The Script Live in Manila 2018 – Freedom Child Tour

Alright. So I am still on a high from Saturday’s ganap – The Script concert. And I cannot let this pass without writing about it! That night was just so AMAZING! And this has got to be one of the few moments that I would tag as legit amazing, as in l-e-g-i-t, legit. I am so glad I did not miss the concert – since I got the tickets last minute. I was afraid I might not be able to go because I couldn’t find tickets on Twitter, until I checked SMTickets. So stupid for not checking the site first, well, I was hoping I’d find cheaper tickets on Twitter kasi, hehe. (Kuripot self)
So I asked 3 of my friends to watch with me; Kat, Ola and Jannica – my official concert buddies. Good thing they are also fans of The Script! Would’ve been superkaduper fun if the barkada’s complete, though! But I am happy I have concert buddies now, kasi noon I go to concerts by myself. It is fun, too! You get to fangirl with strangers! You also won’t feel awkward getting all crazy and stuff coz those people around you don’t know you. You gotta try it at least once in your life! Masaya din!
Anyway, I got VIP tickets for the four of us! Sakit sa bulsa, bes. (Kuripot self again) ..but sooo worth it!

the-script-live-in-manila-2018IMG_4741 copy (1)

4-14: After Eat Bulaga, Ola picked me up at Broadway studio then we went straight to Pasay already. We were singing along to The Script songs on our way; just prepping ourselves for the concert. We got to the venue at around 8. It took a long while for the show to start. Some actually got a bit sleepy while waiting (I saw some people yawning! #contagious) but as soon as the lights dimmed, people started going crazy. Including me! And that craziness lasted for 2 solid hours. I didn’t care about looking like an actual crazy person during the concert. I was enjoying every moment of it and again.. it was so damn worth it!

Here goes the set list. Only 5 songs were performed from their latest album – Freedom Child. And I was so glad almost all the classics were included! My all-time favourite The Script song is For The First Time, by the way. I hope they include Talk You Down next time, though! That song is underrated.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 6.53.10 PM

We were waiting for the song Wonders. That’s one of my faves from their new album, along with Arms Open (Great song with such a powerful message. Please listen to it!). During the chorus part of Wonders, nagwawala na ako! Inintay ko talaga yun eh and that was one of my favourite moments that night. I guess it’s coz I went batshit crazy and didn’t give a damn about it.

IMG_4839 copy (1) IMG_4842 copy (1) IMG_4843 copy (1)IMG_4838 copy (1)IMG_4742

So this is the highlight of the night. (Disclaimer: God knows all these happened. Lol!) We were seated on the left side of the VIP setion, and of course Danny (lead vocalist) and Mark (lead guitarist) would roam around the stage to interact with the crowd. I think the band was performing The Man Who Can’t Be Moved when Danny went to our side and then.. he looked at me for the first time that night!!!! And it lasted for like 10 seconds!!!! Seryoso to promise, I am not lying! He was singing right in front us and looking at me straight in the eye. I was dumbfounded. Though I am proud of myself for not actually freaking out in front of him. Sakto lang. I was screaming and singing along with him. Kat kept on poking my legs as she shrieks– ehhh kasi nga!!! The moment he went away, my body wiggled itself out of kilig. I asked my friends if they caught it on cam but sadly, they didn’t. Kat said she failed to think of taking a video, for she was taken aback as well! Both of us were literally jumping for joy!

Concert went on.

I was hoping he’d come back and do it again, lol! And guess what, he did! This time he was singing Nothing. The stare was shorter than the first, mga 5.68 seconds siguro! Oh my God. Again, I might not have videos to back up these statements but I swear I am not lying. Unless he has squint eyes, then maybe he wasn’t really looking at me. Lol, pero totoo talaga! Again, sadly, that wasn’t caught on video. Yung reaction ko nalang ang nakita when he walked away. Freaking out; as a normal person would react in such moments.

scream gif

Again, for the third time, I was hoping he’d do it again. Wow, ano ako sinuswerte? But why not? So ayun na nga.. HE DID!!!!!!!!! He came back and laid his eyes on me for the third time. Matagal-tagal din ito, 7 seconds! (I checked the video!) Guys, hindi ako nagmamaganda at nagffeeling. He didn’t just look at me, sinalo pa niya yung halik ko and pointed a finger when I blew a kiss. Kingina talaga. I almost cried. Yung kilig ko abot Sorsogon!!!

This time, it was caught on video from both sides – left and right. (Lol thanks Kat and Jannica!) I know, you might accuse me of lying and/or being a ‘feelingera’ but I swear these moments happened. You can ask Danny about Anabelle– the girl in red lips and bangs! I am sure he’d remember.. charot! (O ayan na yung pagiging feelingera LOL) Hi Danny!

hi gif

ganda ka

But hey, before you react and regard me as the “feelingera ng taon”, please know that your brickbats won’t change anything. Meaningless stares, but still, I was on the receiving end of those! Definitely worth sharing and freaking out for! #fangirl #wagbasagtrip

And can I just say I loved how the band interacts with the crowd. During their show in Manila back in 2015, Danny asked someone from the crowd to call her ex-boyfriend, only for him to sing “Nothing” to the guy over the phone. Isn’t that amazing? Swerte ni guy!
This time, he went into the crowd in different sections of the arena. Bonggabels!


Nakalabit ko siya bago pumunta doon! 

IMG_4837 copy (1) IMG_4841 copy (1)

Last performance of the night was Hall of Fame, very apt for a show-ender. Before he started singing, Danny asked everyone to light up their phones, and then gave an inspirational speech as an intro that gave goose bumps to everybody.

“Freedom is all you have in this world. Freedom to be what you want to be. Freedom to say what you want to say. Freedom to live the way you want to live. More importantly, freedom to love who you want to love. Now more than ever we need to be together.. because without each other, we do not have anything.”

touched gif

Hall of Fame. It was such an empowering and heartfelt performance! Iba talaga. Nakakalungkot lang because by this time you know everything’s about to end. Pero nakakatuwa din kasi alam mong napasaya ka nila ng husto.

Watch this. It has the same feels. Be champions, guys.

I did not have much decent photos and videos, for I was too engaged in the show. Some time ago, I realized it is so much better and fun when you go to concerts/live shows without minding about taking videos of everything. From then on, in times of momentous happenings, I just take a couple of pics and vids then that would be it. It just makes me a bit sad seeing so many phones during concerts. I mean, SOME people are too busy taking pictures and videos, they forget to savour the moment. It is as if you go to concerts to document every damn thing. Well, that’s just me. Basta next time you go to a concert or any show for that matter, try to just revel in the presence of your favourite artists– through your own eyes and ears, not screens and speakers. Kuha ng konting pics and vids, then go back to enjoying what’s right in front of you.


To cap everything off, it was such an incredible night. The band weren’t just simply performing; they were touching people’s hearts as they sing. Sobrang iba yung experience ko sa concert na to. Not only because of the stare scenes, but how their songs made me feel as they perform and as I sing my heart out. Right in the feels, man, right in the feels.

The Script, you were my first love. My admiration for you blossomed first; my love for you will remain forever. I will be a fan of your music until the end of time. I love you guys– for always!

Everything about this Freedom Child concert was extraordinary. Sabi nga ni Danny, “I will take this forever with me. A night like tonight stays in the heart and stays in the mind.” 

I live for moments like that.

IMG_4728IMG_4840 copy (1)

(photo credits to @PhilippineConcerts and @MOAArena!)

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  1. eLvs says: Reply

    Same feels, Meng. Same. That was my most amazing concert experience to date. Glad that we got to share that same night that will stay in our minds and our hearts for a lifetime. 😭😍😭😍

  2. katrina says: Reply

    you are forever relatable. stay genuine and happy, menggay. May you always find life in the life that you have. God bless you!

  3. Angel_33 says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Heyyy I miss your blogs. Keep them coming,please.
    How do you do it? Your story about the concert is supposed to be simple pero tagos sa feels! Nakakatuwa! You have that gift of letting us live through you- and how I love that! And that is why we always look forward to your kwentos kasi parang we’ve been there na din. So again, keep them coming ok?
    And most importantly, my fangirl heart wishes that you’ll come up with your own album,then concerts. Seryoso Maine I always imagine being at your concert. Please make this wish of your millions of followers into reality.🙏
    So here’s to more concerts to enjoy and your own concerts that we hope we will also get to enjoy! Luvyah Meng!💛💛💛

  4. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Ang saya saya mo sa concert kitang kita yung sa video sana lagi kang happy. 😘❤ Masaya ako pag masaya ka din.
    Alam na alam ko din yung feeling na natutulala ka lang di mo alam gagawin pag nakita ang mga iniidolo yan din kasi naramdaman ko nung first time ko kayo ni Alden makita at makapagpapicture hindi ako.makapagsalita at hirap kumilos gusto kita yakapin pero nawala sa isip.ko parang tumigil ang mundo ko habang papalapit sayo. Pero sa loob loob ko sumisigaw ako sa kasiyahan pero wala wala akong nasabi kahit hi o hello man lang walang lumabas sa bibig ko pero sobrang saya saya ko nun.

  5. same feels my idol kapag napapanuod kita lalo pa siguro pag nameet kita ng personal napapasaya moko at napapaligaya mo ang araw ko kahit bad day ako hahahaha your my happiness

  6. Cha says: Reply

    I’ve never been to a concert and if I would ever be into one in the future, I would certainly love to do what you practice today — take some pics then dive in to the feelings and great memories na makukuha mo sa pakikipag interact mo in person sa mga hinahangaan mong tao — considering how fast technology is eating us up these days.
    I love how you right your pieces, Ate. They are or should I say you are helping me a lot to start writing and I thank you for that and for all the things you’ve done to bring happiness in our lives.

  7. Grace says: Reply

    Same feeling Meng if I fan girl to you too! Hopefully Meng yung blog mo na sa Italy utang mo pa yun ha tagal na nun ei At saka yung Coldplay noon Hihi

  8. Recca says: Reply

    So glad that you enjoyed the concert. Tapos may titigan moments ka pa with Danny. Inggit ako. Haha. I’m happy for you! 😊 Baka naman yung Coldplay concert may entry ka? Beke nemen. Hehe.

  9. OMG
    I was there at the concert too I know how you feel…
    The Script is so amazing esp the way they interact with the crowd… We’ve been to all their concerts here in Manila so we know…
    And grabe inggit ako sa flying kiss syo ni Danny hahaha
    And perhaps next time will take your suggestion and watch a concert alone too 😏

  10. Jieme rose says: Reply

    Ohhh so glad that you’ve enjoyed that much. Kahit hindi ako nka panood ng concert ng script or any artist but the way you discribe the show parang andun na rin ako, how you loved the show and how you scream. Thank you maine for sharing to us your wonderful experience… Ganoin talaga kapag nag aya ka kailangan gumastos ka, at kapag gusto mo talaga kahit mahal dapat paghandaan… Sana ikaw din magkaroon ka ng concert and maybe that time i will watch you on your concert. Kahit mahal payan Wala pakels, hehehehe… Thank you maine for always inspiring us thru your writings and inspirations words. Keep it up girl, im always here to support you. Love you 😘

  11. Madeleine says: Reply

    True dat, when you go to a concert you’re there to savor the moment. Leave the documenting to the reporters….

  12. M. Raquel Acala-Taylor says: Reply

    Oh Wow!!! You know what they say…once is an accident, twice is coincidence but thrice is on purpose or was it…once is a mistake, twice is a pattern, thrice is a habit!!! You must have made an impression on Danny!!! The last time he did this to someone he dated her😉😉 and I think he is single! 😘😘 atta girl…you must be a hard habit to break😉😉

  13. aivee notado says: Reply

    same feelling that i am happy going to concert alone, actually.. as in always alone ako pumunta.. 😩

  14. Joy says: Reply

    Same here. I don’t take many pictures or videos during a show. I go to savor the moment and enjoy the live show.

    Happy for you for those staring moments , to be yourself, and happy for you that you get to enjoy it without being mobbed.

  15. Aliana Casa says: Reply

    I was there too! Grabe, one of my best night ever. I felt really happy and alive. Ang daming takehome ng show nila kasi hindi ka lang nanood ng show 😭 I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos and videos din because I’d rather enjoy the show and savor the moment while I’m there. Super worth it ang experience. And I also went to the the show alone and ang saya makifangirl sa katabi mong hindi mo kakilala! 😄

  16. Mary graze says: Reply

    You deserve this kind of happiness meng, at napakasaya ko na naging masaya ka nung araw na yun. Sana Maine madami pang dumating na ganitong ganap na magpapasaya sayo dahil masaya ako kapag masaya ka. Love you meng. Forever. And thank you for sharing how happy you are. 😊.

  17. Evie says: Reply

    Sobrang happy ako na makitang ka masaya meng ramdam kita sa pagiging fangirly mo… and deserved mo nmn maging happy lalo na kasama mo yung mga tunay mong mga kaibigan… nkakatuwa lang kayo makita masaya dahil para kayo mga high school parin walang pagbabago sa samahan nyo… god bless meng basga kung saan ka masaya gawin mo lang.. dto lang akk susuporta sa iyo… god bless mydear and congrats sa new endorser mo…

  18. Roxan says: Reply

    Hi there Meng so happy to see you fangirling ang cute. Sabi mo do what makes you happy Kaya tuloy tuloy lang ang fangirling. I hope to see you pag uwi ko next year para ako naman ang mag fangirling sa yo. Stay happy my dear

  19. MJ says: Reply

    Hi Maine. Remember me from the Kalyeserye sa US, Los Angeles. I was the one with the daisy headband and gave it to you after our little jealous skit. Sa sobrang starstruck ko Sayo, all I was saying was I love you the whole time.. OMg! The feels I had that evening being able to hug you was probably the same feels you had for Danny 😉😊.

    I’m glad you really got to enjoy yourself, even though sa sobrang busy mung life. Please continue to make time for yourself always. Spend time with your family and friends hindi lang sa showbiz lagi. I love you and I will be a forever Aldub Fan and especially you, Meng that I love because of your humble, and walang pakialam kung ano man ang sabi sabi ng iba na hindi maganda sayo. DEADMA SILA.

  20. Bing salcedo says: Reply

    That’s really a good suggestion, to savor and enjoy the moment . That’s what I did when I watched you and Alden in Kalyeserye sa US. I have only 2 short vids and 2 pics, proof for the friends and family that I watched and beings fangirl. I was seated VIP just behind Paolos daughter. Alden looked at me about .001 seconds, lol. Medyo masakit din sa bulsa kasi I was negotiating with the producer of the concert that I’m willing to pay $2000.00 for 2 tickets to be seated on the front row, hibang talaga sa Aldub.💑 Plus the travels and hotels and misc expenses, my hubby was wondering bakit walang laman ang fridge namin for a couple of weeks, lol! Now you know why you are the top endorser, your fans are willing to go hungry just to support you💖

  21. Sze says: Reply

    Freedom to love whom you want to love… #goodbyealdenrichards #hellojuancho
    #just kidding #mema, i like that you’re now careful, for what others may say or feel hurt about your blog, meron nang “pasintabi po” , cause you’re so true, you tend to hurt other people’s feelings, #truthhurts ITS YOUR LIFE LOVE WHOM YOU WANT TO LOVE, ang aldub, ilusyon lang alden and yayadub, lets go for “Ms. MAINE MENDOZA”

  22. Rainy Dence Lozada says: Reply

    Glad you had so much joy and fun during the concert, Menggay! You deserve it! I wish you more concert-induced-happiness (I can relate yung nagconcert ang Maroon5 sa Pinas wagas din yung saya ko nun ang layo ko pa nun ah at walang stare ganap kasi kung meron ay di ko kakayanin! 😂) Tamang tama ka dun sa wag magfocus kakavideo ng mga ganap thru phone, it’s better to savor the moment. Phones/cameras may record the scenes but those can be erased but the cherished moments will be treasured in the mind and heart eternally (with matching kanta ala ending ng IYAM pa yang eternally na yan,😂) God bless you always, Madam! 💛And syempre pati si Gov.💙 Walang iwanan pa din. 💚

  23. Jeng says: Reply

    I hope you get to write about your Coldplay experience with Kat and Alden too 😉

  24. adelle715 says: Reply

    agree with what you said to just enjoy the concert and savour every moment. unfortunately, when i watched sam smith, i wasn’t able to concentrate coz i knew you were down there watching, too. 😊

  25. Katelyn Reyes says: Reply

    Menggay, naiisip ko ikaw si danny at ako ikaw superfan, sobraa. Ganan ang magiging reaksyon ko kapag natitigan mo’ko eye to eye. Baka nanginginig pa ang mga tuhod sa tuwa at luhaan.

  26. Katelyn Reyes says: Reply

    Menggay, naiisip ko ikaw si danny at ako ikaw superfan, sobraa. Ganan ang magiging reaksyon ko kapag natitigan mo’ko eye to eye. Baka nanginginig pa ang mga tuhod sa tuwa at luhaan.

  27. Chai Frominertia says: Reply

    Glad i didn’t miss their concert that night. I got tickets the last minute too. Too bad we’re not on the same side of the stage, i was on the right side of the stage in vip area 🙁 We were as wild as you doe. hahahaha I think it’ll be riot if we were on the same area lol anyway, its my 2nd time to watch the script as well ( i think we were on the same section and row in 2015, LB A section but i forgot the row but base on your blog and pictures we were like seats apart ) and i couldnt agree more that they touch each and everyone’s heart ALL THE TIME. They are actually better but never change a bit. I’m lucky i met them in 2015 and last weekend after show and they were the kindest to fans! No hesitation to take selfies and willing chit chat to every fan they met after the show. Hoping we cross paths again, Meng. I met you after Sam Smith’s concert at the hotel. Saw you at coldplay with Alden but again I’m at the other side lol. I attended Lany Day 2 show as well but I didn’t see you. I wonder which concert i’ll get to see you again? I am happy we share the same love for concerts with the same artists/bands! *kilig*

    from your silent fan/ silent concert buddy? 😁

    PS: if you need a concert buddy just message me (Twitter: @chaifrominertia) I promised i don’t bite, and I’m willing to get as wild as possible. Plus i can help you find cheaper complimentary tickets (kuripot self here too haha)

  28. Rosaamia says: Reply

    So amazed with you and he came back thrice, i think Danny really wanted those flying kisses😘😘😘🙌🤟 you are the best MM❤️

  29. EVELYN QUIRANTE says: Reply

    I agree when you said “just revel in the presence of your favourite artists– through your own eyes and ears, not screens and speakers. Kuha ng konting pics and vids, then go back to enjoying what’s right in front of you.” That’s what I exactly what I did during your KS sa NY. I was just watching every bit of your move and was wishing I was with you on the stage.

  30. Lis says: Reply

    Natawa ako sa kilig gif mo madam😄 enjoy life and God bless always😊💗

  31. Honey Savares says: Reply

    Hi Meng it is a good thing that you got to enjoy The Script: the Freedom Child Concert. So happy to see sa mga vids mo na masayang masaya kayo ng mga friends mo. One thing lang maine, tungkol sa hiling mo na suportahan solo projects nyo…gagawin yun ng AlDubNation para sa inyo. ang hinihingi lang namin eh umamin na kayo. Kahit sa anong paraan. Social Media, youtube…kahit ano malaman lang ng lahat ang totoong status nyo. pagumamin kayo support na lahat sa kahit ano mang solo projects nyo. protective lang ang ADN. sana maintindihan mo rin. Mahal namin kau. natatakot na nga ang iba magbukas ng blog mo after ng OL. Baka bad news na nman. Sa sobrang pagmamahal namin sa inyong dalawa nasasaktan talaga kami na magkahiwalay kau ng project. pero pwede naman tanggapin. aminin nyo na lang totoong status nyo. Please meng.

  32. You are right, Meng…so much joy and wonder are taken from us since the upsurge of technology. That’s what struck me the most among the impressions you had with your concert experience. You related so much to their song freedom because you get to value such seemingly ordinary thing when it is being taken away from you because of your stature now. Silver lining is….you during your fangirling stint, no matter how short…..were let to be you once again…..and I am so happy for you…..that carefree attitude when you think u are not being watched… what I, and most of your true fans (I assure you, we are more than 10), is what we hope won’t be lost despite our unconscious or conscious possessiveness.

  33. stargirl_v says: Reply

    Hello! Maine, u deserve to enjoy and be happy, minsan k lang maging young adult my love. Hija about ur Solo projects, patawarin mo ako if susuwayin kita this time kc Only You and You alone support ko, but if project nyong 2 of kors full support ang puso ko kc i love u. God bless u more, ingat k lagi sa barangay plsss mag talukbong k kc sobra init ng iwas k sa sakit. I love you🙏😍😘💛

  34. Georlan arnaiz says: Reply


  35. Joy Portugal says: Reply

    super happy that you are happy Maine

  36. Rich says: Reply

    Nkakatuwa ka talaga magkwento. Ramdam ko yung kilig mo dito s Pelangi.
    Happy for you! Ganan na ganan din pkiramdam ko pag nakikita ko kyo ni Alden. 😍😍😍
    Thank you for sharing Menggay! 😊

  37. Ma. Luisa Lee says: Reply

    Nakakaaliw ang kwento mo. Walang pretensions (sakit sa bulsa – my kuripot self).

  38. dyakeke says: Reply

    nakakatuwa ka talaga idol ang lakas mo maka goodvibes ^_^ pag nakikita kita nakakalimutan ko mga utang ko ^_^ sana makapagconcert ka din kering keri mo naman eh or kahit declamation na lang or pantomime or pantomaine basta ikaw lang sapat na hehe
    bsta andito lang kme lagi nakasuporta sayo sa ayaw at sa gusto mo hehe

  39. Congrats sa fangirl heart mo bes! I feel you.😘 Continue being you. Admiring you from the sideways. Lovelots!😘😘😘

  40. Pau says: Reply

    Binasa ko lang ‘to pero feeling ko kasama ako sa mga nanood ng concert. So sad I missed this concert… fan pa naman din ako ng The Script.

    Ate Maine, I’m glad you enjoyed the concert! #ConcertGoals ka po talaga eh!

    Sana po you’ll be able to post your Coldplay experience po with Kuya Alden…

    AlDub you! And please continue on writing. You were my inspiration that’s why I started writing poems as well… I hope you’re always happy and healthy!

  41. Darwin says: Reply
    Hi Maine! For U n’ Alden! GIve it shot for 5minutes and 37seconds! Thanks! Rock On!

  42. beilisa says: Reply

    Meng, feel qo rin feelings mo … kc ganyan aqo sa AlDub. No matter what happens…AlDub will stay in ADN’s heart n mind…forever….. eternally….

  43. SRYNELO says: Reply

    Meng , we enjoyed watching you as well having a great time during the concert…Will be watching them here in Cork, Ireland on 26th June…can’t wait to see them too…Marami talagang up and coming Irish bands… this group :
    Picture This!


    The Coronas

    …hope you like them too….

  44. Damn, gurl! Ang galing mo magkwento. Pakiramdam ko nakapunta na rin ako ng concert. Ang galing galing galing galing galing mo talaga, in everything! Love yah! Be free!

  45. I was there!!! Favorite part ko talaga yung “Arms Open” na part kasi super kakaiba yung feels as in parang hinu-hug nila ako and that was something!!

    I totally agree na in that concert hindi mo mabibigyan ng oras magtake ng photos and videos kasi super enjoy 😍

    Just thinking about it ngayon super kinikilig padin ako. 💙💙💙

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