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  • Paano ba?

    So I had a pretty good amount of comments/replies on my Vday Playlist entry regarding on how they are going to spend their Valentines Day. I’ve read a couple and I have noticed that most of them have basically the same plans on that day: Go out with the family and spend some quality time […]

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  • V-day rant (?)

    Can you believe it’s already the tenth of February. Just four more days to Valentine’s day. (..so what?) Do you guys have any plans? Going out on a dinner date with someone? Going out with your friends? Staying in? Valentine’s day is not just for lovers. I want to make this clear to everyone once […]

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  • They don’t know about us

    “People say we shouldn’t be together Too young, to know about forever But I say they don’t know what they’re talking about ‘Cause this love is only getting stronger So I don’t wanna wait, any longer I just wanna tell the word that your mine boy They don’t know about the things we do They […]