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    It’s Monday! Yeah I know, the weekend went by too fast and some of you have to get through five days of hell again. But hey, we’re on to the last week of May! …wait that’s another bad news, isn’t it? Anyway! I hope you guys enjoyed Summer! Nakapag walwal ba ng matindi mabuti or tengga lang sa bahay? In […]

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    Last excursion together before we all part ways! Virgin Beach Resort at Laiya, Batangas with my best college buddies (- Janeeva) last April 22nd. I was about to ditch them (oops) because of my severe menstrual cramps that day but I’m glad I didn’t. I didn’t regret coming along because I had so much fun […]

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    Another “kagaguhan” video by yours truly I just can’t think of ways on how to make my summer (last 2 weeks! 🙁 ) productive. Not sure if posting it on my Facebook wall was a good idea.. it’s good to share a laugh sometimes. He he