“That’s how it works”

I’ve been in the industry for a year already. How time flies! (Parang 4 na buwan palang!) And in a span of a year, there are a lot of things that I have learned and figured out–both good and bad– that I didn’t know about before. After all the things that I have done and been into, I have come to realize a lot of things..

Recently I have been wondering about the current happenings around; and there is this one incident that made me question some things. (Not to mention what that incident was about) but it was something that I did not expect to happen because I did not think it was appropriate to be done. So I asked this certain someone about it, and the only thing that she said to me was “That’s how it (show business) works.” That response made me question everything; it was the kind of response I did not expect to come from someone who is very perceptive when it comes to these things–also from someone who’s very close to me. It was shocking though I did try to apprehend her perspective, but in the end I still failed to get her stance about the whole matter. Anyway, the whole thing is basically about *clears throat* pleasing people.

tell me why

I don’t really get the point of pleasing others. Seriously. If there is one thing in this world that I would never do, that would be it– pleasing people. I mean, we are in a world full of pretentious beings. Especially in my case, I am living in a world full of barbies– and no, it ain’t fantastic. Some people have really mastered the art of pretension; and it is up to us to determine what’s real and what’s not. We’ll meet and deal with different kinds of people in our lifetime and that includes the pretentious ones. Anyway, it is something that I could not and would never understand. Why bother trying to be someone you are not when you can just be yourself? Why seek for people’s approval on how to live your life? Why let other people’s opinions define you? Is that how it should work?

Some people kept on telling me that I should be this, this, this, and that I should do this, this, this, and all that but I kept on telling them NO– I don’t think I need to be all these “this” to be liked by people. I do not need and want to pretend to be someone I am not and do something I am not willing to do just to be loved and “accepted” by the people in this “barbie world”. I would never change who I am just to conform to the norms of this industry. Sure, “that’s how it works”, but I am who I am; and it’s up to people if they will like me or not.

 If there is one thing people should always remember, that’d be this:
We are not born to please everybody.
You should know that not everybody will like you for who you are and what you do and you just have to accept it. C’est la vie. Live your life the way you want and not the way others would want you to. You do not need to change who you are as a person just to be adored by others. There will always be people who will dislike you and will try to bring you down; and no matter how good of a person you are, they will always have something bad to say about you– and that’s alright, c‘est la vie.

How others see you is none of your business, at the end of the day what matters most is how you see yourself. You cannot control how others see you and think of you. I do not think there is a need for you to pretend to be someone else in front of people just so they’d say good things about you. For as long as you know that you have done nothing wrong to anyone then I don’t think there’s something for you to be worried about. Live your life the way you want to be and stop seeking for people’s approval in everything you do. Accept the reality that you cannot please everybody and we are not born to do that. Always be true to yourself and to those around you and remain that way– that would be enough. Remember that there will always be people who will love you; but it’s best to be loved for who you really are than who you are trying to be.


..that’s how it should work. 🙂

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  1. ChaCha Salo says: Reply

    This is a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s always wonderful to read your blog. I hope you could do it more often despite your busy schedule. That being said, I am happy that you get to have this time off for yourself (and loved ones).

    I just want to let you know that you make people happy… and it’s SUPER refreshing to find out that you make us happy but because you are compelled to do it, but because you just love doing it. Thanks a lot and God bless you! 🙂

    1. krista says: Reply

      Super ganda… Yes C’est la vie. <3 A blogger like me <3

    2. krista says: Reply

      Super Ganda ate Maine <3 YES! C’est la vie. A blogger like me. Godbless you always and off course to your better half. 😛 Alam mo na yun :*

    3. Virgie Roperez says: Reply

      Maine, I am realistic too. I totally agree with you, you are not a robot to please everybody. When I watch your movie, I admire you more. Be who you are and we love you for that. Hope to see you here in Singapore. Congratulations to you. You are Superb in the movie.I can see Julia Roberts in you.
      Can’t wait for more from you.
      Stay strong and keep that belief we are not born to please everyone, because there is no way we can do that. Some humans are born insecure and envious,no satisfaction and contentment, correct me if I’m wrong.ust want to let you know, I am very happy with Kalye Serye, thanks to you and Jowapao.Thanks to you that I am able to watch Eat Bulaga again after so many years.
      God bless.

  2. ChaCha Salo says: Reply

    This is a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s always wonderful to read your blog. I hope you could do it more often despite your busy schedule. That being said, I am happy that you get to have this time off for yourself (and loved ones).
    I just want to let you know that you make people happy… and it’s SUPER refreshing to find out that you make us happy not because you are compelled to do it, but because you just LOVE doing it. Thanks a lot and God bless you! 🙂

    1. babes says: Reply

      nothing much to say, absolutely you are right and i for one totally agree with you… 👍.. sbi nga ng isang line doon sa favorite singer ko na si billy joel,,, DON’T GO CHANGING, TO TRY AND PLEASE and the last part of the song is,, I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE…. ❤️

  3. Lorraine Chuaquico says: Reply

    That’s the main reason why you are loved by many. You are just being yourself and that’s enough. You taught us that we are enough of who we are and that’s okay because as you said we cannot please everybody. Thank you for existing. I love you.

    “Accept the reality that you cannot please everybody and we are not born to do that.”

  4. coco says: Reply

    nicomaine dei mendoza..this is what we..aldubnation really loves about you. a young girl who is not afraid to show who she really is in this entertainment industry. dont ever ever change. just do what makes you happy. we will always be here for you and alden no matter what. be true. PAK. GANERN. 🙂

  5. jweyap says: Reply

    …just continue being yourself– that, in the first place made me (us) love/appreciate you– that sets you apart from others who are in the showbiz “barbie” world- you (and Alden) are REAL! So, don’t ever- ever , ever change and be eaten by the industry that you are in…

  6. Betty Lou says: Reply

    Kudos to you my dear. Never let the so called “barbie world” change you. Your being REAL is what sets you apart from them and that’s why I and people love you. Keep it genuine and true all the time. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Noel says: Reply

    Exactly why people love you. You are so ‘real’. Thanks for being so.

  8. Elaine says: Reply

    Bravo! Stay as you are, we love you as it is and you don’t need to change anything to please anyone, just stay true and grounded. God bless and protect you and your good heart. ILY Maine. Stay happy

  9. Aw. Very well said Maine. One of the many reasons why i look up to you this much, because you never let the world define you. You are different that’s why you stand out. Meng you’re the reflection of today’s youth but nonetheless, instilled in your heart are the values of the past. You’re truly an inspiration to us. Thank you for being you, menggay! Hope you never ever change. Because I, We rather, loves you just the way you are, always! God bless loves!

  10. Maylen says: Reply

    maging totoo ka lng sa sarili mo maine,mamahalin ka ng tao kahit sino ano ka pa..susuporta kami lgi sa buhy showbis mo..god bless you!

  11. Che de Jesus says: Reply

    always be your authentic self. that’s why so many love you and admire you. amidst everything that is almost entirely fake, stay true and real and honest. that’s what makes you YOU. and if people have trouble with that, that’s their problem. not yours.
    as you say, kebs lang.

  12. chai says: Reply

    Hi Maine very well said… KUDOS to you! God Bless You A|M…

  13. The Great says: Reply

    Wow! This is the main reason why we love you. Don’t let showbiz change you. Stay true to yourself. God bless!

  14. Ann Jerusalem says: Reply

    We live in this world where people we meet and deal with is a mix of reality and pretentions. It’s up to us how to know those who are true or just pretending unto you. As long as you are grounded and backed up by your own values and you for yourself know who you are then kebs na sa mga taong mapagpanggap. I agree that we cannot please everybody because if you live by pleasing the people you meet everyday then everyday of your life is a failure too. Not everyone will like you or most often they will criticize and displease you with their criticism but as long as you have been true to yourself, you’ve shown everyone your true colors then you have nothing to worry about. As long as you’re happy with what you do then there’s no point of being worried with what others will say. Not that you’re dismissing some constructive criticisms because those will also help you better your own self but when you know that you are loved by being yourself is a better feeling than being loved but under some different circumstances.

    Thanks menggay for another worthy blog. You inspire others to express their own thoughts in a way that they can also inspire others too. More of this Menggay! Keep on doing what you love! We’re here to back you up.

    1. Ann says: Reply

      We love you just the way you are Menggay!

  15. rose mapua says: Reply

    i met and had a chit-chat with you for a couple of times. and with those times, i admire your simplicity and authenticity as a person. not to mention the info i’ve gathered from my daughter as your friend and colleague. kudos to your parents who raised you up to be a good natured person!

  16. @thejoellaine says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing, Maine. “Showbiz” defined by itself as (just for) SHOW BUSINESS. It sucks how you are surrounded with a lot of conformists. Thank you that you are not lured with all bogus business deals and is staying true to yourself. After all, that’s why you are loved by millions. Continue to be the antithesis of that ridiculous “plastic world.” We are always here for you even when you choose to stay out of the spotlight. But please, hold on for now huh?? We still need you to inspire a lot of people. I’ve seen a lot of celebs followed by people who have the same age bracket as theirs. But I have never seen anyone (until you came) followed by a lot of people “in different walks of life.” CONTINUE TO ASPIRE TO INSPIRE. WE GOT YOUR BACK.

  17. Sador Ikin says: Reply

    Strong, very strong lines. I have some questions for clarification or thoughts differing from yours but then, I am willing to defer those and opt to listen more from you, simply because I totally agree with your last line – “Remember that there will always be people who will love you; but it’s best to be loved for who you really are than who you are trying to be. … that’s how it should work. 🙂

    Showbiz like politics is not an exacting science but an art, an art of dealing with humanity. Indeed, it is impossible to please everyone, more especially if expected in one time, hence better to be true than to be pleasing but, but (I do not know if you’ll agree) with out being obtrusive.

  18. Hi Maine! I appreciate you for posting this, and doubly so for just being who you are! This was such a timely post as just this morning, I was reading my Bible and was led to John 12:43, where it says, “for they loved the approval of men rather than the approval of God.” I’m so glad that I am looking up to someone who isn’t under this “people-pleaser trap” and moreover inspires me to be the same way. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep being who you are because that person is one beautiful soul! Love you, couz! (Push ko talaga na cousins tayo jk hi haters please let me be)

  19. Hi Maine… salute to a one of a kind u… stay stuck.. we will support u always.. this is the reason y u are loved by many people coz ur so genuine in all ways… love yah.. jope to see you soon.!

  20. Kathy says: Reply

    Yes my dear Maine as long as you are true to yourself and to the people close to you and the people you meet each day that all that matters … Keep your values intact and be a blessing to everyone you meet.. Don’t lose yourself in this barbie world .. Always pray with a grateful heart ..

  21. marly says: Reply

    excellent piece..as always..reading your blog is very enlightening..its food for the soul..i ran out of superlatives to describe you menggay..you make a lot of people happy including me of course..continue to inspire people..just keep it real..we love the real you..we remain..

  22. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Stay as you are Meng please dont change just to please other people we love you for who you are. Wag mo na isipin masyado ang ibang mga tao na gusto baguhin ang pagkatao mo ang mahalaga ay nagpapakatotoo ka sa sarili mo. God bless you always

  23. Joyce Sierra says: Reply

    thanks for a refreshing take on this. i hope more young people will be inspired by your stance – people have no business dictating how or what a person should be. that’s one of the causes of strews among the young, being accepted for who they are and not how people want them to be.

    as a parent, i’m thankful for young, sensible and good-natured celebrities like you and alden who have become God’s instrument to inspire the people.

    we love you for who you are, period!

  24. Sador Ikin says: Reply

    Strong, very strong lines, Maine’s unsmiling side. If only we can be apprised of the “incident”, we can have a better appraisal.

    I totally agree though with this – “Remember that there will ALWAYS be people who will love you; but it’s best to be loved for who you REALLY ARE than who you are TRYING to be. …that’s how it SHOULD work.”

    I only hope, that “”close friend” understands.

  25. Dhory says: Reply

    That’s so true.. that is why you are love by many because you are true person. Dont let other people dictate you. You know what is best for yourself

  26. Rainy Dence Lozada says: Reply

    You are very right in this Meng. This is one of the gazillion reasons why we love you,(and RJ as well) you’re not pretentious in any way. Keep on being real Bibi Girl, showbiz is all ready full of *ehem* fake people and we are all sick and tired of it. I’d always rather see you real instead of being one of them no matter what. “Not all that glitters is gold,” this is true because not all that it good and pleasing to the eyes is gold but in your case, I know your golden heart and soul will not only glitter but will always shine because you are GENUINE. We’ll always take and love you as you are Meng because REAL is always the BEST. God bless. ❤

  27. Maru says: Reply

    Good for you for standing for what you believe in. Not many showbiz personalities have the courage to act and be the person who they truly are. For as long as you are not stepping on anyone’s shoes, stand your ground and stay true to yourself. God will always be by your side and guide you in the right path!

    Take Care always and … GOD BLESS!

  28. dee says: Reply

    Indeed, people should love you for who you are. True in the “real” world but on the world of showbiz, i doubt. I always believed that you and Alden are true to yourselves. Don’t let this bashing ruin that belief. God bless you both.

  29. chai says: Reply


  30. Mommies4Maine says: Reply

    You never cease to amaze me (& I believe the same to your entire fandom) You’re wise beyond your years. (Sure you’re only 21?) More than that, you have the bravery of a warrior who will fight for what he/she stands for, no matter the consequences. But most of all, you have the discernment guided by righteousness & honesty entrenched in your self-respect & Christian values. Kudos to your strong faith & family breeding. Please know that because of how you command yourself, you have instilled the same to your public. God endowed you with so much talent & feistiness to enable you to stand up for reality. You’re one of a kind, Maine Mendoza. May God bless you always!

  31. Maria B says: Reply

    What a lovely Sunday morning (Vancouver time) to start with! Saw tweeter notif regarding your latest blog. Although it’s hard to get in but because we’re opposite time, I’ve waited and finally read it! Lots of people admire you for being you and that’s including me! Keep it that way! As you are one of my daily dose of meds that I cannot skip on my entire life. God Bless You More! Take care my dear!

    BTW! Eight of us watched yesterday Imagine You and Me at Cineplex Odeon International (Saturday July 23 at 6:40 Vancouver). As Direk Mike said to stay until the end and I enjoyed it so much! Way to go Maine! My youngest brother and his wife are non- ALDUB fans but both of them said, you did a great job that you’re so natural and they enjoyed it so much! I’ll watch IYAM again! Love you Meng! Take extra care Meng! All the best to you and your wonderful family!

  32. jessa says: Reply

    Now, I get curious of the incident. (chismosa lang ang peg) hehehe… nevertheless, you’ve got a point. In the world that we live in whether in show business or just regular world. There’s no such thing that you can please everybody. Thank you for teaching us that you can succeed in this life without sacrificing your TRUE identity. You are such an inspiration to the world Menggay and to think that you are 10 yrs younger than me. Maybe, I am a late bloomer. Anyways, just keep it up and be real. We love you just the way you are. God Bless You and Richard as always.

  33. SweatyWizardCherryBlossom says: Reply

    Atta girl! Never kiss peoples asses! (… Or at least know when to kiss one!) Cheers!

  34. Marie L. says: Reply

    Your post is so on point! There will always be people around you that are so fake/pretentious, they even make Barbie look real. Let them, but don’t let them affect you. People will always try to bring you down or always has something negative to say about you, so why bother? Be true to yourself. They don’t feed you nor pay your bills.

    And just so you know, this is why people loves you, Maine. You are a breathe of fresh air; someone incorruptible in the world full of Barbies and Kens. Hayaan nalang natin sila, hindi natin sila bati. Basta ang importante, masaya tayo at totoo sa ating munting mundo ng Aldub Nation. We love you! 🙂

  35. angel alexandra says: Reply

    We love you maine,mahal ka namin dahil totoo ka.Always take care❤

  36. myrna/fiona says: Reply

    Well said Maine. I always look forward to your blog updates coz I don’t only find your writings to be interesting but I learn a lot too. You are young and in fact less than half my age but you seemed to have matured with your thoughts/insights of “life.” Thank you so much for the “sharing” and “mahalo” for being you. – from a non fan of any stars and who became your avid fan for almost a year now and looking forward to forever, hope we’ll have a chance to see you in person here in Hawaii. (We were at EB last June 13 hoping to see a glimpse of you and Richard but you were not there because of the “dinosaur” thing. I was frustrated but I will not stop hoping that one day I will be blessed and fortunate to see you in person.)

  37. Amber Reigne says: Reply

    TRUE!!! No matter what you say or do… no matter how good and kind you really are… there will always be people who will be critical of everything about you and people that surround you… It is innate in everyone including you, to disagree with choices other people close to you or not, make… JUST BE YOU!!! It is better to be hated for who you really are than to be loved for being someone you are not…

  38. Marites Holland says: Reply

    hi Maine, after reading this blog. I am highly and have respect of you. You are absolutely right. You cannot please everybody and you’re right, be yourself and do what you want, stop pretending to be somebody.
    GOD bless and more power to you and may I include Alden as well, sorry if I have to say this. But whatever it is, I do respect your relationship. I love you both.

  39. Marites Holland says: Reply

    Hi Maine, after reading this blog. I am highly and have respect to you.You are absolutely right. You cannot please everybody and you’re right, be yourself and do what you want, stop pretending to be somebody.
    GOD bless and more power to you and may I include Alden as well, sorry if I have to say this. But whatever it is, I do respect your relationship. I love you both.

  40. netteRj says: Reply

    It is really a sad realization of finding out what’s going on with the world that you are in now. Like an awakened feeling of an idealistic university graduate that all theories learned were much different from actual practice. However, with all these,you have to be strong, especially on being the REAL YOU. Take care always. Thank you for making a lot of people smile, you lessen our daily stress in this hard to please world. God bless you always!!!

  41. Anne says: Reply

    Well-said with conviction, girl! Never ever conform to the norms of the world if it is against your will. At the end of the day, what matters is what is real in your heart and the voice inside your head. Keep that strength with you and be guided with faith (not guided by barbie makers!) The world is already full of fakes everywhere.

    Hugs from Dxb!

  42. Sherrylnrtwit says: Reply

    While others are living a pretentious life ( barbie world, I like how you use those words), you (Maine) are enjoying and living a happy real life. Stay true to yourself and you’ll live longer and contented, NO REGRETS!!!

  43. Menchu S. says: Reply

    I agree with you a hundred percent.
    Which brings me to an idea the general viewing population hold on to, “LTs are never allowed to say the truth about their real relationship”, whatever it is. I asked this someone in the know and I was given that very same answer that was given you IIWII (it is what it is). “Eh ganun talaga,” and she explained it to me simply as “Marketing 101” which brought me to another common viewpoint of the general populace which is “showbiz celebrities are commodities”.
    I guess that’s where all the “pretending” stems from–I think. Money, plain and simple. I should be better looking so I need cosmetic surgery. I need to act finer to be better liked by the “A crowd”. I should lose/gain weight to look more attractive on TV. I have to hide what I feel for this person so that I could be partnered with other people. Etc. It’s all about pleasing the boss, the endorsers and pleasing the viewers. And some people think that that’s the only way. And sometimes, since that “rule” (that’s how it is) has been there for a long time that it couldn’t be broken anymore. Shouldn’t be broken.
    Praise God that you came and broke all rules.
    I noticed that every time a celebrity gets interviewed after meeting you (even Alden) the common comment is that you are the real thing. What gives me a pause is when they say it with wistfulness in their faces. Maybe one time in their lives, when they were just starting, when they were still idealistic and principled, they were also “real” and were holding on to the same sentiments that you still do. Maybe that’s why those celebrities usually end their interviews with, “please don’t change”. I wonder if they see you as their unicorn that, they discover, actually exists. A dream came to life.
    I pray that you, too, would never change and if ever you feel you are starting to, and not for the better, decide to leave as soon as possible. As it is, since our Lord God chose to put you on such a high place, I pray He would give you the strength to fight for what is right. The truth is worth fighting for.
    God bless you Ms. Mendoza.

  44. Rony Planas says: Reply

    I admire you for being so real. Stay true to yourself…you have support.
    God Bless You, Maine

  45. Minnie Suba says: Reply

    Maine, thanks for sharing your thoughts. The very reason I think you connect so well with people is because of your genuine nature. We enjoy watching you because you are unique and a breath of fresh air.

    The pressure to please others is something we have to learn to overcome at any and every stage of our life. I find that even now that I am in my early forties I have to set a standard for myself not dictated by what others say or expect of me. I also think social media play a tremendous influence in creating this so-called ‘reality’ that becomes the norm ( kahit malayo pa sa katotohanan). And some people are quick to judge and think that they can just voice their opinion about issues that they have no right to meddle with.

    Be careful with the people you choose to surround yourself with.

    Kahit maraming nega, know that there’s even more of your supporters who wish you well in your career. Marami kang napapasaya. Stay as you are! ❤️❤️❤️

  46. Freshyuzz says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    You are one of the few writers/bloggers that I admire the most. For the record also you were the only celebrity that I followed like this because I see the real You in you. Your simplicity and being true really captivates the attention of me. Thank you for sharing this Maine and thank you for inspiring me to write. God Bless you always ☺

  47. annalyn caliboso says: Reply

    I am a fan of yours !!my mother (and niece) is the one who always talked about you everytime we talk in skype before , ’til now. They both love
    you !! That’s when my curiousity about you started, since then i started to like you ,follow you, and now admire and love you.. Stay as sweet and genuine as you are no matter what happened, coz it’s always reflects in your eyes what you really feels. Remember that no matter what you do, people would never run out of saying something against you. So just be who you are and enjoy the journey of your life the way you want it to be . It’s just a matter of “acceptance and forgiveness” , accept the reality that you cannot please everyone, and forgive them for they were not able to see the real and beauty within you. Being the real you is enough to prove yourself and to see your worth, dont mind them .. They didn’t deserved your time and effort, anyway!!

  48. Patrick gonzalez says: Reply

    Maine is lenny bruce , the clash, dead kennedys, putriska,jose garcia villa, amelia earhart, maita gomez, mighty mighty bosstones. Trumbo, breaking bad, hehe lahat uncompromising!

  49. Ana James says: Reply

    Hi Maine, thanks to your blog, I admired the genuinely and sincerity of your thoughts. Keep that way, be true to yourself, don’t ever change just to pleases moulded people. People are people, especially the Shadable, they always something to tell about you, when in fact you done nothing to them. Hear this, genuine diamond cam be tested though it’s glitters. Remember the brightness of the star as you look up at them

  50. Ana James says: Reply

    Hi Maine, thanks to your blog, I admired the genuinely and sincerity of your thoughts. Keep that way, be true to yourself, don’t ever change just to pleases moulded people. People are people, especially the Shadable, they always something to tell about you, when in fact you done nothing to them. Hear this, genuine diamond cam be tested though it’s glitters. Remember the brightness of the star as you look up at them. God vless

  51. Lyn says: Reply

    Dear Maine,
    Reading this made me love you more. You’re really one of a kind- a game changer in the showbiz world. How I wish you leave showbiz as this is not real, a world of pretentions and you’ll never know whom to trust and love. However, if you choose to stay, we will still be here supporting you. We love you and you’re more than enough for me, my family and my friends. You’re a woman of substance and principle. Just continue living your dreams and never ever let anyone change the way you are.

  52. Honeylyn Savares says: Reply

    Agree with everything you said. Being yourself is the only way for you to know if they will accept you or not. Your also right that you are surrounded by barbies and you dont need to be one of them to be liked or loved. That Maine Mendoza is the difference you had brought into this industry. Many people love you for being true. And I salute you for that. Hope that we got to meet each other sometime.

  53. coie velasco says: Reply

    you are one brave soul girl !go for what you really believe in ! You can’t go around pleasing everyone – if they do not like you, it should be the least of your concern; what matters most is you are you – real ! Genuine ! God will bless you more !

  54. Ms Dee says: Reply

    Maine,our dearest Maine! I never doubted how special u are in every way but you never cease to surprise me with your awesomeness!I’ve read that comment of that writer who said that he hope you’d be like Alden na Ma-PR referring to the meeting A had with Cristy Fermin& Sucaldito!I was so furious reading that and I did comment on ur IG my hope that you won’t go kissing people’s asses just to get their favor.I knew sumhow that u may not have read it but I wrote it sumhow to release my anger to that person! Then you wrote this blog! Wow! My judgment on you did not fail me!You’re the girl Maine!I can now see that all those time I wasted fangirling on you are worth it!You’re worth my time,you’re worth my admiration,you’re worth our support! Much Love fr ur fan from the other side!

  55. jenina ria says: Reply

    Very well said Maine that is why I love you so much from the start…. I just hope my birthday wish will be granted….sa Aug 4 punta kami sa Broadway sana andun ka saka weeksarry nio yon…sana maka pasok ako makita lang sana kita ukei na birthday ko…. god bless Maine…..mwaaaaah

  56. Marilyn says: Reply

    Chasing reality and living out its real sense is hard to find these days. Your truthful and grounded presence in the most pretentious world called show business is a breath of fresh air for many, including myself.
    People see you on TV, portraying various characters and that give us a serious dose of happiness. You take your work seriously and with so much professionalism. What is rare for millions to see is the real person behind the celebrity. People who are apt with technology and with the social media may take a peek at some bits of your real word but those common tao, the masa or the people whose daily dose of happiness everyday is sourced from that small square appliance called TV, what they see and hear can be easily confused as reality. How I wish that this blog entry you made can be shared with these people whose only access to see you is through their TV, so they can see and know a bit the real Maine Mendoza.

    Thank you and God bless you for your courage and for staying grounded. You definitely gained my respect and that will stay with me.

  57. Giebh says: Reply

    Dear Maine,
    I guess after a year of being a stalker/lurker, I would say it is the right time to show to the world, I think it is more to you, that I am a fan, a very low key fan, a modern liberal minded grandma (soon) fan After this latest blog of yours I decided to come out of hiding, hahah. In my 64 years of life, this is my second fan letter to a celebrity. The first one to Tom Hanks which I never sent unfortunately during the time when he won his first Oscar on Philadelphia (his acceptance speech moved me). You are my second one and I hope that you get to read this. I truly believe that Eat Bulaga is so blessed to have you. You are a revelation to all the people who witness not only your talents but also the kind of person you are; a person with a good heart and good values. The rest of the Philippine entertainment industry must be very curious of you most especially if they read your latest blog. One of the reasons I decided to write is to give another point of view. I am pretty sure that you are already aware of this. I’m talking about some celebs who can’t say NO due to their financial circumstances. They are manipulated and exploited by the people who are in the position to do such things. I do admire you for being able to say what you want/need to say.
    Ok, gotta go. Will watch IYAM in a couple of hours with my hubby. Take care and God bless.

  58. Deng says: Reply

    You nailed it! I’m not a fan of kissing asses too just to be liked by others or to conform to what they think should be. No one knows yourself better than yourself. If you are sincere and you treat others fairly, people will see that. Those who think highly of themselves are the ones who believe that you should bow to them for them to like you. Such is conceit. A lot of people like you and have embraced you (me included) because of who you are – sincere, brave and smart with a gentle heart. You are BEAUTIFUL in every sense of it. Keber sa kanilang lahat. Mabait kang tao that’s why I love you..so don’t be afraid to let them show your true colors..your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow.. (Ganern! May pakanta sa huli!)

  59. Peypey says: Reply

    I guess when maine said that she talked with someone and asked for HER opinion, that someone was ALDEN. Though she tried not to mention him and the incident involving alden’s visit to cristy fermin, it’s quite obvious that at some point, she was hurt by that. Nevertheless, slay them all the time Maine. Being the smart and genuine person that you are, people who try to control you would never succeed.

  60. Espie says: Reply

    I hope there’s more like you Maine. I hope this will lead to end the corruption in Philippine showbiz. The young artists na walang resources to keep “pleasing” others..then what do they end up giving?
    Some of them are probably exploited or worst abused. In my opinion those who give in are worst offenders.

    1. Sador Ikin says: Reply

      This indeed is the sad, rather most unfortunate end of the issue. Especially for the women artists / aspirants. They can lose their all / everything, just to attain some gain in the industry. In fact this was what I feared early on of Meng’s joining EB.

  61. JoieRNC says: Reply

    Keep it up Maine. We support you all the way.

  62. galing mo meng… iba ka talaga one of a kind…..pls bear in mind that ur pov is what the fans like about u…. uncimpromising!!!! mabuti na yun hindi perpekto pro mabuting tao kaysa sa nagbabait baitan…pro huwad.. love u meng marami kami a”ways remember that

  63. Carlos Madrid says: Reply

    very well said idol!! TIS NO WONDER YOU ARE LOVED! it´s still an enigma to me why people change just to satisfy others?! my take on this is ïf you can´t satisfy yourself, how could you satisfy others? I love how you are true to yourself keep at it please.

  64. Maricar says: Reply

    True.. We can’t please anybody. Super agree as long as you know your self, you never done wrong to others so why to worry. People are always have something to say. That’s the reality. The reason why many of us your fan loves you is by you being true to yourself. Stay as you are Meng. And be careful to people around you . And you are right,” thats how it’s should be work “. God bless you more Meng. We love you.

  65. You know what makes you so special, my dear? Is that you are unafraid to speak your mind and to hell to whatever the repercussions…. bravo, my dear! Be true to yourself, hold on to those you love and always be grateful for the blessings, love and support you still get despite being the real and genuine you! Don’t lose yourself in this Barbie world, my dear! You truly are a star that shines bright despite the darkness that’s encompassing this pleasing-hungry showbiz world… Kudos to you, my dear! Another great blogpost 🙂

  66. Monette says: Reply

    Be yourself is enough to LOVE you, Maine!

  67. issay says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Iadmire you because you are a strong and feisty woman. you cannot be controlled because you believe you are what you are and that’s OK.you really can’t please everybody. and you don’t have to focus on it,you focus on other things like nurturing your talent like singing,acting etc. Don’t burden yourself with things that troubles you.just like whatu saidlife is like a box of chocolates,you’ll never know what you’ll gonna get. you try to enjoy and appreciate what comes at you.
    With what your “close friend” told you,I suggest you explore more.that how you learn.how can you gain experience if you’re confined in the walls of eb. You go out,make friends,but learn to disceRN what’s true
    Stay true and Godbless you .always.we are here praying for u

  68. May says: Reply

    Well said Maine, that’s what I like about you. Thank you for making a stand what you believe in. I got your back and will stand with you all the way. Continue to be true and what you really are. We appreciate it more.

  69. Etxetera says: Reply

    MISMO !!! In a world of showbiz make believe just continue being a unique good soul. You are giving joy by being who you are. You are loved and adored for being TOTOO just keep it that way. Huwag papakain ng systema tulad ng iba dahil sila takot mawala sa limelight. Hope you do an album first before you got fed up with the system and quit – just kidding. More projects to come and just keep it REAL ♥♥♥

  70. FLT says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Keep being true to yourself! Thank God for your life for giving joy & inspiration to many. I believe and pray that God will continue to give you peace and courage in all aspects of life especially in showbiz. I do believe God put you at right place at the right time.
    “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” (Proverbs 19:21).
    “The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out” (Proverbs 20:5).

  71. Marj says: Reply

    Have courage and be kind. Stay you. Your spirit inspires us. You said it perfectly here, it’s best to be loved for who you are. And who you are, Maine, is what so many of us love.

  72. Marj says: Reply

    Have courage and be kind. You have, and you are. Stay you. T

  73. gnina zetiuga says: Reply

    07/24/2016 — Scarborough, ONT
    You are the best blogger I ever visited
    Quoted– “Remember that there will always be people who will love you; but it’s best to be loved for who you really are than who you are trying to be. … that’s how it should work. BEST LINES very well said
    Straight forward, Brief, and Concise
    Looking forward to your next blog. Congratulations to you and Alden for IYAM blockbuster movie

  74. Madeleine Y Cimatu says: Reply

    Pls. publish this in book form. You’re such a good writer.

  75. Marianne Canto says: Reply

    You’re the inspiration of the youth today, and even us parents, we look at you and your parents as an inspiration. God bless you, Alden and both your families..

  76. Mary C says: Reply

    There is no need for you to please people just to like you. You are a breathe of fresh air in the polluted showbiz world full of pretentious people. This is the very reason why you are loved by so many, because you do not want to conform to showbiz norms. You are different, in a more beautiful and positive way. Your being true to yourself is an inspiration to many. Do not change just to please others, but rather, do the things that you know will please God and will give you peace and happiness. Please don’t become one of the “barbies” ; stay true to yourself. You are genuinely beautiful as you are right now. There are so many people who love you and will love you for what you are and what you believe. We are that people. God bless you.

  77. Doc Dentz says: Reply

    Hi maine. Just want you to know, we accept and appreciate who you are. It has been a great journey for all of us..your ALDUB fans and we are still here supporting you. Indeed showbiz is like any other world, much worse all the pretensions. But, you are true and that what sets you apart from the rest. Regardless what others think and tell about you, we are here to stay.
    Stay true! We love you!!

  78. Mekhay Gonzales says: Reply

    Very well said Maine. This is one of the reasons why many people love you and I’m one of them. This shows how brave and smart you are. Please stay the way you are Menggay. I will support you all the way.

  79. SweatyWizardCherryBlossom says: Reply

    …. And when all of “it” becomes too much , i pray you have enough courage to step back or walk away…

    You are much loved than you would ever know

    You may never get to meet us all in our lifetime, but you can just tap any of us

    If needed be

    1. Bambi Co says: Reply

      “And when all of “it” becomes too much , i pray you have enough courage to step back or walk away…”
      Oh I don’t worry about this at all. Maine will leave the biz the moment she had enough of it. The way I see it is that she doesn’t really care about fame and fortune. After all, she does not have any mouth to feed and she is not maluho. She has been described many times as masinop, kuripot and per her sister’s words not materialistic. And we can all see that despite the money she now has she never really upgraded her lifestyle. So I am more worried if she quits the biz cause I would be deprived of my source of happiness in life.
      Salute to you Maine for being true and uncompromising. You just make me love you more and more.

      1. arlene says: Reply

        that’s true and she’s so genuine.

  80. Pauline says: Reply

    Hi Maine. Have you seen the movie The Duff? The message at the end is similar to what you said above. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do. From one hopeless romantic to another, trust me you’ll like it.

  81. bebot torres says: Reply

    As the saying goes..if you cant beat them, join them. But you choose to be You! Way to go girl! But you see not all esp those tabloid writers will raise eyebrows for that statement of yours. Some striving artists have become at their beck & call just have a good write-up (what a pity), but you definitely are different. And maybe most actors have long wanted to shout out those words ” I dont have to please everybody!” “I want to be me!” but they dont have the guts to do so fearing for their stars to fade. Well, somehow someday someone has to step up and its was you Ms. Nicomaine. I admire you for that. Go girl..with your family, true friends & love ones behind you, be assured that you are loved for who you are . God bless & more power.
    P.S. I admire the support of your family..parang ang saya-saya nyo pag magkakasama kayo. At pag ayaw mo na mag artista may pamilya kang babalikan with their open arms.

  82. allen says: Reply

    “we are born to be true not to be perfect” there are so many judgemental people around ..just stay as you are ..you love by so many (kasama na ko dun)..hehehe

  83. Rene says: Reply

    you are loved and accepted for what you are from the beginning. just enjoy the moment and the moment is now.

  84. Bevs says: Reply

    Hi Maine We love you so much whatever happens, just be yourself at may kasabihan nga sa mundo ng showbiz may dalawang mukha
    isang totoo at isang nagpa panggap pero ikaw maine nakikita namin sayo isang mukha lang yun pagiging totoo mo, wala kang dapat baguhin minahal ka namin for what you are basta always remember the song
    “Iam what Iam” yun lang! Godbless you always!

  85. danirose says: Reply

    Hi there Maine! =) Such a good example for everyone, di lang sa showbiz kung di para sa lahat =) I see Vic Sotto in you. Never seen him mingle with the “showbiz thingy”. Keep it up! God bless you. =)

  86. Sonia Ramirez says: Reply

    Maine, I salute you for being true to yourself…. job well done and kudos to your parents! Always remember these: “Too little is not good; you want something solid in the middle. So genuine people are those who have solid self-esteem — it’s solid, it’s consistent, it’s not brittle. And people who have solid self-esteem are much less defensive about things usually. They can feel authentic, they can be authentic, because they’re far less worried about the implications of exposing who they are, because they feel OK about who they are.”
    “The stronger your self-esteem, the more able you are to admit that you’re failing, to receive criticism, to be able to receive negative feedback without it making you crumble,” Winch says about the importance of maintaining such flexibility. “You can actually take on criticism, negative feedback, something not great about you, something that you don’t love about yourself, and it doesn’t really devastate you. It’s something you can admit, you can hope to work on or just take in, but it doesn’t affect your whole way of thinking about yourself.”
    “Being flexible with who you are, is okay. It is not denying or disrespecting who you are. People are often too rigid about how they are and stick with the comfortable and familiar. Adapting to a situation can make you more true to yourself in some circumstances.”
    “You have to be able to see a compliment as just a compliment, and it takes a certain level of authenticity to receive that.” “It’s about being able to take in and also give back in a way that’s unfiltered by all these kinds of other agendas.”
    When it comes to expressing gratitude to others, genuine people follow a similar path of not overthinking it.
    “You want to reinforce people,” he said. “It’s really merit-based. You’re doing it just because it’s merited, and that comes across when you do it in a pure way, when you’re simply delighted that somebody did well and you compliment them.”
    “When we are authentic people and our self-esteem is strong, we are just much less burdened by agendas and baggage, and we can actually have a conversation that’s about the content of the conversation in a much purer way,” adds Winch. “When people are authentic, there’s a certain purity to their interactions and conversations, and the conversations tend to be more interesting in terms of the content. You can get further, you can explore more, and you can discover more because it’s a much richer conversation.”
    “When you have thought through what you think, what you feel, what’s important to you and why it’s important to you, that determines a certain sense of purpose and directive”. “We all have these operational directives — we just don’t necessarily articulate them to ourselves. But if we look back on our behavior and examine what we do, why we do it , what we think, why we think it, we can figure out the principles that are driving us.”
    People who have really looked within to understand why they think and act the way they do are clearer about the principles — and purposes — that drive their lives. “It makes them proactive rather than reactive.”

  87. Paulo says: Reply

    Maine. This is the reason why we love you. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for inspiring me/us to be what we really are. I will be your number fan no matter what.

    1. Ms Dee says: Reply

      Nosebleed! But the messsage is in point! Errr please write more blogs Maine.Uv got fans who are really smart!I love reading all comments!Plith!

  88. Sonia Ramirez says: Reply

    always a fan mom here…. love u iha to the moon and back…..

  89. Well said. I hope Alden could read your blog as well specially this one. He’s been way ahead of you and he know the ropes of the industry. However, he seems to be someone who tends to please everyone. Of course, he’s definitely true to himself but he’s too showbiz at times to the point of forgetting how to enjoy life. I hope your relationship with him, whatever it is, will remain true and private. Keep on re-inventing yourself so that if time comes that you can no longer keep up with the “trends” in showbiz, you have other alternatives to secure your future. I don’t usually admire local artists because of this “barbie world” trend in showbiz but I think your being “unique” captures my attention and I admire you for that.

    Keep on honing your talent; stay grounded and humble; and always seek the advice of your parents.

  90. Bheng Zarza says: Reply

    Meng, just do rhe right things. Only please God, your family and the people you love.
    Make friends to people in show business that you think are true and honest. I think the EB DABARKADS are all good. God bless you and He always guide you in everything you do.

  91. Well said. I hope Alden could read your blog as well specially this one. He’s been way ahead of you and he knows the ropes of the industry. However, he seems to be someone who tends to please everyone. Of course, he’s definitely true to himself but he’s too showbiz at times to the point of forgetting how to enjoy life. I hope your relationship with him, whatever it is, will remain true and private. Keep on re-inventing yourself so that if time comes that you can no longer keep up with the “trends” in showbiz, you have other alternatives to secure your future. I don’t usually admire local artists because of this “barbie world” trend in showbiz but I think your being “unique” captures my attention and I admire you for that.

    Keep on honing your talent; stay grounded and humble; and always seek the advice of your parents.

  92. Evelyn Asis says: Reply

    Very well said!!! God bless!

  93. Ro says: Reply

    Love me for who I am and not on how you want me to be. People who cares for you genuinely will be there at the end of this journey. Proud of you for speaking your mind! Your life, your way!

  94. Josie Cotaco says: Reply

    Maine you are a great writer, a brave & strong person. You wrote your views and feelings which in a way can help you unburden the feeling of sadness and dissatisfaction in this so called “barbie world.” I am praying that you continue to be who you really are, do not change yourself that’s how people love you. I am proud of you and I do hope that whatever relationship you have with Richard it will be forever….

  95. Em says: Reply

    This is why you are loved and admired by many people including me. Just stay who you are, Maine.

  96. Ed Gonzales says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Galatians 1:10 reflects your thoughts…”Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

  97. Dolly says: Reply

    Hi maine…you got an “A” there…that is why i like you very much. You are the model of change the world needs. Keep up!

  98. Lani says: Reply

    Very well said Maine.. I am convinced that in showbiz, everything people do are just for their own benefit. Most are manipulators to gain fame. People who will only love you as much as they can use you, their loyalty ends when the benefits stops. You don’t need the media to control your image & to get your name out there.. you already have a name, you made it on your own and with ADN’s help you can still go further. Life is funny, people change but you will always be you.. so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone. But remember, respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy. Thank you for always inspiring others.

  99. theredberry80 says: Reply

    Super love what you have written. Yes continue to be who you are as it is the quality that endears you to millions of us. I have commented several times here in your post..and sometimes tend to be too motherly. I am very happy that you will not change your belief just to be “accepted and praised” in this Barbie World. Keep up the spirit. We are always praying that God will always guide and bless you.

  100. Arline says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    You are intelligent and I know if something goes wrong in your life, whether it be your love life or anything, you will be hurt “that’s how it works” sometimes but it’s not at all permanent. You will grieve (depends on how strong you are) but we admired your being a strong young lady so it will not affect you at for a long time (if ever). I may be right or wrong. But I am just drawn to you. You make millions very happy & I am one of them. You are full of talents & just always be yourself. #proudfan

  101. Lorelei says: Reply

    Hi Maine
    Salamat Sa update Sa blog. Higit na mahalaga magpagabay Sa daan ng Diyos Hindi Sa tao and with that you will never go wrong.
    Love ate Lei

  102. Gene Fahm says: Reply

    Spot on and again you nailed it. I am very very happy to know that we have the same view on this about We are not born to please people I keep telling my parents that. I salute you being honest and true, if it were others in your status now, a phenomenal star, they will do whatever (including being plastic) just to please people in the world of showbiz (from the name itself it is just a show and a business combined) to get more fame and fortune, but you are different you are unique, you truthfully said no I can’t do this I need more experience, no it doesn’t have to be this way etc etc etc, you fought for what is right and for what you believe in. And with that much more people loved you even more, we the real people who support and love you for who you are. People in the biz they just love you for what you can give to the business (though some are not are some are true as well but I should say mostly as eka nga “that’s how it works). Maine be who you are before you became an actress be just a Nicomaine Mendoza we know in this blog. Maine if di mo na kaya ang barbie world you can have your Maine World, your blog and maybe writing a novel, we will support you. I am a mother and I hope my daughter will grow up like you, maybe vulnerable but strong deep inside. Love you maine, marami kaming nagmamahal sayo.

  103. Gerell says: Reply

    Meng, thank you for always reminding me to not be afraid to show the world who I really am. In a world where society usually dictates who you should be, my mind gets clouded and I sometimes forget that I am my own person. And that I don’t I don’t have the obligation to make people happy by being someone other than myself. We all should be accepted and respected for being true to ourselves.

    Thank you for the constant reminder.

    Sending lots of love from the other side of the world. <3

  104. Net2 E. C. says: Reply

    I just have a few words for you Menggay, thank you for being you and I love you. Many of us loves you for who you really are.

  105. amy says: Reply

    PREACH!!! Everything is understood for me…that’s how it should work!!!

    Thanks for the update! love u to bits!

  106. Liza Jane Peria says: Reply

    Hello! Meng! Good day! Just read your blog and again I was amazed! A Person of Principle… You know Meng as you go along you will learn the counsel of years. As your journey continues, don’t forget to ask the counsel of the Elders. They might be guided you and help you matured on that field. The approval its up to you and I know you’re an intelligent person. Determine the priority of your life. What you really really want? The earnings or your values? Whatever the decision then act accordingly…. Just saying..GOD BLESS Bibi Girl!

  107. myst says: Reply

    I have to agree with you Maine for 100%. But I can’t help but think that truly the business where you are into is all for pleasing people. It’s called “entertainment” for a reason. But you being real made me stay in the fandom. So much love. Stay happy!

  108. Fatima Castro says: Reply

    Very well said, Grabe kaya nga I’m so proud of you we are so proud of you bibi girl! No pretentiousness that why we really love you Menggay kasi totoo ka sa lahat ng bagay tama hindi mo kailangan iplease ang lahat to like you kasi thats life naniniwala kami sayo Meng grabe pinahanga mo ako lalo sa piece mo na ito mas lalo kitang nakilala WELOVEYOU MENGGAY at andito kaming maniniwala sayo at susuporta sa inyo

  109. Espie says: Reply

    Maine ..your kicking a hornets nest..yup your that girl..minus the dragon tatoo..

  110. Arlene says: Reply

    We will always love you & Alden come no matter what. Because we know that you two are really a good person not trying to pretend to be somebody. We love you both for who you are and what you will be. God bless.

  111. Elvs says: Reply

    Yes Meng, you are absolutely right. Reading this post made me love you even more. This, being yourself, is one of the many reasons why i love and support you. There are times i wanna give up on this whole fangirling thing because you know, even the fandom has so many hanash every now and then. But then i always remember why i’m here in the first place, because of you. I have learned to love you without expecting anything in return because you are real, no pretentions, no “showbiz” vibes. As i always say (and this is a promise, no make that a vow, i’ll keep forever) I’LL BE HERE FOR YOU EVEN IF THE STARS DON’T SHINE ANYMORE. I love you Menggay, i love all of your real and candid self.

    -@elvssszzz (eLf)

  112. Cherry Castillo says: Reply

    You nailed it Nicomaine Mendoza! That is what the way it should be! Be true to yourself! We can not please everybody! I really admire your spirit and intelligence! I hope you will be an inspiration to many who are struggling to be loved by pleasing others! Love you Menggay!

  113. Mimay says: Reply

    Hi maine!!! This is what we love about you…simple, honest and true…designing and drawing your own path !!! You rock in every way!!! God Bless!!!!

  114. Terry says: Reply

    I always love your blog entries! You have great skills in getting your message across. It’s because it’s sincere and real… Like YOU. Stay happy. Stay strong. Love you!

  115. Meigan says: Reply

    Some people will try to expose what is wrong with you because they can’t stand what is right about you.
    PS: As iron is eaten by rust, so are the envious consumed by envy.
    PPS: I love you & Alden! Stay grounded. I will always support you guys no matter what! 🙂 Godbless

  116. Ruthcel says: Reply

    Another on point blog of yours Menggay! You’re such a brave young lady bibi girl and I admire & love you more for such. You really are the breath of fresh air in the industry. You are love by gazillion of people of because of your UNIQUENESS and of being so TRUE. I’ve always said this, I never got hooked to any LT until you came, from then I can feel how genuine and true you are. Stay that way Meng!

  117. Grace says: Reply

    Kudos to you Maine. I’m a fan. It’s so true we are not born to please everybody. Just be yourself . Love you for who you are. Stay positive in life and everything will follow. Just watched IYAM yesterday and I love your character “GARA”. When is your next movie?! Excited lang. Hoping someday ma meet kita and Alden. I’m really a fan and love you both. God bless you and stay pretty and humble.

  118. Ligaya17 says: Reply

    dear Maine,
    I don’t know if you’ll ever read this comment.But I just want to say what’s my mind been saying since this morning. I woke up reading this, then suddenly got emotional. Then realized how honest and brave girl you are , from the bashing you got and still being true to yourself. At some point I got envy and hope I could be brave like you. The truth is I don’t know why but I really admire you for being YOU. You’re not like the other artist out there who hide from those ‘kasikatan'( mga pacute and paganda lang ang alam, so afraid to show the world their wacky face). You’re just a simple normal girl who had a dream, then suddenly make our world go round and give us inspiration. So I just want to say na You’re incomparable, you’re our Precious Gem, so Genuine and Pure. So don’t ever change and continue being yourself. Cause you’re BEAUTIFUL BY BEING YOU.

  119. BB says: Reply

    fuck the Philippines showbusiness. forget that stupid love team culture. come to Hollywood or Broadway.

  120. lorelei says: Reply

    Hi Maine

    we are not robot kaya nga may free will like adan at eba may free will sila but sadly they chose to deliberately disobey God instead of just fully follow him to show their gratitude sa buhay perfect state na binigay sa kanila…sadly tayong lahat nagmana ng imperfection nila. but there is still hope kasi yung ransom sacrifice ni Jesus na kung susundin yung example nya magkakadugtong ulit yung naputol na ugnayan between God and Man

  121. kikAy says: Reply

    …that’s why you are loved by many, you’re true to yourself, you’re real… God Bless Always!

  122. Liberty says: Reply

    Hi Maine, im glad that at your age you already know yourself and those things. I hope that you will reach as many young ones as you can to live with that reality as well. It is very saddening to see a lot of teenagers nowadays trying very hard to please everybody that they missed enjoying the journey of life and became ungratefull of what they are and gave.

    1. Liberty says: Reply

      I mean what they have

  123. Leila says: Reply

    A little polishing (grammar wise) and you could be the next great blogger. You are a good person and people appreciate you for being true to yourself and others. Please remember that whatever experience you have now good or bad are results of the actions you have made. Sometimes when people hurt us whether, through words or actions, we tend to forget that we as well did the same thing on others. We merit it. Not necessarily the same experience or same people but you will get hit on areas you are most vulnerable. So dear Maine, bashers and other negative energy – when they come bless them and let them be; be at peace in knowing that you have settled the karma. Don’t sow another bad karma by rejecting them or fighting back. Bad energy merits bad energy, what goes around comes around. Bless you.

  124. Ma. Cecilia A. Viñas says: Reply

    2 Timothy 2:15
    Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

    Being true to your self is the way you know how to respect your self and people surrounds you (especially the FanS) Maine. you’re a gift from God to us that how i believe. Always have the guidance of your parents and also the guidance of your Almighty Father.

    God Bless you, were all here for you your silent fan and praying u.
    Be strong ALDUB u….

  125. JEPOI says: Reply

    ..e main(e) reason why you are loved and will forever be loved, Maine. 🙂 Stay real. Kudos!

  126. JEY KEY says: Reply

    c‘est la vie. 🙂

  127. Juvie arcal says: Reply

    Tama ka Jan Maine.lahat tayo ipinanganak ng may dahilan.pero Hindi kailangan imaging suno sunudsunuran tayo s iba pra sumaya lang sola.

  128. sahlee says: Reply

    kudos Maine;)
    i am a supporter and an avid fan..
    You’re the only actress thats adorably pretty even when youre making your face UGLY;)
    Whatever clothes you put on-You’re undeniably nailing it with class.
    Basta I just adore how amazing you are inside out.

  129. Meigan says: Reply

    Some people will try to expose what is wrong with you because they can’t stand what is right about you.
    PS: As iron is eaten by rust, so are the envious consumed by envy.
    PPS: I love you & Alden! We will always be here to support you no matter what! Godbless.

  130. Elma Martin says: Reply

    Brave Heart Maine!!!! Applaud your being REAL and true to yourself . Truly a game changer and refreshing talent and person that the entertainment industry needs . Know that there are more people who admires and supports you . God bless you and Alden !

  131. BecBec says: Reply

    Hi Maine, 🙂 Kung ano man ang pangyayaring yan, don@t mind nalang. Tandaan mo mas maraming nagmamahal sayo at nakakintindi sayo. Yes, we live in a world full nof fantasy but YOU an ALDEN is REALITY! 🙂 We are all here for you & alden We love you!!! <3

  132. Miracle Herbolario says: Reply

    Pak Ganern ! Just be yourself ✌ dont need to please everybody just be true to yourself ✋ Loveyaahh Mengaaayy

  133. Maria Verochie says: Reply

    Two thumbs up, Maine!
    You are unique that’s why we like you and love you. Keep it up!

  134. armelyn laqueo says: Reply

    way to go meng!! you’re such a real gem in show business..you enlightened many with your words… you’re right! you don’t have to please everyone and be what you are not…Being yourself made us love you so please don’t change.. I love you and keep on inspiring people like me..

  135. chi urbano says: Reply

    Let the dogs bark, Maine
    Be like the moon
    Just keep on shining!

  136. @jamtweets73 says: Reply

    Well said Maine, i love and idolise you for who you are so please stay that way…

  137. Joana Adorza says: Reply

    That’s why we love you so much because you are far different from them….please don’t change we love you just the way are 🙂

  138. grace says: Reply

    yes yes yes! thats why I dont judged miley cyrus 🙂

  139. JV says: Reply

    Very strong words indeed. At first I got a bit scared of how you have presented your point – a lot of people will react – not in a good way. But re reading your entry made me realize (and ashamed at the same time) of how opposite I have become just to be in the “in group”. Being at your age, the social call of being accepted and being praised is the “ultimate goal” of every young men and women – most especially in your “world”. But despite this reality, being the mature self for your age, you are able to defy the “norms” and speak for what is really on your mind. Brave act!! I hope and pray that you remain the same “realist” and not the “idealist” person in the years to come. Be cautious of the people you interact with – good thing you have started with the “better” ones – keep them! It would also be helpful to converse with the “mature” and senior members of the industry – they will have the much needed wisdom to impart for you “remain” in your present world – should you choose to.
    A lot of people look up to you – this is a gift! Continue to inspire by being yourself. You are being loved because of this… this is how it should be done! 😉

  140. Joan says: Reply

    I have so much respect and love for you meng! I look forward to your entry your such a good writer! Sana soon you will have a book of your views in life something you can share about anything. I am a fan of real people and your one good people I really admire. I hope you continue to inspire people with what you can offer as to be yourself having fun and giving people happiness with the talent you share. Siguro maine real world isn’t that good and funstastic as our imagination. But bcoz people like you exists it’s definetely a happy world. I pray that you will not stop being who you are and share it with us the people you make smile. Thank you for coming to our lives and may you continue to give us the reason to smile everyday. love you meng eternally!

  141. Lendl Fabella says: Reply

    You go girl! 🙂

  142. kitcath says: Reply

    agree much 🙂

  143. Joan says: Reply

    Happy reading your thoughts abt current issues! Thank you maine I’m one of your biggest fan. I have high respect and love for you. May you continue to inspire us God Bless

  144. Aries Indigo says: Reply

    it is better to be hated for you who are,
    than to be loved for who you are not..

    keep it up, maine!

  145. tintin says: Reply

    I like the way you express yourself meng! So brilliant! kaya mas lalo akong humahanga sayo kasi alam kong hindi kung sino sino na tao ang hinahangaan ko..alam ko na ikaw na ikaw ang pinapanood at sinusubaybayan ko araw2..walang bahid ni divina, ni yaya dub, ni dani, o ni gara ang pinapakita mo..kasi ikaw si menggay..ikaw si NICOMAINE DEI CAPILI MENDOZA.. hindi mo yun pinagdamot sa mga humahanga sayo na makilala namin kung sino ka talaga..dahil sa totoo mong pinapakita..NAPAPASAYA MO KAMI.. TAGOS hanggang BONE MARROW MENG! MARAMING SALAMAT 🙂 LABYU 🙂

  146. Clare says: Reply

    That’s why I like you because you’re just being true to yourself. I really like your personality. Just be yourself because all of us love’s you for who u really are. You’re the only female Pinoy Artist that I like/love the most. Lav yah Maine. But Richards love’s u most. Ayieeee
    Thank you for your blog post.

    -Your silent fan Clare hope to meet u soon pls……

  147. Raquel Hernandez says: Reply

    My Dearest Maine,

    This is a great article worth reading. I’ve learned not to live up with people’s expectations as we have certain uniqueness and differences to others. If we please people just to be accepted and respected, then we are giving them the authority to control our lives in some way. This should not happen because we must be totally in control of who we are and who we are not.

    I want to share Galatians 1:10 to you and it says:
    “I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant” (NLT).

    In life Maine you only have to please one person. And that is your Creator. You only have to please the Lord, the one who made you and has a purpose for your life.

    Maine, it’s been a year since you’re in show business. And I will never stop praying for you that Gods wisdom always be upon you and God will give you the right person who will help you in your life. Be yourself Maine because people loves the way who you are. Continue to inspire others and always humble yourself.

    I will always love and adore you my Menggay. Even though were not yet seeing each other but there’s always joy in my heart seeing you happy with what you’re doing. God bless you always and take care.

    1. Remellie Quiñones says: Reply

      Very nice of you Raquel, for sharing Galatians 1:10 to her. And yes we only need to please one person, our Lord God. 🙂

      1. Raquel Hernandez says: Reply

        Hi Remellie. May the Lord always be with us and with Menggay. Super love this girl. Be strong Meng. iloveyou to the moon and back:-)

  148. cosettemendi says: Reply

    Maine. Twenty-one, idealistic and a true outlier.
    One point here…Alden (and majority of showbiz denizens) are products of the system. They know (and some understand and live, albeit privately) the same credo you espouse–being true to oneself, values intact.
    Unfortunately, unlike you they don’t have the privilege of family wealth to fall back on and the love of a great army (AlDub Nation) to catch them when they say something brave like the truth. The powers that be will just show them their place–on their knees, beholden to the big networks, producers, talent managers, etc. That is IF they ever get to work in showbiz again.
    I admit I didn’t like what Alden did (let’s be honest, he has something to do with this) dining with the enemies, those filthy tabloid reporters (dinosaurs in this age of social media) who wrote shit about you and your fam. They will only stop when you go to them like Alden did. I thought long and hard why I left my first job which is interviewing showbiz stars for a magazine. It is precisely this–I couldn’t do what Alden did, which is to compromise. Meet this vultures, keep your enemies closer as they say. I could conclude he did this for himself and for you. But yeah, it backfired on him especially after your post.
    I don’t see this as a bad thing. Kailangan magkagulo, mailabas ang mga ganyan sama ng loob, galit para magkaintindihan.
    Maine, twenty-one…uncompromising introvert I was once like you. Maybe that’s why my friends call me Maine Mendoza’s real mom haha. At some point my dear, you will grow up and need to put on small acts (without selling your soul) to get your bigger and more important point or goal across. You are in the business of acting and selling dreams.
    Give Alden another chance? 🙂 You have the same goal, just different approaches. Currently, your cojones are just bigger because you can afford to. Alden worked 9 years for this after losing a mother. Go easy on him ha, best friends or lovers I am seriously rooting for you two.
    You two might just be the catalyst for change in local showbiz. If you can believe how powerful, influential and inspiring you are to millions.
    My recently departed father was a big fan of Alden (pre-stardom) and then Aldub/MaiChard. Our family ages 5 to 80 love you.
    May God guide and bless you. Maine, pray for clarity and guidance in your words and actions.

  149. AUBREY BRIONES says: Reply


    1. Hi Maine

      Congratulations for being so honest and true to yourself. You’re right we don’t have any obligation to please other people against our beliefs and convections in our lives. In the world you are in now which you call “barbie” world it’s been a practice that you should try to please everyone so that they will love and adore you always and I salute you Maine for being what you are not trying to change just to please someone else that’s the why i love you and believe on you kc naiiba ka sa karamihan. Continue what you have started and don’t change just to please anyone. Yang ugali mong yan ang ginusto naming mga fans kc totoo ka at what we see is what we get sana maging matatag ka sa conviction mo Menggay at wag pa influence sa mga gustong magdicta sayo what to do. God bless you always and be firm on what you believe in. Take care and i know you’re smart and intelligent enough to know who is who in this world of make believe. Good luck and I’m with you in praying for more guidance.

    2. Congratulations Meng for being so honest and true to yourself. You’re right we don’t have any obligation to please other people against our beliefs and convections in our lives. In the world you are in now which you call “barbie” world it’s been a practice that you should try to please everyone so that they will love and adore you always and I salute you Maine for being what you are not trying to change just to please someone else that’s the why i love you and believe on you kc naiiba ka sa karamihan. Continue what you have started and don’t change just to please anyone. Yang ugali mong yan ang ginusto naming mga fans kc totoo ka at what we see is what we get sana maging matatag ka sa conviction mo Menggay at wag pa influence sa mga gustong magdicta sayo what to do. God bless you always and be firm on what you believe in. Take care and i know you’re smart and intelligent enough to know who is who in this world of make believe. Good luck and I’m with you in praying for more guidance.

  150. Jasmin says: Reply

    Hi Ate Maine! I’m 15 years old, I really admire everything about you,kase hindi ka yung tipikal na klase ng isang babae,yung gagawin mo to kase ikaw to,ito yung gusto mo confident kang ipakita kung ano ka ba talaga sa harap ng lahat ng tao.Sobrang thankful ko kay Lord kase nakilala ka namin bilang si “Yaya Dub” at ngayon Phenomenal Star na! San kapa?diba? Sobrang nagpapasalamat talaga ako kase isa kang “BLESSING” para sa amin,napapasaya mo kami,napapakilig nyo kami ni kuya Alden,may natutunan kami sa inyo at na i-inspire nyo kami para maging pursigido sa pag-abot ng pangarap na kapag nagsumikap ka walang imposibleng hindi mo makakamit ang tagumpay. Sobrang gustong gustong gusto ko po talaga kayong makita yung mayakap kayo ng personal ni kuya alden ng sobrang higpit.Palagi po akong nagdadasal kay Lord na sana dumating yung time na makita ko man lang kayo.And gusto ko lang pong malaman nyo na isa po akong sa milyon milyong taong labis na nagmamahala at humahanga sa inyo.Sana mapansin nyo ko sa kahit sa maliit na bagay.Lagi nyo lang pong tatandaan nandito lang po kami para patuloy na suportahan kayong dalawa ni kuya alden.(Kasama po kayo lagi sa prayers ko) I love you po!!!❤ TULOY ANG POREBERRRRR!!!!!


  151. Remellie Quiñones says: Reply


    Hindi kami nagkamali sa paghanga sa’yo. Salamat sa paninindigan mo! 🙂

  152. Ghia says: Reply

    Very well said Maine… Stay true to yourself because thats one of the reason why people love you.

  153. REFernandez says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    You always mention that until now you don’t know what people saw in you that catapulted you
    to your current status. This blog of yours is the answer Maine. We saw the realness in your persona.
    We saw that you are someone who’s not cosmetic and who doesn’t sugarcoat. We love you for being real and genuine. Yes, you personified the word…authentic. We love that you don’t try to please us and by doing that it pleased us more. Please don’t change dear Meng. We love you just the way you are.


  154. Jen_Arielle says: Reply

    Being true to yourself makes you more endearing to us

  155. Hi Maine, I want you to know how deeply you INSPIRE US to become the best that we can be. Thank you for being so true to yourself that you’re not letting anything or anyone dictate your life especially in this industry. Thank you so much for the EMPOWERING WORDS. Thank you for being a REAL YOU. More power!


  156. Jenny Gregorio says: Reply

    Menggay! People love you just the way you are! I’m sending you virtual hugs and kisses! God bless you, always!

  157. I really love this blog entry. Be still a strong girl. Shrug off the nasty comments of the bashers. At the end of the day, God will be the judge.

  158. Marites Holland says: Reply

    Very well said Maine! I’m here for you all the way. Yap it’s you na talaga, the best ka

  159. Ed Masongsong says: Reply

    I always enjoy reading your blog. Stay the course and be yourself. You’re a smart, intelligent, beautiful and good person. God Bless you and your family.

  160. Carmela Ann says: Reply

    Dear Maine,
    I’m your no. 1 fan no matter what, nagustuhan kita dahil sa nakita ko sayong pagkatao at alam ko totoong totoo ka sayong sarili. Tama ka hindi tayo pwedeng magdalawang katauhan o magkunyari para lang matuwa o magustuhan tayo ng ating kapwa, ang importante wala tayong inaapakan o inaapi, o ginagawang masama, may pagmamahal tayo sa Diyos, malinis ang puso natin at yan ang totoong saya sa buhay ng tao. Sa buhay ko iilan lang ang aking kaibigan mabibilang lang sa daliri, hindi ko kailangan ng marami dahil minsan sa dami iilan lang silang totoo, hal. sa sampo na kaibigan sa oras na kailangan ko sila, may problema ako emotionally or financially ni isa sa sampo hindi ko malapitan para makinig sa problema ko, yan ang realidad ng buhay na naranasan ko, kaya iilan lang ang mga kaibigan ko mostly mga kaklase ko sila noong college at iilan lang sila na katrabaho ko. Walang perpektong tao sa mundong ito, kanya-kanya tayong katangian, kapintasan, kakulangan , kabutihan, kasayahan etc. kaya walang sino mang may karapatan na humusga sa ating kapwa.
    Sa mga taong patuloy na naninira sayo ang masasabi ko God Bless them babalik at babalik sa kanila ang ginagawa nila mas sobra sobra pa ang karma, at sana maisip nila maiksi lang ang buhay sa mundong ito bigyan sana nila ng halaga at mamuhay sila na walang inaapakang kapwa tao ng sa ganon may mukha silang ihaharap sa Diyos.
    God Bless you Maine, I love you.. maraming nagmamahal sayo kaya ka nga sumikat e.
    Bye, lagi kang mag ingat lalo na pag nasa barangay.

  161. Cadeebear says: Reply

    you made us curious and having a big question mark in our heads, but clearly i can say that you are starting to see the real world of “ShowBiz” business is business, but then through your thoughts, we your fans admire you even more because of your courage to say all of this stuff. I think you are not afraid to lose your fame but the more important thing to you is those who truly loves you in this kind of environment. Yes, you’re right not everybody is your “cup of tea” , we cannot please everybody and it is not our obligation too as a person. we have true love ones to keep.

    we your fans hope that you would not change, rather change the ShowBiz world! That’s how it should work! 🙂

  162. Melissa says: Reply

    You are the perfect definition of Beauty and BRAINS! ☺
    You are sooo adorable, lovely, stunning, witty! Lahat na Maine neseye ne eng lehet.
    A total package! Hands down ☺
    Love you bibigirl ♥♥♥

  163. Jasmine says: Reply

    Hi! belated happy anniv! Just be yourself its all that matters and as long as you are not hurting anyone… =) good luck meng!

  164. Anna Marie Beltran says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts…
    We are not BORN to please others, because if we do we always fail in their standards — in human standard. What is far more important is to please the One who created you…
    Our accountability is how we lived our lives…not to please other people [whom are so hypercritical of you, na parang ang linis naman nila… to pass judgment against you]…
    As you have been a blessing to everyone…Just continue to bring happiness if not joy to those care for since the beginning.
    Thank you, Maine…you’re indeed a blessing for all of us in your special way.

  165. dannie says: Reply

    very well said Maine…that’s why i liked you ….. the first time i saw you on eb.

  166. angie says: Reply

    Dear Meng,

    You certainly nailed it! You’re being true is the main reason I started following you and liking you. Continue to be real! God bless and take care!


  167. Truth is.. people will judge you no matter what you do, so might as well do what you want. Those who are trying to please other people are being judged anyway, so why would you still try to please them? And even if you’re being you, without any pretensions or whatsoever kind of sh*t, you can never please everyone of them.. and that’s perfectly OK. I admire how Maine handle these kind of people. (I guess) she’s one of the truest soul in show business. Hands down. 🙂

  168. maria says: Reply

    Agree yah!:) Happy to see ONE AND ONLY person who is real in the fake world of showbusiness :)!
    Continue to be humble Maine. Im a secret fan of yours!!! Thank You for being true and kind!

  169. […] Posted on July 24, 2016 […]

  170. a lovely piece. I really love you for this.
    now I am really a fan.

    stay what you are Maine. I love the real you. 🙂

  171. Aubrey Bayas says: Reply

    I super love this Ate Maine. I’ve been wondering and confused kung ano ba dapat ako? And now here’s the answer, now I know that I should just be who I am and that’s all that matter. Thank you Ate Maine you’re an angel.

  172. Elaine says: Reply

    Rereading this blog. Basta ako isa sa sampu sampung daang libo mong tagahanga Maine. Stay true to yourself, kaya ka namin mahal e 🙂

  173. Almu says: Reply

    Thanks maine. I felt so down right now but i came across your post and it cheered me up somehow. You are such an inspiration and brave enough to stand up what you truly feels. I hope one day i could be like you and better myself. Continue to inspire more people!

  174. Hi Menggay! I lost count na sa pangilang blog na nabasa ko. I happen to passed by this one while browsing the entries before I sleep. True enough. Not all people will like you. But no worries, the good ones will stick with you no matter what. 🤗 Count me in! #thelatebloomerfan

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