first #MemaEntry of 2018

Okay, I am not sure if people will (immediately) find out about this new entry because of my new blog layout. (That is not yet fixed!) But yeah, this is my first (mema) entry for the year 2018! Disclaimer: There is nothing to be nervous or scared about.. wala lang ito. #MemaEntry

So before anything else, let me greet all of you a very happy New Year! I hope you guys had a great time during the holidays, and I hope you were able to eat lots without any restriction or guilt! Minsan lang naman eh, diba… echos!

So I was looking for an old photo (circa 2012 to be specific) because I wanted to try this “Post an old and a present photo” thing on Facebook and see how much you have changed blah blah blah. Unfortunately, I do not have my old photos on my phone. (I don’t like copying files from my old phone to the new one because I won’t get the bago-yung-phone-ko feels, that’s why.) So anyway, since my Facebook got hacked 2 years ago and I failed to retrieve it, I was thinking where to get some old photos. Pinagisipan ko pa talaga. Then I realised I own a blog, since 2011. (Duh?) So I went to my old blog, the one registered on, then started browsing through. (I am also actually doing it now) I am not sure if all of my entries from 2011-2014 were transferred to this blog though, but they are all supposed to be here at ??? Anyway, it makes me happy and a bit sad looking back on my life as a teenager– as a college student. I know I say this a lot, but I really miss how often I write back then. I miss how I write about random things like: a boring day at home; random day out with friends; the joy of purchasing The Sims; having my braces removed; finding a new song; sharing motivational quotes I found on Google, etc. And I love how I can write so much about a trivial topic. Writing used to be a priority back then; posting an entry was my weekly goal. I really enjoyed writing and narrating stories kahit na wala naman ng kwenta mga pinagsasabi ko. I just miss sharing random life happenings to my non-existent blog readers. (Charot, parang may tatlong readers naman ata ako. Lol!)

I miss those days! And looking at our (barkada and family) photos and seeing how much we have changed! Mga totoy at nene! Also, I get to remember my life as a student thru my blog posts; like failing to enlist my subjects on time; working on a school project; making it to the dean’s list etc. Nakakamiss ang mga panahong pumapasok ako ng naka-corporate attire! I don’t know if you know, but I am super makakalimutin! So I really have to write down the things I do not want to forget.  Like you can open up to me and tell me your secrets, give it a week, and poof! It became Koko Krunch! (Oo, yung sikreto mo naging cereal) Selective retention, maybe? O talagang makakalimutin lang? 

Anyway, here’s the thing I was telling you about.


From cave man..


…to cave woman.


Lol, that’s a somewhat decent throwback photo! Mukha na akong babae diyan with my short hair, but in reality, shibolibambam ang aurabels! (Mukha pa din namang shiboli sa 2017 photo, naka two piece lang ang ati mo, este koya. Charot!)

Anyway, I am curious! I wanna see some throwback and present photos of you guys! I am just not sure if it’s possible to leave a photo comment below– or if you want to expose your faces to the public– but if you are not ashamed to reveal some throwback pics, upload them and tag me on Twitter or Instagram! Tama na kakahalukay ng j3j3 phOtoS ni #cUtiEmHaiNe03, it’s your turn this time! 😛

By the way! Crowdsourcing: Does any of you know someone who creates blog layouts? I still want to modify the current one because it looks so plain to me. Gusto ko yung may pa-emeng konti. Lol if you know someone please let me know! Mention me on Twitter! Thanks!

That’s it for today! My first random blog post this 2018! Wala ng proof read proof read, lol! Here’s to another year full of surprises and new experiences!

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  1. Happy New Year, Maine. I love the layout of your website as well as its content. I have been waiting for your newest post on your blog and I am glad you did it today. You really inspire people and you influenced me as I start my journey as a blogger. I enjoyed your Divisoria Dance in EB last Saturday. God bless you.

  2. Ren says: Reply

    *insert Titibo tibo song by Moira*

    Gandaers atiii! Pengeng ganda hahahahappy new year! 💋

  3. ric says: Reply


  4. Thank you for the update Maine, we miss you so much. Masaya kaming makita na finally nagkaroon ka din ng panahon para sa sarili mo mula nang sumikat ka sa EB. Everyone deserves a break every once in a while. Salamat na palagi mo kaming pinapasaya and thank you for inspiring us to express ourselves in our own unique ways… I mean yung pagiging kakaiba at pagiging totoo mo sa sarili at sa lahat ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit ka namin minahal. Marami ka na-inspire mag blog ulit at iba pa 🙂 akala ko noon hindi na ako ngingiti ulit pero isa ka sa dahilan kung bakit nakaka smile na ako ulit, at unti-unti ko rin natutunan ang magpatawad sa mga nagkasala sa’kin noon. Hindi madali pero inuumpisahan ko na 🙂

    Salamat sa open letter at mas nalinawan na ang iba sa amin na naconfuse noon, sa totoo lang NEVER ako na-offend sa letter at sa mga posts mo sa twitter, hindi naman kasi ako natamaan haha. Anyway thank you na lagi mo kami pinapaalalahanan pag nagkakamali kami. (kami…kasi part pa rin ako ng ADN kahit medyo M-leaning ako), hindi man ako miyembro ng kahit anong fans club, fan mo pa rin ako, ng loveteam nyo ni Alden.

    Naging opinionated man ako minsan sa comment box ng fb pages, natutunan ko rin piliin kung ano lang ang dapat sabihin. that you can’t please everyone and it’s fine as long as wala kang inaagrabyado.

    We can express what we truly feel without insulting anyone. Dun lang sa tama at dapat matutong rumespeto sa opinyon ng iba.

    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Advance Happy Valentines and Happy Birthday LOL.

  5. imafan16 says: Reply

    Yey! May entry ka na for 2018! Oo nga, need pa isearch ung blog para ma-view. Sana parang may notif for new entry. Thank you!

  6. Joan says: Reply

    Haha love you meng always! Basta happy ka

    1. Liz says: Reply

      Yes, I agree😂 daming kong tawa! Uy hindi lahat kame na trauma, ako semi lang😂😂😂 haphap ganun😂 anyways, love you Meng we always do..enjoy life and thanks for this entry. Happy New Year!

    2. Mae says: Reply

      Parang hey, wazz up, parang walang nangyari… Ganun lang, duh!!! ang galing noh, minsan ka lang humanga sa artista sinaktan pa ang puso mo, but hey i’m still here in your blog, maybe may napipiga pa akong love sayo maine… Sana lang masaya ka na, no more worries, NEXT TOPIC… 😂 😉😰😍

    3. Basta happy ka Mengay ay happy them kami sayo.. for being silence ambitions you have successfully made it to your carrier.. God bless you always Maine..

  7. 2012 – tao pako. Ngayon baboy na ako. Tag kita sa twitter. Hahahhahaha! 😂

    Happy New Year Bibi girl! Thank you for coming back. 💛

  8. Kylajane says: Reply

    Lovr you maine

  9. Zyreen Joy says: Reply

    Love yah Ate Meng! More happy memories and experiences to come! Love you and Kuya Alden! IMYSB…

  10. Mafe says: Reply

    Always love and enjoy reading your blog❤️😘

  11. Mafe says: Reply

    Love reading your blog always

  12. Nancy says: Reply

    Thanks Meng. Always a pleasure reading your post. ♥️

  13. Rose Salazar says: Reply

    Ganda po pa din. . Don’t worry dito pa din kmi for you and Alden. . 😀

  14. Patricia says: Reply

    Magccoment sana ako ng pathrowback ko kaso di naman pwede try ko nalamg sa twitter pag may lakas na din ako ng loob hahaha. Btw, We love you Maine! Happy New Year! Godbless you more and Alden. Love you mga #Ludi hahaha 😘

  15. Marie says: Reply

    We miss your blog entries as well😍 Sunday currently to be exact. It was nice to read this today. Hope to read more from your blog in the future! 😉

  16. Miz_Riz_93 says: Reply

    For a #MemaEntry, this sure is an impressive way to start what would surely be a creative year for you, Maine! This blog layout still does have some bugs & takes a while to load, but everything you write is certainly worth the wait!

    Love you, Maine! Looking forward to more of your writings.. 😘

  17. MELVIN says: Reply

    Love you meng

  18. Krishna Almalvez says: Reply

    Missing u Maine always

  19. Bhabie rose says: Reply

    Hello Maine god bless u always ingat k palagi see u sa eb tom Maine have a blessed weekend Maine may the good Lord guide u always Maine

  20. Sophie says: Reply

    tweet this peeps: @maichardedits @clingyaldub @gonzaguhs @mchrdscribbles !!!!! they are the most creative ones in this fandom 💛💛💛💛

  21. Koyah G says: Reply

    It does put a smile when you do go through your throwback pics. Some nostalgic feels, some memories that you tend to forget but remembers the instances, some just made you laugh seing just what happen that day. But yes, i love going through photos, me i kept it on my phone just to look from now and then. Now, your blog reminds me to go thru it, again. Thank you for putting a Smile on me 😊 Also maybe i’ll share some if I still have 2012 photo’s in my phone. Keep up with your writing which makes you happy. Always happy here waiting to read your blog 😊

  22. Joyce says: Reply

    Nakangiti lang ako mula umpisa hanggang matapos ko basahin yung blog post mo. Hayy, iba ka talaga. You bring so much happiness to me ☺️.

  23. mich03 says: Reply

    So glad to read your 1st entry. Hope to see you soon Maine.

  24. Jhun Esteban says: Reply

    its so nice to see you again writing, and we are happy that you have having fun this week end, even that some boring moment, for a #MemaEntry , pede ba yun kakalabas ko lng sa mundo throwback picture ko ksi ang layo nun lumaki ako,,,,,,,

  25. Maia says: Reply

    Isn’t writing so therapeutic? Also reading and doing stuff you like and trying out new things. I wish I have more time doing them all but reality bites (pls check out the ’90s film). I used to dream of becoming someone and being to places and worked hard to get them. When I did it was so exhilarating like I was on a high for a few years, lol. Then it reached a plateau and I became disoriented like, what happened? It felt debilitating for the most part (that’s the quarter life me talking). Whether it was all real or imagined, life must go on but before I can move forward, first things first. I need to make first apologize for the mistakes committed along the way and make amends to sort my house in order. I have to so I can move forward and embark on a new adventure for when life happens, I can look back without guilt.

    Thank you for the disclaimer tho I have to admit, it didn’t help ease my nervousness. Your last one was traumatic and I can still feel the sting actually. “Do more of what makes you happy.” I take this to heart, Maine. But not without regard to my responsibility as a full-fledged adult. I tried to avoid my growing pains but it still caught up with me. We all have to grow up sometime. And that could mean doing things we may not like but do it anyway because it’s the right thing to do.

  26. Marissa Cleto says: Reply

    Hahaha.good thing there is a disclaimer. Got me nervous. Kala ko part 2. Baliw baliwan lang . Happy New Year my child. We love you.

  27. HOMEBOY says: Reply

    This #MemaEntry is full of insight on the things that matter to you most. When you say that you miss school, your activities, your wonderful loyal friends – it tells us you had a worthwhile student life and invested in the best of friends – the ones who will last a lifetime, and the ones who will remain loyal to you when everyone else scatters and leaves. Thanks for sharing old an new pictures. OMG. kaya pala mabagal ang pag load – traffic to your site is crazy!!
    Yes i think your site is a bit sparse and bare for your taste and personality. Too many white spaces that could be trimmed up with cool things that you like! Visit the sites other celebs that you like and see if they have features that you would like to have. That way you can show your list of “must haves” and “nice to haves” to whoever will layout the blog. Have fun doing it! Cheers and looking forward to a great 2018 with you! My Fanboy mode is on 24/7 !

  28. EowZh pOwz, Maine! I hope you got to use my Scratch Map gift na. To more travels for you! j3j3j3! Lahbzx kitAhh 💋

  29. Mommy Rhee says: Reply

    Madam, i tagged u sa entry pics namin ng wldest son ko – 2011 vs 2018.

    Mahal na mahal ko kayo ni gov!

    Sana nakarating na ung book ni stormie na pinakisuyo ko kay ms lia nung adn Christmas Party

    Pinagdarasal ko kayo parati. Loveu!

  30. Yup! Im that girl hu still support and love you no matter what.. I find u so so wonderwall ester wonder woman.. Go lng maine.. Medyo traffic dto kaya tyagaan lang sa pila wahahaha.. #mema comment lang ata ako hahaha d malagyan ng pic ang comment sayang din ang before yatots and now chubbyness ko hahaha.. Nweys you go girl.. Happy newyear and more writings another book ulet daliii wish wish.. Lablots..

  31. Nimfa Batulanon says: Reply

    Hi there Maine. Nothing change still beautiful back then until now. Its just that mas may glow sa eyes mo ngayon probably because you were able to fulfill some of your wildest dreams in life now. Happy New Year and hope that 2018 will be a big blast for your career. God bless you in every journey that you will take. Stay simple and humble as you are. Hoping someday dumating din ang tamang panahon ko na mkita ka ng malapitan at makausap kahit saglit lang. Siguro in Gods perfect time din. Good luck and God bless you always!

  32. Nilda D. Franco says: Reply

    Thanks for updating your blog. At last nakapasok ako after almost an hour. Please keep on writing. Ito ang inaabangan ko palagi from you. Have a blessed New Year to you and your family. God Bless!!!!!

  33. Laiza Floralde says: Reply


  34. tons says: Reply

    pang4 ako sa readers ng #memaentry mo ate menggay…

  35. Love you Maine! Ingat palagi!!!! 😊

  36. Jeng says: Reply

    Do more ramdom blog lagi please, love you 😘

  37. Cora says: Reply

    I’m sure after reading this, a lot will be browsing back photos of years ago. I, for one is doing it right now. 😂.
    Thank you for being my happy pill.
    Cheers to a beautiful 2018!

  38. Maybelyn says: Reply

    Ay shet may bagong entry, open ko ba??? wait wag na kaya?? Ay ayan nagloload na…. sheeeet… hindi ko kaya!!!!😱 Ay may disclaimer Lol, safe ang puso, pwede nang huminga.😂 😂😂

    Love you Meng and Rj 💛💙💚

  39. Grace says: Reply

    Keep it up Maine, continue writing on you blog, like to see more writings, always stay happy. GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS..

  40. Marilyn says: Reply

    Thanks Maine! Laki ng tawa ko sa caption ng from cave man to cave woman!

  41. Jasmin Co says: Reply

    Happy New Year Meng!!!
    Glad to read your first #MemaEntry. Hope to read more in the future coz you really inspire me and all of us. God bless you always. Love you Menggay. 😊

  42. yuan says: Reply

    so glad to read your first 2018 #memaentry 👍

    Labyu Menggay 💐

  43. Evie says: Reply

    Grabe sobrang nabibighani mo ako kapag nag susulat ka kahit maiksi sobrang nakakatuwang basahin lagi may lalim na matutunan .. salamat sa pag bahagi mo ng mga karanasan mo nuon hanggang ngayon,, masaya man o malungkot lahat nang naibabahagi mo ay may aral.. nagtataka lang ako sa dami ng taong nkakabasa ng blog mo may mga tao parin na walang magawa kung hndi may sabihin sa iyo na hndi maganda yung iba halos kung magsalita eh kala mo kilalang kilala kna nila mema lang sila.. sabi mo nga hndi nmn lahat talaga ng tao eh ma please mo.. pero ako simula ng nabasa ko blog mo sobrang hinangaan kita sa idad mong yan napakalawak ng isip at puso mo para sa ibang tao.. ikaw palang ang artista na hndi ko nkitaang nag bago mula nuon hanggang ngyon kahit hndi kita kilala sa personal sa pag subaybay ko sa araw araw sa iyo paranarin kitang nkilala ng personal pero sana nga makilala kita ng personal at makamayan man lang.. meng lagi kong ipag darasal ang kaligtasan mo kasama na ang buong pamilya mo at syempre yung kaligayahan na inaasam mo.. andto lang ako , kame mga tunay na nagmamahal at naniniwala sa iyo hndi ka nmen iiwan.. pagpalain ka ng panginuon sa lahat ng gawain mo…

    Ps. Lahat tagalog para maiba nmn ang komento hehehehe

    1. babes says: Reply

      hi maine, I do enjoyed reading every words written in your blog please do write some more parang e2 na yta ang the best therapy para sa lahat ng humahanga sau napaka natural mong tao, no pretension at all.. cnsbi kng ano ang nsa kalooban, very open… my only wish for you is that may God continue to bless you and your fsmily.. guide you in every step of the way..

  44. ajp aralar says: Reply

    love the pics

  45. Madeleine says: Reply

    Yung “there’s nothing to be nervous or scared about…” is proof na you know our sentiments/feelings about reading your first blog after the OL. Well, happy new year to you too. I’m happy that you’re back and blogging again. You’re such a good writer. Keep on writing

  46. Ma. Enemies A. Saracin says: Reply

    Love you Meng always be here supporting you forever. I really love, inspired by what your doing.

  47. Lawrence Dy says: Reply

    It’s not easy to load your blog but, it’s worth the wait. I’m always amazed and enjoy your works
    I’m sure lot will be happy to render their help to improve the layout of your blog. Please, enjoy life the way you like it. We love you the way you are. Keep going! 💛💛💛

  48. mfernandez says: Reply

    Please do more of what’s make you happy…. write more on your blog😊

  49. Joey says: Reply

    Si @mchrdscribbles magaling din sa mga layout

  50. adelle715 says: Reply


  51. Cecille says: Reply

    I hope you will write more. I really love reading your blog. Will post the photo in twitter. Stay happy 🙂 love you.

  52. Rachel Lim says: Reply

    Hwag na TB pics… kc nga.. basta… Take care your health, hearts… You are always included in our prayers and light a candle whenever we visited/hear a mass… I have your booked literally, I haven’t hold and read them maybe this June2018 once we had our vacay in Manila..
    Don’t forget to wear beautiful smile everyday coz your smile is a happy pill to everyJuan.
    May the Lord’s Good Grace & Blessing comes in your may in every envy words they throw out to you… Love Lots – Rachel Lim (Dubai)

  53. Katelyn says: Reply

    Love you meng!!Sana makita mo ung mga post ko na gsto ko sabhn sayu…

  54. Allyssa says: Reply

    Gaaahhd! I missed reading your blog! Thank you for coming back!

  55. Shane Pegarum says: Reply

    This new blog entry is so cute, funny and amazing
    Ate Maine ikaw Na 😉
    We love you😘❤
    Ang hot mo ate meng🔥🙈😘

  56. egf says: Reply

    hello glamorous cave woman 🙂 looking forward to more of your mema entries 🙂

  57. Marilyn Magno says: Reply

    Love you Maine from Doha Qatar, pinadala ng anak ko yung book mo sa akin lalo kitang minahal at hinangaan. Mabait na anak at kapatid. God bless you more this 2018.

  58. jakile says: Reply

    Hello po salamat sa disclaimer. I normally read twitter first to check if its safe here.
    Anyway, Its normal to miss stuff na nakalipas na. I miss December already. Kung college lang easy peasy, you can always go back to school. Just look at Jodi Sta Maria. back to school, a mom to Thirdy, may lovelife, endorser, may TS and movie, saan ka pa.
    A pexer friend once said If you keep reminiscing about the past, that means you are old. coz old people only talk about the past, wala na kasi silang future eh, waiting na lang sa alam mo na he he. Happy New Year,
    I dont care kung may bawal to talk about Alden here but hey I’m ADN, and I wish matuloy na ang AlDub movie sa 2018- the sooner the better. . Yun na lang ang hinihintay ko then aalis na ako sa fandom pramis at babalik sa korean dramas.
    Yun lang. Pass na ako sa challenge, walang evolution. Same fat face pa rin.

  59. meng I’ll try to post in my blog :
    Hope you can visit it thanks 🙂

  60. Crystel Marie Bicera says: Reply

    Hi Maine! Always a delight to read your blog. MemaEntry man yan or makabagbagdamdamin. lol. I wasn’t nervous or scared, I was excited to read any entry you publish. I was waiting for one during your month-long vacation. I’m happy you enjoyed! Happy New Year Meng! Challenge accepted, nitag kita sa twitter..😂 Keep being you. Forever fan here.

  61. Mary Jean Laspona says: Reply

    Thanks Maine for sharing.
    Happy New Year too!!!

  62. Sam says: Reply

    So sad you keep on showing your body to the public. And some commented about the two-piece pose. That when before, your blog had substance, it is now an outlet for mood swings. That body-flaunting sends signals you want to be Pantasya ng Bayan. Im worried about your brand, how you visualize your brand, what your brand stands for now.

  63. Marissa says: Reply

    Hi! So happy for your 1st #MemaEntry Blog! At nagulat ako sa “Shibolibambam”!!! Tivoli lang alam ko! Haha, kita ang age difference! 😁😂😁
    Any way, maghahanap pako ng pic for you, 2012 & 2017 din, hehe, gaya gaya lang. 😂
    Miss you much! Just SO HAPPY you’re back! 😘😘😘

  64. Ma.Victoria Bacalla Blancada says: Reply

    Hi Maine ang saya lng ng pakiramdam habang binabasa ko itong new blog entry mo sana every week meron na kming mabasa …your always and forever fan mama vic …prang title ng movie ni miss mega hehehe

  65. Honey says: Reply

    Always happy to read your blog…never been affected kahit yung openletter..masyado kang malalim my dear…Just always be happy and be strong…always here to support you…both of you(hnd ko na babanggitin kung sino😍😍😍)…Anyway, always praying for a happy and successful life…I know that you will be able to reach your goals…Both of you!!! Mag-ingat palagi…LOVE YOU VERY MUCH

  66. etxetera says: Reply

    What has the dark world of showbiz done to you ??? You have not even knack ten percent of your potential and talents that millions of fans had been waiting for happily and patiently the past years. Fans you just ended up dumping particularly ADN who’s only fault is to love and support the both of you after making so many promised tandem projects that none materialized. Masakit lang 😭

    I miss the clean fun silly wholesome blogger girl. Blogger girl who became yaya dub. The girl that was full of substance, passion, good vibes, dreams and positive vision in life despite being a pessimist at times. The unique brand of wholesome comedy materials that all loved and sets you apart from everyone else in showbiz that even veteran comedians admired. Ang husay mo imagine kahit tissue pwede gawing materyal ng patawa. But things changed.

    Honestly, I was waiting for something ala Joyce Pring new year entry after your month long hiatus. A DEEP REALIZATION and LESSONS LEARNED after the storm and not another senseless bikini eme spread pic to be as sex for barakos lust. A blog entry that is something of WORTH and INSPIRATION like you used to before. A good follow-up after that open letter but now only a mema entry. Memapansin. Kanino ka ba nagpapapansin? Ewan.

    Guess we REALLY lost that girl sa makamundong Barbie world. Its just saddening you really DO NOT want to accept yourself, your huge worth, positive impact and good influence to millions from children to lola’s as old as 90 year old na pumipila ng oras for you in your job as a star. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO AFFECT PEOPLE POSITIVELY TOO BAD YOU OPTED TO CHOOSE AFFECT PEOPLE NOW NEGATIVELY. SAYANG.

    #SomebodySaveThisGirl #WearYourSt.BenedictMedallion #Pray

    1. Joy M. Aranda says: Reply

      Everything changes except change. Even hypocrites! What seems to be so shallow may have something deeper and more meaningful than what we actually see. We are to be judged by the way we judge. None of us is clean yet we are blessed. I Corinthians 13;13 (And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. )

    2. Mema says: Reply

      She is just being herself!

    3. Etxetera: You seem to have an obsession with Maine Mendoza and her celebrity status. Your posts on social media show a consistent target of what, harassment?, towards Maine. Your brain reaction to Maine has been set to negativity. You have a deadly mix for viral celebri-hating. You should read up on articles regarding “science and sociopathy of celebri-hating”.

    4. Link M says: Reply

      Go spread your self-righteous piece somewhere else…maybe in your own wall…this is her personal space where she can express herself freely…give her a break, will you👌

    5. Jo says: Reply

      I agree with you. Let’s just hope Maine looks at your comment more deeply and finds encouragement. I still am an admirer and trust she’ll make better choices. I do commend her for her guts to publish her open letter inspite of negative repercussions. I didn’t think that was wise but it was honest.

  67. Georlan arnaiz says: Reply

    Hahahaaha… Ganda nung present picture mo maine… Hehehe

  68. Anne says: Reply

    Ang ganda ganda😍👄
    Gobless po😇

  69. akosipach0la says: Reply

    Happy New Year, Maine!🎉🎉🎉
    I am happy that you’re back in EB! Thank you for inspiring me to be the best version of myself and not to be afraid of trying new things! Just do whatever makes you happy, Nicomaine! Mahal kita! God bless you and your family! Cheers to more blogs, wonderful journeys and to a happy & content heart! I am your proud fan. Always.💛😊😘

  70. Hello my dear 🙋
    Ano yun shiboli? Hahaha nahahalata ang edad ko…
    And for me a sinple blog layout like this is fine but whatever floats your boat you go right ahead… I’m sure madami magpresenta na tulungan ka dito sa blog mo…
    One wish for you is for you to get more time to write this 2018!!!
    Happy new year and hope you enjoy each day of 2018

  71. Jelics says: Reply my entry na ulet sya..miss you maine..

  72. CletaMC says: Reply

    You’re an amazing writer/blogger, Maine. As always I am in awe of your talents and thank you for sharing them to us. Just glad I was able to get in….. the traffic to get into your blog is worse than the traffic in Metro Manila! 😜

  73. reyna says: Reply

    lodi ate Maine💛

  74. Nikki Sison says: Reply

    #MemaEntry it was fun to read! Hope you’ll update your blogs often na…. it’s your link to thousands of fans na di ka nakikita in person…just random thoughts or stuff…and bring back the Sunday Entry….

  75. Maine, I admire you so much coz very open ka sa amin. Your blog is your own special way of communicating or expressing yourself to us. Yan ang very proof ng pagiging totoo mo. Its up na lang sa reader kung matatanggap ka for who you really are. Sa malalawak ang pang-unawang kagaya namin ay lalo ka naming hinahangaan at minamahal. Salamat sa pagtitiwala mo sa amin ng real Maine. May God bless you more.

  76. dollet sierra says: Reply

    looking forward sa mga blogs mo. now lang ako.natuto wid da help of my apo. me being 61 yrs. old. . wish ko.u find Genuine happiness. wid da capital G.💛💛

  77. Nicyssa says: Reply

    It really excites me every time you have an update. I am a busy working mom and a silent fan of yours so to be able to have a glimpse of your mind and heart is enough for me. Just continue doing the things that makes you happy. 💛

    Love and live happily my dear 😘

  78. Nona Angeles says: Reply

    Lovely my dear. God bless u more bibi girl… love ko kyo ni RJ sobra.

  79. Nancy Jeannette says: Reply

    Love you 💛 💛 💛
    Happy New Year!!!
    Sana nakapagpahinga ka ng husto sa vacation mo.
    Parehas naman maganda yung photos from 2012 to 2017😚😚😚

  80. From one menggay to another says: Reply

    Please do more of what makes you happy. Sana weekly or every other day ka mag post sa blog mo. I would gladly read all your mema posts and random achuchuchus. I follow a few bloggers but nothing beats the joy of reading your blog. It makes me feel, somehow, close tayo. From one introvert to another. I am proud to say that I am a fan since day 1. Keep on writing Meng. ❤❤❤

  81. MARY JEAN PANAO says: Reply

    Happy new year bibigirl, salamat sa 1st mema mo..hoping na happy ka always kahit mdalas pinapakain ng ampalaya ng iba..d ako mhilig mgbsa ng blog pero bookworm ako.sayo lng tlga ako nkafollow..sarap bsahin ng mga blog mo..para ka lng ngstorytelling..congrats po sa award nyo ni Alden Richards po..Miss Maine pareply nman po ng tanong ko po sa ig nyo po..nkmsg po ako dun as @mcjhadealpa tanong lng po ako..sana po masagot nyo po..slamat..

  82. Silent Reader says: Reply

    I’m not a PRO pero gusto ko sana idesign ang current blog mo. haha

  83. From one menggay to another says: Reply

    Sad to read this comment. Pls stop telling her what to do 😢😢😢

  84. Jeng says: Reply

    Most of the times random thoughts are more sincere… do more of what makes you happy dear 😘

  85. Mercy C. Ibuna says: Reply

    Love reading you random thoughts.
    Have a wonderful year ahead.
    God bless and protect and guide you always.

  86. MAJOY BAUTISTA says: Reply

    More success and a genuine happiness for 2018. Were excited for the surprises and new experiences! And for every step of yours within your journey, were always here to cheer and support you. May this year be a blast! And more genuine smiles to radiate everyone😊 love you Meng

  87. Kate says: Reply

    So happy to read a blog entry from you! sana you will keep on writing from here on. i am a mom and a blogger too. you inspire me to post more and just be as expressive in my thoughts as you has always been. and yup, kasama ako sa mga 3 or 4 blog readers mo before even before AlDub happened. nakakatuwa ung mga narating mo but i admit, namimiss ko talaga mga blog posts mo. thanks for starting this week off happily!

  88. Thelai says: Reply

    Love it ……
    God Bless you…

  89. kikay says: Reply

    hello meng! happy new year! Happy to see you again on TV… nakakawala ka ng pagod 🙂 happy to see you smiling again… God Bless, looking forward sa mga projects mo this year.

  90. russel says: Reply

    I was looking forward to your first blog entry for 2018 after that very honest open letter.
    Perhaps, it’s just me. But I’m sorry for thinking that your first entry will be about your reflections and perhaps lessons from your month-long hiatus away from the maddening crowd. 🙂 But perhaps not this time? Perhaps, you choose not to enlighten us more with your brilliant thoughts and ideas about how devoted many of your fans have been despite all the hoopla.
    I am still hoping you will one of these days, you will.
    Great pictures by the way. Still, I feel that the picture, particularly the second one, does not capture or mirror the change a role model and an ‘influencer’ like you perhaps may have after all these years , or perhaps just after your one-month absence.
    Wishing you the best still.

    1. pahopia says: Reply

      its just me pero sa dami ng mga pictures niya, laging naka bikini ang pinopost nya…i dunno…i dont want to be nega..i dont want to feel nega, pero time will heal all wounds…maybe not this time, but i’m just here watching her from afar..andyan pa rin ang support…

  91. Rowella Cabayu says: Reply

    Goodvives! Love you 😙

  92. Abegail De Villa says: Reply

    Hello Maine. I consider this birthday gift for me kc sa mismong araw ng aking kaarawan ka sakto sumulat ng blog mo for 2018. Hope to meet you soon idol kayo ni Alden Richards. Love lots. I will be your forever fan…

  93. carmela e. binay says: Reply

    Tnx at nagsulat k ulit. Pero teka lng i don’t accept your challenge,’coz kayang bilangin n Matti yung mga picure k.Uy. may mukha naman aq ha at higit s lahat tao p rin naman.Eversince, d aq mahilig magpa-pic kht nung time n “USO” p yung black&white. D b obvious nsa edad. Mas gusto k p yung mga pets k ang kinukunan k ng picture mas naa-aliw p aq. Basta, enjoy life while you’re young. Memories in my life; plenty( sad,happy during my younger days,college life) but the most i liked is my life now.Syempre,financially stable. hahhahha.Lovelife is not my priority eversince.Kahit na groud ZERO okey lng nasa tao lng yan kung saan k masaya d dun k. Pero, girl don’t make gaya, wish k sau. Have a wonderful family life, ‘coz you will be a good wife &mother in your kids. A cool mom,so pls marry young para dabarkads m lng yung magiging anak m. Charot! U see the kids of Aga mulach? D b ang pretty&handsome. Looking for u din. hahhahh.Peace!

  94. Liza Martinez says: Reply

    Always a joy to read something from you. Keep on writing!

  95. Zyra Glomar says: Reply

    Ughh! Sobrang ganda mo! Menggaaay kuu iloveyou! GODBLESS! MOREBLESSINGS to come!

  96. Maine I am almost a senior citizen and your avid fan. Team bahay with some friends here in manila. Everyday I would check my instagram, Twitter and fb. It’s because of you that i have twitter and instagram. You are our happy pill. Just wanna say pls. Be strong, we know you have so much talent. We are behind you all the way. You are the daughter I never had. Just remember you have my unwavering love and care. So happy to read your blogs.

  97. Atebabes says: Reply

    Ganda lagi ng blog mo maine. Pero sana tagalog naman haha. De joke lang ^_^ Happy new year 🙂

  98. Maria Anne says: Reply

    Dear Nicomaine,
    I have mixed emotions while reading your new blog entry. I think you read so much POVs about you during your month long hiatus, kaya may disclaimer. I don’t know what happened to you, pero sana may natutunan ka sa nagdaan na taon. Lahat tayo naghahanap ng “genuine happiness” gaya ng lagi mong sinasabi, kaya sana may mga nakausap ka nang mga matitinong tao (matured and achievers). Hindi pa ako nawawalan ng pag-asa sa iyo kaya sana wag mong kalimutan (kahit makakalimutin ka) na marami pa rin nagmamalasakit sa iyo ng totoo at galing talaga sa puso. Mi amor, ang mga “sana” ko ay hindi layunin na ikahon ka.

  99. Anneis says: Reply

    Hello Meng!Happy New Year To You and To Mendoza Fam😊Always praying for your good health!always remember dito Lang kami Lagi nagmamahal sayo kahit dmo kami kilala😘😍😘Godbless

  100. Lyn laurente says: Reply

    Happy new year 😄😄😄😄😊😊😊

  101. Ana Ramirez says: Reply

    I miss you Nicomaine! I’ll always be here to support both you and Richard. Love you both! Teacher Ana 💜

  102. Nestor says: Reply

    Huy Meng dami kaya naka abang dito sa blogsite mo.. lagpas bente kami noh!

  103. Marites Gonzaga says: Reply

    Carry on Menggay. In an industry where almost everyone wears a false face,
    it is indeed a privilege to see one pure soul that is you. Write deep, write light,
    just write and follow the tides of your own thoughts. Hail to thee.

    1. Joy M. Aranda says: Reply

      I agree…..

  104. Sandra Vinzon says: Reply

    Hi maine!hindi ako ganito sa ibang artista ng work mr.ko tv station bfor pero sa iyo lang ako humanga.gusto kita kc smart n idad ko 64 ngyn ako nkaranas ng ganito nwala stress ko pg watch kta s pls. Happy New Year!

  105. Disappointed M says: Reply

    I find the disclaimer quite insensitive – do you even know to what extent you hurt your fans? It did not end with Twitter rants.

    I checked back to see if you had learned from the mess your open letter left last month but I have yet to see that. I still pray you learned, but so far I remain disappointed.

    1. Done. says: Reply

      Two weeks into the year and so far what we see is going out in bars and with friends and no projects in sight. I guess this is the freedom you wish. I hope you are aware that these perks of not having output and yet earning much is due largely to fan support of your endorsements- fan support you so carelessly pushed aside.

  106. Opy Llaguno says: Reply

    Hello 👋 meng uk b4 q bnsa blog m pahapyaw muna kc prng kabado n aq da last time but b4 p naiiyak tlga aq f nagbabasa aq ng blog m e1 k b gnon senti2 peg k na depressed kc aq s ol m to da point n namayat aq kc nwlan aq ganang kumain Sana pray q for real at forever kyo n Ricardo kc kayo nagpapahaba ng buhay nming mga seniors Love 💕 u & gov sna wag nyo kaming iwanan 💕💕💕🙏

  107. May de la Cruz says: Reply

    I love you Nicomaine!
    You have been very true to yourself since day one.
    Dont mind the hanash(es)!

    -Teacher May-

  108. Happy blessed new year too Meng!I for one is very happy that you’re back from your well deserved and much needed vacation. I’m glad you continue sharing us your personal ramdom thoughts.I hope you never have to feel obligated to write or do things to pacify your fans or reader,and you continue being you,we never want to take that away from you.This is your blog,we come here to read what’s up in your world,not your showbiz world ,not as a philanthropist ,not as a role model,but your world.I would really hate if you turn obsequious just just to gather a reader.God bless Meng,be good to yourself always.

  109. Liz says: Reply

    Meng!!!!!!! Si @maichardedits magaling yon. Try mo na. :)))))))))))

  110. Andrea Abrio says: Reply

    Hi meng! Wala lang, gusto ko lang sabihing mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita (i-times mo pa sa forever) Isa ako sa sampu, tandaan mo yan. isa ako sa sampung milyong natira *finger heart*

  111. Wala lang masabi! Magpakabait ka at magdasal ka na ibalik ng diyos ang curses na binabato ng ibang fans ni Alden sa yo.

  112. Maxine says: Reply

    Continue to do what makes you happy and don’t give in to dictates of people who feel that they know what is good for you. Listen to your heart, act upon what is in your mind and follow the leading of your conscience. You are highly favored because the good Lord knows your very soul. Your family and true friends are your shield and comfort. You are doing fine!

  113. Dei Arguelles says: Reply

    Happy new year Meng 😉
    Keep writing and inspire others.

  114. Maple Oak says: Reply

    Hi menggay..ang gandang cave man mo naman 😍 사랑해

  115. Mei says: Reply

    Hi Meng I might help you para sa layout ng blog mo, i’m not pro pero may alam naman kahit konti. 😊

  116. Helenzapanta says: Reply

    Ang hot ng latest pic mo meng..i love you! Happy new year.

  117. Josie says: Reply

    Hi meng! nice to read your thoughts sabi nga n RJ “random thoughts pa more ka” you are good in writing, simple pero enjoy basahin. Masarap sa pakiramdam na makita kong masaya ka. Ingat palagi. Love ko kayo n RJ

  118. maricelcastillo says: Reply

    happy new year maine ang ganda mo noon mas gumanda ka pa lalo ngayon ..Love you maine

  119. maria sandmeier says: Reply

    thanks Maine….

  120. Irene says: Reply

    Nakaka good vibes namn tong mema entry mo Maine Sana mas madalas ka pang makapagsulat… Love this Maine..

  121. tootiefeutti says: Reply

    Hi, Maine! Happy New Year din sa iyo at sa buong Family mo!
    Grabe, ang sarap lang basahin ng blog mo, parang magkaharap lang tayo! Salamat dahil ang dami mong napasaya at isa na ko dun! Isa akong OFW dito sa HK. At isa ako sa mga sinwerte na mapanood ka nung unang araw mo sa EB. Mabuti na lang at sakto naman na nagbakasyon ako nun. Mula noon, araw araw ko ng inaabanagan ang EB. Ayoko mang sabihin eh sasabihin ko na din, kasi ang favorite kong artista eh si Sharon at si Kc na taga abs. Pero siempre nanonood din ako ng EB dahil sa TVJ! Pero di ganun katutok! Inabangan ko lang ang EB nung andun ka na, tas may bonus pa na nagkaron ng ALDUB! Naging malaking tulong sa aming mga OFW ang panonood ng KALYESERYE. Kaya salamat sa iyo at kay Alden at sa EB. Ups napahaba na pala to, sorry naman. Salamat uli, i love you and Alden. Sana makapag post ako ng picture ko from 2012-2017,at sana ma like mo din!
    God bless you and the whole Mendoza family! 😍😍😍😘

  122. Belle says: Reply

    Hoping na nababasa mo mga comments namin dito, ilan ulit ung readers mo, tatlo?? Hmmm ,pwede pa ba dumagdag, 4, 5, 6, 7,.. Sabi nga 10 , 10million ang nagmamahal sau, konti o madami, meron at meron pa din, at sa tatlo, apat o lima, kasama ako dun na susuporta sa’yo/sa inyo, alam mo na un, more writings to come. I got ur book,

  123. Kimberly says: Reply

    Medyo naliligaw pa ako dito sa blog mo, Meng haha.

    Natawa naman ako sa panimula 😂😂
    “There is nothing to be nervous or scared about” 😂 Aaminin kong kinabahan nga ako haha. Natrauma na. Lol. 😂😂

    Wala na akong pic ng 2012 huhu. Pwede na siguro ang 2011 hihi hindi naman siguro halata na tumanda na ako ng isang taon lang 😂😂😝😝
    Tag/mention kita ah. Sana ma-notice mo ako kahit napaka-imposible sa daming tagahanga mo hahaha. @architectkhim username ko hihi.

    Happy New Year, Meng. Love you now and always 😘😘

  124. Maria Pauline C. Umali says: Reply

    Happy new year menggay, its so nice to read your blog for 2018, sometimes ganyan din ako I miss what I’m doing before ng college, having fun with college and high school friend etc. I hope you can always have time to write any thing to your blog kasi may sense at nakakawala din ng pagoda at lungkot.sana makita talaga kita ng personal.☺☺☺im so proud of you Maine Mendoza.

  125. Dami kong kilala pero I would suggest ask those you know … yung mga proven and tested yung ugaling di ka lolokohin. On scripts kasi of CSS could invade your privacy … could be another reason ma hack ka. Ask mo kaya si Kuya John mo baka may kilala siyang trustworthy …

  126. Leda says: Reply

    I love your bikini! 👙

  127. Fivie Villegas says: Reply

    thank you @mainedcm for your update. nakakamiss magbasa ng blog mo. its worth reading. God Bless Always and Blessed New Year!
    straight from Guimaras:-)

  128. Ayen says: Reply

    Hi Maine, first time ko magbasa sa blog mo at naenjoy ko. Sana lagi ka na magsulat ulit hahaha. Love you always

  129. King Ombao says: Reply

    HAHAHAHAHAHA love you maine 💛

  130. happy new year maine😍😍

  131. V says: Reply

    One of your many talents is writing. Wala ng makakagaya nyan. 💛

  132. AiBeatriceRuiz says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing, looking forward for more BLOGS to be shared with all of US your fan/s.

  133. lynlej says: Reply

    yehey! may new post kana.. namiss ko blog post mo. pero sympre hndi na katulad ng dati na lahat ng gsto mo pde mo i-post, alam na.. ninenerbyos ang nation. hahah! lahat nabibigyan meaning. pero ika nga dedma nalang! HAPPY NEW YEAR, MAINE. thank you so much for inspiring us and for making us happy sa EB. kahit na madami alam na! ngitian nalng sila para mas lalo mainis. hehe. GOD BLESS YOU …

    ps… sana mas madalas ka na magpost dto sa blog mo. . alam ko di madali…

  134. AiBeatriceRuiz says: Reply

    You’re so pretty in this latest photo of yours, so, so sexy!
    Stay happy, may you have more projects this 2018. Thank you, for giving us joy Monday’s to Saturday’s @EB JFAAFJ. My 6days in a week isn’t complete if I can’t see you in EB.
    Praying that You and Alden will have a project soonest. Missing you both, your tandem & of course hoping you two can still be seen in EB together. #MissYouTwo

  135. Jovelle Enieto Misagal says: Reply

    Yiiiieeee!!! Thank you for inspiring me maine 🙂 Sobrang lungkot ko netong mga nakaraang araw, mahirap ang buhay dito sa ibang bansa..nakakalungkot, nakakabaliw pero kailangan magtiis para sa ekonomiya 😂 i really admire you for being real, for being who you are. BASTA KAPIT LANG! WAG KANG SUSUKO 💪❤👀 WAG KANG MATAKOT GAWIN KUNG ANO YUNG ALAM MONG TAMA AT TOTOONG MAKAKAPAGPASAYA SAYO. FIGHTING! GODBLESS MENGGAY!

  136. Edith says: Reply

    You were awesome and you’ll always be awesome, Maine💗

  137. MA says: Reply

    This girl is on fireeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  138. Susan O. says: Reply

    Hi Meng! Aliw ako dun sa ‘from cave man to cave woman’ mo. Kasi sa family namin we have this running joke sabi ng brother ko yung youngest sister namin ay lalaki daw dati na naging babae. Kasi tomboyish siya nung bata pa siya and now she has 2 kids, my nephews who I adore (childless kasi ako). Wala lang, sa family namin bawal pikon sa mga jokes and I sense that from you and your siblings too. Di na ako sasali sa before and after pics na yan, I am 55 yrs young at baka ikahiya na ako ng family ko hahaha. Just wanted to leave a note and show my support, love pa din kita iha kahit na mabuwag loveteam niyo (sana huwag but then it’s not my decision to make afterall I’m just a fan). You are both good kids who deserve to be happy (on your own terms) in the maddening world of showbiz. Keep smiling!

  139. Josephine Remolacio says: Reply

    Ok hakot muna sa baul… waiting for more blogs

  140. Josephine Remolacio says: Reply

    Sana maka compose ka ng isang story line na in reality but amazing story na pwed entry as movie i know kaya mong ilabas ang tàlent mo sa pagsusulat looking forward Meng

    1. Roz says: Reply

      Agree, kayang-kaya ni Princess Maine yan!

  141. Zee says: Reply


  142. khristina koh says: Reply

    That was a good mema lang entry. Hmmmmm , magawa nga yang 2012/2017 picture thingy. Mag mema lang ako, kse yesterday i was talking to my ninang sa kasal, and she just kept saying ang laki ng ginanda mo, ibig sabihin syungit ako noon! Well at least the change was for the better, and this is something we all should do, be consciously or not – change for the better. Don’t worry meng, from your last OL, i think nothing can scare or surprise us now, nagulpi de gulat kami. But i think everuthing has calm down. Here’s to the new year 2018!

  143. Mimi Huerto De Leon says: Reply

    Just started reading your book. Never read a book (meaning reading from start to end) honestly since birth :). I usually read at the end of the book and be done with it. Hahaha reading is just never my thang. 2018, i promise to read and finish 2 books, yours and Pope Francis. Not sure what you have but I can relate to others somewhat “addicted” to you. Happy New Year! How abt another song composition? -mimihdeleon @instagram

  144. Meng ung picture q nung 2012 at ngaung 2017 takte wlng pinagkaiba eh ganun p dn mukhang buwaya.Pro sau grebe nakakakakakakwla ng lamig eng heat keshe eh.Pro ndi prn aq nawawalan ng pag asa bka sa year 2030 ksing hot mo nko…hehheh.I love u Meng.Happy new year!.

  145. CJ says: Reply

    Love your first blog for the year. Happy start , though short but sweet . Looking forward to the fun year full of surprises .

  146. Gege says: Reply

    Maine you are truly an inspiration, stay happy, you are amazing and full of talents .
    I admire your family and you , you are raised well. Thank you for being you.

  147. cloudy skies says: Reply

    “There is nothing to worry or scared about”
    Late na ako nakapagbasa ng latest blogpost mo at nabasa ko nang una disclaimer mo sa twitter kaya nakahinga ako 😅 but honestly I wanted to be shocked para isang sakitan na lng or para isang celebration na lng…pero I know things don’t work like that… still thank you for the disclaimer , you are concern about your readers/followers feelings..

    “I hope you eat a lot without any restrictions or guilt”
    After holidays,
    Boss: nagkatyan ka ah..
    Me: haha paano po kasi ganito routine nung holidays luto-kain-kain-luto-kain-kain

    nasa twitter na 😅

  148. Lucy Tionko says: Reply

    Hi….Happy New Year……another thing that I missed. When you are giving advised sa portion ng EB….I just hope na magkaroon ka ulit nito…..always take care and God bless….love u….

  149. Beth says: Reply

    Hi Maine! I’m so glad that you are able to write on your blog site again. I know it makes you feel satisfied when you reveal what’s on your mind through writing. Keep it up my dear. I am one of your avid readers. God bless always!!!

  150. Celine2620 says: Reply

    Hi maine!!! Di ko alam kung mababasa mo to o hindi pero gusto ko magbakasakali, una gusto kong malaman mo na miss na miss ka namin aming menggay!! Walang araw na di kami nasabik sa pagbabalik mo na makita yung makulit at maharot naming si menggay… at sa wakas nga eh bumalik ka.. out of the topic pero meng’ kamusta ka na?? Yung totoong kamusta ka na?? Gusto ko talaga itanong yan sayo mula nung bumalik ka,ako..kami..heto lumalaban at patuloy na nagmamahal sayo at syempre kay alden…honestly,mas masakit ngayon kesa nung lumabas yung open letter..araw araw nadadagdagan yung sakit.. gusto ko kasi itanong talaga… meng,tapos na ba?? Wala na ba kaming halaga?? Pano kaming mga patuloy parin na umaasa?? Dapat ba tumigil na kami?? Alam kong aware ka pano magbatuhan sa soc med ang mga alden fans versus maine fans at alam ko na alam mo na sa gitna ng dalawang naggigyerang fansclub eh nasa gitna nun ang ALDUBNATION..maine pano kami?? Maraming bumitaw pero maraming patuloy paring kumakapit… pangkaraniwang fan lang ako hindi pa nga kita o si alden nakikita sa personal eh..pero dito sa puso mahal ko kayong dalawa walang lamang pantay.. maine ang sakit sakit na..araw araw namin kayo inaabangan pero parang di nyo na kami nakikita. Parang pagkatapos ng lahat kami naman ang inilagay nyo ni alden sa kahon..maine’isa lang ang tanging hiling ng isang pobreng fan na tulad ko… yun ay ang totoo… kung may dapat pa ba kami intayin na proyekto nyo o loveteam pa ba kayo..out na sa usapan maine kung ano kayo sa offcam..dahil kaming tunay na nagmamahal hands off na kami kung anong meron kayo sa mga personal nyong buhay… mahal kita maine at buong puso naming tatanggapin isa lang pakiusap namin sabihin nyo ng diretso samin.. tutal nasimulan na natin ang pagpapakatotoo lubos lubusin na..maaring masaktan kami kung ano man ang sagot pero atleast makakapagmove on na ang lahat.. kung mabasa mo to..maine salamat! Sayo at kay alden… mahal ko kayo..

    PS, pabirthday mo na sakin ang sagot mo menggay naming mahal…kung sakali..hehehe🙏🙏🙏

  151. Emy says: Reply

    Wow! Salamat Maine at nagsulat ka ulit!
    Lagi ko hinihintay na Makita at mabasa mga blogs mo!
    God bless your heart!

  152. Sheryl says: Reply

    I love you Meng 😘

  153. i love their clean designs, they take care of all my website needs, and Kaye (the designer) loves you!

  154. Mavic says: Reply

    Happiest & Blessed New Year Maine! A very relaxing mema entry to start 2018, just continue being you because that’s one of the reason why we, your true fans really admires you most aside from being a natural comedian, full of talents at magalang…. God bless you & Alden always! Stay happy always & be Strong! Love you Maine

  155. Rita Rabaya says: Reply

    Naku menggay nahanap ko din sa wakas ang blog corner daugther help me..alam mo nman lahat hahanapin ko nung nga ng down load din ako para mka pag ask questions ako.tlagang gusto ko updated ako..pagdating syo.💛💛💛

  156. Rita Rabaya says: Reply

    Love u maine ..mapa twitter,ig,ask fm. at now blog…im always 1 in a million fans mo.rita93som(ig)rita93som4(twitter)

  157. Jona says: Reply

    okay sa alright yeah!.😂

  158. More blessings in 2018 Meng! Love the transformation from an innocent looking girl look to a very expressive and mysterious woman look. Go soar as a solo artist in 2018!!!! We love you!

  159. Sarah Ardona says: Reply

    Hiya ko Meng magpost ng pic ko mukha akong di tao ng mga panahon na yun hahaha charot! Basta happy ka happy din kami for you remember that lab u Meng from the other side of the world hihi

  160. jakile says: Reply

    anyare, hindi na post ang comment ko. Anyway, Happy 2018. and thank you sa disclaimer

    sa bagong layout, di ko makikita kung may bagong post.

  161. Know that I’m a fan from a far and by heart. I will be your supporter wherever your happiness lead you.

  162. Lourdelyn maron says: Reply

    Hi maine gustong gusto ko talaga nagbabasa ng blog mo pareho kasi tayo pieces e at gaya mo introvert din ako😊

  163. Oww.. I missed you lots!! 😘😘

  164. Karen says: Reply

    My latest heartbreak was your previous entry aka open letter. But hey, I am still that accidental fan who was in a restroom queque at the workplace on that fateful day July 16, 2015 when that “glance and smile” happened. I was hooked. I love you both and thank you for the happiness!

  165. Charmaine delsocorro says: Reply

    Godblss alwz Maine, proud to be ur fanatic!!!

  166. aubrey says: Reply

    ate meng !! nag post naku sa twitter about dun sa challenge !! kahit like lng oh 😭😭

  167. lorena moreno says: Reply

    love u meng keep safe

  168. Hahaha!
    Hi Miss #cUtiEmHaiNe03. LOve your 1st #Mema of the year. Just be you. What you want to do, want to say, feel.

    No need to explain about anything in return, we will be just here to support you all the way.
    We love you, Meng.

  169. jizelle imperial says: Reply

    Any cute hahaha very delighten, Good vibes feels lang nakakaloka yung request mo meng!! Magready na guys hahahaha

  170. chi urbano says: Reply

    kahit caveman naman eh u still hv that thing that made u a cave woman today.
    happy 2018 to u too. keep blogging so i can keep on reading it.

  171. Bernadette Gonzales says: Reply

    Labyu meng.. Na miss ko din tlgA mga post mong kahit ano lng tungkol sa mga bagay bagay sa buhay mo at sa kaht ano.. Haha.. Mga takas days with your dabarkads noon and mga eme eme lng.. Hehe. Stay happy.. Labyu😘

  172. Geraldine Lavidemora says: Reply

    Just continue doing more what you love the most… love you @mainedcm

  173. Darlene says: Reply

    Maghahalukay muna ako ng throwback pic. ko😂 lol. Parang first time ko yatang maglalabas ng Throwback pic. ko ah😂😂😂

  174. Christina Magalona says: Reply

    I love your blog, Meng. I’ve been reading your blog posts since 2015 and it’s worth reading. I was actually planning to make my own blog like five years ago but up until now, I haven’t started it yet. I already ready have my writings since then but it’s on the pieces of papers since I just got the laptop. (Having no laptop was really my problem!) But praise God I have a laptop now so I can do what I love to do like what you do (writing). I’m 25 years old and I really love to share my life story using the blog to encourage and inspire other people just as you are to me. My life is a rocky road so many challenges yet the sweet flavor in the presence of God is there. I hope I can have my own blog this year.

    I praise God for your life, Maine. You are an inspiration to many. Love you, Meng! #MengInspiration

  175. TJ A says: Reply

    Do more of what you loved the most @mainedcm…luv u!

  176. Lene says: Reply

    In this chaotic world full of alcohol, sex, drugs, war, toxicity and chaos came a funny girl who drops a happiness pill to millions of people via her funny antics. A gift of influence that only few blessed are given. Loved, adored and followed by many. Only to be lost later  Ang inakala na naiiba pareho na lang pala at walang pinag-iba sa iba. Bakit naging sampu sang pera na rin?

  177. Aida says: Reply

    Kung saan ka masaya doon ka at suportahan kita, naming lahat na nagmamahal sa iyo, Maine. Hope to read more entries/update. Basta, in our lifetime, what matters most is LOVE. Keep on doing what makes you happy at sana isa na doon ang pagpapatuloy mo sa showbiz career mo. MISS YOU MUCH!

  178. Cecille says: Reply

    Do you also do vlog?

  179. Love you, maine. Since 2015 until now. 😊

  180. VANJ says: Reply


  181. Blanca Blancaflor says: Reply

    Hi meng, happy to be able to read your 1st post for 2018, I’m more excited than scared sa pag bass ng post mo, coz it means you got the inspiration to write again, I also write but mostly I can express myself tru poems, at you mga very close to my hear lang nakakaalam at nakakabasa ng poems ko, I admire your courage to write what you feel and share it to the public. And I for one really enjoy reading your blogs. Pls don’t ever loose that courage, always be yourself. You have a good ❤, just follow your heart and do whatever makes you happy. Maraming nagmamahal syo, isa na ako dun. Have a great 2018 Meng 😊☺

  182. Hi Meng sarap talaga basahin ng page mo hinihintay ko nman next song na isusulat mo at maging album ito how i wish kasi yung voice mo ala Avril Lavigne

  183. Thank u idol..galing mo talaga sumulat..sana every month may blog u maine.

  184. Inee Kristine says: Reply

    Fangirling. So kilig ♥ Happy New Year Meng! More blog posts to come and for me to read ♥

  185. You’re still young and you deserved something you want to achieve in life. Go produce and explore. “Showbizness” might hinder you right now but take it as a fun job. Not everyone’s lucky to what you’re in right now. Be blessed and share it.

  186. Favoured says: Reply

    Hi Menggayyyyyyyy! Still gorgeous since 2012 to 2017. Walang naiba eeeh hahaha cutie maine parin ♥ yun lang hehehe sumabaybay lang talaga ako sa mga post mo. I hope you’ll looking forward on making an entry nung birthday ni Tisoy awehehe 🙂 ♥ More blogs please! Such an inspiration ♥

  187. May Anne says: Reply

    Hi maine nakaka good vibes naman ang #memaentry mo. Happy new year! Labyu😁

  188. Mary Metrillo says: Reply

    Galing mong mag sulat…kaww na tehh😊😊😊 kakautaaass mag basa ng blogs mo..happy 2018😊😊😊

  189. Aaliyah says: Reply

    Natawa talaga ako dun sa cave man to cave woman hahaha.. still gorgeous pa naman po ihh.. don’t worry.. and continue to write some blogs ahh.. (Sarap basahin) it gives me an inspiration 🙂

  190. Jo Campos says: Reply

    You never cease to amaze me Maine. Not only that you write very well, and tindi ng sense of humour mo ‘neng! yung mema entry mo kaloka! Mema pa yung lagay na yun ha. I said this before, (pero malamang di mo naman nabasa/napansin) ‘do what makes you happy, follow your heart.’ that is what matters most. Ako, I will always be your blog fan/stalker since way back, kahit hindi ka pa sikat noon.
    random thoughts: magpapakilala uli ako… we have met personally. (again, most likely, nakalimutan mo na) I was the owner/chef of the caterers sa baby shower party ni Pauleen and Bossing held near Broadway. Wala lang… mema lang. hahaha


  191. Jam says: Reply
    nanjan po ung entry pics ko.
    kapag hindi po ma open eto po account ko sa twitter @bujham


  192. Hi maine!i’m happy and thankful having u around!stay being our happiness

  193. kaye pauline bernabe says: Reply

    Hello menggay… may i ask how to make a blog …

  194. Darren S. Tapang says: Reply

    Happy you’re back, but really I miss seeing you and Alden.together. I miss everything about you two… I am still praying that someday you will end up getting married 🙂 Love you both, no matter what….

  195. Jhana Kim Mulato says: Reply

    Ako po meron na po! Yung from 2012 and 2017 po 😄 At Maraming salamat po for always my inspiration yung pinaka natandaan ko po at tumatak Sa puso’t isipan ko po Ay yung “Do more academically and Aim high. ” naalarma po ako dun. Haha, You always making us proud po!💛 At hinahangad ko po lagi na makita ko po kayo someday at I’ll wait for it. At Sana po mapansin niyo po itong comment ko po.
    P. S. Pwede niyo po gawin sakin yung nasa Bakit List niyo po. Charot😂

  196. Kysia says: Reply

    ate Maine I actually tagged you in twitter about the 2012 and 2017 thingy. so i hope you’ll notice me. twitter: @kysia_dcm

  197. Ella Lacsamana says: Reply


  198. Ella Lacsamana says: Reply

    Waiting ako sa blog mo na………………………..

    Wala ng Aldub
    Coz its MAICHARD na 😍

  199. Mich says: Reply

    Hi Maine, I think its time to make your first indie film…….just a thought 😉
    sana i can afford to produce, I’ll be lucky 🙂

  200. Catherine Tabula says: Reply

    Hello Maine ☺️

  201. Leah says: Reply

    Ganda mo..

  202. ann carla culdora says: Reply

    For a #Memapost lang, it was great one! Love yaah always, looking forward for more blog entries!!!!!

  203. This is awesome and funny at the same time. Keep it up Ate Maine, keep sharing by using the beauty of words.. xoxo

  204. Alelli says: Reply

    Looking forward for more this 2018!!!

    Happy reader here… 🙏

  205. Hi Maine 🙂

    I also read you old blog posts that’s why I always admire you because you’re so natural. When I read your blog, I got to see the glimpse of your life and I love the way you write everything. Hope to read more of your blogs! Happy new year!

  206. Jeng says: Reply

    always looking forward sa blog mo, sulat ka madalas ♥

  207. Razelle Cruz says: Reply

    Looking for more and more random thoughts from you Maine., Goodluck for 2018 Spread good vibes as always since you came way back 2015. We are always here for you 😘

  208. Joe says: Reply

    I know how to create a beautiful blog, Maine ; @carpsmen on Twitter and IG if you can’t find one, I’m always here. That pa-eme. just tell what you want too see and if I can create something in my mind I’ll do it for you.

  209. Akang says: Reply

    AàààPlease like my post after tagging you menggay.. been a silent fans of yours since day 1 and i got all magazine that you are in it.. ayieee please im begging you just like my post you are tag in it.. thank you mengay 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤

    Happy new year bibi girl 😄😄

  210. Irish stone says: Reply

    A good way to start 2018! Yay ako next Na Lang mag da diet. Lol anyway!, San po ba ako makakabili ng book mo dito sa San Diego?

  211. amy says: Reply

    hi menggay! next blog entry yung book launch mo pls…thank u!

  212. cecille says: Reply

    Cguro meng nid mo yung help s youtube pra s layout mo at s goggle don lng din naman din me na dipende e,cute photo…bka nman maging TB k hwag naman sana hehehehehe.
    Just always be happy ok.

  213. Maricar says: Reply

    Parehas talaga tayo napaka pessimist nating dalawa 😂

  214. i love the transition 😀 <3 basta happy ka happy na kami.

  215. Ams says: Reply

    you’re a great blogger Maine, keep on writing… God bless you always!

  216. Manilyn de Castro Guballa says: Reply

    Wow… bitch feeling aq today, as in no smile, walang kibo, sarcastic kung sumagot sa nag ttry kuma usap sa kin.just from some reason.. but when i found out that u wrote again,then read it (emeged). Para akong nahipan ng hangin or parang sinapian kanina tapos nawala yung sapi..lols. (know what i mean.) Kalurkie… (sorry sa nasagot q knina ng di maganda, dont wori im ok bcoz of #supermaine.)
    Hindi lng nmn 3 ang readers mo. Marami kmi… silent die hard super fan of yours. Mainedicine ka ng shit at bitch feeling… enewei… now lang aq mag popost ng pic q nung 2012. Di k nag iisa n cave man. Hahaha. Im not used to it in challenge accepted… but i accept your challenge… hahaha…


  217. Tsar says: Reply

    i love you Meng!

  218. edhz says: Reply

    Always do what you really love the most. It sure will make you happy even in your darkest hour. Looking forward to more articles and adventures of yours maine 🙂

  219. Olivr says: Reply

    Looking forward for more this 2018 🙂

  220. Peng says: Reply

    Menggay kamukha mo si Hopia sa caveman pic mo.

  221. paulin says: Reply

    i just want to say na i really love you po from the bottom of my heart even though you didnt know me po.

    always remember n kaht anong mangyari mamahalin ko po kayo ni kuya alden.. ur always on my prayer po..

    ingats always po

  222. Jo F says: Reply

    Am still with you. There are things the young do impulsively but there are logical reasons for some. When you’ve had it, be honest and that’s what I like about you, you have been true to yourself and wasn’t afraid to let everyone know. There may have been some negative reactions but at least you expressed your disappointment in some people around you. Go where the wind blows. Best of luck, wish you well!

  223. I love you sagad. Pakenshet napaka peykpan ko. Ngayon ko nabasa to because hiatus. Walang may pake sa akin. Anyways. Iloveyou yun lang hahaha.

  224. ThisTiny says: Reply

    We’re selfsame(super-“doper” makakalimutin haha xD). At times, I don’t know if it is a mere blessing or a drastic curse 😂😭 but I know that God has a good purpose for putting it in me(so is in you) 😉 hehe

    Keep holding on Maine, & stay strong! 💪 Just continue believing in yourself, & most of all in Him☝ We’re here for you 🙂

    p.s. – you might be quite wondering kung sino ako esp. that my pen name is quite unfamiliar here(dahil ‘1st’ reply ko rin to dito xD mejo mahiyain ‘daw’ kasi 😳 haha) but I’m already quite an avid adherent of you since your dubsmash days 🙂 nakagawa pa nga ako nun ng #CoupleName natin in one of my fb posts (di pa kasi in demand dat tym yung ‘Aldub’, kaya wala pang panginginig na idikit yung sarili ko sayo 😅 haha). Pero para di ka mahirapan(char! haha) at mejo mahimasmasan yung personality-curiosity mo sakin, here’s a short bio of me: M, 22(pero magtwe-23 this yr), S(😳 haha), a standard music lover, & a native Kagay-anon/Taclobanon ☺(yan lng muna, baka malaman ng fans ‘nyo’ kung sino ako at i-bash pa ako xD haha).
    Yun lang Maine! 😊 Hope I made you quite smile by the time you’ve read this. God bless & Enjoy! 🙂

  225. Yani says: Reply

    I wish I had your sipag to write blog posts. I have my own blog (I’m very much ordinary, so no followers at all). I’m thinking that I am a bit like you, very shy or quiet on the outside, but very self-spoken or madaldal on the inside. I’ve come to the conclusion that I express myself better in writing, although I wish I had, like what I said, your sipag to write. I feel na there are so many thoughts and ideas that I wanna share to the world, but I’m finding it difficult to find the right words to use. I’m up for anything, from the most “malalim” to the most “mababaw” words na pwede kong gamitin. But I still feel restricted. So, just want to compliment you on your writing prowess. And keep inspiring more of us to be like you. Cheers!

  226. charmaine says: Reply

    hi maine. I dont have a personal blog but reading yours feels exactly like its also mine. thank you for all the efforts taking taking time kasi may nababasa kami ng friend ko habang nasa work! Love lots!

  227. haydi singgon says: Reply

    hi maine.. sana po makita kita in personal ..

  228. Ari says: Reply

    OMG you’re also a SIMS lover! Kaway kaway! Hahaha ❤

    Hello, Ms. Maine! If you’re still looking for someone to help you with your blog layout and modify it to your liking, pwede pong ako 🙂 I help people setup their WordPress sites, as well as find and customize blog themes for them. I actually mentioned you on Twitter but I’m not sure if you’ve seen it. 🙂

  229. Diana says: Reply

    Hey Maine! Any book recommendations you can give us? 😊

  230. hi ate maine sobrang idol ko po kayo, ang galing nyo po magsulat lalo na po yung mga poems na ginawa nyo dati😊 sana po makita ko na kayo sa personal, sobrang dream come true po para sakin kung mangyayari yun😃 god bless you po ate maine😊

  231. JC says: Reply

    hi maine

  232. ailyn says: Reply


  233. Jha011 says: Reply

    hi meng. your #MemaEntry is not just Mema for us who love you. pwedeng sayo MEMA lang but for me you just made my day you make me smile the way you show how witty you are. you never fail to amuse me meng

  234. Crazee Wizard says: Reply

    Happy new year Ms. Maine! Always remember this…if someone can’t make the effort to be in your life, they don’t deserve to be there! I’m always here for you, no matter what! Labyu Ms. Maine!

  235. Maine, ask ko lang. Diba WordPress din gamit mo? Nag download kasi ako ng app nito (WordPress) hahaha bago lang kasi ako sa mundong yun paano ba, I mean mababasa ko ba yung mga entries mo sa app nayun. Sini search kita doon walang nalabas. Gusto ko sana doon magbasa e. Paano ba?
    Thanks in advance meng. 😇🙏

  236. Laura Mariano says: Reply

    Hi Ganda, I have screenshot your post and would like to help you finding a layout developer by posting it on our virtual assistant group on facebook. Most of them knows how to create layouts but the skills isn’t really just for me kaya tulungan na lang kita makahanap ng expert dyan. 🙂 Congrats nga pala sa pagkarelease ng book mo. Idol ka talaga. Keep it up and just be yourself. I so love the makulet side and the introvert side of you. <3

  237. ChrisChanie says: Reply

    Maine,yes sa wakas makaka basa narin ako sa mga blog mo
    Btw, ang ganda mo kaya plano ko nga rin mag pa haircut ng kagaya sayo hahahaha para new look 😀

  238. Miss Kaye says: Reply

    Hi Meng, I loved reading your random thoughts. I guess, I was a bit curious what’s on your mind. And you know what, You somehow inspires me, and I just loved the confidence you have.
    Someone says, If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it. Well, you are a good writer with a unique way of expressing yourself.

    _Either you write something worth reading or you do something worth writing.

    Keep it up Maine! 🙂

    Your Fan,
    Another Introverted Person

  239. eiram094 says: Reply


  240. whooooh, happy reader here menggay! ❤️

  241. mia aranzanso says: Reply

    inspiring . first time ko gagawa ng blog at nung nabasa ko ung blog mo maine mas na inspire ako gumawa . 🙂 keep blogging ang ganda nio po 🙂

  242. How do I follow you here? :((((

  243. Ari says: Reply

    Hello, Ms. Maine! If you’re still looking for someone to help you with your blog layout and modify it to your liking, pwede pong ako 🙂 I help people setup their WordPress sites, as well as find and customize blog themes for them. I actually mentioned you on Twitter but I’m not sure if you’ve seen it. 🙂

  244. Sera says: Reply

    hahaha love the idea of #MemaEntry!! It looks so fun ^^

    – Sera ♡

  245. Lost Sheep says: Reply

    “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.” To live in the moment. To stop worrying about the future or living in the past. To shed ourselves of our expectations, both of ourselves and others. To forgive the ones who wronged us, most importantly ourselves. To find peace with ourselves. Then, most importantly, to think of all the things we are grateful for and blessed to have in our lives, even as simple as the roofs over our heads, or moments shared with loved ones. This, to me, is the true meaning to happiness, the rest could just be supplemental or a curse…

  246. Joy says: Reply

    Love this ❤️ napatawa ako sa caveman to cavewoman,i applaud your inner strength na you are able to step out of the box and be you, this life is too short to be someone else when you are the best you that you can be, any man and woman only needs to focus on God and everything will fall into place, keep on keepin’ on, you’re exactly where you should be when you know that you know that you are truly happy 😉

  247. Ofelia Simbillo says: Reply

    Good p.m. Concern about your pains Re: ‘Dino’ Pls. Try drinking turmeric-ginger tea. It will help. I can give you if interested. God bless!
    Pls. do not post this letter on the comments. Thank you!

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  249. James says: Reply

    Happy 23rd Birthday NicoMaine de Capili Mendoza 🎂❤️👍

  250. RHEDD says: Reply

    happy burpday bruh!!!

  251. Kat says: Reply

    Meng! Gusto ko sa next book mo maala blog mo. More on deep about you and your experiences. Parang realist ka kasi eh kaya love kita!

  252. Noreen says: Reply

    Haha,i’m so late but ,I read some part of it on fanpage, coz haha using data only ,poor lng eh,luve it .specially about picx then and now,anyway it’s better late than never to read si enjoyable to read bibi girl your such a talented person,a daughter that any parents would proud to have.. lucky nanay dub and tatay dub..keep on what u believe in and what will make u happy,stay true and just keep on smiling and thank u for the happiness..wish to see you someday !! Hay buhay oa kaya aq nun!! Chows!luv u bibi gjrl!

  253. #memas are always the best! 😘

  254. I love you Ate Maine, prefer ko siguro Zen Themes but idk if they do for wordpress too?! – Sobel

  255. Tin says: Reply

    I admire Maine so much but I hope it will not freak her out when I say that I have dreamt of her A LOT. Hindi naman bad dream or anything malaswa but a happy one. In my dreams, we were very close friends. Actually, yong panaginip ko ngayon was me having a deep conversation with her. I told Maine when and how I started admiring her. Feel na feel talaga ang story telling sa dream eh. I know nothing is impossible if you believe it and I’m also a dreamer. I know ONE DAY I will get to meet Maine personally and maybe who knows, we’ll be friends. #DreamBig

  256. MR says: Reply

    I’m so happy to see some improvement in your public persona and as a fan I appreciate it. From the years of watching and following you, I also see that you always come to the defense of your friends. I respect that but please also respect if your fans have strong feelings about some people you associate with, recently Team Pelangi. The fandom has been through so much. Did that IGS need to be posted after he has antagonized this fandom? A little sensitivity goes a long way. I am not dictating to you. I am not in a position to do that. To me, I am indifferent but I know you hurt a lot of people again. This is just a plea for consideration. You defend your friends, maybe its also worth defending your fans (or at least not causing them further hurt) who have stayed in spite of all the hurt previous actions have caused.

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