weather because it was sunny that afternoon. […]

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  • House party!

    So a party was held at our pad last Sunday; it was our friends’ birthday celebration. And it was (un)fortunately held in our unit for this is the most (and the only) convenient place to throw a party. I’ve never actually been to an “American” party (or a house party for that matter) in my […]

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  • Omelette x Bacon girl

    We started our training four days after we arrived. I was assigned to be at the egg/omelette station (along with Thamae, a friend) at the buffet breakfast of La Bella Vita, a casual dining restaurant at The Sagamore Hotel at Bolton Landing, NY. And since I’m on the breakfast shift, my usual call time is […]