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What’s up, guys? I am feeling extra productive today so I decided to write a Sunday Currently entry before I hit the sheets. Though technically I am typing this at the witching hour of Monday already.. so.. it’s Monday currently, I guess. Anyway, Happy National Pabebe Wave day!


The exposition of “Pabebe Wave” on Wikipedia. So ito pala..

Pabebe wave is a term coined by the Philippine media to describe a gesture where a person imitates the waving movement done by beauty contestants in the Miss Universe pageant. It was popularized by AlDub in the “Juan For All, All for Juan” segment of the Philippine noontime show Eat Bulaga! A deviation from a beauty-queen wave gesture, it was exchanged between Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza after its initiation by the latter’s character, Yaya Dub. Now popular among Filipinos, it also caught the attention of the world through several media platforms.

Beauty contestants talaga? Hindi ba pwedeng maarte at mahiyaing klase ng pagkaway lang? Eh kashe nga pabwebwe.

A Christmas song. Okay, so while I was going through my Twitter mentions earlier, I saw a couple of tweets from some people asking me to write a song for Christmas– and I thought it is a really good idea! So while I was having my late dinner (just a few minutes ago), I started composing a piece of poetry with relevance to Christmas. And! I was able to finish it (not to brag pero sige na let me brag a little, haha!) in less than 30 minutes. Seriously, I was able to compose a tune in some parts as well. Again, not to brag but I really thought I had to share it with you guys. Hahahaha bakit ba! Well uhm I guess being happy makes your brain produce inventive ideas. KEME!

Fallingforyou – 1975

Love this song. I think this is the perfect hour to listen to it.

about a lot of things.. as in, ang dami. Do you ever get this kind of feeling na, you think you have been thinking about a lot lately, and you began to think of what to think first and what not to think??? Now I am thinking how many times did I use the word think in this ‘thinking’ section. Para bang ganito lang…


O diba, #paano?

*sniff sniff* …nothing

for all of us to have a great week; less negative vibes and less toxic people to come in contact with. (Lakas maka-germs?) Ang bilis, it’s already the last week of September. Magpapasko na mga bes, 90 days nalang before Christmas if I am not mistaken. Next thing we know pasko na bukas. Charot!

for a productive week for my blogger/writer-self. I think I need to get back to writing and reading. I seldom get the desire to do such things anymore for some reason, but also for some odd reason, I am feeling the hunger to write at this moment. Parang ayoko ng matulog, I want to write all night long just like before!

my usual pantulog, and a furry pink headband


what I did today! I went to Gabay Guro Grand Gathering this afternoon at SM Mall of Asia Arena in celebration of the World Teachers’ Day. Baste, Ryzza and I along with EB Babes and That’s My Bae prepared a little dance number for all the teachers. (Thank you Smart PLDT for having us!) After that, I invited Kuya Mike and Ate Pat to have ramen with me and go for a little shopping at the mall. Aliw lang, gotta love Sundays. Hehe again, Happy Teacher’s day again to all the teachers out there! Thank you for all the knowledge and for everything you have shared with us. I hope you all continue to teach and inspire today’s kids and future generations. Mabuhay ang mga guro!


to get a back massage so bad.

a user-friendly photo editor for Mac or iPhone! (Yung libre! Kuripot ako!) An editor where I can just easily put fancy texts using fancy fonts with fancy effects. Tweet me app suggestions!

happy and inspired. (There are a lot of reasons to feel happy and inspired, mind you.) And I hope this feeling would last for a long time. I don’t know why but I rarely get this kind of legit jovial feeling.. I am very sure the SIGN that I got from the Lord few days ago got me feeling this way. I really cannot tell much about what happened but it really was stupefying and somehow horrifying but it did make me realize a few major things. I know it happened for a reason and I like to believe it was THE wake up call.

You know.. sometimes the choices we make in life that we think are the wrong ones turn out to be the best ones. It may not make sense now, but it will– eventually. Have a great week y’all!

P.S. Pwede niyo ng gisingin ang Green Day sa Sabado.


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  1. Jhona says: Reply

    Spot on[!] the “sign”.. does it have something to do w that little piece of craft you had for a souvenir?

  2. Chi-Chi Tiu says: Reply

    Natawa ako sa Marc Jacobs. Not sure if it’s a rhethorical device, but it’s making its point in the same way that you made yours. I used to overthink kasi I was very idealistic. But as time passed and I grew more mature in age (just like the day you wrote this blog) and in wisdom and things haven’t always turned the way I planned them to be, I started to realize that life is indeed complicated and not easy especially when my plans include others and affect not only myself. So I think what we have to prepare ourselves with is to build the character that can withstand whatever comes our way.

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