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I’ve been seeing a couple of The Sunday Currently posts from different bloggers all over the net. At first I was wondering why the hell do they have the same set of contents(?!), not knowing it was a link up made by Siddathornton! (blame those who do not credit the original owner!) Well anyway I’ve thought about joining the bandwagon, so here it is, my Sunday Currently vol. 01 🙂


Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. I started the book two weeks ago and I have not opened it again since then. I was kind of busy at the office the past few weeks (and this new good habit I am currently working on) so I hardly get any free time to read. Hopefully I get to finish it before the month ends. I have not seen the movie adaptation yet because I want to read the book first; same goes to the other Nicholas Sparks’ novel-based movies.

Oh by the way, I saw The Longest Ride last Saturday and the movie adaption was actually nice, but of course not better (than the book). Go see it!

I am finally working on the novel I told you guys about! I have not thought of a title yet, but I’d say the novel is going good.. so far. Hope I could finish it, though.

Other than the sound of the electric fan on my side?? nothing.

About my savings! Gee I need to spend a little less and save up a little more! Blame it on food; I spend most of my money on food.

the pungent smell of the hair spray I just used– too citrus-y.

for a good day and a good week ahead. 🙂

to not get bad menstrual cramps on my period. (It’s almost the time of the month!) I’ve been working out since last week to prevent my usual (severe) dysmenorrhea. Please don’t fail me.

A white tank top paired with knee-length maong shorts and a black belt. Still deciding on what shoes should I wear with this outfit. The whole get up looks.. boyish, somehow… and sexy.. somehow.

this day! For I get to spend the day off from work and everything else.

to go on a vacation! I want to go beach hopping with some close friends! Just a few days off from work to you know, chill and have a little fun, something like that?

some sleep! I slept at around 4:30 last night because I was working on “The Script Live in Manila” blog entry and woke up at 12nn; it clearly wasn’t enough. It’s Sunday for crying out loud!

happy 🙂 Happy because this whole week has been really productive 🙂 And the fact that I’m going to have Laksa later?? Happiness.

Happy Sunday, lovies!

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  1. Why viewers still use to read news papers when in this technological globe
    all is existing on web?

  2. Richel says: Reply

    I like this Sunday Currently, but you stopped til volume 3. Why?

    Rest if you must bella. (That is why you fainted during the show). Take good care of yourself because your putting smiles and making people happy in the philippines and also around the world.

  3. hi maine, if you have can you please help me or show me how to connect to sunday currently for my blog. Thank you.

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