The Script Live in Manila

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The Script Live in Manila! Gee, I’ve waited for this day to come since last year! I was in the States when I knew they’re going to perform in Manila again. I told my sister about it just when the poster went viral online around October last year. “I cannot miss this one!!!!!!!” I told myself. I’ve missed their first two concerts already and I wouldn’t dare miss this for the third time. So I bought a ticket right away, using my sister’s credit card; I told her I’m gonna pay for it when I get home (from the US) but for some reason, that ticket ended up as her Christmas present to me. So big thanks to her.

My brother bought tickets that month as well! (for him, his girlfriend, Dean and Coleen) but the funny thing was, they bought tickets for General Admission only! Meaning I am still going to watch the concert by myself. And Coleen, who paid for my Lower box ticket was seated on General Admission section. Lol.

Concert was held at the Mall of Asia Arena on the 17th of April. They also had a meet and greet session and CD signing at the mall that afternoon! (Ah, those lucky bitches who got to meet Danny and the rest of the band! May pa-hug pa!) I left home at around 11 (yes, in the morning) and met up with Miggy. Our plan for that day was to eat Laksa (I am always craaaaaaving!) and see The Longest Ride, so we did. We went to Carrie and Terry’s at Taft to have Laksa then to Resort’s World for the movie. The movie started at 4:30 and ended at 7. We had an hour left, just enough time to travel from RW to MOA Arena– we thought. Yes, we did forget how terrible the traffic in Manila is! We were running late! Both of us started to worry because we were still on the road at 8 o’clock! I was constantly checking Twitter for updates about the concert; some tweeted the concert has already started, which made me really upset and even more worried. Traffic in Manila sucks so so so bad. Anyhow, we reached the venue twenty minutes before nine, and my heart was beating so damn fast for I was really excited! A lot of people were still making their way inside the arena, some were still even buying food at the snack stalls; and it made me think that the concert might have not started yet. Well, obviously.

And just my luck, I was right! The band hasn’t made any appearance yet. I heard it was Silent Sanctuary who did the front act. I immediately went inside and looked for my seat. I’ve had a couple of attempts to go out and get something to eat (for I haven’t eaten my dinner yet) but I was thinking.. the concert might start anytime soon. So I remained seated, for twenty to thirty minutes (I think) when finally.. the lights went off.

The crowd started screaming.. crowd includes me, yep. Then an-actual-back-stage-kuno-video of them was shown on the screen, making it seem as if the band is on their way out. The spotlight then was focused on the back part of the arena.. then there goes Danny, being escorted by a couple of folks clasping on long green flags. Welcome to the Irish Parade? He went shortly to the stage to meet the rest of the band, beginning with their first performance for the night..

Paint the town green! (which I am really not that familiar with). No Sound without Silence tour setlist includes..

Paint the town Green
Hail, Rain or Sunshine
Before the worst
If you could see me now
Man on a wire
(my fave in the album!)
Good ol’ days
Never seen anything
Man who can’t be moved
You won’t feel a thing
Six Degrees of Separaton
It’s not right for you 

Energy never dies
For the first time
(an all-time favorite!)
No good in goodbye
Hall of Fame

Sad they didn’t perform Talk you down though, I was waiting for the “Gonna stay with friends in Manila~” line, ugh! The setlist was good, nonetheless! Check out some photos I took! (Excuse the bad quality) 

Gee, their intro of Breakeven (and the intro of the song itself) got me in tears! I was overwhelmed, I don’t even know why. The feels, probably.

And guess how the the band performed Nothing? Well, Danny asked one of the audiences to call his/her ex-lover. A lucky fan immediately handed her phone to Danny while her ex-boyfriend was on the other line, and just like that, he began singing Nothing. Gee, I wonder how that guy felt while listening to Danny and the whole Manila crowd– surreal, I’d say. And mind you, Danny did the best way to end that phone call through asking the whole crowd to say good night to the (lucky) man. In unison..

“Good night, asshole”

Awesome? Awesome.

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Now these are what you REALLY call shameless selfies

IMG_9827 IMG_9879 IMG_9882

Danny also had a surprise for those who were seated on the left corner of the venue, those who were on Lower box to be specific. No big deal, he just simply went there and came into the crowd. *smh* How unlucky of those who were on the other side– on our side, rather. Goodness, if Danny went to our section instead oh my I could literally touch him (no not that, you dirty-minded freak) I was seated on the front row, damn it! Funny how I hoped and expected that he’d come to our side too, hinanda ko na yung sarili ko eh? Sayang… I’m happy for those who got to see him up close though………. mga leche.

“For this one song, just live in the moment, yeah?”

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See those lights? Danny asked everyone to turn their phone’s flashlights on for their last song. (Hall of Fame) It was so amazing to look at, it surely got everyone feeling euphoric. 🙂 Loved how the crowd managed to pull off the “magical” feeling effect! Haha!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Well all in all The Script was amazing, that’s a fact. I mean, who doesn’t love The Script? It was worth it! Standing for two hours straight while singing and dancing along and frantically waving my arms was worth it! I had a really good time.. by myself, yes, why not. I still cannot believe I’ve finally crossed out “See The Script” off my bucket list! I can still remember being stuck at home two years ago while they were having their second concert here in the Philippines; I was so sad because they were my only favorite band that time and it was their second time here already and still, I didn’t get to see them. Which is why I was so glad when I knew they’re coming back for the third time (and they promised to be back for the fourth, by the way!) Something to look forward to for those who failed to attend any of the three.

Here’s a 3-minute video I made featuring snippets of their performances to cap off this post. Enjoy watching!

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  2. rhedd says: Reply

    i was there.alone.too.but it was a blast.the whole thing was blurry.the only vivid on my mind now is his face.arrgh..
    we love you nicomaine.


  3. chenna says: Reply

    who’s miggy.. been reading “miggy” a lot about your post. LOL kinda hit me hard its him. the miggy.. before Alden.

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