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I am finally on vacation! Wooot! Life’s been a little hectic lately and I have been waiting for this week to come. I am sleep deprived at this point (surely, you could tell) and I have been craving and needing sleep! Eto na ang tamang panahon to catch up on sleep I have missed the past few days and to unwind as well! I am happy to be here at a beach resort somewhere at South with the family. Yes you read that right, I am not in New York.. I wish I was there, though!


tweets about the presidential debate. People on my Twitter timeline have so many things to say and to rant about the debate while I’m just here lying on my bed reading, blogging and watching.

The Sunday Currently vol. 5! I am also going to write about our Bora trip and SMU’s (Solid Maine United) surprise birthday party sometime this week! I know you have been waiting (for weeks now!) for those entries to be posted here on my blog! But bear with me if I don’t get to post them this week, basta I promise to make an entry about those two! Stay put lang kayo dyan!

to the presidential debate! They are now currently playing the pre-dabate footage. Ang benta lang!

about getting something to eat. I have mad cravings for frozen yogurt and churros since yesterday! AHHHHHHH someone get me those asaaaap!

freshly laundered sheets here at the resort. I am in heaven and I am going to sleep like a baby tonight. There’s a big chance that I’ll be spending the whole day tomorrow lying on my bed, cuddling with my pillows.

to dream about me being in the States– New York to be specific. I badly want to go there, I swear I’d trade anything to be there at this moment! Well I actually planned on spending the Holy week at New York–by myself–but I know my parents won’t allow me to so I didn’t push it through. Sayang, I was about to book a ticket already! But soon, I hope.. 🙂

for a fun-filled vacay with the fam! Hope I could also go on a mini getaway with my friends before this week ends! S/o to Kat, Janeeva, Maryse, Jannica, Cristine and Ola, yuhoo!

a silk night gown– my fave sleep wear.

the fact that I am at the beach again! Third time this month, yeeeeaaaaauugh I am a happy girl! You know how much I love (being at) the beach! Oh tara Maldives naman!

to be a productive “blogger” this week. Since I won’t be having any work the whole week, I think it’s the perfect time for me to catch up and blog about the things that has happened the past few weeks. Priority ang surprise party and Bora trip! Most requested!

more time to edit videos! And extra time to catch up on Awkward.

happy that I’ll get to slack off be at leisure this week! I badly need this time off for the following weeks and months would be hella busy for me. Pero kebs! Kaya to, para sa ikauunlad ng pagkatao ko! Pak ganoin!

How did your Sunday go? What are you guys up to this Holy Week? Enjoy your vacation! Oh and don’t forget to watch Eat Bulaga’s Lenten Special this week!

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  1. Hi Maine, buti nakapag-blog ka uli 🙂

    How about yung Birthday special mo (saturday ep.) and Dakak? please? and videos ulit tulad nung tagaytay.
    Pero ibalik mo na yung tumblr mo pls 🙂 hehe

  2. Joyce says: Reply

    Yeeepeeee! Nakaka excite yung “Bora trip” hehe.

  3. Minanoonessan says: Reply

    Todays not so good but hopefully before the night ends it will be better. Holy week is still work week for me since in the place where I currently am don’t spend holy week. I’ve been looking forward to the EB lenten special for quite sometime especially when i saw the trailer/s. Enjoy your vacation and spend it with more rest and bonding with your love ones. Take care always.

  4. Ate Mar says: Reply

    I am glad to know that the Menggay I used to know thru blogs will rise again! This calls for a big jump landing on a sandy beach!
    Looking forward for this week with your writings. 🙂

  5. I hope to god you won’t be endorsing any candidate in the following weeks – especially if it’s half-assed (with pay). But if you strongly feel the need to – by principle – please do. Have a great vacation. 🙂

  6. Tsutomu Rodrin says: Reply

    excited to see your post about bora.. enjoy you vacation. ☺

  7. Marilyn says: Reply

    I am glad to know that the Menggay I used to know thru blogs will rise again! This calls for a big jump landing on a sandy beach! Wooo!
    Looking forward for this week with your writings. 🙂

    1. Marilyn says: Reply

      And to answer your question. Where I live, Holy Week here is a work week. Holidays will only be on Monday after the Easter Sunday. So, it will be a usual no-choice-but-work for me.

  8. LOVELORN says: Reply

    How’s my Sunday? Well, I woke up early like 4am though I set my alarm at 5am, how was that? Hahah! Then attended the Mass at 6:45am, then cook while watching Bibi Boy at Sunday Pinasaya, then waited for the Debate. Talagang idinetalye ko sa iyo, ano? hahah. Anyway, it’s a good thing that you enjoyed the start of your vacay. Get a lot of sleep at iwasan ang maging panda, okay? We love you Meng! 🙂

  9. Cahtt says: Reply

    Maldives!! Beach lovers dream destination.. Myself included! hopefully you’ll be able to go there with you know your better half(RJ). hihihihi
    Anyway, will be waiting for your BORA trip blog update. EXCITED!!!
    Have fun with your vacay Bibi Girl.

    P.S I have work till Wed. but no worries I wouldn’t miss the EB Lenten episodes. :)SUPER EXCITED with GGMY 🙂 then for Thurs-Sunday will probably stay at home. Have Vista Iglesia on Thurs in Batangas.

  10. Elyne says: Reply

    Hello,Mengmeng!Thanks for the update.We just wait for you to have a time off so you can blog again and here it is!So happy that you can spend time with your fam this HW…As for me, it’s just another week of work,work,work,work,work (Rihanna’s version ) I belong to team abroad and you guessed it right,walang HW dito…I really miss spending HW in Manila. Before,I always dread this week bcoz I feel it’s boring…but now, I long for it…at least a week to recollect about life and God…now,no time to recollect and just sit back … That’s just it…so many things Team abroad like me miss about Philippines…take care now and enjoy the week!!!

  11. Mich says: Reply

    It’s so good to know that you’re having fun sa Holy Week vacay mo. You really need it because of so many sleepless nights you had for the past weeks due to work and I know pagkatapos ng bakasyon eh sandamakmak na naman ang trabaho mo. Chance mo ng makabawi. Sana nga si Alden magkaroon din ng mahabang pahinga this week no kaya raket pa din sya sa Canada. Pero ok lang din kasi madami naman syang mapapasayang mga kababayan natin na di pa sya nakakasama gaya namin dito sa Pinas….

    Ako naman mula ng magka AlDub wala na ding naging maayos na tulog kaka-stalk sa inyo ni Alden hahaha buang lang no pero happy naman – mahalaga happy tayong lahat di ba? 🙂 Kebs sa mga bashers basta full support pa din ako sa inyo (silent fan here – no group at all pero laging present sa mga events kung nasaan kayong dalawa)….

    I plan to spend this Holy Week syempre nood muna ng EB Lenten Special then Visita Iglesia with the fam then Baguio na kami ng partner ko. Di ko alam kung productive na matatawag yun pero basta yun lang ang sched haha….

    Again, have fun sa iyong vacay with the fam and I’ll be waiting for more of your blog updates and video edits. 😉

  12. Jan1000 says: Reply

    Thanks for the update Maine!.. I’m so excited for the Bora trip story, yung surprise, pics & videos.. Enjoy & be prayerful in this holy week vacay.. God bless your family!!!

  13. Ann says: Reply

    Excited for the bora adventure! Have a blast Holy Week with your family!

  14. Mildred Cruz says: Reply

    Will wait for that Bora trip! Enjoy your vacay!

  15. Babsy says: Reply

    Wow enjoy your week …

  16. AOL28 says: Reply

    Grabe ang sweet mo meng, bakasyon ka na nga pero may pa-fanservice ka parin for us. You will share the bora and surprise blowout ng SMU, at wait there’s more… You’re thinking of editing videos pa huhu we’re so spoiled but be sure to get MORE rest okie? Love you Meng, salamat

  17. Emily L. says: Reply

    I’ve read in Twitter that you might come to NY so I asked my 16 year old daughter to keep an eye out for you next week, hehehe since her high school is only 2 blocks away from Serendipity and Bloomingdales’s. ‘Hope you and Alden could come in June for the Annual Philippine Independence Day parade in Manhattan…wish ko lang 🙂
    Looking forward to read your Bora and surprise bday party blogs and more videos too please!
    Will be watching the EB Lenten Special…excited much for GGMY
    Advance Happy Easter

  18. Mards says: Reply

    This is my first time to comment in a public page and I must say, count me in as one of your “silent majority” fans who’s been following you since 16July15.

    Has it occurred to you though how influential you are to the ADN? Just curious.. Can I just ask that you might be entertaining the idea of endorsing a candidate ? There is this blog I would like you to take to read.

    Thanks and Have a Blessed Holy Week!

    1. Mards says: Reply

      *Sorry, I meant…There is this blog I would like you to take “time” to read..

  19. Ivy says: Reply

    I don’t understand why would you like to be somewhere else if you are already living the dream. Doesn’t make total sense. I’ve been here in the USA for 12 years and I undertand too well how hard life can hit you here. Sorry just saying, why prefer a foreign country than your own if you are making a decent life where you are now

  20. Leo Acharon says: Reply

    Nice to see you writting and resting! Enjoy your week and with the fambam! Hope you get your frozen yogurt and churros when you wake up. Have fun

  21. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Yeyyy nag update kana uli……

    Enjoy your free time Maine okay na okay yan bawi2x ng tulog at pahinga sa sobrang busy at hectic ng schedule mo minsan di ka na nakakatulog.
    Spend quality time with your family bonding2x alam ko miss ka na din nila dahil di ka na nila madalas makasama.

    Excited na ako sa bora trip update mo ayiiieeee at yung bday surprise sa mga pictures at videos

  22. Crizzia Faye says: Reply

    Hays! I missed your updates ate Menggay but I’m waitiiiiiing! Waiiiiiiitiiiing for that Bora trip! And YEAH. You A LOT of sleep! Gusto kitang batukan minsan eh! Kahit pagod ka na push pa rin! Pero Thaaaank you kasi napapasaya moko Sobra! I love you ate Menggay!

  23. Crizzia Faye says: Reply

    Hays! I missed your updates ate Menggay but I’m waitiiiiiing! Waiiiiiiitiiiing for that Bora trip! And YEAH. You need A LOT of sleep! Gusto kitang batukan minsan eh! Kahit pagod ka na push pa rin! Pero Thaaaank you kasi napapasaya moko Sobra! I love you ate Menggay!

  24. Manilyn Dalas says: Reply

    Weeew!so happy may update kana po uli hintayin ko ung about sa bora at surprise party!wala akong balak gumala ngayong holy week bahay lang manunuod nalang (EB lenten special),and kung makauwi man mga friends ko dito pangasinan sana makapagbonding din kami ko na sila ei pati mga kalokohan nila..enjoy your vacation maine!we love you!

  25. Patrick gonzalez says: Reply

    Ms maine you are a true middle class suburban child. You blog about your socio economic class and things that we ordinary filipino masses dont get to experience.

    I appreciate that you write well, i just hope sa exposure mo sa bulaga nabubuo na yung thirst mo for a mature view of phil society.

    Alam ko malalim pa ang gusto mo malaman. Kita sa interactions mo sa sugod bahay winners.

    Progressive ka maine, may nakikita ako pagnanasa sayo na maging makabuluhan at kapakipakinabang sa lipunan.

    Hope sa susunod mong blog, hindi lang sa buhay ng isang entitled little rich kid, isang millenial na apathetic, or isang naghihintay ng kanyang prince charming.

    I am truly amazed sa yo, alam ko marami kang daladala na totoong magpapaiba sa buhay ng pinoy.

    Astig ka ms maine!

  26. Cathy says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Glad you get to rest this week. Also happy that you’re blogging.

  27. Patrick gonzalez says: Reply

    1. Maine is a true middle class suburban child, she blogs about entitled little rich kids, their bourgeoise concerns, apathy as we see in the generations hooked on social media and everything material.

    2. But maine is also a progressive person, sa sugod bahay, alam mo na gusto nya intindihin ano ang ugat ng kahirapan sa phil society.

    3. Maine shows signs na gusto na maging makabuluhan. Yan ang makakatulong para sya maging magaling na aktres.

    4. Hope she can write about her views on various current phil concerns, may masasabi sya halata sa mga past posts nya.

    Astig si maine, she will surprise us!

  28. Maja G. says: Reply

    Milk it dry Maine. Glad to see you binging on rest and the beach. My apologies, apart from helping nurture your success we’re also responsible for depriving you some liberties including sleep. Yes, I am a fan which means this holy week will be spent part watching television .
    My weekend…
    I’ve spent the weekend suprising my man, 14 years and we remain strong. We’ve reminded ourselves of the rediculous things we’ve done to each other over the years and he still hasn’t forgiven me for putting gravy on his chicken salad, Lol, i know. Crazy right? I can’t cook for bloody England.
    My peice on Politics….
    “If you talk the talk and walk the walk with a face that fits, chances are you’ll get the job regardless if you can’t do it. My only wish is for all to see through the facade and pray that the only person who trully deserves to lead us wins. One can only hope. ”
    Looking forward to…
    More entries on this blog of yours.

  29. Patrick gonzalez says: Reply

    Ms maine blogs about her own socio economic class, entitled little rich kids with middle class concerns, cute love stories, petty girly stuff , cheesy movies, and expected topics coming from a 20 year old with no worries aside from checking whats happening with their snapchats fb etc.

    But ms maine writes well, and she is progressive.

    I can see in the way she interacts with sugod bahay winners. Halata mo na gusto nya maintindihan ang ugat ng mga pinagdaraanan ng ating mga kababayan.

    Its a good start. Sa pagunawa nya sa mga nangyayari sa lipunan, makakatulong ito sa pagiging aktres nya. Makabuluhan ang isang artista, mas epektibo sya sa craft nya.

    Ito sana ang tahakin nya na landas. Habang natututo sya sa sining nya, inaalam din nya maging isang parte ng lipunan na puedeng makatulong sa pag angat ng buhay ng pinoy.

    I expect her views on different aspects, try to blog about kalyeserye people, from the streets, what she thinks about them , how to effect change if its needed, and be one with the people.

    Maine is an actress with so much depth, alam kogusto nya rin maging pinoy na relevant sa panahon.

    Astig ka maine.

  30. Rona says: Reply

    I guess it would be good if you can write up about your 1st EB Lenten presentation through ggmy. I think its a good memory overall being its tour first.

  31. LethalJoke says: Reply

    nacucurious ako sa couple bracelet nyo ma mention mo kaya ito sa next post mo? sana for real hinde yung inorient na naman kayo para lang kiligin fans.i know maraming scripted gesture ang ini instruct sa inyo sa ks pampakilig sa fans, pero kung ano ipost mo dito paniniwalaan ko hihi

  32. Mards says: Reply

    Have a Blessed and fruitful Holy Week with your family ! Absolutely agree with Boo Radley about only endorsing a candidate if you strongly feel the need too. Thanks for updating your blog… I feel more comfy commenting here than anywhere else.

  33. Eric says: Reply

    It’s nice to see that had time to spend your holiday with your fam. I know you don’t get to spend much time with them so make the most of it. I’m really looking forward on reading your next blog. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be another interesting read just like your previous ones. You said you are looking for something to chow on, and I kinda have a hunch on where you are staying . So if you are where I think you are, I suggest you try the cafe at the members pool area and get the beef steak. They’re the bomb. Oh, and if you’re really craving for some yougart and churros, you can drop by in nuvali at Santa rosa on you’re way home. They have several yougart shops there and a chooro stall.
    I hope you’ll have more leisure time with your family and friends.
    Take care always and God bless

  34. Ivy says: Reply

    How did my Sunday go? I slept around 6am. Busy in the twitterverse reading about you and Alden. Feeling a bit sad when I read several negative tweets about Alden and the video he posted. Wanted to respond but then I knew it won’t matter as haters gonna hate, right? Woke up at 12 for SPS. Prepared my awesome tuna sandwich (dietpamore) while watching SPS. Went out for an hour to buy more tuna. then came back for the Presidential debate and got annoyed it was late. Made another tuna sandwich (this time with cheese) for dinner while browsing twitter and watching the debate. After the funny BTS, I decided to lie down and maybe sleep early.

    But low and behold, it’s 5:06am and Im still awake. Alternating between twitter, reading your old blog posts and watching KS reruns on YT.

    Im going to watch EB Lenten special of course. Wont miss it. Excited to see you on a dramatic role. Of course anything aldub kahit silent movie pa yan, papanoorin ko. Lol. But I will watch all the episodes in support of EB. Will go to work after since vacay doesn’t start til Thursday for us.

    I’m going home sa atin sa Sta. Maria on Thursday and I’m hoping EDSA will not be bad due to the reblocking. I’ll drop by my grandparents grave in San Gabriel on Good Friday then spend the rest of the day watching replays of walking dead and game of thrones and hopefully reading more blogs from you. Im excited to know the story behind the bracelet you are both wearing, how you felt when you saw Alden in Bora and the lengths he had to go thru to be there, what’s with your SC update during the fireworks and which of the many things you did together did you like the most.

    Im definitely going to miss you and Alden. Its the longest you’ll be away since July last year. Then to escape the horrific traffic, I’m leaving Bulacan early Sunday morning.

    Enjoy your break. Im happy you’re spending it with your family. Im sure they’ve missed you. Hope to see some tan on you when you return in a week’s time. Alden will be on the beach too but not until Saturday due to his Canada concert.

    Im ultra (naubusan na ko ng superlative) excited about what’s in store for you and alden for the rest of the year. Ano man mga yan, suporta lang ako.

    Stay happy. Stay beautiful. Stay Maine.

  35. Cake by the ocean!

    Glad to know you are on vacay mode. Enjoy your time with the family and by yourself.

    Looking forward to EB Lenten special as well as reunion series with good old friends and family afterwards. Headed towards the beach too!

    A meaningful and well deserved break to you!

  36. Gail says: Reply

    Getting excited with your next update especially about the bora vacay. I will spending this holy week staying at home and have some rest and take a break from school stuffs cause after holy week I will be busy for the preperation of our graduation. I also want to take this time to browse the net for my job hunting. So that’s how I will spend this week and hope you enjoy your vacation!

  37. Abby Luna says: Reply

    Whooo Bora trip.. pwede irequest pati na rin sana ung Dakak hehe.. wala lang hihi pero mas gusto ko ung bora trip niyo hehehe

  38. Enjoy your vacay meng! We’ll wait for your blogs! 🙂

  39. Joy says: Reply

    I knew it, you’ll be blogging again! Haha.. Kakabasa ko lng ng Sunday Currently #1-5 mo last Friday. 🙂 Sulitin ang bakasyon, dear! Excited to read your upcoming blogs, especially ung Bora and Bday celeb 🙂 Enjoy your holiday!
    As for me, I’ll still work til Wednesday then probably go home to our province by Thursday. Enjoy your rest!

  40. I’m always ecstatic to read your latest blog entry! Great to hear to that you’ll catch up with Dreamland aka SLEEP! Haha! Have fun Meng! 🙂

  41. imyel18 says: Reply

    Have a great week ahead! 😀
    My sunday, was an unexpected day… again 😉
    Wish you were awake though but it’s good to know you were able to get some sleep ^^
    PS. May naleft behind ba? XD

  42. Louise Reyes says: Reply

    Enjoy your well-deserved vacation. =)
    Can’t wait for your update on the Nicomainechella and Boracay adventure.
    Stay happy and healthy, both you and A.

  43. Jezebel Intong says: Reply

    And here u are again! ayeee … soo happy to read ur update princess .. pro mas happy ako na nakapagpapahinga ka na after all ur super duper busy sched .. holy week will be a regular work week for me .. bpo employee kasi kaya ganun .. pro mas excited ako sa upcoming updates mo .. the bora trip tp be exact .. hihi ..

    love you princess


  44. lengemgie101 says: Reply


    Cant wait for your Bora vids, ehem with Alden.. hehe.. But personally i like your video editing skills.. you could have a job slot in that field you know!

    Enjoy your vacay!

  45. Eden says: Reply

    Yaaayyy! Can’t wait for those two blog updates! Exciteeed 😀 God bless Meng and enjoy your vacay!

  46. Ma says: Reply

    I am patiently waiting for your BORA TRIP Update haha Please include the bora couple bracelet (demanding aldub fan) Urg. I’m so happy you have time to update your blog hope you have a great and productive day ! I mean the whole week . Thank you Meng for spoiling us. LOVE YAAAh

  47. Liza Jane Peria says: Reply

    Hello Meng! I’m happy for your blog update & somehow can relieve my feeling of missing Alden & especially you! Yes, I’m looking forward of watching EB lenten , specifically so much excited for GGMY! Well, since no work during lenten days , it’s my time to sleep more! One of my fav past time is sleeping! and of course excited for your Boracay posting & also Dakak! I’m so full of kilig everytime I see you & Alden! Parang mamateeyy ako! hahahahha…

  48. Am a bit amazed how could a 20 yrs.old young lady wrote a very nice composition well done.U know,reading ur blog is heaven for me not just bcos am an ur fan but bcos I can’t described the feeling whenever I am here,seems I found the perfect haven fit for my happiness.Reading here is like talking to u in person,like ur in front of me.U won my heart,to be exact.Keep it up,babe and I know all u r wishes in life will come true aside from the fame and the materials things.

    I am looking forward for ur next blog…The suprise bday party and the Bora trip (please).

    Love lots….

  49. Am a bit amazed how could a 20 yrs.old young lady wrote a very nice composition well done.U know,reading ur blog is heaven for me not just bcos am ur fan but bcos I can’t described the feeling whenever I am here,seems I found the perfect haven fit for my happiness.Reading here is like talking to u in person,like ur in front of me.U won my heart,to be exact.Keep it up babe and I know all u r wishes in life will come true aside from the fame and the material things.

    I am looking forward for ur next blog…The suprise bday party and the Bora trip (please).

    Love lots….

  50. Clare says: Reply

    Thanks for the update Maine looking forward for your blog about Bora trip. Enjoy your vacay, buti ka pa wla ka nang work ako hanggang wednesday pa pero ok lng para sa
    Sana may replay mamaya ng Lenten Special niyo especially yung sa GGMY.
    Blog pa more.
    Aldub U.

  51. Kathy says: Reply

    Excited… tara mg choros bonding tau… (i hope so..) Just enjoy ur vacation at rest ..God Bless We love you…

  52. Sheeryn says: Reply

    Looking forward for more of your update on your blog. Ipush mo yung Maldives trip I’m sure you’ll enjoy it esp if your with your someone special. Enjoy ur vacay and God Bless.

  53. Juno says: Reply

    Cant wait for the BORA blog…Enjoy your vacation Maine..

  54. tey says: Reply

    Maine, lagi kong inaabangan ang mga blog updates mo. Lalu na nung bday special mo sa EB. Bora trip pls. Plus video prang nung sa tagaytay. 😉

  55. angie says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    Glad you had the time to spend with your family in a place you are happy the most — the beach. Hope it would also be a time of quiet reflection and introspection. I and am sure a lot of those who follow your blog and admire you are looking forward to what you will share regarding your Maine day– that special Saturday where we get to see you amaze us again with your talents in dancing, drums and seeing you with your family and of course your thoughts about the gifts Alden has given you. By the way, have you named the african lovebirds given to you? Likewise we really hope you can share the Boracay vacay, Dakak and the shoots you had for the EB Lenten Special.How was it working with Direk BB Joyce Bernal? Of course, iha we will respect if there are some things you want to keep private. That is how much we love and respect you and Alden. Whatever you have know that there are millions of us praying and supporting you everyday in all that you do. May you continue to enjoy what you are doing and that your faith in God deepen as well especially this Lenten season.

    Have a blessed week Maine. God bless you, Alden and your families!


  56. Cha AA says: Reply

    Maineeee! At last! Sorry if we’re annoying you abt the Bora Trip hahaha. We’re just you know excited about that And I’m really glad that you were able to spend some time with your family. Enjoy your short vacay Meng! We’ll keep in touch with your blog mwaaaa

  57. justine ann says: Reply

    Hi Maine, alam kong malabo na mapansin mo ako at mabasa mo to. pero Tryin my luck hihi

    I just want to thank you, kasi andyan ka na nagpapasaya sa isang katulad ko. Yes, napapasaya mo ako ng hindi mo namamalayan. Hindi ko inaasahan na may isang katulad mo ang makakagawa neto, dba? Basta Im happy and proud sayo sa mga narating mo ngayon sa showbiz career, you deserve all the blessings and love kasi nagpakatotoo ka, kaya ka namin mahal eh 🙂

    Hopefully, nabasa mo ung letters na pinadala ko for you. Alam kong mahirap na mabasa mo yun bc hectic schedule eh. pero sana nabasa mo yun. 🙂 and yung bracelet hihi sana magamit mo soon haha d man yun mamahalin na nabibigay ng iba sana magustuhan mo yun. basta Im always here for you no matter what. Aldub you Meng!! Enjoy ur vacay mwaaa

  58. Raquel Hernandez says: Reply

    Hi Meng.

    Finally you have time for yourself and for your family. No work for the week. Hope you can rest and sleep long. Happy for your achievement Meng for 8 months you achieve a lot. Thank you Lord for giving Meng a great talent and a great heart. I am excited for your Boracay and Dakak blog. I know both of them are different experience. Gladly that Alden give you a great getaway. You’re Post Birthday Celebration!!! This man has so much love and surprises for you and I’m happy that both of you knows each other so well. Just enjoy the company of each other. I am always praying for both of you and God answer my prayer. Stay in love and keep the love burning. Forget all the negative write ups and the basher. 🙂

    There no Holy week here in Qatar and we spending the lent season in the office. Work mode.

    I watch the Monday Episode and the two episode makes me cry. I miss my family in the Philippines. Both my parents are sick. My mom diagnosed Bone TB while my Dad has a diabetes, heart and lungs problem. No need to stop working. I surrender all these to God and I never stop praying. Both of them are avid fan of Aldub. They always watch Eatbulaga. Kayo ang isang nagbibigay kasiyahan sa kanila. My 3 brothers and I are OFW. That’s why I’m very thankful for Eatbulaga and to you and Alden and the 3 Lola’s.

    I love you Meng and be strong beautiful! Hope to see you soon on my vacation this coming July.

    Lots of love,

    Raquel ( raquelyh012575

    1. lorelei says: Reply

      hi Raquel

      i read your reply to Maine. same din sa akin mom ko may sakit pero kahit papaano nakakapagpasaya sa kanya ang ALDUB. talagang part ng sistema nya ang EB at walang makakapigil. lahat ng products na ine-endorse nina Alden and Maine nakita ko sa bahay nung nagbakasyon ako last week sa Pinas. daig pa kami ni nanay ko. fan na fan talaga. masaya kami na masaya siya. super updated sya sa ALDUB sabi ko nga pwede na syang mag Admin ng Twitter account for ALDUB hahaha
      thanks to EB, Alden & especially Maine

  59. OMG! I knew y0u are going to update your blog this week when I saw your Ate Dub’s snapchat update. (The bully picture, haha) And YES! Can’t wait for your entry regarding your trip in Bora with your “other half” (*wink*) and SMU’s surpise party for you.

    Enjoy your trip po. It’s good to know you’ll get to rest for the rest of the holy week. 🙂

  60. OMG! I knew y0u are going to update your blog this week when I saw Ate Dub’s snapchat update. (The bully picture, haha) And YES! Can’t wait for your entry regarding your trip in Bora with your “other half” (*wink*) and SMU’s surpise party for you.

    Enjoy your trip po. It’s good to know you’ll get to rest for the rest of the holy week. 🙂

  61. RHEDD says: Reply

    ilevel up na tooo… VLOG naman po..

    hihihihi…can’t wait for those entries..

    slime pa more..

  62. Norita G. says: Reply

    Hello Maine..nice to see updates on ur blog.although I weren’t able to see u in person during my vacation in the Philippines, glad I’ve seen ur better half..always looking forward reading ur works ..hope to read ur future book soon you Menngay…
    Your avid Fan.

  63. lorelei says: Reply

    Hi Maine
    thank you for the update
    sana mag feature ka ng experiences mo sa Sugod bahay at paano ka natutulungan as a person, actress etc. ng mga taong nakakasalamuha mo.
    enjoy the rest of the weekend…
    iwas sa puyat and try to sleep early as much as you can

    love ate lei

  64. Kitcath says: Reply

    Basta ako,standby lang sa mga updates mo. ..and we’ll go to the beach as well, Camayan subic. Take care!

  65. yung bora please.. i’ll be waiting

  66. Ed M says: Reply

    Nice to hear from you again. I Always enjoy reading your blogs. Enjoy your R&R with the family. Happy Easter! Take care…Ed

  67. Amor Panganiban says: Reply

    Happy Easter! Rejoice!
    Hi Maine. Nice to have you back. I enjoyed reading your blogs. 🙂

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