Vday Playlist

It’s February! (Nope, not going to rant about Vday like the last time) Anyway, since it is almost Valentines Day let me share with you a couple of songs in my Vday playlist. Most of them are old classic songs that I really love listening to when I feel like having the kilig feeling and all. These songs have always been in my phone’s playlist and I thought about picking some to share with you, just so you could listen to some good ol’ love songs this love month. You surely are familiar with some of the songs in this playlist, but might have listened to it looong time ago. Ibalik natin! Let us all feel the love! #NostalgicMemories

Oha talagang AnseRa yung photo!

Never Gonna Let You Go Faith Evans
Before I Fall In Love Coco Lee
Angel of Mine Monica
For You I Will Monica
You Athena Cage
You First Believed Hoku
It Might Be You Stephen Bishop
Passenger Seat Stephen Speaks
Closer I Get To You Luther Vandross ft. Beyonce
Wait For You Eliott Yamin
Love Comes Back To You Simon Lynge
Dancing In The Moonlight Toploader

Have you already made plans for the 14th? How are you going to spend your Valentines day? And who are you celebrating/spending it with? Share it with me thru commenting below!
Well, uhm, if you are going to ask me what my plan is for Valentines….. well, uhm, ispluk ko na ba? Baka ma-jinx? Oh well, maghuhulaan pa ba tayo? So uhm, I’ve thought about this long time ago (I’ve been waiting for this for sooo long! Shhh!) and I think Valentines Day would be the perfect time for us to, you know, spend time together; since we don’t get to do it that much because of work, I think this would be the perfect time to catch up. So… ayun na nga… I have a date. 


Yes, yes, yes! I have a date! And I am super duper excited to finally spend Valentine’s day with my bed! Been sleep deprived for weeks now and I’ve been wanting to get some decent sleep. I thought Valentines would be the perfect time for the two of us! Oo, bonding kami that day coz it’s Sunday, and I opted to spend the day at home– resting. Walang makakapigil samin! Ganoin!

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  1. Keziah says: Reply

    Echosera ka Maine. You have a date talaga eh. Aminin mo na. Magdedate kayo ni Alden noh? Hahaha. If he’s still not asking you on a date… malay mo? /kileeeeegs/

    1. Rochelle Anne Manongdo says: Reply

      I hope your happy now for your V, thanks for the wonder thought.

      1. I think Alden is not into “dating” mode at this time. He’s very much in love with his career. Good for Maine not to expect much from him. In case someone ask you for a date Maine and you’re free to go…then go; life is meant to be enjoyed while you’re young.

        Very nice blog as well as the “Paano Ba” Vday sequel, tagos sa puso. You really have a knock on writing about many things specially about human’s deep emotions. Keep on honing this writing skills which is definitely your edge with other stars of your generation.

  2. Alleya says: Reply

    Ay medyo di tayo nagkakalayo ng balak Maine.. may kakaibang taglay talaga si bed #mainekahittuldoklang!!

  3. Shine says: Reply

    hi meng ! I’m not that close to you , not even a part of any fandom (but i’m a big fan of yours) but can i ask for help? It’s about my blog , well kinda dont know what to put (coz really never done it before) , can you help me decide on what will i name my blog ? Help me please, It’s for my project, (IT life) we will make a website that we, ourselves gonna code for it but dont know what will be the nice name for my site, HElP SOS
    thank you

  4. Dalang dala ako ng kanta habang nagbabasa ng reveal kung sino ang date mo tapos ganern! Haha! Sana maging memorable at sweet ang Feb 14 mo. ♡

  5. Alleya says: Reply

    Serious question, natutulog ka pa ba? Grabe bat ako pagnapuyat sobra talaga breakouts ko hahaha (kahit di puyat).. pero ikaw halos di na natutulog maganda na, kinis pa ng mukha bakit ganoin sinabon ko naman?! #Eskinol lervyou

  6. Kath says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    Nahopia ako sa V-date mo, haha, but I’m happy if you could really have that well deserved bonding with your bed 🙂 Sleep if you can, you need to recharge since ang dami mong pinapasaya. Salamat ng marami 🙂

    And me, my V day will be spent in Singapore. Muni-muni lang dun since single pa rin ako. And since 6 days ako dun, #TeamReplay ako sa Kalyeserye. 🙂

    I hope to meet you soon. Have a great day always! Stay humble, stay blessed! We love you 🙂

    -Ate Kath

  7. Jezebel Intong says: Reply

    Glad to see that you’re updating your blog again our Princess. I’ve finished reading the whole blog and I salute you for being such a good writer! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts to us!

    We know that you’ve been so busy this past few days. Ay, mali pala, for the past 6 months, parang kulang-kulang na talaga rest mo. Pero grabe ka ah, kahit sobrang puyat, yung energy mo on screen, hyper as in 101%! pahinga din pag may time 🙂

    I also admire you for being so witty. Sayang nga lang di kita na meet in person nung nagpunta ka dito sa Cebu. You’re too near yet too far 🙁

    You’re such a unique person. Lahat na yata ng good qualities of a woman ay na ‘sayo na. I’m proud to say that I’m one of you’re solid fans and you’re the only LT where I get so hooked up to. Lahat na yata ng vacant time ko after work was spent watching KS and updates about you and Alden 🙂

    Thank you very much for being so nice 🙂 Thank you for bringing us so much happiness 🙂 Thank you for being the real you. Di man natin maiiwasan ang mga nega at bashers pero sabi mo nga , kebs lang !

    You and Alden have been my inspiration everyday 🙂 Di ko namamalayan na napapangiti na pala ako tuwing nakikita ko kayo. Nababaliw ako kakahanap ng magazines nyo and I just can’t help it! I just adore you both so much 🙂

    I’m just so happy to see that both of you are now so close to each other 🙂 Sa totoo lang, mas na-i-include ko pa kayo sa prayers ko kesa sa sarili ko ! hahaha. because I love you very much 🙂

    Whatever your LT brings you in the future, isa lang ang wish ko para sa inyong dalawa, sana tuloy-tuloy na talaga kayo sa forever 🙂 if ever dumating yung time na ‘yon , siguradong magdidiwang ang buong Aldub Nation!. Because for us, you’re just perfect for each other. You’re both beautiful inside and out 🙂

    With love,


  8. Shine says: Reply

    Sorry for being OOT meng which is Valentine’s Day plans, I just really need your help , I’m still awake because of this project.. help me please. Need your suggestions(Well of course your expert for this) ..sorry for being annoying, thank you

  9. Maja Gamboa says: Reply

    Go girl! I still sleep 8 hours a day. 12 on some occasions, though it feels like you’ve been beaten up when you get up. There is nothing wrong with a good ‘ol lie in. Anyhow, ill be at work doing a night shift in the emergency department. It’s amazing how many sad stories you get on that day. I am not looking forward to it at all. My other half will be alone. “The Date” will have to wait for our 14th year anniversary.

  10. Kevin says: Reply

    I’d always love listening to your playlist ! Actually nasa playlist ko na rin sya haha lalo na yung put me down. 🙂

  11. Bigdaddi says: Reply

    hi Maine, since the birth of my 2nd son on valentine’s day, we celebrate it together with the whole family. This year, we’re going to Zermatt for a weekend to celebrate it.

  12. ay grabe ka meng! na’hopia ako dun ah.. akala ko naman kay alden ka may date.tsk
    anyways, enjoy your valentines day maine! you deserve to be HAPPY!!:)
    thank you so much nga pala sa pgpapasaya at pgpapakilig nyo ni alden saamin everyday! god bless you and your family maine! we love you!

  13. Joey anne says: Reply

    I absolutely love ur playlist! Tagos sa puso! It’s making me a bit melancholic though. But all good! I miss listening to these songs.

  14. Teenydora says: Reply

    Lech… Akala ko may date ka talaga hahahahahahhaha

  15. Jezebel Intong says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing these love songs . Di ako masyado mahilig sa music pero basta galing sayo papakinggan ko yan .. hehe .. Maine, you may heard this a lot of times sa dami ng taong nagmamahal sa inyo ni Alden , pero sobrang nagpapasalamat ako sayo kasi isa ako sa libu- libong taong pinasaya ninyo ni A.

    You’re such a unique person. Ikaw yung tipo ng tao na hinahangaan namin not just because of your physical attributes , but because you are so real and true to yourself.

    After reading the whole content of your blog, I was just so amazed on how good you are in terms of writing. Thank you kasi mas nakilala ka pa namin dahil sa pag share mo ng parte ng buhay mo thru this page.

    Bashers and haters will always be there, pero I’ll promise to be your solid fan no matter what! Sobrang sayang lamg kasi di man lang kita nakita ng personal pagpunta mo dito sa Cebu 🙁 Siguro sa tamang panahon, mayakap man lang kita o mahawakan ang kamay mo, isa na yun sa magiging pina

  16. Jezebel Intong says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing these love songs . Di ako masyado mahilig sa music pero basta galing sayo papakinggan ko yan .. hehe .. Maine, you may have heard this a lot of times sa dami ng taong nagmamahal sa inyo ni Alden , pero sobrang nagpapasalamat ako sayo kasi isa ako sa libu- libong taong pinasaya ninyo ni A.

    You’re such a unique person. Ikaw yung tipo ng tao na hinahangaan namin not just because of your physical attributes , but because you are so real and true to yourself.

    After reading the whole content of your blog, I was just so amazed on how good you are in terms of writing. Thank you kasi mas nakilala ka pa namin dahil sa pag share mo ng parte ng buhay mo thru this page.

    Bashers and haters will always be there, pero I’ll promise to be your solid fan no matter what! Sobrang sayang lang kasi di man lang kita nakita ng personal pagpunta mo dito sa Cebu 🙁 Siguro sa tamang panahon, mayakap man lang kita o mahawakan ang kamay mo, isa na yun sa magiging pinaka meaningful na part ng buhay ko. Kahit fansign mo lang, lofe changing na yin sakin . Sobrang love ko kayo. Promise , hinding hindi ko kayo bibitiwan

    Tulad mo, introvert and pessimist din po ako. Im always afraid of being in front of many people. Im always afraid to take risk. Pero thank you kasi you’ve been my inspiration na mas lalo ko pang makilala ang sarili ko ..

    You and RJ are always included on my prayers. Wishing you all the best for your career and of course for your love life Alam kong alam mo na yun .. Diba on the road to forever na kayo? Handa kaming maghintay na dumating ang tamang panahon para sa inyong dalawa☝☝I love you Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza

  17. Kristinapai says: Reply

    Crazy HAHAHAHA
    Take good care of your bed. I hope it could keep you warm and cozy on the 14th

  18. Renee says: Reply

    Wait..Hold up. I thought bed will be dating me? How dare..it..(he)?! (It’s) cheating on me! Haha. Just kidding.
    Well it’s nice that you get to rest since you have been working like crazy.

  19. jonah says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Always love reading your blogs. I just hope that whatever it is you do on the 14th, you’ll have the best day ever coz you deserve it! and I hope that someone SPECIAL will make it even more memorable for you… 😉
    We are so proud of you and thank you for inspiring us EVERYDAY! Thank you din sa playlist…LOVE YOU!!!

  20. Reika says: Reply

    Talaga bang date with your bed? SIge na nga, enjoy your date with your BED. 🙂

  21. ALDENatics SoCal says: Reply

    That would be my ideal vday date too Maine but I will be bz organizing an event that day huhubells
    BTW, Monica songs will always be one of my favorite love songs
    We Love You and Alden here in Southern California
    We hope to see u guys soon!!!
    Take Care Always

    —–ALDENatics SoCal admin

  22. Maganda yan rest day on Vday! Mas masaya. Sleep pa more. You need it also.

  23. ChaCha says: Reply

    Grabe sya. Mini-heart attack. Sabay hopia! 😛 Pero sige na nga. Hope you get to enjoy the 14th, dear. 🙂 Sabi mo nga, matagal mong hinintay ‘to. hehe… 🙂

    I will be spending Vday with my l♥ve, it’s almost our 10th yr anniv (oo, dahil may forever!). Thanks for the playlist! Will add it to mine. ♥ God bless!

  24. Geraldee says: Reply

    Hahahahaha! Akala ko c anu na date mo e.. un pla c sleep

    1. Geraldee says: Reply

      Well pareho tau meng.. saya diba? Hahaha!

  25. jessa brioso says: Reply

    bed ba talaga?? i want to have a date with maine mendoza! hahha echos lang :p
    masaya na V Day ko kapag nakapagdate na kayo ng bed mo. basta may pahinga kayo ni A haha

  26. LA.Malabanan says: Reply

    February 13 ang dapat sayo ate maine.Haha.. Excited na ako para sa Feb13 Ewan ko lang Sila. Dapat si Tisoy din e, Feb14 i.date ang kama nya, Jusko! Pahipahinga din naman dba?Wag matigas ulo Pagalitan mo nga ate maine…

  27. Iyah says: Reply

    Enjoy Vday,Meng! Hope you’ll get ample time to take a rest and spend time with your bed(lol) after a loooong and busy work schedule. Really been feeling so happy for the past months for the many coincidences we have, shades, nail polish that im wearing then you too is wearing that day, several instances na,lol, but yes! Kinda ridicule but cute but we share the same fave love songs,these good ol love songs,haha! Well, not all them, but there were many on your list that’s same with mine. Auhmmmm.. Spending Vday for me, I hope I’ll have a kilig feeling that day. Sana… Haha!

  28. Norita G. says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing all of this songs..well this is my Vday activities..have a date with at least 20,000 runners..coz I’m running the LA Marathon Feb 14th 2016..and I’m going to enjoy it…❤️❤️❤️

  29. jessa brioso says: Reply

    bed ba talaga?? haha i want to have a date with maine mendoza haha chos :p masaya na ko sa VDay kung kadate mo bed mo. hahaha or si….. alam mo na yun haha *wink*

  30. ayu says: Reply

    Hi Maine…good for you..take that much deserved rest..you deserve it..as for me i’ll spend that special day with my one and only special someone…MYSELF!…hahahaha..valentines day doesn’t mean that you have to spend it with another person…just like you, you’ll spend it with an inanimate thing..hehehehe..at lease it won’t say or do anything that will annoy you..hope you have a good rest and stay safe always…God bless 😀

  31. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Yey happy for you makakapagrest ka sa super busy ng schedule mo need mo yan i-enjoy mo yang rest day mo para fully change ka uli

  32. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    I love

    Passenger seat

  33. CesT says: Reply

    Ang masasabi ko lang…bitin ng bonggang-bongga! Akala ko kung sino na ang ka-date mo e… That’s a good choice though

  34. CesT says: Reply

    Ang masasabi ng bonggang-bongga! Akala ko kung sino na ang ka-date mo e… That’s a good choice though

  35. realitybites says: Reply

    richard or jose???

  36. annie carlos says: Reply

    ay bat ganoin??? anyways, i know you really need a good2 rest… enjoy your free day (pag meron) wishing the best for you n be Blessed as always, love you lage2!!!

  37. Ann says: Reply

    Stephen Bishop’s It Might Be You for the win. I also love Monica.. Somewhat the same playlists OMG..

  38. AOL28 says: Reply

    Bed talaga, ganoin?! Echosera ka meng haha pero bet ko playlist mo especially the first 4 parang konti nalang magkamukha na tayo ng songlist haha!

  39. Bryan Dale says: Reply

    I thought you were already invited on a date on that day anyways still a good idea though.
    And I thought about this too. lol

    Spend more time with bed alongside the water. Maybe your special someone could also crash in since that someone has also been sleep deprived for weeks.. yieee
    Kahit matulog lang buong araw is romantic na ksama yung someone mo. hehe

  40. Ann says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Just a simple celebration probably dinner with my husband, but since he’s busy with work and B school I think I should be the one who’ll do all the planning! Which reminds me I should make reservations na! Thanks

  41. Gel says: Reply

    I’d probably have a date with my fam, or just rest in bed the whole day since I’m a night shift at work (and during weekend too) Anyway, I love those old classic songs on your list. Especially Angel of mine and Never gonna let you go. I’m actually a fan of classic love songs and I listen to them every night.. Perhaps you know the song THE GIFT by Jim Brickman,, its 1 of my fave!

  42. Eve Lali says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    And I thought this would be the opportune time for you and A to get to know each other, suns work, chaperones and all..you know with patchie, babra sastre and mamaten and whoever else surrounds you and A. Hopefully, afte A finishes his show, he has plans…, keep an open mind, he might have a surprise for you, so keep your sked open..wishing you a great heart’s day…

  43. maryahwanna says: Reply

    My heart skipped reading the “i have a date” part. Then hopia happens. bakit ganoin?

  44. Mary Ann says: Reply

    Meng been married for 13 yrs. We don’t plan we just do random things kung ano yung feel namin that day ang eg. maghanap ng resto (hirap maghanap ng resto na available pag 14 dba) so joyride nalang so we end up streetfood trip. Pero yung company ng isa’t isa ang mahalaga eh yun yung memorable. Yun yung last year. Egzoited for our random date w/ my hubby this valentines! Love you Meng!

  45. kitcath says: Reply

    Sobrang tawa ko dito. hindi pala tao ang ka-date mo kundi bagay! O sya, enjoy your date with your bed at nawa’y mabawi mo yung tulog na hindi mo naitulog. 🙂 kisngot!(kiss with singhot)

  46. AR says: Reply

    Hi Maine!

    Will spend the whole day with my family because its also my bday on the 14th!!

    Hope you have a great day and thank you for making us believe that dreams do come true.

    God bless you and stay humble 🙂

  47. Nolie Christy says: Reply

    Omg I thought you and Alden will go out on a date na! I got so kilid reading.. And then boom date in bed pala?! Hahaha hopia

  48. Kainis ka na hashtag hopia ako! Hahaha naluluha na pamo ako nung sa may finally.. sabi ko “OH MY GOD ETO NA NGA!!” tpos si BED pala grabe sya haha! Pero yun na nga never experience to celebrate VDay with someone special, and since thats sunday wala pang sahod at day off I guess date with Bed din ako and syempre kasama si phone haha! Yun lang bow.

    PS. Your Vday playist is perfect lakas makapagpainlove vibes haha

  49. lois says: Reply

    Hahahaha…natawa naman ako sa ka date mo…sabagay rest din kapag may time para hndi mgkasakit.

  50. ALLmartin says: Reply

    GANOiN! tama na yan oi sobra na yan oi =) malamang pag pawisan si A s bhay nyu wahahaha

  51. anne says: Reply

    Date with ur bed why not?! you deserve it anyways… =)
    Me, gonna spend it with my ”patient’s” as usual… just like the old time! Eh holidays and birthdays nga i’d been spending it with ’em for so loooong! valentines day pa kya?! which is also not really a ‘special day’ to a (singleeee) woman lyk me! *bittermode on* lol!
    Here i am again…bkit ba parang bitter q prati?!.. Gnito cguro tlga if u dont know exactly what u really want in ur life?……always nega! hayyys just so sad… waaah! enuff! out of topic naq and bka ma-BV kpa! hehe..sorry!✌

    Nice blog by the way…
    & Thanks in advance for reading my comment… God Bless! & more power to you & Alden.

    Great fan of yours.

  52. Zaq says: Reply

    What will I do on VDay?

    I will be spending it here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D5xO5hkyB1
    Me and my girl friends plans to dress up and have a nice dinner in this place.
    Being single does not mean you need to be alone on VDay. I still want to celebrate the day of LOVE with the people who are dear to me.
    But, I am also not closing my doors to other plans. There are still 20 more days, maybe our valentinoes will truly come this year and asks us to be his Valentine. 

  53. Ahzy says: Reply

    Since I am away from my boyfriend and Deadpool is showing on V day, I am going to watch it in cinema alone. I am currently listening to your tracks now, it makes me feel better (having a flu).

  54. Fritzie says: Reply

    Found out the same list of songs on my ipad! Masaya na kong malaman yun! pero sana mameet pa din kita.. Im steel hoping here.. yung pag-asa ko na mameet ka parang pag-asa ko sa pag-ibig.. Malabo man pero hopefull pa dn!

  55. amiel valdez says: Reply

    Nice playlist,if you ask me I would love to see you and Alden together…perfect match for the V day….love love love

  56. Cj says: Reply

    Kailan kaya ung time na you spend Valentine’s Day kay Tisoy. Yung susunduin ka nya sa bahay niyo at ipagpapaalam ka niya sa mga magulang mo. Dadalhin ka niya sa isang lugar na kayo lang ang nandoon…

  57. Im going to celebrate my Vday on Church. Date with Jesus cuz it is sunday then after that with my family and then with my bed, finally!

  58. Jhoana says: Reply

    Isa ako sa mga na-hopia! 🙂 Thank you for sharing bits of your life. You’re spreading happiness to all and I’m one of those recipients. You are destined to reign! God’s blessing be with you always 🙂

  59. So, you have a date with your BED? Hahaha Iba ka talaga!
    Me? I’ll be spending it with my friend and her husband, third-wheeling lang ang peg, Ganoin!
    Ayoko ko ngang sumama, pero mapilit sila, because they miss me na…

  60. Mae says: Reply

    Hiii ate maine ☺ ako din spend time with my bed haha sunday kasi yung, yun lang ang rest day ko sa school ☺ pero kung may mag aaya sakin ng date why not db! Haha ☺ yun lang! Sana mapansin mo tong comment ko☺ super idol kasi kita eh kayong dlawa ni kuya alden ☺ sana makita ko kayo inperson ☺ pero parang imposible kasi busy kayo tska sino ba nmn ako para makita kayo ng basta basta lang po db Kaya okay na ko dto sa comment comment lang haha love na love ko po kayo ni kuya alden ☺

  61. cicci says: Reply

    I also have a date ^_^ with my wallet. You know, go to the mall, bilhin nya lahat ng gusto ko. Kakainin ko lahat ng gusto ko.. Ganoin!!

  62. Yselle says: Reply


  63. Roni says: Reply

    A date with your bed isn’t a bad idea. =)
    Well, to answer your question. Since Im in a long distance relationship, I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s day with my boyfriend (virtually!! tee-hee). Thanks to skype!

  64. ALLmartin says: Reply

    basahin muna lng tapos wag munang i post … iniimagine ko sa date nyu sa 14. lhat ng taong sa bhay nyu, bka maka experience ng moves ni “GING GING” look ohh sa sobrang kilig nag paikot ikot wahahaha joke lng GANOiN.. =)

  65. Kareen says: Reply

    Hi Ms. Maine,

    I like your playlist a lot. 🙂 And I am so impressed that you are not just a pretty face. You are also intelligent. two thumbs up for you. 🙂

  66. Sheryl mae says: Reply

    I thought sino ka date nyo ..

    Advance happy valentines Meng ☺
    I’m so impressed how you deal with your basher.
    With grace and poise!
    Malayo pa mararating.

  67. Linda says: Reply

    Where to on Vday? The day itself will be spent in Sentosa Island. By the end of the day, we should be sailing with Royal Carribean. My husband is almost 64. I just turned 58. Married almost 30 years and inseparable. I am a fan of yours. I like Alden too but only for his role in Aldub. Nagkalat kasi ang guapo dito sa LA. I just downloaded The Closer I Get To You (Luther Vandross/Beyonces Knowles) and Sparkling In The Sand (Tower of Power). My ringtone is Hotline Bling of Kiana Brown. Thanks to you I found Will Singe (Sorry and Sugar). You just like his music, right? Alden is still a better choice unless someone non-showbiz comes along. Anyway, you are still very young.

  68. Durubz says: Reply

    Nice playlist you got there Meng, here’s mine:

    1. Crazy over You – 112
    2. Everytime I Close My Eyes – Babyface ft. Mariah Carey
    3. Love don’t Change – Jeremih
    4. Collide – Howie Day
    5. As Long as It Matters – Gin Blossoms
    6. I knew I Loved You Before I Met You – Savage Garden
    7. Black Ball0on – Goo Goo Dolls (Here on Earth Movie)
    8. Every Little Thing You Wanted – Dishwalla
    9. You and Me – Lifehouse
    10. I could not Ask for More – Edwin Mccain

  69. mitch says: Reply

    tumigil ang paghinga ko kala ko pa naman date with richard faulkerson jr. anyways i love your vday playlist. take care always maine. enjoy ur date on vday.

  70. Jc says: Reply

    Hi Meng! Im an avid fan here…Sunday ang valentines day cguro sa bahay lang kami or pag may budget kain sa labas with may long time partner Bing. 16 yrs na kami..at nakiki monthsary na din kami sa ALDUB kc Jan.16 aniv namin. Ganda ng playlist mo nakaka inlove… tuloy mo ang pagsusulat ng blog…magaling ka! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS & ALDUB! Andito lang kaming mga fans nyo handang sumuporta habang buhay….

  71. Vilo says: Reply

    welp, there’s one lucky bed!

  72. Maika says: Reply

    mga Friends ko ang ka date ko sa 14 .. 🙂

  73. Fam Gatdula says: Reply

    Hi Maine!! You’re right about having a date with your bed! And I think it is safe to assume that most of the your fans, including myself, should do the same as well! Lam mo na, napupuyat din pag-aantay sa mga updates mo. You can exclude me on that one. Di na makayanan ng powers ko makipagsabayan.. Humahabol na lang sa updates! And speaking of updates, update lang kita(as if mababasa mo ‘to ) Maine Admirers US will be having a party to celebrate your birthday on March 5! It would be so nice na makarating ka, padalan ka namin ng ticket papuntang NY, round trip?! Balik ka din ng EB ng March 7! Best things in life are free diba, so I’m dreaming bigtime here! Psssst… Wag mo kaming isurprise, baka bigla ka na lang dumating! Wag ganun, di namin kakayanin presence mo Anyhow, have a wonderful day and happy valentines na rin!!

    PS: Hope you like the charms from NY

  74. Pauline says: Reply

    Haha… nahopia ako dito 😀 Anyway, you really have a great taste for music.. 🙂 I’ve subscribed to one playlist on Spotify with these songs( and all the other songs you mentioned you like before). And yes, nakakatuwa talaga magreminisce sa mga ganitong kanta n naririnig ko na rin long time ago 🙂 I have no love life yet(and I’m 25), pero I really love listening to the lyrics of these songs.. esp ung Before I Fall In Love.. hahaha

    By the way, I’ll be spending the VDay with my officemates.. We’re off to Thailand that day for a major activity our office has in the following week.. So practically, we’re spending most of the day on the road, tulog or nakikinig ng ALDUB Playlist/Wish I May Album ni Alden or nanonood ng KS replays 😀 😀 😀 I’ll be preparing my phone and laptop for sure! 😀 Sweet noh?!? hahaha 😀

    Advanced Happy Valentines Day, dear! Thank you for keeping us believing in the beauty of love in its perfect time 😀

    P.S. Atin lang ito ha, I’m secretly hoping na ma-jinx ung plans mo for Valentines Day… Haha.. okay lang ba? 😀

  75. Nelia Couch says: Reply

    Going to church, lunch and a movie with the hubby for 30 years. At night, we’ll probably just “vege out” in front of TV till we fall asleep!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  76. Liza Jane Peria says: Reply

    I love the songs you’ve posted. Longing for a love from a boy who will completes you, but afraid of hurting again. Well, this i have to say..”Enjoy the moment of being in loved. It works best when you’re free and single.” Happiness came from a carefree mind.

    1. Liza Jane Peria says: Reply

      Hello! Good morning Maine! ALDUB brought me here! But of course, you’re the most I followed. Sign up for twitter just to be part of hash tag for the day and to support you & Alden all the way to FOREVER! I’m one in a million supporter or I should consider myself FANATIC! I even let my hubby & 3 kids(boys) to be with me to watch My Bebe Love last Christmas Day. I enjoyed much watching Kalyeserye, snap chat & all events that relates you. I wish I could see you personally, only time can tell or baka sa tamang panahon..(hahahahha..) I already seen Alden, OMG, super GWAPO! and you Meng you’re a beautiful, smart & talented person. Of course you’re funny that’s why I admired you most! I like funny person just like me…(heheheh…)Just continue to be who you are from the day you started as what your parents said. GOD Bless both of you, MAINE & ALDEN FOREVER!

  77. Louise Reyes says: Reply

    Hi Ms. Maine.

    Nice playlist!
    Since the 14th is Sunday. I will spend almost the whole day in Church. In any case, I do love and kilig things with my hubby and my 6yo baby everyday anyway. Ganoin! =)
    You deserve that day of sleep. Kahit hindi showbiz, Moms like me, yan din ang hanap.
    More power to you and Alden, EB and the KS squad.
    God bless.


  78. Nina Isabelle says: Reply

    I’ll be spending it with my laptop….coz WALANG AKONG LOVELIFE! Chos!

    Siyempre with my mom din. Simba muna kasi Sunday then to follow na lang yung ibang gagawin lol

  79. Aries Indigo says: Reply

    hahaha.. alam mo pa hopia ka sa date mo.. bed lang pala!! pero sana matupad yang wish mo, and get a well rested day on V-day.. ako, i would like to spend it with my fam (single, pero full of love naman kaya hindi ako bitter sa V-day!)
    hope for a day filled with happiness and love sa 14..
    God bless you po!
    stay in love lagi..
    Aldub you!

  80. lailaelrasi says: Reply

    Good morning baebigirl! So is that really your vday date si BED … talaga lng looking forward for that on the 14th of Feb. Happy 20thWeeksary Maine @ RJ stay strong always and have faith… GOD Bless you both! ™

  81. imyel18 says: Reply

    That’s a nice plan for V day *like emoticon* ^^
    I hope it won’t get jinxed *crossfingers*
    I’ll be spending my Valentines Day with the family, cause we’ll be having a family reunion on that day (mother side) 🙂

    Hoping for a really fun fun day!
    PS. I hope you like the Calendar I gave you… (I gave it to yaya pepe last december 20)

  82. Anna Fredda Buendia Balean says: Reply

    it is your right to take some rest and a “me” time… but mos of all it’s Valentines
    day. sharing the day with your love ones is the most special way to spend the day.. i am so proud of you cause your humility is intact and your sincerity to your fans is there. I am a mother of 6, 3 boys and 3 girls.. I have a dalaga same age as Dean and i always saying that humility comes first and the rest will follow. this is my first time to be a fan eventhough i am already in late 40s.. I know you are already deprived of sleep! just like Alden, you should take some rest and vitamins to be well and good to everybody.. Just be yourself always and I am here always praying for your success and good health.. just like other Mom do.. stay focus and stay pretty always!

  83. Marinella Pineda says: Reply

    Hahaha! It feels like na umaasa ako sa DATE.. Uhmm, ako? Since Sunday ang VDay, I’ll go to church na lang. Lord is my date for that day ♥ Love you meng..

  84. Nice date! LOL … I might just be consuming bowls of ice cream on that day while watching my favorite movies.

  85. Now that is a good way to celebrate VDay with someone that won’t leave you… your bed! hahaha
    I’ll be spending it with my family at an early morning funrun for our school 🙂
    Thanks also for the VDay playlist and will look and listen to these songs again 🙂
    Lots of love to you, dear!

  86. Robert Velasco says: Reply

    Maannn… with your work schedule, I can’t blame you. Enjoy it. If you do have someone special, you can always make any day valentine’s day. Spend it together in an odd day, away from the crazy crowds and the businesses trying to take advantage by jacking up prices on the typical v-day fare. I’ll be with my first love and she’ll probably be too tired from working the overnight shift so we’ll be doing exactly what I just mentioned. Either way, I’m glad to catch another post from you. Hopefully another Sunday Currently post that day? Keeping my fingers crossed that all your plans come to fruition that day – no jinxes! Advanced Happy Valentine’s Day and rest well.

  87. Marissa Rebulado says: Reply

    Vday is also our Wedding Anniversary. ang sweet di ba? heart heart talaga eh. We got no plans yet but usually we just go out day/s before kasi mas mahal ang mga flowers and restaurants (additional tax) on the day and crowded mga resto here in Sydney. About your plans naman on your Vday, that might be your plan but somebody have another plan that you don’t know yet..Surprise !!! Blog about it after Vday ha 🙂

  88. Aga says: Reply

    Weeeh? Imposible! Ikaw pa? Kayo pa ni A? May surprise sa yo yun. Pero tama ka, pangit makipagsabayan sa Vday mismo. Pwede namang advance or late basta magkasama kayo not because of work. Ganda ng playlist mo ha. Advance Happy Vday! More blessings to come.

  89. pauline marras says: Reply

    We’re very happy that this Valentine’s day is the best from all the valentine’s you encountered. Now, if you’re asling us what is our plan this Vday?

    Nothing..but to be woth youon your date..hahaha!

    Kahit ako na lang yung lamesa o kaya yung baso o upuan nyu..okay lang! haha

    But seriously..we really want to see you that happy on that special day..

    Just don’t forget to do snapchats. We’re begging for it. Haha!

    Hope to see you on big screen soon with your bibi!

    Enjoy your Vday. And I know..you’ll be very happy..

    Godbless you always. You deserve the best man in the world. 🙂

  90. Anne Gacrama says: Reply

    Vdays for me is just like any ordinary day. I just spend it with my family. Vday is not just for lovers you know, hehehe.

    Anyways, you do deserve to rest from all your work, pwede kayang mag suggest? Why not spend it sa spa, have a massage and after that I am quite sure mahimbing tulog mo.

    Happy Valentines day in advance. Always take good care of your self and may God continue to shower you and your family blessings. You deserve it..

  91. Irish lazaro says: Reply

    Nahopia ako dun ..

    Any way you deserve it menggay.. hope you enjoy that day…
    Ako i have a date with my son bonding time na rin namin busy with work
    After the holiday ngaun lng ulit mgkakatime.

  92. pauline marras says: Reply

    We’re very happy that this Valentine’s day is the best from all the valentine’s you encountered. Now, if you’re asking us what is our plan this Vday?

    Nothing..but to be with you on your date..hahaha!

    Kahit ako na lang yung lamesa o kaya yung baso o upuan nyu..okay lang! haha

    But seriously..we really want to see you that happy on that special day..

    Just don’t forget to do snapchats. We’re begging for it. Haha!

    Hope to see you on big screen soon with your bibi!

    Enjoy your Vday. And I know..you’ll be very happy..

    Godbless you always. You deserve the best man in the world. 🙂

  93. Maan Dizon says: Reply

    Ha Ha Ha! I thought the 2 of you na (Alden) will have a true date. Enjoy ur Vday. God Bless u always. My daughter love u & Alden very much.

  94. Jimnette says: Reply

    When I read about the “date”, i got really excited! But when I read further, i was laughing so hard and I can’t help myself . Anyway, thanks for sharing your Vday playlist. I love almost all of those songs except the first one. I cant really remember the song but i’ll look for it after this. As for Vday, i also have a date with my bed. I am married but my hubby is very busy with work that we dont go out on dates (sad reality). So yeah, bed it is! Hahaha! Thanks again for sharing and i do hope you will have a great Vday with your bed. Hihihi

  95. I’ll be having a Romantic Movie marthon on feb 14. :;(∩´﹏`∩);: suggest ka nga ng movie. Lab u (๑´ㅂ`๑)♡*.+゜

  96. Weh?! Di nga?! Your bed? Okay, if you say so. Hahaha! You keep going girl! God Bless!

  97. Nikko says: Reply

    All the best for you Maine. Sorry but I just can’t help but love everything about you. I’m really too old for this kind of stuff, my daughter would sonetimes scold me for fan-girling at age 35 (haha!), but you’re just difficult not to love. So there… ^_^
    God bless you!

  98. Will be spending my valentines with my ex-girlfriend for 22 years 🙂 together with our 19-year old daughter and 15-year old son who promised to do the household chores and cook lunch and dinner. Simple celebrations with the most precious people in my life.

  99. RJ says: Reply

    Meng, pareho pala tayo ng kadate eh! Anyway, it’s good to hear you’re finally taking a day off. I mean with all the photoshoots, commercials and of course, Kalyeserye, you definitely need that. Sana lang huwag kang masyadong magpuyat like you always do. Tulog ka maaga! Take care, Meng! 🙂

  100. janeth says: Reply

    Hi maine!! Love reading your blogs and i’ve been following u in IG,twitter..and i know how tired and busy you are but still you manage to make us smile and proud of you..and i know your going to love your valentines this month..spending it with your bed..same here,i’ve done that already,last January 11,actually its my birthday(got a privilege leave from the office)and i choose not to go out or to have a party nor spending that day with my love ones..i choose to stay in my bed doing nothing,watching t.v,surfing..etc..just having that quality time with myself and with mr.sleep..i miss him(mr.sleep) that much…..hope you enjoy urs too..glad to know you!!just be safe always..take good care of yourself ‘coz we care!!..God bless!!stay humble always!!

  101. JM says: Reply

    Got us there! Hahaha! But I do hope you & your bed have a great Vday. I’m sure it misses you very much too.

    Thank you for the ray of sunshine that you are, Maine! God bless you more and more!

  102. Jan D. says: Reply

    Hi! Thanks for sharing some songs from your playlist. Some songs are part of mine too. Anyway, as for my plans for the 14th? Since it is a sunday, I’ll wake up late and spend the rest of the day with my family. Boring hehehhehe . .

    Thanks for updating. I really love reading from your blog. Till next time . . .

    Take care always! <3

  103. Very nice playlist. It makes me want to record some with my “pang-banyo lang na boses” Hahaha. Will spend also that DAY in bed since I dont have gala scheduled on that day. If you want, we can go for a beach on that day, spontaneous beaching, i would love to. And if you’re interested. 🙂 Godbless Meng!

  104. TsenzyB says: Reply

    Yes, you should get a good rest every chance you get. It’s one of the best ways to live longer and healthy.
    Since Valentine’s Day is a Sunday, I will spend it with the whole family at home. We’ll go to church and eat lunch together. The occasion is too commercialized so the restos and other public places would probably be full.

  105. REFernandez says: Reply

    hahaha that would be a lovely….serene…. and peaceful date *wink* yep u shud get some sleep coz cliche man to pero aminin natin it is super true..health is wealth and sleep is very important to achieve this.

    Thanks for sharing your playlist <3 im sure nag increase ang downloads ng mga songs na yan hehe

    plans on the 14th? hmm its always been a family day..simple dinner and exchanging of cards with my mom and sis. ang special someone naman o ang love can wait. Kase ang totoong pagmamahal ay nakakaintindi na importante sayo ang iyong pamilya and pwede naman i-celebrate ang V day before or after 14th or dapat everyday eh parang V day ang feel..love love love!

    so there thats the usual routine and now that you mentioned about your date with " the bed"..gandang idea din yan for us esp puyat din kami sa kakafollow sayo sa social media hahahaha but hey worth it..u are our happy pill. You're GV is very infectious! I just love ur recent snaps..how u responded to ur haters nah pabayaan mo na mga yan..sabi nga " an idle mind is the devil's workshop" in short mga walang magawa. Continue doing ur thing because ur doing a great job <3

    Hope you get to visit the beach soon..to keep ur sanity and satisfy ur craving hehehe

    #labyuNicomaine and advance happy valentines day! Happy 7th month in the Biz!

  106. Janice Franzuela says: Reply

    Talaga lang ha.. hehehe well, if that’s your plan the go ahead haha.. but why do i have the feeling na… ehem! haha.. You know funny ka talaga! cge funny-walain mo kami sa ganyan hehe

  107. Paolo B says: Reply

    Hello Maine,

    Read your latest blog entry and I really found it very amusing and light-hearted. You seem to have a knack talaga in writing. Tuloy mo lang iyan!

    May pa-suspense ka pa about your V-day plans but kinda made me sad after reading it. 🙁
    Sino ba naman ang hindi nagwi-wish na sana kasama mo si RJ pero of course, it’s your life and you can do whatever you please.

    While I am still hoping against hope that your V-day plans will change, what matters is that you always feel loved and always be in love no matter what day it is.


  108. Valentines 2016

    Will be spending my valentines with my ex-girlfriend for 22 years 🙂 together with our 19-year old daughter and 15-year old son who promised to do the household chores and cook lunch and dinner. Simple celebrations with the most precious people in my life.

  109. Shia from ad|md Shippers says: Reply

    Love the playlist!

    Vday plan’s hmmmn…
    Possibly surprise my girl sa work. Then quality time together.
    Also give rose to all my ( girl/gay) friends and ofcourse my mom.
    Hindi lng may lovelife ang dapat makatanggap ng rosas.
    Vday is for everyjuan.

  110. realitybites says: Reply

    alden (for reel) and jose (for real)???

  111. Shing says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    Was driving while reading this blog of yours, crazy of me.

    I’m a fan here from Davao. Me and my nephew Daniel is waiting for our Tamang Panahon to have picture with you since we are not able to do it during your visit here last dec. You’re amazingly admirable.. All the best and God bless..

  112. PengPeng says: Reply

    I don’t have plan for vday… I really don’t understand why people are stressing too much about it…I really don’t get it!!!For me it’s just an ordinary day of the year!!! (Bitter???) lol #allthesingleladiesputyourhandsup

  113. jules says: Reply

    Hi Maine, been trying to connect with you thru your blog, but I can’t get thru. Maybe because of the connection (internet) or am just not good at anything technical. Well, for this Valentine’s Day and for the the past 20 years or so, (I’m 46 y/o now) been spending it with my parents…hehehe. I have a sibling and she’s not here and she has a family in the US. So, as the eldest and “single” daughter my date has always been my parents. No regrets ‘coz I enjoy being with them. They are both running to 75 y/o this coming July 13 & 16 (your anniversarry chos!).
    Anyway, they just celebrated they’re 45th yr wedding anniversary and it was just a normal day for them. I just bought them donuts (J.Co they love it since its not too sweet) which they love.

    I would just like to thank you for bringing joy to a lot of people, specially to my mother who loves you so much. A lot has changed since she was hooked on the ALDUB phenomenon, which I am very grateful. I don’t know if we will be able to see you personally but I guess just watching you is enough.

    Take care, enjoy and God Bless always.

  114. Cel says: Reply

    There is nothing more comforting than the feels of your own bed.. hahaha… yup, you deserved a decent sleep. Always have a Happy Heart Maine. We will love and support you pessimistic optimist bella :)) all the way na’to!

  115. Thanks for sharing your V-day playlist. Very beautiful songs.

    I will be spending valentines with my ex-girlfriend of 22 years 🙂 together with my 19-year old daughter and 15-year old son who both promised to do all the household chores and cook lunch and dinner for us :).

    Simple celebrations with the most precious people in my life.

  116. Annie says: Reply

    Nice playlist! Have a couple of the same songs (Monica, Elliot Yamin) but being a “child of the 80’s” :-), some of my songs go back to the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s and across different genres. Hubby has me listening to more current music lately.

    Open Arms-Journey
    How Deep is Your Love-Bee Gees
    Heaven-Bryan Adams
    All Out of Love-Air Supply
    We Belong Together-Mariah
    Always Be my Baby-Mariah
    Crush-David Archuleta
    New Flame-Chris Brown
    I Wanna Know- Joe
    Far Away-Nickelback
    You Found Me-The Fray
    She Will Be Loved-Maroon5
    Marry Me-Jason Derulo
    I’m Not Going Anywhere-Anthem Lights
    and a bunch of OPM that I discovered after AlDub was born. LOL So as you can see I listen to all kinds of music.:-)

    Valentine’s Day? Well he works that night so a lunch date and maybe a movie, at the theater or at home. Knowing him, I’ll probably get some flowers and chocolates. We’ve been together for awhile so he’s pretty much done everything (almost) that a woman can ask for on Valentines (and birthdays, and anniversaries). I guess that’s why we’ve stayed together all these years. Hahaha.

    So are you sure your date is with your bed?:-) You made it sound at first like you had a date with your co-worker…what’s his name… A or R? Hahaha. Seriously though, because this is my first time posting on your blog, which I have to say is nicely done, I would like to congratulate you, and Alden, for all your success. You have something special going and I hope (we-actually the hubby is a fan too) your success continues on for a long time. Stay grounded and seek advice from those you trust, your family, and God. Alden seems like a good guy and seems to care that the business doesn’t consume you. Looking forward to more projects (a drama movie would be nice). You seem like a natural when it comes to acting.

    Have a great Valentine’s date with…? 🙂

  117. realitybites says: Reply

    alden richard (for reel) and jose (for real) is that it????

  118. imelda estrada says: Reply

    I believed February 14,2016 for you is very special compared to past more valentines day in your life. You may dating with someone that makes him you happy and excited??????? Hoping on that day will be a meaningful one for you and us as your fan. I really feel so happy every time I read and know about your achievement.. Congratulations and God always guide you.

  119. Joy says: Reply

    Nice one Maine…looks like you’re all set na pala for VDay. Hoping u get that rest that u so deserve. Thanks for sharing your playlist btw…love love ’em all, missed listening to those songs. ☺☺

  120. Fatima says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Parehas tayo ng plano sa 14 after mass then date kami ni bed. Di kami tuloy ng bff ko mag sine may kadate na siya. Pero sana magdate kayo ni alam mo na Loveyou Meng.

  121. Nina Torrena Luluu says: Reply

    Yung kinikilig talaga ako sa inyo ate. Yung feeling na kahit wala akong lovelife parang mas gusto ko lang nakikita yung taong katulad nyo na alam kong inlove sa isa’t isa. Sana mas tumagal pa kayo kasi alam mo ate naghihintay pa ako sa isang event na alam ko na hindi lang ako ang naghihintay. (2021 (five years from now) for a wedding that i want to witness). Pero dahil matagal pa yun ay dun muna ako sa DATE nyo sa 14th sa maging magsaya at mag-enjoy sa kayo sa possible plans nyong dalawa.

  122. Marilyn M. Paz says: Reply

    Advance Happy V Day Nicomaine! I love you the way u are.

  123. KristelReyes says: Reply

    I have all these songs sa aking Sentihan playlist.
    Was supposed to have a date with my work sa Vday pero nakipagswap ako. Single na nga, mag wowork pa sa Valentines? Masokista lang ang peg. Hahaha!
    So happy for you Meng, masaya ka date ang bed. Madalas kami mag date nyan. Masaya lagi! Hahaha!
    Enjoy your date Meng! Make every moment count. Advanced Happy Hearts Day! ❤️❤️❤️

  124. Uzziel Faith Vallega says: Reply

    My plans this Valentines Day would be simple..
    just bonding with my barkada and it’s kind of funny because all of us are single…
    So ayun, kami nalang lahat…
    9 kaming lahat…

  125. Candriel says: Reply

    Hi maine! Im glad that you updated your blog. I just want to say that you’re an inspiration to everyone. Im also an introvert like you. You help others without knowing it. I hope you won’t stop writing it’s like nakikilala p kita ng lalo. Im your silent fan here. Happy hearts day. Love you. God bless

  126. Viejay says: Reply

    Kailangan mo yan ate maine, you deserve that relaxation moment with yourself, we would understand your decision.
    Kailanagan pretty lagi at healthy of course, Take some rest and enjoy the Valentine’s with yourself !!

  127. Jane says: Reply

    I soooo love your sense of humor. You just showed to every woman out there (young and old) that it’s okay to have alone time on V-day. Hope you’ll be able to get some good rest and sleep coz you really, really need it…and of course, thank you for your positive attitude because it’s an inspiration for us all.

  128. Irene Fallarco says: Reply

    OMG! i thought may date na kayo ni alden!!! waaaaaaahh!!! anyways, magandang idea din na mag-bonding kayo ng bed mo at last! after 6 months na walang pahinga..
    Just to let U know team abroad especially myself still support you and loves U! #BanffCanada
    Hope to see you in person on my vacation! God bless and take care :’)

  129. Ravenmielle says: Reply

    First of all, Happy 7th month on showbusiness Maine! You’ve already achieved and proved to yourself and to the world, a lot. Continue spreading good vibes, love and happiness 🙂 Thanks for this playlist! I also miss my bed 🙁 I am also thinking the same thing for the Vday but I think i can’t. I am too much preoccupied with school works (Ugh Feasibility study). Things are getting faster because of the early holy week schedule. Anyway, I’ll find time soon 🙂

  130. jerome says: Reply

    well, mukhang yan nga ang kailangan mo meng tama mag pahinga ka, but .. kasi.. ano.. panu kung I surprise ka ni better half mo pumunta dyan sa bahay nyo sa bulacan dyan nalang daw kayo mag date haha, para walang bts haha good luck have a good rest on vday hahaha keep safe meng aldubyou! fanboy to uy! ganoin!

  131. Joanne Pangan says: Reply

    Hello Maine! =) I thought you’ll have a date with… you know.. haha! But that’s a very good idea! Date with bed? Perfect! You deserve a catch up with your bed. You miss each other for sure! ☺

    I’ll share my VDay plan. On the 13th, I’ll have an advance date with my friend, and we will treat a common friend who have been stressed on her work. She needs a break, so we’ll give it to her. ☺ On the 14th naman, I’ll hear a mass, it’s Sunday. =) and I’ll have a movie marathon after. Date with myself. Haha, with cheetos & koko krunch, my VDay will be complete!! Yihee! Haha that’s it =) anyway, any suggestion of good movies to watch? ☺ Thankieee. I love you always Meng!

  132. paoui says: Reply

    Hey there Maine,
    Interesting playlist u got there. Most of it are in my playlist too. I specially love Wait for you by Elliot Yamin, Never Gonna Let U go by Faith Evans, Monica’s For U I Will and ofcourse It Might Be U by Stephen Bishop. So now Let me share with u the rest of the songs in my “cheesy” list aka Vday Playlist Terrified by Katherine McPhee and Zachary Levi, oh flashback from wedding day, this is the song we chose for our wedding dance. I See The Light by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi just because i love Tangled oh and I love the name Zachary. Haha. Beautiful Days by Kyla. I will take U Forever by Christopher Cross. Breathing by Lifehouse is extra special too as it was playing on Vday 2006 back when hubby and I were still BFGF, our very first Vday together. If you’re not the One by Daniel Bedingfield gets me oh so weak in the knees everytime i listen to it. The guy’s just so dreamy and i love the lyrics. Okay i’ll admit it im a frustrated singer, there i said it. I seriously love listening to music and sing my heart out in solitary or just to myself. So inshort this is also my go-to shower playlist. Yeah! I guess thats about it, i have a huge list but these are definitely the ones at the top (and on loop all the tine )
    Now back to your actual question, as to Vday plans, well i’m just so happy that i’ll get to spend it with hubby who is flying back home (Winnipeg) from AbuDhabi on THE day. So, i’ll be picking him up at the airport then head home for a “romantic” dinner, since his flight lands a little before 5pm we cant go anywhere else and he may be too jet lagged to go out anyway. We both love watching movies, so Netflix it is and some chocolates and wine and chips in our living room for a movie marathon until the wee hours or until he snooze. I already got him a present, i just had to get him one since i didnt give him anything for Christmas or his Bday last month. Also my gift is for our post-wedding anniv celeb as well. I know! Cheeky me. I just didnt have any idea what to give him then so dont judge okay? Haha. I wrote him long love letters though, which according to him is more special. I know that for a fact, because if i have any talent, that is without a doubt having a LOT to say and i know how to write about it in oh so many colorful and cheesy ways. Kaya kilig si Lovelove. So my point, wether we stay in, go out, exchange expensive gifts or write romantic notes to each other or (biggest possibility) lie down next to each other on the sofa listening to sweet music, make out a little and basically just be still feeling each other’s presence — best Vday always– if U spend it with the right person. I’m with him so I’m sure it’ll be just perfect. So yeah, basically we will be bummin’ around “vday style” Can’t wait.

    So that’s my BIG Vday plan, oh but nothin’ beats your Vday BedDate (literally )
    Hopia kaming ADN sa ending ng blog mo. Haha. Seriously hoping u get the rest u very much deserve, while spending time with loved-ones (ehem!). Pwde kaya yon?

    All the best,

    PS: U make so many people happy. I only wish U the same amount of happiness or more for U and your family. Advance Happy Puso

  133. martin manankil says: Reply

    With you of course!! Hahaha..Happy V day in advance.:)

  134. rhozalin galion says: Reply

    Hi! Meng Happy fiesta Jan…..tga m.sapa LNG ako ..natapat tlgng sunday ang feb.14 hehehe…..dapat lng tlga bumawi k ng tulog…. O mgkroon ka man LNG ng 1 week vacation,masama tlga kulang sa tulog eh….SBI nla nkktaba DW ang kulang sa tulog hehehe….kya mdyo tumaba ka khit pagod….kaya ako lalo din tumaba kc ksabay mo kmi sa puyatan…happy nmn khit puyat basta mkpg update lng sa tweet mo at snapchat…ang payo ko LNG sayo Basta inantok ka tulog gad khit san abutan hahaha joke….ingat lagi Meng mahal ka namin at ni ALDEN mula sa kin at sa buong OFC AD|MD Bulacan chapter happy 7th monthsary sa showbiz,happy 29th monthsary sa ALDUB at advnz happy Valentines….mkki fiesta kmi Jan joke sina Paula ata at ibng admin pupunta Jan…cge bye Maine hope to see u in person…We love you!!!!

  135. Alfred says: Reply

    That’s a lovely date indeed with your long time friend ~ your faithful bed 🙂 who is always there for you. More than a crying shoulder, even more than a listening ear. Your bed always catches you wherever you fall, gives you a sound sleep to refresh and rejuvenate you. This VDay, surely it will be in that same bed where you’re going to dream that “Dream Date” with your Dream Man. 🙂

  136. rhozalin galion says: Reply

    Happy 29th weeksary pala hahaha mtagal pa pla un 29th monthsary nyo ddarting din un in advanz ko LNG hehehe….mwaaaah ingat bibi girl…congrats sa lhat ng achievements mo….

  137. Kenz Nazareno says: Reply

    Great choice of songs..nostalgic effect lng ang peg..old soul k dn tlg eh,and that’s what i love about u,ung sincerity and sweetness mas ramdam tlg pg my pagka old soul,mas sentimental ang feelings eh..hehe..

    Anyways, just like any ordinary sunday on the 14th of this month,i’ll just spend it with my family,the only special thing cguro is to spend it with my little nephews and niece in the park..pagoda blues again to chase them, kids will be kids kc,,mga hyper..hehe..but i love them to death khit super kukulit..

    Since nostalgic effect ang songs mo,, i still remember how i used to spend vday with my special someone then..Actually i never done any special things nmn for her, we’ve been partner for a decade but said to say, we have to part ways because of unavoidable circumstances..I used to give her loveletters inserted in her notes with her fave blue rose,just one stem lng nmn, and send a recorded song of mine in her cp..i don’t actually give her expensive things pg vday..with our 10 yr relationship, i only do it once in our 7th year, i ordered fud and delivered it in their house,with bouquet of flowers and stuff toy (my first time to give her)..hehe..

    So that’s it,no plans really for v-day, and celebrating love is not just for romantic things, love is all around and i choose to spend it with my fam and the kids..Ganun tlg pg single lang and no other commitment..Tawag ko lng tlg s sarili ko is Single Blessedness day pag vday, and that’s for 5 years na..

  138. lengemgie101 says: Reply

    nice one meng! go girl get it on with your bed haha! (but still wishing and hoping he’s up for a challenge!) haha GV lang.. no pressure on both parties haha.

    advance happy hearts day!

    note: oh if someone loves u dearly, feb14 is just an ordinary day but he/she will do everything that your ‘every day’ is a heart day! 😉

  139. Kenz Nazareno says: Reply

    Anyways, Have a great one on that day, hope u’ll get what ur heart desires coz ur a good person and u deserve all the things that’ll make u happy..

    Sabi ng hs teacher ko don’t say Happy Valentines on that day kasi its the death anniversary of St Valentine, it’s more appropriate daw if Happy Love day kasi un ung advocacy na pinaglaban nya for that instance..so Happy Love Day/Month my dear,,im ur fan (i actually wanna call u a charm magnet, u have ds kind that everyone falls for ur charm) and i adore so much even before you have become a phenomenal yaya dub..Godbless u always..

  140. ate eliza says: Reply

    …thanks for sharing your playlist..yup2 i know all the songs from way back…ahahha…plans this Vday?!…hmmmmm… watch movies at home like last year… hope you get to spend your special date with your bed…but you know you cant sleep all day…have fun

  141. Marites Canlas says: Reply

    I will be spending it at work…. hahaha… then homemade dinner after that. Nothing to mushy or too romantic since my LOVE is on vacation in the Philippines. But if given a chance i would really love to spend it with my family in the Philippines cook special meals for them then spend a few hours with cancer patients in East Avenue.

  142. Marites Canlas says: Reply

    Oh i forgot…. HAPPY 7TH MONTHSARY in Showbizness. I wish for more projects for you and Alden of course. Keep up the good vibes you’ve been giving us for the last months and as you said before KEBS lang ang mga haters and bashers. I’ve seen you answer the hate posts/comments and i found it very witty. I hope to see you both when i go for vacation on December. I also hope that my simple token of appreciation to you and Alden will reach you on the 13th this month. God bless Always. Take care.

  143. i'mafan says: Reply

    SAME…i’m also going to spend my valentines day with my bed…

  144. Joanne Pangan says: Reply

    Thank you pala for sharing your playlist! =) Good thing I already have most of these songs. Yiheee! I also have your June 2015 Playlist =)) I have read your VDay blog last year it’s still inspiring though =)

    Happy Valentine’s Day my girl Menggay! =) always be happy! =)

  145. realitybites says: Reply

    MY GOODBYE: hope you can read this (always welcome to smack me in the head if you will prove that you and jose are not real couple!) (please wake me up in this nightmare)

    i came to love aldub while watching eb since july, and specialy knowing you more in social media made my feelings grow more. I am mostly a maine fanatic, thats why i even prepare myself that you and alden may not end up together. But i was not prepare for the worst scenario that you and jose can be an item/couple. I could not wrap my head thingking about it.. I was miseribly heartbroken for 2 weeks (because of paolo, joey and tito sen subtle teasing you and jose) now, hoping its not true but having a BIG blow by this post make to knockout and backout. I really can’t force myself to support you now.. Because i feel that i’m being FOOLED all this time.. the sincerity, trust, genuine, honesty are all in question. so im gonna stop now. thank you.

    ps: if you could only reply that “ITS NOT TRUE” ill be truly be happy and grateful forever

  146. Hahahahaha. Ang dame kong itinawa ay. Hopia pala, Kama ang kadate, kala koi si Alden nai, kinilig na ko, tas biglang umurong. lol .. anyways, halata namang masaya ka eh, kumpara last year. ayos yan at lumalovelife ka naman. haha ..

    Ako kaya ? kelan mag kaka forever ? hahaha. feeling koi di na. dahil ke Alden parang wala na akong makikitang ka forever, gusto ko din ng Alden ay.ganong tipo, swerte mo Meng!
    Basta easyhan niu lang ha. Enjoy the moment. Hope to see you soon. papapirma lang ng drawings ko. hahahaha.

    Godbless! 1Cor13:4-7

  147. Hi maine. Your playful thoughts really amuse me. Being an aldub fan, you let me experienced a roller coaster dynamic emotions by just reading this entry. Haha.
    whatever else is happening between the two of you , a date on valentines day or not, ill always be delighted to see you enjoy together and one of those who prays a real-life happy ending to this most sought after reel love story.

    Feb.14, it’s a family day. probably attend mass and dine in a less-occupied resto cause for sure reservations shoot up on that day.

    Regards 🙂

  148. Dimple says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing dear Mengay. Found out that we have common songs that we like Honestly, I immediately downloaded 3 songs from your list and add it on my playlist that name it next to you (Mengay’s playlist). You really love songs from the movies huh… Cute!

    Found out also that you like songs from the movie. I too fall in love not only the movie it self but their soundtrack too. “You” by Athena Cage is from my all time fave movie (Save the last Dance) I’m quite sure you watched it also (Cute Divah???)

    Wishing you to have a well deserve valentines celebration ( Whether would it be with family, your bed, best friends or sige na nga.. si special friend). Thanks for the GV you are sharing to us. Promise it’s a big help for me…

    God Bless you more and love you Mengay!

  149. Seldy Shen J. Butanas says: Reply

    The Ansera. Hahahaha. Now listening to your playlist meng. Thank you for sharing.
    Hinihintay ko talaga ang Tamang Panahon na makita kita sa personal, kayong dalawa ni Alden. Maiiyak talaga ako. Dagat pagitan eh. Intay intay lang. Hehehehe. Take care always and God bless you more. 🙂

  150. Jhen says: Reply

    Hi Maine!

    Hello from California!

    First about the playlist, i like all the songs as in, i have that on my playlist too but i made one entitled maine’s to honor you. Hehehehe.

    i would like to thank you for giving me strength to endure my homesick, my family back home. I watched you everyday, because of you and Alden after work i go straight home before i used to go to the mall walk a little bit mind you i get off work 8pm ( o diba lakwatchera lang ang peg) but when i started getting hook with kalyeserye i wanna go home right away, i subscribed gma pinoy tv just for you guys, i do watch the live streaming kasi eat bulaga aired around 10:30pm na sooo LS then at work team replay ako, i think adik na ako beahhh dahil i watched it over a d over again , parang pag tenga replay to the max . I’ve watched tamAng panahon so many times but still cry everytime , baliw na ata ako, but seriously i wanna thank you For giving me inspiration and to the both of you for making me believe thAt FOREVER is possible.

    I hope and pray that when i go home this year i will have the chance to meet you and Alden. Thank you for spreading good vibes to all of us.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Always take care and Aldub YOU!

  151. Cristina dela Cruz says: Reply

    i love Vday…. but never had a date eversince… im married but eversince never had one. First since me & my husband started he never thought of celebrating it… sabi pde naman magdate khit ndi Vday second since we got married is always away from work, he is Abu Dhabi now for 16 yrs & married for 14 yrs. Imagine most of my Vday is alone since he is my 1st bf really never had one. Got to spend it with my kids… we make it a point that even us celebrate it. But still hoping one day added to my bucketlist that my husband will surprise me and celebrate it without forcing him.
    Thanks Maine for sharing ur playlist. Need to download some of it. God bless and take always. Praying for your safety.

  152. Lavinia deocares says: Reply

    Ako po ang gagawin ko lang sa Vday, syempre date w/god co’z its sunda y. And then spend time w/ my cousin’s (movie maraton w/ fishball &kikiam) kasi nga medyo busy rin kmi. Yun lang. Wala kasing kadate hahaha

    Ps: ang gaganda po ng playlist mo. Lakas maka inlove
    pss: sana one day makita kita idol, sobrang bait mo, alam ko kasi nararamdaman ko yun. i love you po maine mendoza

  153. Queen Mary Ann Viray says: Reply

    Hi Maine, nice to know na ang ka-date mo si your very own bed! Hahaha! Malamang sa malamang ako rin bagsak ko sa kama ko kasi until now di ko pa rin na-meet si forever. Pero kahit na wala pa sya i would just spend my Vday with you guys! Kau ni Alden ang inspirasyon ko coz you guys bring smiles not only to me but to everybody who really admires and love you! Be happy always menggay! God bless you

  154. Tyze says: Reply

    Hihi..i giggled when i saw the vid of lola..hmmm..u deserved ur bed as ur date, everyday (mon to sat) naman u’re with alden sa KS so considered na yun na date nyo (if ever na sya ung kadate mo, am pretty sure he is) hehe..anyhoo, keep up being the pretty simple grounded you and always heads UP for His Guidance and Blessings.. take care always and u really need that date.. xo ❤ #HappyValentinesToYou

  155. The hopia feels are strong in this one tho *sigh*

  156. noemie says: Reply

    haha pinaasa mo ko! ako na Aldub fan! HAHA! Bbut anyways that is also how i planned to spend my valentines! Good to know I’m not the only one.

  157. louh says: Reply

    Wow Meng happy for you na maka pahinga ka. But “given a chance” maybe invite ka Nya are you going?? Given a chance? lol… Hahaha wishful thinking Anyway whatever you wants to do happy lang. Maybe sa takdang panahon AlDub will be the happiest nation when that happens ❤️ U Meng and God Bless

  158. Thanks for sharing your V-day play list. Very beautiful selections.

    I will be spending valentines with my ex-girlfriend of 22 years, together with my 19-year old daughter and 15-year old son who promised to cook lunch and dinner 🙂

    Simple celebrations with the people that matter most.

  159. marlonette soro says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I am a fan of you since the aldub begins, I always like your posts on IG and twiiter, everyday before I sleep I’ll make sure I don’t miss any updates about you and Alden (nag follow pako ng mga 5 aldub|maiden fanpages ) , 24/7 I am watching you and I am so proud that! My friends and co workers don’t like you but I always tell them “you don”t know her!” (May time pa nga they want to watch MMFF movie ako lang ang nag mybebelove and I dont care masaya ako ng sobra nung pinanood ko yun kahit ako lang mag isa tawang tawa at kilig pa din ako!).. I love all of you, ooooops I am a girl too hahaha just that you really impressed me! Before I don’t idolize any local actors only Alden (eversince, crush ko na sya!hihi) I don’t even watch television but when you pop up in the showbiz you really caught my attention! As in! I always watch KS, if I’m in work or in commitments #teamreplay ako! To the point I love commecials now (ji-not down ko pa nga lahat ng mga commercials, mags, advertisements nyo sa notes ko para makita ko lahat ng mga blessings nyo ) Sorry, instead na magcomment ako abt your blog kung anu anu na pinagsasabi ko, ito lang kase nakita kong chance na masabi lahat sa’yo to! Sana mapansin mo to! And isa sa mga bucket list ko mapansin moko kahit sa simpleng comment back lang! I LOVE YOU til forever Maine and Alden! I will never get tired fof supporting you two!

    P.S I like your playlist! Pakopya ha

    P.S.S Trust me, mabubuhusan ka ng slime as what you dream very soon!

    – Marlonette Soro (Msoraw)

  160. Reyna Yncierto says: Reply

    Hi Maine, I’ll be spending Vday with hubby. Don’t know what surprises he has in his sleeves this year… I’ ll just wait and enjoy every moment of it. I wish you would find your “forever”
    I really thought you and Alden will have a romantic date kaso funny kasi ako “funnywalain” hehehe Well, enjoy your bed and a well deserve sleep…
    I wish you can come here in Wellington, New Zealand. I’ll be glad to be your tour guide here ☺️

  161. Darlyn dela Rosa says: Reply

    Ayus lang yan Bibi girl, you need to rest, pwede naman sa saturday ang date hehehe isiningit ko talaga diba? Funny ako eh! No matter what will happen to you and Alden i will continue supporting the two of you pero siyempre mas support ako sayo dahil una naman kitang minahal. Oh diba may hugot! Basta no matter what i want you to keep it REAL and SIMPLE. Kung wala, eh di wala hindi naman natin kailangan ipilit. Ang importante nagpakatotoo ka. Pero kung meron naman kahit konting spark eh paginitin natin hanggang lumagablab at maging apoy ng pagmamahal. Pero siyempre dapat ang mag eefort at magpapainit nun yung guy heheh! Sorry talagang funny ako! Anyways, i love you Bibi girl and enjoy your date with your bed. Happy Valentines day!you are loved by millions! That is more than enough!

  162. PrettyKeyt says: Reply

    GANOIIINNNN! Perfect Vday Date for you Meng I KNOW it’s not a V-BED-DATE! I KNOOOOWWWWW!

  163. I don’t have plans but hopefully my boyfriend has (like what he’s promising). Sometimes yung suprise eh, “Surprise! Walang surprise. ” 🙂 I like this personal blog of yours as it serves an inspiration to my own blog I’m humbly starting. More power! https://jonalynvillafuerte.wordpress.com/

  164. Abigail Udtuhan says: Reply

    Hay grabe ka talaga samin Meng nagtatalon na ko sa kilig with matching backgroud music pa, sabi pa ng daughter ko mommy wag ka kikilig hehehe! Yun pala hopia well masarap talaga makapiling ang bed lalo na pag sobrang hectic ang sked mo, pero sana kahit 1hr lang makadate mo si Richard, aniwei asa kanya yun kung ano gagawin nya sa vday sana maisip nya na isurprise ka, para sweet. Hoping ako na gagawin nya yun for you. I really love your love song playlist ang tamis, kahit wala ang husband ko dito kasi seaman sya asa japan sya ngaun, kaya eto si misis nganga nanaman sa vday, no flowers no chocolate at no date. Kaya same tayo si bed din ang ka date ko, ay daughter ko pala 🙂 kasi kahit wala naman dito ang better half ko pwede parin maging happy ang vday 🙂 thanks Meng sa kakakilig na mga songs. God bless you always

  165. Gene says: Reply

    I have a date with my bed too. Happy Valentines Maine!

  166. Jan1000 says: Reply

    God bless you Maine!.. Love comes in a special way for you, just wait & see.. my VDay is my mom’s bday in Phils & my boyz(hubby&2boys) time at home..we’ll probably spend time in bed too, it’s fam day… Luv yah!

  167. It’s a great and lovely feeling to share vday with someone special, but, i know that even vday or not for sure, you have so much love around you. But for us, your tagahangas we hope that you’ll share it with the person who truly loves you without pretentions. You are such a lovely and sweet person. Hope to see you someday! my mom is a big fan of you also, God bless you always!

  168. hersy villamor says: Reply

    I thought it would be a date with u ang Alden…hahaha..hopia ounce again..but its ok..as long as you happy to sleep on your bed or have a date..just go for it..

  169. Virgie Rose Conde says: Reply

    Yehey ! Akala ko ako lang ang may kadate na unan
    I’m very glad na sa dinami dami ng karamay, IKAW PA MENGGAY?
    Pero hndi bagay sa’yo magcelebrate ng valentines sa bed at matulog maghapon. Hm? Pwede ba kaming pumunta sa inyo? Kami na lang kadate mo. Hahaha ! Dalhan kita ng GUMMY Bears gusto mo? labyu Meng !

  170. Yay may playlist! New songs for vine edits! Hihi! Naku naku naku may date siya! Ano kayang gagawin niyong dalawa? Kami ni BF magpa-pyro lang sa MOA ng 13, diretso Pyro rave party pagkatapos (mahilig kami sa ibang EDM, yung IBA lang haha) Pang 7th Valentine’s na namin medyo ubos na ang ideas. Daan naman kayo dun! Haha! Love you, Maine!! Mwah mwah tsup tsup

  171. Mary Vianney Aviso says: Reply

    I’m not sure if I’m excited for valentines day or not since I have an oral defense for my thesis that day. We still don’t have plans with my bf, so I guess I’ll be going home straight after the oral validation and sleep which I guess we’re in the same situation too, I haven’t had enough sleep lately like you. Btw, you and Alden should go out sometimes. 🙂

  172. Karen says: Reply

    Hahahahahaha! Sabi na nga ba eh.. You deserve to rest din naman Meng. Kung may date man kau ni Richard sa inyu nalang yun 😉 Di nyo na yun kailangan ipasigawan sa amin. We/I respect that. Mag romance nalang kau ng bed mo hanggang magsawa kau sa isat isa. GANOIN! Haha!
    Take care Maine 😉

  173. Hahahaha … cge lng after nio mg date n alden pwede n mng mg rest eh go lng bibi girl .. and enjoy sa first date nio ni alden this coming VD ..

  174. Cherry Ann Padua says: Reply

    Hahaha HOPIA pa more .. well let’s see kung talaga bang bed ang kadate mo Meng hehehe malay natin ahem ahem .. well ako of course I will spend my Vday together with my family bcoz after Vday it’s my birthday hoping you will greet me Meng on the 15th .. loveyou Meng

  175. it would be great if you and RJ will spend it SOON when you are OFFICIALLY you know hehehe .. Advance happy Vday Meng ❤❤

  176. Debra says: Reply

    Hi bunso,
    Good decision..Im glad you chose to spend your Valentines at home with your family and your bed. Hehehe.
    Family first. Health first
    So far, I’m going to spend my Valentines with my Dad. Itinerary namin – A.) Visit my Mom sa cemetery, b.) Go to church, c.) Watch a movie, d.) Dine with my stepmother
    Love you,bunso! Focus lang sa career ha. Reach your dreams. We will always support you!

  177. Dayang says: Reply

    Awww… What a lovely playlist to sleep to… Tnx!… Dahil sayo, install ko ulit 8tracks ko.. hahaha…

  178. Leza says: Reply

    It’s almost 26 years and every Valentines days I am not doing anything aside from working or eating or watching TV ‘alone”. Haha Valentines is Not really my kind of thing. So yes, I have a date with my bed too.

    I just want to leave a comment so you would know how happy you make me feel. For sure, you are my happy pill. My anti stress secret. I watch Kalyeserye everyday kahit replay and make sure I tweet my thoughts about it (My tweets aren’t harmful anyway). I love how positive you are. I love knowing there is someone out there who would love to do anything to make million of Filipino’s smile. You are an inspiration for every young people. And to be honest I have a very very very very long list of reasons why I love you Meng (Now, I’m getting creepy). I am like a proud ate (Creepier and weirder).

    So I am ending my comment by telling you to do you your thing the way you want it, whenever you want it, wherever you want it. You are a strong woman with logic, morals and wit, so, you gotta do what you really want to do. We will always support you. Trust me. Marami kami.

    God Bless you Maine!

    P.S: I have 11:11 panata tweeting and wishing you’ll end up with Richard Faulkerson Jr. Haha
    I can do this until you’re not married yet. 🙂

  179. Nichole Suzanne Valero Ando says: Reply

    Maine!!! Hahaha muntik na ako dun ha anyway Feb 14 is a Sunday, right? Oh well I have a date with the Lord ahihi ❤️ Pero teka sana ako nalang yung bed para date tayo ayeeeee hahaha

  180. Nimfa Macabitas says: Reply

    enjoy your Valentine’s Day to you and your bed 🙂

  181. My God, funny ako at first paragraph naging hopia at the end. How will i celebrate my VDAY? Well that day is already scheduled for our oral validation on my two (2) theses (grabe mga professors namin walang patawad, feb 14 pa talaga schedule) hahayst anyways same din tayo, probably i’ll be dating with my bed din kasi lately wala na din akong tulog (actually hindi lately, last year pa noong naging taga hanga ako sayo, madaling araw na akong natutulog kaka-update sa mga nangyayari sa’yo) working on my theses cause the deadline is fast approaching na din, the final paper will be submitted na this coming saturday feb 6. T.T Sana matapos kooooo at makagraduate this coming march 19, 2016…

    Ikaw? walang ka.date? probably alden has a surprise for you on that day… Hindi naman pwedeng wala, love team kaya kayo. Kahit nasa getting to know each other stage pa kayo, bibigyan ka nyan. Pag iimbitahin ka ni Alden, grab na.. HAHAHA pag hindi, eh di kayo nlng nang bed mo mag date tapos you’ll be dreaming na nag date kayo ni alden on vday.. hehehe

    Nakita na kita noong pumunta kayo dito sa Cebu promoting MBL, sana makapunta ako dyan broadway soon…

  182. Jonie says: Reply

    Kinilig na ako sa date eh, biglang hopia pala. hehehehe
    My plans for vday is to spend it with God. Because it’s Sunday, I will go to mass and will attend special valentines activity of my youth organization. <3

  183. Venus Vivar says: Reply

    Nice.. Enjoy V day.

  184. che de jesus says: Reply

    i wish i had the same date, kaso i have work that day, preparing for a conference. hopia din on a date on valentine. anyway, i know you’ll enjoy your bed better for company on that special day. you have the rest of the year anyway to spend with your other loved ones. like shokoy. =)

  185. Justine Ann Villegas says: Reply

    Ako meng may EXAM kame sa valentines day, ou meng ka date ko yung exam haha MAC BOARD EXAM namin. Galing no? Well, ganoin talaga. Hope nakita mo yung ginawa ko for you, PINNED POST sa twitter account ko @justinevillegas. Advance birthday gift ko sayo, alam ko mahirap na mapansin at makita mo yun pero hindi parin ako nawawalan ng pag asa kahit na katiting lamang yung possibility na makita yun. Sana makita mo yun hahahaha valentines gift mo na lol aldub you meng.

  186. Justine Ann Villegas says: Reply

    Mock board exam pala hahaha.jusme sorryyyyy *

  187. Clare says: Reply

    Hay naku nandun na yung kilig ko eh, na hopia lang bed pala yung ka date akala ko si A na. LOL. Rest ka nlng sa Feb. 14 you need it para good health. But if Alden(Richards) will invite for a date, will you go with him? Curious lang..hehe. Vday? Date with friends lang dn ako or tengga sa apartment layu ko kasi sa family ko hindi ko sila maka date sa Vday wala dn ako Love life d uso sakin yun eh. Anyways, I voted you in Nickelodeon even though nominees dn yung super crush ko sayo ako nag vo-vote. lol. Wired ko dba? Hope you can win. Good luck!! Write more in your blog.
    Life is too short to wait for that one true love to come. Grab the chance pag andyan na wag ng pakawalan baka ma unahan pa ng iba. Just saying.

  188. Espie says: Reply

    Enjoy your well deserve rest with your bed-date. Hubby and I will more likely see a movie after dinner at Longhorn. Love all that you do..you are one of a kind..

  189. marieperea says: Reply

    It’s a great way to spend heart’s day where you feel most loved- with the family, and your bed =) and Post-Valentine dates are in naman eh! ayiii!

    oh and btw love your playlist Maine ! dreamsounds /quiet storm days..

    hope to hear more blog updates from you! <3 <3 <3

  190. PAULINE says: Reply

    SO happy to see this blog. It seems like it’s really a different Vday for you. Ang saya lang na sobrang saya ng buhay..tagos sa lahat ng ADN..ramdam namin lahat
    I truly believe that you have a DATE with bibi and not with your bed. 🙂

    I think the beach date will come true. Bucketlist si bibi e. If you’re asking us what is our plan this Vday. It’s none other than pursuing your plan! Haha! Isama mo naman kami sa date nyu kahit ako na lang yung lamesa nyo o kaya yung flower vase doon..basta kasama kami!

    Whew! Hope to see both of you on big screen soon. (Kala ko talaga may Vday movie kayo)

    Dito lang kami Meng. Hanggang ikasal kayo! haha..


    Again, you deserve everything. You deserve the best man in the world. 🙂 who’s already with you.. 🙂

  191. Reina Vallejo says: Reply

    I will be spending my Valentines weekend with my friends this year. All of us are single so we decided to spend that day with each other. Lol. We’re going on a trip to the Big Island in Hawaii! Exciting right?! 🙂 I live in Oahu, Hawaii. It’s my first time traveling to that island though… I know you love beaches so I hope you could travel to Hawaii one day! Aldub|Maiden Nation Hawaii Chapter would love to show you and Alden around if you guys decide to come here! Anyway, I’ll always be a fan of your blog! <3 Aloha from Hawaii!
    -Reina @thatgirlfromhii

  192. dauntless1251 says: Reply

    Muntik na rin akong umikot sa floor when I read the last line then there’s the continuation . As for my Vday, no plans, not our thing. We don’t want to go through the hassle of heavy traffic and resto reservation.

    Have a great date with your bed! I know your Vday will still be extra special . I hope to meet you someday. God bless you always.

  193. Tess says: Reply

    Oh poor bibi, a date with her bed ang drama hahahaha. Lakas mong maka-hopia hahahaha sobrang gulat ko while reading, ano to si Maine ba to bakit ganito magsulat…aminan na ba to hahahaha. Tapos hopia pala hahahaha. Oh well, you never fail to surprise us kaya sobrang enjoy panoorin ang journey mo. I know you mentioned sa Cosmo mag na careful ka na ngayon sa social media at pag post sa blog mo dahil nga “WE” tend to overthink hahahaha pasensya ka na sobrang luv lang kayo ni Alden ng mga fans kaya lahat na lang nako-connect sa inyong dalawa. Anyways, thank you for this post at for sharing your playlist. As for me, matagal na kaming di nagde-date ng Valentines day, kinakatamaran na hahahaha. Pero everyday is love day naman samin e and we love being together . And if we do go out, we will most likely just watch a movie and have dinner. Pero nung ka-age kita sobrang big deal sakin ang Valentines day, daming expectations pero palagi ding hopia hahahaha. Ang wish ko sayo Maine, enjoy mo yung age mo, wag kang matulog hahaha, if you don’t really have a date you can go out with your girlfriends and enjoy the day. Minsan lang yan, marami namang Sundays na pwedeng matulog hahahaha. God bless Maine and take care.

  194. Josephine says: Reply

    That feeling you get when you are SUPER ‘KILIG’ then ‘HOPIA pala’. You really need that sleep tho. anyway I’m planning to spend my Vday with fam. and watch My Bebe Love at PPV ❤️❤️ It feels like I’m dating the both of you(Alden) with my family. Haha. Thats all love you Girl. Take care

  195. Jiffy says: Reply

    Valentine’s Day? I’m going to spend the day brooding on why I’m single. Charing! Of course not. I’m going to spend it like any other day, making the people special to me feel loved, returning the favor. At isa ka na doon! Yes you Maine! I’m gonna tweet you like any other day showing support and encouragement. Hey it’s not that bad right? Maybe I’ll be third wheelin’ with my Mom and Dad din. Ha! *Pathetic ba?* okay.. baka pa lang naman ‘yon. Since you’re single I do hope that status doesn’t make you less of a happy person than the couples around you. Marami kayang nagmamahal sa’yo! But still I wish you love…at the right time,with the right person. Advance Happy Valentine’s Day! Take a good rest. 🙂

  196. Ella Morales says: Reply

    And wala ring makakapigil kay papi alden. Hahahaha ❤ sayang linggo walang kalyeserye 🙂 pag tpos ng SPS diretso na ba sa inyo? Date na ganoin ksi. Hahhaha :”) Ako’y kinikilig Loveyou Maiden ❤ Enjoy your Vday with him ❤

  197. Aaa says: Reply

    Vday? Dati bitter bitteren kami pag Vday parang ano yun? Alam mo na yun mga single na nagmamaasim haha Pero ngayon excited na ko mag Vday para sa inyo ni Alden haha pero sige na nga excited na din ako pra sa inyo ng bed mo kasi makakapag pag pahinga ka din:) Ngayon Vday nasa trabaho ako kasi may pasok kami ng Sunday dito sa Dubai. It will be a very busy day for sure kasi prang Monday namin ang Sunday. So ayun for sure maglalagi lang ako sa twitter and instagram at isa mo n din pla ang blog mo:) Mnsan sasabihin ng ibang mga tao bakit baliw na baliw kayo sa aldub na yan? Eh d nman kayo kilala nyan? Simple lng lagi sinasagot ko. Minsan ba sa buhay mo may napasaya ka ng ibang tao? Yun mga tweets,pics at vids n pnpost nyo ni Alden sobrang napapasaya kami nun. Minsan nga naiisip ko pano kaya kung isa ako sa mga closest friends ni maine or ni alden? Siguro ang saya nun☺️ Thank you Meng for making us HAPPY salamat sa inyo ni Alden basta ako maging kayo man o hindi sa totoong buhay susuportahan ko pa din kayo pinky swear yan! Pero teh yun hibla ng buhok na lagi ko sayong tntweet pls lng paki padalhan nman ako nyan dito kahit nga 16 pcs lng hahahaha

    Aldub you Meng

  198. Susan says: Reply

    Wow Maine I’m glad you included Wait for You in your playlist. Elliott Yamin is my favorite from American Idol, am sure a lot will look him up now since he’s included in your list. I’m going to look up the other songs that I am not yet familiar with. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, kala ko si Alden ka date mo kama mo pala. Not bad though since you need to rest with your super hectic sked. Continue to make people happy. God bless you!

  199. Maricar Ponge says: Reply

    Since it’s Sunday, I will be celebrating it with my family. Been tired of waiting for my Vday date, so ngayon kahit wala okay na rin. Sakit mag expect tapos wala rin. Di ako ampalaya, just sharing my true feeling. Mag replay na lang ako ng episodes ng KS para happy! Malamang din after going to church the rest of the day will be a date with my bed too! Happy 29th weeksary, Aldub! Happy 7th month in showbiz Maine! God bless you more! Thank you for making us happy!

  200. Song says: Reply

    Hello from Abu Dhabi.. Thanks for sharing with us your Vday playlist… lovely songs…
    Feb. 14 falls on Sunday… since we are working that day here in UAE… so attending Sunday Mass at night would be the BEST Valentine date I am planning.

    Oh by the way… I admire not only your talent but the whole Maine Mendoza… stay wacky, simple humble & loving to your fans… Ang galing ng tumbling mo sa Boojie ah! Mabrook!

  201. Khryss says: Reply

    Perfect thought!!!!. Aklain mo iun everybody is thingking of a date on vday, tapos higaan pala ang kadate. Ahahahahhaha. Nice one maine.

  202. Issa Brew says: Reply

    yes my kinda date too– bed and lotsa fluffy pillows! don’t forget the sleep/eye mask! 😉 happy v-day!!!

  203. lorelei says: Reply

    hi maine,
    pareho tayo mahilig din bumawi ng tulog. actually gusto ko sana si alden para sa yo at magkatuluyan kayo pero no pressure mas maganda na madevelop muna as friends which sabi mo nga yun ang status nyo. i leave that to both of you. i want to thank you rin dahil napapasaya nyo kami araw araw through Kalyeserye malaking tulong sa aming ofw. minsan nga out of focus na ako sa work alam ko hindi maganda yon so i am trying to plan my day. team replay na lang ako after work and following you on twitter and snapchat. hay naku sabi ng mga anak ko bumalik daw ako sa pagka teenager kasi daig ko pa raw sila may twitter, may snapchat and instagram. nagseselos din sila kasi marami ka pa raw pictures sa phone ko kesa sa kanila.
    actually sila rin naman gusto ka kasi almost the same din kayo ng mga anak ko mahilig magpapanget ng mukha at makulit din gaya mo.
    ikaw lang ang artistang tutok talaga ako. kaya sana pagpatuloy mo lang ang pagiging totoo sa sarili and wish you all the happiness in life. sana makapunta ka sa dubai ako bahala sa yo.

  204. Louie says: Reply

    Nice one! Hahah almost I’ll definitely agree with your plan on Vday, tulad ng wish din ng madami mag pahinga ka nmn! Nag work din kami and we know the feeling ng kulang sa tulog, specially ikaw eveyday tlga walang maayos na tulog.. We couldn’t be happier if matupad yung plan mo Happy Valentines day to you in advance Maine!.. Thanks for the playlist God bless you always! (Stay the same, never chance for the eyes others)

  205. Marilyn says: Reply

    Hello Maine,
    Thanks for the v-day playlist! Those songs bring me back to those kilig memories.
    To answer your question, my v-day will be quite the same as any other Sunday. Why? Because for me everyday is v-day! With my “doudou”, my family back home and my friends, we share the love as we go on with the updates and downs of life. It’s our oxygen! And as it’s goung to be Sunday, i will be at home with my “doudou” and it will be the usual breakfast in bed to start the day calmly.
    Going back to you. I hope you csn really rest and sleep more. It’s a must Maine. I, like millions of your fans, will definitely be very happy to see you healthy for a very very long time! Happy 7th anniversary!

    1. Marilyn says: Reply

      **ups and downs of life
      *** going

  206. lorelei says: Reply

    nakalimutan ko salamat pala sa playlist i will surely listen to every songs you shared.

    be happy at huwag isipin ang bashers dahil maganda ka at mabuting tao, hindi nila kilala ang tunay mong pagkatao kaya wala silang karapatan mang bash. basta isipin mo mas maraming TUNAY nagmamahal sa yo kasama ako doon. sana pag nagbakasyon ako makita kita at mayakap man lang.

    see you soon!

  207. Katherine says: Reply

    February 14 is my birthday. I’ll be celebrating it with my hubby BUT I only get one gift I only get birthday gift and no valentine’s day. It’s okay. Just as long as he’s with me and that I have someone to celebrate it with, I’m good. Honestly, I love Valentine’s day cuz this day is when the radio stations play all the love songs

    My VDay list
    1. Valentine by Martina Mcbride
    2. Rock witcha by Bobby Brown
    3. Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx
    4. Tender love by Force M.Ds
    5. Because You Love Me by Celine Dion
    6. Never thought by Dan Hill
    7. Comforter by Shai
    8. On Bended Knees by Boyz ll Men
    9. Tender Kisses by Tracy Spencer
    10. If I Never Knew You by Jon Secada and Shanice
    11. Forever Love by Color Me Badd
    12. Shower Me With Your Love By Surface

    There are many love songs that I listen to and too many to mention. Happy 7th month in showbiz, Maine! May God bless you always and keep it up. Happy advance Valentine’s day!

  208. Jeck says: Reply

    nakakainis andun na yung saya at kilig ko e haha! i should start reading from the bottom na hahaha you got me there Maine nice one! 🙂

  209. ace says: Reply

    lol, you got me there. Akala ko a date with A.. ahahaha! nice playlist… passenger seat and angel of mine!

  210. joana marie baladad says: Reply

    hahaha hopia pala! kala ko pa naman magkakaubusan na naman ng oxygen dahil magkasama kayo, but anyways, for sure may happenings pa din sa valentines day nyo kaya abang na lang ADN! Love you Maine! Happy Valentines! <3

  211. lynetteramos says: Reply

    grabe ka meng! na-hopia ako dun! ahahahahhaha

    ayun! meron yan, susunduin ka niya.

  212. Ms. N says: Reply

    So happy for you Maine ^_^ Valentines day is a perfect time to show love, love to one self, sa paraang alam mo. Mahalagang maramdaman ang pagmamahal mula sa ibang tao pero walang makakapantay sa pagmamahal na ibinibagay mo sa sarili mo. Pure and sure 😉 Ako naman ang valentines ko simple lang, unlike last year na kasama ko ang mga friends ko eat out, a tradition for four years in college, same resto and venue kasi nga walang mga dates at doon hindi punuan, now since graduate na, busy sa mga work, kaechusan and we live different lives I guess I will spend the valentine’s day sa bahay with family pero syempre I have my own celebration after, ang venue, kwarto, with a laptop/phone, earphones and magazine collection. I’ve collected magazines with Maine and Alden as cover/features but has not read them due to tight sched. Nandoon lang sya sa treasure box. So Valentines, I think, is the best time to feel the kilig, be inspired and enjoy the moment just me and my inspiration and motivation, MAIDEN. A time to treat myself away from all the sadness and stressessssss of the outside world.I love you Maine, praying for your health, success and happiness palagi. Take good care of yourself always 😉 I’ll be one of your loyal fan. Promise, peksman, tuloy tuloy walang taympers! God bless! <3

  213. thieanne says: Reply

    Hi Meng,

    I am really happy that V-day falls on Sunday!!!!
    Finally and officially, I am dating Jesus on V-day. Surely, on that day ill be singing songs of praise and worship. I will offer my focus to Him alone.

    However, I hope you will feel extra special on v-day. I know Alden will not forget to treat you right, though he might work on SPS. But I believe he is a good gentlemen.

    Anyway, enjoy your bed and rest on V-day!!!

    More blessings, favor and power to Aldub.
    We are here at your back to support you both all the way!!! ❤️

    Certified fan,

  214. JD says: Reply

    You deserve a date with your bed kahit milyon-milyon ang gusto sanang maka-date ka. Our Princess needs to rest too. Thank you for coming into ourlives. Thank you for making us happy, always! Ma practice na yang mga yan para sayo. We love you, Menggay!!! Happy Valentines

  215. thieanne says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    I feel you. Hope you get much rest you deserved. However, I believe that someone will make it sure that you be lying on a bed full of roses. He will be definitely a complete gentleman. All good vibes to you and more blessings and favors to you both!

    Certified Aldub fan! – ©thieanne

  216. xian says: Reply

    Thanks for the playlist my dear Meng ..
    I think I really need these songs to unwind this Vday.. Haha Wala man akong forever.. Forever mo naman akong fan ,always will..
    I’m just an ordinary Fan devoted to love an extraordinary Girl like you! One of a kind..
    I Love you so much!
    God Bless !
    Happy 7th month in the Industry..

    Ps.. Sana kayo ni Richard Reyes Faulkerson Jr ang magkatuluyan ^.^

  217. CEYLHNNE says: Reply

    Spending Valetines for me is going to chruch because it’s sunday and spend time with god . I will so grateful for the blessing he gave to me and to my family . and lastly i try to finish my readings because i always multi task my self in my doing 🙂 and if i have some time i try to bond with my friends 🙂 ADVANCE HAPPY VALENTINE’S ate maine 🙂

  218. I always love your song choices, thanks for sharing. Nweis Vday plans wleyyy, I have work so probably spnd that day in the offce lng the usual and maybe I’ll hve a dinner wth frnds my life is much boring compare to yours. thanks again for sharing this. have you read the nicholas sparks new novel see me? thats a good read for Vday

  219. I will be having a date with my cousins slash best friends on the 14th. Na-hopia ako ng very hard sa ka-date! Kaloka haha. But thank you for the playlist!! Enjoy your Vday! xoxo

  220. Angel Ongkeko says: Reply

    Well, as you say so, I wanna share mine. I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with my family and some friends because it’s my birthday. I am turning 17 yay! Sana maenjoy ko ang aking Vday/Bday.. So ayun, share! Hahaha

    P.S. Naloka ako sa ka-date mo, FUNNY na ako nung una eh hahaha and THANKS FOR THE PLAYLIST. I soooo love those kind of songs.

    Thank you for inspiring me. I love you. Uhmmm…. Can you be my Valentine?

  221. Angel Ongkeko says: Reply

    Well, as you say so, I wanna share mine. I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with my family and some friends because it’s my birthday. I am turning 17 yay! Sana maenjoy ko ang aking Vday/Bday.. So ayun, share! Hahaha

    P.S. Naloka ako sa ka-date mo, FUNNY na ako nung una eh hahaha and THANKS FOR THE PLAYLIST. I soooo love those kind of songs.

    Thank you for inspiring me. I love you. Hope to see you soon. And wait! Uhmmm…. Can you be my Valentine?

  222. Maine, magaganda din yung mga vintage songs na dina-dubsmash ninyo ni Alden sa flashback scenes. Yung mga sinauna. It’s refreshing to hear them pati yung mga sinayaw ninyo sa EB.

    Enjoy your V-Date with your bed. You need lots of sleep and rest. God bless you!

    And… Thank you for making your kababayans happy and laugh out loud while watching KS and EB. You deserve all the blessings for being a good person and for keeping a positive outlook in life and career. =)

  223. Elle says: Reply

    Sunday pala ang VDay this year kaya si Lord ang ka-date ko maliban sa kama ko. Chill Sundays with music and food are the bomb! NBSB ako kaya VDay greets are always for family and friends.

  224. Glenda says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Thanks for sharing your innermost thoughts – as always. Hoping to see you in person on our hols back in the Philippines this summer. Advance Happy birthday to us – 28 days na lang . All the best to you and Alden. Your birthday buddy here from – Ate Glenda

  225. lorelei says: Reply

    keep on writing Maine nakakaaliw basahin
    ate lorelei

  226. justineann says: Reply

    Hi Meng! kadate ko sa 14 yung exam namin HAHA ou, Mock board exam namin eh. sadnu? pero okay lang. ganoon talaga ang life, wuy! advance happy hearts day!! Sana makita mo yung advance birthday gift ko sayo, simple lang yun pero with effort and puno ng pagmamahal. Ganoin dapat! hahhaha Check mo pinned post ko sa twitter @justinevilleas. ALDUB YOU SO MUCH MENG!!

  227. Maedei Lyn Guiron says: Reply

    THANK YOU & I love your playlist, most of the songs really mean so much to me.
    Starting from “Closer I Get to You” to “It Might Be You” then “Before I Fall in Love” down to “Never Gonna Let You Go” .
    I really hope that you would get some rest this VDay and would have enough strength to have a date w/ RF Jr. , if not, I know that he’ll understand it since you two really need that “sleep”.
    You can still celebrate this any time ‘coz hat’s important is that “you & him” are together FOREVER.
    I’ll be praying for both of you to be strong always so you can continue this journey.
    ALDUBNATION will always be here to support you.



  228. Con says: Reply

    Ok lang Maine, makapag pahinga k naman kahit pano.. at least bonding kayo ng bed mo sa Valentines day..mas maganda lalo lunch or dinner w/ ur family.. GOD BLESS YOU MORE❤️

  229. Jamita Bonita says: Reply

    Apir! Since Sunday ang Balemtimes day. Tatlo ang date ko nyan. Ako na! Haba ng hair hanggang EDSA. Haha!!! Sa umaga, si Lord muna. Magsisimba ako. Tas sa tanghali, family. Kain sa labas… ng bahay namin. At sa gabi, yung laptop ko. Medyo andami ko ng mga movies at tv series na nakatambak na e. Di ko alam kung paano ko mapapanood lahat. Bahala na. Zombie mode ON ulit. Nagtatampo na kasi yung mga movies at series na yun puro raw kasi ako ALDUB, KS, MAINE, ALDEN AT MGA LOLAS. wala na raw akong time sa kanila. Shh.. quiet ka lang kay Maine at Alden ha?!? baka malaman nilang dalawa na di sila ang ka-date ko sa Balemtimes day e. Baka magtampo at i-bash ako nung dalawa sa twitter. PATOLA yung mga yun e. Hihihi!

    *mahal ko kayo ni Alden. (Fistbump)*

  230. Jay Mark says: Reply

    Passenger seat tas It Might Be you yung gusto ko sa playlist mo po. Anyways may date dn po ako sa VDay! Si GOD kase Sunday yun, It’s the LORD’s Day,

  231. Passenger seat tas It Might Be you yung gusto ko sa playlist mo po. Anyways may date dn po ako sa VDay! Si GOD kase Sunday yun, It’s the LORD’s Day, GODBLESS YOU PO

  232. Maricar Ponge says: Reply

    Okay lang na ka date mo ang bed mo sa valentines, e wala pa namang valentines quota na sa kilig ang ganap sa buhay mo, e kahit ako rin naman ang ganyan ang mga pangyayari, may nagnakaw ng halik sa akin, si alden pa, naku, solve na valentines ko, kahit hopia sa blog na ito, sa totoong ganap hindi naman hopia, ang sayasaya.

  233. Maiver G. Cabanisas says: Reply

    Please do post pictures on vday ate meng ha together with your better half! We Love You So Much!

  234. COOKI says: Reply

    I’ll be spending it with my besties!! Quite excited because it’s been awhile since the last time we had our hang out. I’ll also spend it with the aldub nation as we wait for the laglagan wars on SPS. HAHAHAHAHA. Lastly, with my family because it’s my dad’s birthday! So we’ll prolly spend quality time together. Hoping that this day will go well. May the odds be in my favor. Hahaha. Anywaaay, thanks Ate Meng!! Aldub you and advance happy valentine’s!

    P.S. We always have your back and Alden’s too. Kebs lang sa mga bashers.

  235. COOKIE says: Reply


    I’ll be spending it with my besties!! Quite excited because it’s been awhile since the last time we had our hang out. I’ll also spend it with the aldub nation as we wait for the laglagan wars on SPS. HAHAHAHAHA. Lastly, with my family because it’s my dad’s birthday! So we’ll prolly spend quality time together. Hoping that this day will go well. May the odds be in my favor. Hahaha. Anywaaay, thanks Ate Meng!! Aldub you and advance happy valentine’s!
    P.S. We always have your back and Alden’s too. Kebs lang sa mga bashers.

  236. monina says: Reply

    I don’t usually send out comments… but here it goes…

    “Have you already made plans for the 14th? How are you going to spend your Valentines day? And who are you celebrating/spending it with?”

    my hubby and i will be together on valentine’s day this year for the 12th time… wala kaming ganap tuwing Vday kasi every month kami nag celebrate ng Vday on our monthsary (we still celebrate kahit mag asawa na kami)
    as long as you are with your loved one… you are celebrating LOVE / Vday. So on the 14th it will be an ordinary day for us (work day in UAE) it’s a Sunday so we will go to mass to say thanks… blessing me my Better half (my answered prayer, alam nya un) & for wonderful 13yrs of being together…

    It’s nice to love and be loved… so take your time, enjoy and you deserve a rest day even its Vday!

    Keep up the good work & God bless!



    I love your playlist!

  237. Danica says: Reply

    Akala ko si ano na e! Anyway good for you! You deserve some rest girl! Anyway share ko na din plan ko on Vday… Ayun I’m going to have a date with the Lord because it’s a Sunday! After church with family naman and hopefully with my boyfriend 🙂 ayun lang! Sana next post mo about Valentines Day si Richard na ang kadate mo! Wohooo *regine tone*

  238. Switcme says: Reply

    Weh..lol. Sleep then date. Better yet beauty sleep FIRST then the date. Uuy akoy kinikilig! Doesnt have to be cliche fancy but my papi and i will probably just have some take out for a house arrest type of a date. Movies and unlimited videoke will sure do for a vdate. So yon na nga…will you be dreaming of A? Hmmm. Happy vday Maine!

  239. princess says: Reply

    Hy!! Maine super like ko talaga ikaw at yung ikaw! wish someday to meet you. Nakakatuwa naman super nmiss mo siguro si bed no. Happy valentines to you and to your bed. We love you so much.

  240. grace filan says: Reply

    hi maine akala ko naman may ka-date ka talaga haha pero di padin ako nawawalan ng pag-asa… mukhang mahilig mangsurprise si alam mo na.. haha! ingat parati wag magbabago! we love you!

  241. Marvy says: Reply

    Hi meng nyyayyy akala ko is perfect date na together sa bed pala haha bigla tuloy na udlot.. Ung tipong ngausubo ka ng spag tas nahigop mo n parang sabaw.. Hahah funny but by the way thanks for sharing your playlist.. I love you menggay.. We still love you to the moon n to the core – kuwait mainesters here

  242. princess says: Reply

    Hy!! Maine super like ko talaga ikaw at yung ikaw! wish someday to meet you. Nakakatuwa naman super nmiss mo siguro si bed no. Happy valentines to you and to your bed. It is my first time to celebrate vday kasama ang aking baby alden, yes baby alden nickname nya kasi love ko kayo dalawa 🙂 ang ganda ng playlist mo lalo na yung You First Believe memorize ko yun. aldub you meng! Godbless stay as you are kiss from my baby.

  243. mavel says: Reply

    Cause Feb 14 is Sunday wala din akong kadate gonna go to church to pray and listen to god tas gagala yun lang BTW thanks for sharing the song and be happy as always more blessing to come and god bless meng


  244. Meriol says: Reply

    Perfect. Home is where the bed is. ❤

    I will be spending that particular weekend at home, with a bunch of movies and my uuuultimate comfort food, & . Solb ang Valentines!

  245. linsay hicban says: Reply

    health is wealth, maine! you should really try to get some sleep more. anyway, i’ll spend the valentine’s day with my family. we’ll watch the annual hot air balloon festival in clark. ingat ka! God bless!

  246. Oona says: Reply

    Hi menggay, i’m still waiting for your dm hahaha jk! Have fun on Valentines day 🙂 I love you!

  247. Naida Tan says: Reply

    Naka ngiti na ko eh/ kinililig tapos nabasa ko BED!? I literally see my hopia face in the cp screen.

  248. charlotte says: Reply

    Love the selection of song..

    Kala ko pa naman may date hopia pala.. anyway feb 14 will be celebrated a bundok since we plan na mag mountain hiking that day..

  249. Tina Brizo says: Reply

    Nako, its my first time na merong gagawin this Valentine’s day menggay! Sama ka samen.. Hahaha.. Punta kame pampanga on the 14th para sa hotair balloon! It’s gonna be my first time. Hahaha. Actually, lahat kame first time na maghohotair balloon! Yehey! Sama ka samen! Kasyang kasya kapa sa sasakyan! Let’s go! Sunduin kapa namen sa sunset grill hihihi missyou meng! Sana naaalala mo pa ko..
    Ako nga pala si theng. Ang NANAY NI WALLY. LoL

  250. Jazel Osmena says: Reply

    Hi Maine,tama yan phinga din minsan chance mu n din Yan to catch up with your family I’m sure miss k n nila at ganun k din..at khit medyo madami kming n hopia nga ung valentines kebs lng kc umaasa nmn kmi n papasayahin nyu kmi the day before valentines sna d kmi mbigo hehe..going back paminsan minsan kelangan Yan lalo n ngaun s sobrang busy mu..happy 7 mons.in showbusines sna tumagal p andito lng kmi aldubnation for you and for tisoy..thank you for making us happy everyday..god bless you..

  251. Kenneth says: Reply

    Date with your bed. Been there, done that..haha!

  252. Jas says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing your vday playlist nakakathrowback…feels good to be inlove 🙂 regards to you! Advance happy vday!

  253. Jasmine Nicole M. Maquinay says: Reply

    Ang funny ko talaga ate meng!!! AKALA KO AYUN NA YON! hahahahaah while reading your latest blog akala ko mag dadate kayo ni Kuya Tisoy, but….NAHOPIA AKO DUN AHHH, yung feeling na kinikilig na ako habang inii scroll down ko siya tapos ayan na!!!! rising action na siya!!!! tapos ang ending pala BED ang KA DATE MO!!!! hahahahaahah wala funny ka talaga ever!!!! love you ate meng sana makita ulit kita! Well..I saw you na already pero it’s not enough talaga! Love It! Well I will be your forever fan! itaga mo yan sa bato! bibili ako lahat ng magazines niyo and lahat ng ieendorse niyo ni kuya Tisoy!!!! Proud fan here!!! Hope pag nakita ulet po kita mag ka picture tayo ng maayos! Love you ate meng!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!

  254. Jasmine Nicole M. Maquinay says: Reply


  255. Leogardo says: Reply

    Happy “hearts” month!!! May you fill your hearts with happiness and joy! May the “bed” give you all the hugs and fluffiness. Enjoy the month of “hearts”.
    As for me and wifey celebrating Vday. Don’t know yet. Usually, I’ll just go to the store and buy flowers and stay home cook dinner. Any other suggestion?

  256. Wendy Valdez says: Reply

    Hi maine,

    For sure na-miss ka ng magiging ka-date mo sa vday(your bed), matagal kayong magsasama that day ,lol. Me, I’m going to spend it with my friends/co-caregivers here in taiwan coz it’s Sunday, day off, punta kami sa maokong(cable cars) at taipei zoo if we still have time. Ayan shinare ko sabi u kc share it thru comments below di ba?hehe

    Anyways, thanks for sharing your playlist, some of them are my all time favorites, the others,i searched them on youtube at yun pala ung “wait for you” dami kong gustong kanta na hindi alam ang title ^_^. I believe in you maine that one day you’ll be a good song writer,and sing your own songs.God bless.. from yayanilolo

  257. Love says: Reply

    Hopia nemern pero thank God inispluk mo, majijinx yang date nyo with yer bed, nafifeel ko! (Feelingera kase ako. Hahaha! Shhh, secret lang natin, ha. ) Anywayz, wala akong plan sa 14th. MaiDen ang love life ko, kayo ni Richard Jr. ang love of my life; masaya na akong nakikitang masaya kayong dalawa. Sana…. sana kayo na. (Haha!) Sa mga ganap kase lalo na kanina sa EB, yung nakaw-halik, nakuw!!! Sana lang he won’t dare scar your loving heart. So ayun na nga. Sana kayo nalang ang magdate for me? Lolz. Happy AlDub 29th weeksary!!!

  258. Marilyn Gutierrez says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    Thanks for the Valentine’s day playlist! Those songs bring me back to my kilig memories.
    To answer your question, my V-day will be quite the same as any other Sunday. Why? It’s because everyday for me is a V-day! With my “doudou”, my friends and family back home, we share the love as we go on with the ups and downs of life. It’s our oxygen! And as it’s going to be Sunday, it’s time to be at home, with a great breakfast in bed, a good book or good TV program… Calm, in short. Boring ba? Sa akin hindi kasi sa panahon ngayon, peace and serenity is precious and rare, so I take advantage whenever I can.

    I hope you can really find the time to rest and catch up with sleep more. It’s a must Maine. And like millions of your fans, I will definitely be very happy to see you healthy for a very very long time.

    Happy 7th anniversary in showbiz, Maine. Keep shining bright!


  259. Mari says: Reply

    Well, as much as I would want to make this Valentine’s Day special than the year before, I don’t think I can. First of all, it’s a Sunday. Probably I’ll just spend it at home, watch SPS (*wink*), and just laze about the entire afternoon. Too boring to stay indoors… but too much of a hassle to go out. Sunday dilemmas of mine. Hahaha!

    Anyways, I’d probably just reminisce that very weird, but… really sweet Valentine’s I had a couple of years ago. Way back 2013, I guess? Well… It wasn’t really spent with a lover or anything like that, but it is the one I consider best of the V-Days I’ve had in my 21 years of existence. (Seriously. It even tops the first time I received chocolates from a crush when I was in elementary, or that time when I received a rose from another crush when I was in high school.)

    Going back to that Valentine’s Day I was talking about initially…
    It started on February 13. I think it was a Wednesday. We had class that day. And it was a class right before C-Break. (For those who are not familiar with the term, it’s our lunchtime during Wednesdays for org stuff.) You know that thing we have in CSB when this time of the year comes? (Well, this would have been your first V-Day in Benilde, right?) There’s this booth that has this anonymous giving of V-Day gifts, like chocolates and flowers, and they promote their services room to room. That day, they went into our class. While they were promoting their stuff, this “guy” went ahead and commented that he wouldn’t want to receive an anonymous gift from anyone. (Medyo feeling, ‘no? Feel na feel na may matatanggap? Haha!)

    Moving on…
    Class ended and only the two of us were left in the room. He was already at the door when I called out to him and asked, “What would you do if you received something anonymous for Valentine’s this year?” I don’t quite remember how he answered, but I think it went something like this: “I don’t know.”

    After that, I went out to eat lunch. As I was walking to my usual hangout place (Migui’s), I passed by some peddlers selling roses. While I was having my meal, I began to muse, “What if… What if I gave him a little surprise just to see his reaction? But if I do something, it would be better to do it today since he won’t be having classes tomorrow.” Mind you. I did not plan this from the start. I just thought about it while I was having my lunch because I thought it would really be an interesting sight to see.

    Well, flowers were expensive. Also, it would be weird to give a guy flowers, right? So, while I was making my way to the booth, I saw a stand selling cupcakes and thought it would be a better option. I bought one, went to the “messenger” booth, wrote a few lines (I totally forgot what I wrote there), and asked for the delivery to be made at 4:10pm because his class will end by then. I didn’t want to get in the way of his lecture, so I asked them to wait until class is over, but still be there earlier just to be safe in case their class ends earlier than scheduled.

    I also had that time and I was extremely anxious because I didn’t know how my outrageous plan would pan out. His classroom was only one floor above mine. So when the bell rang, signaling the end of class, I went straight upstairs and observed what was happening outside the classroom from a distance. I just saw student filing out of the room without any signs of the messenger so I became more anxious. In an attempt to get a closer look, I walked past outside the classroom, but didn’t see anything. So, I just went straight to the elevator and just gave up on knowing what his reaction would be. That was the main reason why I did the whole thing, but then I wouldn’t want to let him know that I did it. It would be embarrassing as hell if he knew.

    But then I saw him coming and he had this smirk plastered on his face that tells me HE KNEW. God knows how I wanted to the ground to just swallow me up right then and there. But, of course, my face didn’t exactly show that, right? I just had a mischievous smile on my face and claimed my innocence when he asked, “You did this, right?” Of course, he would not be fooled. But still, I never admitted to it.

    Instead of waiting for the elevator (which was really taking too much of our time), we decided to use the stairs and went down together. We chatted on even after my classes that day, early morning of the 14th until Valentine’s ended. But there was this one conversation that stuck to me the most during that time.

    It was lunchtime on the 14th. I just finished one of my classes and noticed that there was one unread message on my phone. When I opened it, I instantly smiled. It as him. And the message wrote: “How’s your Valentine’s so far?”

    A simple message, but it was one memory of Valentine’s Day that I’d never forget. (Well, I think that would be true until something better happens next time.)

  260. Gwen says: Reply

    Date with Foods and Laptop Meng <3 Well Normal lang naman na araw sakin yung Vday 🙁 One day siguro magiging special din yan sakin 🙂 But for now , Kain, tulog tsaka Browsing of social media accounts 🙂
    Enjoy your Valentine's Meng , Relax and Stay Happy and Pretty <3 Aldub youuu <3

  261. louise maneja says: Reply

    It’s been seven unbelievable months maine and your supporters (including me of course) is very happy to see that you are actually loving and enjoying what you are doing. It’s a great blessing to be able to do that. Sabi nga nila, “find what brings you joy and go there.” I am happy that you found it 🙂

  262. Chi-Chi Tiu says: Reply

    Hahaha…You got us there, Maine. I am quite optimistic that something surprising will come your way on Valentine’s Day this year. Anyone who will behold your heart is one lucky guy!

    Valentine’s Day since I got married has been about spending the day with my family. Since we moved here to Canada six years ago, we spend the day by exploring new places in the local area as well as trying noble, fun things.

    I have always believed that love comes along at the most unexpected time & unexpected way. If it comes at the right time (tamang panahon) as the cliche goes, the love must also be right.

  263. Marvy genon says: Reply

    hahaha! Kala KO yun na!:) kinilig pa naman ako:)! well,that’s nice…pahinga din pag may time…:) tama LNG na bumawi k ng tulog para alive na naman the next day;). thank you sa pagpapasaya samin,meng..we love you! nandito LNG kmi:) ingat ka lagi..;)

  264. france says: Reply

    But it’s good to know we have the same plans this 14th.
    Love you, Maine and thank you for always making us happy 🙂

  265. katbanan says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Thanks for sharing your VDay playlist with us,hashtagnostalgicmemories talaga. (ini-spell out ko kasi intense na nostalgic eh..nakakamiss! ) Most of the songs in your playlist are the same as mine plus some of my favorite Jim Brickman’s songs..ang lakas kasing maka-feels.
    I’ll be celebrating Valentines with friends this time..and decided to watch a concert. Good friends,good music,GREAT TIMES right?! and good food ofcourse 😉

    Happy 7th month to you Maine! and many more years to come. 🙂

    Ang laki nung ngiti ko pagkabasa ko dun sa part na “So… ayun na nga… I have a date.”
    hahahaha!lakas maka-hopia. Have a restful Valentines day to you. I know you’ll be enjoying your day kahit nasan pa yan.:)

    Always smile big!:) I hope i get to see you in person one day.

  266. Earl Mikko Pepino says: Reply

    hopia pa more Meng! kala ko yun na yun eh. Hahaha. Please reconsider and dump your bed for Alden this Valentines day. Desperate fans will always be desperate. Ganoin! 🙂

  267. Mommy Bike says: Reply

    I have been your follower for a liitle more than 5 months now and I enjoy being young-at-heart again when I see you and RJ together

    It reminds me of that young love I once had that got away. ( i was a pessimist too you know kaya ayun, dahil mababa ang self-esteem, kapultz ang young love) Pero that didnt stop me to pursue happiness, coz my real soulmate came along after.

    Tama na yan! lola nidora ang peg ng kwento.

    As expected, na-hopia na naman ako sa post mo. Funny nga eh. Pero I will remain hopia for something I have long been praying for (oo pinagdadasal ko rin kaya kayo noh!)

    Sana matupad. Sana makapunta ako sa beach with my husband on Valentines!

    (Hehe..kala mo ikaw noh? Na-hopia ka rin?LOL)

  268. cj says: Reply

    Akala ko c A n kdate! Ako cgurado ung 7 Years old son ko kdate ko! Gustuhin ko man n mkasama husband ko sobrang layo! LDR peg!
    Swerte mo menggay may ngiisang alden n dumating sa buhay mo! Yakapin at wag bibitawan isa lng yan namnamin nio every moment n magkasama kyo. d man sya ung 1st love ko pero sya ung FOREVER ko.wala man sya ngsung Vday ok lng pgnandyan nmn cia everyday is vday to us!!
    Thank u sa ligaya n binibigay nio everyday..
    Ingat lgi maine at si alden.. hope to see u both soon.. (sana..) STAY INLOVE!!! Love u both maine n alden.uo

  269. Hahahahaha!ung feeling na binibilisan q ung pgbabasa pra mlaman kng cno pro un lng pla!kalurke k tlga Meng!iba k tlga!wla kng katulad!anyway,if u were to ask mine well we are both in the same track but watching u and Alden is quite enough.Taas ang bndera ng mga ulila sa pag-ibig!okay lng bsta my ALDUB sapat na!Seriously,my final message to the both of u is thank u for making us happy.U may not know and get to talk to us but I know u appreciated ur fans that is why u are loved by many.Ikaw lng ung artistang ndi aware sa sariling talent.Kya ka cguro ngustuhan ng maraming tao kc ndi mo alam ang salitang yabang.Mahal k nmin Meng at khit pra sau wla kng naipakitang galing pro pra sa amin ikaw ang pinaka dabest!Huwag kng mgbabago nandito lng kmi ndi nmn kau iiwan n Alden.Pangako yan.

  270. lethalJoke says: Reply

    grabe ang tinde maka hopia nandun na yung kilig e hahaha pero alam naming isang dakilang stalker mo si alden sigurado nabasa nya na to sana e batukan siya ni kupido yeah hinde panain para maalog ang utak at yayain ka na sa vday hahaha saming fans at single ang kaligayan nyo ni alden ay kaligayahan narin namin

  271. maria says: Reply

    Matutulog lang din ako.

    Naku naman baka may magtampo nyan. Simula pa lang ng Pebrero nagcountdown na si better half for Valentines. Di man lang pinadaan ang chinese new year. Pero sabagay mapupuwersa syang magpahinga in case wala syang raket.

  272. Jen Manalo says: Reply

    Yeah. Please do rest! Hehe. Though, I hope you’ll really have a date with someone on Valentine’s. Nice playlist, by the way.

    I want to spend Valentine’s with my boyfriend.. But we are not in good terms these past days.. Sana magkaayos na rin. Mukhang malabo din kasi hindi pa siya nagpaparamdam. Bakit ganon, may pagka passive ang ibang guys.. At bakit ako nagtitiis? Pero bakit ko tinatanong sa’yo? Haha sorry naglabas lang po ng sama ng loob..

    Sana po maging ok kami before Vday. Ayoko naman na isama sa playlist ko ang Art of Letting Go by Mikaila or yung song ng Orange and Lemons na Heaven Knows sa araw na yon. Hindi ako ma-pride. May gusto lang akong iparealize sa kanya. (Defensive, haha!)

    Byebye. Thanks po sa privilege na magcomment kahit walang sense hehe. God bless 🙂

  273. rhozalin galion says: Reply

    Hi! Maine reading again kc knna dko bnasa ng buo at ung Vday playlist ngaun ko bbalikan…May question ka pla dko nbasa…Malabo na mga mata….lol…I’ll be celebrating Valentines with my family and friends…kkain kmi ng malaking pizza pero kpg my nginvite for a date eh di swerte hahaha…cge back to VDay playlist Muna ko …PRA mganda tulog ko…its already 2:40 am Feb.5,2016…..

  274. Cris says: Reply

    hi ganda!thanks for sharing ur Vday song i’d been listening to it while voting on nickelodeon sana makatulong.My plans this coming Vday?ala kasi were both working she left 8:30am me 3pm -11pm tulog na sya pagdating ko meaning KS ang ka date ko ha ha ha!! actually we don’t have the same off kaya we go out on my day off tue/ wed. After her work na simple date lng.Back to you my dear, salamat!! Sa pagpapatawa nakakapawi ng pagod ? Congratulations 7th mo. Anniversary!!! 7mos na rin akong baliw ha ha ha!!! Ewa ko b kung anong meron ka?Simple,beautiful,smart,god fearing person,di maarte, lakas ng charisma sana walng magbago andito lng ako susuporta sa lhat ng laban mo! Bashers? Wala yan! Ignore lng sayang ang oras!! Just enjoy life! Advance Happy Valentine’s Maine take care always love you!!!’ SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND MY DEAR!!!!

  275. Team Puyaters says: Reply

    That’s a really good idea. I will definitely do the same since sleep deprived them kami for the past 29 weeks.. hahaha #teamabroadproblem, #teampuyaters.

  276. Kaycelyn Aranda says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    Same here..(date with my bed is the best date for me ) night shift is so nakakapagod. I can’t able to sleep in my bed for 6 months. Sa sofa na lang. Ganoin. Nakakamiss din ung maghapon akong nakahiga sa kama ko. Ayoko ng magwork.. Wala na akong social life.. Paano ako mahahanap ng forever ko.

    I’m kinda familiar with some of your Vday playlist. I LOVE IT..
    I hope I can learn how to play drums. (Sana mgkatime na ko)

  277. Jamjam says: Reply

    Apir! Since Sunday ang Balemtimes day. Tatlo ang date ko nyan. Ako na! Haba ng hair hanggang EDSA. Haha!!! Sa umaga, si Lord muna. Magsisimba ako. Tas sa tanghali, family. Kain sa labas… ng bahay namin. At sa gabi, yung laptop ko. Medyo andami ko ng mga movies at tv series na nakatambak na e. Di ko alam kung paano ko mapapanood lahat. Bahala na. Zombie mode ON ulit. Nagtatampo na kasi yung mga movies at series na yun puro raw kasi ako ALDUB, KS, MAINE, ALDEN AT MGA LOLAS. wala na raw akong time sa kanila. Shh.. quiet ka lang kay Maine at Alden ha?!? baka malaman nilang dalawa na di sila ang ka-date ko sa Balemtimes day e. Baka magtampo at i-bash ako nung dalawa sa twitter. PATOLA yung mga yun e. Hihihi!


  278. liezel says: Reply

    Hi,Maine..npksuerte nmn ng bed m,para cia mpili m kdate s Vday..gud for u..actually every day nmn eh puede Vday if u want 2..s KS n lng..tuwing weeksary..talo p Vday..kya more power s inyo ni A h..sna tumagal p ang ALDUB kc kau ang aming elixir of life..lalo n s mga kgaya nmin nging young at heart ng accidentally mbuo ang inyong love team..about my Vday?..nothing special..kc i decided not to pick a shift tpos un hubby q ngdecide n mg overtym..match in heaven db..o well,ang mhlga nmn eh LOVE p rn nmin ang isa’t-isa..un ang pinaka importante hindi ang Vday..so much for this..take care always..God Bless..xx

  279. Jen says: Reply

    Your playlist is just so nice brilliantly picked maybe according to your mood that very day you compiled them. Well thought of for people who love a cozy day just duvet and pj day and relax ,chill and let the day pass by with nothing in mind just to have happy loving thoughts. Thank you for a lovely compilation again, meaningful lyrics too. Have a great day sweet cheeks and God bless.

  280. My plans on Vday? will attend sunday worship sa morning then uwi na sa house, I’ll have the entire afternoon with IG, Twitter, FB, Youtube..reading and watching clips/replays ng mga sweet moments nyo ni Alden hahaha masaya na ako nun and sana magtweet ka lnng ng heart icon sa akin ,solved na solved na meeh! Thanks for making us happy menggay! love na love ko kayo ni alden forever and ever!

  281. Ghia says: Reply

    Yup! Same here. I have a date with my bed too. Been working on a night shift and weekends is my hybernating period. Hehehe.

  282. Anonymous says: Reply

    Hi Maine,

    Great playlist there. I really enjoy reading your blog. Hopefully you update it more often (still looking forward to the continuation of that novel).

    Still confused if I will ask this girl i’m dating out on VD since i’m not yet sure what we really have. We’ve been just dating two weeks but she’s already acting like my girlfriend and all. Anyway, i’m not going to go into details on that one.

    Hope you have a great VD and hopefully someone surprises you on that day! 🙂


  283. Ghia says: Reply

    Yup! Same here. I have a date with my bed too. Been working on a night shift and weekends is my hybernating period. Hehehe.


  284. Hazel says: Reply

    Double date tayo, ate Meng, you with your bed, me with mine. Ang saya!

    Pero umaasa parin akong si kuya RJ kadate mo eh hahahahaha

  285. tee says: Reply

    I’m going to celebrate my V-day with my husband (named Richard, too) of 20 years / partner for 27.5 years (we waited for 7.5 yrs before getting hitched), with my mother in law.

    Btw have you heard about Ms. Lucy Torrez Gomez love story? Malapit sa story ninyo. Stay happy and God bless you both!

  286. Kai says: Reply

    We can listen to that playlist all day long, because its my mom and I all time favorite videoke songs. Lol Wishing you a very well spent date with B. Much love from DC. ❤

  287. Hahaha! Iba pa naman nasa isip ko dun sa “date” bigla sa sleep pala uwi. Nice Maine! 🙂

  288. Pops says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing your playlist…great selection. You really have good ears for great songs. I can’t wait to listen to your (future) CD and I hope you will be involved in songs selection.

  289. realitybites says: Reply

    hoping na nababasa mo ito..
    kung sakali totoo na kayo na ni jose (still hoping for that smack)
    sana di mo na sinama yung pic ng ansera sa pic ni jose dahil nagmumukhang tanga (isa na ko) yung nakakabasa at kinikilig sa post na ito. SOBRA MASAKIT mabigo lalo na kung PINAPAASA ka. (just a piece of advice) lam ko naman di mo ito iaaproved sa comment box.

  290. JP says: Reply

    Hmmm…I’d probably go and see the new Deadpool movie and after that, just go home and rest since I’m working 6 days straight that week. Hope you have a great <3's Day, Maine!

  291. cj says: Reply

    Akala ko vdate n tlg! Thank u sa pgpapasaya nyo sa amin everyday d nio alam pano nyo kmi napapasaya.ako minsan kc dumadating ung depression ko sobrang hirap pano mawala sa sitwasyon n un ung gusto mong umiyak ng umiyak ano naiisip mo.. replay ako ng KS tatawa n ako at kikiligin.kaya sobrang thankful ako sa inyo ni alden dumating kayo at nagbibigay kayo ng saya at nkakapagbago ng buhay. Tsk ung mga sinusulat mo nkaka inspire tlg! Ingat palagi and GOD bless u n alden! Hope to see u both…

  292. Alden will surprise you on the 14th hahaha wishing upon a star.❣❤️❤️.

    Just want to let you know, you are my inspiration. Inspiration to wait and love in everything i do. Thank you for being you every day. I know God is always there to love and guide you also to Alden. Meng, Thank you for changing our views about life. I have so many realizations and learnings because of your life story , alden’s life story and KALYESERYE. I am (feeling) sick person every day, but because of you, alden and kalyeserye my life changes in an instant.
    Our love for you and alden is the true Forever! Thank you, thank you. Praying for your safety, good health and happy life for both of you always and always.

    Ang English ko yaan mo na.. Hihi
    Magbabasa ako para magaling din ako mag english tulad mo..

    P.s Your playlists speak louder than words! YOU ARE INLOVE, Meng!!!!

  293. Chi-Chi Tiu says: Reply

    Thanks for the playlist, Maine! I love the songs. Your web page is outstandingly fresh and worth visiting. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    My life has never been the same again since I watched you in Kalyeserye. Your show made me feel at home and feel one with the millions of fans you have worldwide. The tweets, IG posts, blog, TVCs on youtube, news from friends about AlDub make me wish I could go home always to Philippines. I am one of your silent followers.

  294. Chinee says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I don’t know if you heard about Quiet Storm of 89.1 and Sunday Slowdown of 89.9 but it has (I think) the same songs in their playlist as yours. Here are more songs you might want to add in your playlist, some of them you might have already though. Enjoy! 🙂

    4U – Stephen Simmonds
    Someday, Someway, Somehow – Brian McKnight
    I Wish I Wasn’t – Heather Headley
    You Don’t Have To Cry – Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore
    For You – Kenny Lattimore
    Officially Missing You – Tamia
    Who Do You Tell – Tamia
    Easy Lovin’ – En Vogue
    You Mean The World To Me – Ruff Endz
    A Girl Like You – Kevon Edmonds
    Falling In Love Again – Cquence
    Our Love is For Real – Cquence
    Because I Love you – Drop N Harmony
    Never No Never – Drop N Harmony
    Lost In You – Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines
    My Jacket – The Hamptons
    Negative Things – Selwyn
    Now That You’re Alone – N-Toon
    I Don’t Wanna Go On – Innerlude
    Fly Away – Jaze
    Make Me Whole – Amel Larrieux
    I’m Sorry – 3rd Storee
    Say It – Voices of Theory
    Only Wanna Be With You – Rozwell
    I Don’t Ever Wanna See You Again – Uncle Sam
    These Are The Times – Dru Hill
    All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do) – Joe
    What If A Woman – Joe
    Discovery – Brian McKnight
    Lifetime – Prophet Jones
    Reason For Breathing – Babyface
    Separated – Usher
    Cry No More – Kino Watson
    Now That I’m With You – Jon B
    I’d Rather Be Alone – IV Xample
    What Everybody Knows – Marc Dorsey
    Fall For You – Shanice
    Miss You – Aaliyah
    Always Been You – Imajin
    Incomplete – Sisqo
    Can You Help Me – Usher
    Because of You – Keith Martin
    For All of My Life – For Real
    All That I Am – Joe
    From The Heart – Another Level
    What If – Babyface
    Could – Brian McKnight
    You – Athena Cage
    Loveable – Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore
    I Fall So Deep – EOL
    Lifetime – Maxwell
    Remember These Moments – D’Sound
    If I Was The One – Ruff Endz
    Broken Hearted – Brandy
    Come A Little Bit Closer – Brandy
    Spend My Life With You – Eric Benet and Tamia
    I Apologize – Ruff Endz
    My Kind of Girl – Brian McKnight
    Someone To Love You – Ruff Endz
    What Am I Gonna Do – Tyrese
    Who’s Loving My Baby – Shola Ama
    Stick Around – Azure
    Love Again – Sam Salter
    Everything Is You – Boyz II Men
    Doing Just Fine – Boyz II Men
    Lonely – Public Announcement
    One Life Stand – Joe
    Think of Aaliyah – Boyz II Men
    Oh Well – Boyz II Men
    Never Gonna Let You Go – Faith Evans
    I Won’t Cry – Profyle
    In a Rush – Blackstreet
    Angel – Dru Hill
    Win – Brian McKnight
    Anytime – Brian McKnight
    Sweet Lady – Tyrese
    If You’re Not The One – Daniel Bedingfield
    How You Gonna Act Like That – Tyrese
    Laundromat – Nivea
    Knocks Me Off My Feet – Donell Jones
    Differences – Ginuwine
    You Know That I Love You – Donell Jones
    Something To See – Glenn Lewis
    Don’t Change – Musiq Soulchild
    First Believed – Hoku
    All My Love – Innervoices
    Tattooed on My Mind – D’Sound
    Missing You – Case
    Promise – Jagged Edge
    Last Chance – Allure
    A Good Man – RL
    Miss You – Aaliyah
    I Gotta Be – Jagged Edge
    Crave – Marc Dorsey
    All is Said and Done – Beyounce & Marc Nelson
    My Body – Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat & Johnny Gill
    24/7 – Kevon Edmonds
    Nobody – Keith Sweat
    With Him – Babyface
    Crazy Over You – 112
    Secretly – Jennifer Lopez
    When I See You Smile – Uncle Sam
    Constantly – Vanessa Williams
    Your Home is in My Heart – Boyz II Men & Chante Moore
    Without You – Charlie Wilson
    Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda – Montell Jordan
    Don’t Wanna Try – Frankie J
    Closure – Gerald Levert
    Let’s Wait a While – Janet Jackson
    Questions – Black
    Cool With You – Jennifer Love Hewitt
    A Promise I Make – Dakota Moon
    Nu Flavor – Most Beautiful Girl

    ctto: Admin Juka who provided the list. Posted in Dreamsounds 89.1 facebook page.

  295. SJ says: Reply

    Hi Maine! 🙂 Hahahaha. Sa wakas nag update ka din ng blog mo :)) Well, ako? Uhmmm san ba ko mag cecelebrate ng balentayms? Syempre sa Church 🙂 Sunday yun eh 😀 then since we have graduation sa Discipleship kakain kami sa labas kasama sila so, sila ang ka-date ko this valentines 🙂 Yey! Syempre wag kakalimutan si Lord 🙂 sa lahat ng blessings na natatanggap natin! Have a great day ahead meng! Hopefully you can get a rest on balentayms day hahahahaha. God bless! Aldubyou forever! https://sheenajoycee.wordpress.com/ LOVEYOU!

  296. Connie says: Reply

    GOD BLESS YOU Maine, pahinga ka lang and bond w/ your family on Valentines day❤️

  297. Malen Flores says: Reply

    I know you get thousands of messages like this everyday. But I am hoping that even with your very hectic schedule, you’ll find the time to read this…

    After watching you dubs, I’ve become a fan & when I saw you in EB, I got hooked! There was something different about you, something I never saw from anyone else.

    I’ve had quite a number of writings over the years, some got lost, some forgotten… But one came back to me as I see your new found life unfold before my very eyes. I don’t know why or how it relates to you. I find it a bit odd, but I leave you to reflect on it & tell me what they mean to you…

    “You step back, dry your tears, close your eyes, take a deep breath, empty your mind & listen to what your soul whispers to your heart… Live for the day & moment… Appreciate each experience for its uniqueness, stop to smell the flowers, see the view, listen to the music, dance like no one’s watching & sing with all you might… Love even if there is nothing to expect… Love although you know there’s a chance it may not work in the end… Love just because… And that’s all that matters…”

  298. samiya sandila of valenzuela city says: Reply

    14? There will be nothing special to happen,because it’s my laba day,,but the next day of 14th will be special cause it’s my 25th bday,but maine,it will be more special if greet me happy bday… ALDUB U PO..

  299. Rosalinda Pacheco says: Reply

    happy Vday Maine. keep on reaching your dreams through God’s way. God bless

  300. Rosalinda Pacheco says: Reply

    any plan to prepare something Vday special dish to your BFF?

  301. HAHAHA! Kala ko pa naman kung sino na yung DATE mo. hahaha, si bed pala. FUNNY ako wa. Excited much too, ka date ko labahin xD *joke* bonding with my friends. ganoin !

  302. jay says: Reply

    all of the songs are just soothing to the ears!! great job idol!! hahaha.. your the best!

  303. Janz says: Reply

    Hi. Maine……

    kahit ndi mo ko kilala pero, i just wanna let you know na napamahal kana sa akin…il be a FAN always….(pero KILIG ako kapag anjan yung si ALDEN R. sa paligid mo) hehehe, but as to say i am so GRATEFUL to be part of your Journey and im so happy that you reach that state in your LIFE….thanks for sharing your VDAY Playlist….may bago na naman akong songs sa PLAYLIST ko sa phone (LSS din ako eh, adik sa headphone sa cellphone)….well ENJOY always and have FUN and be as who you are….and TO: ALDEN RICHARDS, ingatan mo si MAINE ha….hehehe
    Till your next post again……. LOVE LOTS…… 🙂 <3

  304. Carmela Ann says: Reply

    Hello Maine!
    Excited pa naman ako akala ko si Mr. A na, hahaha.. naudlot tuloy ang kilig ko, anyway tama naman yan more sleep para good health. Thanks for sharing your Vd playlist and continue writing in your blog, aabangan ko yan.
    Maraming salamat dahil marami kang napapasaya at kasama na ako dyan kahit na nabibilang ako sa Team replay lagi dahil nga sa kawalan ng oras dahil sa wok pero no. 1 fan mo ako kasi kakaiba ang dating mo e, hindi ko ma explain parang may magic lalo na pag kasama mo si Mr. A iba ang kilig, kilig na wala don sa ibang loveteam.

    God bless you Maine, Pinagdadasal kita lagi kayo ni Alden na sana tumagal pa ang career nyo at maging matatag kayo sa mga pagsubok na dumarating. Ang wish ko lang talaga makita kita ng personal at si Alden makita ko ng malapitan kasi nong nakita ko sya sa dami ng tao umakyat pa ako sa poste ng parking area para masilip lang sya .

    Lagi mong tatandaan maraming nagmamahal sayo kasama na ang aldubnation, marami kaming magtatanggol sayo, huwag mong pansinin ang mga bashers ang importante mabuti kang tao. Hayaan mo silang mamatay sa inggit! hihihi..

  305. aries amante says: Reply

    Haha.. Menggay you’ll always give a good catchup that people may come to a good news but suprisingly you have a date on your bed! Maybe you will see him in your dreams ganoiin ♥♡ been following you since start of aldub, and you and alden are best stress reliever, a big hugs and kisses to you maine mendoza

  306. Carmela Ann says: Reply

    Valentines Day? Love life is zero.. so i’ll be with my friends before/after VD, since its sunday i’ll stay home, more sleep and watch kalyeserye & EB prev episode

  307. Kilikiling Emosyonal says: Reply

    Napagalitan pa ako ng mama ko dahil bigla akong tumili ng bonggang bongga at nagulat sya! Hahaha Tapos… Tapos… Ahhh!!! Siguro yang kama mo Meng, yan din yung plywood noh? Just be honest. Yan din yun noh?

  308. Angeliza says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Thank you for inspiring us everyday not only you but Alden as well. Nawawala ang pagod ko, lumbay,pighati sa buhay dahil sainyo . Mahirap man ang buhay OFW pero nasusuklian mo ito ng mga ngiti. I’ll just spend my Valentine’s Day sa mga patient ko sa hospital, giving them my tender loving care. Stay lovely as you are and we love you so much

  309. Kim says: Reply

    Nahopia ako dun ah.. hahahaha Hoping pa naman na may date talaga kayo ni Bae Alden Yiiiieeeee Hahaha kaso ibes si BAE and kadate si BaE-D pala hahaha. Anyway, on that day, Family ang kadate ko.. as always hahaha and Im thankful for that, just saying.
    Yung playlist mo, super nice. The usual of you na may magandang taste sa music.
    Hope you always take care of yourself.
    As your fan (Yieeee #NoticeMeSenpai) ILove you and God Bless you, your family, your career, and your bae

  310. Kilikiling Emosyonal says: Reply

    I forgot! I’ll be spending the Vday with my lesson plans. I am a student teacher. Student teaching ang ka isa isa naming subject this laaaast sem. Gagraduate na ako, Maine!! And I’m happy to share my excitement and ugh, anxiety, to you! Haha. Araw araw akong nagtuturo sa dalawang sections, halos araw araw gumagawa ng lesson plan, visual materials, araw araw ngchcheck ng papers at marami png iba! Pero pero pero! Araw araw pa rin akong nkakapanood ng KS at araw araw akong updated sa’yo.. sa inyo ni Magnanakaw (ng halik)! Haha. Araw araw nga lang akong Team Replay kc wla png signal ang cable dhil ky Bagyong Nona. Mgttwo months na! Pro ayos lng. At least may ilaw at wifi haha. Maine!! Kinikilig ako ngayon hbng ngttype!! Iniimagine ko na mababasa mo to! Please please please! Meng! Feel ko Team Replay n nmn ako sa bday mo! Sa March 3! Grand demonstration namin yun! Isa sa amin ang mgtteach ng students with the observation of the DepEd supervisors! Kakakaba no? But ngayon plang gusto ko ng mgsorry sayo. SORRY dahil parang di ko ata mpapanood ng live bday celeb mo! 🙁 Sorry dahil sa isa sa pnkaimportnteng araw ng kabiyak ng ALDUB, di ako present! 🙁 I sent a private message for you thru ur Ate Niki’s fb account. Nung bday ko pa. Dec 6. Doon ko binuhos lahat ng rason kung bakit ang LAKI ng impact mo sa life ko. Seryoso. Pramis. As in. Basta. Sana mabasa mo tlga. Bsta after graduation, I want to personally meet you and thank you for EVERYTHING. Though tga probinsya ako, yes, Northern Samar po, itaga mo sa bato, buhangin, tubig, at kahit ano pa! Mamemeet kita in person! At siguradong maiiyak ako sa harap mo! I love you, Nicomaine! I always will.

  311. Cindy says: Reply

    HAHAHHAHAHA! Meeeeeng! Asang asa naman ako sa date mo. But I really hope you could spend that day with Fafa Alden. Yieee! Meanwhile I think I’ll be spending the 14th with my friends or if not, with my family of course. Lam mo na kasi, lamporeber. Hahahhaha. De jk. Great playlist tho!

  312. joem says: Reply

    Hello Maine!
    I enjoyed your Vday Playlist ,good music selection, nakaka- GV ang mga tempo feeling that I’m going back to where i am courting my wife. Thank you for making us happy everyday.It’s our daily habit(team replay) that my wife and I watch the EB KalyeSerye everynight before going to bed. Ending our tired and busy day with a dose of fun and kilig watching you and Alden and the Lolas.It’s our way of releasing our stress and like family bonding in front of a laptop watching the replays(with our kids).I’m 42 yrs.old and been happily married to my wife for 17 yrs.now and we still have that kilig moments watching Alden and Maine (who always inspires us).And to tell you,this is the first time that we are hooked in a LT just like Aldub,never in our younger years na nangyari to sa buhay namin,ngayon lang! Kaya I’m so thankful and happy to both of you for all your accomplishments and achievements in a very short period of time since u entered showbiz.Never forget to thank the Lord for the blessings! Continue what you are happy doing,enjoy most of it and remain humble!
    We are just here always to support you two(Aldub).Whatever negavibes, never be affected coz you are the only one who knows what true and whats not. Ignore it, mapapapagod din sila!God bless you always and again THANK U for making us HAPPY everyday-“Di namin alam na darating ka sa buhay namin…thanks for everything”

  313. Lei says: Reply

    Hi Ate Maine! Thanks for sharing your VDay playlist, papakinggan ko mamaya yan lahat. Btw, buti ka pa may plans ka na sa Valentine’s Day (ofcourse with Alden yiiiiee!), ako? Nahhh.. I have no plans since then. Kung magkakaroon man, date with God (since Sunday yun), my family, and friends siguro (wala kong lovelife ya know). For me po kasi, hindi lang naman para sa mga magpartners or magjowa ang VDay e, para rin yun sa mga loveones natin. Nakasanayan lang siguro natin na para lang yun sa magbf/gf or mag asawa, kaya andaming nabibitter (na mga single) tuwing Feb 14 e, alam nyo po yun? Yung halos tanggalin na nila yung date na February sa kalendaryo nila hahaha (pero hindi ako bitter ha. Really). Ok na nga, wag na pag usapan ang bitterness hahaha. Thank you again Ate Maine for sharing your playlist! Godbless you always. Hope you had a great day! Aldub you! Mwa. :*

  314. RoseT says: Reply

    Ayun na nga… Check ko nga lang sana if you’ve approved my comment on your prev. post… Then hala! May date ang lola mo… Hope you guys have fun… Yung special someone ko is thousands of miles away pero officemates and I are planning to go to the beach on the 13th-14th… So something to look forward to na din kahit in a LDR…

    Advanced Happy Hearts’ Day!

  315. Rich says: Reply

    Hi Maine!
    Thanks for the playlist. I must say I like all of it. For some of it ang lakas mka college days.

    I am also single for quite sometime now and yeah vday is just another day to me, ofcourse if its about “dating” but I still celebrate it with my family and friends. So “barkada date” for me. Planning to go to the beach at Laiya San Juan Batangas w/ my HS friends.

    Thank you pala coz I learned a lot of good songs from you. Ingat always. God bless you more.

    Rich (@Richclai )

  316. Jedy says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I love that playlist! And I wish Alden would also get the same date with his bed on Valentine’s Day, for a change…Aldub you!

  317. labyu meng…

  318. kala ko si tisoy na talaga yugn date nya ..

  319. Bel says: Reply

    Hello Maine! Medyo paasa yun ah. Huhu. Pero gorabels! Sulitin na! Pansin ko nga jusme, late ka na nakakauwi/nakakatulog. Uso pahinga uy! Hahaha. Same tayo. Pero ako di lang bed, with lots and lots of food din. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love you so much Maine! You’re one of my inspirations. Happy Valentines Day! Mwah mwah. ❤️ Enjoy and be happy! Aldub youuuu! ❤️

  320. sittie says: Reply

    9/12 of the songs on your playlist are songs i listen to when i feel sort of emotional. yon kantang hahanapain ko talaga kasi pakikinggan ko. i am from mindanao and my vday plan is to travel to metro manila to be with my closest friends. it’s the third year in a row that i am travelling to be with them. we have not yet decided what to do exactly on the 14th but for sure kasali doon ang pagkain and kwentuhan. we will be watching the post vday concert of the madz though. anyway, i am happy for what you have accomplished. i am a big fan and i feel like you are a sister that i have to support and love. first time na ang tingin ko sa isang showbiz personality is a sister. i worry for you, if you are getting enough rest and so i am happy to know that you also take time to rest. take care always please. and if you could double take care of yourself, please do it for me and your fans. love lots!

  321. Gigi says: Reply

    Hi Maine;

    I really enjoy watching you and Alden in EB KS and I would say I am team abroad as well as team replay. Happy ❤️ month and I’ve sense that your heart is overflowingly happy because of all the blessings and the people that love you. I love all the songs on your playlist especially “Angel of Mine”. You are right nakakakilig talaga. “When I first saw you I already knew There was something inside of you Something I thought that I would never find Angel of mine . Keep as sweet as you are and take care of your self

  322. Hi maine, hahaha that would be a nice date with your bed. Sleep is very good to you esp, madami ka work na pinagkakaabalahan kaya tama yan rest kana muna.
    Anyway thanks 4 sharing your playlist halos karamihan dun meron ako, senti love songs..
    Im celebrating Vday with my family of course.
    Nga pala I have 2 daughters Ria Andrea(6y/o) and Charlotte Maine(3mos old) Yes you heard it kapangalan mo ung bunso. Actually pinangalanan talaga yan ng panganay ko. Simula ng lumabas ka sa tv inaabangan ka na nya syempre ako din. Nakakatuwa ka kasi. Lalo na nung nagka commercial ka halos bilangin nya yun. Sana makita ka namin soon… Goodluck sa career mo, marami ka napapasaya at isa na ko dun. Ipagpatuloy nyo lang ni Alden ang ginagawa nyo papuntang forever… Siguradong mangyayari yun basta tiwala lang.. Ayun so more power to you, take care and GodBless…
    Karen 🙂

  323. KIM says: Reply

    OEMM! ate maine nakakatuwa po lahat yung playlist as in love it 🙂
    ang malaman na my kadate ka at si kuya alden i ok na sa valentines super kiligg na yun haha 🙂 solid aldub ako

  324. Andun na yung kilig ko dahil sa confirmation mo na you have a date pero hopia pala hahaha. It’s good though that you decided to just rest on VDay. Matulog ka ng madami para merong energy sa mga susunod pang araw. I don’t have any plans on VDay, sawi ako eh hahaha. Ingat lagi and always be real. Do not ever change.

  325. realitybites says: Reply

    life is a series of choices, you chose jose over your fans then take the consequence. pls lang wag mo sana sisihin ang fans balang araw kung bakit di kayo maka.amin dahil pinili nyo yun, you chose fame over truth. if you just have the courage and confidence about your love then di nyo sana tinatago..

    a 41 million tweet and 55 thousand more people watched tamang panahon can turn out to be the BIGGEST JOKE ever ( i wish i could stop crying now! coz it hurt so bad)

  326. Cha AA says: Reply

    Plans for the 14th? Nah, its a usual day for me. But you know I have a date during that day and alam mo sino KAYO! Ang ALDUB rather MAIDEN!!! Yes, kasi tuwing napapanood ko kayo parang Valentines araw-araw wink. Anyway, kala ko si R ka date mo hahahaha, napasigaw pa ako lol. Pero maganda din yan Ate Maine (Ate? I’m one year older than you hahaha) Maine na lang. But srsly, I really hope you get a chance to know each other. Stay blessed!

  327. Jeralyn says: Reply

    Hi maine!
    I’ve always adored your honesty to yourself and others…
    Few biz personalities do that… you’ve proven na people can accept you in showbiz without compromising the true you.
    You and Alden are always in my prayers, that the Lord would continue to cover you both with His infinite & divine protection, that He continues to bless you with humility and honesty.
    Enjoy your journey maine and praying that you and Alden be blessed with the desires of your heart!
    God bless you always and do not forget:
    Matthew 6:33 ” Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you”

  328. Shiela Besina says: Reply

    Hopia ako dun ha.. kala ko c alden.. happy Vday in advance… God Bless u more and more…

  329. Leah says: Reply

    My birthday…February 14 ❤️❤️❤️ #sundaylove with my two loves: hubby and son. My #perfectdate on my #specialday
    Wishing you the sweetest of #heartsday, Maine! May God shower you with all your #heartsdesires…in His #perfecttime

  330. Lhara says: Reply

    Hi Ate Maine,
    I would like to ask, what if Kuya Tisoy ask you for his Valentine’s Date would you go with him? You know, i am always watching Kalyeserye. I don’t want to miss every episode of it, except if i have a groupings. I am going to watch the episode i missed on Eat Bulaga Facebook Page. I am always tweeting and tagging you on my tweets. If you see @Lhayyyra on your twitter notification, then that’s me. I want you to notice me. And especially, i want to meet you and Kuya Tisoy. And ask you if you are officially on. I wish you will notice me. ALDUB YOU!

  331. Tenten says: Reply

    hahahaha! Enjoy your date meng! 🙂 siguradong QT na ito with your bed! 🙂 God bless you abundantly! 🙂

  332. Iloveyou ate Meng ❤

  333. daisy pobadora says: Reply

    I was thrilled with your kwento pero sa kama pala ang date mu. Bawiin mu lahat ng tulog na nawala sayo girl. It would be a simple date for our family. My husband and I will just bring our son sa Quezon City Circle. Bonding with the family sa park. I am excited, maybe will bring foods parang picnic na rin. More power Maine and Good luck sa inyo ni Alden on and off the camera.

  334. Lu says: Reply

    My 14th would be, ahm, miniature day! I am an architecture student and during Feb 14, we are having our foundation days, usually three days. No particular dates, but there would always be the 14th in our celebration. This year, we are celebrating it for five days because we host this year’s CICM friendship meet. Anyways, instead of having fun for five days, we are going to do our minature because the deadline will be after the celebration which is also going to be our exam days. This miniatire will serve as our exam so walang anu-ano kailangang matapos to! Bongga diba? Sana masaya yung gumawa ng schedule namin. My dates will be my cutter, super glue, boards, straight edge, styrofoams and everything.

  335. Hi Ate Maine!! On Valentines day? I have a date with God since it’s a sundat 🙂 anywau God bless to you and to your family.. Although I won’t deny it but, Na-hopia ako dun sa “I have a date” part… :3 All the love to you ❤❤❤

  336. Patrick says: Reply

    Nicomaine Mendoza, thank you for being such a wonderful person. I thank you kase you and Alden somehow saved me sa pagiging broken hearted ko last year. She broke up with me last May and sobrang thankful ko na dumating ka sa EB and pinakilig nyo ako nung July 16 hanggang ngayon. You don’t know how much you inspire me every single day with your kakulitan and tawanan and kilitian and titigan and you know, yung sobrang kasweetan nyo. I may have turned pusong bato but you guys showed me na everything really happens for a reason just as long as we are patiently waiting. I envy you, guys but at the same time I am so damn happy for you guys as well! I know I’m just one of those million admirers/supporters/fans na meron kayo but really, thank you. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and to everyone. I’m 25yrs old yet I look up to you guys. Parang ako pa yung mas bata e, nakakahiya. Hahaha. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to meet you guys in person but I don’t think it’ll happen. Huhubells. I know how busy you guys are and I’m actually satisified seeing you guys sa tv, sa snapchat, sa twitter, sa commercial, sa billboard, sa LRT trains, sa posters. Hahahahahah. Anyway, ingatan nyo ni Richard kung anong meron sa inyo, kung ano man yan, ingatan nyo, sikapin nyong wag matulad sa iba, patunayan nyo sana na may forever, andito lang din ako at ang milyong fans to support you guys. Saya ng Feb no? Di ako bitter, anjan kase kayo eh! 🙂 Thank you, Maine and Richard! 🙂

  337. DonBoga says: Reply

    Hi, Meng!

    Ako, will be spending Feb 13 night with good friends and Valentine’s day salubong na din. Jamming over good food and drinks siguro. I admit medyo bitter ako sa mga ganitong hanash dahil hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa ako naka move on sa 6-year realationship ko before na natapos last 2014 pa. Baka may advice ka sakin kung pano ba maka move on. Hehe
    Pero still thankful dahil I have my friends with me. As time gone by, na realize ko na ang Valentine’s day ay hindi lang tungkol sa mag bf/gf.
    On the 14th naman, me and my family will have our date.
    Still, kahit na ganito na single pa din ako, it shoul never be a reason to be sad. There will always be a lot of reasons to be happy and thankful for.

    Thanks pala sa playlist! Wishing you good health always. All the best!

  338. Aaziel says: Reply

    Love the play list! Love Month na! Valentines ba kamo? Hindi uso… eheheh (bitter?) Nope! Same as yours, araw ng pahinga… it is Sunday, meaning church day, family and bed day! ( usual day ) . And maybe, abangers lang na may valentine movie. (Hmmmmm?,)

  339. MicMic says: Reply

    You know what? The bed thing really makes me laugh hahahaha! Well let me share you with who am i going to spend vday, if you’re going to spend yours with your bed that will be fun! (Sleeping really makes us healthy ☺) Me? I am planning to have a simple celebration with myself, ‘love yourself’ nga ika ni JB. Not only with myself but especially with God and my family of course. I hope all of us have a great vday! Love you Maine! 

  340. Honey says: Reply

    No special date to start with but might be going to mass with my hubby and children….So affected with your LT…hoping for you to end up together…and have your forever…will be supporting you all the way….downloaded the songs on ur playlist…thanks to both of you for bringing color to my life…bored with the same routine until I accidentally see the Kalyeserye…confused, so I tried checking…and for the whole 3 days fr morning till the wee hours I finished the episodes fr July 16 till sept 1 to be up to date…enjoyed every episode…cried and laugh…So happy for both of you…Hope to see you both…also praying for your forever together….LOVE You Both!!!! God bless…

  341. kace says: Reply

    hahaha…i had fun reading this. thanks maine. well, as for me my Vday will be the same as my ordinary days. sabay nalang tayong matulog, and dream the best moment that we wanted for that day. kahit sa panaginip nalang tayo magkaroon ng date. “smile emojie” hart hart.

  342. Carol C. Penetrante says: Reply

    kala ko vdate nyo na ni Alden, hopia pala kasi Bed pala ang kadate. anyways, need nyo po talaga ni Alden ng rest…. Me, maybe may 2 kids ka-date ko kasi nasa abroad husband ko pero malamang sa bahay lang din kami dahil for sure super duper dami ng tao sa mall.

    Maine, pede po ba magrequest ng a short video message from you and Alden for may Bday on Feb 16? Or kahit greetings from twitter (@ccpenetrante). Sana po mabasa nyo message ko and ma-grant my bday wish. Thanks. Aldub you!

  343. Gabrielle says: Reply

    Since, it’s a Sunday (and I don’t have a boyfriend,) it will be a family day! We will be celebrating my father’s 51st Birthday on the 14th, so yeah, sounds like a plan. HAHA
    Have an awesome week! God bless!

  344. Angel Claire says: Reply

    You’re such a smart and witty writer, I truly enjoy reading your blogs. I love the playlist as well though some are new to me, maybe it’s new coz it’s not my genre. I think you deserve a special date this Vday and am sure sure many are wanting to invite you but with your status now, it might be hard for some. Just the same, open your heart with other possibilities outside showbiz and have an enjoyable balanced life. Of course, everyone wants you and ‘A’ to be in a relationship but showbiz is making it complicated for both of you, I guess. Well, enjoy life as much as possible; continue to hone your talent in acting and writing; the latter is your edge with other stars…you really have good writing skills.

  345. Kenjie Tindoc says: Reply

    Hi ms.maine! 🙂
    #ALDub fan here
    malpit na birthday nten haha march 4 nga lng ako sana po magreet nyoko khit d2 lng po haha 😀 thank u po and God Bless sa career 😉
    ig: kenjiert

  346. claire pestano says: Reply

    hi maine..actually wala aman ako balak sa vday malamang si god ang kadate ko..hehehe it sunday and rest day sa work.
    Natawa ako kala ko may date kayo ni alden then ung bed pala, ok na din siguro un hahaha lageh na kayong puyat. Sana magdate kayo ng bff mo then sana mgakàroon ng karugtong ung lost and found.

  347. Panalo ka talaga hija! You are so wise for your age. I really, really, really (mala-Carly Rae) admire you – the way I have never been this engrossed to anyone. It’s all helpful and good though.

    Valentine’s plan? Chill with the hubby, kids and pets. Cuddles, good food and YouTube. O diba, nakiki bata? Lakas mo makabagets e, yes, the whole AlDub thing?! Oh siguro um-edad lang ako pero di tumanda? Hahahhahaha!

    Enjoy your Valentine’s day, and every day. Mwah mwah from Lola TamsLabs!

  348. Blue Bella says: Reply

    Nice pulwaylwist! huehue Gusto ko yung *Incoherent Screams* LOL
    Maiba ako Maine! Tips/advice naman sa mga Frustrated Blogger na katulad ko. Puhlease?

  349. Babsy says: Reply

    Wow naman … na excite ako sa last few sentences then ended up disappointed nung nabasa ko na lahat. Ang hirap mag comment sa blog mo pag ang dami nang comment ha … Sabi ni Daddy BAE date with Jesus. So gising ng maaga and attend yung mga 5am mass kasama family niyo TOGETHER then uwi ka and date kayo ng BELOVED BED mo … kung tabihan ka kaya ni Tisoy dun di ba mas okay … no green minds … tulog lang … di ba pareho kayong deprived nun … Happy Hearts

  350. Jennylyn Flores says: Reply

    Hi Maine,
    I’m happy that you will be able to rest on that day because of so much work that you had. That’s right you need rest so badly. Pahinga din pag may time. Pero nahopia ako dun akala ko si Richard Faulkerson ang kadate mo.. hahaha. But still I’m happy that day eill be your rest day. Ako! I will treat Valentines as a special day! Because I will be going out with my bestfriends on that day to go Hiking ang Trekking which is one of activities included in my bucket list. Kelangan ko yun eh para tuluyan na ding makapag-Move on. Do you believe that when I got too closed to a person it is easy for me to fall in love with just one click. But for some unknown reason It is hard for me to move on. The last person I fall in love with is one of my barkadas. Na-FriendZone ako eh. And it really hurt bad because before moving on, it almost took 2 and a half years to do that. But after that, i feel so relieved! And now Im beginning to feel happy again because I am capable of loving myself now. You’re right Acceptance is the Key! Salamat at dumating kayo ni Alden sa buhay namin. You are my inspiration! You will always be. Aldub you Meng! Enjoy your Valentines Date!

  351. Arianne Sarah H. De Castro says: Reply

    hi meng,, im your fan since you’ve start and ALDUB start.. sobra din ako avid fan pag may magazine kau ni richard .. so far kumpleto na ako.. hihi i love u so much and i hope you stay in this industry sosososososo looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg… dont forget god is always anjan para sainyo at sau.. anywAY .. this is may entry in ur VDAY

    ******* listening to YOU by Athena Cage **********
    me and my boyfriend is been 5 years and 6 months… and nasa Taoyuan Taiwan siya ngaun almost 2 months nadin siya dun… this is our first time na mag celebrate ng Valentine na sa SKYPE at LINE … its been so hard … nag celebrate kami ng christmas , new year na nasa SKYPE at LINE kami.. well sabi ng iba e “malapit lang ang taiwan sus..” but when your away sa mahal mo syempre di madali nasanay kau na mag kasama.. NOW na Valentine ,, I will pray for him na maging okay siya dun at good health un nalang magagawa ko kasi di ko naman siya mapupuntahan dun… hihihi maybe we take SKYPE mag uusap and Celebrate our 1st Valentine na ganun.. All i think in this situation of us , Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle, rather a beautiful reminder of just how strong true love can be.. and i know we will be together again and be happy as one .. after 3 years we will get married .. kaya hantay lang ,,,

    thank you i hope you read this.. thank you nicomaine !!!


  352. Arianne Sarah H. De Castro says: Reply

    by the way,, tama yan pahinga mu muna sarili mo para makaiwas sa sakit.. malay mo may surprise pala sau si bae.. abangan .. take care of your self

  353. Yeye says: Reply

    Kamote kala ko kung sino ka-date! Haha! I love you maine! Isa lang ako sa millions of millions na supporter mo, napapasaya mo talaga kami. Maraming salamat!

  354. Ca Mendoza says: Reply

    omG.. I guess I’ll be lucky enough to just get your attention by simply saying “God, I wish Maine’s my long lost cousin, hehe.. Woaaaah, it took me a minute (oa much, a minute tlga ) to scroll down just to be here in the comment section. When I first know your name esp. your last name, I quickly ask my father..”Tay, may kamag anak ba tayo somewhere in Bulacan?” and he was thinking for a minute while I’m patiently hoping na sana meron, please say Yes tay.hihi And then he said, “wala e, wala akong maisip na kamag anak sa Bulacan”, I was just like -insert sad face-.. Anyways, atleast may ka-last name kmi who’s super talented lalo na when it comes to writing such clever blogs.. I’m a fan
    hope you’ll read my not so interesting comment. ciao
    stay humble girl 🙂

  355. Elvin says: Reply

    Nakakatuwa playlist mo. Impluwensya ba ng mga ate mo?

    I love your playlist. Yung ilan jan nandun sa tape ko na… you had me at hello… Nostalgic mga kantang yan. Naalala ko pa yung MV ng you first belive ni hoku…

    Uhmmm… Gusto ko lang magdagdag sa playlist mo.

    1. Panahon nanaman by rivermaya
    2. Come a little closer by brandy
    3. Have you ever by brandy
    4. I need to be next to you by leigh nash
    5. Kiss by kiss by emilia
    6. Falling in love again by eagle eye cherry
    7. Curious by 3LW
    8. Ready for love by Legaci (eto sana sagot niyo sa sabado)
    9. Fall for you by shanice
    10. For you by kenny lattimore
    Pahabol pa.
    11. Make me whole by amel larrieux (your the only half that makes me whole) damn!

    Hope these songs could find a place on your playlist. Thank you sa post mo nahalukay ko mga kantang yan. Made me more nostalgic. Lol.

  356. Cherie says: Reply

    My housemate will be going home to her province so i’ll be left alone. Well, I guess that’s fine with me, I mean being alone, feb 14 was never an important date for me. Yes, I am still single – yung sawang sawa ka na kaya kahit i-utter mo lang ung word na ‘single’ may konting kurot na. CHARING!! I am used to not doing anything on that day, I may just sleep, like you, on that day. I won’t dare going out, it will only depress me haha. People will be everywhere, resto even fastfood will all be busy for the entire day, and I will only be out of place *bitter* 🙂 I may just go to church if i’ll ever waking up 🙂

  357. I will spend my Vday sa Church, 14 is Sunday… Date muna with God before anything else. 🙂 Then right after the church, spend time with the family. Vday is not for lovers lang naman. Anyways, we can spend Love’s day everyday, right Meng? 🙂

  358. Ellen Caparroso says: Reply

    I will Spent it at store since I have duty on v day 🙂 mass after then like u date with my bed also coz I have duty the following day

  359. Sherlyn Pamanian says: Reply

    Date with your bed ?
    Parang hindi ata ? Hindi papayag si A.
    Pero ako siguro or hindi lang siguro pero sigurado kasi nga wala naman akong partner..

  360. Robs says: Reply

    Well you deserve a rest.. Pero talaga ang alam ko may date kayo ni Kuya Alden eh.. Malay niyo po kasabay niyong mag date ang AnseRa !

  361. Robs says: Reply

    Well you deserve a rest.. Pero talaga ang alam ko may date kayo ni
    Alden eh.. Malay niyo po kasabay niyong mag date ang AnseRa !

  362. Geng Alcantara says: Reply

    Nakakahopia yung last paragraph ha. HAHAHAHA How i spend my VDay? dahil single ako ate meng wala tulad sayo, Higa tas SOUNDTRIP. So relaxing, Perfect time and date to sleep and relax. HIHIHI

  363. antonette zamora says: Reply

    Nacolumbia ako dun ah… bed lng pala..
    Pero nakakainspired ka po talaga.. sa mga blogs na ginagawa nyo and also yung ginawa nyo pong novel yung prologue pa lng,,,, naiyak po ako dun,,, feel feel ko… habang binabasa ko naiimagine ko talaga.. waiting sa susunod … and my plans for Vday.. hmm.. bonding lang with my friends .. dito sa bahay.. well it’s a group date..
    hmm… bsta… nakakainspired tlaga po yung mga ginagawa nyong blog.. sana sa susunod maka publish na ikaw ng book about your life o love stories.. hihi..

  364. […] was happy yesterday because I found out Maine Mendoza approved my comment on her VDAY post! Simple […]

  365. tessa says: Reply

    thanks for sharing your Vday playlist Maine =) @mainedcm Happy heart’s day! …happy lang =)

  366. michelle cruz says: Reply

    Thank you sa playlist.. May mapapatugtog na naman ako… Nakakatuwang isipin na pati ung mama ko binabasa ung blog mo tapos sabay sermon sakin..haha.. Pero thank you talaga lalong sa isang ginawa mo ung PAANO BA? natauhan ako. Narealize ko na NAPAKALAKI KO PALA TANGA! Move on na talaga ako ngayon.. Habang binabasa ko nga un ehh umiiyak ako kac marami talagang nasayang na panahon at pagmamahal…thank you talaga ate meng hope to see you soon

  367. Keith says: Reply

    Hi Gurl,

    I would like to share that we’re planning to get busy for a simple candle-light dinner outside our house with my small family and some friends! This is gonna be the first . We’re kinda out of budget but we still want to make this Valentines day special. So I’m getting excited with preparing some DIYs and thinking of the menu to make this an out-of-the-ordinary dinner. Hope everything turns out well. Looking to share the outcome with you soon.

  368. Rachel says: Reply

    Maine! I love the fact you have a blog, and you continued na mag- blog, kasi through this we get to know you in a deeper and personal way. Hindi showbiz, it’s so nice! Keep being real and stay grounded. Stay humble and thankful. God bless you dear. Don’t be influenced by the ugly side of showbiz and media. Never forget who you really are. And about “the guy” haha! Don’t sweat it. The person meant for you will eventually come, but if he’s already there, he won’t leave. <3

  369. Millet says: Reply

    Hi meng, i’m glad super glad that you’ve updated your blog already.. i have been checking your site every now and then checking for new blog updates mo.. 🙂 I even copied your currently, (sarey) i do the currently na din kasi love na love kita eh.. 🙂
    This Valentines day ay may date ako, yes maybe with my man pero mas date namin both si Lord ngayong valentines day.. 🙂 alam ko may date ka din meng.. hindi lang si alden, kundi ang family mo at si Lord din for sure.. 🙂 Ingat ka always maine! God bless you always..

  370. Carla Jean / Cj says: Reply

    Hi Maine/Meng ✋

    Happy Valentines to you dear…belated!❤ :-*

    I’m just like every one here a silent fan of you. I am not that active in social media things and I haven’t read yet all about u in ur blog but whenever I got a chance I followed u in twitter, instagram, facebook(I tried but can’t find ur legite one) even in smule I followed u but am not a stalker huh haha I really admire for what u r… I know u might not able to read this but I want to say thank you for d happiness u always bringing to all ur fans including me. Sorry sa english ko huh hehe anyways gusto ko rin eh express yung feelings ko ksi nkakarelate ako sayo …

    Yesterday, I spent my valentine alone but am in a relationship for 5 years now and 12 days (bilang na bilang tlga noh) LDR kmi but pg my chance he spent sometime w/ me nmn. Its just that am not that happy na bcoz he was nvr that sweet type nor sensitive type of a guy. Most of the time ako yung vocal sweet showy sa feelings ko and I really speaks what is on my mind(but not all sometimes)
    There r times nmn na his thoughtful but nvr on our special day like monthsaries or anniv he will just text me to greet but after that nothing more well I appreciate nmn but its seems parang kulang ang affection nya at hnd sya,yung type of a guy na ng eeffort tlga hay I really dont know what to do para maging ok nmn kmi before I used to right him letters in our monthsaries then I also wrote poems for him he told me once na appreciate nya daw but u know we gurls have this feeling na pgduda na parang hnd nya msyado tlgang naappreciate yung mga ganong bgy… So after that kind of feeling I stopped doing letters for him I stopped doing poems for him then something happened… I found out he got a girlfrnd so parang lumabs na third party ako… I didnt know but then after I knew I was really hurt so I broke with him but then just to cut the story short he chooses me bcoz I fell inlove with him I accepted him back but since then we always argue out of jealousy most of the time… It is really difficult when TRUST is no longer there I tried to break up with him but he keep insisting that he dont want to ako nmn ayaw ko mang aminin pro tanga tlga ako takot akong mg isa but kya ko nmn ayy nku ewan ang gulo ko noh hehe mgulo isip ko lagi dhil sa knya…

    Anyway dear thank u khit d mo mn mbsa to thank u dhil sa blog nailbs ko konti skit ng loob ko dito hehe but syempre dhil sayo at sa ALDUB npapasaya mo ako… Pcnxa na huh

    Thank you sa Vday playlist mo #NostalgicMemories nga sarap ehh reminisce ang nkaraan pero we need to move on(hnd ko lam kung totally nku nka move on hayy nku) … Godbless to u meng…u can call me Ate Carly hehe


  371. Hi maine! I’ve always wondered how i could reach you with you noticing.

    I want to share with you my valentines playlist! It’s nothing like yours hahahaha but it’s a mixtape of songs that turn me into an incoherent mess of mush and rainbow puke. I hope you give it a listen and i hope you let me know what you think of it! Email me 🙂 thanks!

    A few notables:
    Spazzkid – getting to know you
    The bird and the bee – something good
    Cessyl orchestra – into the trance
    The wannadies – you and me song


  372. Zachary Sebastian Parker says: Reply

    MAINEEE PANSININ MOKOOOOO!! Nakita ko kasi yung snap mo na youtube vid. Yung “bahala na” im have somethinf to share with you . Yung video na ginawa ng fan mo na napanuod ko sa youtube. Yung Serendipity. And collide by howie day yung backround song. Sobrang kinilabutan akong nung napanuod ko siya. Kase amazing yung pag tugma tugma ng nangyayare sa buhay nyo nung di pa kayo magkakilala. And kakanuod ko lang nung movie na serendipity nun . Such a good movie na kung di dahil sayo di ko mapapanuod. Imposibleng mabasa motong comment ko pero tinry ko paden. Hahaha sobrang dami ng comments eh. Isearch mo nalang yung vid na sinasabi ko sa youtube. Its easy to find . And im sure na mapapangiti ka after mo mapanuod yun.

    Ps. Fellow lasallian

  373. Niza Marinas says: Reply

    If and when you get to read this, I hope you can listen to the music of relatively lesser known country singer, Sara Haze. Two of her songs remind me of you: Every Heart and Hold Me Now. 🙂 God bless you always.

  374. Mia says: Reply

    Hi maine! thank you for the playlist! it’s great and it captured my heart!

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