The Sunday Currently | 05


It’s All Saint’s Day today and also a start of a new month. Happy November 1st everyone! Are you aware that we’re only 53 days away from Christmas? Yikes! Are you guys feeling the Christmas vibe already? Christmas jingles are always up on the radio and those Christmas lights and lanterns are set out on the streets! I just love seeing those flashing lanterns! Nakaka happy!


tweets from the AlDub Nation. I really do take the time to read each one of those! Most of my time are actually spent on browsing through different articles (mostly about AlDub) and scanning through Twitter and Instagram (tagged photos). Doon na ako nakakasagap ng balita!

The Sunday Currently vol. 5

No Ordinary Love (by Jennifer Love Hewitt) – I am actually singing to it. #karaokepamore *Gasgas Abelgas tone* na hatid sa atin ng… Grand Videoke Symphony. Opo!

To be honest, there are so many things going on in my head right now–mostly things that I shouldn’t be (spending so much time) thinking about. Well, earlier when I woke up I was only thinking about what to do for the rest of the day; whether I should stay in bed or do something productive. It’s Sunday and I opted to do nothing today, since this is the best (and the only time) to take a good rest. But hey, guess what! I think I am currently doing both! Blogging while lying on bed. #stillwinning

the oily smell of chili dynamites my sister just ate.. now I am craving!

for “things” to get better. (Akin nalang kung ano yung “things” na yon) It’s just….. eh kasi….. ah basta.

for a fun week ahead!

my sleepwear, still! It’s already 6 in the evening yet i am still wearing my duster pantulog!

Alden and I’s Preview Magazine cover! I have waited 4 weeks for this issue to be released! Super excited lang ako to see the outcome. “How do you bring together two people that cannot meet? Perfect planning and meticulous photo editing fulfill this fashion fantasy.” It’s amazing how Preview came up with such a brilliant idea. Fantastic talaga si Bibi! Go get your copies now!


peace of mind

more SLEEP, still. I feel like the 8-hour sleep I had last night wasn’t enough to catch up on the sleep I missed last week! Pabusy na ng pabusy ang yaya nyo! ..which is a good thing. Right?

I am having mixed feelings at the moment. I am feeling happy (of course), weary and a little confused. Feeling happy because of the blessings that are coming my way. Weary because of sleep deprivation (cellphone pa more bago matulog!) A little confused because of…………. *some texts missing* Have you ever been in a situation wherein you had this “ano’ng nangyayari, bakit ganito?” feeling? Then it makes you think “It shouldn’t be this way..”


okay nevermind, I shall keep mum about this.

Hope you had a great weekend! Have an awesome November, guys! Let us start the month with a smile para good vibes lang all the way!

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  1. Grabe sya .. misteryo lang ang peg ?*some text missing* bet ko yan hahha, anyway finally you updated your blog !! Haha I waited for months for this.. I visit your blog everyday like part of my daily routine already lol
    So ayun na nga” H A P P Y T H O U G H T S ” lang tayo everyday dude .. and pahinga pahinga rin pag may time we love you Meng *pabebe wave*

  2. Waa. Finally! You’ve updated your blog 🙂
    Parang kanina lang I’ve tweet on you suggesting to update you blog for you to be productive, then eto na. grabeh ang saya ko lang.
    I have work tomorrow but knina i choose to watch “Maine Mendoza behind the Camera” videos etc. on Youtube, and inabot na pala ako ng 1am then now, reading and commenting on your blog. *sleepNoMore?

    Anyway. Chili Dynamite is the best! haha un talaga ung pinansin ko.jk. But seriously, I have also felt that kind of ‘Thinking for something that’s really not worth to overthink”, maybe it’s one spice of being pessimist but I know you’re starting to overcome it so tuloy tuloy mo lang, just don’t stress about something that do not really exist, I mean let God and trust Him.
    If that “thing”(for whatever it is) is destined to happen, it will be. Keribels mo yan! You’re so blessed na talaga ih but still you are so humble pa din and I really really admire that, alam mo na, konti lang kasi ang may talent nian. So, BestMeng (I’ll call you this nicks kahit dito lang), Godbless for your future, stay your feet on the ground, Halloween lang ngaun pero d kaparin ghost to float. Hahaha. **woooh-regine**

    PS: The last time I read *sometext missing* is when your writing about someone else, I smell that it also mean about “someone special”. Hahaha. May tip ako: Halloween mong mabuti para umayos ang timpla. (di ka korni) -@yahitsyanie here.
    (dito ko papapansin, mahirap sa twitter.hahaha)

    PS Ulit: ang dame kong ‘hahaha’ ang saya ko lang. **grabeh syaaaa**

  3. By the way, how to follow your blog ? Can’t find the follow button e .

    1. Guil says: Reply

      Subscribe ka lang ms., para ma notify ka pag may update.

  4. Remellie Quiñones says: Reply

    Pa hug nga muna.. 🙂 parang younger sissy na rin kitang maituturing eh..

    Naka pag update kana ulet ha? hehe.. Pre-occupied na kasi ang schedule mo, because, of overflowing blessings from above, thank God for that!

    I agree with Arianne. This possibly about “someone special” halululululu… haha! :p cge lang Meng enjoy mo lang muna.. (kung tama ba nsa isip nmen) hihihi..

    But seriously, I want to share this verse to you dear. Assuring that you’ll have peace 🙂

    Philippians 4:6-7
    Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    You are such a blessing to us.. with this verse, I hope and pray you’ll be blessed. “Grabe sya..” hehe.. Luv you Meng.. We are excited also here in Dubai to watch your first movie with Bossing, Ms. Ai & Bae.

    – ate milot

    1. HAHAHA. I was amazed na she could be still the same Maine Mendoza even now na she’s so phenomenon. I felt na she was so Maine Mendoza when I’m reading her blog, feels like I’m reading her mind with some fill in the blanks twist. Cool!
      But the whole week of kalyeserye was so cheesy, something has changed, and I smell something fishy.
      Too bad, looks like we will not able to read about that “sometext missing” because I think Maine would prefer to keep it private. If I were her blog, ‘I would be sad and jealous, because she’s doesn’t want to tell me about it, after all those times na I’ve listen to your thoughts’ hahahaha jk.

      PS: iloveyuMeng. 🙂

  5. Cazel says: Reply

    Finally! Nakapag sulat ka ulit… Nakakamiss naman talaga new stories mo, i really love reading ur blog…

    May God continue to bless you more
    Hope you can have a week to rest, kahit mamimiss kita sa Kalye Serye ok lng makapag rest ka lng mabuti… Ingat palage maine…
    ALDub you so so much!

  6. Rodriguez Family says: Reply

    God bless you always Yayadub and your family.

  7. Trisha (santos) says: Reply

    I really love you

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