To Tagaytay

Feeling extra productive today since I wasn’t able to go to work for I wasn’t feeling so well. (Alam nyo na yun!) This is my third blog entry for today, wow productive talaga! So again, I have decided to compile the videos I took last Feb 13โ€“ Alden and I’s roadtrip to Tagaytay/KS Valentine episode. It was actually the first time that we get to spend some “private” time together; no cameras and all. I am glad that we had the chance to talk about some personal stuff; things that we don’t get to talk about in the studio, during shoots, etc. Going back, I have decided to giveย a little something to the ADN for Alden and Divina’s 7th monthsary and 31st weeksary. (I have also missed video editing so this is actually a really good time to do this compilation!) I hope you guys like it!

I don’t know for some reason, I could not help but get kilig while editing the video. I feel like I am normal girl/fan doing a video for AlDub, weird lang! It would be nice if I took more videos, though. Bawi nalang ako sa next ganap! Happy 31st weeksary, AlDub Nation!

P.S. (To those who are still part of) ADN, thank you all so much for still holding on. Seriously, thank you. You don’t know how much it means to me and Alden knowing that you guys are still there.

P.P.S To those who aren’t anymore, thank you also, for being part of the nation. We appreciate the support that you gave.

P.P.P.S The rest, go support who you love and be happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. COOKIE says: Reply

    Out of curiosity, why did you choose this song? Someday we’ll know that why I wasn’t meant for you?

    1. COOKIE says: Reply


      1. COOKIE says: Reply

        But whatever happens, I promise to keep holding on. Happy weeksary!! 31 weeks down, forever to go. Kapit lang. Love you both!! <3

        1. Rosel says: Reply

          Someday weโ€™ll know
          [Jonathan] Why Samson loved Dalilah
          [Both] One day I’ll go
          [Mandy] Dancing on the moon
          [Both] Someday youโ€™ll know
          That I was the one for you ..

        2. Hazel says: Reply

          pero nakalimotan mo yung line na “someday you’ll know that i was the one for you” hehehehe Happy weeksary ka ADN

        3. COOKIE says: Reply

          Still playing to on replay. Kebs na lang, I guess. Tuloy ang forever! <3

          1. COOKIE says:


    2. MaiRick Monadoza says: Reply

      Cookie, she’s telling us something, that’s why. Maine, yung fans ng ka-loveteam mo spoke up para lang matahimik ang ADN, they didn’t need to, they were just celebrating a birthday of a loyal and dear friend. While you on the other hand, may mga questionableng issue, you’re still not addressing it. You owe it to the fans. Yes, it’s your life, but you have responsibilities now. Tulad mo, smart din ang fans mo, we can see through all the damage control that’s been happening. Address the issue please. Clarify ko lang na hindi ako member ng kahit anong fans club, hindi rin ako pakawala ng Brand X or whatever you call them. Solid AlDub fan ako.

    3. ChaChaSalo says: Reply

      I guess kasi it’s from one of her favorite movies (A Walk To Remember) that speaks of TRUE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Yung message siguro as a whole. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nakaka-inlove yung kanta, actually, maisip ko lang si Landon at Jamie. <3

  2. Hi Meng! I was so excited when I saw the notification that you posted a video, then may blog post pa. I constantly comment on your post. Please do mind that, us, who really support you just want to see you happy. You are so genuine, that if something different came along, ramdam ng fans. Basta, go lang tayo sa road to happiness, and sana, makuha mo na ung mga sagot sa mga tanong at worries mo. <3

  3. Great, great, great job! You made lola dance on the moon… Tonaa-hayt!

  4. Alexandria says: Reply

    I love you Maine!!! Sana next time To Baguio…flower festival malapit na!!!
    Mas marami pa rin kaming nagmamahal at naniniwala sa inyo ni Alden. Love you both!!!! God bless and take care!!! โ˜บ

  5. lailaelrasi says: Reply

    Hi Maineโ• no matter what happens in the future I’m not going anywhere else for you A|M the support still 101% This video shows it all no need to elaborate and thank you for sharing this. You are truly amazing beautiful inside out God Bless you A|M #StayStrong #RoadtoForEver #StayHappyinLove AlDub youโ€ผ

  6. Michelle says: Reply

    Ang galing mo wala na aqng masabi. You did great and thank you for sharing this precious moment of yours and alden. Ilang beses q pnaulit ulit panoorin sa youtube at sobrang nkakakilig tlga kau. There’s a magic between the two of you, ang lkas makaLSS ng npili mong song at dhil sa sobrang focus ko sa pnonood ng video nyo knina p pla aq tntawag ng boss q at di ko naririnig buti n lng di aq nhuli whahaha.. Happy 31st weeksarry and many more to come… Andto lng kming mga fans nyo ni alden. May God bless you and alden always…

  7. rhozalin galion says: Reply

    Hi,Meng…excited to watch ur video…sana more road trip pa with Alden…happy 7th monthsary and happy 31th weeksary sa tin lahat.We love you so much …mahal nmin ang ALDUB….mananatili kmi sa likod nyo…Hindi kailanman bibitiw…isa yang PANGAKO….SUMPA man….

  8. Diana Prince says: Reply

    Thank you so much, Maine for making us super happy! #weโค๏ธthepowertandem.

  9. Ella says: Reply

    Love ka namin Meng, walang iwanan ito. I’m in mid-30’s na, and I never liked any local artists, ikaw lang..and I never followed any love team, AlDub lang.
    Whatever happens to your career and your life, just remember that there are people like me who still believes in you. Apir!

  10. Kia says: Reply

    Honey, you *are* a normal girl. Okay lang yan. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    In other news, thank you for sharing this with us. I know you didn’t have to, but we’re very thankful that you’ve opened a little part of your world to us. Always remember that yours and Alden’s happiness is of the utmost priority, because if you guys are happy, then so are we. If the going gets tough, you’ll have a bunch of crazy folks behind your back praying for you guys. Stay happy, Maine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy post-monthsary/happy weeksary, Maine and Alden! God bless! ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. O ayan, di na kami makatulog sa kilig dahil sa video mo. Anong oras na o, mag-2 AM na! Hahahahaha! :))

    P.P.S. If you took Multimedia Arts or Digital Film in CSB, I could totally see yourself doing an amazing short film. Sana magawa mo yun in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Mark Avila says: Reply

    Great editing skills you got. Keep it up. I really love the way you smile and your contagious laughter. You are such a stress reliever whenever you crack those jokes, your snapchats videos , and crazy antics. You truly is a blessing. Keep it up Maine! You are such a beautiful person. Andito lang ang mga suporters mo !

    PS. Konti nalang mababasa ko na lahat ng blogs mo, Intense ako e Hahaha! Joke

  12. Rosel says: Reply

    if i could ask you just one question ..
    Why did you choose this song ?

  13. Jezebel Intong says: Reply

    Ayee ! A new update again ! Thanks much for always making us happy our Princess . ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love you to the moon and back .. I’ll be always here to support both of you till the end ๐Ÿ™‚

    Never mind the bashers , haters and negas out there .. Mas marami kami nagmamahal sa inyo .

    PS: First time to be an official member of a fans’ club here (Aldub Nation Cebu Chapter) ! and that’s because of you and RJ!

    Looking forward for more updates about your memories together with RJ. Once again, I love you Menggay!



  14. Rosel says: Reply

    Someday weโ€™ll know
    [Jonathan] Why Samson loved Dalilah
    [Both] One day I’ll go
    [Mandy] Dancing on the moon
    [Both] Someday youโ€™ll know
    That I was the one for you .

    after digging in to the lyrics of the song .. Yeah, Maine .. HE IS THE ONE FOR YOU. YOU ARE THE ONE FOR HIM.

  15. Marilyn Gutierrez says: Reply

    Thanks. To keep on stepping, to keep on going with the life’s journey that you’ve chosen is what matters, as long as you find happiness, peace of mind and your principles or values in life are not compromised. The last phrase of my preceding sentence is taken from what I remembered from the interview of your very first magazine cover, Meg Magazine. And it marked me.

  16. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Wow three updates in a day yeyyyy yeyyy yeyyy. Saya ng roadtrip nyo ganda ng pagkakaedit mo galing mo mag edit

  17. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Kahit anong mangyari always remember nandito lang kami para sa inyo kapit lang walang bibitaw mahaba haba pa iyong paglalakbay nandito lang kami nakasupora di magsasawa di magbabago at di susuko asahan mo yan

    1. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply


  18. marian says: Reply

    Sorry Maine ha?!? pero as an ALDUB Fan syempre kinikilig ako and masaya na you were able to spend some “private” time together pero as a MAICHARD Fan sige push mo yan hehehehe.. You had the chance to talk about personal stuff na walang camera, walang staff?!? eh di ba nga naguusap na kayo ang nagDDM and even SMS.. hehehe You even said wala na akong matanong eh and nasabi ko na din ata lahat.. hahaha!! Tapos PET mo pa un tuhod ni RJ, tapos sabi mo ikaw matampuhin sa mga “bagay bagay” hehehe…

    Susuportahan ko kayo sa TNT niyo.. antay nalang ako sa TAMANG PANAHON kung kailan aamin na kayo.. hehehehe

    Dito lang kami mga nagmamahal sa inyo ni RJ.. MAICHARD for the win…

    1. marian says: Reply

      nagsesend ka din ng mga nakakatawang pictures para mapatawa si RJ diba… sige push mo yan.. dito lang kami magmamahal sa inyo.. wink wink wink.. hehehehe

      Sa mga bumitaw na mga fans mo.. it’s ok ganyan talaga ang buhay.. sabi nga sa kanta na kinanta ni Alden “tuloy pa rin ang agos ng buhay ko magbago man ang hugis ng puso mo.. ” you can never please everybody, they may like you today then they hate you tomorrow.. Sabi mo nga KEBS lang…

      P.S. don’t read hate comments.. No matter how strong you are, kahit sabihin mong ok lang kaya kong basahin yan.. pls don’t.. it will affects you eventually… Madami ka pang pagdadaanan.. un mga napagdadaanan mo ngaun wala pa yan sa buhay showbiz kaya naman be strong.. basta magpakatotoo ka lang and basta alam mong wala ka naman ginagawang masama go lang ng go sa gusto mo..

  19. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing your video ganda napasaya mo kami today SOBRA SOBRA THANK YOU.. Di kami magsasawa sumuporta sa inyo ni Alden.Galing ng pagkagawa mo sa video edit
    Stay happy choose what makes you happy and choose what your heart desires.

  20. tops12 says: Reply

    Maraming Slamaat sa video na to maine! sobrang nakakatuwa tlga…. heheh and yon sana matupad ko na rin ang road trip kasama ang special na babae sa buhay ko! wooooooooooo1 ALDUB YOU!!!

  21. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Happy 31st weeksary happy ako na nagkaroon kayo ng private time together ni Alden sana lagi kayo nagkaroon ng private time together yung kayo lang walang iba para magkakwentuhan at mas makilala nyo pa ang isa’t isa.. Dito lang kami di kami magsasawa always remember that. Stay happy.
    Ganda ng song na gamit mo sa video

    Someday you’ll know that I was the one for you…..


  22. Marites Canlas says: Reply

    Iniisip ko if the sound track is included in the movie A Walk To Remember. But then again…. naisip ko may deeper meaning sa iyo yung kanta kaya yung ang inilapat mo sa first road trip ninyo ni Rj. For example.. someday we’ll know if love could move a mountain.someday you’ll know if your love survive any challenges & if love is enough for you to go to forever.. anuman ang dahilan or trip mo lang yung song i am so happy na nagkaroon kayo ng “ALONE” moment. Walang kuyog. Walang nakabantay. Komportableng mag usap ng kahit na ano. Sana sa susunod hiking naman, then private resort then sky diving, etc. I wish for more alone time for you and Richard Faulkerson Jr. I will always support you guys. Mapa ALDUB, MaiDen or MaiChard pa. To infinity & beyond. Asahan ninyong ang totoong sumusuporta sa inyo ay hindi magsasawang suportahan, ipagtanggol at protektahan kayo. You are a part of each ADN’s family. We love you so much.

  23. Yra says: Reply

    ayyyiiie!! nag update Nnamn si menggay! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so happy, seriously. D ako nkkpag Tweet ngayon kc super busy s clase ๐Ÿ™ but I see to it na I am updated with AD’s vids and tweets.

  24. Kikay says: Reply

    Hi Maine!
    Thank you for the update, for this video. Sarap panoodin. ๐Ÿ™‚ More private time and moments pa for you ang RJ. Dito lang ako, wait na maging 100% ung forever nyo. Pwede bang ung 20% ay audience impact na lang?
    God Bless youa both!

    Hoping and praying na makita ko ulet kau ni RJ ng mapalitan at makapagpapicture, wait ko ung Tamang Panahon ko na yan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Joy says: Reply

    Omg….you guys are just too darn cute! Can’t help but smile while watching your video. Something tells us that the two of you had a blast together. That was a super fun roadtrip huh! Love the song choice…I think it’s very appropriate and seems like you’re tryin’ to tell us your fans that…..someday…someday we’ll definitely know. =)
    And by the way…your post scripts, ang taray ha….love how feisty you are. Don’t worry,full fledged supporters(like me) will always be here. God bless you Maine…all the best to you and Alden~~~from your fan all the way to the other side of the world…Washington DC

  26. Raquel Hernandez says: Reply

    Hi Meng,
    All of us are happy because finally you and RJ has time to be together. Thanks to EB management and we are very thankful for sharing with us your memorable experience in tagaytay with the man of your life RJ. Ganda nio tignan. Kitang kita kislap ng mga mata at inspired ka lalo. Sarap umibig at mshalin. Super kilig to the max โค At my age of 41 feeling ko am 16. Hihihi No matter what life brings to you and to RJ we will always be here for both of you. Andito lang kami to back you up. Hope for another road trip again…. hiking sa Mt makulot in cuenca batangas or Beach escapade in davao (Samal island ). MENG, someday we will know the real status between you and RJ *and we already know he is the one for you * we will wait TAMANG PANAHON (In GOD’S PERFECT TIME ) pag ready na puso mo.โค. DM mo ako pagsasagutin mo na sI RJ para makauwi ako ng Pinas . I love you both. Praying you always and RJ. Keep the love burning and enjoy being together.
    Your number one fanatic Raquel (raquel012575/charmingkhaye ) Doha Qatar

  27. Annie says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing some of your guys private moments in this video. Wow! Taal Vista and Tagaytay! As beautiful as it was years ago when we last visited. If you guys find the time, Pagsanjan Falls and Villa Escudero are great for day trips. Looks like you had a fun and special time together. You’re tula was revealing and touching.:-)

    Hope you both have more private time together to talk about your careers, family, life, your relationship….anything. Take him up on his offer to go hiking and hit the beach. Two of a couple things we like to do. It’s especially breathtaking and relaxing at the top of some peak, overlooking the valleys and path you took to reach it. Makes for some quality “alone” time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Feel better, stay safe.:-)

  28. Still avid Fan here. rate ako sa pag kamiss mo sa video editing kasi i also love doing it. kakilig kayong dalawa. kayo talaga ung artista na parang normal na tao offcam, natural lang! keep it up guys. ayaw namin mahaluan kau ng kahit konting bahed ng kapekean. ๐Ÿ™‚
    sana more on private time together kau. can’t wait for the sweetest yes. hihi

    btw. i love roadtrips but i don’t have a car and i don’t know how to drive. can yu give me advice ? hahahaha

  29. Louise Reyes says: Reply

    Hi Maine.

    Thanks for the vid and the blog update.

    I agree with the other comment. Lessen your reading of nega feedback. It might take a toll on you so it would be better to surround yourself with positive vibes.

    AND, remember that there are more people you inspire everyday than the ones who want to bring you and Alden down.

    And also, there are those that are a bit too fanatic, for either you or Alden, that they can’t think clearly and demand things from a public figure more than they should. BUT there are loads like us who will always give our support to whatever endeavors you and Alden take, and wish you and Alden — together or separately — good health, peace of mind, happiness and blessings always.


  30. RTea says: Reply

    Nice video, but more than that, I’m glad you got to do stuff that you enjoy yesterday, edit and post your new vids, update your blog and of course be with family (saw your snaps with Matti).

    Keep doing YOU. We love you for it, and we always will.

    Thank you too. For bringing smiles to our faces everyday (kahit pa nga yesterday when you weren’t feeling well). Especially for making people like me who are working away from their loved ones.

    We’re here to stay. We’ll always be here for you *pinky swear*.

  31. i just not like but i love it soooooo much.. i am very much proud to be part of this very united fandom “ALDUBNATION” and it will never change…i want to share some lines of the song KEEP HOLDING ON by: Avril Lavigne which serves as my message to you maine and to all as well..

    Keep holding on
    ‘Cause you know we’ll make it through
    We’ll make it through
    Just stay strong
    ‘Cause you know I’m here for you
    I’m here for you

  32. Ghia says: Reply

    Walang iwanan Meng hangang dulo! Itaga mo sa mga bashers este sa bato pala.. Hehehe. Keep safe always

  33. Jimnette says: Reply

    In my POV lang po ha. I think the song is appropriate for whatever status they have for now. The way I understand the song, its like simply answering the question “do you think you two will end up together?” and the answer would be, “nobody knows”. Thats actually one of the questions in life that we couldn’t answer. Also, considering that what the relationship that they have (friends/bestfriends/something more) is new, no one really knows where this journey will take them, if they’re meant for each other or not. But one thing is for sure, they truly care for each other. And love, as maine said on her TWAC interview, is caring for someone w/o asking for anything in return.

    Ps. To Maine and Alden, enjoy and treasure every single moment with each other. Whatever relationship you have, always put God at the center.

    Pps. Sana more roadtrips pa or any form of bonding for the both of you.


  34. Aries Indigo says: Reply

    wow. part ako ng 1st PS!! don’t worry about those who left, what matters is they leave lessons to be learned..
    and for us who hold on, TULOY ANG FOREVER!!!


  35. Trixia Gregorio says: Reply

    Thank you Maine for this! As a fan, i really appreciate your effort in doing this. We love you so much and we’ll support the both of you all the way to forever. Walang iwanan!!! God bless the both of you ๐Ÿ™‚ please stay happy…

  36. Reyna Yncierto says: Reply

    โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ No matter what enjoy your life and the journey it brings… kebs lang sa iba as long as your happy and you did’nt step on anyone go with life’s journey. A true fan will always supports you… Nakakatuwa everytime we watch kalyeserye naalala namin aming courtship days ng hubby ko, pati kami balik kilig sa moments namin Well done!

  37. KIA says: Reply

    Hi Maine. Thank you for appreciating our supports (kinilig ako slight! Nyay.) thank you for being part of my life because of you guys I met lot of friends and I’m so thankful for that. whatever happen I will forever support you. Yikes! Often I feel like I want to go to broadway centrum to see you both in person (kahit nakita ko na si Alden in person bitin na bitin pako khit dalawang beses na s’ya napadpad dto sa Zamboanga City. I would like you to know that I’m a huge fan of both of you. (I have this undying hope to see as a married couple in real life) you two are so amazing and really perfect for each other. you really gave me chill and felt the love when I watched EB KS. (IT’S LIKE YOU REALLY A COUPLE, WHICH I HOPE WOULD BE TRUE) things like I will smile when I see you smile, and laugh when I see you both laughing. (fangirling!) I know that everyone is hoping and expecting more from you guys. ALDUBYOU (KAIYAK!) Godbless and more blessings to come.

    P.S I have this secret wish ngayong malapit na bday ko March 21 simple yet imposible naman ang makita ka Meng in person. Malayo eh! Huhu

  38. annie carlos says: Reply

    just… THANK you so much!!! be BLESSED as always!

  39. bebot torres says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    Am not a member of any fans club but definitely a “quiet observant” fan of ALDUB. When together you both bring smiles & kilig to us. Kahit pala 58 yrs old kinikilig pa much as possible I dont show my children the kilig kse aasarin lang ako ng mga yun. A piece of advice though, you’re both new in showbiz there’s still a lot more people & faces that you’ll get to meet as you progress. So just enjoy the ride and be very careful with your personal decisions kase ang dami daming nakabantay sa inyo. Its hard to please everybody, you know that kahit na sa normal world naman di ba. Dont forget to still connect with your friends outside showbiz, coz these are the people who will keep you grounded and allow you to act normal and of course your family.

    Am looking forward to your movie & teleserye. Galingan mo umarte ha kse magaling si Alden, hasa na yun eh. Wag ka magpatalo sa aktingan ha.

    God bless you & your family.
    P.S. dont get serious w/ur lovelife YET, you’re still too young for that. (Sounds like ur mom&dad..hehehe)

    Thanks & stay happy. Oops dont forget to say your thank you prayers. Mmwahh!

  40. Sheen says: Reply

    I LOVE YOU MAINE!!! I am not a part of any fan club but I am silently supporting you. Actually, kami ng mama ko. We love you.
    P.S. sana totoo ang pagpunta nyo sa dakak at ng makapabook for march14-16.


  42. Fam Gatdula says: Reply

    Hi Meng!!!

    It’s nice coming from you na you feel fan girling while editing the video!! Cute!!

    Anyhow, I’m so glad you got yourself some time off!! I love to see you sa EB, but I feel as a responsible fan, you deserve that time to be with yourself or be with the people you love! Yun lang!!

    Sending loves and kisses from us here in New York!!

    Fam, Marj and Joyz
    (Maine Admirers US)

  43. lengemgie101 says: Reply

    Wow! you’ve got the skills girl! taking vids and specially you really have got the video editing skills! *thumbs up to you! Hoping for you and Alden’s next ganap and videos together! oh and btw thanks for sharing!

  44. Liza Jane Peria says: Reply

    Happy 31st weeksary Meng! Thank you for uploading the Tagaytay video of you & Alden. I extremely love it! My support for you & Alden will be here FOREVER! I enjoyed much watching your sweetness to each other. I just want you to know also , I’m very much affected when the two of you are in the state of unhappiness. But of course, that’s life! It’s a part of growing up as a person! Do remember always the people who loves you and never mind the haters! They just bitter person who wants to spread bad vibes. GOB BLESS YOU MAINE & ALDEN!

  45. dang! honestly yunh video na to ang sarap iplay sa kasal hahaha! grabe lang yung kilig I don’t know how many times ko na nireplay to di natatanggal yung kilig..more vids to come please I really like this kind of vids ypu can see the real you know.. haha!

    PS. pwede ka na gumawa ng sarili mong music video, seriously ang galing mong magedit.. this was my hobby when I was in HS unfortunately don’t have time to do it anymore ๐Ÿ™

    P.P.S. Don’t you worry I’ll stay with you till the end itaga mo pa yan sa bato ibully pa man ako ng ibully ng mga friends ko sa pagiging fangirl ko walang makakapigil saken! lol


  47. Issa Brew says: Reply

    this video is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! funniest part (aside from you dancing in the middle of traffic) for me was when alden pressed the button on the dashboard. but wait, maine, what was the feeling driving a porsche? did it go vroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom the second you stepped on the gas?

  48. Clare says: Reply

    Hi Maine, thank you for the video and thank you for making us happy everyday. You made million of people smile especially me. I will always be here no matter what happen. Hindi man ako part ng kahit anong AlDub Fans club but I’m a number one fun of AlDub at number one Fun of you. Just never get tired making us smile and happy everyday. No pressure on both of you (with Alden/Richards).Enjoy every single days on your work and with A/R. I just want you to be happy Maine, kahit na pini-pressure ka na ng ibang fans niyo kebs lang. hehe.
    Happy 31st weeksary sa inyo!!! More weeksary to count. Road to forever na lang lol.
    Hope to accidentally meet you. Wish ko mag ka totoo yung dream ko. lol. Want to know?? Sabihin ko sayo pag nag kita na tayo..funny kasi lol. Blog pa more.
    I LAVA U.

  49. Jan1000 says: Reply

    Oh my gosh! I love ur video.. U look good together, iba kayo!.. I can see love & happiness forever sa inyo!.. This is like ” A Roadtrip to Remember “.. Andthe song!!! (Oh Landon & Jamie Elizabeth!!! One of my fave movie ever!).. ALDIB!!!

  50. Christine Aguirre says: Reply

    Truly one of the best days you both had…hopefully next time go sailing and fishing. Spreading good vibes =) tah!

  51. ambidextrous heart says: Reply

    P.P.P.P.S. hehe wala lang harthart thankyou as well! Godbless! ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Carol Valdez says: Reply

    Ganda ng vid saya,nyong tingnan kilig tlga hayaan muna ung ibang d maliwanagan ang icipan.i love THE reel relationship between u and alden ur da best LT of dis generation.Tulad ng ibang fans we are all wishing that u will end up together na mging real ang relationship nyo pero sbi nga darating ang mga bgy bgy sa tamang panahon kung kau tlga ang nka tadhana uukol un kung hnd nmn ok lng no preassure enjoy lng i will still ur diehard fan kc hnd lng nmn ang LT mo minahal Ko kundi ang kabuuan ng pagkatao mo.

  53. Mary Ann says: Reply

    Meng so happy that you and Alden are happy. Promise to support you both forever. Just enjoy the journey. Kung kinakailangan i-filter ang mga tao sa buhay mo gawin mo para positive lang ang maririnig and makikita mo. Ako kasi ganun ginagawa ko bakit ko hayaan sa buhay ko ang negativity kung ang buhay mismo ay isa nang malaking hamon at stress.
    Kebs sa mga nega sabi mo nga. Basta lagi mong tatandaan mas marami kang napapasaya at nabibigyan ng pag-asa sa buhay sa simple mong ngiti at pananaw sa mga bagay bagay ng buhay. Tama si Alden, ikaw ang ANGEL na binigay ng Diyos para sa aming lahat dahil sayo marami pamilya ang may bonding time pag oras na ng Kalyeserye, marami akong nagiging kaibigan sa loob at labas ng Pilipinas (takot ko nga din baka sa labas ng pati earth Hehehe), yung mga negative kong panananaw napapalitan ng positivity, may mga kabataang natutututo ng mga tamang asal lalo na ang pagsunod sa mga payo ng nakakatanda dahil sa inyo (Kalyeserye), ang mga binata/lalake natututo na wag madaliin ang mga nililigawan nila at ang tamang paghihintay sa tamang panahon lahat ng ito at marami pa na pinaparamdam nyo sa amin ang dahilan kung bakit PROMISE ko na FOREVER kayo ay susuportahan ko.
    Stay strong and healthy kayo ni Tisoy and the Lolas as well kasi kayo “Squad Idols” namin! Love you Meng!

  54. I’m thankful for this post. Despite your busy schedule, you still manage to update your blog. What else can you not do? AMAZING. I’m happy that you both were given this chance, though still in the pretense of Divina & Alden, alam kong there was that time that you got to be as Nicomaine & Richard.

    I’m grateful, that you took time to “talk” to us. You being a public figure, more subject to brutal scrutiny than accolade, and being a newbie at that, saludo ako sayo. Iba talaga ang breeding mo.

    For me, tuloy tuloy lang Meng. I’m rooting for you. Its my choice to fall in love with Nicomaine & Richard, but that choice did not give me the liberty to “OWN” you & “DICTATE” that you do what im hoping for..akin na lang yon. If maging totoo, sobra sobrang bonus na. IF not, salamat for making that new chapter in my life exciting (never imagined na magiging fan girl pa ako at this age) Salamat din, because before ALDUB, i’ve never been hooked to any Filipino tv show (blame it on time zones and busy schedules here), but because i fell in love with you both, i started to appreciate everything na andon kayo and eventually into Philippine TV again.

    Thank you Nicomaine for this video, tulad mo, ako din kinilig.
    Happy 31st Weeksary sa ALDUB, kay ALDEN & DIVINA and sa mga LOLA.

    Its still a long road to travel Nicomaine, just stay on your true north!

    โ€œTravel isnโ€™t always pretty. It isnโ€™t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But thatโ€™s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.โ€-Anthony Bourdain

    Much love from Los Angeles California ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

  55. Carmela Ann says: Reply

    Someday weโ€™ll know that why I wasnโ€™t meant for you? & the poem – no need to explain Maine naiintindihan kita, hangang hanga nga ako sayo dahil marami kang napasaya at sa age mong 20 napakalawak na ng pagiisip mo. Marami kaming nagmamahal sayo Maine at pasensya na minsan hindi namin matiis na hindi makapagsalita ng hindi maganda lalo na sa issue nitong mga nakaraang araw dahil bilang fans mo ayaw naming inaabuso ka or nagagamit ka lang, sabi nga sa tweet – ang mga fans mo daw ay maitutulad sa isang old maid (over protected) -tama yon dahil kabutihan at kasiyahan mo ang hangad namin , alam namin ang mga dadaanan mo pa dahil galing na kami dyan, kaya sana maunawaan mo kami. Handa kaming ipagtanggol ka kong kailangan.

    Enjoy your life , at sabi nga ni Mr. Bebot Torres – dont get serious w/ur lovelife YET, youโ€™re still too young for that. I love you… we love you… God bless you bb girl!

    1. bebot torres says: Reply

      Ms. Carmela Ann, babae po si Bebot Torres, hehehe. A mother of 3 and a lola of 3 as well. Retired banker and now a housekeeper. Thanks for the mention. Sarap basahin ng comments po ano?
      God bless u & ur family.

  56. AGA says: Reply

    Maine, paano kung from ALDUB naging MaiDen na kami?
    Gusto ko talaga kayo magkatuluyan in REAL life. We’ll be praying for your JOURNEY to FOREVER.
    All the best for the both of you.

  57. Louie27 says: Reply

    All that we can say talaga is thank you maine, kht na nga your not feeling well you manage to Write and do video editing for Aldubnation.. Indeed very productive ๐Ÿ™‚ sobrang nakaka aliw mga videos mo and the roadtrip to tagaytay .. Two words Super sweet and Super Kulet hahah.. We all know na madami na kayo work, indemand kayo pareho but what i like about you both is you never fail to say thank you each time ba magkaroon kayo ng chance (thank you na hdi labas sa ilong) and for showing alittle bit of appreciation like ito ginagawa mo videos and writing, nakaka wala tlga ng pagod (power voting for slime hehe) thank you thank you talaga

    Sana we are all hoping, You and alden wont change kahit sobrang popular na kayo, be the same person as you always do.. Kasi in out eyes Both of you are already Perfect (to each other?) haha..

    Anbangers na lng ulit sa next ganap ๐Ÿ™‚ have fun always and continue SMILING! :>

  58. Eve Lali says: Reply

    Hi maine,

    Great video. Your alone time is well-spent as you like.

    But always be careful on the road, long trips can be somehow a bit dangerous especially when driving alone..but do be careful always-lock the car, wear seatbelt, have GPS on, be alert to cars following you, and go to the nearest gas station or where there are plenty of people to get help; if someone is following you, stay put where there are many people around, call for help ( parents, brothers even Alden or EB staff) to fetch you wherever you may be. Always pray.

    Hopefully, you and Alden would have this kind of road trip regularly on your monthsary; just alone by yourselves, updates thru snapchat and cameras far away, drone camera ulit from Raffy Tima; just both of you having your privacy, no one hears your conversation.

    Just be happy and trust each other, when things are tough, talk, communicate openly, learn to compromise; undesrtand where each of you is coming from.

    The song ” Someday we’ll know’ was a theme song from a movie way back; I think in mid-80s or early 90s. I saw it on cable a few years ago; forgot the title….It’s a kilig song.

    Thanks for the updates. Stay in love together.

  59. Angie says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    Thank you for sharing this video, you’ve surely had a productive day doing what you love most and that is inspiring talaga I’ve seen how you both enjoyed it and. I a silent fan is overjoyed. I pray fervently that you both have quality private time together to get to know each other better. Your on screen chemistry with Alden is just so palpable. Kaya am really praying that God bless whatever you two have! I thank you and love you both, keep inspiring and continue to be grounded. I’ll be your forever supporter and prayer warrior! God bless!

  60. ChaChaSalo says: Reply

    Grabe Meng. You are on the roll sa blog mo! ๐Ÿ˜€ Three posts in one day! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeay! Achievement lalo na sa kabusyhan mo lately.

    I cant put into words how much I admire you as a human being (not just as Divina or whoever you portray on TV). You are a strong force of goodness and happiness! Madalas mo nasasabi na you still have doubts about yourself, pero sana sapat ang nabibigay ng ADN (yung true-blooded!) para malaman mo na YOU ARE A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING! Sabi nga sa Bible, YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE. And I’m sure a lot of people can attest that for you– lalo na si RFJ mo. Hihihi… :”) More power sa ating lahat! ๐Ÿ™‚ Tuloy-tuloy hanggang forever~~

  61. Ikon evangelista says: Reply

    I have read nega comments in youtube,
    Why u pick the song for the video.
    Naloka nman ako..
    Why some peps have a lot to say when they didnt even try to listen nor understand what it meant, before saying anything u know..
    D nman pla fan ng aldub, why bother watching it, tapos puro nega sasabihin.
    Well u know whatever..haha!
    Nakakainis lang kasi ang pagiging fans ng isang LT or ng AlDUB..
    We should not be criticizing them because of the song, the updates
    Kasi we dont know the whole story eh.
    Affected talaga ako
    Kasi never ako naging fan ng mga LT or shows sa magkabilang channel
    Firstime tong aldub
    No comments ako lagi
    I just love them deeply.
    Support pa din ako whatever happen
    Bibili pa din ako ng movie ticket kahit hindi ako makapanood kasi bulok dito sa utah, and i have to drove 6 hours just to watch it..
    I love u meng

  62. Dimple says: Reply

    D ako nag sisi na 7mos na ako may black circles na ako sa mata ko (but seriously I need to do something for it…) I super love you Meng, I love the wholeness of you.
    You are far away from perfect but keeping to show your real you makes you more “UNIQUE” . Wishing and praying for whatever your heart desires.Keep on soaring and I know that you will never change because you truly value whatever your parents keep on telling you.


  64. ChaChaSalo says: Reply

    MAY SUNOD NA GANAP NEXT MONTHSARY!!! Yieeee~~ 3 days yun! Mas madami ng vids! hehe…

  65. thieanne says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    Ikaw na! Suko na ako sa pagka-transparent mo… nahihirapan akong hanapin ang part ng pagka-showbiz mo eh.. kung titignan ko ang mga vids mo at mga reaction mo.. naghahalo ang real at reel.. di ko na alam talaga.. anyway, kahit ano man yun ang mahalaga nag-eenjoy ka.. kayo ni A. Saka mahalaga di kayo manggagamit ng tao para sumikat. Pinapakita nyo lang yung true side nyo at xempre nag-hohold kayo ng little privacy for yourselves. Maganda din naman yun. Di lahat buhos at sana maintindihan yung ng mga fans nyo. Ako, iยดve been a fan after two weeks na lumabas ang Aldub. Out of curiosity lang kasi meron ako mga kakilala na pinag-uusapan kayo at laging may ngiti sa kanila at nag-spark ang mga mata. I am actuallyfed up watching local tv but when you both clicked on TV, i canยดt help to follow you on tv scenes, videos, snaps, vines, facebook, twitter and lahat na ng pede kong makitaan ng updates.

    I only wish one thing, if ever you and A wonยดt make it to a romantic fairytale, you both owe us a lifetime of friendship together forever. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ibigay nyo na lang yun sa amin.

    I belong to ADN however I do not belong any official group. Stand alone fans club ako. My prayers is for you and Alden!

    God bless!! More road trip and weeksaries and monthsaries.. looking forward for your 1 year anniversary. Movie + Concert if kaya pa ng schedule nyo!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Certified Aldub fan,

    1. bebot torres says: Reply

      Hi Ms. Thieanne , I love this part .”I only wish one thing, if ever you and A wonยดt make it to a romantic fairytale, you both owe us a lifetime of friendship together forever.ย “

    2. bebot torres says: Reply

      Hi Ms. Thieanne. I love what you said.

      “I only wish one thing, if ever you and A wonยดt make it to a romantic fairytale, you both owe us a lifetime of friendship together forever.ย Ibigay nyo na lang yun sa amin.

  66. Stay happy and in love with life Maine! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the video super!

  67. Nelson G. says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    Sana sa susunod na roadtrip nyo nga ung tipong baguio para mas mahaba ung private communication nyo and ung as in kayo lang dalawa na hindi part ng KS. As what I can see sa inyo ni Alden, you’re both building a strong friendship before going to the next level. And di nyo pareho maikakaila na deep in your hearts you are in love na. We will wait for that 20% to be fulfill by Alden. And I do hope and pray na maging kayo talaga ni Alden in real life. Both of you deserve each other.

  68. GLEN MAGTIBAY says: Reply

    Hi Maine, Thank you for sharing the video. Bakit naman sa ALDUB ka kinilig eh during your roadtrip no camera meaning… it’s Maine and Richard time kaya yun. Mench FTW! ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Myrah Averion says: Reply

    Thank you too Maine for sharing your private moments. I’m happy to know that finally both of you had a chance to know each other better. Stay happy and just do your thing. What ever happens we are here to stay #ALDUB31stWeeksary

  70. I may no longer be a part of ADN but still am a Mainesters member.
    Di naman natin mapilit ang puso natin on who or what to like, there are things lang na I dislike sa other half ng AD.
    But you, I admire … MUCHO … so still here watching KS and all kahit naiinis na ako most of the time … pero ano nga bang magagawa ko gusto kitang panoorin …
    SPREAD SMILES … Smile ambassador of the Philippines ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Poch says: Reply

    Ganda ng magkakacompile Meng I was about to give but I saw you fighting so here I am deceding to stay.. Ill stand with you saan man marating mo! Thank you Meng. Lapit ka na mag birthday! Hoho ngayon pa lang wishing you everything best here in the planet Eart haha. Stay happy! And dont forget Him. Lurv you!

    1. Poch says: Reply


    2. Poch says: Reply

      Ganda ng pagkakacompile Meng!! I was about to give up but I saw you fighting so here I am deciding to stay.. Ill stand with you saan man marating mo! Thank you Meng. Lapit ka na mag birthday! Hoho ngayon pa lang wishing you everything best here in the planet Eart haha. Stay happy! And dont forget Him. Lurv you!

  72. โค๏ธYours4Lyfโค๏ธ says: Reply

    Sorry Maine..i DID NOT LIKE the video…..

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  73. RHEDD says: Reply

    Un oh..bawing bawi sa blog post..soooo happy

  74. MLRC says: Reply

    Sobrang kilig ng video… hindi lang once, twice, thrice ko papanoorin to..mga 100x cguro..grabe kayo Maine at you both to the moon and back..thanks for always making our lives happier each and every day.
    #roadtoforever? check!

  75. No matter what happens, I’ll be one of your last fans standing! โœ‹

  76. tey says: Reply

    Happy 31st weeksary to both of you! More to come.
    Dahil sa video nato para dn akong nag roroadtrip.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  77. Jay says: Reply

    INLOVE KA NA NGA MENG!!! Idol, we love you and i promise to be your fan FOREVER!!! oh, for lifetime i mean.. hehehe sarap panuorin ng roadtrip nyo.. we can see clearly how inlove you 2 are.. GOD SPEED MY DEAR!!! lab u!

  78. REFernandez says: Reply

    One word: BLISS.

    Stay happy Maine & Richard <3 <3 <3

    Thank you very much for this gift. Appreciate it. Happy kami pag nakikita namin kayong masaya. We will forever defend you guys. #labyuNicomaine

  79. Ellen Caparroso says: Reply

    Ks valentines episode is one of my favorite… dont mind those haters mas madami pa din kaming nagmamahal and nagsusupport. road to forever padin ang aldubnation

  80. Hi Meng, I am proud and confidently say this, that I am still a part of ALDUB NATION and still holding on to the both of you and Alden. Its really an honor admiring you guys. Nice video and a nice ROAD TRIP TO TAGAYTAY. I can see it in your eyes and actions that you really enjoyed it. And of course we also enjoyed watching you.. More ROAD TRIP!!! โคโคโค Thanks for sharing!! Happy 31st Weeksary to us, ALDUB AND ALDUBNATION!!

    Joan Baja Murillo

  81. Cha AA says: Reply

    No problem! The pleasure is ours. That’s life tho, people come and go but I’ll never tired of supporting the both of you guys! Ignore them haters ๐Ÿ™‚

    Much love

  82. louise maneja says: Reply

    Proud and happy to say isa ako sa nasa P.S. and i want to say alden and maine, you are very much welcome and i will always love u both

  83. Maja Gamboa says: Reply

    My goodness, what does it feel like to drive a new porche? I can’t get that on a rental (I love driving). You took turns, that must have been fun. The video was fun, fun, fun. And no, thank you. Its a pleasure to watch you grow into something totally immeasurable, with, the extra bonus of watching the two of you fall in love and become the best of friends. Forever commited.

    P. S.
    Nice to see you well.

  84. Aries Amante says: Reply

    Hi Maine, This is a right time for both of you together with Alden to spent some time together and of course know each other very well. So dealt with happiness and enjoy of course, super spent together having deep conversations, right? aldub you.. PS: Support you till end (โ€ขฬ€แด—โ€ขฬ)ูˆ ฬ‘ฬ‘ โ™ฅ

  85. Jowanne says: Reply

    So productive!! Yehey!! =) You & Alden look so perfect together.. as in, really. =) You know how to make us happy. And we love you both!

    Maine, I will always be your fan. Be it in KS or any other shows or endeavors kahit hindi Show Business. As I promise, walang iwanan! Kasama mo ko sa journey mo. =) Love you, always โ™ก

  86. Susan says: Reply

    Hi Meng, I’m 53, para ko na kayong anak ni Alden eh ๐Ÿ™‚ I am still (and will continue to be) a fan. You just bring good vibes at saka kilig, nung bata ako hindi pa uso road trips eh hahaha. Sometimes I worry about the ‘pressure’ that some of the fans bring na dapat maging real life couple kayo plus my heart aches talaga when na ba-bash kayo (as if there’s a hidden meaning to all your moves). For me, AlDub came when I was stressed in making a life changing decision and for the happiness/laughter/kilig you and Alden brought during that stressful period, I will always cherish. So believe me when I say that hindi lang mga bata or age bracket niyo ang nagmamahal sa inyo, pati kaming oldies love namin kayo. Stay happy! God bless both of you!

  87. Bogart says: Reply

    This Tagatay compilation video is soooo nice! And the kilig factor was there <3. yiiieee! Nice one!
    I love the song but I love you guys sooo much.
    We'll keep on holding on

  88. sittie says: Reply

    hello from this side of the world maine! i am still part of ADN so i say thank YOU for still being there. be strong and hold on. someday we’ll know is a personal favorite (i like new radical’s version though). my point of view as a fan, speak up if there is something you feel that you have to speak up about. and i know you are already speaking up in the language and medium you know very well. chin up girl, hold your head high. you are doing great.รผ by the way, i have always wondered, are you ambidextrous?

  89. imelda estrada says: Reply

    WALANG IWANAN!!!!!! No matter what happened I am still your best follower,,, because you’re the part of my life on screen,,, nagsilbing inspiration ka sa akin lahat natutuhan kung gawin, Twitter, email, fb and instagram just to follow you. At my age, ngaun lang ako nahilig sa social media dati laptop ko sa report lang ginagamit now overheat na ito sa kakasearch kay Maine Mendoza. That’s true!!! No kidding Four important things that I want to happene in my life with you:
    1. makita ka personally
    2. makapagselfie sa dubsmash queen
    3. authograph from you
    4. follow back u me kahit sa anong account ko

    Hoping my dreams come true!!!!!

  90. pauline marras says: Reply

    wala akong ibang gustong sabihin kundi forever aldub nation kami..forever maiden heaven no matter what! ๐Ÿ™‚ so glad to see you that happy..i’m just thinking na yung tamang panahon na makapagpapicture kami sayo ay yung panahon na makikita ninyo na kami na ang tunay na makakasama sa road to forever ninyo..matitira at susuporta hanggang huli.. ang saya.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    spread the love thru ALDub… ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. Grabe Meng…prng png wan milyon q na tong open sa video nto!wlang mag mo move on sa pamilyang to!wla!wla!at khit ung mga “basher”wla akng paki sa knila bibigyan q pa clng pamasahe pra mka pg jeep!Seriously,don’t mind what other think about u,as long as ur doing the right thing and u make us happy…kebs lang yan!ok na Meng…champion na kau ni Alden…taas na mga kamay q sa inyo!mahal k na nga ni Tisoy p lagay q eh!mging cno ka mn!aldubu Meng!pls.keep blogging.U may never know how I am so obsessed reading ur blog again and again,my fave haven.Promise nandito lng aq at nang boung Aldub Nation!bibili taung ice cream tas bibigyan kta kc db bati tau!!

    Love lots,

  92. Hi Maine! tuloy ang forever.

    Praying to real life happy ending to this reel loveteam.

  93. Rich says: Reply

    Loyalty = Rich
    So once I give my love and support to someone that will be a commitment I take seriously. And I say I will love and support you and Alden to anywhere the road will lead you. God bless you always. Hope to meet you someday. Wish you could randomly read my message. thank you for all the smiles and laughs you gave me most specially in times that I am so down.

  94. CEYLHNNE says: Reply

    yiee kakakilig naman ๐Ÿ™‚ more private time with the both of you ๐Ÿ™‚ and enjoy lang po nandito pa rin kaming mga fans niyo para sa inyo kahit anong mangyari ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Grabe pang ilang ulit ko ng pinanood tong roadtrip di pa rin ako magsasawa ang saya lang pampagood vibes. galing mo mag edut ganda ng song at yung kilig ko di nawala tuwing pinapanood ko kayo sana nga mas magkaroon pA kayo ng more private time ni Alden at mas magkalilala ng maigi.
    Nandito lang ako always and forever Aldub fan di magsasawa di magbabago lagi lang nakasuporta s a inyo ni Alden walang iwanan walang sukuan walang bibitaw.
    Stay happy Maine choose what makes you happy choose what your heart desires.

    1. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply


  96. Alexandra Reduta says: Reply

    Bash pa more -Maine Mendoza Ito lang naalala ko sa lahat ng sinabi mo HAHAHAHA, good thing na you can handle the situation in a positive way…

    P.S. Stay Strong Nicomaine Hope to see you soon! This time I will grab the opportunity to see you, busy sa studies THE PESSIMISTIC OPTIMIST BELLA!

  97. dianne of aldubfannatics says: Reply

    Hi maine thank you sa video ang galing galing mo talaga sa lahat ng bagay . mapakanta,sayaw,pag arte,pag hohost.You inspire me sobra sobra sana makita kita sa personal.chaka pla mayroon kaming Grand get together sa May 20-21 sa amana bulacan invite sana namin kayo ni alden sana makapunta kayo plss.sana reply k sa comment ko maine

  98. Wendy Valdez says: Reply

    Hi again maine,

    I always find time to read your blog updates. I like your definitions about love, same as love is UNSELFISH, we just love without expectations or asking love in return, same as what you are always doing, you make us all happy with videos you are making,even if others criticizing you and giving negative comments, and posting very useful and relevant matters.I never been a fan of love teams, only boy bands and singers.but obviously I am a big fan of yours with or without alden.

    No matter what happen between you and alden, i will always be here as your fan, kahit sino pa ang susunod na team sayo.. basta you never forget Our Lord Jesus Christ to be the giver of all your blessings, sorry napahaba na..mabasa mo man o hindi, thank you so much for making me happy with your videos, love is not being envy,im happy for everything you have.God bless, if u have time i hope someday sign ako,hihi Wendy De Guzman Valdez, ingat

  99. Meng your so bright talaga dami ming kayang gawin iba kaa.. ! acting, singing, creating poem, creating insoirational blogs, dancing, you can bake too, driving, pati ba naman pag eedit ng video? dont tell me maruning gumawa ng mga simple basic computer programmung? hmm.. I just want to congratulates you to all of your achievements i also admire yout fluent in speaking english your accent was so great ๐Ÿ™‚ and i love all your song.. lahat ata ng kantang naririnig ko sa mga snapchat at ung sa mga sinuggest mo sa blog mo nung before valentines lahat un naidownload ko na ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks to you meng nagsasawa na kasi ako sa mga kanta sa cp ko ehehe. ! ano pala ung gamit mong app sa pag edit ng video? labyu mengmm

  100. Manilyn Layson says: Reply

    Hi Meng!
    Late comers here!hehe Medyo busy lang lately sa business. Ako yung makulit na nagsasabi lagi na hangga’t hindi kayo ikinakasal pareho sa ibang tao, kakapit at kakapit pa rin ako. SOLID MAICHARD ako! I’m one of your independent ALDUB fan…pero yung puso ko MAICHARD!haha
    Kagagaling ko lang sa isang bday party, ayun…naging sentro na naman ako ng pang-aasar kasi nga daw kahit hindi sila manood, post daw ako ng post, updated daw sila.haha Buti nalang hindi ako nag-iisa na ALDUB fanaddict doon at may karamay ako sa pang-aasar. Nakakatuwa na they admit na kinikilig din sila (male, female, gay, lesbian). Proud akong pagsabihan na ALDUB fan ako…at kahit talikuran man ako ng mga kaibigan ko dahil sa kaadikan ko sa inyo, hinding-hindi mawawala ang pagmamahal ko sa inyo ni Alden pareho. Pinabuti niyo ang pananaw ko sa buhay, kaya hinding-hindi magbabago ang pagtingin ko ano mang issue ang ikakabit nila sa mga pangalan niyo. Alam ko at ng puso ko na tamang hangaan ko kayo pareho. Kaming mga solid supporters niyo ay hindi bibitaw…sana kayo ding dalawa. Walang iwanan, ang mang-iiwan kakaltusan.hehe Ang dami niyo pang pwedeng gawin, marami pa kaming aabangan. Kaya sa mga nega at bashers, kebs lang. Basta sa AlDubnation lahat ay nagmamahalan. I LOVE MAINE AND RICHARD! MAICHARD TAYO!hehehe

    1. Manilyn Layson says: Reply

      *Late comer* pala…haha
      Ano ba yan, conscious na rin sa spelling at grammar…tsk! Ba’t kasi….ang (super close to) perfect mo!hehe Nasa ‘yo na ata ang lahat…pati lovelife…aminin!haha Enjoy niyo lang…kasi nag-i-enjoy din kaming nag-aabang.
      maichard….maichard…..maichard….maichard….maichard… (I’m praying.hehe)

  101. Lei Bautista says: Reply

    I super love that song nakakakilig! I remember Jaimie and Landon sa kantang yan Sana lifetime na kayo ni Alden grabeee ilang beses ko na to pinapanuod. The moments you’ve shared (the both of you) is sooooo perfect. And ang galing mo talaga gumawa ng mga vids, idol! (Ako kasi hindi e, kung pano na lang maisipan hahaha)…. You’re always welcome Meng! Hinding hindi ako magsasawang sumuporta sa inyong dalawa. We, aldubnations, will forever be here to support the both of you. May magsasawa man, pero hindi hindi mawawala ang aldubnation. Kahit mawala kayo sa showbiz, nandito pa rin kami, tuloy pa rin ang suporta sa inyo. Aldub you!

  102. ladyaiz says: Reply

    hi maine….thank you for sharing this….!!! at least now we know that what you have with Alden is not scripted…i know its true..!!!! you inspire us…everyday…even in every blog you post….you never fail to WOW me….!!!!
    iloveyou maine….and alden!!! Stay strong always….God bless you more and more…!!!!

  103. Marj says: Reply

    Thank you for staying strong and continuing to make people happy. Spend time din with your family to soak in each other’s company. For insomniac you, try to sleep next to Matti pag sleep time niya- nakakahawa-antok pag katabi baby. Labyu.

  104. Maristella Colana says: Reply

    When is the next update of “Lost and Found”? I’m so excited to read Chapter 1.

  105. Jade Dionisio says: Reply

    Hi Maine, thank you for updating your blog despite your busy skeds. You never forget to share your thoughts, feelings and unforgettable memories with us. I’m always proud to be part of ADN from the very first beginning up until now. My support to your loveteam never changed. My life wouldn’t be complete without you. You’re such an inspiration to everyone of us. Thank you. God bless.

  106. Nabby says: Reply

    Hello dear! I definitely enjoyed watching your videos. I am glad that you had that road trip and private time with Alden! You both looked very happy that day! I hope both of you get to do that more often. Your birthday is upcoming, I wish you a very very happy and special birthday! And I wonder what Alden’s surprise for you will be! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am excited! We ate all excited! Birthday and weeksary in one.. Wow..

    Btw, congratulations for winning the Best Social Media Influencer award from Nuffnang PH! I am so proud of you! More blessings to come dear.. Thank you for always working so hard to inspire and to make, us, your fans happy.

    p.s. Here is another blog I wrote.. Thanks to you and Alden for inspiring me to write it.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. Beng Ignacio says: Reply

    Hi Meng! Full disclosure, I am YOUR supporter first, and then of whoever you’re working with. At the moment, it’s Alden. He’s a fine man, and I hope he treats you right off-cam (on-cam, we all know how that is ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). But if, or when, the time comes and you’re paired with someone else, I’ll be standing amidst the ruins, still holding my proverbial pompoms, cheering for you! =)

  108. justine ann says: Reply





  109. Sandy Rodrigo says: Reply

    Good morning Maine Mendoza :). Ako nga po pala si Sandy Mae Rodrigo from Balanga City, Bataan. Fan na fan nyo po ako pati ang aking pamilya. Congratulations po sa mga blessings na dumadating sa buhay nyo ngayon pati sa AlDub.

    Ginawa ko po itong message na ito sa pag-asang matutulungan nyo ako sa munti kong sorpresa para sa aking bunsong kapatid na si Salvi Joi Rodrigo. Sya po kasi ay magdiriwang rin ng kanyang 11th birthday sa March 3. Gusto ko po sana syang mabati ng kanyang idolo, walang iba kundi kayo po. Noong nagpunta po kasi kayo rito ay hindi ako nagkaroon ng pagkakataong makalapit sa inyo dahil na rin sa sobrang dami ng tao. Nakakapanghinayang lang po bilang hindi naman po palaging may ganoong pagkakataon.

    Kung hindi man po kalabisan ay sana po ay mabati nyo sya sa pamamagitan ng isang video message :). Gusto ko lamang pong masorpresa ang aking kapatid sa kanyang kaarawan. Maraming, maraming salamat po. Sana ay inyo po itong mapansin :). God Bless po!

  110. Dear Maine,

    There might be times or days that I’m very busy with some stuff but I do want you to know that you and Alden are with me here in my heart. I know, I will forever love you both and that is for sure. Wishing for the best of you and Alden. May all of you and Alden’s dreams and goals do come true. And may all of our prayers that hopefully at the right time and at the right place, you and Alden will get married soon. Slowlt vut surely. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love you both. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best regards,
    Jan Trace

  111. HL Fuentes says: Reply

    Happy Birthday Maine you just dont know the impact you have brought into my life.. I was already feeling devastated n was in the verge of surrendering coz of life’s bitter challenges.. But Tamang Panahon brought you n alden in my life.. Admittedly, im not a TV addict.. N never was i an EAT BULAGA fan.. I have always been a Kapamilya til i hibernated on watching TV for almost 2yrs.. Yep! U read it right.. 2yrs.. Curiosity got me when Tamang Panahon clips flooded my FB.. I opened one link then to another link.. Little did i know, i was already hooked.. Became a member of #TeamReplay.. Intensely watched the 4-month episode in just 2weeks! Yes again! 2weeks.. Guess i was already looking n smelling like a zombie that time since i cannot not watch or just blink coz i might miss on something.. Ur tandem really complemented the JOWAPAOs.. I commend all of you guys for touching all the aldubarkads lives, mine included To date, noone can argue the loyalty i have in you guys.. I will remain as your avid fan for as long as i live.. I love u guys.. I love u maine.. Again, Happy Birthday

    PS. Stay Happy and May God continue to bless you even more ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Xerez says: Reply

    Hi, Maine.

    I had this amazing thing planned for your birthday. I was supposed to edit a picture of you, draw a chibi of you, write a letter for you, make an 8-bit pixel for you.

    Unfortunately, I can do nothing right now as I am down with the flu and I can’t think straight and I don’t have enough energy to even try to keep my eyes open.

    I just want to tell you that you’re not perfect. Neither are you pretty. You’re not an actress. Lastly, I do not love you.

    You’re not perfect because dammit, you are interesting. You have cracks and you have flaws and your imperfections are endless, but these are what makes you mysterious and interesting. To call you perfect should feel like an insult to you, your mistakes, your experiences, and your values.

    You are not pretty. You are not the cookie-cutter picture of an artista people would feel so taken to. You are so much more than pretty. Pretty only goes skin deep. Bibi, you are beautiful. Your character, your strength, your principles outshine pretty, you are a beautiful human being.

    You are not an actress. To call you an actress feels like telling people it’s just a job. It maybe just a job for you now, but it is my sincere hope that in the future, this job will turn into a career, and in the end, will morph into your craft. That’s when I should be calling you an artist.

    Lastly, I do not love you. To love you is to do nothing short of laying down my life in exchange for yours. I love my family, not you. However, let me tell you that I like you. I like you, I adore you, and I am extremely fond of you, your quirks, your personality. I like how we are somehow in the same plane of interest. I like you a lot that I’d defend you against naysayers. I like you too much to suddenly leave you during your trying times in this industry. I like you so much that I wish for your good health, happy family and fulfilling endeavors.

    Happy birthday, Maine. Stay gold.

  113. Mamang says: Reply

    Meng at Alden, salamat sa inyo. Sa isang simpleng sulyap at pabebe wave, and daming buhay ang nabago. Angel kayong maituturing, sa langit nanggaling. Noon, akala ko buhay ay lagi na lang ganito.Pero ito ay nabago simula ng makita ko kayo. Ewan ko ba, pero iba ang saya na naidulot nyo sa akin sampu ng pamilya ko.

    Dami kong tanong sa sarili ko kung bakit kayo ang gusto ko. Wala naman ako pake sa showbiz noon dahil busy-busyhan ang ate nyo. And saklap nga ng buhay masasabi ko. Dumating kayo sa buhay ko na halos madurog na ako sa mga pagsubok ng mundo. Problema sa asawa( na stroke siya 05/2015) at pamilya at iba iba pa. Gusto ko na ngang sumuko pero laging napapako. Hinang hina na pero pilit kinakaya.

    07/16/2015. Ito na. Unang ngiti. Unang sulyap. Unang pabebe wave. Binihag nyo agad ang puso ko. Sa kasimple simpleng Meng at ang gwapong, maginoo na si Alden. Akala ko panandalian lang itong paghanga pero lulalalim , singlalim ng karagatan ng Pacifico. Namalayan ko na lang , miyembro na ako na ako ng AldubNation Cebu. Naks! Fans Club na ito. Ito pa, Aldub at Kalyeserye lang ang kaisa isang topic na nakaka excite at nakaka relate ang buoung pamilya. Siguro kung makapagsalita lang ang aking asawa, siya na siguro ang madaming chika. Eh,kung makakita lang ng picture ni Meng, iindak indak na ang paa. Kaya ang ginawa ko, bumili ng maraming posters(pati sa Coke ninakaw) at ipinaskil ko sa aming pinto. Parang theraphy na rin niya ito. At nakakahiya sa mga anak ko, updated pa ako sa kanila. Pag uwi nila galing school, imbis na kumustahin ka ito ang bungad nila, โ€œ Mang, ano nangyari sa Kalyeserye? โ€œ.

    Mahal ko na nga kayo. Di ba pagmahal mo ang isa tao, nagbibigay ka ng oras dito. Klase ng pagmamahal na hindi naghihintay ng kapalit. Basta, makita ko lang na okay kayo, masaya na ako doon.

    Maraming salamat sa inyo. Kahit man lang sa sandaling oras araw araw nakalimutan naming may mga problema na dapat kaharapin. Salamat , Aldub. And saya na naidulot nyo sa buhay ko ay isang malaking biyaya. Lagi akong nagpapasalamat sa Maykapal dahil kahit gaano kahirap ng buhay, naiibsan ito bawat araw dahil sa inspirasyon ng dulot nyo. Sa bawat tawa, saya, ngiti at kilig โ€ฆ. Sa bawat luha na dumaloy sa mga mata nyo .. sa lahat ng mga pagdadaanan nyo pa .. andito lang ako at boung AldubNation. Walang iwanan, promise yan!

    Alam nyo ba na sa bawat parangal na natatangap niyo , ako ang unang umiiyak kasi alam ko happy kayo. Lahat ng tinatamasa nyong tagumpay ay tagumpay ko na rin. Mahal na mahal ko kayong dalawa. At patuloy akong magdadasal na sana tatagal pa kayo kasi ang dami nyong taong pinapasaya.

    Huwag kayong mag-alala, andito lang kami lagi sa likod niyo. Sama sama tayo sa hirap at ligaya. Kahit ano man ang sabihin nila, wala iyong kwenta. Nakataktak na kayo sa puso ng AldubNation. Kumbaga, naka tatoo na. Walang iwanan na ito, oiii. Ganern! We got each otherโ€™s back!!!!

  114. Mamang says: Reply

    Happy Birthday, Meng!

  115. Hi Maine, I really enjoyed reading your posts. Such a fun thing to do, reading all your works. And today is your birthday, so I want to greet you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Meng!!! stay happy, blessed and being love coz you deserve it.

  116. March 3, 2016 @ 6:16pm
    Hello meng! Di ko alam kung mababasa mo to or magkaka-time ka para pansinin mo to.. Pero, I’ll write it anyway.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Para sa pinakapaborito kong aktres ng Generation X, happy happy birthday meng! You know I really really admire you for being so makulit, loka-loka, down to earth genuine, smart and for having a happy spirit! I dont usually admire an artista as much as I admire you. Ewan ko ba. Siguro dahil alam kong totoo kang tao, di ka multo. Haha. Charot. De, un nga. Totoo kang tao. I wont say na magstay the same ka lang. But I would like to say, sana lalo ka pang mag-grow as an individual and maging good citizen of the world. Ano daw?? haha. Basta. Pakatatag ka lagi. Sabi naman ni ate nicolette, mataas ang EQ mo, so alam kong kayang-kaya mong ihandle ung mga bashers. Hihi. Anyways, masyado ng humahaba tong greetings ko.Basta Continue to be a blessing to your fans (including me). May the good Lord bless your heart and soul. Always acknowledge the Lord and He will direct your path. Lagi kitang ipagppray! ๐Ÿ™‚ Shalom! ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. Happy birthday, dear Nicomaine! I wish you all the best in life! I hope you enjoy this special day of yours! Thank you for coming in each of our lives. You are my inspiration. I admire you, your talents, your being, your abilities, and such. We are all here to support you and better half! I wish you all the happiness in the world, great career path, good health, and much love! We are always here for you, okay? Don’t mind ’em haters, they’ve got nothing to do with their lives and their lives suck! We’ll just pray for their dark souls and hope that they may find happiness without bringing you down. You are a great, kind, amazing, beautiful (inside and out), down-to-earth person. Remember the time when you didn’t believe in yourself? When you thought you had no ability to do anything? When you believed that you’ve no talents? I’ll tell you now, you were wrong with all of those beliefs. Nicomaine Mendoza, you are a very talented person! You are amazing and I want to let you know that I am so proud of you and all your achievements! Imagine in just the span of almost 8 months, you’ve already accomplished a lot – awards, films, shows, and popularity all over the world! You’re now achieving things that weren’t achieved by some people in your field who have been in show business for over 5-10 years or so. You are one of a kind, and I admire you for still being what you were before you became Philippines’ princess! You’re still that person who keeps her feet on the ground, but aims high and works hard to achieve her dreams. I admire you so much for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing your best, in your natural way, to inspire people and make us happy always! You and RJ are the best thing that has happened to us, your fans, admirers, your supporters – the people who’ll always be there and never leave your side. Words aren’t enough to express how much I love you, how proud I am of you, and how I know that I’ve picked the right idol. You just suddenly came to my life and changed me for the better. I am so thankful to God that He gave me idols like you and RJ. You guys are my source of happiness. You are included in my best reasons why I wake up each and everyday. I can’t even imagine my life without seeing the both of you happy. All I wish for you guys are love and happiness that will last for a lifetime. I want to let you know that I love you, so so much, and I’ll always be here to support and defend you! I also hope that you still remember me, or at least, heard my name – since I was one of the few people whose question was picked in Aldub’s 7th Monthsary. “In what way do you cheer each other up in times of issues and crisis?” That was the question I asked you both. And when I was picked, I was so happy! I wasn’t able to breathe! I lacked oxygen! I cried! I can’t even describe my happiness! I consider that as the best day of my life! My idols, on screen, being able to hear my name – that’s probably one of the best things that could ever happen to a die-hard fan like me. You inspire me in every way. You know, I just want to share something. Because of you, I appreciate more the beauty of writing and expressing your feelings into words. I just actually started my blog: if you just want to visit. I think I’ve put too many words now, because as I said, words aren’t enough to express how much I love and admire you. You’re now 21 years old and you still got a long way to go! You’re going to achieve more goals, pass more obstacles in life, and survive the journey ahead of you. I know you can do it! I know you can overcome anything! Because we are here for you, especially your better half, Richard Faulkerson, Jr. We know that he’s never going to leave your side, you’re never gonna leave each other’s sides, and both of you got each other’s backs. Because of how great of a person you are, you deserve everything you have now! You deserve more than just a celebration! You deserve everything, sweetie. I don’t regret having to almost die because of too many feels that I feel when I see both of you happy and lovely! And that’s legit right there. I always have my water, tissue, and inhaler prepared when I know that a big episode is coming up. Too much feels and I can’t even contain. Hehehe! To conclude this message, I want to say that I love you so much, the both of you, and I wish you all the BEST this universe has. Again, enjoy this special day of yours, sweetie! Thank you for everything! I love you! Lots of love from the Lone Star State – Texas! I know someday, I’ll see the both of you. When I get older, maybe after 50 years or so, I’ll always look back to this point in time and remember, “Oh, these two have been my inspiration, they changed me in every better way possible…” Thank God for March 3, 1995. If that day didn’t exist, if Nicomaine Mendoza wasn’t born, my life wouldn’t be this good. Happy birthday, dearest Maine! God bless you! I love you! We, MAICHARD NATION, will always be here for you! Much love, Yvana Del Rosario. โค๏ธ

  118. Kath says: Reply

    I don’t know if you have read it na, but, I’ll still post my birthday message to you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Birthday,Maine!

    N – o exact words are enough to express our gratitude to you
    I- n no more than a year, you have changed how people see a Star
    C- ouldn’t describe all the influence you have made in our lives
    O-bvious or not, you made us glad
    M-aine, you deserve whatever blessings you have
    A-lden is blessed to have you
    I-nside you is a much more beautiful woman
    N-ow and then, you’re trying to let it show
    E-very girl wants to meet you, we all adore how true and real you are.

    D-reams are reachable, they are possible, you have proven that to all
    E-ach of us finds a new strength to never ever surrender
    I-nspired by who and what you are, we’ll keep on moving, keep on dreaming…until we also get the things we’ve prayed for.

    C-aring, loving, that’s what you are!

    M-ay this be your best year, or should I say, may every year bring you the best
    E-verything will always end up right, remember that
    N-o one will know all your sacrifices, your heartaches and all the other things you have given, but God is faithful and He will bless you for every good deed you do, seen or not
    D-o what is right, keep on dreaming and keep changing lives
    O-nly you can decide for your life, but rest assured that we are here to support you no matter what
    Z-(ang hirap ng Z, hahaha) Zo, ayun na nga, We only pray that God will bless you and continually use you to make people happy
    A- Very Happy Birthday to you, Maine. We love you!

    Ate Kath

  119. Ema says: Reply

    Here is a poem written by a good friend for you Maine. (She said she does not know how to do it – so I took the liberty of posting it here with her permission).

    In this tired, aging, troubled jaded world…
    you, Alden and Maine,
    came like the fresh breath of a morning drenched with dew.

    You opened the eyes (including these tired eyes of mine)
    and those who have either put aside .
    or forgotten the bliss of young love…
    of being carefree and ” young and foolish again.”

    You “rescued” young souls
    who have become forgetful,
    or even rebellious of the old, tested ways.

    You have shattered this seeming callousness
    of the young…this indifference
    that ought only to belong to the lost,
    the bitter,
    the lonely,
    the hopeless,
    the old.

    This “old soul” here thanks you
    for bringing back to remembrance
    the vivre” of youth..
    the innocent joy of young love…
    the euphoria of falling in love…again!
    (and loving it!)…
    the thrill of a hug, a warm embrace…
    the gentle threading of old, gnarled fingers…
    through thinning, silver hair.

    I wanted to give this letter/ poem to you, which I wrote while watching EB kalyeserye last Feb. 27′ 2016, (when i would, hopefully, get a chance to meet you and Alden in Dakak on the 14th or 15th but I can’t wait so here goes…).

    In this tired, aging, troubled jaded world…
    you, Alden and Maine,
    came like the fresh breath of a morning drenched with dew.

    You opened the eyes (including these tired eyes of mine)
    and those who have either put aside .
    or forgotten the bliss of young love…
    of being carefree and ” young and foolish again.”

    You “rescued” young souls
    who have become forgetful,
    or even rebellious of the old, tested ways.

    You have shattered this seeming callousness
    of the young…this indifference
    that ought only to belong to the lost,
    the bitter,
    the lonely,
    the hopeless,
    the old.

    This “old soul” here thanks you
    for bringing back to remembrance
    the vivre” of youth..
    the innocent joy of young love…
    the euphoria of falling in love…again!
    (and loving it!)…
    the thrill of a hug, a warm embrace…
    the gentle threading of old, gnarled fingers…
    through thinning, silver hair.
    You have stoked the embers of a fire almost gone out..
    almost forgotten in the hidden corners of the passing years.

    for being you- guileless, innocent, humble, loving and giving;
    for showing the world that
    LOVE is…
    .makakapagparaya (kung kailangan),
    .makakapaghintay sa ” tamang panahon”.

    I do not know what God has planned
    for the two of you.
    But here is one optimistic, hopeful,
    and hopelessly romantic, sentimental, old fool
    who will continue to lift you up in prayer.

    Here’s to hoping and praying that
    the heavens will be kind on you,
    that He will bring you two together
    (for real and not just for reel!)


    Here’s to you, Alden and Maine, two loving
    and lovable children any Nanay (including this Nanay)
    would be blessed to have.

    with more joy, more fun, more laughter, more love…

    Nanay Lerry (a retired teacher who used to teach literature and the nuances of the English language) but who has now RE-TIRED (i.e.put on new tires to discover newer, bigger horizons and to rediscover, perhaps, along the way, the lost or forgotten joys of being young and carefree and foolish again. SANA. Here’s to the embers of fire that may still blaze and light up the skies.

  120. Bianca says: Reply

    Ahhhh roadtrips like this. <3 Sobrang nakakakilig lang. More power to you and Alden! ๐Ÿ™‚

  121. Cha AA says: Reply

    Waiting for your blog post about BORA with him ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so happy for the both of you!

  122. Glanel says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I’m an avid fan. Do know na sa bawat isang basher, may isang libong nagmamahal sa’yo. Be happy always! Marami kang napapasaya at naiinspire. At isa na ko do’n. You just don’t know how you inspire people, to be good and do good, in your own little ways. Keep spreading positive vibes, please. Love you lots, Meng! ๐Ÿ™‚

  123. ate maine, ano po app or software ginagamit nyo to edit ung mga videos nyo? hope you reply back po ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. 101% support on your loveteam. Still holding on this nation that has changed, changing and will still change the Philippine showbiz industry. God bless you!

  125. Pearl says: Reply

    hi maine!anong app or software gamit mo to make a video???thanks:)

  126. Aaliyah says: Reply

    super love the song you used in the video. quite possibly my favorite roadtrip song!

  127. Crazee Wizard says: Reply

    Hi Ms. Maine I’m not a member of any AlDub group but me and my family will support AlDub/MainChard all the way. We love you! It’s just sad that you need to part ways for the sake of EWAN! But I do believe that you guys are ok off cam. You said that you and Alden are just friends and a loveteam but we know the fact that you really care for each other as a man and a woman and there’s something between the two of you that nobody can change even GMA 7! It’s Love, ADN knows about it. I respect their decision but it really, really hurts!!!

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